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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  January 13, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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bitter temperatures this morning. winds is at 20 miles per hour. it's steady at 20 miles per hour. we've seen gusts near 30 miles per hour. that's giving you windchill readings in the single digits from trenton through philadelphia and wilmington. a very cold start. we'll see sunshine today. not much of a warm-up. 23 at 7:00. the winds stick kicking at 7:00 this morning and 29 degrees at 1:00 this arch. i expect the entire region to stay below freezing during the day today. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i was back in 10 minutes. jessica is watching traffic this morning. >> we have some problems because of slippery conditions. on route 202, chase closed right now between bristol road and limestone pike. you can see that activity in here. receivable times, i've watched cars head in this direction and had to turn around in the middle of the intersection. right now, if you have to head
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out the door in this area, your best bet is to take lower state road. still, take your time when you're heading out the door. give yourself a couple of extra minutes just to be safe. out in new castle, 301 northbound around 299. we have some slippery conditions reported on a few of the bridges and that is bringing speed restrictions. tracy. so we have some icy roads, bitter cold, gusty winds, all signs of winter this morning in our area. nbc 10's matt is live in gilbertsville with windy conditions and we're told we're having difficulty getting him. we'll get back to him in just a second. make sure you have the nbc news 10 app to get watches and warnings free right on your smartphone and tablet. now to breaking news we've been following for you overseas. as promised, iran has now
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released those ten american saylors they've been holding since yesterday. iran contained the sailors after their two small boats drifted into iranian waters. u.s. officials say they had a mechanical problem. iran took the nine men and won woman into custody and held them on farsi island. but, again, within the hour, iran has released them. we'll continue to follow this breaking news throughout the morning, keep you updated on air and on our nbc news 10 app. we've got more coming up here. stay with us. a possible fair hike could be coming for new jersey train riders. find out about the new recommendation for the state's transit dispute that could mean
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a big jump in fares. plus, shot and killed, hear how a 12-year-old girl was shot by police and why the conabilities says it was justified. ♪ i had an injury to my neck.
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it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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it's a cold one this morning. the cold has returned and the wind is blowing. winds have been gusting to 30 miles per hour in the city. bitter winds to start with this morning will be coming down during the day. that is not going to be a big warm-up today. bitter winds and icy spots after the snow that came through last night. if it is untreated on the ground, there will be some slipping and sliding to do today. tonight, it's cold, but tomorrow starts a warming trend. we will see sunshine and the temperatures tomorrow will be above freezing. but this morning, 11 for mt.
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pocono. 22 for northeast philadelphia. atlantic city, 24 degrees. it will be cold and ice. that is frozen solid this morning. it will be nice and sunny this afternoon. but even this afternoon, we'll be dealing with the winds. gusts of 20 miles per hour in trenton. a little stronger for philadelphia and wilmington and 30-mile-per-hour gusts up to 40 miles per hour first thing when we went on the air at 4:00 this morning. 7 below is what it feels like in the pocono mountains. 7 degrees for allentown and redding and single digits from wilmington to trenton. so a cold start. but it will be a sunny one. sun coming up just after 7:00 this morning. the clouds that are farther to the north and west for the day, they're going stay out of the picture for us. up to 20 for mt. pocono. upper 20s for allentown and ring. breezy this afternoon. 28 in norristown and near 30 for trenton and mt. holly. below freezing for atlantic city and cape may. 30 degrees this afternoon for dover and bright sunshine, very
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low 30s for wilmington and philadelphia. it's just 29 in williamstown. look at the weekend forecast and a warm-up is on the way when i'm back with the seven-day forecast. life changing money and we could finally have a winner today. s drawing day for the record breaking jackpot. the jackpot is now at $1.5 billion. that kind of money puts you in some very exclusive company. >> very exclusive company. you would be in incredible exclusive financial company. we wanted to look at who you would be among. turns out you would have more money than president obama. you would be richer than golf star tiger woods. and you would be richer than eagles owner jeffrey lorie.
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you would have to win b two powerball jackpots to equal oprah winfrey and warren buffett and bill gates are too far ahead to talk about. so if you haven't got your tickets tonight, when should you get it? we talked to some veteran store owners who had some selling lottery tickets for years and they really have such long lines that are created with all of this about the lottery. so they weigh in on the best time of day for you to get it. and we also talked to some people will the best strategy they take when choosing their lottery tickets.. .that's coming up in the next 25 minutes. 5:38. the story about that car, the neo. >> yeah. >> $4 million? that's crazy to me. wow. >> you're thinking about that, though, you're dreaming. >> speaking of cars. >> let's check the roads. there are some icy spots and accidents being reported. jessica has an update.
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>> hopefully none of these cars have -- or one of those constituents have those cars involved. it will be a pricey, pricey incident. we are watching route 202. closed right now between bristol road and limestone pike. you can see that police activity on the scene. you can see several vehicles involved. they have letting crews head down the roadway right in here. you can see they're moving in and out. several times, i've seen cars come through this intersection right now, turn around in the middle and try to leave. so a tow truck moves by there, as well. roadways are slippery. i just checked some of our cameras along inter state road. icy conditions there, as well. nmg new jersey, the northbound lanes right in here. that would be headed in the 423 where you had to get to philadelphia. not a lot of delay or backup so far for the morning. our drive times on 95 are doing okay. you can see we have a 12-had
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minute trip southbound. watch out for that construction. 95 northbound. >> thank you, jessica. this morning, an update on the breaking story we first told you about yesterday. ahead at 6:00, we'll tell you about the arrests made in connection with that attack. and what we know about the suspects. police transparency, the baltimore police department now making changes in the aftermath of the controversial deadly shooting. find out how the public will now be involved.
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5:43. bitter cold outside. the temperature there, you see 22 degrees. with the whipped, it feels like it's in the single digits. and that cold is causing icy road conditions outside. nbc 10's matt is live checking out the conditions. matt, what is it like where you are? >> well, racey, we're in gilbertsville right now in montgomery county. we've been traveling around in storm force. you see the coating of snow and you can see out here on the side streets, especially, you've got that black ice you have to worry about. you see that shine coming off the streets here. we have seen a number of those
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salt trucks moving around this area. we starred our day in phoenixville and made our way up through this area. so a lot of those trucks have been throwing salt down on the ground just to be sure that cars aren't slipping and sliding, especially when you have these side streets where you are to be extra careful. a lot of major roads looking okay. we were just on 422, about a half hour ago and that really did not look bad at all. you take a look out here on these parking lots, also being treated at this hour. and you got that light coating of snow out there. but i'll tell you, even dealing with the snow, it's not as bad as the wind. we have some nice wind coming in right now that is making the cold temperatures feel even colder here in bill gertsville, i just checked the temperature. it's about 18 degrees right now. and you could see my hood just blowing up from the wind here, coming up the back of me right now. and it's just making this feel a
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lot colder than it is. you can only stay outside for a brief time. we were in and out of our truck here just trying to get some warmth because of how cold it really is. so it is winter time, after all, so just you have to grin and bear it. you might need that snow brush or that scraper out there on the carses as you're heading out the door this morning. live in gilbertsville this morning, nbc 10 news. >> all right, matt, get back in there and crank the heat up. meanwhile, from camden county, prosecutors say a father killed his 3-year-old son in an effort to continue a relationship with his teen age girl friend. d.j. appears before a judge for the fist time yesterday. prosecutors laid out charges against him. they claim priano frequented the location where brendan's body was found. they also argued that the dodd ler could not have walked to the
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wooded area. >> that was impossible. impossible for that child though walk that far. >> prosecutors say his girlfriend told him she planned to end the relationship since priano had his son every other weekend and remained in touch with the child's mother. his lawyers say he is innocent. we have new information on a rail worker contract dispute in new jersey. a federal mediation panel recommends a pay hike for unionized employees. that would lead to an 18% raise over four years and the transit says it can't afford that unless it raises fares. the sides are now in a 60-day cooling off period. the workers have been without a contract sips b 011. police are looking for a person who opened fire near a
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day care and left on a mow pedestrian. no one was hurt and police say they saw a guy speed away on a moped. >> i'm shaking now. it's ridiculous. but i'm glad i can take he her home with me and he know she's safe, yeah. >> police have not said if they know the intended target of the gunfire. >> pennsylvania state police say a constable's life was in danger when he shot and killed a 12-year-old girl monday morning. investigators say the constable tried to serve an eviction order on donald meyer who allegedly grabbed a gun. the constable grabbed one shot. meyer was hit in the arm, but the bullet kept going, hitting his 12-year-old daughter, sierra, who was standing behind her father. baltimore's police department is making changes in the aftermath of the freddie gray case. the city's internal affairs department will now let the public see its hearings.
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the majority of complaints filed against baltimore police have been historically dismissed, even those cases that have a public hearing take place away from the public eye. officials say they will change that in an effort to be more transparent. >> the community wants to know that the police department has their best interest at heart. >> opening up the hearings is part of what the commissioner calls an otherhall. happening today, both dragon's ceo will meet with environmental protection services about fixing his company's diesel emissions. the epa and state of california rejected a plan to recall vehicles. officials say the proposal had gaps and not enough detail. they are trying to recover from the scandal, which revealed that the company used software to cheat emission tests.
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heavy snowfall in indiana led to pileups on dozens of vehicles on two major highways. the cell phone video captured this mass where at least 40 vehicles crashed yesterday on nearby i-70. the winter weather caused a chain reaction there, a crash that included nine tractor trailers. officials shut down both highways to clear -- we had a little gusting, but not that. >> there are icy spots out there. it's the same storm that caused that mess in indiana. we didn't get much snow, but you don't need a lot when it is so cold outside. and we have the cold this morning along with the wind. so if it's on the ground and hasn't been treated, it's not going anywhere this morning. the blustery conditions this morning, windchills feel like they were in the single digits. and it's going to stay below freezing all day long. we will, however, see plenty of sunshine and the temperatures will come up a little bit.
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now completely dry, the snow is out of the picture. it's a fru from center city, 22 degrees. winds are now at 20 miles per hour guesting to 26 miles per hour. a lot of the side streets, it hasn't been treated and you'll find slippery spots especially along those curves this morning. boroughs town is 18 degrees. in south jersey, gloucher county, low 20s. and it stays below freeze heing. good news is, it will stay dry. the next round of wet weather will come out of the gulf of mexico. not even showing up on the radar. it hasn't formed yet, but that's on track for saturday. for today, sunshine but bitter winds blowing. especially strong this morning. this afternoon, winds of 20 miles per hour will make 27 to 31 degrees feel about 10 degrees
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colder. and tomorrow morning, it will be koehler he, but not as windy. 22 degrees in the city. is the suburbs can be in the teens. tomorrow afternoon starts the warm-up. not bad. 45 degrees on thursday and even warmer on friday. a high of 53 degrees as clouds increase ahead of the rain that's due in saturday. the raineyest period will be saturday morning, but we could still see showers saturday afternoon. 47 saturday. the winds picks up and here comes another round of cold for sunday, monday and tuesday. >> bill, thanks. 5:51. we launch ed the action to brin you the conditions. >> that accident scene on route 202. sometimes having a lot of icy conditions and problems and slippery roads this morning. so we have an overturned truck you can see and crews trying to flip that truck upright. so now, route 202 is closed
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because of this accident scene in between bristol road and limestone pike. this is one of the intersections where it is being blocked off. your best bet to get around it is to lower straight road. moving over, here is montgomery county on hatfield township and walnut treat. so far this morning, we have no delays for new jersey transit and dart. i'll be back in the 6:00 o'clock to check on these accidents and more. from the heartland to tinsel town. find out about the rams return to los angeles and the other franchise that could be joining them in englewood. plus this. >> yeah, close but no cigar.
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workers in new jersey think they struck it rich with their powerball ticket until they found out they didn't. we'll tell you the drastic measures that one of them took during that celebration.
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the rams are heading back to los angeles. >> l.a. rams! >> nfl owners approved the froits franchise's relocation from st. louis to lrchlt a. the team will play at the l.a. coliseum temporarily and will eventually call a new facility in ingelwood home. the san diego chargers have a year-long option to join the rams in los angeles. what will it feel like to we know the powerball? >> yeah. a group of north jersey restaurant workers experienced this saturday night, at least for a few minutes. they matched all six numbers. the only problem, the numbers were from the wrong day. here is the celebration. yeah, i'd be screaming, too,
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wouldn't you? >> yeah. >> one worker even quit on the spot. we're not sure exactly what the reaction was when they learned they read off the wrong numbers on the wrong day. that wasn't captured on video. that hurts. 5:57 right now. the little girl who captured america's heart while battling cancer in fell fill is celebrating a huge victory. >> leah still was discharged from children's hospital philadelphia yesterday after finishing her last treatment. leah's father posted this message on social media, reads leah strong, 19 days of radiation, seven-hour surgery twal equals one win. leah was first diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma. doctors gave her a 50/50 chance to survive. but just last no, she was
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declared cancer free. he said yesterday, no matter how hard it gets, no matter what the doctors tell you, always remain positive. seek victory into existence. give your child's fight with cancer sa purpose. that one fam that just needs to know they're not alone in the fight so they don't give up. >> a victory into existence. i love that. >> there are so many things you can do with $1.5 billion. some people start buying a new set of wheels, perhaps. >> but why stop with the ride that just has four wheels? here are some less conventional options. >> spent $154 on eight any locomotives. still enough money left to pick up 525 buses. and how about in this beauty? it's a lamborghini neo selling for $4.5 million.
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so many other uses. >> how about a here jet? >> would you do that? >> no. maybe. yes. sure. $1.5 billion? why not. yush watching nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m. starting right now. >> right now on nbc 10 news today, howling winds, first alert meteorologist bill henley says the wind is the different this morning, making it feel a lot colder. >> and as you're heading to work or school this morning, get your snow brush out. you'll be waking up to a thin covering of snow or ice on your car as we have team coverage to keep you safe on the roads today. tonight's jackpot is a record $1.5 billion. so why are most signs advertising far less? it turns out there's a good
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reason for the error. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. >> we have a number of school delays this morning. you can see them scrolling at the bottom of your screen. you can check the nbc 10 app to see if your child's school is delayed. we have team coverage this morning from what you can expect. you'll see outside your window when you wake up to what you can expect on the roads when you leave your house. >> let's begin with bill henley and talk about those windchills. >> you'll need some extra time to binl up this morning. that's the coldest time of day, too. right now, winds are at 23 miles per hour and the guests even higher. that's in philadelphia. that's giving us a feels like temperature of 6 degrees now. that's down from when we went on the air. it felt five degrees warmer, 6 in allentown. 7 degrees below zero is what it feels like in the poconos and even at the shore,


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