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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  January 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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streets in philadelphia remain snow covered. some have seen plows that need more work, others remain choked with umpls of snow and now ice. takingç stock after the storm, nbc 10 takes you inside the chester county church where too much snow caused $1 million in damage. let the melting continue. temperatures warm into the mid-40s today. first alert also tracking a chance of light rain. it's 4:30 and 24 degrees in philadelphia. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today, i'm tracy davidson. philadelphia public and parochial schools are closed again today as are hundreds of others across the try state area. sign up for school closing information on the nbc 10 app. check the complete list there. let's get you updated with the forecast with meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> we saw some melting during the day yesterday. but it has frozen up for much of the area this morning. look at the snow pack hundred my name that's hiding the picnic
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table. there you go. picnics are on hold for today. as far as temperatures, we're getting a range of temperatures. the warmer temperatures are in south jersey. look at millville at 37 degrees. there's atlantic city at 40 degrees this morning. while it's in the 20s in philadelphia and wilmington, south philadelphia is down to 16 degrees. what melted yesterday has refrozen overnight. i am tracking some showers. that's a wintry mix to our west. but it's moving into warmer air. it will pass through our area, a few rain showers during the day. this morning we stay dry. the cold eases. by 9:00, 35 and then up to 40 degrees and still climbing at lunch time today. we'll go through the future cast hour by hour and show you when to expect the showers to arrive this afternoon. that's when i'm back in ten minutes. right now, jessica boyington is watching out for those icy spots this morning. lights flashing, that's never good, jesse. >> icy spots in this airy and reports of that as well on the blue route around the schuylkill expressway. you can see we do have one lane
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getting by right now, just a few moments ago on this southbound side. all lanes were closed right now. that's because of an overturned vehicle. emergency personnel on the scene, several police officers as well. this was an overturned vehicle. they have to flip that car back up, possibly an accident investigation that has to go under way right in here and definitely reports of this whole area not being plowed that well, especially on the off-ramp. something to pay attention to and watch out for. when i come back in the next ten minutes, we'll have more updates on this scene and mass transit. here's some important blizzard information as we come on the air this morning, there will be trash and recycling collection in philadelphia. if you park at the meters or kiosks in philadelphia, it's free again. all the parting flights are on schedule at philly international but some arriving flights are canceled or delays. most septa buses, entrances and trolleys are running and buses but there is no regional rail
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service between malvern and thorndale because of switch problems. road crews get help today courtesy ofç mother nature. melting won't be enough to take care of a mess like this one. many philadelphia city side streets remain snow covered. nbc 10's deanna durante is live in manayunk where they're really dealing with a mess. deanna? >> reporter: if you're familiar with this section of the city, you know about the hills. someone tried to put a positive spin on it in this snow bank. look at fountain and fowler, you shoot up the hill here. you can see what a mess it is. this isn't the only messy, sloppy street in the city. we've been out all night, our crews have been finding streets in north philly, manayunk, center city, with roads snow packed. the olney section of philadelphia, we have video of cars that are still in their original parking spaces. it will be a long time before those drivers can get out and
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get on the roads. many people have been facebooking and tweeting us telling us to come and check out their street. please do that so we can get pictures of them as well and we can show them to other people, including the city as to what's going on in your neighborhood. here in manayunk we did talk to a gentleman who was having someone pick him up. the person who was picking him up couldn't get on fowler. he parked at the bottom of the hill. he had to move out of the way for an ambulance. the gentleman we talked to said he's frustrated. >> have you called the city. >> yes. >> what did they say. >> i called through the 311 app. i'm sure it went into a data bass that no one saw. >> the city is saying there is a couple of things you can do to help them out. some of it would be to wait it out, get stuff out of the way so that the plows can pass. don't park on corners and make it so the salt trucks can get around you. take a look here. the city is saying if you have a fire hydrant in your
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neighborhood, if you can dig it out. if there is an emergency, it will take a long time for the firefighters to hook up to this hydrant. you can see how frozen this snow is. that is the latest in manayunk, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. 4:35 and 24 degrees. removing snow is hard work but james mock is up to the tassita. now, crews have begun to repair chester county church that was damaged when its roof caved in during the weekend blizzard. you can see the heavy machinery at work outside the calvary fellowship church in downingtown. the storm caused an estimated $1 million in damage. the pastor told us the community will help his congregation get through this. >> the love, the support from the community, from the schools,
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from other churches, from individuals. it's just been overwhelming. >> the congregation will ho$d sunday services in the church cafeteria for now. repairs are expected to take about a year to complete. a snow emergency is expected to remain in effect in york, pennsylvania, until friday. look at the scene there. some cars are buried up to their windows by snow. many streets haven't been touched at all by plows. about 30 inches of snow fell there. 4:36 right now. parking is scarce on many snow-choked streets and in some places, tensions are high. in fact, a shoveled out spot turned into a crime scene. hear what one driver did after another decided to take his newly cleared spot. and next we know the roads to be icy this morning but what about mass transit? we'll check in with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. refreezing overnight and back to making snow in the pocono mountains. the snow making will continue
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through the morning hours but then mother nature may have some showers in store for much of the area later today. 24 degrees at 4:37. ♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey.
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40 degrees yesterday. that sunshine was so bright. today, we'll be watching the sunshine fade. but we'll see more melting because the temperatures will actually be running warmer this afternoon. which is good because i'm tracking some showers that will be moving in during the afternoon and evening hours. with the warmup, those will be rain drops falling from the sky this time around. 17 degrees. right now it's the temperature that's falling. it is cold in the lehigh valley, into reading, some of the
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northern western suburbs in the teens. low 20s in northeast philadelphia. certainly cold enough for what melted yesterday to refreeze overnight. the exception, though, portions of delaware and south jersey, much warmer this morning. atlantic city is 40 degrees. majors, most of the majors are in good shape. some of the shoulders, though, still a little bit dicey. treated roads are fine. millville, 30 degrees warmer compared to yesterday morning, up by 22 in atlantic city. just a few degrees warmer in philadelphia. it's actually a little colder in reading, down by 3. we'll all see a warmup today, thanks to the winds. really haven't reached into wilmington, philadelphia and trenton. they're going at the shore. that's why temperatures are warmer in delaware and south jersey this morning. we'll see clouds, though. wouldn't be as brilliantly sunny as yesterday. the clouds roll in from the west. with those clouds, a chance of rain showers. so light rain showers this afternoon.
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the pocono mountains, 40 degrees. 40 for allentown and quakertown. into the low 40s for trenton, mt. holly, norristown, 41 degrees. a chance of scattered light showers this afternoon and early this evening, we could see showers in vineland and dover. by the times they get to the shore tomorrow morning, we could see a little bit wet weather. during the day today, dry and look at the warmup. 48 in cape may, 50 degrees for rehoboth this afternoon. sunshine this morning. the clouds roll in for this afternoon and with those clouds, the chance of rain showers for westchester, philadelphia and williamstown. got the seven-day forecast with a look at the warming trend over the weekend when i'm back in ten minutes. thanks for that. 4:41. 24 degrees in philadelphia. we've been warning you about the possibility of ice on your morning commute. there are icy conditions being reported. we have a serious accident reported on the blue route. jessica boyington is watching
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that. jessica? >> it was an overturned vehicle. fortunately noç injuries repord from this accident scene at least right now. you can see this is on the blue route right now around the schuylkill expressway. on the southbound side, actually clearing out of the way, still police activity on the scene. you can actually see if it is caused by icy conditions, you can see slippery areas over into the shoulders because all of the snow in the area and all of the ice isn't cleared out of the way. you can see some of that right in here. one lane still getting by. it has been out there for half an hour or so. there may be a big backup on the blue route approaching the schuylkill expressway. if you're trying to take mass transit this morning we have delays and cancellations you can expect for septa. everything running on pretty much a normal schedule for patco, d.a.r.t. and new jersey transit. if philadelphia it is against the law to save a parking spot with a chair, a cone or anything else. that's not the case everywhere.
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in boston it's allowed. we'll show you how an argument over a saved parking spot quickly turned violent. and stormforce 10 is on the schuylkill expressway checking out reports of icy spots, w westbound on the schuylkill expressway towards conshohocken.
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4:45 this tuesday morning. we want to get you up to speed with blizzard cleanup information. more than 300 area schools are closed or delayed today. that includes philadelphia public and parochial schools. there will be trash and recycling collection today. if you park at meters or kiosks in philadelphia, you can still park free. the city is saying all streets should be passable by the end of
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the day tomorrow. new jersey transit and d.a.r.t. will run regular schedules today. expect delays and route closures on septa. they have cancellations as well. that's what jessica has been telling us. departing flights at philly international are on schedule but some arrivals are canceled or delayed. record flooding along the jersey shore is causing concern among residents and state lawmakers. another problem, beach erosion, has left a number of homes on the coast in danger. look at this video. some say the damage is worse than it was during superstorm sandy. it was enough to bring out acting governor kim guandagno. >> we have to get the army corps to start the project. >> ptsss, post traumatic
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superstorm sandy syndrome. >> a pleat restoration project has been planned but no start date set. police say an argument over saving a shoveled out parking spot led to a shooting in boston. when the man who had been saving the space returned, police say he shot the other driver in the stomach. the victim is expected to survive but a pastor from a nearby church said the incident shows there's too much rage on the streets. >> we need to take off the streets are people that have negative attitudes and don't know how to handle their grievances and differences. >> boston police think they know the identity of the shooter but they've not found him yet. the space-saving tradition is allowed in boston. that is not the case in philadelphia where police have even launched a social media campaign before the storm to remind people that space saving
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is çillegal. they're reminding the public that the practice could get you fined. authorities say space saving could lead to potentially dangerous confrontations as you saw in boston. the weekend blizzard is continuing to impact travel nationwide as airlines scramble to recover from the backlog of canceled flights. yesterday alone, more than 1,600 flights in the u.s. were canceled. at reagan national airport in d.c., crews cleared runways but the parking lots are taking a lot longer to empty. some travelers who did make it inside ended up sleeping on the floor of the terminal when their flights did not depart. >> i was like sleep on the heater so i wasn't that cold. >> at new york's jfk, delta airlines managers say this is their biggest recovery effort since hurricane sandy. the challenge now, getting all of the planes and crews back into position nationwide, then reassembling a flight schedule to get passengers where they need to go. the blizzard brought us
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hours and hours of snowfall as you know from friday night through saturday night. springford high school's ram country television was rolling as the storm moved in. their security camera was rolling, actually. this is in montgomery county, condensed into just a few seconds and you can see the snow pile up. and remember we'd love to see your best video from the blizzard and the cleanup. also we'd like to see the conditions right now if you're having trouble getting your street cleared. just tap the nbc app or logon to to upload your favorite snow moments. always fun. this is in burlington county last night. some people think we got too much snow. but look at it this way, it serves as a great cushion when you take a spill. now let's get you updated on your ride to work.
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there could be icy conditions and we've already had a significant accident. jessica boyington is watching that. jessica? >> that accident scene has just cleared out of the way. i wanted to update you on that. this is the blue route around the schuylkill expressway. so accident is clear out of the way. it was an overturned vehicle reported, no injuries reported, actually, from this scene despite the massive crash scene that we just had here a few moments ago with several police officers on scene there as well. we only had one lane getting by. this could be part of the reason why, you can see a lot of ice and even though this area looks plowed, you can see ice and slushy, slippery conditions over into the shoulder. that's definitely something to pay attention to, especially when you're going off the off ramps or getting on any of those secondary or back roads as well. here's route 9. over in lower township in cape may county, right around route 109, pretty much the same story here. you can see wetness over in thiç intersection.
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that potentially is frozen. use caution when traveling around any intersections or any not as highly traveled highways as the schuylkill expressway or 95. you can see over to the shoulders will see potentially slippery conditions. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> skies are clear. it is cold. they will not stay clear all day and the cold won't stay with us either. here's a live view at the nbc 10 studios. the wind is calm. a nice southerly wind developing today to help with the warmup. 25 right now in philadelphia. but in delaware and south jersey, it's on the warm side, above freezing. traffic, 95, just fine. there are still issues on the side streets. some sidewalks have refrozen this morning. look at the low 20s for wilmington, 21 also in northeast philadelphia. some cooler air, the northern and western suburbs, langhorne is down to 19 degrees. doylestown at 17 this morning
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and quakertown is 10. there is cold and some ice to be found this morning. i'm tracking some showers, very light showers moving through central pennsylvania. that is an icy mix moving through central pennsylvania. it's going to be arriving as temperatures climb into the above freezing zone for us. the futurecast shows at 11:00 this morning, dry, a chance of some showers as we go into the afternoon hours. for today, clouds will increase, scattered light showers develop this afternoon. the temperatures even warmer than yesterday. we saw significant melting yesterday. 41 to 45 degrees this afternoon. helping with the warmup, southwesterly winds. the winds very light yesterday with more of a wind blowing today and temperatures above freezing, we will see the melting accelerated this afternoon. there will still be snow on the ground tomorrow morning even with temperatures above freezing to start with in philadelphia. some of the suburbs will be below freezing tomorrow. a breezy day, 39 degrees, the high temperature drying out
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first thing in the morning. come thursday, sunny, after a cold start, 40 in the afternoon and near 40 degrees with clearing skies after some clouds come through friday morning. it's over the weekend that we'll see a nice warmup after a very cold morning on saturday. 47 degrees on sunday and upper 40s, near 50 monday with a chance of some rain showers. >> bill, thanks. seven minutes before 5:00 right now. we've been warning you, before you head out, be aware of ice. anything that melted yesterday could now be frozen. stormforce 10 is on the road. a live picture right now along 476 northbound towards plymouth meeting checking out reports of the icy spots. next in a live report, we check in with nbc 10's matt delucia. if you see ice, tweet us, our address is nbc philadelphia. also next, three feet of snow is enough to keep most people home from work. wait until you see what oneç doctor did to make sure he was there for those in need during
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the blizzard.
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good morning, everyone. it's jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we still are watching for icy spots. this is 17th street around 6th avenue. you can see on the roadways looking a little bit wet. with those cold temperatures it very well may be an icy spot out there. you want to take your time when heading out the door, route 73 around cooper road. that's what we're trying to look at. let's look at route 30 around cross keys road instead. i don't think any of them are working right now. we have potentially slippery spots in new jersey as well. we'll be back in a few minutes to check on those. philadelphia clergy members and migrant families will call for an end to u.s. deportation rates. the group plans to deliver an open letter to president obama at imgamigration and customs.
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atlantic city's mayor calls an emergency city council meeting to discuss declaring bankruptcy. the mayor says the city has no other option because governor christie vetoed a package of bills that would have helped ac stay afloat. even if city officials decide to declare bankruptcy, they would need state approval. the philadelphia 76ers may have a tough time scoring on the court but now the team has been handed a major lead that could be a game changer, all those puns, in case you missed the story that came out yesterday. first trust bank is providing the sixers with a $44 million construction loan for the team's new training complex and corporate office being built along the camden water front. the team expects the project to be completed by the end of the year. returning to our coverage of the blizzard of 2016, in
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montgomery county, this is along main street, water from a broken pipe started freezing over along tall mounds of snow. neighbors are expressing joy after seeing backhoes and front end loaders scoop up the snow into dump trucks and hall it away. >> thank god, absolutely. i started bugging out a little bit. i didn't know what was going to happen. >> crews managed to shut off the water from the broken main and begin repairs. now we move to wilmington, new castle county where residents continue to dig out. some side streets still haven't been cleared. near saint francis hospital in the little italy neighborhood, residents shoveled out a path for this ambulance. >> this is one of the down sides. >> it wasn't all work. some kids used the day off school to enjoy sledding. a west virginia doctor used an unusual ride to get to work in the storm. >> he knew his car was not going
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to make it through the snow. take a look at what he drove instead. his tractor. the doctor drove himself to work on his john deere and even picked up a couple of nurses who stood on the back there to go with him. the doctor says staying home just was not an option because helping other people deal with disasters is an essential part of their job description. >> it's going to be a disaster with a railroad or something on 81 or the weather, that's kind of what we do best. >> the doctor says it took him an hour to get through the three feet of snow. three feet. that's probably why. >> yes. >> you are watching nbc 10 news, nbc 10 news today at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 news starts now. right nowç on nbc 10 news today, icy roads a live look from stormforce 10 on 476
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northbound in conshohocken. we're tracking road conditions this morning and the slick commute to watch out for. still digging out. the blizzard cleanup is far from over while some streets are still covered in snow. we'll take you county by county to show you some of the worst spots. >> more melting, that's what we can expect with highs in the 40s today. we're also tracking chances of some rain in parts of our area later today. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm lauren mayk. >> and i'm tracy davidson. 5:00 a.m., 24 degrees in philadelphia. the blizzard cleanup continues this morning across our entire area. all philadelphia public and parochial schools are closed today, they're just some of the hundreds of schools impacted. closings and delays are scrolling at the bottom of your screen, also on our nbc app. now we go to meteorologist bill henley in the weather center. >> some areas seeing dampness on the


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