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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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freezing rain or freezing drizzle as temperatures remain below freezing. this is the storm system that's going to affect us during the day tomorrow. especially tomorrow night in the form of some severe weather possibly. there's a slight chance in especially in delaware and extreme south jersey, and increasing risk the farther south you go. it's going to be wild around here. a first alert out for tomorrow night. more on that and the timing and some amazing temperatures too. with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> now is a good time to keep the nbc 10 app when there's severe weather around. download it now and you'll know right away if there are any severe weather alerts. >> new at 6:00 action in the past hour, nbc 10 obtained a picture of the off-duty philadelphia officers after the brawl involving lasean mccoy. >> cydney long is in center city again, this story developing by the minute really. what have you found out since we last checked in with you?
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>> reporter: i can tell you a lot of twists and turns this afternoon. potentially to throw the media off. we moved here to the defense attorneys' building here at 20th and market. understand that closed door meeting is happening between lasean mccoy's attorneys and the d.a.'s office so he is not here. and in the last hour we got our hands on what will likely be considered evidence in this case, take a look. with blood on his shirt and a gash these are photographs of off-duty police officer darnell duffy, before stitches and after. after he was hurt inside the recess lounge. the injuries stem from the fight inside that nightclub in which lasean mccoy's direct role or his immediate involvement that is the heart of today's meeting. today was to be mccoy's first face-to-face sit-down with investigators but his attorneys canceled and changed the location to talk about the case here. now both attorneys involved have
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yet to respond to our phone calls today but we do have two other cameras here, both inside and out and we're awaiting for them to emerge and tell us what they can about the future of lasean mccoy and where this case goes from here. live in center city, cydney long, "nbc 10 news." >> keep us posted. investigation into a fight with john dougherty and a nonunion contractor question is who threw the first punch. video from before the fight began. deanna durante shows us some of the evidence prosecutors are now looking at. >> reporter: it's a video that show as man being pulled north on third street. he appears to face local 98 union head john dougherty and three to four other men with him. a witness to this scene tells us there was some sort of altercation down on third street before 8:30, on january 21st. >> who does it look like was fighting who? >> don't know.
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never seen any of them before. don't know who they are. >> he had no idea who any one was until people began asking him for the tape recorded outside his shop. >> heard some noise, didn't know what was going on. i seen him walking by. >> it doesn't show the fight but a man who appears walking with dougherty appears bleeding from the head. both sides say there was a physical altercation but both sides blame the other as the aggressor. nbc 10 has learned that police took a report from keys on january 21. dougherty began fighting over the fact he is not a union worker. >> it is clearly an aggravated assault, four people pummel my client. my client was passive, there, to do his job. he was approached by them. and what is a labor leader doing out in the street at 8:15 in the morning. >> the union boss and his family were threatened. and they say quote we firmly believe this should be no criminal or civil charges in this matter as john dougherty
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acted purely in self defense. well known as a political contributor he has given donations to kathleen kane and seth williams in the past. the attorney general's office confirms the case was referred to her to avoid appearance of a conflict. she will allow her senior advisers to review the case including this video as she, too, wants to avoid the appearance of conflict. keysy wasn't available to talk but his lawyer says he plans to file a civil lawsuit. deanna durante, "nbc 10 news." >> nbc 10 employees some workers who are local 98 union members. to our decision 2016 coverage. we're about two hours away from the republican caucus in nevada and right now candidates are pushing for last minute support. analysts expect donald trump to score an easy win. the latest weekly election tracking poll shows him maintaining a lead among republican voters nationally with 36%.
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ted cruz is trying to overcome negative headlines. last night the senator said any one living in the u.s. illegally should be sought out and deported. he also fired his campaign spokesman over this video of marco rubio from penn student newspaper. the spokesman tweeted and claimed that rubio insulted the bible which was not true. senator rubio spent the morning campaigning in las vegas, he is hoping to get support tonight from nevada's influential mor mans. he was part of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints when he lived in las vegas. he still has relatives in the state. >> philadelphia mayor jim kenney wants to see hillary clinton in the white house. today he endorsed clinton saying he shares a progressive vision with the former secretary of state. >> i think she's earned the right to be president of the united states, obviously her length of her career, her accomplishments in her career are stellar.
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and i think she's earned the right to be president and probably the only person who could beat donald trump. >> clinton picked up the endorsement exactly a week from super tuesday. she has one more stop before the big event. clinton is in south carolina gearing up for the saturday primary. she's about to take the stage in columbia. and clinton's competitor bernie sanders picked up a big endorsement from actor director and writer spike lee. in a south carolina radio ad lee says that once the vermont senator is in the white house, he will, quote, do the right thing. >> a passenger shoots himself up with heroin on a packed bus in the middle of the afternoon. that passenger then overdoses and collapses on the bus. an officer ended up reviving him, this ordeal playing out on video, tonight police want to shed light on this heroin epidemic. lauren mayk reports. >> he slams his head.
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he's out. >> reporter: that moment on the bus is shocking enough. getting the attention of passengers who called 911, but watch what we now know happened before what the man was doing in his seat. he preps and puts a needle in his arm. police tell us it was heroin. >> it's a great american epidemic. >> police superintendent michael chitwood's officer administered narcan. the man was on his feet again. he wonders. >> i'm saying that it's wonderful to save a life but what does do it about the addiction. >> i went to the delaware county district attorney, who tells me how dire things have gotten. >> it's so bad lately i had parents even call me to say could you arrest my child. could you keep my child incarcerated because i know there he will not have access to heroin. >> he heads up a heroin task force, now working to hire people to follow up with those like this man zwrxt oppose yods and heroin is our biggest burden and we need to address it.
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>> the man was ultimately arrested for possession, putting him in a criminal justice system that could order treatment. >> you think the system is set up right now so that someone like him, who is arrested, will get help? >> no. no. >> what would it take? >> well, it would take federal money to establish programs, now again, they claim that there's so many billions of dollars being spent on treatment of drug addiction. i don't believe it. i don't buy it. if it is it ain't reaching down. >> lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." >> this is actually not the first time we've showed you an overdose and how narcan worked. nbc 10 showed you this south jersey woman overdosing two weeks ago. the officer saved her with narcan. last year in camden county narcan saved more than 400. >> a transgender woman stabbed and left for dead. the lgbt community is mourning
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the victim. officers found maya young on penn street. someone stabbed her in the neck and chest. police do not have a motive. there is a $20,000 reward leading to an arrest and conviction. >> new developments in the bill cosby case. lawyers for andrea constand says cosby is using the courts to bully his accuser in his case in montgomery county. cosby recently filed a sealed lawsuit against constand for talking to authorities about the case, he claims that violated the confidential settlement of her civil lawsuit and wants her to return that settlement money. constand's lawyer asked a federal judge to void the conif i den sheality clause because she claims cosby was abusing it. cosby's lawyer has not commented on the bullying allegations. >> a philadelphia fixture in the community for decades passed away today. harry j. katz. "the philadelphia inquirer" says the 75-year-old was often called a playboy and tried to open a
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playboy club. the police commissioner blocked that plan. he reopened a theater in the late 1960s, also launched a weekly newspaper, his family says he died of natural causes. >> next on "nbc 10 news" at 6, a stunt to get a homeless man to do something shocking turned into much more. the generosity that followed is next. >> plus, the spirit of dance. we go in depth as we celebrate black history month. >> and i'm tracking heavy rain on the way, it could even bring damaging winds. the first alert forecast is next.
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near the jersey shore former homeless man who became the butt of a cruel joke that went viral is now back on his feet, and a professional football team is among those who stepped up to help. >> we got to package here from california. >> he received a care package from the san francisco 49ers including a new team jacket. the team saw these photos of a worn jacket in a viral post after a man paid him $5 to pour coffee over his head.
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he was homeless and the post prompted an outpouring of support. >> unbelievable. from the 49ers. still can't believe it. >> somebody meant it to mock ron as a homeless person but turned around where ron got housing because of the situation, they probably saved his life this winter. >> at the time of the coffee pouring incident he was staying in this local baseball field dugout. today we focus on dance as we continue to celebrate black history month. it's a dance company many in the area know about. >> vai sikahema introduces tuesday the founder, joan meyers brown. >> i was going to be the first great black ballerina. >> a career as a ballerina wasn't a possible for african-americans in the 1950s. >> i was dancing professionally
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and i thought maybe that was what i wanted to do maybe since i didn't get the opportunity i wanted as a ballet dancer. >> but that didn't stop brown from helping others. brown came up with the idea of phi philadanko. >> a school, maybe some black youngsters get the opportunity to be ballet dancers. >> that was in 1960. 10 years later brown founded a dance company for dancers of color to showcase their talent. currently the philadelphia school of dance in west philadelphia is a thriving dance company. >> joan meyers brown. >> in 2012 brown received the nation's highest civic honor for excellence t national medal of arts. >> miss brown carved out an artistic haven for african-american dancers and
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corey og ra fers. >> people coming know that we don't play. >> now at 84 years strong, brown is still dancing. i'm vai sikahema, for nbc 10. >> such good work. they have performs in april at the kimmel center. for information, click on the nbc 10 app. >> there is no more love in love park. >> not for a while because today workers moved the famous 750-pound sculpture across the street. it's going to be a temporary home while love park is renovated. it will include more green space and trees and flower beds. >> you think the statue away and the weather goes downhill. better move it back, nicer weather is needed after today. we have a damp night, not going
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to be as wet as it was but damp. tomorrow wet and windy. and eventually warm and stormy. maybe some gusty thunderstorms, even some possible damaging storms in parts of the area. well, the low clouds still around. not as low as they were a few hours ago. 41 degrees, stopped raining for once today. but the wind, 13 gusting to 23 miles an hour. feels like 34. remember on the weekend we were 60 plus both days. 35 in allentown and reading. 36 in pottstown. just above the freezing mark and likely to stay above. mount pocono 30, below the freezing, that's where you got some issues. likely to stay below freezing. 41 philadelphia and bensalem. 45 in dover and millville some of the warm spots not exactly warm tonight. what's going to happen to the temperature, not much tonight. it's going to be either steady or go up a little bit, so we're
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not so concerned about tonight. tomorrow especially late tomorrow and tomorrow night that's a different story. for the heavy rain that's coming in, some localized flooding and also strong gusty winds and thunderstorms coming in during the evening. not a whole lot on the radar now from allentown to the poconos where it's snowing earlier, then it changed to freezing rain. the patchy areas of rain continue to weaken. but down south, nothing weakening there. you can see the spin in this, number of tornados already. there's some on the ground right now in parts of alabama and mississippi, and into louisiana, you'll be hearing more and seeing more about it later tonight and tomorrow. now the severe weather threat shifts to the coast tomorrow. the biggest threat is in north carolina. but there is a slight threat even toward the philadelphia area and delaware and south
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jersey. mostly we're talking about very strong winds from thunderstorms. watch what happens, we go through the night tonight. the temperature doesn't drop, that is the key. it's still below freezing in the poconos so there could be slippery conditions there. we have some patchy light rain or showers during the morning, and then look what happens. late tomorrow, temperatures go into the 60s, the red indicating hershey showers and thunderstorms, and you get one of those lines of storms move through, and you can easily get 50-plus-mile-an-hour wind gusts tomorrow. patchy rain tonight with fog late, 40 for the low in philadelphia, 34 north and west. during the day tomorrow, kindch wet, warmer, the warm weather comes late in the day. don't expect it in the middle of the day with the southeast wind gusting over 40 miles an hour. the seven-day forecast, not too cold, thursday morning, doesn't warm up much. a chance of a shower in the afternoon, then it gets cold. friday and saturday, and then it
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goes right back up, gets mild sunday and monday. >> thanks, i'm john clark. we'll hear from ryan howard, he talks about his lawsuit and the report that linked him to pdds. all next.
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john clark from comcast sportsnet. much better weather in clearwater for the phillies first workout. here is ryan howard with the team today. he has the worst batting average in baseball over the last four years against lefties, .184. the manager says the big piece
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will sit against lefties if he can't hit them. >> do i think it's fair, me personally i probably not. but i mean, it is what it is. the situation is the situation. you go out there and go play. >> ryan only spoke briefly about the al jazeera report that linked him to performance enhancing druggings. he said that was garbage. >> kind of shocked,5gómv surpri. like what, like what are these people talking about? so you know, it's just that. like i said with the process that's under way now, i'm going to leave it to that and put my focus back on baseball. >>p maikel franco, the most exciting young prospect but pete says he needs to be more consistent and franko agrees. >> want to get better every day. and i want to keep working hard
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every day coming in. what about what i have to do every single day, and try to be consistent. >> this could be the end for cliff lee, his agent tells fox sports he doesn't see him pitching again. and likely sam bradford will re-sign with the eagles. flyers without claude gentleman roo but they have shawn couturier back. >> it was tough watching from home all of these games not being able to help the team. i've been working hard off the ice and trying to stay in shape and be ready when i get back. >> is take a look. last night nashville's craig smith in front of the net shoots it, he blocks it himself. denies himself, that is unbleeshable. he is in the crease. he did score the game winning goal in the shootout. i have never seen that before. saving his own goal. crazy.
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>> wild. >> all right, john clark. thanks. insurance companies keeping tabs on how fast you're driving? and when you get behind the wheel. the companies offering discounts if you agree to let them track your driving. the new technology has some concerned and tonight the nbc 10 investigators look into what insurers record, who can see your information and why a u.s. senator is now looking into it. it's tonight on "nbc 10 news" at 11:00.
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not a nice day today. tomorrow even worse. >> well, in a way. but by the end of the day it's going to be a lot warmer. >> oh, good. >> yeah, that's true. 62 for the high now it's not going to be 62 at noon. going to be cool in the morning and damp. and then get windy and wet and warm. late in the day and into the evening, maybe some strong storms, and then somewhat cooler on thursday. but windy for thursday and friday. eventually the cold air will come back. >> 62 but with a price.
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>> yes. >> seems like as alwaysment for all of us here. breaking news tonight. state of emergency as tornadoes explode across the south. millions under a severe threat. fears the town could be demolished in the dark. trump towers as nevada votes tonight and can he win three in a row? and can anyone stop him. murder mystery, chicago images of the uber murderer in a gun shop hours before prosecutorses say he went on a shooting rampage. a popular sports skast e fights back after being secretly videoed in a room next door. could someone be watching you. and eating natural. millions look for on the label, but what does it really mean? amid calls for a


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