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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  January 25, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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one of many problems that city crews will be faced with today as they continue snow cleanup operations. the snow emergency has been lifted in the city but you can see, there are still streets that are not passable at all. the snow a problem here at 9th an south. also a van that's blocking it. we checked on wind shield of that van, two tickets from the philadelphia parking authority but not enoughç to make somebo move it out of the way. the mayor's office spokeswoman says i should look a press release talking about snow removal efforts and the mayor will be giving an update late this afternoon on what's happening. she points out that plowing efforts are still under way and that many streets are passable but that doesn't mean that all snow has been removed from the city. as you can see in these live picks. take a welcome at a video that was shot in south philadelphia. people have begun to dig out
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their cars. the streets still not passable in many neighborhoods across the city. trash pickup has been suspended in order to aid in the snow removal efforts here in the city, again, south philadelphia, one of many places in philadelphia where you have some streets that are clear like south street here, one language going down it so people can drive on south street. just off south street, take a lack again at 9th street. a van right in the middle. lots of snow. also, if you are moving your cars, the city is asking you stay clear of corners. when the plows come through, they need to have a clear path. snow storage, a bit of a problem, too. we've seen trucks heading out of the city, going to placesen known until warmer temperatures arrive. the philadelphia parking authority will not enforce meter and kiosk parking voolgs. the ppal will still ticket you
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for safety violations, including parking in front of fire hydrants, handicap zones and double parking. to the airport this morningç it is gradually getting back to normal. skyforce 10 was over philadelphia international airport yesterday. crews cleared all of the snow from runways and service is up and running. we checked the airport website and found there are cancellations this morning. as always, if you are flying or if you're waiting for someone to come in to visit you, check in with your airline for information about those specific flights. jessica has been talking about this, septa service back online just in time for the morning rush. septa says most of its buses with be trains and trolleys will be on their regular schedule. regional rails also up and running. septa says riders should expect a slow start. meantime, let's talk about amtrak. here's a live picture of 30th street stations. amtrak tells us the acela express, the northeast regional and other train services will operate on a modified schedule
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again today. school districts are closed today in the wake of the weekend storm. you can see a complete list running at the bottom of your screen. also if you want to find out if your child's school is closed or delayed, we have you cover as it happens with the nbc 10 app. you can also sign up for alerts there and we'll send you a text or e-mail, whichever you want. no access. take a look at the snow clogging the area of 10th and whinton. mayor jim kenney has asked for patience under this. >> we saw an uber driver whose livelihood is stuck under the ç snow. >> until they clean the streets i'm stuck. >> philadelphia's snow emergency is officially over meaning you can now park on designated
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emergency routes. also there is no trash or recycling pickup today. all city and archdiocesan schools, as tracy mentioned, are closed. >> many towns are still buried. drew smith is live in storm force this morning in norristown. one of you called norristown a war zone right now. what are you seeing? >> well, i would say that may be an accurate description at least of some streets. we're on greene street. you can see we're struggling to get down this street. that's because it's not completely plowed. maybe a plow came through here a few times but it needs to come through again. take a look at the cars. some people managed to shovel out a little bit. others did not. there's so much snow out here. there's not that many places left to throw it. we're not far way from the montgomery county courthouse who i believe is closed today.
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if you're ark paparked on one oe streets, clearly it will be a struggle, if you're going to try to drive on some of these streets. we're not far away from some of the main routes in norristown. if you are parked in norristown, the parking authority will give you a break here until wednesday. not tomorrow. but wednesday. they're not going to be issuing tickets until then as people focus on trying to dig out, heading back to work and back to school. that is the latest live in storm force 10. we're on the ground. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. delaware is also digging out. you're looking behind me at wilmington where it will be days, perhaps longer, before snow disappears from the streets there. nbc 10 captured the snowy signs on the city side streets and alleys in wilmington, they remain almost impassable. city offices and schools will be
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closed today. when it comes to plowing, it's a tale of two wilmingtons. >> up in the north wilmington, 202, 95 they're fine. getting out of the neighborhoods, the city streets are plowed as all. i had to turn around a couple times because of cars stuck on the road. >> many who stayed off the road driving were busy shoveling or snow blowing. the suspect accused of ambushing philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett is schedule for preliminary hearing. edward archer faces a list of charges including attempted murder. he remains in jail after being denied bail. he shot officer hartnett in a pless cruiser at point blank range earlier this month. officer hartnett managed to get out of his car and shoot the gunman. the officer returned home over the weekend after having several
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surgeries on his wounded arm. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> seven minutes after 5:00. it is cold outside this morning. the temperatures are in the teens and 20s and a few spots in the single digits no surprise, we have icy spots. what melted yesterday and did not dry out has refrozen thisç morning. we'll see an afternoon melt, bright sunshine, temperatures above freezing this afternoon. warmer than it was yesterday. and tomorrow, that's going to be warmer, too. but we have more showers in store for us. i'm tracking showers, most likely later in the day tomorrow. it does look like it's going to be warm enough. those will be ran showers moving through the area. moving out the door right now, bundle up. 16 degrees right now in mount pocono, northeast philadelphia is at 18 and 18 also in atlantic city sat the airport. clear skies in each of these locations. look at the snow that cleared it from the ice, penn's landing at
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the blue cross ice rink. we will see plenty of sunshine. the satellite shows a few scattered clouds. these will pass through the area driest. it's tomorrow we'll have a chance of a shower. today we have a chance of a good warmup, considering how much snow is on the ground which helps to keep things colder than otherwise they would be. 35 degrees this afternoon in allentown and quakertown. 35 also for reading. that snow reflecting a lot of the heat energy back into space for doylestown, trenton and mt. holly. 30s in each of the locations today. not much wind at the shore. bright, sunny skies from atlantic city through cape may and rehoboth. rehoboth 40 degrees this afternoon. there will be melting with 36 degrees in wilmington, westchester and narberth, up to 35 degrees. there's warmer weather an a chance of more showers later this week. back with the seven-day forecast with the timing in ten minutes. for a lot of folks, this is really the first day when you
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have to head back out on the roads to go to work. >> right. let's check the roads, including the jersey turnpike. jessica boyington has a look at that. >> the new jersey turnpike is clear in terms of volume and traffic but we are in longside where there's a jackknifed tractor-trailer, not blocking any of the lanes. it is over into the shoulder right now. all traffic can move through the area. it is northbound around the black horse pike which is at exit 3. 295 around hartford road, no problems on the roadways right here. obviously snow over into the left-hand side shoulder and right-hand shoulder. the basic drive times and lanes are doing okay. here's the boulevard around 17th street. the same story there, actually. less snow here than most of the places. you can see a little bit shiny as some of the vehicles go, through the curve up here. you want to be careful through turns and any of the off ramps and on ramps heading through the area. the rest of our drive times still doing great.
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no problems on 95, schuylkill, center city, the blue route southbound to the schuylkill and 95, only a 16-minute trip. aaa offers these it ups this morning to keep you safe on the roads. see and be seen. clean off your vehicle completely. make sure your headlights, taillights, turn signals are all working and start your engine and let your car run for a short time. make sure your battery is good before you go and also pack an emergency kit. as always, be careful out there. keep your distance between you and the driver in front of you. it's 5:10 right now. we'll update you on the cleanup efforts and how neighbors are dealing with the aftermath. >> if shovelingç it taking a b toll on your body, experts say you could be doing it wrong. their advice for shoveling safely.
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take a look at this. drivers are trying to navigate high walls of snow in allentown. a record 31.9 inches of snow fell in that city during the blizzard which smashed the previous high we set during the blizzard of '96. septa regional rail service is resuming this morning. passengers should expect a slow start since the trains are not operated since friday evening and conditions are challenging. septa will give us a briefing at 6:30. we'll carry that for you live.
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a number of flights have been canceled at philly snabl. a number of airlines have a reduced schedule of arrivals and departures. police in montgomery county are investigating the death of a pregnant teenager. a family member told nbc 10 thao 18-year-old briahna gerloff died on saturday after shoveling snow outside her pottstown home. gerloff's family says she was eight months pregnant and suffered from several heart defects. authorities are not yet linked her death to shoveling. we don't know the exact cause of that death but doctors say they luls see -- always see increase in injuries during the winter. experts say bend at the legs when shoveling, not at the back so you don't strain your muscles. >> shoveling snow, especially in the cold increases the heart rate and blood pressure far more than people realize. it's not the same as running
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because you're stationary but the sudden rise in blood pressure can be dangerous to people who have heart conditions they knew about and sometimes people who had underlying heart conditions that have not yet come to attention. philadelphia area doctors tell us they often see an increase in emergency room visits during the winter and most of those visits are due to slip and fall injuries. if there is a lot of ice, that's one thing to look out for, especially with how cold it is. look out for that on the road as well. >> jessica boyington has you covered for your ride to work, if you're going to work this morning. >> today, we're a little cold out there. that's where we'll start to see slippery spots. some of the roadways that don't have all of that snow moved off of the roadways you can see right here, the schuylkill expressway, not any snow or wet area in sight around spring
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garden street. a lot of the heavy travels and some of the areas aç little better plowed. 13 minutes eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway. we're still doing okay, average speeds there are clocking in now at about 57 miles per hour. we're in the 50s a little bit early today. that's okay. route 202, 11 minutes at the most from the schuylkill expressway to route 30. watch out for slippery spots on the off ramps. the area bridges, speed restrictions on betsy ross, the walt and the ben, but the tacony palmyra, down to 25 miles per hour due to slippery conditions. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 16 minutes after 5:00. the temperatures are falling but it's cold enough, way below freezing or refreezing this morning. treated roads are just fine. that car is having no problem moving up city avenue. there's still plenty of snow. on the shoulders, it is a
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problem. 22 degrees in philadelphia. solidly below freezing by 10 degrees. the wind is calm. i'm the wind chill won't be a big factor today. temperatures will be climbing. we saw melting during the day today. we'll see more of that during the day today. but right now, nothing is moving. it is frozen solid. pottstown is at 11 degrees. northeast philadelphia, 18. it's 14 now in langhorne. central bucks county, 16 in doylestown, furlong is 10 degrees this morning and right at 12 degrees for quakertown and perkasie is 16. it's a cold start. it's completely dry. you may seeç scattered clouds during the day. you will not see anything falling from those clouds. just thin clouds today. tomorrow, it's a different story. doesn't look like much. see a little bit of a band of wet weather moving into
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minneapolis, through the dakotas and into nebraska. that's beginning to. into warmer air and come our way for tomorrow. in fact, at lunch time tomorrow, we could see rain showers develop into the lehigh valley, just shy of the pocono mountains. and a little bit heavier in western burks county, noon tomorrow. those will be slow to move through the area, 2:00 in the afternoon. nothing but rhawn with this one an a chance of scattered light showers during the early evening hours tuesday. even though the sun will be down, it will be warm enough that we're likely to see ran showers. we could see freezing with that rain overnight in wednesday as it will be clearing out and getting colder wednesday morning. there's still challenges ahead but no big storm coming our way in the near future. partly sunny and warmer this afternoon, anywhere from 35 to 38 degrees today. the wind will be light today. tomorrow, just below freezing at
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28 agrees. 43 in the afternoon. a warmer day tomorrow. dry on wednesday, another chance of scattered showers late thursday and a wintry mix, especially south and east possible on friday morning. but dri and warmer this weekend. >> thanks, bill. begging for his life. that's what a philadelphia restaurant owner says he was doing while his business was being robbed. we'll tell you what happened, including his confrontation with the gunman. plus, prison break. the search is onç for three me who escaped from a maximum security prison. the details on the manhunt. and here's a live look at storm force 10 in norristown. it this is just one of the many areas still buried in snow. neighbors here try to dig out. did you know there's a cough liquid
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that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym® twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. try delsym®. 5:22. we're tuning to track all the counties in our region as they continue blizzard cleanup efforts. drew smith is in norristown. some side streets are still impassabl impassable. tell us more and show us where you are. >> we're right in the middle of town in norristown. i'll switch the camera so you can see this street. a lot of people waking up disappointed that some of the roads are not completely plowed. if you're a in small car you wouldn't be able to drive down here. we've been skidding and having trouble moving down the street here.
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trying to walk to the bus stop. most of these cars can will not be able to get off these streets today. one of the councilmen for norristown posted on his facebook page that he apologizes for the snow removal failure here. they do have a lot of work to do. it is dangerous out here if you're going to try to drive this morning. it's good that a lot of schools and businesses are closed. those are cars on right. that mound of snow, there's a car under that. people will try to venture on to the snow covered roads. we're in norristown right now, drew smith from storm force 10, nbc news. 5:23. in california, a manhunt is under way for three inmates who escaped from a maximum security jail near los angeles. investigators say all three are accused of violent crimes including murder and kidnapping. investigators say the men break
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out of the orange county men's jail on friday. according to authorities, the trio cut through steel bars, went to the roof of the jail and repelled down the wall using sheets. it's unclear if they had help on the outside. seven people were hurt when an american airlines flight hit turbulence over the atlantic last night. the irs want to make sure you know about changes when it comes to filing taxes for 2015 and if you're proned to procrastinate, the deadline has been moved to april 18th because the 15th isç a holiday in washington, d.c. and something different, the 1095 form describing where you purchased your health insurance. landon dowdy is here with a
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preview of cnbc business news. >> good morning to you. wall street could start the week on a down note. futures are modestly lower. stocks went on a wild ride posting their first weekly gain of the year, thanks to rallies on thursday and friday helped by a bounce in oil prices. look for reports on home prices, consumer confidence and fourth quarter gdp. the nasdaq up 119 to 4591. meanwhi meanwhile, prices at the pump keep falling. the average price of gas dropping 14 cents in the past two weeks to $1.91 a gallon, the lowest mark in seven years. it's 16 cents cheaper than a year ago. analysts say prices may have bottomed if the rebound started late last week tonights. back over to you.
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>> that's cnbc. thanks. it is an icy scene outside the areas that have started to melt yesterday and have refrozen this morning. the snow, they're making more snow in the pocono mound tanls. mother nature is taking a break from that. 20 degrees at nbc 10 at 5:26. jessica boyington in the first alert traffic center. >> we're heading down to millville on route 55 in new jersey. around route 49, theç majors a okay but a lot of snow still off into the shoulder and the off ramp. that's where we want you to be more careful. more on the area roadways when i come back at 5:30. and streets in south philadelphia still far from clear. take a look as cars just stopped in the middle of the root there. we'll update you on conditions an throughing efforts in the city, just ahead.
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this is nbc 10 news. right now on nbc 10, stuck in snow. parts of philadelphia, this is a live picture from south philadelphia are still paralyzed in the after mamath of the blrid of 2016.ç we'll show you some of the hardest hit areas in norristown,
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montgomery county. another live picture. this is from 95. it will be a cold start, sunny skies, more snow melling thanks to above freezing temperatures this afternoon. 5:30 and 20 degrees in philadelphia. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm lauren mayk. if you have more shoveling to do, bundle up. meteorologist bill henley joins us with the first alert forecast. >> good luck with shoveling this morning. things are frozen solid from the pocono mound tos to the jersey shore. fortunately we will get some help. they're making snow this morning in the pocono mountains and everybody is seeing the cold. temperatures from philadelphia to south jersey, some of the coldest temperatures in the entire region. toms river dropped into the single digits. lock at lancaster and allentown. pottstown, very cold to start with. everything is frozen solid this morning. we will


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