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tv   Today  NBC  November 19, 2016 7:00am-8:31am EST

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good morning. not throwing away his shot. the actor who plays aaron burr in the show "hamilton" delivers a stern message to vice president mike pence who was in the audience. >> we are, sirare the diverse america and an alarmed and anxious that the administration will not protect us. >> as president-elect trump gets set for an awkward meeting today with mitt romney who once called him a phony and fraud. will he offer romney a cabinet spot or like aaron burr so long ago. is it time for a duel? dangerous storm. the powerful system rolls across the midwest causing traffic accidents and closing down
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highways and causing at least two deaths and dumping up to 2 feet of snow. it is heading for the northeast and what could be a busy pre-thanksgiving travel weekend. dr. phil under fire accused of exploitation for airing an interview with shelly duvall. >> the man who threatened me is the sheriff of nottingham. >> the former star admitting she is mentally ill. spoiler alert. the man who says he still doesn't know who won the election. how has he avoided hearing? why is he doing it? when does he plan to learn who won? we will talk to him live. today, saturday, november 19th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning.
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welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm sheinelle jones with stephanie ruhle and dylan dreyer and jose here for craig. welcome back. >> thank you. it's thrilling to be back. >> do we believe this man doesn't know? >> i hope he department sidn't open. >> if you live in a rural area and no tv. >> it is probably refreshing to li life. >> i think he wants to find out soot. let's get to the top story. that is president-elect trump meeting with one of the harshest critics today. mitt romney. the day after vice president-elect pence went to see the show "hamilton." nbc's kelly o'donnell is near the president-elect as golf club. >> reporter: jose. this is new jersey. the president-elect will hold
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meetings including one with the high profile critic and the team briefs reporters on the transition with just eight weeks to go. the motorcade pulled in to what may soon be known as the jersey white house. trump's weekend home. at his golf resourt to work on transition plans. today's big meeting could be awkward. >> here's what i know. donald trump is a phony. a fraud. >> reporter: eight months ago, mitt romney led the charge against trump's candidacy with a whithering takedown. their relationship that once included a nomination in 2012 unravelled. >> mitt romney choked. pure and simple. he choked like a dog. >> reporter: but today, trump will host romney for a private fen fence mending meeting. romney may have opened the door. the meeting is more about sharing ideas than a cabinet job
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interview. friday, the president-elect filled three positions. attorney general. senat senator jeff sessions. trump advisors defended the pick sending praise from fellow senators who need to confirm sessions. 30 years ago, zisessions was blocked from becoming a federal judge after making racially charged comments. sessions denied that. trump turned to congress for cia director. kansas congress member mike pompeo. he was on the benghazi committee. and security adviser, another confidant. lieutenant general michael flynn. meanwhile, vice president-elect mike pence enjoyed down time taking in "hamilton" on broadway. his arrival getting mixed reviews. [ boos and applause ] >> reporter: and later, there was a second act for mike pence
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at that broadway show. the star of "hamilton" playing aaron burr, brandon dixon addressed the vice president-elect. >> we, sir, we are the diverse mer america who are alarmed and anxious that your administration will not protect us. our planet, our children, our parents defend us and uphold our inn ail able rights. we hope you work on behalf of all of us. all of us. >> reporter: so an extra monologue about inclusion for those attending the broadway show. of course, jose, the vice president-elect is head of the transition and is part of the meetings this weekend. jose. >> kelly, thank you very much. that was an unusual thing that happened on broadway. >> extraordinary.
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something only the "hamilton" crew could pull off. extraordinary. let's turn to philip rucker. the national correspondent for "the washington post." we have to talk about romnmitt romney and donald trump subpoenaspending the weekend together. in terms of his policies, he is moderate than the picks we have seen from donald trump already. there is no love lost. if you think about what romney said about trump during the campaign. unqualified and phony. let's assume they bury the hatchet this weekend. is he qualified for the job? >> he is qualified for the job. he would be a cerebral statesman that donald trump is considering. one difference is the views on russia. you may remember the 2012 campaign. romney called russia our number one geopolitical foe.
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trump wants to mend fences. >> let's talk about the other names out there. former mayor rudy giuliani. john bolton, former ambassador to the u.n. and nikki haley. a rising star in the republican party. a new governor of south carolina. >> nikki haley is the most intriguing of the names. she doesn't have the tradition al foreign policy chops. she is smart. she's a quick study. she can promote trump's vision. she doesn't have her hardened world view like john bolton does. >> let's talk about attorney general. jeff sessions from alabama. for the cia director, mike pompeo from kansas. both of these jobs need to get confirmed. which of the gentlemen will have a tougher time? >> clearly jeff sessions will have a tougher time in the senate. democrats are already crying foul pointing to a record of decades of racially charged
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statements. that is what derailed jeff sessions for a federal judgeship in 1986. we will see that revived. >> phil, this is for me. it speaks to what we heard from the "hamilton" cast. donald trump says he wants to be a president for all americans. we look at the first five appointments. they are all white guys. do we think trump will mix it up? >> i assume he will have to. certainly there are women under consideration. nikki haley would be an indian-american. historic pick. there's an african-american gentleman. mr. woodson is meeting with mr. trump today to talk about the secretary of hud job. right now, it is white men. three if you include the vice president-elect, are named mike. >> they are hard core donald trump loyalists. phil, thank you. as we mentioned earlier, on
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friday, a major turn around by president-elect trump. he settled the lawsuit against trump university. he is set to enter office with questioning about conflicts of interest with the duties of his job and business ventures. nbc's tammy le irkightner has m. >> reporter: we are at the crown jewel of trump tower. you know, the trump brand really is everywhere. the big question is what will happen to that brand once he takes office. a trump about-face. on friday, the president-elect agreed to settle the $25 million lawsuit against trump university. alleging fraud. after insisting all along he was not going to give in. >> i don't settle lawsuits. very rare. once you settle lawsuits, everybody sues you. >> reporter: the trump organization admitted no wrongdoing and said we have no
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doubt trump university would prevail at trial. the new york state attorney general, a democrat, said the victims of trump university have waited years for today's result. >> trump university was a business to give out business advice that went out of business. >> reporter: on fox news last night, an inside look into mr. trump's lavish lifestyle. a guided tour by the man him see him himself before he was elected. >> i was spoiled. my moth my mother spoiled me. >> reporter: questions about the campaign and trump presidency could hurt the brand. trump telling "60 minutes." >> i don't care about hotel occupancy. it is peanuts compared to what we are doing now. >> reporter: ivanka trump took heat for wearing an $11,000 bangel and trying to hawk it
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later. and criticized. and sitting in on the meeting with japanese prime minister. >> and if you drew up the list of the 10,000 experts on japan, i don't think ivanka trump would be on the list. >> reporter: and in new york city, a literal sign. the trump brand could be tarnished. three buildings with trump place took their signs down after renters petitioned. >> he is gone. he is persona non grata. >> reporter: and a look to liquidate his company, he could put the assets in a blind trust. he is talking about setting up the blind trust and let his children run his businesses. it is unclear if that would clear him of conflict. sheinelle. >> tammy, thank you. millions of people from the midwest to the northeast are in the path of the season's first
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big winter storm here. dylan is here with more. >> in minnesota, some areas picked up 20 inches of snow. incredible. look at the roads. there were two deaths in minnesota because of spinouts on the roads. you could see that fed ex truck off the road there. we saw most of our accidents across minnesota because the snow came down so heavily and it reduced visibility down to almost nothing at times because of the blizzard conditions. we are still seeing the snow falling not so much across minnesota, but eastern wisconsin. that will taper off through the morning. then we will see the cold air work over the still warm great lakes. that will trigger lake-effect snow. especially as we go into the next couple days. upstate new york. that will be the zone we focus on. especially saturday night and sunday. sunday night and monday. keep in mind the water is still warm, but the cold air behind the front will turn on the lake-effect snow machine and
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combine with 40 to 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts in michigan and upstate new york, that could lead to whiteout conditions. as far as snowfall conditions. up to 6 inches in traverse city in michigan. but in new york, potsdam and water town. we could see a foot or more. >> it is not even thanksgiving yet. >> i know. dylan, thanks. we will get the rest of the national forecast in a couple of moments. moving on. tragedy near a nevada casino. three crew members and patient on a medical flight were killed when the plane slammed into the parking lot last night. local explosions were reported. the faa says no one was injured on the ground. an investigation is on the way. a local cardiologist says it was taking a heart patient. and local police searching for the killer or killers of the
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grandson. they broke into the south side son where illinois representative danny davis broke out. a fight broke out and the grandson was shot in the head. now a story we are following for you. a woman charged with murder after the car with she and her twin sister driving in shot off a cliff in hawaii. she lived. her sister died. the suspect made a court appearance in albany, new york. sarah dallof has more. >> reporter: on friday, fighting extradition to hawaii. where she was indicted on october 31st for the second-degree murder of her twin sister anastasia duvall. the sisters grew up in upstate new york where police found duvall last week. >> she left hawaii to come back to the states to grieve. not to escape. >> reporter: she is accused of driving an suv off a 200-foot
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cliff in maui last may. police say there were no signs she tried to brake. >> report of a car off a cliff. >> reporter: her sister died at the scene. alexandria was air lifted to the hospital in critical condition. this is the second time she is facing the same murder charges. back in june, a judge dismissed the case after finding no probable cause. the district attorney presented the case to a grand jury. duvall was insigdicteindicted. >> a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich. >> welcome to twin power yoga. >> reporter: the sisters previously ran popular yoga studios in florida. after a reality tv project fell through, there was a series of business failures and debts and drunk run-ins with the law. turning what was a fresh start in hawaii a fatality. her next day in court is set for
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december 16th. for "today," sarah dallof, nbc news. pope francis welcomed three new cardinals. they come from five continents. the pope said immigrants and refugees and people of different races or faiths should not be seen as enemies. important message. >and it was like the movie "the blob." sea of foam caused a massive confusion in santa clara, california on friday. the blowing and growing blob overwhelmed cars in the streets. it turns out the foam was fire retardant. it went off accidentally filling the 60-foot high building before escaping. it is not hazardous to people, but not good for the environment. >> looks like a saturday night at south beach. normal saturday night. >> good news for my sons. let's get a check of the
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rest of the national forecast from dylan. >> we have the snow storm developing back through the great lakes. lake-effect snow machine on this weekend. we have this storm system. kind of weak, but we could see rain from seattle through the coast of oregon and san francisco. sierra nevada mountain range with 6 inches of snow. elsewhere, all about the cooldown that will work in behind the cold front. look at high temperatures today. only in the 30s across parts of the good morning. i am first alert meteorologist krystal klei. looking at the neighborhood forecast for today, looks a lot better than sunday's will. temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 60s. 67 in center city, westchester the same. allentown 64, with increasing clouds late day. that's when the wind picks up and notice spot showers are even possible as we see a cold front start to move in. it will bring up a chance of rain, even a rain snow mix north and west of philadelphia.
7:18 am
that will be overnight that we see that. and that's your latest forecast. >> thank thank you. >> all right. he is no stranger to controversy. television's dr. phil is under fire for a startling interview with chevy shelly duvall. the story from steve patterson. >> reporter: once thrilling audiences in "the shining," shelly duvall is in a different spotlight. >> hi, shelly. >> hello. >> reporter: appearing on the dr. phil show. she says she suffers from mental illness. making wild claims about people coming after her. >> the man threatening me is the sheriff of nottingham. >> reporter: and about her late co- star robin williams. they starred together in the 1980 film "popeye." >> i don't think he is dead. >> where do you think he is?
7:19 am
>> shape shifting. he looks good in some forms. >> reporter: the outcry started before the show air. stanley kubrick's daughter called for a boycott. saying this is a form of lurid and exploitative entertainment. it is purely cruel. and mia farrow tweeted, there should be laws for mentally ill people to keep away from predators. >> people love to come in and watch what is considered salacious and what they consider a train wreck. >> reporter: dr. phil says he only wants to help duvall. >> i want you to be checked out by really good doctors for free. i'll pay for it. >> if you promise me they won't murder me. >> i promise you. >> reporter: it is another episode for the controversial
7:20 am
talk show host who is really doing the helping. for "today," steve patterson, nbc news, los angeles. up next, the cat who saved a man from the life on the streets. now a movie star. we say hello to bob the street cat. and is ignorance really bliss? the man who has no idea who won the presidential election. he says he likes it that way. we will speak to him and we won't tell him who the president is. >> i'm impressed with the achieve. me ment achievement. >> we will talk to
7:21 am
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a couple of years ago, we if introduced you to bob the street cat. he helped turn a life around of a man on the streets of london. now a movie about the pair called "a street cat named bob"
7:23 am
is opening nationwide. nbc's kelly cobiella caught up with them. >> reporter: the unlikely story of a drug addicted street performer and the cat who saved him is now on the big screen. no one is more surprised than bob the cat's owner. james. >> somebody said that to me when i met him. i would have just said, it's a cat. this little man, yeah. you can see how clever and intelligent he is. go on then. >> reporter: bohen and bob came a team on the streets of london nine years ago when the stray wandered into bohen's life and would not leave. >> he followed me on to the bus. it was a bitter phii terrifying. it was an adventure. he gave me a reason not to just exist, but get out and really live again. >> reporter: with bob's help, bohen beat his drug addiction.
7:24 am
wrote a book about him and inspired a movie. >> look at bob. >> reporter: bob stars as himself. >> he's a natural acting cat? >> he is a natural at everything. >> reporter: the tom cat has a facebook and twitter accounts. his pick of treats and ride on the red carpet and pick of royals. >> there is a rumor he scratched the duchess? >> false. he was quite happy. >> reporter: he even brought or busy london newsroom to a halt. bob, the acting and celebrity cat, making friends for wherever he goes. for "today," kelly cobiella, nbc news, london. >> what do you think about that? >> i'm not a cat person. >> the thing about it, mom, the power of a pet.
7:25 am
it is more like of your little guy, bosco, your dog, not your soon to be. i'll stop talking. the power of the pet to change your life. >> it is more about an inspirational story. >> true. >> street cat named bob. >> i hear cat and i space out. >> we have where's waldo scarf. >> we had a goldfish that lasted for four years. i gave it the wrong food. it didn't end well. >> i think we should go to commercial now. >> do you? >> jo-jo the dog face fish. >> time for black friday. we will
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good saturday morning. i am rosemary connors. it is a few minutes before 7:30. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking a warm start to the weekend. >> that's right. we're tracking temperatures now that are pretty comfortable. later today we're in the 60s. winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. huge changes for tonight. we will see showers from the west and wind gusts picking up 30 to 40 miles per hour overnight. take a look at the forecast. these are high temperatures today versus tomorrow. 67 in philadelphia. 65 in new jersey. 64 in lehigh valley and delaware at 65. we should be windy sunday.
7:27 am
check out forecast high temperatures, only to the mid to upper 40s. in between saturday and sunday overnight, that's when we have a chance for rain to move through from 6:00, 8:00, west moving east through midnight. we will see showers move by to parts of the suburbs and lehigh valley. that does include a rain snow mix. the weather could hardly be better for today's events at the philadelphia marathon weekend. today is the half marathon. here's a live look at the starting line along ben franklin parkway. that marathon gets under way in a few minutes. 7:30 is the start. 8k run later this morning and kids can participate in a fun run this afternoon. philadelphia marathon gets going tomorrow at 7:00, the full marathon. for complete information, including road closures on ben franklin parkway in center city and around the city, go to the nbc10 app or log ton to that does it for now.
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rosemary connors, now back to the "today" show. have a good one.
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♪ that as we get ready for the "today" show. that is a new music video from britney spears. "slumber party." it's a huge hit online. we will have a lot more of it coming up in popstart. meantime, we have a great crowd on the plaza this saturday morning, november 19th, 2016. who knows? maybe some of them had a slumber party last night themselves. here is what is making headlines this morning. >> this is a weird start. >> it reminded me of 5:30 in the morning. let's get to the news. president-elect trump is meeting
7:31 am
with former presidential nominee mitt romney. they traded harsh attacks on the campaign path, but discussing the possibility of romney joining the administration. and a dramatic night at "hamilton" last night, but not for the reason you expect. vice president-elect mike pence capaci faced cheers and boos. and many people are alarmed and anxious. and the first big winter storm of the year is moving across the great lakes after dumping 2 feet of snow in minnesota. causing hundreds of accidents and two deaths. let's begin this half hour with a download from donald trump assembling a new team to facebook under fire and a bat swooping down near adele during a concert. it's been a week to remember. president-elect trump after his surprise victory, getting his
7:32 am
white house staff in order. >> thank you. >> for chief of staff, rnc chairman reince priebus. and strategist, steve bannon. >> he is a nightmare and he's the chief advisor to the president of the united states now. >> donald trump makes his decision for michael flynn for the nation al security advisor. he would help the president with no national experience navigate foreign vices. >> there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or argour dogs and ne leave the house. facebook under fire for publishing fake news who some say influenced the election. su mark zuckerberg not one of them. >> there is a certain profound lack of empathy in asserting
7:33 am
that the only reason why someone could have voted the way they did is because they saw fake news. victim has been shot on the sidewalk outside his house. >> chaos at the oklahoma city airport when a shooter opened fire. >> police identified the victim as 52-year-old mike at winchester of southwest airline employee and father of kansas city chiefs player james winchester. >> a manhunt shutdown air traffic for hours. shooter found dead in his pickup truck. a former member of the nbc news family. gwen ifill gone too soon. >> she died earlier today after an almost year-long battle with cancer. >> she was a reporter's reporter. >> democrats are scared. they have been scared for a long time. this is their worst nightmare. >> pardon me. she was -- she was -- gwen would
7:34 am
want me to get this together. >> emotional speech from dallas cowboys quarterback tony romo. handing the team over to rookie dak prescott. >> if you think for a second i don't want to be out there, you probably never felt the pure ecstasy of winning. dak knows i have his back. ultimately it is about the team. that's what we preached our entire lives. al roker surprised some lucky "today" show fans with his turkey truck. >> this is my sauce to you. >> this is my gift to you. >> sasha, how are you? >> you are not doing a parent/teacher conference. >> there's a bat. >> adele in mexico on monday when a bat interrupted her concert. >> there's a bat. it went by your head. oh, a bat. it's true. i'm happy to be here. [ bleep ].
7:35 am
>> half of it is beeped out. >> open air concert. you get a bat or two. >> i will say a snake across the stage is bad. a bat is high up there for me. >> really? >> what is the big deal? it wasn't close to her. maybe ozzy ozborne was there. >> maybe a bat just flying by? >> outdoors, sometimes. >> real any. >> really? >> yeah. >> growing up we had a bat in our house. i opened up all the windows. i ran to my grandma's house. they are good at catching bugs. >> great for mosquitoes. >> she doesn't like cats. >> dylan, you and i are on the same page. let's look at cold front moving across the great lakes. it is going to be exceptionally
7:36 am
cold. 63 degrees in new york. 68 in washington, d.c. 74 in norfolk, virginia. that is 17 degrees above average. pittsburgh, though, 53 degrees. look what happens as we go into tomorrow morning. lansing, michigan, below freezing at 28 degrees. pittsburgh, below freezing at 23. and the lake-effect snow will take effect on sunday. sunday afternoon, temperatures below average and closer to normal. the 60s is unusual this time of year. 30s and 40s across the northeast. charlotte, north carolina, 54 degrees. monday morning, that's when it will be very blustery and very cold with windchills in the teens and 20s. so get out that big good morning. i am first alert meteorologist krystal klei. looking at the neighborhood forecast today, looks better than sunday's will. temperatures are mostly mid to upper 60s.
7:37 am
67 center city, westchester the same, landsdale 65. allentown, 64, increasing clouds late day. that's when the winds pick up. notice some spot showers are possible as we see a cold front move in which will bring a chance of rain or rain snow mix north and west of philadelphia. that will be overnight that we see that. and that's your latest forecast. >> we're still doing the whole bat talk. >> we are diving deep. >> they are great for mosquitoes. >> that's good. >> they eat mosquitoes by the thousands. all of those birds you see at night. they're bats. they really are. anyway, dylan. >> don't tell anyone. >> thanks, dylan. black friday is just around the corner, but should you buy now or wait for your favorite items? this is on another level. do you want to dress for success while feeling comfortable at the same time? we just might have the answer. this is a hot look. bu
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this morning in "today's take away." buy now or wait for later? black friday is six days away. should you shell out your cash on sales or wait for a better deal? lisa freeman is with us this morning from flipp app. i have a feeling i won't get any of these this morning. the first is tech gadgets. from fitness trackers and x-box. >> buy now or later? >> i'll say buy now. >> you are right. black friday is known for amazing deals on electronics. it will deliver. >> i figure because they know people need to buy it. >> absolutely. it is amazing. you will save on all kinds of tech toys. in addition to hundreds of dollars off televisions and deals on headphones and wireless speakers and tablets and game consoles. the deepest discounts on refurb
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items and apple watch series one or apple mini ipad two. that is the way to get the best deals. the way to stay on top of the action is to download flipp. you can find all the deals easy. >> the next is winter clothing. i say wait for later. >> actually, you are right on that. >> really? >> yes. you are seeing amazing deals. a lot of the department stores offering 30% or 40% off. if you wait for christmas, you will see sales of 60% or 70% off on boots and coats. >> we are too close to it now. next is children's toys. i'm going to say buy now? >> actually, a lot of good deals now, but as the season progresses, we will see broader and deeper cuts on toys. the only exception is what you want to buy now is the hot toys
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like catchimals. only the hot toys. wait for the other stuff. >> the next one. cleaning appliances. should you buy now or later? you want me to guess? i will say wait. who wants to clean? >> if you are dreaming of a vacuum cleaner. >> of course i do every day. >> raight now is a great time t buy. amazing deals on roomba. $200 off dyson. washing machines and dishwashers are on sale. for up to 40% off at the home centers, sears, best buy. a great time to snap up that. >> now i'm confused. cookware, you buy now for thanksgiving and christmas and stuff like that. cookware. i'll say buy later. >> actually, now is a good time. >> i was going with my gut. >> retailers are marking it down
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with pots and pans. all of that on sale. >> i think they would not lower it because they know people need it. >> they are trying to get your dollars. they know you are in the market for it now. >> a lot of things you should buy now. >> absolutely. >> thank you, lisa. up next, an anchor challenge. two truths and a lie. can we fool our tv family? that's a
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7:48 am
and i won a one-handed hot wing contest. >> we have to pick the lie? >> nobody took me to the prom and i interviewed the guest where he thought i was in the commercial. >> i will say eating. >> i'll do the guest. >> i'll do the prom. >> are we picking the lie? >> you are picking the lie. what am i making up? >> the interview. >> you are making up you never went to prom. >> i think the prom. >> okay. you are all wrong. the hot wing eating contest. i have never one that. >> tiny people. they can eat a billion things. >> you are right. i learned to speak english before spanish. i lived in seven countries. i once spilled an entire glass of red wine on michael bolton. >> i'll go with english before spanish. >> i think you would try to
7:49 am
throw us off. >> english before spanish. >> that is the only lie. you all got it right. the michael bolton story. i'll tell you one day. >> these are mine. it helps to have a glass of water by my side to fall asleep. quincy jones is a cousin on my father's side. i used to make art work designs on clothes and people would wear them. >> the lie is the quincy jones. >> the lie is the fashion designer. >> i think the fashion designer. >> it's quincy jones. i used to tell everybody he was my uncle. >> we don't have time for me. sorry guys. >> oh, no. >> you don't lie in anything. >> i don't lie. >> dylan will tell us at commercial break. >> i'll tweet it out. >> still to come, he is "people" magazine's sexiest man alive. even the rock looked silly in the '90s. what he had to say about it in
7:50 am
popstart. >> i disagree. >> dylan and i went to high school with guys like that. very hot. >> that's a new jersey thing right there. have you done anything out of the ordinary recently? we bought a new washer and dryer from the home improvement store. i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now at hhgregg. get up to 40% off storewide. plus 24-months special financing. and free delivery.
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still to come, right here on "today," president-elect trump catches heat for the men he picked to run the administration and as he gets set for what could be an awkward meeting. we will talk to one person in america who says he doesn't know who won the election. but first these messages.
7:53 am
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good morning. it is a few minutes before 8:00. i am rosemary connors. let's get to first alert meteorologist krystal klei for a check of the neighborhood forecast. it is not a bad one, krystal. >> today's forecast is not a bad one. we're starting out currently 45 degrees in philadelphia. 46 in wilmington. we are in the 30s in reading, pottstown, and 43 the temperature in atlantic city. a lot of temperatures, tomorrow we will be wishing we could see for afternoon. very cold changes moving into sunday. here's why. radar and satellite shows a cold front that sits off to the west of us now. it is heading our direction and moving quickly here along to the east.
7:57 am
what we are looking at is first rain, then behind it high winds and snowy conditions that mostly stay north of us, but provide us with cold air. temperatures are going to be dropping big time. a look from saturday in the 60s to sunday, feels like temperatures in the 30s. as krystal said, today it is fantastic running weather for events of the philadelphia marathon weekend. nbc10 was along ben franklin parkway for the start of the half marathon a few moments ago. an 8k run later this morning and kids fun run on the schedule this afternoon. the full philadelphia marathon will get going tomorrow around 7:00. for more information, including road closures, go to the nbc10 app or go to that's it for now. i am rosemary connors. krystal and i will be back here in about a half hour at 8:30 for a full hour of news. now back to the "today" show.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning. strange bed fellows. donald trump and mitt romney meeting in new jersey today to discuss a possible role in the trump administration. just months after the two traded harsh attacks. has the president-elect firms up his team with hard liners. the vice president-elect was a subject of a lecture at "hamilton" last night. >> we, sir, are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that the administration will not protect us. travel disaster. the first big winter storm of the season causes hundreds of accidents and two deaths. it is moving to the northeast for a busy weekend for people getting a head start on the thanksgiving weekend.
8:01 am
and is ignorance bliss? the guy who says he still doesn't know who won the presidential election. clinton or trump. we'll talk to him today, saturday, november 19th, 2016. ♪ >> celebrating 27 years at the "today" show. >> all the way from p.a. >> spending my 13th birthday at the "today" show. >> this is 50 years of friendship here. >> hey, "today" show! >> we are happy to be here with that crowd and you inside. good morning. welcome back to "today" on saturday morning here in front of the big apple with a lot of friendly faces waving hello to everybody back home. colder weather is coming. we hope to get ready to bundle up. >> i love when they are outside. they see themselves on the
8:02 am
monitors, they just go nuts. >> hello, everybody. >> it is like an nba game. you see it on the jumbotron. >> nicest people. we have to begin with news. president-elect trump with just over two months to go until he takes the oath of office is at his new jersey golf club today meeting with former presidential nominee mitt romney. this one day after he agreed to settle a multimillion dollar lawsuit against trump university. kelly o'donnell has latest. >> reporter: good morning, stephanie. this is a chance for the president-elect to do house cleaning and spend the weekend home here in new jersey and turn it into a home office. he will meet mitt romney today. that is significant because of the fierce criticism that romney levelled at trump during the campaign season and upon his election. it was romney who wished him the best and hopes for how he will
8:03 am
lead the country. this is a chance, aides say, for them to sherare ideas and talk about things and maybe not a cabinet post, but they leave open the door for that possible as ty. in addition to that, trump settled the three lawsuits to trump you wauniversity. the $25 million will be distributed to the former students. there is no admission of wrongdoing. the timing is notable. one of the cases is supposed to advance later this month. and this is sort of clearing the decks before he moves in to the white house. unusual for trump to settle. that is not his typical way of handling business. this takes this issue where there's been so much criticism off the table. another unexpected thing happened when his vice president-elect, the man he asked to run the transition, also in new york visiting and taking a little time for himself
8:04 am
and family. mike pence went to see the broadway smash "hamilton." as he walked in he was noticed by others. there was applause and also some very noticeable boos as he took his seat in the theater. after the production, something highly unusual happened. the star of the show, brandon victor dixon who plays aaron burr, after the curtain call, addressed mike pence and asked about a message with influence. saying many americans are fearful about the new administration and how it will handle civil liberties and imploring him to work for all americans. a piece of the show that had never been seen before. it shows you the politics of the weekend and transition. we expect that donald trump will also have meeting with some of the top advisors here as well. we expect to get briefings from senior staff about the upcoming picks and other decisions they have to make with about eight weeks to go.
8:05 am
steph. >> i like hearing new jersey white house. kelly, thanks so much. the first big snowstorm of the season working east this morning. up to 2 feet of heavy know covers minnesota. michigan expect to get hit hard today with 50-mile-an-hour winds. minnesota police report 200 crashes so far. a 63-year-old karen osborne got between her mother bear and cubs. the bear left her helpless on the ground. >> stomping and kicking on the ground. like he was getting ready to attack me again. please tell my husband i love him. >> she survived with a broken arm and wrist. plus more than 70 stitches. now let's head to the plaza where dylan has another check of the forecast. dylan. >> guys, sorry i'm taking sel e
8:06 am
selfies with the girl scouts from rhode island. what are you doing? >> visiting. >> going to the rockettes sgrch. >> have you seen them before? >> yeah. >> it is cool. what do you think of the tree? >> cool. >> it will be maamazing when th wood comes down. let's look at the weather across the country. there it is. we need to replace that with a lot of lots. they are putting them up right now. a tricky week for travel for you traveling on thanksgiving. we have a storm developing out in the rockies and southwest on monday. then watch what happens for tuesday. it turns into heavy snow in the upper midwest. an area hit hard by several inches of snow. up to 2 feet in places. storms through texas. on wednesday, we could see airport delays in chicago and indianapolis.
8:07 am
on thursday, thanksgiving itself, the storm will weaken a bit. it is still looking damp. if you are coming to new york city for the macy's thanksgiving day parade, you could dodge a couple showers. temperatures in the 50s. let's good morning. i am first alert meteorologist krystal klei. looking at the neighborhood forecast today, looks better than sunday's will. temperatures are mostly mid to upper 60s. 67 center city, westchester the same, landsdale 65. allentown, 64, increasing clouds late day. that's when the winds pick up. notice some spot showers are possible as we see a cold front move in which will bring a chance of rain or rain snow mix north and west of philadelphia. that will be overnight that we see that. and that's your latest forecast. guys. >> thanks, dylan. up next, trending. one of my favorite parts. the guy who says he still does not know who won the presidential election. what is his deal?
8:08 am
we'll talk to him live. and in popstart. a dream come true for "saturday night live" fans. night live" fans. kristin connecting with my frie. love it. connecting with some sketchy guy from a blocked number who just called saying he's with a tech company that needs remote access to my computer to block a virus he detected?! really? hey we hear you. that's why aarp created the fraud watch network. to help you protect your family with information on the latest scams, so you can spot fraud from a mile away. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". get to know us at
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we are back on a saturday morning. it's time to trend. >> let's get right into it. around here, we are going to assume most places in the country, you probably can't find bigger news than the election. would you believe there is still
8:11 am
one man who doesn't know who the next president will be. shall we meet him? his name is joe chandler. he is from brunswick, georgia. he avoided newspapers, tv and internet. when he leaves the house, he wears headphones and sign that reads, "i don't know who won i don't want to." please don't tell me. we happen to have him on skype. hi, joe. >> good to see you. >> i have to tell you, everybody around here, we are trying to hard not to mess this up for you. so be real here. a lot of people who probably don't believe this. you really truly don't know who the president is and how are you doing it? i mentioned not reading newspapers. it seems your newspapers would have holes in it if you took the headlines out. >> that's right. i got to be an expert at this. i divert my gaze from newspaper boxes. i don't venture out much. when i do, i wear my headphones
8:12 am
and sign. people have been respectful. >> joe, why are you doing this? >> it was never a plan. i was invited to a gathering at a friend's house on election night to sit there with everybody else and gnaw my nails to the quick into the night. i'm just beat to a pulp like we are all are. the next morning, i'm an artist and writer. i had a lot of creative work. i worked in my studio all day. at the 24-hour mark, i wanted to give myself 24 hours of blissful ignorance. i talked to my daughter near atlanta. she said you know you may be the only person in the country other than those in a cave or something, who still doesn't know. >> that's so cool. if you are limiting newspaper reading, you don't know the martians landed in new york either. when will you find out, joe? >> i don't really have an exit
8:13 am
plan. there has been talk of throwing a gender reveal party. rather than is it pink or blue, is it blue or is it red? >> if you had to guess, who do you think won? >> i'm playing the 50 yard line on that one. when it is revealed to me who the winner is, i will reveal who i was rooting for. >> can we be there when you found out? i believe you. you can live in a place -- is it a rural place? brunswick. i don't want to say isolated. >> it is on the coast of georgia. it's just south of savannah. >> okay. >> i believe you. >> i'm living in my little bubble of sol titude here. it is rather pleasant. >> joe in his bubble of bliss.
8:14 am
#joedon'tknow. >> some call it the bubble of ignorance. >> bubble of peace. >> thank you so much. >> this one's for the guys out there. have you ever wanted to wear sweat pants to work? >> of course. >> all day? all night? >> girls too. >> in all fairness. women have athleisure. fruit of the loom has a collection of theme sweat suits from the corporate cowboys and the knob's sucker. t and the country club collection. we happen to have some. check them out. they run around $49. >> the country clubber. >> this is very cool. >> let me see. is this comfortable, guys? >> fantastic. >> you could do a high kick in those. >> watch.
8:15 am
>> very nice. >> i may need a bigger size for my long arms. >> on the far left here, this actually looks real. >> it does. >> i think from a distance, at 4:00 in the morning, they could look real. >> what about from behind? >> yeah. >> when you go down to the bottom and see the taper. >> this is great for airplanes. instead of 4 inch hooeels. these are not allowed. >> they are about $50. they are limited edition. go out and get them if you think this is a look you like. this spis perfect holiday seaso wear. >> this is sleep wear. >> you guys are addicting to watch. thank you. dylan, you have popstart. >> moving on. first up, what is better than kristen wiig returning to
8:16 am
"saturday night live." how about alec baldwin? he confirmed the news at the museum in new york city saying he will do it again this weekend. he is not going to be a regular. why was he missing last week for the first show since the election? well, he says he and his family simply had plans. it will be fun, i think, to see what he has in store. moving on to dwayne "the rock" johnson. he was named "people" magazine's sexiest man alive. however, an older picture with his gold chain and turtleneck and fannie pack. saying the funny thing about the picture is it is not a joke. i walked out of the house like this. saying hey, baby. it takes a lot of confidence to rocky pack.
8:17 am
that was a look. >> dylan and i went to high school in new jersey. we know that look. >> gold chains everywhere. >> from strollers to car seats a and diaper pale
8:18 am
8:19 am
this morning on expecting today. we are counting down the days until dylan is ready to give birth. a boy. less than one month to go. >> saturday is my changeover day. i'm super excited. like a lot of other first-time moms and dads, i'm overwhelmed by all the stuff a baby needs. i went to the store buy-buy baby to look at what you need for your little one. >> hi. >> welcome to buy buy baby.
8:20 am
i'm julie. >> i will take all the help i can get. >> okay. it looks overwhelming. we will get you started with the things you need right away. >> let's get started. >> i'm looking around and i want one of everything. i'm sure there are certain things that you need the second you get home with the baby. >> one thing i did not think about was a car seat. we don't have a car living in the city. >> this is the seat for the car and it has the extra bar to distribute the energy if you are in an accident. this is what you have. the seatbelt and it comes around here and it has a little belt path and cuts across. the handle you carry with acts as a rebound bar. the car seat will not move. >> once we get the baby home, sterilizing bottles is important. >> this is the steam sterilizer.
8:21 am
this will steam and dry the bottles for you. it has different settings. it accommodates up to six bottles. standard and wide neck. you can put breast parts in here. >> i live in an apartment building. >> i think you need a diaper pail. this is the diaper pail. put the diaper in there. close it and push the release. it disappears. >> this, i know, is something we need. i have no idea how it works. >> this is the ergo 360 carrier. it can face you. it can face out to the world. as they get bigger, when it is hard to carry, they go to the side and to the back. this is the flexi bath. a great option for a smaller apartment. you can get some practice and hold baby for me. >> this is like a real heavy baby. >> this flexi bath folds flat.
8:22 am
you can store in your bathtub or side of the tub. this is the newborn insert. it keeps them upright. you can sponge bathe them. this can accommodate up to a 4-year-old child. my best advice is get in the store to feel things and touch them. tryout the strollers. lift the car seats. >> as overwhelming as the process can be, you break it down? >> you look at a sea of products, but not everything is an prppropriate for you and you lifestyle. we will narrow it down. >> now i want to do more shopping. if i could get someone else to do this for me, that would be great. >> oh, yeah. >> more comfortable there. i tried to pocket some items. they are too big. >> you need them all. >> it is fun to watch you live through this. the rest of us stroll down memory lane. >> so great to have you here,
8:23 am
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good morning. just ahead on nbc10 news today, runners pounding the pavement in philadelphia for the half marathon and it is just the beginning of race weekend. we're talking road closures and changes to the routes. and in some spots temperatures are warming up in the low 50s today.
8:27 am
today temperatures in the 60s, tomorrow a big cool down. we'll take a look. caught in the crossfire. an off duty philadelphia police officer shot trying to protect his two-year-old son. we have that story straight ahead. and new details how the officer is doing this morning. all new, some applauded, others booed, vice president elect mike pence became part of the show on braid way last night. we have that and more on the news at 8:30. i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now. up to 40% off, 24-months special financing,
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8:29 am
parents become kids, and neighbors become family. great wolf lodge. everybody in. visit to get the best deals on your family getaway. marathon weekend is under way with runners making their way around the half marathon. we have you covered with road closures and rundown of races today and tomorrow. a beautiful fall day on tap. one look at the nbc10 first alert radar and shows winter is
8:30 am
headed for us. next, when the temperatures will plummet, when winds pick up and if we could see the first snowflakes of the preseason. shot while shielding his son. an off duty police officer hit by stray bullets its out of the hospital as police try to piece together who fired the shots. good morning. it is 8:30 this saturday. let's start with advice. get out, enjoy the day. tomorrow is a different picture. meteorologist krystal klei tracking the ups and downs of the neighborhood forecast. fill us in. >> that's good advice. we'll see big changes today, depends on your neighborhood and what weather you see. all of us today are warmer than average with clouds building in later in the day. as we move into tonight, we're going to see rain move into the


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