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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  July 5, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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it shows in the reds and orange and yellow, that shows you the heaviest amounts. this rain is falling at a rate of an inch and a half per hour. so right near dennis, ocean city, very heavy rain this morning. this does extend through cumberland and salem county and lantic county. it is continuing to move in from the delaware bay. so even in parts of delaware, dover, smerna, still seeing that heavy rain f you're in new castle county or about to jump on 95, zoont look too bad. we have spotty light showers. we haven't seen a heavy steady rain this morning in that area so much. and if you're making your way through fill i didn't want national airport, there is steady rain there. seeing very hef rain through philadelphia and notth in nnl neighborhoods and across the river. a little further the 95 corridor, you're closer to trenton. we're just seeing spotty light rain.
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heavier rain in mercer county. we'll take a closer look what can you expect through the afternoon. i think it will start and the peak of the morning commute. that is a good news. let's look at traffic this morning. hey, jessica. >> that is really affecting the morning commute already. can you see a little bit of volume moving by the scene. at least a little slowdown. we have a few police cars on the scene. penndot crew there's. so one of them actually was facing the opposite direction. there was a little bit of a spinout involved. this is headed southbound by this scene on 95. so we'll watch for delays and accident ahatfield township. we're also watching septa's regional rail. they're on a modified saturday schedule. way fewer trains this morning due to a portion of the rail fleet that sought of service with equipment defects. we'll have alternate service option for when you i come back in the next ten minutes.
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>> thousands of septa commuters should find another way to work this morning. they pulled a third of the cars off the tracks because of a structural problem. that there will be 13,000 fewer seats on the train that's are running this morning. the regional rail service is on an enhanced saturday schedule. plenty of people we know are heading back to today. that's why it's going to be especially difficult. >> definitely. this morning we have live team for you throughout our area. nbc 10s pamela osborne is live for us at the septa station in glenside, montgomery county. and matt delucia is live at s t septa headquarters in downtown. they took a third of the fleet out of trafrof tracks. theish sue cracks in the trains? >> that's right. we off with the folks here at
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septa. they tell us that some of the service is running a little bit late this morning. but they are getting the command center crew set up. they were supposed to get in around 5:00 to begin the process of trying to deal with whatever is going to happen this morning with the commute and also the rush later on this afternoon. let's talk more about why this is such an issue at this point. 120 cars, one-third of the regional rail fleet, has been taken out of service for repairs. it really didn't affect the holiday schedules over the weekend here. but it is going to have an impact today. septembera's general manager said today's commute, especially, could be rough. and they say that now for the foreseeable future at least you should expect some delays. regional rail is operating on a modified enhanced saturday schedule. the kind of thing they would typically use for a weather emergency. they're trying find ways to get around. so they're trying to get more
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buses, more trains on the market frankfurt line, the broad street line at least during the rush hour commute so that can you get to where you need go. but you also need to be prepared. this is what they're telling us, that the regional rail trains sh the ones they have because they're going to be fewer of them that you may experience a situation where the train goes right by because it is so full, especially as it's coming into center city for the morning commute. do you have to plan for an alternate. that is the big message from septa. make alternate plans. you know the saying, expect the worst but for the best. we'll continue to get updates as you get ready to head out to work or wherever you need go this morning. we're live in center city. >> all right. matt, thank you for. that we continue our live team now in montgomery county.
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pamela osborne is live for us in glenside at a septa station there. stations throughout our area, pamela, will be dealing with crowded trains, delayed trains and far fewer train cars, right? >> you're right. but we're not seeing that just yet. we've seen two trains make stops here at the glenside station. the first train stops on schedule and it arrived at 4:23 this morning. we watched as a dozen passengers got on. septa is operating on a modified saturday schedule as they will be as they schedule to make repairs to 120 cars. >> it's going to be devastating to the whole system, i think. people are going to be panicking and hopefully a lot of people leave early and avoid some of
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the rush. but we'll see what happens. >> and that passenger we spoke to said that he's expecting to encounter some delays, some congestion on his commute home this evening. we're going to be checking in throughout the morning to let you know how things are going out here in glenside. >> pamela, thank you f you're having trouble this morning with your commute, we want to hear from you. take a picture of what is happening at the station around you. and tweet us about your experience. twitter handle is @nbcphiladelphia. you can get the latest updates every step the way. we'll have up to the minute updates. make sure you have the nbc 10 app for that. >> we had to show you the high
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lists the fourth of july. fireworks lit up the cloudy skies last night to wrap up the wawa welcome america festival. we brought it you to live on nbc 10 and on telemundo 62. ♪ mrs. jones jones mrs. jones ♪ >> before the light show, filp y philly's own leslie odom jr. showed his power star during the show. he is starring in "hamilton on "on broadway. c council members will award him at a reception. >> and let freedom ring. the annual tapping of the liberty bell was at independence mall yesterday to mark the signingst declaration of independence. descendents of the signers led
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the declaration were among those taking part. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. you are members. >> what a thrill for them. the battleship new jersey provided the backdrop four a fourth of july ceremony. 40 people celebrated the fourth becoming u.s. citizens on the battleship. the group originated from 29 different countries. congratulations to them all. >> well, we're still dealing with heavy rain this morning. if you're in south jersey and delaware and about to leave, keep in mind you could be running into some flooded roadways. you are never want to drive through. that always turn around. here's a look at the radar currently. we see heavy rain moving in from the west. delaware finally starting to get rid of the heaviest. we could see moving in around baltimore. but we're really keeping our eye on south jersey at the moment. that's where we have some of the
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heaviest rain and flooding concerns. the heavy rain is still falling in south jersey. cape mae, corbin city, all the areas showing yellows, reds and oranges. that's the heaviest it. dennis, atlantic city and across the ac expressway. this is all going to continue to head to the shore it's very heavy rain. torrential rain. and precipitation rates of updated to 2 1/2 inches per hour. so we do expect some flooded roadways. we have a flood advisory out for that area. lightning near bowers. precipitation rates updating to near two inches per hour. the good news about this section though, fwz to slide into the delaware bay. it will be leaving kent county soon. but then it will make its way into cape mae county. if you're in philadelphia and points north and west, you won't be seeing had heavy rain this
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morning. regardless though, we still have the flash flood watch. some areas did get drimtrimmed. some areas are improving. to trenlton, new jersey, delaware, still looking at flash flood watch and that heavy rain should continue to 8:00 or 9:00. we could see two to four inches. street and creek flooding possible. the immediate in south jersey and delaware. that's where we have the flood advisory. already an inch or more has fallen. the precipitation rates are well over an ninch soin in some spot. the first alert will stay out for the entire. the leehigh valley and berks county will go to 9:00 this morning. it is a up that we could be seeing flooded roadways. the threat for the very heavy rain. that lowers the visibility. that is going to exist especially in south jersey and delaware this morning. so here's future weather. the heavy rain south of philadelphia. by 8:00 a.m., a lot of this
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should already be leaving. so now until 8:00 a.m., we still expect heavy rain south of philadelphia. look what happens by 10:00 a.m. a lot more improvement. look at this afternoon. 3:00 p.m. we'll see more sunshine coming out. temperatures warming to around 9 o degrees. so once we get past the heavy rain, we're talking about a pretty decent afternoon. more thunderstorms coming up this week. >> at least a lot of the fireworks shows were able to go on despite the rain starting. >> it was nice. at least people were able to get outside. >> get a little bit of that. >> now go back to work. >> sadly. >> and that's where we bring in jessica boyington. >> for all the depressing sad news, exactly. not great news here. wet roads and the morning commute, we're starting to see big problems. an scene around penn's landing. you may see delays. we're starting to see a little congestion about it scene right now. although, all lanes are not
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closed. we're losing aer on next lane over. of course that, was 95 heading southbound. it's running on a modified saturday schedule with major delays expected. we'll provide ultimate routes for you as well. you want to head on to the broad street line. the am schedule will be extended to 10:00 a.m. the p.m. is 3:00 to 7:00 pm with additional parking at at&t stations and the naval hospital as well. there is also an accident in hatfield township. we'll have more of alternate service options for you every ten minutes for the rest of the morning. >> thank you for. that. >> this morning, we have live team coverage as thousands of commuters may have some real problems getting to work. a third of septa's trains are out of service. here's a live picture right now at 30th street station in philadelphia. a lot of the trains come n the septa slowdown is impacting regional rail lines across the
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area. we do have updates every ten minutes. a fourth of july celebration turns into a medical emergency. we'll tell what you set off this explosion.
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welcome back. if you use septa, you may be
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forced to find another way to work. a structural problem was discovered and a third of the trains were pulled off the tracks. trains are running on an enhanced saturday schedule as an alternate septa suggests car pooling and ask to work from home or be put on a more flexible schedule. >> we now know the name of a teenager shot during a neighborhood cookout. shi brown was shot in the back and later died. someone opened fire from a car late sunday night. the shooter is still on the loose. a lot of towns and cities had fire shows last night, of course, to mark the fourth of july. not all fireworks shows go off without a hitch. >> some people did get hurt during a holiday accident in kentucky. take a look at this. >> yeah. those are screams there that
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were not meant for the fireworks. this is how the fireworks looked on cell phone video. organizers say force from one of the exploding fireworks forced others to tip over and shoot into the crowd. medics took several people to the hospital with minor injuries. and in massachusetts, two barges caught fire during a fireworks show there. no one was hurt. you're looking at video posted to twitter. one barge on the waterfront burst into flames during the show. the other barge had a malfunction. fire officials are investigating what caused those problems. ♪ the road to rio just 32 day as way. the opening ceremony is one month from today, august 5th. we're other official olympic station and we're getting you ready this saturday on nbc 10. we're taking you behind the scenes as athletes prepare and practice during the final months before the games. we'll be featuring vashtay
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cunningham in our three part series "for go-- going for gold" he has the all access pass with his former teammate and her dad randal cunningham. don't miss her story exclusive on nbc 10. the rio games begin august 5th. you want to tune into our newscast. stay on the nbc 10 app and website. weeping keeping up to the medal count. 5:18 on this tuesday. here's a look at the septa station. you see this train coming in. we understand that it was supposed to be here at 5:12. running about six minutes behind schedule. we've been telling you all morning long that there are problems on septa's regional rail line and it will be this way for potentially months of the summer. it's all due to a structural problem with some of the trains.
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so they're running on a modified schedule. in addition to the trains, we're watching the roads ads well. >> jess yak boyington joins you with issues on 95 and wet roadways and sept yachlt. >> a lot of people heading back to work this morning. we're starting on 95 at penn's landing. the accident scene is out of the way. now i'm actually seeing just right now maybe a disabled vehicle on the opposite side. headed northbound, we're passing another vehicle problem. we're also being, keeping you updated for the entire morning. we're dealing with regional rail running on a modified saturday schedule. we're also providing with you modified lines. the p.m. service will separaten with 3:00 and 7:00. they're providing free parking around frankfurt transportation center and another lot at 601 north columbus boulevard. that is all free parking. we'll have the alternate travel
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options for you froefrt or the the morning. >> now your neighborhood weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. z >> we're still dealing can w. heavy rain this morning. delaware getting a little break right now. we're watching the rain around baltimore. i think that is moving into delaware soon. we're seeing as far as the heavy rain falling right now, it's mostly in cape mae, parts of cumberland and atlantic county and the a.c. expressway. very heavy rain shown by the yellows, oranges and reds. precipitation rates have been over an inch and a half per hour. so i think we're going to be seeing continuing to see some localized flooding with the streets and some small streams and creeks. atlantic city to ocean city this is a heavy batch of rain. and in some cases, torrential rain. we've already seen precipitation rates of 2 1/2 inches and the
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heavier amounts. delaware earlier saw precipitation rates close to two inches. this is the exact area where we have a flood advicery. we have seen an inch of rain falling through south jersey and del and hor with the rain that is currently falling. we expect to see creek flooding. that rain is moving in from the west. if you're north of new castle county, you're not seeing too much heavy rain. so we're going to see big improvements later on today. flash flood watch out for everyone except for lehigh and burks county. we expect heavy rain this morning. we could see two to four inches. first alert goes out for everyone except the lehigh county and burks county. bigger improvements around the 8:00, 9:00 hour this morning. the threat for some flooded roadways never drive through those. always turn around. and also the thunderstorms still.
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froefrt of this morning, it will be south jersey and delaware. can't rule out that moving through the philadelphia area. we'll take a look at the timing coming up. >> thank you. it is 5:22 right now. 75 degrees outside our studios. shot and killed on his way home from school. ahead, we'll tell you what is happening today in wilmington, delaware, after police say a 15-year-old was gunned down on his way home. plus, the website hack that exposed millions of users who signed up for an ini did felt website. hear what is happening to the company that owns ashleymadison dolt come. .com.
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wall street goes back to work after the holiday and a website dedicated to cheating. we have the business news. the company behind ashley madison which s. now being investigated by the federal trade commission. the breech exposed personal information of millions of people who signed up for the infidelity website. the company's new top executives say they're sorry for what happened and they should have spent more money on security. and wall street could start the week in the red as traders return from the fourth of july holiday. the markets managing to shrug off much of the turmoil caused by the uk's brexit vote.
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the big economic dat yaf the week comes on friday, of course with, the monthly jobs report. we'll also get the minutes from last month's fed meeting. the dow dropped 19 points and the nasdaq was up 19 to 4862. back over you to. >> thank you. kate rogers, thank you for that. well weeshgs still seeing some very heavy rain this morning. it's leaving delaware. now we have another area around baltimore that will most likely be moving in. so coming up, i'll show you the timing of the rain for the rest of the day to day and warm temperatures this afternoon. live look out at center city. visibility is not too great this morning. if you're heavy rain but looking at center city sh it's not too bad. we'll take a look at your forecast coming up. and we're also watching 95. this spot can't win here. we just had an accident scene that cleared out of the way. now we have a disabled vehicle on the other side northbound. watch for slippery spots.
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>> we're also live at the glenside septa station awhaefd is expected to be serious delays to your morning commute. we'll tell you more on the other side of the break. a long way from home. a very long way. nasa employees burst into cheers and celebrations. we'll tell you about this unprecedented journey that they just achieved that has been years in the making.
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septa slowdown n a few hours it's going to be a different picture. a third of the trains on the regional rails are out of service this morning as thousands of commuters head back to work. the problem could take the rest of the summer to fix. details in live team coverage. and we do have live team coverage this morning including right here at septa headquarters. today's train schedule is modified because of a structural issue that side lined more than 100 train cars. >> regional rails don't slow you down, to day's weather might. here is a live look at the first alert radar. you see thatre


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