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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  January 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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starting to take hold. thanks to these people here and around the state, 18,000 tickets sold a minute times 60 minutes, that's over 1 million tickets an hour. >> 16 of powerball. >> reporter: going over her usual $10 lottery ticket budget. >> it's gambling but it's more fun than anything else. >> reporter: a powerball closing in on $2 billion and someone ethical has to be in charge. >> got to get in when you get in and no add-ones and we all do it and they trust me with the tickets. >> that's the winning one there. >> reporter: at brewer's outlet in west mt. airy, they've had 25,000 winners about you know the store could get $100,000 if they sell the winning tick. everybody here gets a cut. working like crazy for the last week. >> reporter: in ambler the
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newsstand. >> powerball! >> reporter: many cringed when they saw the video from a north jersey restaurant of people who thought they won the powerball, only to realize they used last week's numbers. >> we try to take our time and make sure we have each number right. >> reporter: when you celebrate you want it to be for real? >> yes, yes. we don't want any d disappointments. >> reporter: for the cliched question what you'd do with the money, it ended with mike mcguire. >> i'd turn this place into what i dreamed it would be. >> reporter: king of ambler? >> absolutely. >> reporter: mike says, if crowned king after winning that jackpot, there would be free parking in downtown ambler. doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> i need some scripts here. >> have you gotten your ticket yet? >> reporter: still haven't got than cash, jim. don't have it on me.
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>> you have a nice photographer i'm sure who would chip in. >> yes. he's very new. more than happy to fork it over without expectation of being paid back. >> thanks so much. by the way, people in pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware, playing a big part in the powerball frenzy. >> according to research by the group value penguin, our states rank in the top five for most tickets sold per capita. based on sales since the jackpot won november 4th. only rhode island and new hampshire sold more tickets per person. >> count on nbc 10 to bring you winning numbers tonight. we'll have them on nbc 10 news at 11:00. if you have the nbc 10 news app we'll send out an alert as soon as those numbers are pulled. >> not a good day for a water main break. nbc 10 at 9th and hunting park in philadelphia, you can see that water frozen over on the street. crews hard at work. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist
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sheena parveen joins us now. >> temperatures at or below freezing and the wind made it feel colder, right? >> exactly right. below freezing today. and right now, what it feels like with the wind in place, well, it feels like teens and really we have not felt much warmer than this through the day today. look at mt. pocono, feeling like 1 degree below zero now. mt. pocono had a mine minus 5. feels like 15 in philadelphia. feels like 12 in allen town. feels like 17 in dover, atlantic city, cape may. yeah, it cold. but tonight winds die down. i'll show you what that will make it feel like coming up. we are dry. watching snow in ohio. some of those snow showers could try to move into areas like the poconos overnight tonight. but at this point, they would like to see that. a live look at blue mountain ski resort where they have been making snow all day. temperatures cold enough to keep doing that as we go through
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tonight and tomorrow. the actual temperature as we go overnight into tomorrow morning, staying in mid-20s to low 20s. but the feels like temperature up to mid-20s. it's not going to feel as cold. we have a warm-up for the weekend. that will be. coming with rain. a look at the timing coming up. >> all right. new information on a pastor wanted to sex crimes in chester county. police believe jacob malone is out of the country but could be back in the u.s. in a matter of days. deanna durante live with the latest on this investigation. de deanna? >> reporter: we spoke with the church pastor who worked alongside malone. he tells us the church is doing whatever it can to help the victim. >> what he did was horrible. but we're hurting over it, the church is hurting over it, we're hurting for his wife and kids and of course for the young lady who was victimized.
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>> reporter: officials at cavalry fellowship church say jacob malone shocked them when he resigned. a young woman confided in officials, he had been sexually abusing her, and she was pregnant. >> he met the victim when she was 12 or 13. he was a pastor in mesa, arizona. several years later he was a pastor in minnesota and he'd contacted the victim, somehow invited her to stay with him and the family. >> reporter: the abuse began in minnesota and continued when she moved with them to pennsylvania. malone yet to speak with police. they say he pled the country and has been in ecuador. since filing charges against him he has agreed to return to the united states. in the days since the case has gone public, many calls have come in to police. >> just with his power, he did it once, you'd have to wonder whether he did it before. >> reporter: officials learned it allegations when arizona officials reached out to them. he didn't have much contact with kids here at the church but
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they've been helping police and the victim in this case. >> we're praying jake would come back, repent of what he did, and if he needs to serve time he does so. >> reporter: now i spoke with an attorney representing malone. at this point, not much for him to say. he has reviewed the criminal complaint but waiting to comment until he speaks with his client. malone could be back in the country by the end of the week. deanna durante nbc 10 news. >> explosion at a local school sends a maintenance worker to the hospital. it happened in east mount airy. a maintenance person working on the heater when the boiler exploded. he suffered second-and third-degree burns but expected to be okay. no students were hurt. school remains closed for the next two days while they repair the heating unit. the bucks county high school
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basketball coach seen in this video faces possible jail time. authorities announced the coach will be cited for harassment for apparently bumping a referee to the floor during a game. nbc 10's jacqueline london joins us now. the punishment could have been much worse for the coach. >> that's true. bucks county district attorney says he considered an assault charge against the neshaminy basketball high school coach but ruled against that since the official was not injured. the district attorney announced harassment citation today. this video, shot during a game last week, appears to show divine push a referee. harassment citation is punishable by a jail sentence up to 90 days. jail time is unlikely, but he says his office had to take some action against divine because he abandoned his responsibility of teaching sportsmanship to his players.
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>> i'm not saying divine's a terrible guy. he indulged himself in conduct that he had no business doing. >> divine suspended from coaching but back to teaching at neshaminy high after the school placed him on leave while it investigates the incident. jacqueline london, nbc 10 news. this allen town man here wanted for a deadly shooting that took the life of a 28-year-old easton man. ulric mckenzie accused of killing the man on sunday. police say surveillance video shows mckenzie in the area at the time of the shooting. mckenzie was injured and dropped off after the shooting. if you know where he is, you're asked to call police. from delaware bureau, the wilmington police department stepping up efforts to improve the relationship between its officers and community.
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the department is eliminating its community policing unit. instead all officers engaged with the community. officers part of the unit are being reassigned the move announced after the city hired charles ramsey as consultant. new information tonight on a controversial proposal to replace montgomery county country club. last night commissioners voted in favor of the plan but expect lawsuits to follow. developers say it will turn the westover country club into a massive private sports complex. several commissioners don't believe that will ever happen. same developer asked the commission back in 2012 for permission to build condos at the same spot and that request was denied. some commissioners believe the complex is a ploy and the developer plans to build homes. >> devastated father in mourning over the loss of his two young daughters. >> what is this?
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they were innocent. >> girls died with their home caught on fire last night. now, the community is coming together to support this wilmington family. this is a live picture from outside the family's home where a vigil for the children just getting under way. look at all of those teddy bears and balloons, candles there as well. more from the special memorial coming up on "nbc 10 news at 5:00." taking on trump. why south carolina's governor is not backing down from her comments about the presidential front-runner.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> tonight, we foe more about the two children killed in a house fire in wilmington yesterday. flames tor. through a home row home. christina caraway is in critical condition with serious burns. her 3-year-old daughter died in the front room of the house trying to escape. the body of her 3-month-old sister was found in a room upstairs. nbc 10 spoke with the girl's father who lost everything in the fire. >> what is this? they were innocent. >> mark caraway and his five other children are staying in a hotel. officials are still investigating the cause of the
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fire but say the house did not have any working smoke detectors. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong is live where the community is coming together for a vigil. >> reporter: that's right. the crowd starting to grow for the caraway family. and of course the family lost two children in their home. their mother christina severely burnt. we don't know how the fire started but nine people were living here, started in front of the house. at 6:00, more from the father and this family who lost everything, he says, last night. also tell you about ways you might be able to help this family and what is a devastatingly tough night and time of need. they have lost everything, clothing, supplies. we'll have that at 6:00. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. new information right now in the last hour we've learned more about the 12-year-old central
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pennsylvania girl shot and killed during an eviction. investigators are saying ciara mayer was homesi sick, that's wn a bullet passed through her father's arm and struck her. he pointed a rifle at the constable who came to the door and that's when the constable fired. >> they knew he was arriving on that day and at that time to do the eviction, so it was no surprise. >> donald meyer is facing several charges. state police say the constable's actions were justified and the little girl's death is just a terrible tragedy. bill cosby's wife set to be depose the next month in the defamation absolute against her husband but cosby will not be. in the lawsuit filed in massachusetts seven wam say cosby defamed them. aroudjudge ruled camille will b deposed next month but the judge agreed to hold off on cosby's
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deposition as he faces criminal charges here in pennsylvania. today a judge ordered a hearing for february 2nd on a defense motion filed by cosby's lawyers. asking for assault charges against him to be dropped. they argue montgomery county dear kevin steele illegally brought those charges. cosby's accused of assaulting a former temple university employee in his elkins park home 12 years ago. nikki haley confirming that it was donald trump she was referring to in her response to the president. state of the union speech last night. >> during anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. >> now, in addition to trump, the governor says the comment was drinirected at people in th media and her home state. >> yes, mr. trump is definitely contributed to what i think is
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just irresponsible talk. >> trump responded calling governor haley weak on immigration and saying she liked him enough in the past to ask for campaign contributions. republican candidate chris christie warned voters against elect a first-term senator. christie's in new hampshire locked in a fight for second place. he told voters senators don't have the experience needed to be president. the comment directed at marco rubio and ted cruz, both of whom are u.s. senators. new information tonight about a controversial drug treatment center planned in south jersey. hatten field borough commissioners agreed to buy bancroft school and turn into a rehab facility. that's no longer going to happen. instead, part will be used for town homes and the or part for public use. the idea of a drug treatment center met with resistance from resident whose live near that site. snow and icy roads a factor
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in the massive pile-up in western pennsylvania. 85 cars and trucks involved in the trash on i-90 in erie. paramedics rushed at least 18 people to the hospital. some were hurt badly. crews shut down the highway for most of the day. >> now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with metrologist sheena parveen. >> well, these pups kept up a brink pace as they walked through valley forge park today. they'll need to be inside tonight as temperatures drop. today windy, tonight not so much wind however very cold. freeze continues tonight and tomorrow. will be not as cold and wind will lighten up, too. for the poconos, perfect weather. live look up in the poconos. that is their snow machine going where skiers and snowboarders able to enjoy it with temperatures. this weekend, we start to warm up.
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we have rain in the forecast for part of the area, too with the warm-up. a holiday weekend. mlk day monday. if you have the plan for extra long weekend we i have nice looking but colder forecast. right now, windy in philadelphia, north-north -- a west-northwest wind around 15 miles an hour making it feel like 15 degrees. actual temperature is 27 degrees. feels over ten degrees colder through the whole area. look at mt. pocono. feeling like minus 1. allen town feels like 11. 13 wilmington. 17 atlantic city and dover. and again going to stay cold tonight. wind will die down. it not going feel this cold, not going to foal 10 degrees colder. currently dry on radar. we and raching snow back off to the west around ohio. models showing snow showers trying to move north and west as we go through tonight. most could be confined to
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pocono. future weather, most of the area dry, cold. 3:00, 4:00 in the morning, maybe parts of lehigh valleying poconos seeing snow showers moving in. not long lasting, though. by 7:00, don't expect much around at all. and dry through tomorrow afternoon. then we get more of a south wind as we go into friday with milder air moving in so you will notice warmer temperatures tomorrow. but especially as we go into friday with south wind. then the approach of rain friday. this is a nor'easter offshore but going it stay offshore and only warm enough for rain with the system. overnight friday, into early saturday, rain expected across part of the area and clearing up as we go through saturday afternoon. most of your weekend in fact does look like dry but getting colder as we go into sunday. the warm-up going to be very brief. clouds increasing. chance of light snow. areas north of philadelphia, closer to poconos and possibly lehigh valleys. 22 for the low in philadelphia.
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15 areas north and west. tomorrow warmer than today or a lot warmer i should say especially when you factor in the lighter winds. so it's not going to feel as cold, right around 40. that begins the warm-up. friday we continue at 50 for the high temperature there. then we go into the weekend. we'll see early rain, early saturday. 48 for the high. then we get colder sunday. 37 degrees. could see light snow flurrieflu. upper 20s. feels like winter next weekend. break news, patco suspending service between the hatten field and wood crest stations. >> patco has done this because a large tree in danger of falling across the tracks. seeing if new jersey transit can provide alternate service. we'll bring you any updates as soon as we get them. still ahead, a geyser of
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water il&s on the streets of montgomery county. when it's this cold it doesn't stay water for long. see the icy mess. the lake looked empty but soon the stadium and the city of philadelphia will take center stage in a new movie next. t.
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>> celebration at delaware state capel for the football team. won their first ever division i state championship. the governor presented a tribute to the team this afternoon.
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congratulations to them. philadelphia hits the big screen again. >> city is a backdrop in a new movie featuring one of the hottest comedians on the circuit. >> in my city, i made history. we sold a football stadium out tonight. >> we can claim him, a philadelphia native. kevin hart released the first trailer of his new stand-up comedy "what now?" the first comedian to sell out a football stadium. that hits theaters in october. powerball fever is gripping the country. >> getting your hands on a ticket no easy task for people who live in states that don't offer powerball alabama is one of them. check out a long line of traffic here on interstate 10. video taken by coastal traffic there. this backup is caused by all of the people headed across state lines into florida to buy powerball tickets for tonight's
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drawing. this is at least a seven-mile backup. >> what a stretch. >> any doubts, powerball fever going on, there you have it right there. >> we can feel the powerball fever because we have it in all states here. that may not save you from long lines. >> live once again. have you seen people coming in to buy tickets after work? >> reporter: absolutely. we have not a seven-mile backup but a minute we had a ten-person backup in powerball lanes. many hoping not to set the alarm clock if history falls in their favor. plus, president obama gives joe biden a special mission. leading a new push to cure cancer. puffs knows winter...
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a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. for softness that fits anywhere, try puffs softpack.
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this in nbc 10 news. >> 18,000 every minute, that's how fast powerball tick hes are celling today as we get closer to the historic jackpot. >> nbc 10 cydney long talking to hopeful ticket buyers in cherry hill. that store expecting bigger crowds as people get out of work, right? >> reporter: it's started because we had over the last
5:30 pm
hour as many as 30 to 50 people come right through these doors. take a look. registers heating up here at the spirit store in cherry hill. clerks made sure to have extra people working tonight just in case their registers get hot. tickets that your future could be printed on. i want to show you the store. usually gets a roll of six of these per box. this week, just because they've quadrupled sales over the last week since saturday's drawing they ordered two boxes so they won't run out of your chances to win. people are lining up. they are excited to have this opportunity. one woman we spoke to, erica, works for a popular salon here, lewis christian. she made sure her and her colleagues did not pick numbers by themselves. >> we came here and they did it. >> reporter: you did the quick picks? that's luckier? >> yeah.
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tomorrow we -- the door is closed tomorrow. don't worry, we are bill air. >> reporter: if you win, no one's getting their hair done tomorrow? >> it's done. >> reporter: where are you going on vacation? >> i don't. maybe brazil. >> reporter: no one will have their hair done in south jersey. they'll all be on the beach. t-minus 5.5 hours and counting for a chance for the historic jackpot. 10:59, we'll be waiting patiently. >> maybe that woman behind you will have all of her numbers picked. >> reporter: she will. we need to give her a hint. quick picks might be better odds. >> buying mansions and sports cars aren't your thing,menty other ways to spend your dough. >> a stats professor says, it's
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almost enough money to buy the 76ers. the professor says you can afford to buy 40 cheese steaks for everyone in philadelphia. 40? >> for everybody? wow. >> you're going to have enough after taxes to buy a season pass to hershey park, dorney park, annual membership to the zoo for all filins or a philly's sunday season ticket plan for everyone in town. think big, why not? here's the countdown clock. less than six hours from tonight's record jackpot drawing. nbc 10 will have winning numbers at 11:00. we'll send them out right away on our nbc 10 app. take a look. a geyser sky force 10 over in conshohocken this morning. a water main broke at 6:30. crews were able to shut that line down. but the gushing water and freezing temperatures created a wintry mess.
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look at this. power lines and trees covered in ice. it was an trial area so businesses were affected. and sheena, our temperatures barely got into the 30s. no surprise that that water turned to ice so fast. >> right. temperatures were very cold. only reached 29 degrees in philadelphia. with the wind today it has not felt colder than the teens. wind is starting to lighten up but we have enough of a breeze to make it feel ten degrees colder. winds are sustained from 10 to 15 miles an hour. this is what the temperature feels like around 10 degrees or more colder than the actual temperature. when you step outside, feels like 15 in philadelphia. 12 in allen town. 1 degree below zero in the poconos where we see skiers and snowboarders out there in the cold this evening still. and poconos are going to be able to continue to make snow as we go through today and tomorrow. going to stay cold enough. watching an area of snow around ohio.
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we don't expect much from that. if you are in areas like the poconos you could see overnight tonight, light snow showers. tonight, though we'll have less wind, it's going to be cold. 15 for the low in allentown. 22 philadelphia. 24 for dover and wilmington but with less wind, tomorrow will not feel as cold as told. a warm-up in the forecast. some rain heading into your wand straight ahead. >> thanks. a south jersey man admitted to a slew of robberies that netted more than $2 million in goods. 56-year-old darius gittens charged with burglary and theft. he preyed on high end neighborhoods in secluded areas. police found more than 500 stolen items buried in his yard. people are starting off the new year in debt. americans have more than 900 billion in debt now according to a study by card hub. one in five americans will never
5:35 pm
be able to get in the black again. city of west chester number four on the list of top 20 cities with the highest debt. most residents have $7,000 racked up with interest. going cost more than $12,000 to pay off cards and take 18 years to get it done. >> debate over development in delaware county will be the focus of a meeting tonight in new town square. it concerns the cardinal crossing town center along sproll road. includes stores, town homes and a park. stores are expected to bring in thousands of new jobs but residents worry by forest will get knocked down to make way for the project. they are also concerned it will make already bad traffic worse. we reached out to the developer, he says 38 acre is set aside for wetlands. the meeting is open to the public. in 20 years a north hampton
5:36 pm
county community could become a hot spot waterfront district mapping easton's future. a master plan to turn the city into a waterfront district. recruiting big companies to easton to create satellite offices and report call for traffic improvements. city council will vote in a couple of months. a mission close to the vice president's heart. finding a cure for cancer. see how he's taking off his plans in philadelphia. dangerous disease for children. doctors have an important message for parents who need to vaccinate their kids for whooping cough.
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sky force 10 has arrived, breaking news in south jersey. patco suspend service between the hattenfield and wood crest stations in both directions. they're saying a large tree is in danger of falling across the tracks be thus suspending
5:39 pm
service. patco is seeing if new jersey transit can provide other service for customers. we'll bring you any updates as soon as we get them. new study suggests effectiveness of the whooping cough vaccine weakens over time but doctors add, still the best way to reduce the risk of dying from the respiratory infection. whooping cough is highly contagious and can cause babies to stop breathing. that is the classing sound of ko outbreaks becoming more common. last month a school district in allen town closed after five confirmed cases of the illness also known as pertussis were reported. the whooping cough vaccine is required for all pennsylvania students when then enter seventh grade. in new jersey, children ages 4 and up must be inoculated. in delaware, all school students
5:40 pm
need vaccinated. children under 2 months old too young are most at risk. recently a family in australia released video of their son riley who died from whooping cough hoping it will convince people to get the vaccination. rolly passed away after the video was taken. even though the vaccine is not perfecting pregnant women and any around babies should get it. next, lester holt joins us to break down president obama's state of the union. warm-up in the weather. >> a big warm-up as we go into the weekend. a chance for rain friday and early saturday. closer look at the timing and how warm it will get before we feel like winter.
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people who investigate deadly transportation accidents have a most wanted list for the new year and they include improvements that could save lives in the sky, on the roads and on the rails. at the top of the national transportation safety board's wish list, positive train control, ptc, automatically stop a train if it's about to crash. the ntsb wants technology on every track. last month it was activated on
5:44 pm
amtrak lines between philadelphia and new york. safety experts say if that technology had been in place soon it could have prevented last year's derailment that killed eight people. >> is it going to take another five years or another three years for it to be implemented? if that's the case, that's unacceptable. >> other safety improvements on the most wanted list include expanding use of data recorders and promoting collision avoidance technology in cars and trucks. all right. so a day after president obama's last state of the union address the message of his speech impacting the race for the white house. >> nbc "nightly news" anchor lester holt joins us live. you spoke to ted cruz and bernie sanders after the speech. what effect will it have on the rest of the campaign? >> everything in common there, as we kept hearing donald trump, not in name but references, in the president's speech, we heard it in nikki haley's comments
5:45 pm
afterwards, and talking to, for example, ted cruz, i mean, he clearly recognized also that trump continues to touch every part of this conversation. we also heard from bernie sanders with regard to how he's viewed, how the president almost made a bit of a stump speech in his remarks last night speaking on many points that he has been trying to bring forward. as you know, he's gone ahead of hillary clinton in new hampshire. so he found a lot to work with there. >> you mentioned nikki haley. how surprising was it that she took on trump and other members of her own party run fog president? >> we all heard her in her response, and she talked about the noise and sometimes louder voices don't prevail in the conversation. most thought she must be talking about donald trump and she confirmed that on the today show she was talking about that. she has been applauded by the
5:46 pm
moderates in the party who appreciated what she said. but those on the right, including donald trump himself, not happy, he has attacked her on immigration, she's now fodder as far as he is concerned. it's sparked a conversation and defined the split many see within the republican party. >> we'll be watching. what else are you working on for nightly news? >> we've got a lot more on those american sailors taken -- detained by iran yesterday, images of the americans with hands over their head held for a time. boats, weapons, certainly humiliating but we'll drill down on the diplomacy, how quickly the situation was resofed under 24 hours, behind the scenes effort tonight. >> we'll see you at 6:30. another major moment from last night's state of the union. president obama calling phone joe bide. to lead the charge against cancer. >> because he's gone to the mat
5:47 pm
for all of us on so many issues over the past 40 years, i'm putting joe in charge of mission control. >> during his final state of the union address last night, the president said his new cancer initiative is dedicated to the loved ones we have all lost and family we can still save. last year the vice president's son beau died from brain cancer. beau biden served two terms as delaware's attorney general. after his death, vice president said cancer could be cured with enough research. friday he'll kick the cancer initiative off after university of pennsylvania. doctors tell us the push for a cure is possible. >> with all of us thinking on the same page, all of us working together, sharing data as he has suggested, breaking silos we agree with and can't wait to work with him on that. >> biden can look to his home state to illustrate the struggle against the disease. acourting to a report this month, cancer has overtaken
5:48 pm
heart disease as the leading cause of death in delaware. the good news here is, both illnesses are on the decline but cancer deaths are not dropping as quickly. delaware, lung cancer the biggest killer but state has made strides detecting early. breast cancer and colorectal, delaware ranks in the top five. >> sheena parveen. >> a cold, windy day today. we pelt like single digits. and the poconos felt like 5 degrees below zero. freeze continues for everybody. and up in the poconos perfect weather to continue making snow there. we have a warm-up in the forecast as we go into tomorrow and friday. it going to come with rain that we're tracking a nor'easter, that will stay offshore but swinging us rain. and of course three-day weekend for many people with mlk day monday. i have that forecast for you. getting colder, though, through
5:49 pm
the weekend. temperatures feel like the teens. feels like temperature factor in the wind outside. feels like 1 degree below zero mt. pocono. 12 in allentown. elsewhere, feels like middle teens. tomorrow it not as windy. it's night going to feel as cold. a live look out at the link. temperature trend overnight into tomorrow. top is temperature, bottom is feels like temperature. by tomorrow morning with less wind they should feel equal. not feeling much colder like today. that's a bit of a relief tomorrow, less wind, won't feel as good. now we are dry. snow showers off in parts of ohio. those are moving in this direction. nothing impressive but some models picking up on snowflakes falling maybe the poconos as we go through overnight hours. not much. tonight, most of the area feeling like the teens and by 4:00 in tomorrow morning you see right near the poconos and
5:50 pm
lehigh, we could be seeing light snow showers trying to move in. 7:00 a.m., maybe a few still in the poconos but elsewhere, feeling like the mid-20s wind lightening up, not as cold. afternoon, not feeling as cold. and then we go into friday, a stronger south wind, milder air moves in. so that warm-up continues. we have a nor'easter around the southeast by friday. friday knignight, starts to get closer. we will see onshore wind and rain early saturday, too. and we clear out as we go into sunday and we'll be getting colder, too. tonight, clouds increasing, chance of light snow showers farther north overnight. 22 for the low in philadelphia. 15 north and west with the wind lightening up. tomorrow not nearly as windy. temperatures around 40 degrees. and we're going to keep that lower wind in the forecast as we go into friday. that will be nice. temperatures warming near 50 as we go into friday. that comes with rain later at
5:51 pm
night. saturday clearing up. but saturday does get windy, upper 40s. sunday for your mlk weekend, looking at a high around 37. some flurries possibly across the area. by martin luther king day monday, highs in the upper 20s. >> atlanta ex-city saying it will not be bullied. how it's fighting back to have plans to have the state take over finances. at 6:00, par for the course. eagle's great adds to golf course empire in south jersey.
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atlanta ex-city's been dealt some bad hands recently but leaders are not ready to fold just yet. >> tonight, pushing back against a proposal that would have the state take over city finances. nbc 10's ted greenberg live in jersey shore bureau with more. the resort already has several layers of state oversight and city officials say this move really caught them off guard. they have been cooperating with the state and will continue to do so but they will not be bullied. >> it's wrong. it's wrong. it's wrong. >> reporter: 84-year-old william lived in atlantic city nearly his entire life and infuriated about a threatened state
5:55 pm
takeover of the struggling resort. >> it makes us feel we failed, and we haven't failed. we had everything taken away from us. >> taking over the city makes absolutely no sense. >> reporter: before delivering his unofficial state of the city address to area business people today, the mayor locked arms with other local elected leaders to show solidarity and opposition to legislation sponsored by senate president steve sweeney that would drastically increase the state's level of power over atlantic city. >> we're following what the state's recommending. it's a surprise to all of us that the state is saying we're not cooperating. >> partner with us. don't come in here with a hostile takeover, a plantation mentality, do as i say. >> reporter: sweeney and other supporters of the bill say atlantic city has a bloated budget far too big for its size. in newark with a population of 280,000 the budget translates to per capita cost of 2700 per
5:56 pm
person. in camden, population nearly 77,000, it's about 1900 per person. in atlantic city with 39,000 residents, they say it's more than 6,700. >> absolutely incorrect. >> reporter: guardian insists, state lawmakers have their figures wrong and millions paid in casino tax appeals throw the numbers off. he says spending in atlantic city is actually down. >> they're not comparing apples to apples. >> i reached out to sweeney's office but did not receive a response. atlantic city leaders urging the senate president to sit down with them at a meeting as soon as possible. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. coming up next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," powerball frenzy. what are your lucky numbers. we have the most popular numbers
5:57 pm
picked. >> arctic air mass sticking around for another night. what's in store as we look to the weekend? my forecast next. plus, emojis with a philly flare. new text option at 6:00.
5:58 pm
nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 6:00, $1.5
5:59 pm
billion. everyone can dream. >> bentley, pay off college loans. >> can't win if you don't play. >> beginners, first time playing you might be lucky. >> odds, 1 in 292 million. >> son's birthday, years, dates, it's all about my son. >> do something good with it. >> reporter: the lottery fever is everywheren bouncing around new jersey, delaware, and pennsylvania for tonight's historic jackpot. >> good luck. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. between 70% and 80% of winners used the computer to pick winners. 86% of all combinations pick for the jackpot. >> reporters in all three local states. each state has its own benefit of playing there. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal in wilmington, delaware. >> here in delaware, one of the only states in the country, only in our region, you can with hold
6:00 pm
your name if you strike gold. this is a list here of all of the recent powerball jackpot winners. as you can see, people who buy tickets in delaware tend to remain anonymous. folks here say they, too, are probably going to with hold their name, keep it a secret. you can see here, behind the counter, show you big lines here all day, hundreds pouring in each hour. delaware lottery fishes tell me they're selling 22 tickets each second. that number is expected to rise as we get closer to drawing. sales are higher than last week. so far no reports of problems. the state's biggest lottery jackpot in delaware happened in 2004. 33 co-workers from a printing company in sussex struck big, got $116 million and close to remain anonymous. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10.


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