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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  January 25, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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we will see a slow warmup to begin with. sunshine, sun coming up after 7:00. the temperature, 21 degrees at 9:00. helping things out today, light wind. 4 miles an hour at 6:00. this doesn't change at 9:00. 4 mile-an-hour wind at noontime. the temperatures will take a significant leap between 9:00 and noontime and still be climbing this afternoon. we'll see more widespread melting during the day today than we saw all day yesterday. i'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood to show you exactly how warm it's going to get. checking the traffic troubles, jessica boyington. >> route 38 and nixon drive. you can see a problem rightç i the center lane. most of the majors look like this. this is pretty much the standard picture we're seeing. over into the shoulders, though, the off ramps, you see more of a
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slushy, icy type of situation. the area bridges are okay in terms of volume and traffic. we have speed restrictions. the betsy ross is clear, the tacony-palmyra bridge as well. moving out the door to 422 around trooper road. the off ramps and side streets, we're seeing more of the snow covered areas on. on trooper road, looking that way over into the shoulder. 422 looking okay, at least in the main lane. this is headed to the schuylkill expressway. from 29 to the schuylkill, 9-minute trip so far. we send it outside to deanna durante, who's checking out the roads out there. >> some of them are pretty clear if you take a look at south street here at 9th, you can see one lane down the center is clear. cars have been going. philadelphia seems to be waking up this morning and heading out, though a lot of things are closed and will remain closed throughout the day, including the schools.
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when you look at 9th street, see that van? i don't think a plow is coming down here anytime soon. this van has been here since 7:00 yesterday morning and you can see that cars have -- drivers or owners have aleast made an attempt to dig them out. if you're behind that van, you're probably not getting anywhere until the van gets out of the space there. the rail service is starting to get back to normal this morning. septa will announce more of its plans later on this morning. itç does warn you, if you're heading to the regional rails, expect delays. many trains haven't moved since friday as well as the parking lots there at some of the regional rail stations. there's so much snow, some of the snow piles are obviously taking up the parking spaces. before you head out, make sure you take a look at the rail schedule, make sure your train is running. be careful. even though as you saw south street, it may be plowed, it may be wet, it could be icy.
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when you look beyond south street and continue to 9th, you can see even though it has been plowed multiple times, it still has buildup of ice and snow. that is the story we're seeing all over south philadelphia. that's the very latest. reporting live in south philly, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for the update. 4:3 4:33 right now. skyforce 10 was over philadelphia international where crews cleared the snow from the runways. services gradually returning to normal there. flights could be affected by blizzard recovery at the airport in baltimore, washington and elsewhere. as always, if you're flying or you're waiting for an arrival, check with the airline for information about specific flights. now, at least 30 people have died as a result of the massive snowstorm that pounded the east coast. the deaths happened in car accidents, carbon monoxide poisoning and heart attacks from shoveling. one of those shoveling deaths wa
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in allentown and in muhlenberg township, a man died after a passing snowplow trapped him in his running çcar. plresidents started heading out to look around last night after being unable to leave their homes for most of the weekend. >> i was stuck inside for two days in a row. finally got out today. it feels good. it feels good. >> officials expect it will be days before washington returns to normal. the blizzard is also shocking retailers. restaurant and entertainment venues closed during the height of the storm will lose $850 million. another economist says the money will balance out once you figure in spending on food, shovels and other winter items. we are giving you an up-close look at road conditions
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using storm force 10. drew smith is rying in it this morning. where are you right now and what do streets look like? >> tracy, we're on city line avenue. and heading out toward interstate 76, right on line of montgomery county and philadelphia. you can take a look. the roads still have a lot of snow on the medians and over the sides. a lot of the side streets do not look good. i just came into the station from new jersey. and interstate 76 isn't looking all that great toward the shoulders. if you're going to be heading out for your morning commute, you've got to be careful of that. a lot of trucks also have snow on top of them because they're just getting out for the first time and that snow is flying in your face. watch out when you're driving this morning. we're heading up towards norristown. we're hearing a lot of people still are going to be having trouble getting out of their homes because the streets are not completely clear. we'll check on that. in the meantime, we're live in storm force 90/
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drew smith, nbc 10 news. new this morning, the owner of a local barbecue wrestled with an armed robber and then ended up begging for his life. the gunman took cash and ran off. the victim talked to nbc 10 about why he thinks his life was spared. >> he looked at me in pity. i had the money in my hand and he grabbed it and took off. >> the owner tells nbc 10 that violent crimes like this don't normally happen in that area. detectives are checking to see if surveillance video offers any clues. 4:36. 20 degrees in philadelphia. today the suspect accused of ambushing philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett is scheduled for a preliminary hearing. edward archer faces a list of charges, including attempted murder. he remains in jail after he was denied bail. officer hartnett was shot in a
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please cruiser at point blank range earlier this month. officer hartnett managed to get out of his car and stop the alleged gunman. the officer returned home over the weekend after having several surgeries on his wounded arm. charles ramsey is returning to his roots. chicago's mayor has tapped ramsey to work as a consultant. he'll help guide civil rights reforms for the city's police force. ramsey began his career in law enforcement as a cadet in chicago and spent the next 30 years with that department. ramsey isñ>o already working as public safety consultant for the city of wilmington. nbc 10 was there earlier this month for the official announcement. he retired from the philadelphia police department late last year. 4:37. governor chris christie is back back at fellow presidential candidate, one who made a joke about the blizzard that we are all cleaning up from. it is frozen this morning. you see a little bit of snow on
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the ground and some icy spots to be found, even at the shore. that's a live view of cape may from the marquis de lafayette hotel. 4:38 and 20 degrees.
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we're back now with a look at the latest for the blizzard of 2016. freezing temperatures overnight caused icing on many streets. some side streets and cities are still impassable. down the shore, the lieutenant governor will assess the storm damage in ocean and cape may counties. septa's regional rail lines are expected to return to service this morning slowly. passengers should expect a slow start. many trains have not operated since friday. new castle county, a driver is under arrest after police say he was under the influence when
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his car smashed into an officer's suv. darryl holcomb faces charges of driving during a snow emergency. police say they were dealing with a domestic call saturday night on lhdtle lane in wilmington. now to decision 201. new jersey governor chris christie is back on the campaign trail after a quick trip home to check on the blizzard response in his home state. he held a town hall yesterday in portsmouth, new hampshire. issues were taken by statements made by marco rubio. christie said rubio's comments showed what he calls immaturity. the democratic presidential field will discuss the issues tonight at a forum in des moines, iowa. it is the final chance for hillary clinton and bernie sanders and martin o'malley to share the stage before next week's caucuses. sanders and clinton are running neck and neck in iowa.
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this home video shows the moment when an earthquake rock ed this home yesterday. you can see belongings shaking inside the home. people could feel aftershocks for the next several weeks. the archdiocese of philadelphia announced plans to consolidate four parishes in port richmond over the next year and a half. in june, our lady help of christians will be merged into thatativety of the bless the virgin mary. at the same time, two others will partner and in 2017 they'll partner together and work as one. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a lot of work digging out over the weekend. we'll see a warmup as the day goes on. 19 in northeast philadelphia. that is 6ç degrees colder than
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yesterday. the wind is calm. south jersey, 20 degrees colder than yesterday. it's 7 degrees in millville. we do have a few scattered clouds moving through north central pennsylvania. some of these will be blowing through. we'll get sunshine for decent warmup today. we'll be melting this afternoon. and then tomorrow we'll be watching to the west. you see some snow into the minneapolis area, into south dakota. that will give us a chance of rain showers later tomorrow. today, completely dry. and the temperatures warming up. look at camelback, 35 this afternoon, 35 in pennsburg and morgantown. above freezing for bordentown, morristown. abington, 36 degrees this afternoon. sunshine will be brit at the shore. 0 degrees for rehoboth today. the wind will be light. the temperatures will be warming up fairly quickly with bright sunshine. 34 in wilmington, newark, 35 degrees and up to 37 degrees in philadelphia and berlin, new
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jersey. have the seven-day forecast. here's a peek, actually s. something to look forward to for the weekend. sunday afternoon, near 50 degrees. seven-day forecast with warming trend in store, coming back in ten minutes. good morning, everyone. we are going to touch on your commute this morning, potentially slippery spots in place. try to give yourself an extra 10 or 15 minutes before heading out the door. lawnside, new jersey, a jackknifed tractor-trailer on the black horseç pike, exit 3. all lanes are being allowed to pass through this area at least for right now. it's not causing big delays. your alternate could be 295 around the black horse pike. these drive times doing great through this area where it's
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typically a work zone but not this morning. southbound from 38 to this point of the black horse pike, only a 15-minute trip. the pa turnpike in the green and okay so far, even with icy conditions. drive times are up there. 23 minutes -- or i should say down there. route 1 through valley forge, no problems. it's 4:45 right now. the snow emergency is over in philadelphia. it was liftded last night. the parking authority is also giving drivers extra time to get their cars. here's 76 westbound from storm force 10. we are out assessing the roads, showing you the conditions for your morning commute. back in a minute.
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4:47. a live look at center city. if your car is parked under layers of snow or trapped in ice, the city will give you a
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break today. the philadelphia parking authority will not enforce meter and kiosk parking violations. the ppa will ticket for safety violations like parking from a fire hydrant, bus zones andç handicap spaces and double parking. school districts across the area are closed today. philadelphia school district and all archdiocese school districts are closed. you can see a complete list of school closures on the bottom of your screen and our nbc 10 app. nbc 10's drew smith is riding in it this morning. where are you now and what's it like? >> we're on 476 heading up further north into montgomery county. if you want to take a look at the roads, the interstates are looking good. penndot did a good job cleaning these all up. we did notice on the off ramp, we came from 76 on to 476. we noticed the off ramp was not the easiest place to navigate.
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we're in storm force 10, especially designed to drive in these conditions. a smaller car might have been more challenging. we're about to get off the highway into norristown. where we hear some people will have trouble getting out of their homes if they try to leave today. we'll update you in just a bit. drew smith, nbc 10 news. let's get you updated on all the roads. jessica boyington is watching that for you. >> we're actually doing okay for the most part. a lot of the majors are heavily plowed and okay to go on. we just have to worry about the off ramps. if you're coming around the curves, we're expecting to see more of the slippery situations. there's the blue route around ridge pike, no problems in either direction. snow into the shoulder and potentially icy spots, again, over into the center median in the center of where people are actually driving on it. it seems to be theç majors are doing okay.
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southbound from the pa turnpike to the schuylkill expressway. four-minute drive time. schuylkill expressway is doing okay. this is through the conshohocken curve. not a lot of cars in the roadways right now. eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway, still a 14-minute trip. if you need to head into philadelphia or back into jersey from pa today, watch out for the area bridges with speed restrictions, the tacony-palmyra bridge still with slippery spots this morning. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> we will be above freezing this afternoon. we are frozen solid this morning. lots of icy spots. jessica boyington's been talking about those this morning. those will slowly ease as the day goes on. we'll see a lot of sunshine. 22 right now with west, southwesterly winds barely moving at 5 miles an hour. the wind stays light during the day today. the new snow on the pocono
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mountains, they are back to making snow. this afternoon, a pretty good warmup. these temperatures will disappear, the teens, wilmington, northeast philadelphia, wrightstown, gloucester county, mullica hill is down to 12 degrees, 21 in turnersville. a cold start. anything that had melted and didn't dry out completely is frozen this morning. a few scattered clouds. nothing will be falling from them. we'll see sunshine and filtered sunshine. tomorrow, clouds will be increasing and those are the clouds that could bring us more wet weather. tomorrow we'll be warmer. it's most likely that the wet weather is going to be rain. not much to show you just yet. the future cast shows theç progression of this over the next 24 hours. today, mostly sunny skies. a few scattered clouds at times. 5:00, you could see clouds building to the west. keep an eye on this wet weather. there's not a lot of moisture there. early tomorrow morning at 5:00, scattered light showers and north central pennsylvania.
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then a chance we'll see some scattered showers developing during the afternoon. those are rain drops falling in the lehigh valley tomorrow swinging through the philadelphia area during the evening hours and then clearing out. that may not, though, be the last chance of wet weather this week. today will be dry, partly sunny, warmer than yesterday. above freezing. 35 to 38 degrees. the winds stay light. tomorrow, 43 after a morning temperatures that are notes so cold as today. 28 to start with. more melting tomorrow. in spite of the clouds moving in, we'll see a chance of showers in the afternoon. scattered, manly light showers tomorrow afternoon. then a dry day on wednesday. but clouds return with a chance of some scattered light showers on thursday. and possibly a wintry mix south and east of philadelphia on friday morning. just a chance of that happening. 41 friday afternoon and then dry this weekend. the temperatures climbing well
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into the 40s. >> bill, thanks. eight minutes before 5:00. as the cleanup continues, we are watching the roads for you this morning as we recover from the blizzard of 2016.
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good morning, everyone. it's jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we are getting back to work today, at least some of us are. we're out in haddon heights, new jersey. here's the white horse pike around 295. no real problems there. you can see some snow off on to the shoulders. most of the majors are doing okay today. we're worried about the slippery spots on the off ramps and sharp curves you may come across. this is route 202 on county line road. intersections where they're not traveled as much, a lot of snow there. with the cold temperatures overnight, potentially freezing and slippery conditions.
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give yourself an extra 10, 15 minutes before you head out the door this morning. but we'll have more updates for you to come all morning and keep your morning drive as safe as possible. i'll be back in the next five minutes with another check on that. kids aren't the only ones that like to play in the snow. >> for some it's animals, like presidential pets. the obamas dogs were spotted playing in the snow on the south lawn. these are portuguese water dougs. they are frolicking in what used to be a snow bank there. it looks like they are envoying the snow. >> the rest of the nation's capital is digging out. it coulden days for a lot of them. >> they don't have to shovel. >> the dogs? >> yes. >> nbc 10 news, you are watching it. nbc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. starts right now.ç >> nbc 10 news starts now.
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right now on nbc 10 news, an icy commute. the snowfall may be over in our area but overnight freezing temperatures will make it a dangerous ride for drivers this morning. >> blizzard aftermath. crews and neighbors are still working to dig out the snow. we'll take you live to one area that's being called a war zone. and a live look outside this morning. it is a cold start to the day. we will have sunny skies today with temperatures above freezing. tomorrow, highs in the 40s. can you believe that? good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm lauren mayk. >> i'm tracy davidson. meteorologist bill henley in the nbc 10 weather center. >> the temperatures have plummeted overnight. refreezing has happened. even at the shore, look at the icy view from cape may from the marquis de lafayette hotel. lots of slipping and sliding if it hasn't been treated this morning. 11 in pottstown, 8 in millville, toms river also in the single digits. northeast philadelphia is 18
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degrees. just a short distance to the delaware river trail, you can see the temperature difference this morning. there are cold temperatures, cold enough for icy spots this morning. we will see a warmup within slow to start with. sunshine will be bright, 21 degrees at 9:00. by lunch time we'll be up 10 degrees over that 9:00 number. 31 degrees and still climbing. we're in for melting during the day today. back in ten minutes with your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, watching for icy spots this morning, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> that's right, bill. we're doing okay on theç major for the most part, at least for right now. 95 along girard avenue. here's a 14-minute drive time. average speeds dropping in at 59 miles per hour. even with the left traffic being
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traveled around, give yourself an extra minutes before you head out the door in case you come across slippery spots on your way in. for mass transit, some trains and buses are still suspended this morning for septa. check before you go. amtrak, modified service. also check before you go there. they have a special snow schedule for patco. and new jersey transit running on a regular weekday service. tracy? >> we're keeping you informed about what's running and what's not running after this blizzard. >> we have the transportation information you need to know before you head out. we'll start on the roads. nbc 10's deanna durante is live in south philadelphia this morning. deanna, some of the problems for folks is just getting out of their neighborhoods. >> it's not even the roads, the one thing you may need to worry about. take a look, the sidewalk here is just basically snow that's been mounded down by people walking on it. the snow getting back out into plowed streets, reicing, that's
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one of many problems that city crews will be faced with today as they continue snow cleanup operations. the snow emergency has been lifted in the city but you can see, there are still streets that are not passable at all. the snow a problem here at 9th an south. also a van that's blocking it. we checked on wind shield of that van, two tickets from the philadelphia parking authority but not enoughç to make somebo move it out of the way. the mayor's office spokeswoman says i should look a press release talking about snow removal efforts and the mayor will be giving an update late this afternoon on what's happening. she points out that plowing efforts are still under way and that many streets are passable but that doesn't mean that all snow has been removed from the city. as you can see in these live picks. take a welcome at a video that was shot in south philadelphia.


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