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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  November 27, 2016 9:00am-9:31am EST

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heading back home after the holidays we are live at the airport with the crowds to show you how the year's busiest travel day at philly international is shaping up. no matter where you're going today we've got your holiday travel forecast with a look at conditions across the country. and we've also got you covered with your neighborhood forecast. it will be cold and windy out there, but we will see plenty of sunshine. >> nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning this is "nbc 10 news today" i'm rosemary connors, it's 9:00 on this sunday. a lot to talk about today. first let's get more on the forecast. meteorologist krystal klei tracking a chilly one for us. >> that is exactly right. cool start to the morning. definitely cooler than yesterday at this time. we're looking at numbers, these are feels-like temperatures that are now in about the mid to
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upper 30s. 35 at lancaster, 38 for philadelphia. the same in northeast philly. 26 in mount pocono. but elsewhere in the mid 30s as well. 37 for millville and dillard. feels-like actual temperatures are a little warmer than this. winds aren't terribly strong enough. looking at radar and satellite, a wired view, thicker clouds for the north of us, scattered snow showers lingering in parts of new york. none of that is making it our way. instead we're going to say pretty clear. in fact mostly sunny conditions throughout the day, and dry conditions, as well. tracking temperatures, the 50s again by later on at 11:00 a.m. 46 and by 2:00 just 50 degrees. as the wind starts to pick up as well coming out of the northwest. now today looks pretty good. monday all right for the eagles game, then a big system or two that we're tracking, a couple of chances of rain with that coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll see you shortly. it is going to be a very busy travel day, as millions are
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heading back home after the holiday weekend. this morning we're keeping an eye on the rails, a live look to the left there at 30th street station. also keeping an eye on the roads, that's the schuylkill expressway, and of course the airport. nbc 10's mcmonique braxton is live at philly international airport. looks like so far so good. >> that's right, tsa spokesperson tells us 85,000 people are going to pass through the terminals here today alone. good news for flyers, in the next couple of hours, the departure boards are showing no delays so far in flights departing from philadelphia. we've been talking to some of the thousands preparing to go through security checks. the lines appear to be moving smoothly. no impediment. if you're arriving soon expect strict luggage size checks. tsa employees are adhering to the size restrictions. most passengers we spoke with began traveling for their
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holiday early and tell us it paid off. >> i of course went online and booked the ticket. i'm a delta frequent flyer. i was able to get tickets. >> and you've made reservations earlier this year? >> oh, yes. about two months in advance. so it was -- worked out really well. >> it's been smooth traveling? >> oh, yeah it's been fun. really enjoyed it. >> now, at the start of the thanksgiving holiday weekend aaestimated more than 48 million americans were expected to travel 50 miles or more. that's an increase of about 1 million from last year. aaa is predict 3g.6 million people are going to be flying through tomorrow. and we've had a ball talking to all of them here. safe travels if you're heading out. live for now, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. krystal klei has a check of the holiday travel forecast across the country and some snow out west, krystal.
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>> yes. your satellite radar map, now we're seeing the whole country, and actually the eastern half of the country looks pretty good. not a lot to track, the western half, rain showers through parts of california, and then scattered snow showers through nevada, utah, into parts of colorado, extending north, as well. in these areas, doesn't look like we have anything terribly heavy but we are tracking some spot zones that may be affected for flights out that direction. as we look into the future here, with our future tracker, moving that system along throughout today, we start to see some pretty heavy rain that starts to develop, maybe some thunderstorms as well. that will be to the midwest, and tracking to parts of the great lakes area by 9:00 tonight. so a heads up for those of you who have the later travel times or overnight travel. you may see delays, as well, as you'll be traveling west. >> thanks for that, krystal. check the nbc 10 app throughout the day to see what the weather's going to be like when you're leaving or coming home. plus live traffic updates so you can avoid any trouble on the roads. new this morning one person
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is in the hospital after this car crashed in philadelphia's east falls neighborhood. nbc 10 was on the scene on ridge avenue where police tell us the car flipped over around 3:45 this morning. no word yet on the victims' condition. in the meantime investigators are looking into the cause of this accident. an nbc 10 viewer sent us this video of a car fire in the port richmond neighborhood. the car went up in flames just before 9:00 last night. right across the street from a gas station. the driver went to the hospital with burn wounds. police in dover, kent county, are investigating armed robberies at not one but two businesses. on friday night a man with a gun made off with a cash register from the grocery store and just yesterday two men held up a 7-eleven. no shots were fired in either robbery. police are now looking at surveillance video from both locations in their search for suspects. developing now down south police in new orleans are investigating a shooting in the city's french quarter that
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happened overnight. one person is dead. nine others are injured. officers have arrested two people on gun charges, but it's unclear if they're connected to the shooting here on bourbon street. a scam, that's what president-elect donald trump is calling an election recount effort now backed by hillary clinton's campaign. yesterday, clinton's camp said it plans to support a recount in wisconsin. former green party presidential nominee jill stein is organizing the effort. the recount in wisconsin could start this week. stein also wants recounts in pennsylvania and in michigan. observers say those three battleground states helped to decide the election. president-elect donald trump won 290 electoral votes compared to clinton's 232. of course it's the electoral vote that wins the white house. clinton leads the national popular vote by about 2 million votes. in a statement the president-elect also called the recount efforts ridiculous. mr. trump said quote the people have spoken and the election is over. this is a scam by the green party for an election that has
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already been conceded. a little bit later on this morning on "meet the press," chuck todd will be sitting down with trump campaign manager kellyanne conway to talk with whether the president-elect can keep his promises. that's at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. >> >> cuban-americans in our area are hoping for real change in the wake of fidel castro's death. hamilton township councilwoman ileana schirmer was born in cuba but left loved ones as a child when she and her parents fled the communist country. schirmer tells us explaining castro's death to her own children has been difficult. >> i said i'm happy. i'm happy. and i don't want to be happy about somebody being dead but i feel happy that he's gone. my parents couldn't freely go back and forth to cuba if my grandmother has died.
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they separated families. >> another cuban-american lawmaker from new jersey, u.s. senator bob menendez says fidel castro's death opens the way for possible democracy in cuba. menendez has opposed president obama's move to restore diplomatic relations with cuba. the democratic senator says certain conditions must be met for that kind of arrangement. >> release all political prisoners. hold free elections. permit a free press. let the u.n. commission on human rights enter the country. and then, and then, you can have a relationship with the united states. >> menendez also wants cuba to return fugitive convicted in the shooting death of a new jersey state trooper in the 1970s. she escaped from prison in the '80s and then fled to cuba. you can read more local reaction to castro's death and take a look at his legacy for cuba and the world right now on the nbc 10 app. eight minutes past 9:00 on this sunday. what's in a name? well, a lot if you ask google
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and donald trump. we'll tell you what users renamed trump tower on google maps this weekend. plus, somebody's going to have a really nice holiday season. we'll have the details on the winning powerball jackpot ticket.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> welcome back. starting out, current wind speeds outside, yesterday it got windy in the afternoon like we expected. going to be the same situation today. winds 10, 15 miles per hour. this is up from a couple of hours ago. we're at 15, wilmington, wildwood near that. those winds coming in again from the northwest. as we go into the afternoon we're looking at those wind speeds pretty much across the board. still going to be right around 15, maybe 20 miles per hour. gusts could make it to 30 miles per hour. that's again what we saw
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yesterday. it's enough that it makes it feel cooler than it truly is in the afternoon and that windchill factor that we talk about. as for your temperature trend, low 50s the last couple of days. yesterdays only in the high 50. today only at 51, which is barely below average. in the days to come, though, big bump up in those temperatures. we go from the mid 50s monday, 62 degrees by tuesday. don't be deceived that 62 degree temperature comes with rain. we'll track those chances coming up. >> all right, thanks for that krystal. it would seem like a great day to go skiing, right, or snowboarding. it's not too cold outside. it's sunny. but that's just the problem. it's not that cold. even though we're seeing a little bit of flurry action, camelback mountain in the poconos the ski resorts are hoping that they will have an opening day any day now. but this camelback mountain which is in for a december 9th opening day, blue mountain wants to open no later than the second week of december. we'll keep you posted on that. tomorrow in philadelphia, penndot will begin repairing the broad street bridge at roosevelt
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boulevard. officials say the project to improve the bridge's drainage system will take two months. if you're driving through the interchange during morning or evening rush you may want to give yourself a little bit of extra time because of the lane restrictions. just about quarter after 9:00 right now on this sunday. online bargain shopping will reach a fever pitch tomorrow. coming up we'll tell you the three things you can do to make your cyber monday search successful. plus, will he or won't he play? that's the big question. we'll tell you when we can expect a firm answer from eagles coach doug pederson next in sports.
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tennessee is where one winning ticket for last night's $421 million powerball drawing was sold. also, at least one ticket was a million bucks was sold in pennsylvania. my fingers are crossed. my father plays the powerball. my little brother lives in nashville. i'm hoping he bought a ticket and it's the winning one. for anybody else here's the winning numbers, 17, 19, 21, 37, 44 with the powerball of 16. big day tomorrow. it's cyber monday. expected to be the busiest online shopping day of all time generating more than $3 billion in sales. if you are planning to cash in, experts say make a list before you shop online. if you weren't already planning to buy an item in the first place, then a sale may not be saving you any money. nowhere to look, cyber monday
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usually has great deals on apparel and use sites like paypal to check out instead of checking out as a guest on a website. experts consider paypal to be more secure. tomorrow morning we're going to take you live inside the amazon fulfillment center in middletown, new castle county. we'll get a behinded scenes look at how workers pack up all the gifts you purchase on cyber monday on "nbc 10 news today" starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. today, you can enjoy the grand opening ceremony for chris year's christmas village in philadelphia. the festivities began on thanksgiving day. this year the open air market is split between the courtyard in city hall and the building's northern apron so the front side around dillworth park by 15th street, the village is open every day through christmas eve. >> one, two, three. >> the holiday season is officially under way in philadelphia. thousands gathered last night to watch the mayor flip the switch
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in dillworth park. the 40 foot tall colorado spur is adorned with l.e.d. lights and it is topped with a glowing liberty bell. somebody who was there watching the festivities last night, krystal klei. what did you think, krystal? >> it was pretty awesome. i really love that they projected the scene onto city hall as well. if you get a chance you can head out there. actually the forecast looks pretty good if you want to do some shopping. temperatures making their way into the 40s for our philadelphia neighborhoods. we're at 45 degrees, and 43 for parkside. 41 a little cooler. andorra, and looking lower, now mid 40s. bustleton park and fort richmond at 43 degrees. not a bad start. early in the morning yesterday, was a colder beginning for sunday, which we expected. radar and satellite showing us that the tighter you go in, really don't have anything to track right now aside of from the sunshine. a clear day today, scattered
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clouds may move in but most just to the north of us. meaning that it will be very nice and sunny forecast as we move along. here you can see the icon showing the little cloud of sun, 51 center city, 49 for lansdale and also easton with a high of 49 degrees. lehigh valley, suburbs are going to be just a little cooler. low 50s for trenton, 51, 52 for ocean city, and smyrna at 51 degrees as well with sunny conditions for the forecast throughout the day. then we move into your monday. today we're actually going to see the wind gusts to 30 miles per hour. by monday even the winds die down, perfect for the eagles game. tailgate, 52 degrees and we will start to see some scattered clouds building in. kickoff is actually in the evening. 8:30. this is a late game time 47 degrees down to 45 by the end of the game. you're going to notice it feels a bit chilly out there and then thicker clouds moving in. ahead of rain chances that will push in by right around midnight. by end of game we should be dry.
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but this is going to be just starting out. that series of systems. watch as we go into sunday. clear as we expect. clear overnight into your monday, but now notice the building clouds. there they go through monday afternoon and overnight. midnight, spotty chances of rain will develop out west and as we continue to push this along into your tuesday morning, 9:00 a.m., now we've got pockets of heavier rain starting to pop up mostly west, creeping into the lehigh valley, berks county, philadelphia, no one escapes it throughout your tuesday we have tuesday evening we see that rain move right through overnight it will move out. but that's just rund one. round two will pick up into your wednesday and even thursday. we'll look at chances of rain, could give us quite accumulation over those few days. more about the extended forecast on ten day at 10:00 in a few minutes. president-elect trump's transition headquarter building in new york has its old name back. yesterday, somebody renamed trump tower, to dump tower on
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google maps the change soon made the rounds on social media. google changed the name back. according to the company users can help update google maps can sometimes make errors. this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. x-1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. good morning to you, i'm danny pommells, csn college football was the flavor of the day saturday the stakes high for penn state who hoped with a little help from ohio state the blue and white would be heading to the big ten championships by night's end. penn state's fans more focused on what was going on at columbus at the beginning of this game. how about we go there first? double overtime ohio state/michigan. osu runs in the game-winning score to knock off the wolverines 30-27 much to the delight of the beaver stadium crowd. they know now a penn state win and they're heading to the big ten title game next week. barkley has been doing it all year long. the kid flies high over the
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pylon a la ladainian tomlinson. a la walter payton, take your choice. the place is jumping. third quarter 17-12. penn state trace mcsorley looking downfield. seals the envelope on some airmail. great catch in double coverage. that's a touchdown and it's on. scary moments for penn state. barkley helped off the field with an ankle injury, visibly upset on the sidelines. he did not return. late third quarter penn state ices it. mcsorley once again airing it out. godwin behind the defense. mcsorley, four td passes, penn state headed to a big ten title match to take on wisconsin next saturday. >> we're honored to be able to play them in the big ten championship game in indianapolis. so, again i just want to thank everybody, humbled, humbled for this night. humbled for the type of support that we get. and just so thankful for the guys in that locker room. it's been special. >> temple looking to lock up a spot in the american conference
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title game with a win over east carolina at the linc. second quarter tied. a yard away, the owls up 14-7. a minute later temple on the doorstep once more, thomas from three yards away 21-7 temple they do not look back they will face a tough navy team in the conference title game next week. fcs playoffs villanova hosting saint francis, first quarter aaron forbes up the guts for six. 'nova on top 10-0. later in the quarter, ryan bell does the rest, near sideline rumbling 59 yards. he's got reservations for six all 'nova and coach andy talley's final home game. they play south dakota state next week. to the pros the eagles and packers monday night showdown approaching. here in south philly at lincoln financial field. running back matthews has been ruled out for the game as well as halapoulivaati vaitai. still in question is nelson
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agholor. head coach doug pederson said he may have to take a step back but pederson looks what he saw this week. >> he's had a good week of practice. i feel like he's in a good spot. he's done everything right this week. >> i'm convinced on what he's done this week and kind of know where he's hat and the confidences we've had. i want to get through the next couple of days of practice. there's always things that come up. on the ice flyers goaltender to make his first career start for the flames. he was called up after the injury to the backup goalie. the sixers will have joel embiid available to play sunday against lebron james and the cavs. should be a good one. embiid will not travel to toronto for monday's game against the raptors remember the sixers played the cavs pretty tight earlier this season. that's it for sports i'm danny pommells.
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before we leave you this morning one last check of the weather. looking behind us, it is clear out there. >> it's a really nice forecast for some shopping you didn't get done the last couple of days. live look outside, the flags are starting to move around. the wind here because we are going to track those breezy, then windy conditions by this afternoon. overall mostly sunny, 51. tomorrow pretty good, as well. building clouds, chances of rain by overnight into tuesday, wednesday, even thursday morning. >> all right. that's going to do it for us on this sunday for krystal klei and all of us here at nbc 10 have a good one. of course the eagles play tomorrow night. and we've got you covered with
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"eagles gameday kickoff" next.
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ball at the 25. a first down, wentz is back, looks, fires. caught by agholor. >> you know, get out of my own head. >> a receiver at a cross roads. >> fans going to -- >> and the cross roads, fight for their playoff lives. and >> coming up in the show we'll take a look back. >> the ax man cometh. and he's bringing the voice of the franchise with him. we'll get you set for a hall of fame night. plus.


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