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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  October 15, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> good morning. a new traffic headache for drivers in philadelphia. the chestnut street bridge is closed at penn's landing to repair a serious problem. >> time is almost up for homeowners. we'll tell you about the deadline. >> you better grab a jacket. there is a bit of a chill in the air. more where that came from more ahead in the first alert forecast. good morning. >> we need a jacket this
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morning. by the week, you want to transition to that bigger coat in the closet, probably. it's pretty nice out there this morning. meteorologist bill henley is standing by. this is on track for the middle of october. >> normal is actually a little cooler than it is right now temperatures are cooler. we have a nice breeds for parts of the area. philadelphia the a nine-mile-an-hour wind. if the wind is dying down, northeast philadelphia into central new jersey, so the temperatures are settling down as well. 40 and 50. 51 currently in wilmington and northeast philadelphia, while it's 55 at philadelphia international. the normal low temperature for philadelphia is in the upper 40s. so we're getting a mild start, it will be a cooler day overall however we will see sunshine, 10:0057 degrees, go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood, we're right back in ten minutes. it's a thursday morning.
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jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> bill, we are starting out in new jersey, we are good to go on 295. everybody is still moving along nicely. we have a 12 mrnt drive time. if you are heading into philadelphia right now. no problems heading from 295 from the p.a. turnpike, getting out of the way early today, westbound and eastbound, 23 minutes at the most from valley forge to route 1. we'll have an update on that chestnut street bridge repair. it is now closed. they are diverting all traffic off on to front street north and southbound. so your best bet for alternates to get around those areas. we are following breaking news this morning out of north philadelphia, students got a safety alert early this morning after two students were robbed in separate incidents near
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campus. nbc 10 is live on the scene of one of those crisis. what can you tell us at this point? >> reporter: i just got off the phone with police resources, here's what i can tell you, just before 3:30 this morning, police were called here to this intersection of 15th and montgomery. they tell us a student had gone outside to smoke a cigarette. he says he was walking near his home on 15th street near montgomery and he was stopped by an armed person. he says he was robbed at gunpoint of about $30. also his wallet was taken as well as an iphone. now, a short distance away, a student, a temple student tells police he walked into a chinese takeout restaurant and a gunman there demanded his keys. so far police sources tell us they do not believe these two incidents are related but several police and detectives are investigating.
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we are going to continue to monitor that and have more for you in the next hour. >> we have new video this morning of repair work on the way at penn's landing. inspectors found a crack in the bridge. penndot shut down that bridge indefinitely. >> that repair work is affecting drivers this morning. nbc 10 is live now in the digital information center. katie, a lot of drivers travel in this area. >> reporter: lauren, that's right, this bridge is a busy one, it extends market street. this morning no one is use tack bridge to drive or walk over. yesterday someone found a 4 foot crack. you see it right there, in one of the bridge's support piers with the destructor that helps to hold the bridge up. engineers were out inspecting it last night. they were back very early this morning as you can see from our
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video as work began. we'll continue. we are trying to figure out how long the repair work will continue. i reached out to a penndot spokesperson to try to find out the cause of the crash as well as how lengthy the repairs will be. in the meantime, expect to be diverted on front street. live in the digital operations center, nbc 10 news. today the man who is charged with six counts of murder in the market street building collapse in center city will be back on the witness stand in his own defense. we had a lot of developments in court yesterday. griffin campbell told the jury he had no formal training as a demolition contractor and was basically told what to do which the demolition architect. campbell claims that he had only demolished two small row homes before agreeing to do a building that collapsed in 2013 killing six people in that store. he told the jury that there was no discussion about job site safety for the architect.
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they say the only time inspectors told him to stop white house because he didn't have enough insurance. happening today the last day for homeowners to challenge their flood damaged claims from superstorm sandy. fema deadline to make a fileing is midnight tonight. nearly 145,000 homeowners suffer as loss when the storm hit in october of 2012. some claim they were under stege for their damages. so fema is accepting requests for a claim review. again you only have until midnight. it will be up to philadelphia's next mayor to decide who should one run the city's police department there. just after commissioner charges ramsay announced yesterday that he's retiring, ramsay was joined by the man who hired him, mayor michael nutter, to make that announcement yesterday. ramsay will retire january 7th when nutter's term ends. ramsay served for eight years as philadelphia police commissioner. during that time, homicides, robberies, shootings, all declined.
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but ramsay says his work is not done. >> there there are some neighborhoods deemed unsafe. there are too many people shot on the streets in our city. too many murders, too many robberies, too much crime. >> now, chief ramsay's 47 year history in law enforcement began when he was 18. an 18-year-old recruit with the chicago police department. he served there for 30 years before moving on to washington, d.c. and then philadelphia. well, they say lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place. for one woman, that's essentially what happened. we'll tell you how this nurse who survived ebola once is now fighting for her life again. and later, he was blessed by the pope in philadelphia. now new blessings are coming his way. we'll tell you what donations are doing for this ten-year-old and his family.
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>> 5:39, it's a cooler breeze this morning, skies are mostly clear, humidity is down. so are the temperatures, 55 degrees with a northwesterly wind at 9 miles an hour, that's dry air that continues to push clouds off shore. a few scattered clouds. we have a few clouds, no rain with these clouds. it's our chance to get some showers tomorrow. today will be plenty of sunshine, nice and sunny. 55 this afternoon for allentown, the low 60s and a nice breeze blowing. this evening it's comfortable. pleasant and mount holly, 65 this afternoon. middle 50s rehoboth and atlantic city, 66 also for dover, sunny skies, nothing but that for philadelphia all into the middle 60s today, turning kolgder this weekend, seven-day forecast is
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back in ten minutes. >> 20s minutes until 6:00 now. we got a lot of stuff going out there on the roads this morning. >> schuylkill is a start, we're still doing okay. i don't want to get ahead of myself here. we're not seeing many delays. eastbound lanes headed to the vooip expressway no problems. 12 minutes eastbound going west in the affected area. doing the same as well if you are headed out the door, north and southbound a ramp to 20295 northbound to 896. watch out for closures. >> you can see the rest of the drive times are looking despite these closures, there is no problems right now at the most it will take you ten minutes. over the next ten minutes, i will give you an update from the
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mass transit line. >> thanks, jessica. a deadly is attack in israel prompted new action on the world stage. we are following a meeting at the u.n. today plus new information about the casino in atlantic city. an investigation reveals behind the scenes. and an american hero born overseas his actions staiv saved most of the deployed unit in afghanistan. now we're learning he will be getting the nation's highest military honor.
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travel to the middle east to try to ease the boring israeli-palestinian tensions there. there is growing violence in that region all across the country israeli force have been future on high alert. yesterday you saw that plan run past under surveillance with a knife. in recent weeks, eight israelis have been killed in shootings, a stabbing and a stoning. 31 palestinians have died. we spoke with a new jersey rabbi with ties to the area. >> kids are being told not to go on buses. >> now ambassadors at the united
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nations are meeting later today in hopes of organizing an emergency meeting about the violence in israeli. the british government says if wiki leaks founder julian assange gets a medical exam, he will be arrested. britain is denying him safe passage, assange sought political asylum three years ago to avoid extradition to sweden, where he is wanted for questioning over rape allegations, he could be extra tighted to the u.s. to stand trial over the leak of classified military and diplomatic documents in 2010 afternoon. a british soldier who survived ebola is ill again. he is back in an isolation unit at the same place he was treated after krth ebola work income sierra leone last year. an expert in biomed cal studies says it is possible for the ebola virus to reemerge in a
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small percentage of people. >> few of them have have ongoing health issues related to that vir virus. >> many parts of south carolina are still feel dealing with flood damage. crews are making progress there. so far they managed over 200 roads closed because of flooding and opened more disaster oefr centers. the governor says she's pleased with the progress. >> south carolina is on the move. we are excited. we are knocking out all of the challenges, they said it's not an option. we will continue to move in that direction. >> the governor thanked all the volunteers to help those people recover. president obama is set to award
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the highest military honor next month. army officials credit the captain with keening suicide bombers from carrying out a plan he will be the tenth resippient for actions in afghanistan. stockton university's purchase of the sa ki no in atlantic city t. budget appropriations committee will conduct a hearing next month to knoll low up on an investigation into the deal. he brought the former casino last december hoping to convert it into a satellite campus. legal restrictions on how the property can be used scuttled those plans. we had a typical clothing change maybe i'll wear them tomorr
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tomorrow. >> my wife says that. we're showing off our stripes this morning. the cause is a good cause, right? >> a very good cause. a terrific one. the philadelphia ronald mcdonald house is hosting its show your strength socks campaign. for a $10 donation you can get your hands or your feet on a pair of red and white socks to support families of seriously ill children. this socks celebration of sorts can be used for a birthday party at the ronald mcdonald house tonight. people are cheming sell on social media using the #socky. >> there you go, i'm putting them on right now. you might have to layer them up. it's chili this morning.
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just one? it's all i can afford. >> i'm not going there. it is clear this morning getting chillier for the weekend. northwesterly wind at miles an hour. the temperatures a little cooler than yesterday. parts of new jersey 11 degrees chillier this morning. nice and clear across the area. we will see plenty of sunshine today. it will be a typical autumn day. right in the middle of october. it feels like it. part of south jersey, too. millvale 47 degrees, a few thin clouds overnight. no rain, not today a. slight chance the cloud you see in canada will bring us a few showers tomorrow. not much in the way of wet weather there. what we will see over the weekend is a cooler wind blowing. saturday afternoon. this is 4:00. look at the temps, 66 degrees. the high temperature will seem like november t. wind will be blowing, the temperatures coming
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down into sunday morning at 2:00 look at the 30s for doylestown, allentown, reading, potts town, philadelphia drops into the 40s as well as we go later into sunday morning t. forecast today, not bad at all. sunny skies, low- to mid-70s, 60s this afternoon, 70s would be nice westerly wind, 12 miles an hour, tomorrow a chillier morning. 40s, into the upper 60s a. slight chance of a shower on friday the cold is right on target for saturday and sunday. the coldest will be sunday morning over the weekend then next week colder on mon morning. flirting with record temperatures on monday morning. 53 tuesday and then near 70s wednesday afternoon. you don't like it? >> i like it. well, i think we like the traffic this morning. >> we check back in with her on
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that. >> just saying. >> not like the 50s. >> got some construction work out there, jessica, that can slow people down. >> this is ongoing construction. we have been dealing with it for some time the inner drive has the right lane closed. watch out for that, it's not a huge inkoreans so far for the morning, still doing great, no real increase on 95. the southbound lanes right in here ahead of the center city area. northbound lanes doing just fine. 195, we're okay. as for mass transit. no delays yet. i'll have another update for you coming up for traffic in the 6:00 hour. >> thanks, jessica.
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well, from stripes to colors. we're wearing purple today. taking a chance against bullying. it is a part of a larger alliance group initiative at nbc universal. today is spirit day. millions of people will wear purple to show their support for lesbian an gay and transgender youth. you are wearing purple today. be sure to post pictures on social media using #pridenbcyou and spirit day, if you are looking for something to do with a family on saturday. we invite you to celebrate saturday october 17th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at that time adventure aquarium. we will have music, dancing, costumes. you can meet some of us. we'll be there taking pictures with you. members of the nbc 10 telemundo team. go to to buy your tickets. if you use the promo code, you get $4 off those tickets and if
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you always wanted to ask a burning question about the news or what we'd like to do on the weekends, can you do that through periscope. >> right there. hi, guys. >> we have our app set up. at the end of the desk here. these guys are like we talked to them. >> good morning, chuck. >> if you want to join in the fight on nbc philadelphia. >> but we are on top of important news for your morning commute today. penn landing bridge is closed for emergency reware. coming up at 6:00 a.m., we will show what you is wrong there and how you can get around that scene.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast a local family is prayers are answered. >> it's all after pope francis' visit to philadelphia. you remember the family, their son family on the tarmac, the pontiff stopped to bless ten-year-old michael and since then, their lives have changed.
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the family has received nearly $100,000 in donations to buy a new fan, 50,000 came from an unlikely source. >> one person donated $50,000 and i'm in awe. >> when i found that out, i just cried and cried and cried. >> the film director says he was inspired by the family's grace and commitment. well, when you are an art lover, every day is a great day, awesome museums, today is going to be especially good for one art lover. >> in just a few hours, the foundation is expecting its 1 millionth visitor to walk through its doors today. they tell us they are expecting that person 20 come in around 10:20. the foundation opened on the ben franklin parkway in may of 2012 after years of legal wrangling
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to fight to keep it in marion where dr. barnes first began checking art nearly a hundred years ago, you are watching nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m. starts now. nbc 10 breaking news. >> we'll take you to that breaking news in a moment. there is this to be aware of a. bridge closure, a busy bridge, a lot of you may have used. now you into ed to take an alternate route. we'll tell you what the problem with is and how to get around it. >> and we are having sunshine on tap today outside. but there is a colder change on the way for the weekend. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. >> i hate it when i give myself a new name in the morning. >> how early is it? it's 6:00 a.m. >> it's the kaepd corn. everything has gone downhill since then t. forecast has gone
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uphill. >> we will call you that if you bring food in. we will see lots of sunshine, temperatures are running cooler. not just in philadelphia, allentown, down 11 degrees in mull holly. if you need a jacket, 54 and still falling at this her in philadelphia. wilmington in the 40s. millvale down to 45 and 40 degrees in allentown, pocono mountains drops down into the 30s to turn the numbers around. 53, just a scattered cloud or two at 8:00. ten into the middle 60 this afternoon with plenty of sunshine today. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, jessica boyington is watching your first alert traffic. >> we're doing a big check on the area, we are starting off, if you head into new jersey, watch out for construction to the bridge, the left lane is cl


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