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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  January 22, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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the worst coastal flooding since superstorm sandy that's what could happen along the jersey shore. we're live in ocean city with details. >> and no matter how you plan to get around there's going to be an impact, we're talking with air and road officials as they get ready for this winter storm. >> here is a live look at the nbc 10 first alert radar, the storm is getting closer to the area and a blizzard warning has been issued for tonight. >> good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. it is 5:30, we have issued a
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first alert for today and tomorrow because of the winter storm that's expected to bring heavy snow and coastal flooding the next two days. the nbc 10 first alert radar is tracking that storm. we've been showing that to you. first pennsylvania governor tom wolf declared a state of emergency which frees up federal money so the state can respond. people using mass transit will likely have to deal with changes, septa officials will update us at 9:30 and the streets department revised its trash collection. get details on those at or tap the nbc 10 app. >> we have reporters down the shore, reporters at the airport, but let's start with meteorologist bill henley in his first alert forecast. >> we're all going to feel the impact of this storm, the first alert for the coming storm starts tonight and continues through the day on saturday into early sunday. blizzard conditions can be expected during the day on saturday. we will see many areas getting more than a foot of snow.
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and at the shore coastal flooding. the jersey shore and parts of the delaware coastline as well. a major flood threat. new this morning, blizzard warning in effect until sunday morning for wilmington, philadelphia, and trenton, and adjacent suburbs, so strong gusty winds and limited visibility. here is the storm it's to the south, yesterday afternoon it was all rain but it's pushing into colder air so that snow falling and accumulating in north carolina and into virginia, making steady progress through southern virginia right now. and timed to come into our area during the evening hours. so during the day you'll have no problem getting around. look what it's going to leave behind. this is by sunday morning. early sunday morning, expect 14 to 18 inches on the ground in parts of delaware, south jersey and pennsylvania, some isolated areas seeing more than that. not quite as much for philadelphia and into trenton but still a major snow, less snow farther north and west away
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from the source of the storm, the atlantic ocean, the temperatures will be cold enough for all snow for the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains, at the shore that's a different story. the conditions will be warming after it starts off with snow, we'll see a rain/snow mix and sleet and that will also limit totals at the shore. during the day no accumulation at all. still cold, and dry, but cloudy as the day goes on after a little bit of sunshine this morning the clouds quickly take over, 28 at 10:00, 1:00 just shy of the freezing mark that sets the stage for the snow this evening. we'll go through the forecast and a look closer at what you can expect at the shore when it comes to flooding when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> that's right. on the schuylkill expressway now, watching flashing lights. we have police activity here right around south street so it's on the westbound side right now. no backup behind that scene because you can see no cars are
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lined up. but there is one lane getting by and this over into that right-hand shoulder and part of the next lane over. no gaper delay on the eastbound side. so again, schuylkill expressway around south street a truck involved, i watched him pull over before the flashing lights arrived. east township, that's clear. closed between 202 and 113 earlier. here is the 42 freeway in new jersey, you can see no problems into philadelphia over the bridges, northbound from 55 to the bridge, 5 minutes. >> thanks. 5:34 and 22 degrees in philadelphia. we continue our nbc 10 live team coverage this morning. katy zachry is live at philadelphia international airport, katy, transit officials have been preparing for this for days. tell us what they are doing. >> reporter: tracy, throughout the morning we're talking about how travelers here at philadelphia international airport could be affected, what airport officials are going to do to mitigate the effect on them. first let's talk about road
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preparations. tom wolf issued a state of emergency ahead of this storm. we know that new jersey governor chris christie will be briefed on final road preparations that are going to be made. most streets especially the ones in your area you probably have seen have been brined when a salt water mixture is laid to prevent freezing and the salting and plowing effort will begin once the snow starts falling. today you may see plows poised along major roads and interstates, ready for the plowing effort once the snow falls. in delaware we did catch up with deldot drivers laying brine. they issued reminder saying this storm is going to go on for a while, testing resources and patience. >> it's going to be a long event. we might not get right to your road or area right away, we have to focus on the interstates, primaries, then we go out to the secondaries. >> reporter: here at the airport i mentioned we're here talking how travelers will be affected. i'm told more travelers turned
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to septa in inclement weather than driving in. we're still waiting to hear what septa's plan for the storm is, they are having a press conference later around 9:30 which we will cover. katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." >> thank you. now to the jersey shore where they have their own concerns about the approaching storm. matt delucia is live for us in ocean city. what are they most worried about there, matt? >> reporter: well, vai, the big concern along the shoreline is the possibility of coastal flooding. you see here the dunes here at ocean city, calm seas right now, we're on the boardwalk, it's quiet, very nice and peaceful for the moment. but that very well could change in the next several hours. it's a good time to get yourself prepared if you haven't already. take a look at video here, preparations up and down the coast and here in ocean city, workers have been piling sand to create makeshift dunes in case the ocean moves in. the primary concern at the shore
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will be the high tide. the first one tomorrow morning, then saturday night and then sunday morning. for now, though, business as usual in ventnor along dorsett drive. this area has flooded before and folks are planning for the impact of the storm. >> if i see the water coming i was thinking because i know it's going to be flooding, i was thinking if i have to be getting things off the floor or not. i'm going to watch closely. last time i went away for the storm. this time i'm going to stay here. >> reporter: take a look on the ocean city boardwalk. the light winds blowing on the american flag. right now we're going to head farther south through cape may county, hopefully we'll be in sea isle city by 6:00. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> 5:37. reminder we have you covered through the storm everything you need to know to keep you and your family safe. we'll have constant updates on
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the winter storm on our nbc 10 app, our entire coverage will be streaming live on the app, you can track the storm, find the latest snow totals, specifically for your neighborhood. 5:38, 23 degrees, the cold is here. we're waiting for the snow to arrive, tracking a major winter storm. here tomorrow blizzard conditions, heavy snow, strong 2k3wu69 gusty winds. getting around will be difficult if not impossible at times saturday. and major coastal flooding for delaware and new jersey is expected thanks to the stronger winds at the shore. 17 now, clear and cold for northeast philadelphia and atlantic city but the clouds will quickly move into philadelphia. i expect it to stay dry during the day today, that will quickly change this evening as the light snow moves in. this is also going to change. the wind, it started to pick up in pottstown, northeast philadelphia, at 5, everybody is
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just below 10 miles an hour this morning. that really changes at the shore. overnight tonight and into saturday wind gusts of 60 miles an hour. combine that with the full moon, the high tide and the rain/snow mix coming down and flooding concerns will be highest at high tide for delaware the first time of concern will be saturday morning at 7:00, but also saturday even and sunday evening will be a problem. same story for cape may and atlantic city. this is when we could see moderate to major flooding along the coast. while inland it will be all snow for philadelphia, trenton and wilmington, and starting to accumulate this evening. see the clouds moving into d.c. it's still dry in the d.c. area, but the snow that arrives in d.c. during the day will be here this evening. the future snow showing light snow at 11:00 this evening. less than an inch on the ground at that time in philadelphia. but an inch from lancaster to wilmington, into south jersey,
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millville and atlantic city. and with the potential for heavy snow overnight tonight, at this time tomorrow morning around 6:00 we could see half a foot on the ground in philadelphia. parts of delaware and south jersey more than that. a look at lancaster at 8 and still climbing as the snow will be coming in. 14 to 18 inches as a storm total for northeast maryland and into southeastern pennsylvania and new jersey, or more in some localized areas. for the philadelphia area, 10 to 14 inches of snow is possible. a look at the seven-day forecast and an idea of when this will finally clear out of here when i come back in ten minutes. thank you, bill. 20 minutes of 6. flashing lights i believe that's the schuylkill. >> let's get an update what's happening there. jessica boyington? >> the schuylkill expressway, that's right, we're watching that around south street on the westbound side. so a few moments ago i did see a truck pull over and police
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activity pulled up behind it. so as you can see we do have lanes getting by, traffic is moving but as they approach the scene brake lights so we might have delays in the further hour we do see this sit for a bit if that is disabled tractor-trailer and it does end up staying there for some time. but for right now no real backups on the schuylkill because of this and no gaper delay you can see on the opposite side headed eastbound. so again, that's around south street. lawrence township we had a water main break, that is the clear. princeton pike was closed, you are good to go now. moving into montgomery county there is an accident on geneva avenue and easton road. mass transit, some changes as once septa makes announcements but for now no problems or delays for septa, new jersey transit, dart and patco. >> something many of us have done before, shoveled out a spot for our car and put something down to claim it.
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what the philadelphia police department is saying about these space savers in the city. plus, keeping you safe in your home. we'll tell you about the tool that you should keep in case of an emergency.
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about quarter to 6.
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sam camera is shaking. from roque nok, virginia it's snowing. this is snow starting to come down, headed our way in the roanoke area they expect 16 to 24 inches. >> crews in montgomery county preparing for the storm for the past several days. trucks sprayed brine on the roads to melt that first layer of snow. even professional drivers have concerns about mother nature's plan. >> worry about sliding around and other people and worrying about everything else that's out there on the road. it's pretty tough out there. >> montgomery county also falls under the blizzard watch. that's why you want to make plans today. get whatever you need to get done today so you can stay home and out of the way of those plows tomorrow. so they can get the snow cleared that is on the way.
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hard to imagine so calm right now. so quiet. no snow in the region. no clouds in fact other than scattered clouds at philadelphia international. the cold is here, 23 degrees, that's 5 degrees colder than yesterday. that will stay right around freezing or below during the day today and the winds that are light out of the northwest, will be increasing. they are waiting for some mother nature made snow in the pocono mountains, still making a little snow in camelback this morning, the temperatures will stay cold enough for all snow in the mountains. the snow shield is just to the south in kentucky, west virginia and north carolina. it's moving into the colder air. it's going to be all snow for the entire region up through the northeast, at least to begin with. that's before warmer air starts moving in right along the coast. this storm will be moving in this evening. futurecast showing 7:00 this evening light snow falling. steady snow in southern delaware and south jersey, cape may and parts of chester county and southern lancaster county seeing
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the snow at that hour. it quickly spreads across the area by early on saturday morning. that's all snow from allentown through trenton, philadelphia, dover, cape may and atlantic city. yes, even at the shore early saturday morning. you can see the rain is offshore and in between that rain/snow line mixing with sleet that's expected to come inland. it may be breaking at times during the day saturday but may not look like it because there will be a lot of blowing snow with this storm as well. 5:00 saturday we'll see winds gusting to near 40 miles an hour. possibly more in the philadelphia area and the 60-mile-an-hour gusts can be expect forward atlantic city, cape may and southern delaware. that's 5:00 saturday afternoon. here comes the tail end of it, that's late saturday evening at 11:00, snow still falling in philadelphia, but i expect it to quickly taper off early on sunday morning. this is what it's going to leave behind.
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significant snowfall made very difficult thanks to the blowing conditions during the day. 14 to 18 inches or more in portions of delaware, in the baltimore-d.c. area, also into southeast pennsylvania and in delaware, and in south jersey, farther north and west, less moisture, still snow for the pocono mountains and at the shore it will start as snow, you'll see accumulation before it changes over to sleet and rain. for today, no stein of the snow to begin with. no stein of clouds but the clouds increase as the day goes on and the temperatures peaking in the 30s. the snow moves in, heavy snow tomorrow all day long, winter storm will affect us into early saturday morning. i think the snow is going to end before sun rise. the wind picks up we'll clear out, wind up with a sunny day and even though it's windy to start on sunday the wind will be dying down in the afternoon and so i do expect a warm-up above freezing sunday afternoon after a cold morning on monday, it will be in the 40s, we need to
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finish the seven-day forecast there. we can pop that back up so you can see the rest of the seven days because it will be improving conditions for tuesday, wednesday and thursday with temperatures in the 40s. so we get through saturday, we'll be in much better shape, still a problem sunday as we could see power outages thanks to the heavy snow and the gusty winds during the day on saturday. we'll still have residual effects probably through the weekend and into early next week. >> especially for sunday morning for the coastal flooding because that will be their third high tide, one tomorrow morning, then tomorrow evening, then third high tide, then they have full moon and onshore winds. >> the worst of it saturday morning, saturday evening, sunday morning at the shore. as far as flooding is concerned. >> thanks. let's check in with jessica boyington and the first alert traffic center. still looking at that accident or is that cleared on 76? >> it's on its way out but we still have police activity on the schuylkill expressway. so this is right around south
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street over -- just cleared. that's how it works. i was looking at the flashing lights so all lanes back open on the schuylkill westbound no problems there no problems eastbound either so we'll have more cameras for you to come on the schuylkill and check for delays in a little bit but in montgomery county an accident in abington on geneva avenue and easton road and moving to the 42 freeway around deptford route 41 starting to see a little delay, a lot of people getting out for one last day of driving into philadelphia, northbound from 55 up to the walt whitman bridge no problem there. 4 minutes, so it's pretty plixt checking with the rest of the bridges the tacony palmyra, the burlington bristol, to see if there are openings, not scheduled but the ben and the walt are also clear into the city. >> thank you, jessica. no need to be afraid. we'll be with you every step of the way during this storm. follow us on twitter, all of our addresses right there on the screen.
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>> good morning. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. a check real fast outside in cherry hill, new jersey, this is route 38, right around haddonfield road. looks nice now. wish it would stay this way. we know it's not going to stay that way until tomorrow. all lanes open there. moving over to the blue route, ridge pike, actually traffic moving through the area now but no delays or backups so that's what we're looking for. i'll have updates on your current situation driving into philadelphia when i come back in the 6:00 hour. >> thanks. it's 5:54, from our delaware bureau, deldot crews got a jump start by brining the roads. they have more than 400 pieces of equipment to get rid of whatever falls. and will debut its new plow tracker app where you'll see where their plows are. >> as the winter storm approaches there are tips that will help keep you safe. never jump start a battery that
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is frozen. it could explode. make certain your tires are properly inflated. keep your tank at least a half tank to avoid freeze-up and avoid using your parking brake. staying inside is the best way to ensure your safety. if you have to go out dress warmly with loose-fitting clothes layered light weight clothing. wear a scarf over your mouth. if power goes out have safe heating equipment and flashlight, portable radio and three days at least of food. do not place a space heater within three feet of anything that is combustible. >> using pop music to spread the message. >> you need to call us from your cell phone. when you see that cone. >> philadelphia police parody the popular song to curb a
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growing trend shoving out a parking space, then saving it, putting a cone or chair in the spot. police remind you that you are breaking the law. they urge people to report it if they see it. >> have people endanger, fights, all kinds of things. >> hot line bling or not. wouldn't even call the police because i don't want to get my tires slashed. >> respect the cones. philadelphia police encourage people call if you have problems this weekend. they are using the hash tag no savies to spread the word. we're continuing our live team coverage, we want to make sure you are as ready as possible for the winter storm. >> we'll keep track of potential travel issues and warnings, nbc 10's katy zachry is live for us at philadelphia international airport, she's tracking preparations for both air and road travel. >> and matt delucia is down the shore, crews are getting ready for potentially devastating
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coastal flooding. live reports coming up in minutes.
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bracing for winter storm. we're tracking travel at the airport and all over the region this morning. we'll tell you what you can do to prepare before the storm comes. >> coastal flooding, this could be the worst since super storm sand i. >> shutting down at noon, most of washington, d.c. will be closed. the storm will hit there before it hits us. it is 6:00 a.m., 22 degrees in philadelphia and we're getting you prepared. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. today is a first alert weather day and that means we'll bring you hourly updates throughout day on the forecast, as it changes, our first alert team of meteorologists are working around the clock tracking extreme weather. we're also giving you severe weather alerts here on tv but
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also on line and on the nbc 10 app. >> we have complete coverage for you. katy zachry and matt delucia are out at philadelphia and down the shore, first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington tracking the roads for you this morning. but let's start with what's most important right now. your forecast, meteorologist bill henley has that. >> you mentioned it is a first alert day for what is coming tonight and will be with us through the day tomorrow and into sunday. blizzard conditions can be expected during the day saturday. many areas getting more than a foot of snow and at the shore for the delaware beaches and the jersey coastline, major coastal flooding thanks to strong gusty winds. blizzard warning from 7:00 this evening until 10:00 sunday morning. wilmington, philadelphia and trenton. and those are flood warnings at the shore. radar completely dry right now. the storm is making progress and it's coming at us. you can see the snow


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