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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 6, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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on court controversy at a high school basketball game. a coach is in trouble after knocking heads with the referee. overnight i want national concern is growing after north korea says it tested a hydrogen bomb. get ready for a cold start, temperatures in the single digits in some areas. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. let's find out more about the chilly temperatures this morning with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. >> tracy, good morning. it's a cold morning, downright cold. but the wind has died down. temperatures in the teens and 20s and a few spots even colder.
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pottstown 11 degrees, 8 in millville, 22 degrees at philadelphia international. unlike yesterday, the wind has disappeared for most of the area, calm the wind chill not a factor. with clear skies we'll see a lot of sunshine. 19 degrees, cold at 6:00. look at the warm-up. by 9:00, 25 and above freezing at noon time today, something that didn't happen all day yesterday. back in 10 minutes with the neighborhood by neighborhood forecast. >> as bill mentioned getting out the door to work or school will be the coldest part of your day. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in conshohocken with information about braving the cold air. >> reporter: we are in conshohocken right off fayette street. bill said the wind has died down throughout our area, that is bringing some relief if you've been outside monday or tuesday or this morning, you'll probably feel that this morning in terms of the wind is really the least severe with the wind. you can see this american flag above me slightly blowing in the
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wind. still, though, temperatures, it is bitter cold. yesterday when a lot of us were going out to our car it was around 10, 11 degrees. this morning we may be seeing a difference of 7, 8 degrees warmer. you can feel that coupled with the lack of wind. but the key to staying warm this morning if you're headed out to the bus stop or headed out to your car for work or going to the bus to take it to work for yourself is layering. hats, gloves and layering on all body parts is your key until it warms up later today. bill is going to have more on when it's going to warm up in his extended forecast. coming up we'll look around our area and tell you what counties still have enacted their code blue because of these bitter temperatures. >> thanks for that. and be prepared for the cold with the "nbc 10 news" app, now is a great time to download, get the forecast, weather advisories and a list of resources to help you stay warm. getting out the door let's check
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the roads. jessica boyington is watching a car fire. >> that car fire is on route 202 approaching the schuylkill expressway on the northbound side. you can see that as an active scene. a few vehicles involved as well. and emergency crew on the scene. on the northbound side. we don't have all lanes blocked. there are lanes getting by. i checked in with the drive times in the green, no problems or backup. but something to be cautious of. we could see delay there's more emergency crew on the scene later on. for now that's what we're dealing with. the vine street expressway dealing with construction. east and westbound is closed between broad street and the schuylkill expressway, that will be until about 5:00. we'll keep you updated for the morning especially if they go late. >> it's 4:03. a developing story, we're getting new information about north korea's apparent test of a hydrogen bomb. state television announced the test as a success. in the past five minutes we learned a south korean spy
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agency is claiming that north korea tested an atomic bomb, not a hydrogen bomb. u.s. officials say they are concerned but they do not have evidence and they might not have any for days to confirm what type of bomb it was. u.s. geologists did detect a 5.1 earthquake near north korea's main nuclear test site. observers say a confirmed h-bomb test would be a major escalation of north korea's nuclear weapons program. >> at home we have new information about this play that ended in an on court controversy. that's the basketball coach head butting a referee. matt delucia is live outside the school. what do we know about the coach and what happened? >> reporter: tracy, the school district is looking into what happened at the game last night. it was witnessed by players and parents and recorded on video as you saw. this is during the game last night. here is that video where you can see the head coach jerry devine
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confronting a referee, appears head butting, fell to the ground. the coach was ejected from the game. viewers at the game last night tell us that police were called to the school and according to his,io on a website the coach has taught in the district for 15 years, and has been the head coach of the boys basketball team for 10 years. representative from the high school tells us that the district administration will be reviewing the incident. in the meantime, according to the pennsylvania interscholastic athletic association that oversees the sports here, a coach who is ejected also faces more disciplinary action, mainly from the principal here so we're going to follow what happens as a result of all of this. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> today protesters plan to demonstrate outside a federal hearing in the ft. dix five case. a judge will determine if five
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brothers received a fair trial. at the trial a government informant testified that the five knew nothing about the plot but in a conspiracy case all are considered linked even if they are not aware of the details. two others were also convicted. they claim the five were entrapped to win points on the war on terror. >> bill cosby's wife will not have to take the stand in a civil suit against her husband at least for now. a judge in massachusetts postponed the deposition while camille cosby appeals an earlier ruling. if she loses her appeal she will be forced to testify in a civil lawsuit from seven women against her husband of 52 years. the deposition could include specific questions about the couple's sex life. we spoke to one of the women's attorney by phone after the stay was granted. joe believes that he will get a
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chance to interview the camille cosby. >> there is an adage that people say that a perfect union is a marriage of a blind woman to a deaf man, she is not blind, she i'm sure did get to see and hear a lot. >> it could take at least a week if not longer before we know if camille cosby will have to testify. bill cosby is facing sex assault charges in a separate case from 2004. >> this morning two women are recovering from a dog attack in philadelphia. police say a neighbor's dog bit a woman and her adult daughter last night. medics took both to the hospital. a witness said another neighbor who was threatened by the dog tried to shoot the animal. >> somehow this dog again got out from the gate, and charged at him. supposedly the dog was about
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maybe 10 feet away and he shot his dog. >> police arrested the man who shot at the dog. no word on the charges. animal control took the dog away. >> well, if you are out and about today, you are likely to see long ticket lines for the largest powerball jackpot in nearly a year. tonight's drawing is for estimated $450 million which is the sixth largest lottery jackpot ever in north america. the last time that much was at stake was last february. it's cold this morning but it's not windy. the wind has died down as evidence of the flag on top of the aramark building. it's common to see the winds at the surface die down. clear too. so the temperatures have been coming down in a hurry overnight. and it's going to be a cold start this morning. very cold air. the good news, bright sunshine
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today. to warm us into the 40s this afternoon. and temperatures will be moderating over the next few days. a slow warming trend will have us in the 50s by the weekend. this morning 10 for mount pocono, 17 degrees in northeast philadelphia and in the teens for atlantic city with clear skies. with that 10 degrees in the mountains, back to snow making for camelback. that's the view. most of the area like katy zachry mentioned is running warmer than yesterday. 9 degrees warmer at philadelphia international. 11 degrees warmer in mount pocono. but with less wind and clear skies millville is down by 5. so plenty of cold, just nothing to show you on the satellite imagery. so sunshine will be bright and we'll see a warm-up during the day. temperatures in the pocono mountains near 40 for camelback, pennsburg, partly to mostly sunny skies there. sunshine and just a few thin clouds at times for new hope, abington, up to 39 this afternoon. and definitely warmer at the
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shore. low 40s instead of the low 30s we saw yesterday. bright sunshine for avalon, millville, symrna, and near 40 for wilmington and woodstown up to 40 in philadelphia. the warming trend, i'll have details and look at your weekend forecast when i'm back in 10 minutes. >> thanks for that. if you're heading out the door heat up your car, layer up and check with jessica boyington. continue to watch an issue on 202. >> i like that. that's a good suggestion. 202 clearing out of the way. we had an earlier car fire, several emergency crews on the scene. this is the around the schuylkill expressway. now only this disabled vehicle on the right hand shoulder. the rest of the cars are gone. you can see the northbound lanes having no problems right now. everybody getting by just fine. so, you are good to go heading out on 202 right now. on the p.a. turnpike on the northeast extension for a slow-moving maintenance vehicle. that's actually going on the southbound side between lansdale and the mid county toll plaza,
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alternating lane closures until 5:00. another 15 minutes or so for that. drive times on the p.a. turnpike no problem route 1 to valley forge, 22 minutes, no problems on mass transit. i'll be back with another check on your morning drive. >> thanks. martin luther king day is over a week away. for many it's not just a holiday but a day to honor the civil rights leader through community service. this morning at girard college mayor kenney will announce the plans for the king day of service. the philadelphia region including pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware holds the largest king day event in the country. also today a mural painted by students from six area schools will be unveiled. >> it's 11 past 4 now, 20 degrees outside. gun control, it is the divisive issue that brought the president of the united states to tears. >> if a child can't open a bottle of aspirin, should make sure they can't pull a trigger
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on a gun. all right. >> next, we'll explain his controversial 5-point gun safety plan, plus share reaction from gun owners and victims of gun violence. also ahead. >> i went to purchase my car it was the main thing i was looking for. >> it's technology aimed at making things easier but some say keyless ignition systems come with a hidden danger. ou're 50 to 85,
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can be cancelled. pay your premiums and it's yours for a lifetime, guaranteed. you even get a no-risk 30-day money back guarantee. colonial penn specializes in protection for mature men and women. see how much coverage you can get for just $9.95 a month. call right now. you'll get this information kit and this free gift. don't miss out. millions have already called. call now. (soft music) ♪ (colonial penn jingle) >> it's 14 past 4. today congress convenes in the new year, house republicans will renew their push to repeal obamacare and defund planned parndhood, the start of what is expected to be a battle between congress and the white house and the gop is balking about president obama's executive
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actions on guns. vai sikahema is here with details and vai, the president showed some rare emotion on the issue yesterday. tell us more. >> tracy, this is the side of the president you don't see that often in the eight years he has been in the presidency. you can see president obama teared up when talking about gun violence at the white house, it happened as he rolled out his do it yourself policy on gun control. president obama delivered what may have been his most emotional speech in office. he was recalling his saddest day in office t slaughter of 20 first-graders in the sandy hill shooting three years ago. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. and by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. >> president obama's 5-point gun safety plan includes comprehensive background checks, new regulations for gun dealers, especially online and at gun
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shows. hiring more people to process the paperwork and make the system more efficient and making sure people with mental illness get the help they immediate and developing new technology to make guns safer. we're getting strong reactions from all sides from gun owners to victims of gun violence. robert bon net, a licensed gun dealer was not impressed at all by the president's plan. he said anyone who want as gun can still get it. we also spoke to a woman shot point blank in a chester county church in the 1990s. star bright said she still feels the pain. >> i was thinking it must be a toy gun. then he shot so it the bullet went through my side and went through into my spinal cord, broke off a piece of vertebrae. >> police say david bixler pulled the trigger that day. he was a pair annoyed schizophrenic who should not have been allowed to buy a gun.
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star bright told us even one life saved is worth it. i'm vai sikahema, nbc 10 news. >> a satirical cartoon in the wilmington news journal has police upset and people talking. look at the cartoon, it shows an officer pointing a gun at a baby who is holding a bottle. and the officer says, he is holding something, could be a weapon. the cartoon ran in sunday's wilmington news journal. the website and mobile app. the police department says the cartoon is disgraceful and unfair to police working to improve community relations. >> one of those cartoons i don't know that anybody is not possibly offended by it in different ways of looking at it. it's an offensive cartoon. >> we reached out to the will ming ton news journal but have not heard back. >> happening today the mother of the 2-year-old girl whose body washed up on a massachusetts beach will be in court. rachel bond will be arraigned on accessory to murder charges in the death of her daughter. the body of the child first
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known as baby dough washed youp in a trash bag in noon. the mother is charged with larceny for continuing to receive assistance for her daughter even after her death. her boyfriend will be arraigned on monday for the murder of the little girl. >> a tornado may have touched down in southern california, the wind was so strong they blew the shingles off this building in los angeles county yesterday. seven other businesses have similar damage. the national weather service says they received reports of a tornado in the area and they are now investigating. south they are dealing with rain and flooding. take a look at this from san diego. that's a jeep pushing a stalled car out of rising water. more rain is expected today and could last into tomorrow. our recent rash of warmer than normal weather made a lot of people happy but mother nature is sort of confused. until the cold blast this week hundreds of cherry blossom trees were blooming as it thought it was spring. now people are wondering if the
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trees will bloom again at the right time. >> come for their weddings, you know. it's just nice. it's comforting. >> it brings a sense of prettiness to so much ugliness in the world. >> now they say the trees will survive and may blossom again in april if mother nature cooperates. 4:19. it is cold outside. look how clear it is. there's the moon coming up this morning. this is the view from here at the nbc 10 studios. dead calm for the flag not moving at all. calm at philadelphia international. 9 degrees warmer but still cold, 22 degrees right now. have to bundle up. don't forget your sunglasses. we'll see bright sunshine today and it will be warmer this afternoon. but, this morning, 11 in
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pottstown. northeast philadelphia, wilmington at 17 degrees. gloucester county 12 in harrison township. 13 degrees in turnersville. a cold start but it will be dry and sunny too. no sign of wet weather for philadelphia and the rest of the area until the weekend. then clouds will be building. but looks like it's only rain. balls a warming trend that really gets started today. yesterday's high was 32 degrees. we'llble in the upper 30s to low 40s this afternoon with brilliant sunshine and the wind will be light. by the time we get to the weekend we've got 50s. saturday clouds increasing, a chance of showers saturday evening. then steadier rainfall on sunday but the temperatures will go warmer. 56 degrees sunday afternoon. back with the seven-day forecast to show you how long that milder weather is going to last. >> we'll see you then. 20 minutes past 4:00. let's check your ride to work if it includes the vine street
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expressway. >> we're still dealing with construction on the vine street expressway so you're looking at my camera here around 24th street. you can see flashing lights ahead that is police activity blocking off some of the off ramps on the westbound side. westbound and eastbound is closed this morning, no traffic moving through from the schuylkill expressway to broad street. that we'll be dealing with for at least a half hour or so. yesterday the crews were a little late picking this up. you can see the rest of the drive times are great, we're all in the green still no problems on the schuylkill or 95 into center city, and the blue route southbound from the schuylkill to 95 is only 14 minutes. mass transit great in the green there, no problems or delays for septa, new jersey tran ssit, da and patco. >> people in western atlantic count very a new way to get around free of charge. a community shuttle service run by the south jersey transportation authority is picking up passengers. route 5240 has nine stops and
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goes through folsom and richland. the shuttle will link riders with existing buses and trains. >> in winter leaders at stockton are thinking about the beach. after a failed plan at a seaside campus south jersey university says it has new plans for a school by the beach. and taking a swing at his accusers. how ryan howard is fighting back against doping allegations.
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>> it's 4:24. the eagles search for a new head coach is moving forward. yesterday they interviewed adam gace, one of the top candidates. here he is leaving philadelphia
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last night. the bears offensive coordinator helped to guide jay cutler to one of his best seasons before chicago he was peyton manning's offensive coach. other candidates mentioned for the head coaching slot include doug marrone, teryl austin, and these other coaches, assistant coaches. panthers defensive coordinator used to run the eagles defense is also interested in the job. >> philly slugger ryan howard is suing a tv network after it claimed he used performance enhancing drugs. last week the network aired a documentary alleging that howard and others received human growth hormone from an anti-aging clinic. howard denied wrong doing. >> it's a cold start, the temperatures under clear skies
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and very little wind have dropped to 20 degrees. the time is 4:26. >> we're watching route 73 in waterford, new jersey not a car in sight so we're good to go north or southbound on 73. i have construction to talk about, though. >> something to believe in. this fall philadelphia rallied around the temple owls football team. next, another city college says its lack of a team is actually a bigger advantage for students.
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deposition delayed. bill cosby's wife was supposed to be interviewed today. hear from a lawyer representing one alleged victim about what he hopes will happen in the case. convenient or hidden danger. lots of new cars now come with keyless ignitionings. one senator says the technology may have a fatal flaw. before you head out be warned, we're off to another cold start. temperatures are in the single digits in parts of our area. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. let's find out more about the chilly temperatures with bill henley and his forecast. >> it's another very cold morning but the wind has really died down so the wind chill that was so cold yesterday is not a factor at all this morning. look at the delaware, like glass this morning in front of center city. it's 22 degrees in philadelphia, 21 in coatesville, look at the colder temperatures, pottstown, toms river is at 5 degrees, and millville in the single digits, south philadelphia, 11 degrees
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while roxborough is 17. it's a cold start. you'll have to bundle up. with bright sunshine you'll need sunglasses and we'll see the temperatures climb in a hurry. 20 at 6:00, by 9:00, 24 degrees. then above freezing by lunch time. the wind, just 4-mile-an-hour breeze at noon time today. back in 10 minutes with a look at your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast. let's see what's happening on the roads. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're starting out on 295. this is in west deptford. no problems really as of yet. right around 644 from 42 freeway to the delaware memorial bridge, we're at 23 minutes. 63 miles per hour as your average speed so we're good to go there. no problems heading to the delaware memorial bridge. the rest of the bridges are great and in the clear. no bridge openings so far and good getting into philadelphia


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