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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  March 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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right now we're tracking the chance if light snow and rain. the first alert radar shows the system that's been moving in from the midwest. good evening, let's get to the wet weather. when can we expect it. >> a lot of will remain to the south or weaken as it approachesiapproache approaches. after midnight we could see a rain or snowshower. here are our headlines for the short term. tracking the potential for something spotty and light during the overnight hours as we head into sunday. again, that system that's going
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to remain to the south will be pushing off shore. we'll see increased sunshine as he head into sunday afternoon. not a whole lot of wed weather. and the best chance will be to the north and west. once the system moves away we're talking spring-like temperatures. we'll talk about that coming up. let's head back to rosemary. thank you. now let's go to the nbc news special report. front runner donald trump and hillary clinton try to expand their leads. we can project a winner tonight in one of them. kansas, nbc news projects that ted cruz will be the winner of the republican caucuses in that state. for more on this and the other races let me bring in our political director and moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. >> this is an interesting opportunity for ted cruz to separate himself as the chief alternative to donald trump. he's doing it in kansas. while his win is sis impressive
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this is a state other hopefuls in past cycles have won. if he can do well in a main caucus and hold his own in louisiana, he's got a chance to split the delegates available this weekend with donald trump. and what does that mean? there's one name i'm not mentioning, that's marco rubio. that's the person who is having a bad night. it's not clear he's going to do well in any of the contests. >> therefore, chuck, the importance of florida coming up. >> absolutely. and that's -- where is he going to do well before florida? unclear. >> chuck todd, thank you very much. nbc news projects texas senator ted cruz a winner in the gop caucuses in kansas. much more on nbc nightly news. for now, i'm jose dias balert. back here at nbc 10 let's go back to our meteorologist who is tracking the wet weather. >> we had temperatures below normal this afternoon into the lower 40s. we're at 41 in philadelphia.
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36 toward atlantic city, 39 toward allen town. running a little bit below normal for this time of year. normal temperature right now about 49. we keep things quiet over the course of the next couple of hours, if you're headed out and about. now big issues. it's after midnight that we're looking for a chance of rain or snowshower. much of this will weaken as it moves to the south. we'll key an eye on the snowshowers the next couple hours. coming up in my seven-day forecast we'll talk the potential for warm temperatures for next week. looking forward to it, thank you. we have new information tonight on a story we first told you about last night at 11:00. a philadelphia man is facing criminal charges after investigators say shots were fired at an unmarked police car with an undercover officer inside. it happened in frankfurt last night. the charges include aggravated assault and simple assault. nbc 10's drew smith as an update on the investigation. >> reporter: neighbors and police began by hearing a gun fight. it wasn't until bullets struck a
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car on this street that this turned into a major police search. that car was an undercover one with a narcotics officer behind the wheel. >> just a whole bunch of gun fire. it's just -- it sounded crazy. >> reporter: then one bullet blasted through the front bumper just feet from where he sat. >> they said they shot a cop. it was a lot of police officers here. >> reporter: the officer was not hurt and managed to change and arrest one of the gunmen. >> it was crazy, just silly. >> reporter: next, dozens of officers dogs and a police helicopter searched for the others. from sky 4 lens they searched a garage. >> everybody's got kids, there's babies around here. >> reporter: today police returned to search for video surveillance. and back where that undercover car became a target, police ended up finding evidence of 15 gun shots.
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police are praising that officer for not adding to the bullet total. in frankfurt, i'm drew smith nbc 10 news. today marks a somber anniversary for the philadelphia police department. they're remembering robert wilson the third. it was on this day one year ago that gunmen shot and killed sergeant wilson during a robbery in. the community held a vigil for him at the 22nd police district headquarters. that's where we're live tonight. an emotional day for those who were close to sergeant wilson. >> reporter: family members friends and fellow police officers of officer robert wilson iii gathered here. it was a year ago today he left headquarters to patrol the streets and he never came home. his fellow police officers holding a small ceremony in his honor. wilson's family and friends sat in the front row as the mayor
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and police commissioner spoke of his bravery. the crowd released dozens of yellow and green balloons into the air. wilson was shot and killed a year ago today protecting shoppers inside a game stop store. he exchanged fire with two suspects. both have since been arrested. wilson's family said he made the conscious decision to save lives. >> he chose to make the decision to become an officer. to protect. officers including him, they're people. lives are precious and these people they decide they want to take lives it's beyond. >> to the men and women who stand here today in uniform, i ask one favor of you, honor his memory with your service. >> reporter: and philadelphia mayor jim kenny also spoke wishing officers gathered here safety as they continue to patrol the streets. we saw how close a call one officer had last night.
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we continue to follow tonight's presidential coverage. the candidates are competing for five states. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are facing off in nebraska, kansas and louisiana. republican donald trump, ted cruz and marco rubio and john kasich are competing in contests in maine, kansas kentucky and louisiana. as we mentioned earlier, ted cruz is the projected winner in the kansas republican caucus. he picked up 51% of the vote with about 50% of the votes in so far. donald trump who had been expected to win in kansas pulled 24% of the vote. ted cruz rallied voters at a caucus site in wichita, kansas before the voting started today. he told the crowd that the republican candidates should be more focused on sh issues and less on personal insults. donald trump rallied in orlando, florida, this afternoon.
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hours after attending another rally in kansas. protesters interrupted the event a dozen times. two of them were forced to leave after a trump supporter appear today punch one of them. trump stopped to watch the tussle and called it exciting. marco rubio is campaigning in his home staid of florida. he just wrapped up a rally in jacksonville. he won't say whether he thinks he'll get the endorsement of jeb bush, ahead of florida's primary on march 15th. today he called bush the greatest governor in florida's is criticizing the republican candidates for all of the personal insults that they've been flinging toward each other. he said thursday night's republican debate looked like a quote, sixth grade food fight. today sanders is campaigning in ohio, he attended a community conversation at historically black church in cleveland. sanders talked about ending the death penalty and improving income equality.
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hillary clinton will be in michigan for a predebate party in detroit. there will be a democratic debate tomorrow. it will be their seventh debate. >> reporter: take a look, we're live in norris town where a community is remembering to gather a boy they called a hero one month after he died in a fire. we'll have the message from his family coming up. plus, whether you're a green thumb or a want to be, this is the place to plan your garden. the philadelphia flower show is in full bloom this weekend. we'll take you there after the break.
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it's an early spring blossom for thousands of flower enthusiasts the philadelphia
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flower show picked off today in center city. the pennsylvania convention center was packed for this year's show. which features an historic theme. it's called explore america. 100 years of the national park service. colorful floral displays pay tribute to america's native flowers plants and tree ez. you can check out a number of interactive exhibits including a butterfly garden and hands on work shops. >> it's a great day to come out and see all the flowers and get some ideas. >> i like the tulips. i like the lupines, daisies. >> ferns and different kinds of flowers i can use in my shaded court yard. >> the flower show is open until 9:00 this evening. it runs through next sunday, march 13th. and coming up we'll take a look at what areas have the b t chance to see light rain or snow. and we're talking much warmer temperatures for next week. i'll have the details coming up in my seven-day forecast forecast. .
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i'm a mother so doesn't no matter what i'll cry because that was my baby. >> a mother remembers her young son who died a hero. one month ago today. 12-year-old sanford ran into his family's burning home in norris town to save his father whom he thought was trapped. the boy didn't realize that his father had jumped out of a window to safety. right now family members and neighbors are gathering for a vigil to remember sanford. and that's where we're live tonight. >> reporter: rosemary, the family tells me it's very difficult to return to their home for a vigil. but they said they had to be here to thank everybody for their support. support that they still need one month later. >> i miss my baby. i miss him. >> reporter: they say the last
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month has flown by. >> i thought it was closure but it won't never be closure. >> it's going to be a void for the rest of my life. because. >> 12-year-old sanford or man man has everyone called him died after reentering his burning home trying to save his father who he thought was trapped inside. his dad had jumped from a second story window. >> i don't know the cause of the fire. i don't know nothing. >> reporter: sanford's mother doesn't have his death certificate. right now the family lives in a hotel with assistance ending tomorrow. the thousands of dollars raised will take longer to be deposited into hair account. tell me what the last months has been like? >> hell. hell. >> reporter: sharing stories about sanford they see eaay has helped with the grief. >> i thank everybody here. >> reporter: that's the family's message tonight. while they remember the fun
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loving boy who in 12 years made such an impact on their lives. >> man man will be always in the back of our hearts and minds. >> reporter: and back out here live you see a number of people had gathered for this vigil. it shows you the impact that sanford had here in the community. his father has already had three surgeries and we're told he's expected to have one more. currently, he's in a rehabilitation center. reporting live in norris town. thanks, in wilmington today, dozens rallies to call for an end to the state's death penalty. >> justice now, justice now. >> civil rights activists held a discussion at the wilmington public library. they're calling for the community to get involved to help repeal capital punishment in delaware. the last execution in the state
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was in 2012. these teenagers are trying to stamp out the problem of youth smoking. the rise youth summit today in university city to give young people the tools they need to help make philadelphia the first city with a zero percent smoking rate. not a bad start to the weekend for us. we kept things dry. a little on the cold side with temperatures running below normal as we head into tonight. we're tracking the possibility of rain and snow. should be light in nature. it looks like it will be mostly after midnight. sunday, we're looking at gradual improvement as the chance of rain and snow will end early in the day. we're expecting increasing sunshine through the course of the afternoon. we'll talk much warmer temperatures as we head to the start of the upcoming week. 39 allen town. low 40s in philadelphia. 36 towards lancaster. 39 in wilmington. same for trenton. 40 in george town.
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36 in atlantic city. taking a look at your planner for the nexcouple of hours. we keep things dry until midnight. you can see temperatures won't be coming down a whole lot. we'll keep things around the freezing mark. some areas in particular from philadelphia extending southbound that will make it hard for precipitation to remain snow. we're keeping an eye on this band of rain and snowshowers. you can see the heavier precipitation will dive to the south. we're watching for this as it continues eastbound across parts of pennsylvania. we'll keep things dry for the next couple of hours. it's after midnight we have chance for light snow. in areas north and west the temperatures will be colder. this could perhaps produce a quick coating on unpaved surfaces. but in general we're not looking at too much of an impact, especially the further east you go. sunday 9:00 a.m., chance for rain or snowshower. as we head through the the course of afternoon, the clouds
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will clear. and temperatures will be right around normal for this time of year. sunday looking seasonable in terms of temperatures. it will likely be in the upper 40s with increasing sunshine through the afternoon. monday, the temperatures are going to start to jump. we're looking at 60s to get the week underway. tuesday and wednesday, 70s are looking more likely. so, again, chance for snow for tonight. then we're tracking spring like temperatures into the week. this evening we'll see increase in clouds, the chance for rain and snowshowers after midnight. temperatures not going to be cold for tonight. 31, low in philadelphia. 28 degrees areas north and west. a chance for the rain or snowshower likely to continue into the morning hours. we'll see increasing sunshine through the day with temperatures around normal. monday 60 with sunny skies. monday, right through wednesday, so a beautiful couple of days in store. not to mention those temperatures. low 70s on tuesday. wednesday 74.
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friday, as we head into the start of next weekend we'll have to spring forward. we get to set the clocks forward an hour. again, good news as spring approaches. hi, i'm amy, we'll update the playoff rates. the flyers get set to drop the puck. and the college basketball, villanova trying to end on a high note. we'll have highlights from the hard woods next. lemme get a mcpick 2. check out the fresh new look on mcdonald's mcpick 2 menu! ♪ lemme get a mcpick 2 now, choose any 2 delicious mcdonald's classics for just $5 bucks. ♪ mix n match ♪ share n savor ♪ 2 for $5 name your flavor ♪ pick any 2 iconic tastes- a big mac made with 100% beef, flaky filet-o-fish, seared on the grill quarter pounder with cheese or crispy 10-piece chicken mcnuggets for just $5 bucks. grab a friend today and pick your faves! ♪ lemme get a mcpick 2 ♪ bada ba ba ba
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nbc's jose dias ballart at the top of the hour. we check with him for what's next on nbc nightly news. coming up tonight a big night in politics, five states holding primaries and caucuses ted cruz locking up a win in kansas. what will that mean for donald trump? plus a battle over unlocking
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iphones in criminal cases. police say it could hold criminal evidence. also, wild horses being trained by inmates helping in the effort to patrol the border. going for a run, one father's way of helping his autistic son deal with the world. when i see you in a couple of minutes for nbc nightly news. great seeing you. >> you too, thanks so much, jose. >> thanks. hi, i'm amy f daradool. flyers remain five points back of the penguins for the final wild card spot. pittsburgh lost to calgary. sixers was out. they will face the heat in miami tomorrow night. all four guys sat out the first
6:25 pm
part of the series against the heat. noel deal ing with a right knee contusion. both dealing with upper respiratory infections. brett brown's squad has lost 11 straight games. josh hart among finals for national player of the year. benson is not on that list reportedly to low gp atika shuberts. villanova closing out the season. coming up with a steal, noah pass for the jam. that's pretty nifty. villanova up 21. later in the half, booth, beats renlynol reynolds. jenkins, jams it at the buzzer. villanova won 81-74. finished the season 27-4.
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they'll play georgetown in new york next week. mdialing up for three, of is 21 points. the win over the 1,000 mark for his career. hawks is down two just over a minute. hits the three, st. joe's falls 78-70. they lost two straight. drexel fa drexel in the quarter finals. rodney williams spins. finishes with a bucket and the bonus. 20 points, dragons down 13. green, drains the three. drexel falls 80-67. they finish the year with a six and 25 record. outfielder day-to-day after injuring his wrist in yesterday's win over the braves. howard will be out a few days as
6:27 pm
he deals with the flu. phillies facing the blue jays today. even the mascots having a stretch. first batter, too low h. takes him deep. that's gone for a solo blast. later in the first. two on for michael saunders. he hits one deep to right center. that was also out of the park. it bottom fifth. junior lake. looking into to steal third. third base. throws the ball to the left field. phillies fall 9-6. that will do it for sports here. i'll send it back to you. thanks for that. dinosaur lovers of all ages flocked to center city. kids and adults got a close look at dinosaurs and other fossils. it's part of the academy's event. violetta, it sounds like the wet weather that's coming through
6:28 pm
tonight shouldn't effect people's plans for sunday. >> it's going to be a nuisance. the areas that could get a burst of snow that would be after midnight. that would be on grassy temperatures, with temperatures coming up tomorrow that would be long gone as we head into the sunday. we see gradual clearing through the afternoon and big time warm up as we head into monday, tuesday and wednesday. it's looking beautiful. another thing to look forward to, we spring forward before we go to sleep on saturday. so spring is approaching. >> it is. >> we're a little bit tired of winter. >> i hate losing the hour of sleep at least you know the winter is behind us. >> exactly putting it behind us. that's going to do it us, for violetta amy and all of us. we'll see you here at 11:00.
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keep on scratchin'! on this saturday night, the showdown, five states in play tonight as trump hopes to march further toward the nomination, despite a bruising back d ba backlash. rubio and cruz try to stay relevant. sanders fights for a comeback. unlocking evidence. a struggle over releasing iphone data police say could be critical in dozens of unsolved criminal cases. in a world of high tech security, a return to old fashion horsepower to track down smugglers. step by step. a father finds a way to bond with his autistic son by sharing some common ground. "nightly news" begins now.


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