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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  February 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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stab behind the wheel. a cab driver is stabbed behind the wheel after a violent encounter with a customer in his taxi. today, no more brownouts. they'll end the controversy of closing firehouses and moving firemen to save money. it's colder than this time yesterday, and we will stay below freezing for days. it's 4:30. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today".
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i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to bill henley. >> it says 24 degrees. if you can find a spot where you're shielded from this wind that's going to be blowing all day long, that will make you feel a little bit warmer with the wind factor and it feels much colder this morning. it's a steady wind at 17 miles an hour in northeast philadelphia. 15 miles an hour in wilmington and it got stronger in wildwood. look at the chiles. 10 in pottstown, 9 in women mingtmin wilmington. the wind still 159 miles an hour at 9:00. it gets stronger at lunchtime. even though it will be warmer, it will feel just as cold. the warmest we'll feel today is in the teens. guile through neighborhood by neighborhood.
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jessica boyington is watching first alert travg. >> we had an earlier accident. this is a car coming in that way. i think they're moving the camera around. not a lot of traffic on the scene, but the accident scene has cleared out of the way. so right now, we no problems there or delays because of that accident scene on the schuylkill on the eastbound side, so it would have been heading into the center city. the toll plaza right up in this area over here, you can see approaching that scene. no problems number scheduled opening right now. the bridges are on speed restrictions right now. they're back to normal. watch for another bridge closure. that's closed for rehabilitation work until april. you can take the city avenue bridge to get by. >> thanks for that. 4:32. we continue to follow break news. a philadelphia cab driver was stabbed overnight by a person he just picked up for a fair. nbc 10's matt delucia wt at the
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hospital where the cabbie was treated. tell us more. >> reporter: the cab driver managed to drive himself to the hospital. you see the cab parked in front of the police car. there he is. he escaped with only minor injuries a couple of stan wounds to his hand. here's a little bit about what happened here. the cab driver picked up a guy just before midnight between fourth and south. they go a couple of blocks between fourth and katherine. that's when the passenger says he has a gun and demands the driver's money. once the knife came out, that's when there was a strug >> he attacked on me. he said he had a gun and wanted money. he held a knife on me and we struggled. then he cut my hand. >> that robber was able to get away with $70 of the cab driver's money. the guy cops are looking for is in his mid 20s, clean shaven,
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wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt. more on what they're doing. i'll see you again in the next half hour. i'm live outside jefferson hospital. >> thanks. it's 4:34. windchill, 11 right now. happening today philadelphia's mayer will officially end the brownout. they temporarily closed certain firehouses and reassigned firemen to save money. critics say the brownouts slowdown firemen from getting to emergencies. they suspended it on new year's eve. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are planning to face off for the sixth time tonight. it comes days after his victory in new hampshire. today clinton will get support from the congressional black caucus. nbc confirms the organization's
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leaders will officially endorse clinton this morning. they'll send lawmakers to south carolina and other states where black voters are vital. meanwhile sanders is making an attempt to court black voters. he was in harlem yesterday. you see him walking with al sharpton yesterday after they discussed issues important to black americans. on the republican side two candidates dropped out while donald trump says he plans to go all the way to the white house. >> donald trump said he would easily beat hillary clinton in a presidential contest. >> we won by a lot, a really lot. >> trump is also bragging about his win in the new hampshire primary. he boasted about picking 35u7% of the vote to the crowd at his campaign convenient in pendleton, south carolina last night. governor chris christie ended
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his bid after a disappointing finish. he finished sixth out of the republican candidates. he told reporters he plans to take a deep breath and determine his next steps. we asked voters. >> i'm amazed he even attempted to go in. i didn't think he had a snowball's chance in hell. >> i thought he was a good guy. i still think he is a good guy. >> meanwhile carly fiorina also dropped out of the race. speaking of the road to the white house, the national constitution will unveil a new exhibit to help you walk through the presidential race called headed to the white house. it takes you through the process all the way through. very interactive. along the way you can make your
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own campaign ad. check out hundreds of items dating back to 1832. wheel be working with the national constitution center to bring you unique perspective on the political process and clarify any complicated issues that pop up on the campaign trail. we will be there live all morning long. in the meantime you can check more behind the scenes video and pictures on and our nbc 10 app. it's 4:37. new jersey transit train riders, be prepared. if you ride the rail, now is the time to consider perhaps changing your travel plans. hear details of a possible rail strike. also ahead. it's hard to hear, but did you catch that? it sounds like eagles star shady mccoy making a brief statement about being a defend over a bar
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brawl with off-duty police officers. it's a cold one and the wind is blowing. they're back to snow making. no surprise. we will be dry, but we will also be very cold. 24 degrees. it feels like it's 11 degrees in philadelphia. the time is 4:38. your hour-by-hour forecast just ahead.
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don't even think about it. cough if you can hear me. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this. 20 mihms before 5:00. it's cold outside. adding to the wind, the gusts. hear the wind gusts. 22 miles an hour in dove eric 23-mile-an-hour wind gusts for wildwood. it's a cold and windy morning. it's not going to get all that warm today. you'll see mostly partly sunny
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skies. the wind will be blowing through new hope. that will hold the temperatures down to near 30 this afternoon for ventnor city and smyrna. 20 the high temperature. even at the warmest day. and then in philadelphia it gets much coaler this weekend. i've got the seven-day forecast when i come back. >> let me show you what the traffic looks like. jessica boynton has that. jessica. >> i-78 right around here, no backups. roads are dry. there are reports of hazardous road condition s at limerick an
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montgomery county. watch out for that. you can see the drive time heading into philadelphia on the 42 freeway. still a five-minute trip. again, these are separate. these are the northbound lanes that would be headed to the philadelphia area. no problem getting over the bridges as well or back junes there. tracy. >> 4:42. pennsylvania state have their eyes on you and you might not even know it. this brand-new license reader checks your registration and is expected to save taxpayers money but not everyone is on board with the device. also, stuck in your cars for 24 hours. ready for this? waiting to hear from the leaders why they did the right thing keeping the vehicles and drivers snowed in.
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it's a quarter to 5:00.
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this morning we have an admission caught on video by lesean mccoy. he said, apparently i made a mistake. a man said he saw him last night. it's the first public sighting after an alleged attacken two off-duty philadelphia police officers. he said he asked him about the incident over the weekend. lesean said he made a mistake and he's looking forward to having his day. they tell us the timeline on possible charges have shifted as prosecutors work to build a case. t the off-duty officers are still in the hospital with broken bones and cuts with stitches. state police are trying to educate the public in an effort to promote safety. state troopers were out trying to inform people on the street. it's part of a plan from
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governor mark's office for pedestrians to use crosswalks and bridges. >> you have to be in control of your vehicle properly or else you're guilty. >> philadelphia had 35 pedestrian deaths last year. most happened in overnight hours and many of the pedestrians had been using drugs or alcohol. pennsylvania police officers have a new tool to more easily find out if your car registration is expired. law enforcement fired show off their automatic license reader technology. the state thinks it will save time since it can quickly and easily check the status of license plates in a single shift. >> we call it catching criminals hiding in plain sight. you can have hundreds of vehicles pass in your shift. this equipment is constantly
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checking every vehicle that's going past your car. >> with the license plate reader, pennsylvania won't have to issue vehicle registration stickers starting next year. the elimination of the tickers could save tax paris $3 million in the first year. the nbc 10 investigators looked into the use of police license readers. they're saving tens of millions of unsuspected drivers' plates. they read more than 29 million tags that led to 521 stolen cars being recovered and six arrests. now, the pennsylvania aclu said in a statement in july saying this is an extraordinary amount of govern surveillance for what appears to be a very small amount of criminal activity. there are things in your life that are sim will i not public knowledge. it's 4:47. as north korea's state run television released new video of the country's recent rocket launch, they say the satellite
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rocket that put into orbit does not appear to be transmitting but u.s. army officials say they're also concerned the weight of the satellite is double what north korea had previously been able to launch. the u.s. worries north korea could use the rocket to deliver a nuclear weapon across the pacific ocean. the faa is warning about the dangers of electricityion ion batteries on plains. they could post a fire hazard and they iraqi been linked to deadly crashes and a cargo plane fire in philadelphia. now the faa and ntsb are all warning against shipping larnlt quantities of batteries. >> we have no fire on board to fight this fiefrmt if it lights off, the only chance of a successful outcome is to get the aircraft on the ground as soon as possible. >> the rechargeable battery
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industry opposes the shipping b ban. a home own never miami is talking about surveillance video that shows a ups driver tossing packages at his home, and one of those packages contained bullets. take a look. he drops a package over the gate. the homeowner says the gate was unlocked and there was good reason to take care of better packages. one was handgun cartridges. nothing broke. >> the safety of that, you don't want to throw it around. the boxes were clearly marked. >> ups says it is investigating that incident. 24 degrees outside. let's check the conditions on the blue route on your drive to work. >> that's right.
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we're still doing okay. this is right around ridge pike. let's take a look at this to the schuylkill expressway. only a four-minute trip. we're in the 50s wu we're still way up there. all traffic moving along nicely. no restrictions there. this is right around sloane avenue. not even a car in sight. if you're heading to the new jersey trenton station, you'll be fine. for right now no problems for delay. septa, petco are nice. we were above freezing yesterday but a good deal has changed overnight. the winds have been blowing and that's bringing us much colder air this morning. the temperatures have dropped overnight. look at the wind. 16 miles an hour.
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it's gusting to 25 and the temperature is 24. here, the videotape of the flag blowing at nbc 10 studios. we're going to see the wind increase a bit as with go through the afternoon. 9 degrees is what it feels like right now in wilmington. 8 degrees in redington. wildwood feeling like 11 degrees this morning, so bundle up. the wind is blowing a few clouds through the area. you might see a brief flurry. this is coming from snow showers in central pennsylvania. we won't see the snow showers today but we're not going to see the warm temperatures today. we'll get cold gusty winds blowing through the day and afternoon temperatures will be running colder than yesterday, 26 to 29, and the wind will be stronger so it will feel even colder than. winds out of the northwest at 20 to 30 miles an hour with gusts
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30 miles an hour today. less windy with mostly clear skies. we'll get colder. 18 degrees in the city and a high of just 31 degrees in the afternoon. and then the real cold arrives. another blast of cold for saturday. we'll actually be warmer in the morning. that's 22 degrees. that's the morning temperature with the cold winds blowing and gusting to 45 miles an hour on saturday. will cause the temperature to drop to 13 in the afternoon on saturday. and look at sunday morning down to 2 degrees. that would tie the record low for valentine's day. sunshine sunday, clouds move in monday. we could see some snow late on monday and then a chance of some rain, a chilly rain for tuesday and still some showers in the area possible on wednesday. so it's going be wild ride. >> that low is going to keep on dropping and it feels even colder than the two you have there. >> yes, two, where there's an year with no wind. with wind, we could look at
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windchills at 20 degrees below zero in philadelphia. even colder in some of the suburbs. >> what's the average? >> we should be in the 20s in the morning. that's 25 tee dwrees below normal for this time of year. >> thanks, bill. we'll be ready. we continue to follow breaking news this morning. someone stabbed a philadelphia cab driver overnight. he's out of the hospital and talks about surviving a violent attack. also next, hundreds of drivers got stranded during that bless ard. wait till you hear why pennsylvania turnpike leaders think they were actually safer there. megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb.
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and there's moving with move free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike the big osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. hey, good morning, everyone. we're checking out your traffic. around route 309, you can see no problems or lane restrictions there. and if you're heading out the door to delaware on 95, we have no problems except for that ramp
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closure on 95 southbound to exit 7 b which is route 52. that's going be ongoing construction until february 24th. i'll have more in the 5:00 hour. transit workers are ready for a strike. the union that represents conductors said yesterday more than a dozen unions involved in contract talks have advised a strike if necessary. the deal here is health premiums. the deadline for a possible walkout is march 13th. the last time there was a strike on n.j. transit was in 1983. governor jack markell is apologizing. state lawmakers passed the resolution last month which also recognizes the wrongs committed against blacks during the jim crow area. mark signed it yesterday at the delaware state archives yesterday in delaware. he also issued a proclamation recognizing black history month. >> a candid acknowledgement and
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status only allows us to take responsibility for the future. >> they also unveil and exhibit for the 125th anniversary of the historic black college. vice president joe biden continues his fight against cancer by visiting duke university. the research initiative is called moonshot. its goal is to find a cure for cancer in five years. biden's son beau died last may. meanwhile they'll open their brand-new bone marrow transplant outpatient clinic this morning. it will expand services to patients with leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma and other disorders. a pennsylvania state house committee is demanding to know why hundreds of drivers were left helpless during the
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blizzard of 2016. more than 500 vehicles were stuck on 500 miles of the stretch of the road. they're justifying the decision to leave hundreds of people stranded for more than 24 hours. yesterday the chief executive told lawmakers it was safest to have the cars stay put. about 500 vehicles were trapped on the turnpike including bus including temple's women's gymnasticses team. >> no motorist should have to endure that on any pennsylvania road, especially a road that you pay for. >> the turnpike commission and state commission are reviewing what went wrong. they're taking steps to make sthur that never happened again. sweethearts young and old are looking forward to
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valentine's day. >> some got an early start to last night's romantic event last night. oh, yeah. the foundation for a better society held a special cupid ball for seniors. nbc 10 at the miles recreation center in southwest philadelphia. hundreds showed their love with singing, dancing, and, of course, lots of good food. how about that. so even with valentine's, seniors prefer the early bird special. >> right. who doesn't. what does that mean. >> you're watching nbc 10. "nbc 10 news today" starts right now. >> couldn't see anything in his hands when he got in the cab. >> that breaking news. a philadelphia cab driver stabbed while giving a ride to a drive and who police are now looking for. also breaking news out of oregon. standoff surrender. after more than a month, the okay pyres inside a wildlife refuge will turn themselves in.
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find out what led to the end of the occupation. >> recovery high school. this morning local lawmakers are pushing for a safer setting for students who dealt with substance abuchls we'll tell you what he wants to do. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. it's a lot colder with the windchill. bill? >> that's right, tray sichlt it feels like single digits in some spots because of the wind blowing through the area. a live view at center city. look at the winds. 14-mile-an-hour winds, 14 degree. feels like 12 degrees right now in philadelphia. gusts near 30 mile this afternoon. it's never going to feel warm today. bundle up.


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