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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  January 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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kiosks as kids returned to school. by close of business tonight, the city says it's on track to 99% of residential streets passable. lingering trouble spots are the small streets, where blown snow piled highest. >> you can't use plows. so it went from a plowing operation to a digging operation. so that added some time. >> reporter: with mostly cleared streets one classic headache remains, street parking. up in ft. richmond the no savies campaign wasn't having much of an impact as residents staked claim to their dug-out spots. in other neighborhoods mounds of snow cover usable parking space and an icy road surface makes getting in difficult. >> finding somewhere to pull off to the size a little difficult. >> reporter: parking the issue? >> mainly parking, finding somewhere at the end of the night. >> it's bad. hard for them to park. cars are parked outward instead
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of inward. >> reporter: a lot of people experiencing those parking problems. in addition to the blocks that require that slow dig-out with the backhoe, streets department slowed helping the school district dig out bus zones needed. the commissioner telling me remaining 1% of streets they won't have plowed today, hoping to get to that by tomorrow. george spencer, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 was in allen town where help arrived for the digout following the historic snowfall. the city hired additional private contracting crews to help. nearly 32 inches of snow fell in allentown, crews who have been doing this for years are taken back by the task of clearing these streets. >> this is -- this is -- this is quite the thing here. a lot of -- it's like being in buffalo or something, i imagine. >> allentown has two more
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front-end loaders and 13 more trucks on the streets today. aimages of people helping others are the they'll of the aftermath of the bliz zard of 2016. an officer helping free a driver whose truck game stuck? the snow in liberty park. nbc 10 bureau reporter, high above wilmington in skyforce 10. >> work to do but people understanding? >> i was on the ground inwomen all day. people amazingly patient. still side streets with snow. looking at one of them. this one next to the ebenezer baptist church in northeast wilmington. as we pull out wide, you see snow, and a lot, but not as much as you'd expected. amazing how much snow we had over the weekend and how much already melted away. >> no, i don't need another snow like this. >> reporter: four days, we're
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still hearing this, also this. front end loaders going back through city neighborhoods to clear out big piles that plows made on sunday. some wilmington streets are covered. the mayor took to facebook to apologize to any resident on a street that hasn't been cleared. as mayor, he takes full responsibility. >> i think it looks pretty good. >> reporter: john owns a building in wilmington, surprised when he arrived today. he thinks the city did a good job considering how much snow fell, how few plows the city has. the sun, warmer temperatures, and a little rain have all helped the city's efforts. some neighbors tell me they wished the city had a bigger plow fleet but understand this was a freakishly large snowdrop. >> the response was good. main arteries were clear, secondary streets, you have to allow for accumulation and then move on it. they only had so many trucks.
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>> reporter: don't get me wrong, you see lots of cars like this within still right in there with the snow. nobody shoveled that babe k. out yet. a lot of people have work to do. the city of wilmington has two places to take all of the snow they remove which makes things more challenge. a couple of people think the city could have done more to salt and brian streets in advance but most people today told me they think wilmington did okay. skyforce 10, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. that sun you can see from skyforce 10, a big help today. you can see in most of the places here, big melt is under way. there are a lot of puddles here in fairmount park as the snow fades away. that could create an icy threat. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. >> this happens all the time after big storms. you get a little bit of melting, then freezes at night, melts next day, refreezes. a lot of sunshine today.
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we don't have a lot of wind. temperatures going to be going down as we head through the night tonight. temperatures way above freezing, into the 40s in most places. 39 in redding, 37 in lancaster. some of the exceptions. and by 9:00, temperature's gone down below freezing, even philadelphia. midnight, 28 degrees. of course it's going to drop quicker in some northern areas that had so much snow. allentown, by tomorrow morning, 11. bethlehem, 11. quaker town, 14. new hope, 14. across the rest of the area, low temperatures, millville one of the usual spots, down to 12. mt. holly, 16. lancaster, 13. when you get up in the morning, there's likely to be some icing. you've got to be prepared for that. and be aware especially the sidewalks and driveways, where most of those accidents happen.
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we'll let you know about how it's going to warm up way more than it has so far with the seven day in a few minutes. >> thank you. a mother in ocean county accused of hiding heroin and cocaine underneath her baby. police pulled terra worthy over in hamanchester. when her 19-month-old taken out of the car seat they found the drugs under the child. worthy faces several charges, including drug possession and endangering welfare of a child. an initial hit-and-run. a truck slams into a local store, drives off, leaving a lot of damage. take a look, original italian village store on the black wood. they don't have much to go on since everything was snow covered at the time. new information from bucks county. we've learned the high school basketball coach seen in this video has lost his coaching job. in the video, neshaminy's jerry
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divine appears to bump a referee to the floor during a game this month. the school board voted to dismiss divine as coach last night. he'll keep his teaching position at the school. also cited for harassment. students in chester are heading home after a day that began with uncertainty. a 17-year-old in custody after police say she threatened to shoot black students in the chester upland school district. extra police greeted students and parents this morning. last night they were flooded with calls about a facebook and instagram post threatening to shoot up schools. the posts singled out black students. officers tracked down the 17-year-old suspect overnight. >> i'm a little scared, a little scared. >> i knew it was fake. >> as a parent, it's ridiculous someone would do that, as a parent but i'm glad they caught the person that did it. >> no word on what charges
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student will face. a member of a well-known local political family arrested today. philadelphia's former chief elections deputy is accused of stealing from the mental health clinic. she now heads. prosecutors say she defrauded the health clinic out of tens of thousands of dollars. the clinic is a nonprofit that provides service to medicaid patients. she was board president. in 2010 she redesigned as chief election president. her mother is former city commissioner chairwoman. her sister is christine tartaglione, the democratic pennsylvania state senator. renney's husband is carlos mottos, the democratic ward leader in kenningston. still up in the air, yesterday in hamillton, new
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jersey, natural gas tanks sailed through the air like missiles. one neighbor and another man ran out the back door before his front door and windows blew in from the blast. >> after 30 seconds, immense explosion happened. something from the truck flew into my -- middle of my roof. >> his truck parked in front of his house and the front and back windows blown out. other hopes have broken windows and melted siding. investigators tell us, no one was hurt. this just in. congressman fattah's lawyers ordered to represent him thousand he stopped paying him. he fears the trial could be delayed. scheduled to start in may. fattah's lawyers say he hasn't paid them in months. he denies the charges. the congressman is married to
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renee chenault-fattah. renee is on leave from the station. you may want to check your credit card statement if you've eaten at within did's recently the chain investigating reports of unusual activity on payment cards used asome restaurants this month. wendy's is working with police and cybersecurity experts to get to the bottom. wendy's is encouraging customers to watch for unauthorized charges on their cards. now to decision 2016. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a tight race in iowa. a new poll of iowa voters finds 49% support sanders, 45% are for clinton. martin o'malley is behind with 4% of the vote. today sanders met with president obama in a private meeting in the oval office. afterwards the candidate said the president wasn't taking sides in the nomination and
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quote, generous and objective, letting the people decide, end quote. the white house said it was an informal meeting. hillary clinton is launching her -- watching her strong lead evaporate, as it did in 2008. today in iowa she urged supporters to turn out for her in monday's caucus. big-time donors to hillary clinton. campaign are in for a special treat tonight. jon bon jovi will perform in philadelphia. it's hosted by executives at franklin square capital partners. for an invite a family must have raised more than $5400. a new poll shows donald trump is leading the gop pack less then a week from the first contest in iowa. trump has 30% of support. followed by cruz, 23%. marco rubio has 16%. ben carson, 10.
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everyone else less than 5%. the poll notes turnout will be a major factor in determining who wins. that poll was taken before donald trump announced he won't participate in tomorrow's republican presidential debate. trump plans to hold a fund-raiser for veterans instead. it's the latest twist in trump's ongoing feud with fox news over the way he was questioned in a previous debase. fox says trump is welcomed but won't be able to dictate what questions are asked. rush limbaugh voiced his support for trump on his show today. limbaugh was shocked by fox news coverage last night and said it was, quote, acting like they had been jilted at the altar. limbaugh says trump's decision was not based out of fear. he calls it a calculated decision to not face news organization that had already been unfair to him. ted cruz, marco rubio, ben
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carson, jeb bush, chris christie, rand paul. children in two counties say someone tried to lure them into a car with candy. both happened in the same day. one in oaklyn. cydney long has new video from one of those incidents. >> this is the sanction ware neighborhood, saturday january 16th, just before 5:00, two young boys dialed 911 together with parents after approached by two strangers in a dark car. a neighbor's home security camera catches a glimpse of the boysing moments before the encounter, walking home on the sidewalk. the older of the two, 11-year-old, riding a hoverboard. it happened on peter hurd way. watch the top right, headlights. when an unfamiliar car spots the kids, and backs up. >> once the vehicle saw the two irn charge, they say the vehicle
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stopped, at which time the driver, the male, asked the children if they would like any candy. >> reporter: you can see one child takes off running, and almost immediately -- >> the children knew something was definitely wrong. really heads up move by the older child, 11, pulls out his cell phone and pretends he's calling the police. he tells them, i'm calling the police, puts phone to the ear, vehicle drives away. >> reporter: police canvassed the area for the dark volvo that was unfamiliar with the roads here. police learned of an attempting luring of two boys by the same car and driver. but it happened an hour beforehand and it was a half hour away on manner drive in oaklyn, camden county. >> we'll be doing everything to track this vehicle from oaklyn and between the time frame, highway camera, easy pass. >> reporter: parents uneasy about what the two suspects are
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camable of. >> it's a good lesson, we live in a safe community, have your guard up. >> reporter: police believe it was a black or dark volvo sedan with a gray haired male driver in his 60s. in the evesham, late teens with long bond hair. oaklyn, the female passenger was older. cydney long, nbc 10 news. new details elerjing from oregon where several members of an armed group oh pieing national wildlife refuge are in custody. another is dead. militant leader bundy, his brother, three others were arrested tuesday during a traffic stop that resulted in gunfire. bundy's group was driving to a community meeting 70 miles from the refuge. it seizes the refuge three weeks ago over a dispute over public lands. police released a mugshot of those in custody. no word on who is inside the
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refuge, but it's still being occupied by armed men. killed during the traffic stop, rancher, he jumped from the vehicle with a gun. shot and killed. he had a frequent presence at the wildlife refuge, speaking for the group at news conferences. a teenager who used an affluenza defense in a deadly drunk driving crash will head pack to the u.s. an attorney says couch decided to return to texas to face charges. couch and his mother arrested in mexico last month. couch being held at an immigration detention center in mexico. his already sent back to the u.s. ethan couch killed four people in a dui wreck two years ago. he was 16 at the time. he received ten years' probation after his attorney argued his affluent upbringing kept him from knowing right from wrong. prosecutors believe the teenager
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and his mother took off because of the incriminating video showed him at a party where people were drinking than would be a probation violation, meaning couch could go to jail for ten years. >> first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> the sun's getting a little bit higher in the sky each day. and that allows more melting, and we're just going to keep doing that day after day after day. but at night, yeah, we can refreeze and especially if the humidity's high, we can get more ice in the morning. so you've got to watch out for that tomorrow morning. a lot more melting coming each day. and pretty nice weekend with fair am of sunshine, wait until you see temperatures. a lot of sunshine right now. temperature's gotten above average of 43 degrees. winds 14 miles an hour. six degrees colder than it was this time yesterday. feels like 36.
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doesn't feel that cold to me, compared to what we have seen over the last few days. it 39 in west chester. and in redding, most places in the 40s now. but about to drop into the 30s. wilmington is 40 degrees. millville 42. dover 42 as well. and little bit of wind making it feel a little bit colder. now, through the night tonight, philadelphia, going down from 40. we don't drop dramatically here. seeing more of the concrete with the snow melt. so it's more and more of the urban heat effect coming back. when you have fresh snow, it's white, philadelphia's like any other place with cooling at night. but we're now five to ten degrees colder an this time yesterday across most of the area. 12 degrees colder than the pocono. a couple of snowflakes, flurries. but there isn't any kind of significant threat. this storm is going to be forming too far to the east and
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heading out to sea. this front isñnv very weak, ju few flurries with it. but we have the cold air now. but the pattern is going to be changing, as we head toward the weekend, jet stream's going to change and allow temperatures to climb into the 50s. arctic air retreats way up into canada. and there's no sign of it coming back over the next week or so. clear and cold, overnight tonight, with refreezing coming. 18 degrees for the low in philadelphia. 12 in some of the colder suburbs. and during the day tomorrow, we start off with sunshine. clouds increase late in the day. we melt again. high temperatures getting into the low 40s. seven-day forecast, you're going to see some interesting temperatures. tomorrow up to 42. dropped down on friday. plus we get more wind. so it will be a bit of a chill
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from and into saturday morning. but then we warm up into the mid-40s on saturday. look at sunday. into low 50s, looks like it's dry over the weekend as well. so, a little bit different than last weekend, isn't it? look what happens. monday, up to 57 degrees. we could get up to 60 by tuesday. >> 60, what a difference. >> what a huge change around from last weekend. philadelphia has a new tool that will help keep residents safer. >> whether deploying drones above the city, what they'll be doing. plus a ride fit for a pope. the famous fiat for the first time since the pontiff visit the philadelphia. see who got a special ride. a baby monitor warning. the four steps parents should take to make sure hackers aren't watching in on your family. live look from skyforce 10 high above delaware county
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looking for trouble spots in the wake of the blizzard. live over snow-covered upper darby. tim furlong is on board. we'll let you know if he finds traffic problems that could impact the evening commute.
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video from england some may find difficult to watch. a man's near-death experience. he's safe at home recovering from injuries. watch the right-hand side of the screen. a man walking when a speeding car hits him, flipping him into the air. the man was catapulted several yards up the road as the vehicle continued to speed off. police in sussex england said he was taken to the hospital but recovering at home. the driver has not been found. eye in the philadelphia sky
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could keep residents safe, according to a new report issued this morning. today, city controller said drones should be used to help inspect dangerous buildings. he even flew his own drone over several city neighborhoods to demonstrate. he found missing roofs weak and unsafe structures and signs of squatters. drones can do nearly 60 houses in 30 seconds. >> faa regulation would need to be followed and drone operator trained and held accountable for operating the aerial technology responsibly and safely. >> the drones would not replace inspectors. philadelphia auto show is about to get rolling. during a ceremony today, mayor jim kenney riding shotgun as the dodge viper driven into the auto show. it belongs to rocker jon bon jovi. the auto show runs saturday through february 7th at
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pennsylvania convention center. the 115th year of the show. another car sure to turn heads at the auto show will be the fiat that carried pope francis through philadelphia this past september. the car will be auctioned off at the show friday. nbc 10 was there as ths same fiat was driven into the auto show today. in the passenger seat, papal singing sensation bobby hill. remember him. and bobby was the boy with the golden voice. ♪ bobby hill captured worldwide attention when he sang for the pope during the festival of families in philadelphia. can't hear him enough. >> we first heard that voice, i remember, it was unreal. >> angelic. >> school shakeup could force students to switch to different schools in one community. >> the plan parents are not happy about. and a flood of frustration.
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firefighters at the jersey shore, days after high water receded. how one fire company needs your help. right now, 4:30, new s
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concerns in aftermath of the blizzard. many homes and businesses were damaged, so were firehouses. one department needs your help. >> nbc 10 jersey shore reporter ted greenberg live in ocean city with the story. >> reporter: jackie, denise, the storm flooded this firehouse here in ocean city, and only added to frustrations that have been lingering since hurricane sandy. when emergency calls brought ocean city firefighters into the
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elements during saturday's storm, some first had to step foot in the flood. >> guys would have to come out, wade through the water to get to the trucks. >> reporter: since hurricane sandy flood the 29th street firehouse in 2012, it's only been used for housing department vehicles, with this neighboring trailer serving as home base for the professional firefighters stationed here. then, this weekend, water rushed inside the firehouse again. >> to come back to the same issue that started it with floodwater's inability, with nothing being done, you know, it's frustratinfrustrating. >> reporter: in a statement, a city spokesman said the resort is committed to finding a solution that wouldn't be affected by flooding. jersey shore firefighter faced a slew of challenges in nor'easter including a battle of flames. before the blaze, the ladder truck, damaged by why, then repaired, got swamped a second
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time. but i'm told it been cleaned, operational and a replacement was already on order. on long beach island, members of the beach haven volunteer fire company were left to clean up a major mess after ice-filled water poured into their station. >> all of these cracks are, every flood they get worse. >> four floods in three years damaged the floor of the building's dining hall which the department rents out to raise money. members are worried the room will soon become unusable but replacing the floor will cost tens of thousands of dollars. >> any help that the public can give us, we greatly pressure appreciate it. >> reporter: the fire company has a big turkey dinner fund-raiser coming up live in ocean city, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> one important update for drivers who take the pennsylvania turnpike.
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officials today postponed plans to close 86-mile stretch of the turnpike in western p.a. following the storm. that runs from breeze wood to new stanton in westmoreland county. crews plan to close westbound lanes today but do work tomorrow. the same stretch had to be closed this weekend so crews could remove hundreds of stranded cars and trucks. the westbound lanes are expected to be closed for about three hours starting at 9:00 tomorrow morning. from the nbc 10 south jersey bureau, much to the irritation of parents a plan to redraw school district boundaries has been approved. this is in the washington township school district. 8% to 13% of students will have to change schools. it due to happen in the coming school year. some parents are working on a petition to keep neighborhood students from being bussed to a
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different school. so far, 460 people have signed on. new video from the borga it. a hotel and casino. the new outdoor swimming pool complex is expected to look like. it's part of $350 million development. project includes nightclub, restaurant, casual dining area and meeting space. delaware bureau, the brandy wine zoo has big plans, wants to be certified to accept animals on loan and work with other zoos to keep species from dying out. the zoo is making improvements to the 111-year-old site including adding an area for two new bald eagles. mcdonald's could change how you get big macs and happy meals. >> hoping to make dinner time easier for families. plus, warning to parents who
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use baby monitors to keep an eye on little ones. the four things you can do it make sure predators are not watching over them, too.
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volunteers span the across cumberland county to count the number of people living on the street mds the homeless count takes place every year. the presbyterian church is among the count taking place. the goal to give the county and federal government an idea how many homeless people are in the area and make sure there are enough services to help them. >> solve the problem of homelessness, you need to know how many homeless people you have. you need to know what the demographics are, for instance, families, singles, veterans, how long have they been homeless. we try to get statistics that are important to help us solve the problem. >> the results of today's count will be used to guide planning efforts to help decrease homelessness in cumberland county as well as show the need
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to bring more federal funding to the county. the team spent months on the streets and shelters getting to learn homeless youth. reporting revealed homeless teens and young adults are an n invisible population desperately in need of help. learn stories of young people homeless in the face of homeless youth digital exclusive on new warning about video baby monitors. the department of consumer affairs is urging parents to be sure their internet connected monitors are not taupe security risks. the warning comes as experts look to several reports of mop teres being hacked. experts recommend buying a powerful device, use strong password, and change it regularly. they also say register the product and update software and turn off the monitor when not using it. >> could come a day when a waiter brings you a big mac to
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your table. mcdonald's adding table service to hundreds of restaurants in the united kingdom. customers order and pay for meals at a touch screen kiosk, then sit and wait for a server to bring food. no word if mcdonald's plans on launching table service to the united states. changes are coming to jetblue. the discount airline is redesigning its plans -- planes to be more spacious, modern, entertaining. the fleet will have free wi-fi, bigger high definition seat back screens and power outlets. it plans to replace older seats with spacious seats and more regular room. the zika virus continues to spread. new popular vacation spots are on the advisory list. shame and guilt and fear for so many years. >> for the first time, jamie lynn sigler opens up on live tv about her m.s. diagnosis.
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why she waited so long to reveal her condition. and the big melt continues. of course that could mean icy threat when the cold returns tonight. i'll have more on that, plus how warm it's going to get this weekend, next in my first alert forecast.
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a local or celebrated hfl a century for helping children. founded 50 years ago to keep people with disables out of institutions. the organization offers children and adults day and residential programs and rehab and vocational training. the anniversary marked with a concert by the joy bar mel mark's hand bell choir. ♪ >> melmark believes programs
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like the joy bell helps students build confidence and gives them a chance to make friends. now the latest on the zika virus linked to devastating birth defects. officials added the u.s. virgin islands and dominican republic to the growing list of countries pregnant women should avoid. president obama met with the health and national security team to work out a plan to protect americans. united and american airlines are offering refunds and waving fees to travelers who want to stay out of countries where the disease is a threat. the area includes latin america and the caribbean. new evidence linking tanning bed use by young women to the most serious form of skin cancer. researchers say, nearly all women diagnosed with melanoma before age 40 began indoor tanning if their teens, mid-20s. most developed cancer on their torso. melanoma is the most difficult skin cancer to treat and can be
4:46 pm
fatal. act stress jamie lynn sigler gave her first tv interview since revealing she has multiple sclerosis. >> she opened up her decision to ke quiet for 15 years. she feels good right now and said her decision to keep diagnosis a secret caused her to feel shame and guilt. now that she's finally opened up, she says she's regaining her confiden confidence. >> one of the first people i told an industry professional, they were be look out for me and said i'm going to pretend you didn't tell me that. >> she's prepared for the fact that many people may not want to hire her now, but says she has every intention of continuing her career. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we continue to see melting across the area, still great
4:47 pm
conditions in the pocono. so feel free to enjoy that all the way through the weekend, though it's going to warm up. we're going to refreeze tonight across good bit of the area. temperatures drop below freezing and humidity stays high, too, sometimes that makes for a little bit more icing than what you get on a typical night with some wind. melting each day. it's going to continue. we lose more and more of that snow cover. nice weekend shaping up, if you like sunshine and mild temperatures. if you want another snowstorm, you're not going to like the weekend because we're not going to get one. a lot of sunshine now, 43 degrees, winds 14 miles an hour, making it feel like 36. six degrees colder than it was this time yesterday but it doesn't feel that tough. and temperature in the upper 30s, dropping into the mid-20s in philadelphia by 4:00 a.m., many suburbs in the teens at that time, though.
4:48 pm
starting to see more of the difference between city and the suburbs as we lose more and more snow cover. 39 in quaker town, redding, coatesville. 37 land cast somewhere blue bell. we're not going to get icing for a while, obviously. maybe toward midnight or toward daybreak tomorrow. kennet square, 39. 41 in wrightstown. washington township, 44 in wood bin. 42 degrees in beach haven. you see that offshore wind, it's pretty light. we have clouds central pennsylvania. maybe a couple of snow flurries in the poconos, that's it. the coastal system we've been watching since the weekending loos like it's going to stay far enough offshore to not bring us anything. this is a weak front. it does have some light snow with it. but let's see what future weather computers are showing us. there's that area by tomorrow
4:49 pm
morning. and then as we go through the day it breaks up as it heads across the mountains into eastern pennsylvania. i'm not concerned about certainly not anything significant that's going to be coming for the rest of the week and then when we get to the weekend, it gets even nicer. cold air retreats. arctic air goes back off the map. and by as we get to sunday, monday, tuesday, mild air starts to come in. and you don't see that too often. watch what happens by wednesday. it's mild air all over this portion of the country. and we could even be seeing temperatures around 60 degrees. that's right. 60 degrees. 18 for the low in philadelphia. 12 north and west during the night tonight. it's going to get calm and we're going to see that refreezing. watch out in the morning. and then a mix of sun to clouds.
4:50 pm
more sunshine in the morning. clouds late in the day. again, see a lot of melting during the day tomorrow. and then tomorrow night, we drop below freezing. that happens practically every night until we get to the weekend when it starts warming up so much, it done get down to freezing at night. and by monday we're up to 57. tuesday close to 60, some showers move in. >> we could use that, 60 degrees. >> yes. >> while dealing with the blizzard nearly 150 phillies fans got experience of a lifetime in sunny clear water, florida. >> next, special opportunity that gave fans a chance to see what it's like to play like a pro. ♪
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you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot.
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while battling a blizzard, 150 phillies fans lived a dream. >> phillies fantasy catch, held this time every year in clear water, florida. our nbc 10 cameras there for the exclusive look at all of the fun. ♪ >> they get to play baseball, compete against guys like themselves. >> let's go. >> major league coaching on major league fields. what could be more fun than that? >> buddy of mine who passed away, we're the same age, passed away in september, i told my wife, i'm doing now, before i can't do it. >> looking for a first ball fastball, in the game i figured
4:55 pm
he's going try to get ahead. didn't want to look at curveball. exhausted. >> you're out. >> a group of guys who you know like little kids out there now. >> i remember seeing you hit a grand slam. >> me? >> yeah. >> taught as hitters to hit the fastball and hit it out front of home plate. >> good job. >> for me, what's special about fantasy camp is the people. >> right there. >> guys love the game just like we do. >> a little nervous coming into it because i knew there weren't very many girls. weren't sure what to expect. hanging with the boys. it's been great. a lot of fun. >> want to play baseball and learn the game and have time with us. and that's what it's all about. >> what a great experience. >> the fanatic always around, too go always there. >> much more from camp as we
4:56 pm
detail the story of a phillies fan who spent two decades serving our country getting a surprise chance to play like the pros. >> in our welcome home philly special-the opener nbc 10 month april 11th. on "nbc 10 news at 5:00," nbc 10 getting new access into the legal troubles against bill cosby. for the first time, hearing what happened in side a judge's chambers as lawyers argued over allegations against him. melting continues. we need to watch out for ice form. look ahead to conditions for the morning commute. and a big warm-up for the weekend. teamwork at its best. how this group worked together to save a stranded driver in the middle of the weekend's bliz.
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> at 5:00, let the melting begin with sunny skies and temperatures in the 40s. mother nature's helping to get rid of all of the snow from the blizzard of 2016. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm denise nakano. from snow to water and then to ice, first alert weather team will have more on how puddles like these could freeze later overnight. >> first, philadelphia faces its deadline. the city said it would plow 99% of its neighborhood streets by the end of today. nbc 10's george spencer has been all over the city to see if
5:00 pm
officials will live up to their promise. >> live in south philadelphia. george? >> reporter: denise, the answer is they have made tremendous progress on that front. the problem streets that remain are those streets that had to be dug out with a backhoe rather than plowed across the top of. for most philadelphia drivers, this storm's leftovers have been removed from the travel lanes. but the parking impact still lingers. >> reporter: on street corner after street corner, across philadelphia, these mountains of snow linger four days after the weekend's historic storm. and many philadelphia drivers are finding, they can now get where they're going. the trouble is getting into a parking spot. >> i was trying to get in and stuck. >> reporter: spinning tires? >> yep, spinning tires. i shouldn't have driven. >> reporter: the wheels of the city are turning again with school kids returning to clas


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