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tv   Today  NBC  May 25, 2015 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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. it's getting warmer and warmer. >> since saturday. >> indeed. >> "today" show is next. we're back here in a few minutes for local updates. >> remember, you can get everything on good morning. historic and catastrophic. >> oh my gosh! stop stop stop! he needs to get out! >> unprecedented flooding in texas and oklahoma. at least three people killed eight others missing. hundreds of homes washed away d more storms are on the way. breaking overnight. a pressure cooker found inside a suspicious car found near the u.s. capitol. the bomb squad called in to destroy it. that car's owner arrested. we are live with the latest on the investigation. legend lost. ann mirearameara, one-half of the comedy duo and mother of ben
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stiller has died. this morning tributes breaking in. breaking barriers. both sound and gender. we are taking to the skies with the iconic blue angels' first-ever female pilot as we honor those who currently serve our country and those who gave their lives for it. today, monday may 25th 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to "today" on this monday morning. it is memorial day 2015. i'm willie geist. >> and i'm tamron hall along with she ned jones and dylan dreyer. we have men and women on the plaza keeping everyone company. we'll say hello to them later.
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>> first let's get to today's top story. that damaging and deadly flooding in the south. the images coming out of texas and oklahoma are just unreal. entire neighborhoods submerged. crews using boats and helicopters to use rescues. gabe gutierrez is in hard-hit texas. gabe good morning. >> reporter: willie good morning. this is some of the incredible damage we've seen. these three small houses they had been across the street. now, residents here say some of this damage looks more like a tornado than a flood. so far at least three people have been confirmed killed in texas and oklahoma. and today authorities are searching for at least eight others missing including several children. this morning in texas, a crushing memorial day. hundreds of people waking up homeless. local officials calling this flooding historic and catastrophic. >> we do have whole streets that have maybe one or two houses left on them and the rest of them are slabs.
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>> reporter: here in wimberley, one man survived but his wife and two children are missing. they were staying in a house along the blanco river saturday night. the river reached flood stage at 12 feet. it took more than an hour for it to crest at 43. this water rose quickly here. look at where that desk ended up. all the way up in that tree. emergency workers raced to rescue trapped homeowners and drivers. >> oh my gosh! stop stop stop! he needs to get out! >> reporter: an elderly man was saved just moments before a raging river took over his suv. but captain jason farley a veteran firefighter, drowned while trying to rescue people. >> he was a very good man. >> reporter: late sunday tornado warnings were issued for parts of kansas missouri iowa and illinois. back in texas, the damage
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assessment is just beginning. this small resort wiped out. >> when you come down here you can tell it's going to take months to fix a lot of this stuff. >> reporter: overnight there was a nighttime curfew that was in effect. many memorial day events in this area have been canceled and the governor of texas is set to tour some of this damage later today. willie? >> those pictures are just astounding. let the people there know we're thinking about them today. thank you so much. dylan, not a lot of relief there either. >> no. we still have more rain in the forecast. this area picks up to 2 to 4 inches of rain in may on average. and we have already seen nearly 20 inches in parts of southeastern oklahoma. oklahoma city 18.7 inches so far this may alone. dallas nearly a foot of rain. houston, 7 inches of rain. the problem is the rivers.
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the ground is saturated and any additional rainfall seeps into the rivers. some are rising 20 feet in one hour. we've got this cold front moving in. we've still got this moisture streams in from the gulf of mexico. 25 million people are under this flash flood watch including oklahoma, texas, and parts of arkansas and western louisiana. any torrential downpours have the potential of producing more flash flooding. also the risk of stronger storms in central texas. we also have to remember hail and isolated tornadoes are also possible. in addition to that 5 to 6 more inches of rain. we will see this push further to the east. by tuesday evening, just spotty showers in texas. we're still looking at heavier rain to move into the midwest. these are the bullseyes. down near houston. down near parts of southern miss. that's where we could end up with up to 8 inches of rain in
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ground that's already saturated. >> thank you very much. now to a scary scene near the u.s. capitol. take a look. a bomb squad called in to destroy a pressure cooker found in a suspicious vehicle. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has more for us. pete good morning. what's the latest there? >> reporter: well tamron u.s. capitol police are not saying exactly what attracted their attention to the car parked at the foot of the u.s. capitol on the west side toward the national mall. but when they took a closer look they detected an odor of gasoline and inside saw a pressure cooker. those cooking pots have been used to make bombs in the past. so they closed off the street for a couple of blocks in both directions and called in a bomb squad. that team searched the car and removed the items and blew them up. capitol police say nothing hazardous was found. the driver from suburban washington, d.c. has been arrested but the charge was driving on expired license.
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the car was discovered before the memorial day concert. ever since the boston marathon bombing, pressure cookers have attracted police attention. an issue of the online al qaeda magazine included instructions on how to use them to include bombs. >> thank you very much pete. on this memorial day we pay trip yut to the men and women who have died serving the country. right now nearly 10,000 troops are still stationed in afghanistan. about 3,000 more in iraq. an isis militant seized control of ramadi last week. a debate is raging over whether the u.s. needs to change its strategy in its fight against isis. ashton carter was blunt when talking about the problem. >> they withdrew from the site. and that says to me and i think most of us that we have an issue
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with the will of the iraqis to fight isil and defend themselves. >> retired general jack jacobs has been awarded the medal of honor. he's now an nbc correspondent. colonel jack jacobs is with us. it's always good to see you, sir. >> good morning, willie. >> let's pick up on the sound bite from secretary carter. it seems that is at the heart of the u.s. strategy. partnering with the iraqi military to defeat isis. where do we go from here? >> well i can't see any place reasonable to go from here. when secretary carter says the iraqis lack the will to fight, it's difficult to envision how we're going to get them to have the will to fight after all this time. you have corrupt government in baghdad. now you've got -- we're
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supporting shia militias to go in. i can't see how the country holds together and i can't see what we can do short of sending several hundreds of thousands of americans back to iraq to hold that country together. the path ahead is very very difficult indeed. >> colonel jacobs, president obama said this week the fall of ramadi was a technical setback. he said isis is on the defensive. do you agree with the president's assessment? >> no i don't at all. it's difficult to envision what our strategy is. we have lots of tactics. i mean we bomb the bad guys. we have people on the ground to train iraqis which doesn't seem to have worked well. but it's impossible to determine what our long-term strategy is.
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i think we need to sit down and think what we want the end to look like. if you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there. at the moment it doesn't seem as if we know exactly where we're going. and exhortations by people like former secretary gates that what we really need to do is send more troops more advisers more aircraft in to bomb isis that doesn't make any sense. because as anybody who's fought in combat knows, air power, artillery support, is only good to the extent it supports the troops on the ground who have to seize and hold terrain. short of the iraqis being able to seize and hold terrain that we help them win back i can't see any way forward at all. >> colonel jacobs before i let you go a lot of people waking up right now getting ready to go to parades and have picnics and watch fireworks. as i watch you stand there in front of the vietnam memorial i
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imagine this day means something different to you. >> well behind me are the names of 58,300-some-odd of my brothers people who gave their lives so we can enjoy today. we have to remember that today is not just a time to get together with family and friends and have a good time and overeat yet again. which is what we all do. but to stop and reflect about how we got here how we can enjoy a day like today. and it's because of the people whose names are on that wall behind me. >> amen. colonel jack jacobs a great american. good to see you, sir. >> good to see you. >> you know there are people that you meet in your life and once you meet colonel jack jacobs you know there is something so special about him. great work from him today. meanwhile, sheinelle is here with a disturbing story out of louisiana. >> a police officer for the new orleans housing authority was shot and killed while sitting in his patrol car. police say the officer was
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working overtime to guard a public housing construction site. his body was found early sunday morning. the officer's name has not been released. police are still searching for possible suspects in the case. tragedy in albuquerque, new mexico this weekend. the father and a 12-year-old boy were killed when a strong gust of wind toppled the cherry picker they were in. three other children were seriously hurt. police say the booms that are supposed to secure the machine were not in place at the time of the accident. it was at its maximum height. a six-story fall. neighbors say the man often took kids up in his cherry picker. former israeli prime minister was sentenced to eight months in prison today. olmert was convicted in march in a retrial. today's sentencing comes after a six-year prison sentence he got last year in a separate bribery
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conviction. he hoped to bring about peace with the palestinians. the tampa bay lightning now one trip away from the stanley cup finals. the lightning beat the rangers in game five of the finals. game six is tomorrow night in tampa. and from the skating stars of today to the stars of tomorrow. children in cuba got a rare look at ice skating thanks to an artist. using special materials, the surface resembles ice but doesn't melt. the rink will stay in the capital for another three days in part of a festival that features artists. >> ice that doesn't melt? that blows my mind. >> but it's not ice. >> yeah, but they use ice skates. >> i felt like that should be in parts of this country. >> but i'm happy we could smile because the grown from the
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rangers fans -- >> i can't handle that. >> that was icy. >> i felt it. >> all right, sheinelle. thanks. dylan? >> we have a lot of rain to talk about. across most of the country, actually. the heaviest is through texas. but we have heavier rain and downpours into the gulf coast. the eastern seaboard is enjoying a nice memorial day. temperatures heating up. highs today should top out in the mid to upper 80
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>> and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you very much. well the race for the white house is getting crowded on the republican side. nearly 20 hopefuls so far with others yet to announce. and that could present the gop with a serious problem once the debates get underway. here's nbc's capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell. >> reporter: so much ambition.
7:16 am
so little elbow room. >> there's only 55 people that are thinking about running for president. best i can tell. >> reporter: a republican race that looks supersized. >> is this the ready for hillary group? >> reporter: well you could say that about this jumbo lineup of competitors. so many faces, almost 20. they do not easily fit on one screen or more importantly, on one debate stage. >> if you're a candidate and not on the stage, you're not going to have the kind of momentum you need to move forward. so expect a lot of the campaigns now to kick into gear. >> reporter: count on twitter to offer these space saving solutions. imagine the hollywood squares debate model. or even a 2016 republican primary bracket. but any lineup is a logistics challenge for the republican national committee. >> we're trying to figure out how many we can fit on a debate stage. >> reporter: but the rnc is not
7:17 am
the decider in chief. instead, each network host for nine debates will determine the qualifications. >> each candidate is going to have to determine what their strategy is as we head into the first debate this august. >> i'm quite confident i'll be on the debate stage. >> reporter: but can carly fiorina make the cut? >> let me come and be on the stage all by myself. >> reporter: or mike huckabee? he believes he deserves a chance. but when republicans gather in cleveland this august for the first debate only the top ten will get a microphone. based on an average of their poll numbers. >> to be a winner you have to think like a winner. >> reporter: donald trump might have the name recognition needed to crack the top ten. but with no front runner and the biggest field in gop history, making the debate team is the summer's real prize. for "today," kelly o'donnell, nbc news washington. >> there's must-see tv and then
7:18 am
there's that. that's going to be a great series of debates just from the personalities alone. then you get to the policies. >> the two parties are polar opposites. 20 on one side and 2 so far on the other. meantime tributes are pouring in this morning for actress and comedian the great ann meara. stars of movies tv the stage for nearly 60 years. she died over the weekend at the age of 85. carson has more on her life and career. good morning. >> good morning, guys. older fans know her best from stiller and meara. young ber generations knowing her as ben stiller's mom. either way she carved a path in hollywood. ann meara was known for countless supporting roles in film and tv. >> 14 hours i was in labor with you. very nice. >> reporter: but she first came to fame in the 1960s as half of the comedy team stiller and meara. along with her husband of 61 years, jerry stiller. >> yeah.
7:19 am
i'm compulsive about shine. >> reporter: while the couple made a name for themselves on shows like "the ed sullivan show." >> he doesn't even look like you. >> no wait wait. >> reporter: meara was a star in her own right appearing in dozens of films and tv shows including "all my children," "law & order svu." >> go home. you look tired. >> reporter: she never missed a chance to poke fun at her husband even here on "today." >> why do you you let them ask the question? why? >> reporter: she spoke proudly at an event for son ben stiller. >> i felt he'd by a big-time something. but he could have been a thief. i don't know. i'm very proud he became a big time actor, director writer. >> reporter: they did not reveal the cause of death but released a statement saying in part, anne's memory lives on in the hearts of daughter amy, son ben,
7:20 am
her grandchildren, her extended family and the friends and the millions she entertained. and she was trending on facebook and twitter. steve martin tweeting stiller and meara have been a wonderful presence in my life. i salute her. ben stiller saying thank you so much about all of the kind words about anne. anne meara, comedy icon whose work will be remembered by many. >> thanks a lot. we were talking about how much fun it was to have them in studio with us. you'd see them around town and they truly were a team. >> historic career but that marriage and that bond together, so beautiful. >> thinking about you all this morning. coming up new questions about that mansion murder in washington, d.c. this morning the search for possible accomplices and why investigators were lied to about a $40,000 ransom. plus we're going for a ride with the very first woman to fly
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with the famed blue angels. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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great get-togethers start with low prices you can trust every day. "nbc 10 news" starts now. good morning, everyone. i'm chris cato. 7:26 on what's shaping up to be a gorgeous memorial day. let's get your forecast from meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> a lot of sunshine saturday and sunday. few clouds but they're thinning out. right now it's 64 degrees at "nbc 10." 65 at philadelphia international. very low 60s at the shore for cape may and atlantic city. if you're headed to the shore already there, you'll see temperatures a little bit warmer this afternoon into the low 70s. just a reminder keep an eye on the holiday forecast on the "nbc 10" app. any last-minute changes and any
7:27 am
breaking news there. let's get a check of traffic with "nbc 10's" first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. jessica, looks like an accident may be clearing up out there? >> disabled vehicle, chris, on 95 on girard avenue being towed out of the way. all lanes being blocked on the north bound side with police activity and tow trucks on the scene. no vehicles getting by. not a lot of volume in the area as it is. headed southbound on the opposite side where we see volume you can see 12 minutes from woodhaven road towards the vine street expressway. if you are headed home from the shore on ac expressway and egg harbor township there is an accident you new from overnight philadelphia police are looking for a killer after a deadly shooting in the mantua neighborhood. police found a man shot in the head near a basketball court at 41st and aspen. he died at the hospital. police have no suspects at this time. i'm chris cato. we'll be back with another update in about 25 minutes.
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welcome back to "today." the flag flying here on the plaza. so beautiful on this monday morning, memorial day. may 25th, 2015. quite a crowd out there. can't wait to get out there and say hello to them. >> hopefully the day is off to a good start. let's look at the headlines. historic flooding wreaking havoc across parts of texas and oklahoma where at least three people now have died. several others are missing. some areas received nearly a month's worth of rain just over the weekend. and more storms are expected today. a bomb squad had to be called in last night to destroy a pressure cooker found in a suspicious car near the u.s. capitol. the vehicle's owner was later found and arrested by capitol
7:31 am
police. and wildlife officials say they're struggling to deal with the oil spill in santa barbara. hundreds of workers are putting in round the clock shifts overnight. coming up an investigation on airport security badges. hundreds of them missing or stolen. are officials doing enough to track them back down? we begin this half hour with the ongoing investigation into the brutal quadruple murder case in washington, d.c. one suspect is in custody but did he have help? here's craig melvin. >> reporter: this morning investigators want to know did suspect daron wint act alone or were others involved in the horrific murder of the family and their housekeeper. >> it would have been difficult for wint to have done this alone. >> reporter: investigators believe they were held captive for more than 19 hours. shortly after a ransom was paid they were killed. investigators say the crime
7:32 am
required the presence and assistance of more than one person. >> it would have been difficult to control four different people three adults and a child. it would have been difficult to get to the house, get in dispose of one of the victim's vehicles. >> reporter: wint who appeared in court friday has been charged with murder after police say his dna was found on pizza crust that was left in the room where the three adults were murdered. a law enforcement official tells our new york stage wnbc authorities tracked his cell phone to brooklyn new york where this surveillance video shows part of the manhunt. the new york daily news says according to authorities, wint took a taxi back to d.c. paying $1,000 cash from the $40,000 ransom. not confirmed by nbc news. he was arrested with five other individuals who were eventually
7:33 am
released. >> one reason they would not keep them in custody is you would like them to talk. you'd like them to be out in the community, you'd like them to be bragging. >> reporter: court documents also reveal a witness saying they saw an individual driving the porsche before it was later found torched. describing seeing a man with short hair driving erratically. court papers also reveals an assistant who worked for mr. savopoulos lied to them about when and how the $40,000 in ransom was delivered. that assistant has not been charged. the investigation far from over. >> our work is not done. we will continue to investigate this case and bring all charges that are appropriate in the coming weeks. >> terrible story with a lot of questions to be answered. now to a security concern at our nation's airports. a few months back on nbc news investigation, it reveals the
7:34 am
problem is larger than we knew. an investigative reporter for kxas has the latest. >> reporter: across the country, thousands of airport workers wear secure i.d. badges. it's like carrying a key to some of the most secure areas of our nation's biggest airports. this morning there's new information that more than 270 badges at san diego's airport were lost or stolen over two years. and raising even more red flags, records uncovered by our nbc station shows in eight cases they were not reported missing for weeks or months remaining active during all that time. the san diego airport authority said they will try to minimize risk. but there have been security lapses elsewhere. earlier this year we revealed 1400 badges lost or stolen at some of the nation's busiest airports.
7:35 am
atlanta, most employees need to enter a code or hand to get in along with their badge. and the tsa says employees are instructed that they must have to report to authority their badges lost or stolen. but some worry that's not enough. >> when terrorists have an interest on getting their hands on these badges? >> without question. >> how will you hold airports accountable -- >> reporter: the issue was brought up in a hearing last thursday. >> i share your concern with the breaches of security that have been discovered over the past months. >> reporter: but senator john thune says he wants to know what the tsa plans to do to fix the problem and he's not getting answers. >> there are a lot of those types of questions that are unanswered. and i think it's important for obviously for the traveling public to know the answers to these questions. certainly important for the tsa to know the answers to these questions. >> reporter: for today, scott friedman nbc news dallas. let's go to dylan and get a check of the weather.
7:36 am
>> a lot to talk about in the middle of the country. on the east coast a big area of high pressure. this keeps the sunshine around. it keep this clouds away. it's also going to make it a very warm southwest wind. look at the temperatures today. 88 degrees in washington, d.c. 9 degrees above average. boston will hit 82. caribou, maine, 70 degrees. when over the weekend they had snow showers early saturday morning. we are looking for temperatures to warm up even more tomorrow. 90 degrees in washington, d.c. norfolk about 88 degrees. and this is just the start of what is going to be a very warm week. all week long it looks like temperatures will be in the mid to upper 80s. we have these areas down through texas with more rain in the forecast perhaps as much as 4 to 6 inches of rain along with dangerous gusty winds and large hail possible l good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. your memorial day forecast is looking sunny and warm. mostly sunny skies and a bit breezy, too. those winds will really be picking up this afternoon along
7:37 am
with the temperature. 84 to 87. winds of 20 miles an hour with higher gusts. tomorrow it's the temperature that will go higher. the humidity is higher. breezy day. 90 degrees for tuesday and wednesday. chance of storms for wednesday, thursday friday and through the weekend. have a great day. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right. thank you very much. coming up a key ruling in a bitter custody fiegd involving kelly rutherford. but if her fight really over? and next the woman breaking barriers and the speed of sound as the first female to fly with the elite blue angels. but first these messages. did you know that every year over 400 million vacation days go unused? they're paid vacation days. we'll book you tee times. we'll get you backstage passes. take a helicopter tour. i wanna see the sun, i wanna see the mountains. how about a fishing trip? please? bring the kids. just take one more day. just one more day.
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back now at 7:42 with a live picture of the white house reminding us the importance of this day as the american flag is at half staff. a beautiful day planned. and a milestone for the famed blue angels today. >> this is really cool. their shows now include the first female pilot in the team's 69-year history. nbc national correspondent peter alexander caught up with her before a recent show in annapolis. >> reporter: captain katie higgins has never come home like this. going low over annapolis. the marine corps captain and
7:43 am
naval academy grad calls out commands in the cockpit. a pilot, part of the elite high-flying, gravity-defying daredevils who perform stunts sometimes just an arm's length apart. but even for the blue angels this was a departure. with more than 250 men, blue angels have broken the sound barrier for decades. >> these hand-picked navy pilots members of the team called the blue angels. >> reporter: while the serve and support role for women, the limit was the sky. until this angel got her wings. you're basically breaking the gender barrier at 370 miles per hour. >> well you know i didn't come to the blue angels to break any barriers or shatter glass ceilings. >> reporter: just watch the hula girl. and just wait for the landing. >> i think this team has been
7:44 am
poised to accept a woman for many many years now. we just needed to find the right person for the right job. >> reporter: from africa to afghanistan, higgins has flown nearly 400 combat hours. and if she feels the weight of the world, it's hard to see at zero gs. >> i feel like i'm just another blue angel. i don't feel like i'm a female blue angel. >> reporter: is there a little healthy competition with the guys? >> yeah. i think there definitely is. it's like flying with my brothers. it's awesome. >> reporter: higgins was practically airborne. her grandfather was in world war ii and her father a naval operator. >> my dad flew the hornet which is what our guys wearfly. >> reporter: while her plane doesn't leave trails she is also blazing a path back on the ground. those moments when young girls come up to you to say hi, what does that mean? >> if i can show them what they want to do it's awesome. >> i think you're awesome.
7:45 am
i'd love to be a blue angel. >> reporter: now the next generation has an angel to look up to. for "today," peter alexander, nbc news, annapolis. >> that's awesome. >> i would never, ever do that. >> i'm proud of her but i couldn't do it either. >> i just passed out watching that. >> i think that last shot says it all with that little girl standing there with her. >> so cute. >> blue angels are cool. all right. coming up tell us how you really feel. why art garfunkel is calling paul simon, a jerk idiot, even a monster. >> the feud that won't go away. and next why selfie requests have one of the most popular athletes very upset and many people think he's right to be. right after this. buying a used car can be a scary proposition. you walk onto that lot and immediately you are surrounded like a guppy in a shark tank. it just feels like car salesmen want to sell
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7:50 am
how did a selfie raise security concerns? carson has the story. >> thanks. first round of the french open kickoff sunday. following roger federer's opening match, a fan found his way on the court to take a selfie. you see the fan come out there. hey, buddy. roger starts to look around. he actually calls for some help right there. gesturing. they do intervene. it did take some time for that to happen. he addressed this at the press conference later that day. take a look. >> normi can only speak on behalf of myself but in this case i can speak on what have of the players. you want to feel safe. so clearly i'm not happy about it. >> he requests something be done quickly. he had a similar fan run in during practice there as well. he also brought back the moment in 2009 when a fan tried to put a hat on him before they dragged
7:51 am
him off. there are no changes to make to security coming up. so that will be an interesting topic. coming up on "trending," we've got one toddler who left an impression on the president. and then fan catches a home run and cashed it all on camera. that is coming up. >> very nice. thank you. >> thanks carson. coming up the mom of 13 who just gave birth to quadruplets at the age of 65. we'll have details on that but first on a memorial day morning, your local news. >> no words. in just this one moment, your baby is getting even more than clean. the scent, the lather, even the tiny bubbles of a johnson's® bath are helping to enhance the experience. the touch of your hands is stimulating her senses.
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"nbc 10 news" starts now. good morning, i'm chris cato. 7:56. looking nice for those memorial day plans. here's your first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> chris, a beautiful day ahead. starting off in the 60s. will be warmed to the 80s. humidity stays low. wind picking up, too. flags moving on boat house row. the temperatures have started to move. 65 in northeast philadelphia. wilmington, up to 68 degrees at this hour. 67 degrees in south philadelphia. 69 along the delaware river trail. nice warmup. low 80s at lunchtime. gusty winds this afternoon. 84 at 3:00. a few neighborhoods people will have to get around parades. "nbc 10's" traffic reporter jessica boyington has the
7:57 am
forecast. >> check parades in a moment. heading to and from the shore, now is the time to go. roadways free and clear. 73 in new jersey around the atlantic city expressway, no problems on the parkway. egg harbor township memorial day parade will begin today at 9:00 a.m. it begins on zion road at north mount air ri and travel down ocean heights all the way to veterans memorial day park. expect a lot of recity sid dual delays but the majors are doing good. a lot of things happening to observe memorial day. history buffs welcome at valley forge national memorial day park. it includes an audio tour and bell concert. philadelphia's korean war memorial will hoegs a ceremony at 1:00. at penn's landing a pow will speak at a rededication ceremony starting at 12:30. at 4:00 this afternoon a ceremony at the washington square tom of the unknown soldier. i'm chris cato. back in a half an hour with another update.
7:58 am
have a great morning.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up remembering a beautiful mind. famed math genius and nobel prize winner who inspired the oscar-winning movie dies in a car crash. this morning his lasting legacy. then fighting for her children. after a three-year international custody battle, "gossip girl" actress kelly rutherford has been awarded custody of her two kids. why her fight might not be over yet. and still looking to plan your summer vacation? we're kicking off the start of the unofficial season with some of the best deals around. wait until you see where we're taking you today, monday, may 25th, 2015. ♪
8:01 am
>> hello to texas! >> here from massachusetts! ♪ >> good morning, maine! we love the "today"! >> happy memorial day. >> welcome back to "today" and happy memorial day. a big crowd out on our plaza on a memorial day morning. the usual gang has the day off. we want to thank our servicemen and women in the military for being here with us today. we have a lot planned coming up in this hour. >> very nice. and just ahead, if you are throwing a barbecue today, don't
8:02 am
go anywhere. we will take your plain old hos dog to the next level. and of course we are eating and judging. >> i love hot dogs. >> that's chicago style. she has interesting style hot dogs. i go big or go home. i'm a texan. >> but first sheinelle is inside this morning with a look at today's top stories. >> good morning. record rainfall and tornadoes have forced thousands of people from their homes in texas and oklahoma. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in hard-hit wimberley, texas. good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning. today people are assessing the damage and searching for the missing. locals calling this historic and catastrophic. on saturday night the blanco river behind me crested. it prompted dramatic water rescues. so far there are at least three
8:03 am
confirmed deaths including an oklahoma firefighter who drowned. authorities here in texas are searching for eight people who are missing including several children. a nighttime curfew here just expired and the governor is set to tour some of this damage later today as residents here brace for more rain. sheinelle? >> devastating. thank you, gabe. a bomb squad used a controlled explosion sunday to destroy a pressure cooker found in an unoccupied car near the u.s. capitol. officials say a follow-up search detected nothing hazardous. the car's owner was found and charged with driving with an expired license. pressure cookers as you may recall were used to make the boston marathon bomb. police in new jersey are investigating the crash that killed john nash whose life inspired a hollywood blockbuster. stephanie gosk reports. >> a truly original idea. that's the only way i'll distinguish myself. the only way i'll ever --
8:04 am
>> matter. >> reporter: a beautiful mind both brilliant and tormented. the movie about josh nash won an oscar for best picture. he won a nobel prize after decades of battling schizophrenia. on saturday the mathematician and his wife were killed in a crash. their taxi driver lost control on the highway. russell crowe who got to know the nashs well during the making of the movie tweeted, stunned. my heart goes out to john and alicia and family. an amazing partnership. beautiful minds, beautiful hearts. alex was one of his students. >> he opened new fields and dared to look at places where people hadn't looked before. >> reporter: but soon after nash's 30th birthday mental illness took hold. he would struggle for decades before he found a way to overcome it. >> some of my thinking which was
8:05 am
insane began to seem to me not to be good. >> reporter: on princeton's campus where he did some of his most important work nash was a kind of celebrity. just your average nobel prize winner strolling the streets of princeton. >> right. very very intelligent guy. a lot of great impact. >> reporter: a beautiful mind that has left behind a lasting legacy. for "today," stephanie gosk princeton, new jersey. a veteran skydiver escaped with only minor injuries after this accident caught on camera in southern tennessee. john pitts was performing at an air show when his chute was caught in power lines. pitts who's made more than a thousand jumps is already out of the hospital. five minutes after 8:00 let's send it over to willie and tamron. >> thank you. >> now to a ruling in a heated custody battle we've been following involving "gossip
8:06 am
girl" actress kelly rutherford. a judge ordering her kids be returned to the united states. joe fryer has the latest. >> reporter: it's a sudden twist in kelly rutherford's real life drama. she was awarded sole custody of her two kids who have been living in europe most recently monaco with their father daniel giersh. >> it's not 100%. it could become cumbersome and take awhile. >> reporter: rutherford's attorney tells nbc news we are ecstatic and hope that monaco will respect the california court's ruling and send the children home. so far no comment from giersh. >> yes, i suppose that's the gist of it. >> reporter: best known for playing a mom on tv show "gossip girl," she divorced in 2010. at first the couple shared joint custody of their kids who are american citizens. then in 2012 when giersh's visa was revoked, a judge ruled the
8:07 am
kids should live with him overseas because rutherford can visit them but their father cannot enter the u.s. rutherford appeared on "today" shortly after that decision. >> if you were living in new jersey maybe that would make sense. but we're living in two different countries. i have a job. i have a contract. i can't hop on a plane every week and be there. >> reporter: more recently she claims she was denied access to the kids. now the judge says the children should return to america. a ruling applauded on social media by supporters. including kim kardashian. wow. congrats. you deserve this joy. but the long expensive legal drama is not over. for "today," joe fryer, nbc news los angeles. well this next story has people talking all over the world. the 65-year-old woman who already has 13 kids and 7 grandchildren just gave birth to quadruplets.
8:08 am
katy tur has her story. katy good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. you said it. 6 the 65-year-old already had 13 kids some of whom had their own kids. but that didn't stop the grandmother from getting fertility treatments and becoming pregnant again. only five months into this pregnancy, her body couldn't take it and an emergency c-section delivered her four babies. by all accounts, she is the oldest woman to give birth to quadruplets. a pregnancy and now a birth for the record books. she delivered quadruplets last tuesday by emergency c-section. >> and they're doing well now. we are very lucky. >> reporter: born at just 26 weeks, the babies are tiny. three boys and one girl weighing little more than a pound each.
8:09 am
>> the lungs develop more slowly than other parts of the body. >> reporter: she already had 13 children. with these 4 more she made international headlines. we last checked in with her when she argued she was healthy as ever and capable of carrying and caring for four more. at week 21 the babies were doing well. but by week 22 mom was getting tired. telling german tv i'm already feeling like you would at the end of the pregnancy. in a video diary, her youngest daughter described her mom's exhaustion and the worry for one of the baby boys being squeezed in the womb by the others. we hope that he's doing okay. finally in week 26 doctors decided it was time to operate. nita the girl the smallest at 1 pound 7 ounces.
8:10 am
dreese, 2 pounds, 2 ounces. and shawn 1 pound, 10 ounces. >> the good news is the 26-week-old quadruplets have a better chance than a 26-week single pregnancy. they develop a little bit faster. >> reporter: in a statement from her hospital bed, she says the little ones look like fragile little dolls and that nita already has a mind of her own. loved ones say mom and babies are doing well. but doctors warn there could potentially be a host of issues for all of them. the babies of course make it to the nicu. nobody is sure what all the fertility hormones are going to do to the mother long-term. it's a medical breakthrough certainly, but doctors warn just because you can do something like this it doesn't necessarily mean that you should. still very good news that the babies and the mom are going okay. >> yeah. it's amazing. you look at the weights.
8:11 am
that they're all doing okay. that's great news. katy tur, thanks so much. >> you believe will be talking about this online. a lot of opinions. coming up next why george clooney says his next prank on brad pitt could land him in trouble with the police. plus still planning your summer vacation? we'll tell you where to find some great deals and a little adventure for the whole family. and the best dressed dogs you've ever seen. how to take your holiday barbecue to the next level. but first on memorial day morning, these messages.
8:12 am
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8:15 am
it's time for "what's trending" today. it's one thing when your kid throws a tantrum. but what would you do if your kid threw a tantrum at the white house in front of the president of the united states? take a look at sweet little claudia moser doing a face plant on the carpet in the red room. this happened when claudia's family was visiting the white house recently. the president's face says it all. but he might be used to this. remember last year a boy did a face plant on the couch in the oval office. >> the first lady's expression and then there's another little child who looks like she's debating should i try? >> is that okay? can i do that too? >> if you're a parent what can you do? that happened to me in the middle of target. it's what do you do? >> it's different in the white house. >> target oval office. i opt target. i think you scoop and go. you have to get them out. and then you bribe until the end
8:16 am
of time. you will go to chuck e. cheese every day for the end of time. >> now to two amazing catches at the ballpark. first a dodgers fan who developed quite a following. this guy filmed himself catching home run balls. check it out. he's got a camera in one hand. his name is bobby crosby. and he did something similar earlier this week. it's fair to say he's got skills. he's got though camera. >> how do you have it rolling at the right time? >> that's why he's in "trending." >> so cool. that's kind of amazing actually. >> maybe he can teach you when your arm is recovered. >> now more baseball. check this out. player swings, loses control of the bat. it goes into the stands. luckily there's a guy who specializes in flying bats.
8:17 am
he does it with one hand and does not spill a drop of his beer. that's amazing. >> i love that. the celebration is epic. >> one thing to catch a ball a bat takes it to a whole new level. >> you maybe give it back because they need it, but they trade it. >> all right. tom brady's biggest supporters gathered on sunday. the patriots fans held what they call a free tom brady rally. but he's not behind bars. standing by their man in the deflategate scandal. but few fans are more die hard than patricia shawn. she recently passed away and her obituary noted her love for her family scrapbooking and knitting. and this line where she said brady is innocent. >> new england fans are die
8:18 am
hard very loyal. and she wasn't going to her grave without putting that in there. >> i love it. priority. now to why george clooney says he's going to get arrested and ladies who have lest john stamos' heartbroken. carson has pop start. >> that's right. brad pitt if you're watching and i'd be shocked if you were you are -- george clooney is putting you on notice. the two stars have a prank war dating back to their "oceans eleven" days. george admits his new stunt may cross the line. >> i'm doing one now i can't tell you about, but in a year you're going to hear that i've been arrested. i'm not kidding because i think i've crossed a line. i have a wife i'll beshe's a barrister, i'll be fine. >> that's a good one to keep an eye on. there's been so much talk of the "full house" spinoff. has there been a lot of talk?
8:19 am
just about everybody signed up to appear besides the olsen twins. they will not take in part. in reaction to the news john stamos said he's heartbroken. i understand they're in a better place and i wish them the best. it's been 45 years but it seems like art garfunkel still isn't sure why paul simon ended their partnership. he said i don't want to say any anti-paul simon things. he says how can you walk away from this lucky place on the top of the world. what's going on with you you idiot? how could you let that go jerk? end quote. he said he quote, created a monster. i don't want to say anything bad, but -- >> get ready. >> and finally, jimmy fallon and
8:20 am
sting teamed up to sing " "roxanne" in a way you've never heard it. ♪ roxanne ♪ ♪ put on the red light ♪ ♪ roxanne ♪ ♪ don't put on that red red light ♪ ♪ don't put on that red red light ♪ ♪ don't put on that red red light ♪ >> jimmy fallon and sting in their barbershop quartet. it's all a joke but they can sing. >> they can. up next vacations with that wow factor. great deals on summer adventures for your family. but first, dylan has a look at the weather. >> i forgot we do weather now.
8:21 am
>> yeah. go. >> so i didn't stand up and now it's awkward. anyway we're still looking at a lot of rain down through texas. this is the total amount of rain through all of may. just may alone. we have picked up nearly almost two feet of rain in some areas. shreveport has about 8 inches. into arkansas about 17.8 inches. so we are well above the norm. we have a severe thunderstorm watch box popped up in texas. could see stronger storms. it's the moisture streaming in from the south combining with the cold front. because of that we have the risk of additional flash flooding. watches are in effect. 25 million people under that flash flood watch. this area right here in orange and the same hard-hit areas across central and eastern texas, that's where we could see hail. isolated wind damage and isolated tornadoes and torrential down pours. we could see an additional 4 to 5 inches of rain in that area.
8:22 am
tomorrow we'll see the storms push further into the midwest. that's going to be the area into arkansas louisiana tomorrow afternoon and evening. but look. still, eastern texas could end up with 4 to 5 inches of rain. into tuesday the rain will move into good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. your memorial day forecast is looking sunny and warm. mostly sunny skies. and a bit breezy too. the winds will be picking up this afternoon along with the temperature . 84 to 87. winds of 20 miles an hour with higher gusts. tomorrow it's the temperature that will go higher. the humidity is higherer too. breezy. a chance of storms for wednesday, thursday friday and through the weekend. have a great day. >> and that's your latest forecast. tamron? >> thank you, dylan. we are kicking off a new series this morning. we're calling "wow summer
8:23 am
vacation." sure you can pack up the family and head to the beach, but why not try something different this year? claire newell is a travel expert and agent who is here with the best adventure deals around. good morning to you. >> good morning. this is a fun segment to look at. >> in the commercial break claire is bragging about how she loves adventures and she's going to put us to the test. >> i am. when you're planning an adventure trip you have to take into account things you wouldn't when you're planning. pick something everyone in the family will love. make sure your budget. what's your comfort level? are you okay in a tent or a hotel? >> and you did the work for us and you have us starting out in utah the most beautiful part of utah in fact. >> it's spectacular. and it's river rafting. nature's roller coaster. this is a two-day adventure. two days of actual rafting and camping overnight. they take care of everything for you. the camping equipment, the boat
8:24 am
the meals. it's $255 per adult. kids are $195. and you know it's got a five out of five trip adviser rating. the company's been in business for over 50 years. >> and you get a two-day tour with this. kids are cool with this? >> kids as young as 5. all the information is online. >> you want to kick it up a notch. >> head over to san diego, california. they've got legoland. they've put together an amazing value package. >> i love that. >> for kids it's all about the theme parks for their type of adventure. >> how much will this cost us? >> this will cost just over $100 for both adults and kids but you get access to three different parks. so that one you get legoland california legoland water park. you can go from attraction to attraction without standing in
8:25 am
line every time. it's a five-day consecutive pass. >> and you found a way to get the visit to national parks. >> it's our own beautiful back yard. and getting out and enjoying them. but it can be expensive. if you're going to multiple parks, it adds up. you know, going to the grand canyon or great smokey mountain or yosemite or yellowstone. $25 access $30 access. but is a great website to go to and you can get an annual pass there for $80 for adults. kids 15 and under are free which is nice. but if you're a earnsenior over 62 it's $10 for a lifetime pass. >> let's get to the last item which is up my alley. a dude ranch. but it can be pricey. >> it can be. this is a bit of a splurge. a spectacular value package. many people don't realize that
8:26 am
when you're talking about dude ranches, you're talking about your accommodation meals, the riding. >> announcer: nbc news starts now. >> good morning, everyone. i'm chris cato. it's 8:26. time to which can your first alert forecast on this memorial day holiday. meteorologist bill henley. looking good so far. >> soer far so good. thin clouds around and cool now on the beach. 62 degrees right on the sand. the temperatures will be in the 70s this afternoon. the wind will be picking up too. likely we'll see whitecaps on the ocean. 69 in philadelphia. that will warm through the 70s and into the 80s this afternoon. in fact early this afternoon we'll be up to 83 degrees. the winds will be kicking in up to 17 miles an hour with higher gusts at 4:00.
8:27 am
>> they will take the forecast down the shore where they have had near perfect weather. businesses are seeing the benefit, too. here was the scene at point pleasant. the boardwalk was packed. business owners tell us this has been the best memorial day weekend weather wise since hurricane sandy. the past couple of years you will remember that -- let's take a look at traffic. jessica? >> definitely not your tip ka morning rush as we head out the door. check out the garden state parkway around the cape may toll plaza things are moving fine. you have to head to the shore or home, now's the time. we definitely don't see the volume we would normally see later on in the commute on the way home. we have an accident on the a.c. expressway westbound. >> we are back in 25 minutes with another update. have a great morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back at 8:30 now this monday morning. may 25th 2015. it's memorial day and we have a number of servicemen and women on our beautiful plaza. and we are celebrating them and their service and sacrifice for this great country of ours. and coming up we'll celebrate the lives of some true military heros with a man who served alongside them. >> a remarkable guy. we'll talk to him. plus nobody likes cleaning a house, but what if doing it
8:31 am
could change your life? i don't know what that means, but it's going to change your life. we'll tell you how. >> then wrangler smells the food behind us. we're going to teach you creative ways to serve up your hot dogs. >> that's kind of mean to just waft it in front of them. >> he's smelling them. we all do. meantime father's day is right around the corner and we're looking for a few amazing dads out there who are deserving of a big surprise. go to to tell us about your dad and why we should make his day. and you could be hearing from us. >> fantastic. we've got two amazing dads here. we'll celebrate both of you. meanwhile, the forecast seems to be the word of the day at least here. >> up and down the east coast it's fantastic. it's exactly what you hope for for memorial day weekend. lots of sunshine temperatures in the 80s. we have having to keep an eye on southern parts of texas where we will see our enhanced risk of strong storms today. we could end up with large hail damaging wind gusts, the
8:32 am
downpours, the flooding that's our main concern especially this afternoon. especially with another several inches possible. the slight risk spreads out and expands into parts of the midwest and ohio river valley. most of the country is a little bit unsettled into your tuesday with just spotty sho good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. your memorial day forecast is looking sunny and warm. mostly sunny skies. and a bit breezy, too. the winds will be picking up this afternoon along with the temperature . 84 to 87. winds of 20 miles an hour with higher gusts. tomorrow it's the temperature that will go higher. you will notice the humidity is a bit higher too. a breezy day. 90 degrees for tuesday. again an wednesday with. a chance of storms for wednesday, thursday, friday and through the weekend. have a great day. and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you very much. how would you like to
8:33 am
dramatically improve your life just by tidying up around your house? as nina durston discovered it might just be that easy. i'm a little hesitant. but this is life changing you say. >> life changing. would you guess that cleaning up your home really could change your life? that's what marie condo promises. she has a cultlike following with a book that sold more than 2 million copies and i put her theory to the test. >> reporter: if you're like many people staying organized is a constant challenge. but what if you could get rid of clutter forever? meet marie condo, a japanese organization expert who says she's figured out the life changing secret to tidying up. and people are hooked. the key to condo's method is simple. keep only the things that spark joy. if it doesn't bring you joy, get rid of it. i tested out her tips to see if they could cure me from being a mess. start by putting everything in front of you you own and decide
8:34 am
item by item what makes you happy. if it doesn't, say good-bye. i wore this shirt to my 21st birthday party. i don't know why i have this. it sounds silly, but her method could have real effects. >> when people are organized and tidy they feel more powerful. it's about having gratitude for the things in your life. maybe once a week you give thanks for the things you haven't. >> reporter: it becomes shockingly easy to let things go. now you've purged everything you don't love. put it all away. but you can't just throw things into drawers. listen to your clothes to make sure they're happy with how they're being stored. hanging the items that look like they would be happiest hanging and rolling up your socks like pieces of sushi. while tips feel crazy, i do feel lighter and happier. but if you're still not inspired to tidy up don't worry. >> for all the messy people out there, i would also say there
8:35 am
are other ways to change. maybe for you it's not being tidy but change is possible for all of us. >> okay. i'm kind of excited to try this. what are the tips for people at home who want to dive into this? >> it's important that you make sure everything you keep really makes you happy. so just pick up everything one by one, ask does this spark joy? that's the most important thing. if it doesn't, let it go. second is it's hard to get rid of a gift because you feel guilty. but if you thank it it's done its job, donate it and move on. the third thing, you can't tidy your family's stuff. you have to let them get inspired by what you're doing and then they'll want to join in. but it doesn't work if you purge their items for them. >> so have you kept to it in your home? >> for the most part. but it feels great. >> i don't know how to fold the cloes to make them happy. >> that's a challenge. >> how do the clothes tell me?
8:36 am
>> you'll just know. >> i'll feel it? >> yeah. >> we'll see what happens. thank you. for more tips on how to tidy up your home go to including a very special folding technique. just ahead, the real reason for today's holiday. we'll honor some of the people who have given their a all for the rest of us. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
8:38 am
>> announcer: "today's" books is brought to you by the all new kindle voyage. passionately crafted for readers. >> back now at 8:38 with the real reason for the holiday. honoring our fallen service members. brandon webb out with a new book "among heroes."
8:39 am
brandon, good to see you on memorial day. >> thanks for having me. >> was this is tough thing to sit down and do? you wrote a tribute to your fallen brothers. how tough was that? >> it was tough, but i was in the middle of another book and lost my best friend in benghazi libya, in 2012. it just hit me that i need to really write a book and honor these friends and men who are no longer here and share their stories with america. they're important inspirational stories. >> i wish we had time to honor all of them. but let's touch on a few of them. your buddy john j.t.tumueson. tell me about him. >> he first came through when i was a course manager. right away i picked j.t. to be the class leader. a tall guy from iowa. he was one of the best in the program. we described him as a human labrador. he was smart, loyal, and ironically his dog hawkeye in
8:40 am
that image went around the world. >> tell the story behind this picture because it is remarkable as we take a look at it. >> sure. you know during the service, j.t.'s dog hawkeye just got up and went and laid down next to j.t.'s casket throughout the service. i think it was an image that was incredibly powerful and went around the internet virally. and i think the picture says it all. >> it takes your breath away to look at it. let's move to matt axelson. operation red wing. later turned into the book and movie "lone survivor." >> matt was also a student of mine and later a friend. he just was one of those guys with nerves of steel. would be the first to volunteer for anything. one of the most stoic people
8:41 am
i've ever met. you know that's part of this book is these lessons i've taken and these traits from these guys and incorporated them into my life. it's what i hope people will read the book and also be inspired the same way i was. >> you mentioned earlier the attacks on the consulate in benghazi. your buddy glen doherty. that must have been hard to write about. >> yeah. glen was the catalyst of the book. i put off going to a lot of the funeral services when i was on active duty. glen's became unavoidable. but at that point when i was working with his family after losing him, it just hit me that you know i really need to write this book and honor these guys and tell their story and share it with america. >> and one more guy i want to mention. chris kyle, someone you worked with. of course the subject of the book "american sniper" and the hugely successful movie. what kind of guy was chris kyle? >> chris was a great guy. even as a new guy i remember him
8:42 am
in s.e.a.l. team 3. he had this texas swagger about him and instantly liked by everybody. i mean chris just a larger than life character. truly missed by many people. but his death really sent a lot of shock waves through the s.e.a.l. community. >> your book is incredible. it's called "among heroes." it's something everybody should read and very appropriate for this day. you can read an excerpt on brandon, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. coming up the story you won't want to miss. the teacher using his son's story to change the lives of students. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
back now at 8:44 and today's american story with bob dotson comes from louisville kentucky where a popular teacher wraps up each school year with a lesson on the meaning of life. a class some students say they'll remember forever.
8:45 am
so good to have you with us bob. >> good morning. happy memorial day. >> you as well. >> students do get a lot of advice these days. but most of the things written on smoke, the message soon driftss away. but not when it comes from some place deeply personal. >> reporter: jeff wright is one of those teachers students never forget. more show than tell. >> the guy is just crazy. he's exploding with fun. >> reporter: his science classes at louisville high school in kentucky are filled with odd experiments. like this one. where he lied on a bed of nails and a cinder block on his chest and he lets students learn a lesson about force and energy. >> good job, man. >> reporter: surprisingly it is a lecture without props that
8:46 am
leaves the lasting impression. the talk is about wright's son adam. born with a rare combination of genes that only about 450 people in the world have. >> 180 times a minute. about three times a second. we then found out he was completely blind. >> reporter: he can't speak, walk or even sit up. wright and his wife nancy, a nurse, must watch over him around the clock. >> there's not a day that goes by that you don't ask why us. >> we have bad days. we have good days. you focus on the good days. >> reporter: like the afternoon adam first played dolls with his older city abbey. >> i told him to grab his doll from me and he just kind of smacked it. >> if he can kick a doll then he can see. >> reporter: adam was not lost in the darkness of his mind.
8:47 am
he could see enough to learn a bit of sign language. one day his arms formed a sentence. >> what's that mean? daddy, i love you. >> reporter: that's when his father realized. >> that he's a real person. >> reporter: capable of a smile lit from inside. what has adam taught? >> if i could mean a little something to you and you could go and mean a little bit of something to somebody else then at least we have a purpose. >> reporter: life can be unfair. love can make it better. adam now communicates about 150 words. small steps that begin with "i
8:48 am
love you." >> what a beautiful story. >> it is. >> my goodness. i would imagine that other families with children with special needs would see this and not give up and look for those victories with their children. >> bob, thank you so much. >> thank you so much. up next we'll head outside to show you how to put a new spin on your boring barbecue hot dogs. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
8:50 am
yes. we're back with "today's" kitchen firing up the grill like millions of you across the country today. i'm sorry i'm distracted. >> way to kick off the unofficial start of summer. that means hot dogs. author of "the new york times" best seller "sunny's kitchen" here. sunny, good to see you. >> good to see you guys. >> these are some dressed up dogs here. >> it's memorial day so i figure you've got your menus set. these are ways to dress up the dogs you're already going to make today. >> things we probably already have in the house. >> yes. so i spent a lot of time in seattle this year seeing the seahawks play. shout out there. and they have a thing they call the seattle dog. i'll show you how to make my
8:51 am
version. and we have one lady from seattle. she said it was okay what i'm doing to this dog. so the rule for seattle dog, first thing's first, you've got the split kielbasa. bring that over. >> how do we do that? with our hands? >> with the tongs not with your hands, girl. >> so this is a kielbasa. >> the key to a seattle dog is the cream cheese. they actually put cream cheese on it. but my version, i like just a little bit of spice. so i'm adding in some of that adobo sauce and chilies you can find in a can. you mix that together. what they'll do is they put it into a caulking gun like when you're doing work around the house. and what they'll do is put it in there and kweez it right now. i put it into a plastic bag. and you cut the tip.
8:52 am
you want to squeeze this on? right onto the dog, girlfriend. some onions grilled. and then not everyone in seattle loves the mustard, but i'm a mustard girl. little bit of mustard. and you've got your spicy seattle dog. i'm not going to ask you to eat that. it will mess up your dress, girl. >> i want to taste it. >> okay. >> seattle? all right. >> it's awesome. >> that good, huh? >> good stuff? >> what about this one? >> to me grilling is an all-day sport. i'm guaranteeing you someone across the land is outside getting the grill ready. this is about breakfast. we heard of cronut i'm going to show you the crosant bring the
8:53 am
hot dogs over. the ones that are split. >> why do you need them split? >> i want to be able to get them into the croissant. >> what's that? >> apple jalapeno chilly. a little bit of sweet, a little bit of spicy. >> what kind of cheese is that? >> a little american cheese. >> god bless. >> then the hot dog right here. a little bit of pepper jack. scallions over the top. >> and this is something you created? >> yes, i created this. sorry, dominique ansel. oh egg! sorry. >> you're too busy trash talking. >> i know. that goes on the inside. wrap it up put it back on the grill so everything starts to melt over the indirect heat. going to love that in the
8:54 am
morning. okay so then the very last one, i've just started living in l.a. and i notice everyone loves their things protein style which means no bread. we have chicken and apple sausages and slaw. good stuff. real easy for your healthy people. >> i could put this to share with you, but there's no knives. ready? >> happy memorial day. thanks for getting us started. she'll be back with quick and easy stuff. get the recipes on but first let's get to today's birthday wishes from mr. willard scott. >> the sidewalks of new york never looked better. wish i were with you. happy birthday to julia nissen. julia's from brooklyn new york. give me the moon over brooklyn. she is a great baker.
8:55 am
you put her in line and she can bake anything you like from cookies to candies to cakes. here's elma aklewood from brockton massachusetts. william rosenberg from illinois. his favorite thing is chicago pizza, the good ole deep dish. 100 years old today. happy birthday to you. and lee paris graves. handsome fellow from roanoke, virginia. 100 years old today. and he loves to garden. that's his favorite thing and he loves college sports. how about that? okay new york. it's all yours. i have taken up some time. >> thank you very much. you want to talk about what's coming up next? you're busy. >> i'm busy. we have a co-host with us. you can go ahead.
8:56 am
>> and things people leave unclaimed on planes. we'll tell you >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning. i'm chris cato. 8:56 on your memorial day holiday. so far so good for outdoor plans. here is your forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> we start with clouds overnight. they are starting to break. you see sunshine now in the pocono mountains. a few more clouds around than much of the rest of the area. a view from camelback, in and
8:57 am
out of the clouds todayment a nice warm-up into the 70s for the mountains. for philadelphia 73 degrees. 69 in trenton. wilmington at 71. northeast philadelphia airport at 73. the wind is calm but that won't last. the wind will be picking up with the cures in the 80s this afternoon. >> new from overnight, philadelphia police are looking for a killer after a deadly shooting in the mantua neighborhood. police found a man shot in the head near the basketball courts. the police have no suspects at this time. the man died in the hospital. today we honor the men and women who gave their all so we can have it all. there are plenty of events ear to observe memorial day. philadelphia's korean war memorial will host a ceremony at 11:00. then a former p.o.w. will speak at a re dedication ceremony at
8:58 am
the war memorial. and at 4:00 p.m., at the tomb of the unphone phoneunknown soldier. i'm chris cato. another update in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather through the nbc 10 app. now back to the "today" show. have a great memorial day day.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," cheryl burke moves to a different seat as our special guest co-host. then a heartwarming homecoming. two soldiers' big surprise for their sister. and actor rex lee is with us. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist, and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this memorial day monday morning. it's may 25th 2015. we honor the men and women of the armed services who serve our country. many of them out on our plaza and of course those who paid the
9:01 am
ultimate price to serve this great country. i'm willie geist with tamron. look who's joining us. cheryl burke. can we call you the dancing queen? >> the princess. who's lost her voice. >> we were told in commercial break, cheryl lost her voice, she was up partying in new york city all night. >> yes, you were. >> i was not. i wasn't partying. i was resting my voice. it was nick cannon. the red nose thing. he made me dance with him for 45 minutes. >> how do you lose your voice if you're dancing? >> he danced for 24 hours, i danced for 30 minutes and i'm complaining. >> but how do you lose your voice dancing? >> because we had to go on a double decker bus and it was freezing. new york changes. the weather just changes in seconds. just go with it tamron. >> i'm investigating this. >> just go with it okay? >> i believe friday it was in the upper 70s. so where was this cold front?
9:02 am
>> a few days ago when it was really cold. >> she's from l.a. >> what is the real story behind the voice? >> honestly i think it was just being here so early last week. promoting "i can do that" and trying to sing. >> teaching us to salsa. >> exactly. >> you were sick. you told me you were sick. just blaming it on you. >> did you notice how she said i wasn't at the club. i'm in my 30s. there are people in their 30s -- what does that mean for us in our 40s? >> once in awhile it's okay. i knew i had a big day today, so i went to bed early. i stayed in my bed all day yesterday. >> what time did you go to bed yesterday? >> i took about eight naps yesterday. >> all getting ready for this? >> all for this moment. >> that's what we do. we're 40s and we go to clubs. >> it comes back. >> i'm in my 30s, i'm over that. >> you come back in your 40s. you mentioned the show. "i can do that." cheryl is one of six celebrities who star on nbc's new variety show for people who haven't
9:03 am
heard we had you on last week talking about it. talk about it a little bit. >> it premieres tomorrow. i'm so excited. and honestly i've done stuff that i've never done before. all six of us have done stuff that we normally aren't used to doing. but now we're being vulnerable. i did harlem groeb trotters which you were showing off a little bit last week. that was your moment. and then i did jabawockees. and i chose joe jonas who has zero dance experience. i have to say you're going to be shocked when you see it. >> so they are known for their popping and locking and they've got the masks. >> it was like cheryl you can dance, this is easy. it's so much harder to untrain your body and be able to like have bad posture when i'm so used to standing up straight. and now i have to blend in with the group. and they're like cheryl we're
9:04 am
giving joe more props. you looked a little too classy. you need to get down and dirty. >> that was your down and dirt we what you just did? >> did you get the mask? >> i did. i got the white mask. >> so the show debuts tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. >> are you in that clip? >> you don't know. we're in the masks. which i could not breathe. you have to breathe through your mouth. i could have died being a jabbawockee. there's a lot going on there. >> medical attention for you. cool. we'll check that out. tomorrow 10:00 on nbc. looks like a fun show. great story to tell you about on this memorial day. a new jersey high school student got a huge surprise from her two military brothers. check this out.
9:05 am
that's u.s. army sergeant and specialist. they've been deployed since last june. almost a year she had not seen her brothers and they surprised her. never gets old watching those. >> you've said it again and i'll let you say it now. >> give me an entire channel of military reunions. >> yes. the whole channel, round the clock marathon. just show those reunions from all over the country, all over the world. you've got yourself a network that's on top. i don't know why they don't do that. >> i mean it just makes your heart melt. >> it does. >> you see these people and you're like my gosh they just sacrifice their whole life for us. and just to be able to be reunited with your loved ones an amazing moment. >> and it shows a side many people don't talk about. the families' sacrifice. those who are left at home not just wives or spouses, but sisters and brothers as in this case. it's beautiful. it's a beautiful thing.
9:06 am
we were talking about this earlier today. you like a good selfie. you like when fans come up. >> i'm the selfie queen. sorry, kim. i'm not selfie queen. i just like them. >> kanye will take that from you. celebrity selfies, we love going out on the plaza. however, there's a right way and a wrong way to ask for a selfie. let's present evidence. a fan found out he was at center court at the french open and then tried to take a selfie with roger federer. security intervened escorting this fan away. roger clearly not happy with it. he brought up the 2009 french open when a fan tried to put a hat on him before that man was dragged off. the tournament director confirmed that sufficient security is in place and they have no plans of changing security. so that's a bad idea.
9:07 am
>> yeah. >> i don't think it's that bad. >> when a guy runs on the court? you don't know what his intentions are. >> was he having a bad game? >> no. the match was over. and you don't know what a fan's intentions are when they run up on the court. >> and his point was this is my job. and there have been incidents in the past very famous incidents where people have been injured. so in that environment, it's probably not the safest thing. it's like when people run out on the basketball court. there's lebron james and somebody runs out on the court. you don't know. >> you could see federer look around like where's security. >> there's a right way and wrong way to do it. where was the security? >> they said they were around but apparently they didn't get there fast enough. so that's our example of whatnot to do. but here's how you take a selfie. our friend dwayne johnson, the rock set a guinness world record for taking the most selfies in three minutes. how many? he took 105 selfies at the london premiere of his film "san
9:08 am
andreas andreas." i love how he keeps it moving. >> i like that there's a guinness record for selfies in three minutes. very specific. >> everyone's shoulder has to be in the photo. to get in the book. everyone's head and neck has to be in. okay where's my -- >> where's the rule book for selfies? >> we need to take an official guinness selfie. >> the rock has long arms so that helps. >> willie's got long arms. but it has to be something that gets us in the record books. >> like 106 selfies. >> here we go. ready? real quick. we'll be right with you. >> hold please. >> i got it i got it. i got it. >> you didn't get it in. >> you messed it up. tamron. >> what's that?
9:09 am
>> that's christine. >> take it again. >> we've got -- >> no. take it again. how often do we get cheryl on? and she smells great. >> okay. >> oh, my gosh. >> fail. >> let's play a game. you know our dancing queen cheryl burke. we're going to play a game here. we'll watch short dance scenes from famous films. first in to guess the movie. >> is it a dancing film? >> don't worry about it. >> she's a guest, willie. >> our first. >> dirty dancing. >> i won it. >> tamron was in. >> you slapped him first but i yelled it first. >> okay. we got it. let's go. >> next clip. roll it. >> flash dance. >> i heard flash dance on the left first. >> listen, dude.
9:10 am
>> as a dancer how incredible was the dancing in that? >> that's incredible. i couldn't do that. >> really? the great cheryl burke couldn't do that? >> how many times have you won "dancing with the stars"? >> like 20 years ago. >> how many did you win? >> just two. but flash dance is a whole other type of dance. you know? >> okay. by the way, this is the deciding clip. it's 1-1. >> grease. >> cheryl burke is our champion. >> let's review. >> i sate footloose. >> it's grease. cheryl burke is our champion. >> i have never even seen grease before. is that crazy? >> how have you not seen grease? >> i am psychic. >> but can you jabbawockee? i don't believe you. >> you'll have to tune in. >> she snatches your title. >> i actually just broke my hand. >> you took kim kardashian's
9:11 am
selfie crown, my not dancing crown. >> i like your dress better than mine. >> now here's dylan with the weather. >> all right. tuck borrow my splint if you need it. but we are looking at a lot of rain through parts of texas and oklahoma. over the past several weeks, may 2015 we have seen just record amounts of rainfall. the rainiest mays on record in oklahoma city shreveport with 8 inches. normally for the entire month of may it's 2 to 4 inches. that's why we're seeing tons of river flooding and dangerous flash flooding. severe thunderstorm watch box in texas. not only dangerous lightning but the flash flooding as a possibility. because within some of these storms we are going to see torrential downpours. that's an area to focus on again today. especially this afternoon and evening as more areas redevelop. we could see golf ball sized hail. isolated tornadoes. but again, it's really the
9:12 am
flooding that's our big e concern. so those will fire up later on today. we'll get a break through the night. then finally we'll see the storms push a little more into the midwest good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. your memorial day forecast is looking sunny and warm. mostly sunny skies. and a bit breezy, too. the winds will be picking up this afternoon along with the temperature . 84 to 87. winds of 20 miles an hour with higher gusts. tomorrow it's the temperature that will go higher. you will notice the humidity is a bit higher, too. a breezy day. 90 degrees for tuesday. again on wednesday. a chance of storms for wednesday, thursday, friday and through the weekend. have a great day. >> and that's your latest forecast. back over to you guys. >> thanks a lo t. coming up, he's famous for being executive assistant in entourage. we'll catch up with rex lee who
9:13 am
usually answers to lloyd. >> hey. how do you get to the top of your game? give it everything you've got and leave those sticky sunscreens behind. new neutrogena cooldry sport. powerful protection designed to feel good. micromesh technology lets sweat pass through and evaporate so skin stays comfortable, while clinically proven protection keeps going strong. don't get stuck with a sticky sunscreen. stay protected and comfortable with every move. new cooldry sport. neutrogena.
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9:16 am
and grease is gone. it was ten years ago that rex lee first stepped into the role of ari gold's assistant lloyd in "entourage." >> now he steps back for the big screen that fans have been waiting for for four years. >> take a look. >> could we have lunch this week? >> i don't have lunch with this ex-assistants unless i need something from them which i can't imagine being the case from you. so what's up? >> i'm getting married! >> oh god. >> and i want you to give me away. >> oh god! >> please don't make a gay joke. >> i wasn't going to. i was going to make a marriage joke. good luck with the divorce. >> good morning good to see you. happy to have you with us. so lloyd is getting married to a
9:17 am
famous athlete. >> i'm not allowed to reveal that. >> i know. i watched the movie. >> it's a great cameo. you've been doing this gig for about ten years with "entourage." does it get old being yelled at by jeremy piven? >> not at all. it's acting. i know it's going to happen. so i'm prepared. and actually when you know it's fake it's actually fun. it's fun to have someone yell at you. you wouldn't think so. >> do a lot of people come up to you and say i know what you're going through. my boss yells at you. >> people say i'm from kansas i'm from iowa and my family back home doesn't know what i do. i tell them to watch the show. and they say i'm lloyd. so you know it's flattering. >> how good was it to be back with the gang? we were talking during the commercial break. there were so many rumors about whether the movie would be a reality and here we are. but it took some negotiating.
9:18 am
i won't make you name names. >> no, we felt that way too. i literally thought this movie would never get made. but it was so fun to get back together with everyone. it felt like putting on comfortable shoes that you forgot were in your closet. >> you got the band back together. this is your first scene on "entourage" 2005. take a look. >> i'm lloyd, ari' new assistant. >> i'm vince. >> i know who you are. >> he gives you a hard time you let me know. >> what happened to emil? >> i don't know. could i get you something to drink? >> do you remember what you're thinking in this first scene? >> well i don't remember what i'm thinking in that scene but i know i'm thinking now looking at it i'm so young and so skinny. i was working out with a trainer who didn't believe in carbs so i lost about 40 pounds in four months. >> gosh. >> i was noticing your hair. the hair has got a lot more
9:19 am
hollywood to it now. >> i don't know. >> so how many episodes did you initially sign up for? wasn't it just a four-episode -- >> that's the exact right number. four. they had written seven episodes and i was in four of them. they would call me and say we're shooting something tomorrow. are you free? and i said i'll make myself free. by the end of that season i ended up in 10 of the 14 episodes. >> that's good stuff. congratulations to you on that. and we'll pass on asking about "entourage 2." >> i think it depends on the box office. >> it's worth it. so get your ticket. >> cheryl approves. >> all right. thank you, rex lee. it hits theaters june 3rd. up next can you guess what will be this year's song of the summer? we'll make our predictions. we'll get you in on the fun as
9:20 am
well. after this. ♪ me and you, ♪ ♪ and you and me. ♪ ♪ no matter how they tossed the dice. ♪ ♪ it had to be. ♪ ♪ the only one for me is you. ♪ ♪ and you for me. ♪ ♪ so happy together! ♪ now there's a rewards program that lets you earn points at one place and use them at another. introducing plenti. ♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to rewards there's plenti together. ♪ ♪ ♪ women talking about activia. when i feel bloated and my stomach is rumbling in the morning, it takes me forever to get dressed. i just like wearing a lot of black. i don't have the time to be gassy and uncomfortable, when i'm trying to get out of the house. those are the days you wear sweatpants. i love activia. that is so good. i eat activia every day. enjoying activia twice a day for 4 weeks may help reduce the frequency of minor digestive issues. feeling good, looking good. activiaaaa. my husband has been singing that to me for two weeks.
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so you guys remember those songs -- so bad. you remember those songs you couldn't get out of your head? call me maybe, fancy, blurred lines. >> these dominated the charts earning the coveted title of song of the summer. >> so now pandora is helping us predict what will be the big hit this summer. they have narrowed it down to five. we want to hear what you think. let's start with "fun" by pitbull. >> okay. next is "where are you now" but skrillex features justin bieber. >> do you like that. >> i can't hear it. oh, yeah, i do. ♪ >> i know this one because he
9:24 am
went to temple university. i got this one. next up this is my song. >> "girls in bikinis" lee brice. >> i like it. >> that's good. >> this one you'll love. this is the jam. go ahead. >> "bad blood" by taylor swift. that's my prediction. ♪ >> you've got to hit the chorus. ♪ bad blood ♪ >> look at cheryl burke. yeah. choreograph this real quick. >> is that it? >> "cheerleader" by omi. >> i like this song too. >> feels like it could go somewhere too. >> makes you want to have a cocktail. >> yes. >> we want you to vote. so go to
9:25 am
we'll announcing the winning prediction. >> i think it's taylor's game to it's so shiny. i know, mommy, but it's time to let the new kitchen get some sleep. if you want beautiful results, you know where to go - angie's list. now everyone can get highly rated service even without a membership. you can shop special offers or use the snapfix feature to tell us what you need and we'll help you find a local company to take care of it. angie's list is there for all your projects, big and small. pretty. come see what the new angie's list can do for you. brandon thinks hellmann's is heaven in a jar. come to think of it, brandon, there is a little slice of heaven in every jar. that's because our ingredients come from places like... pleasantville, iowa! and farmers committed to responsibly sourced oils... blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. we're talkin' real ingredients. for three generations. mmm. heaven. thank you. real ingredients.
9:26 am
from a real place. that's how we're working to bring out the best. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning. i'm rosemary connors. 9:26 on this memorial day. let's check on the holiday forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> we are already in the 70s. bright sunshine and a little bit of a breeze working. the humidity is staying low in spite of the warm-up . look at wilmington at the stadium, nothing but sunshine. 71. up to 73 already in philadelphia. still 60s to the north. trenton is at 69 degrees. at the shore, it's now 72 degrees in cape may. right in the harbor it's cooler now. those numbers will be climbing. 68 in ocean city. it's already up to 72 in
9:27 am
woodbine. headed to the shore, the delaware beaches, sunshine and a healthy breeze too. afternoon highs in the 70s. >> a superintendent in chester county is speaking out against what he calls the massive burden of state testing in schools. jim scanlon wrote a letterer to families in the west chester area school district and says the amount of required testing is having a negative effect on student education. he writes learning should be challenging but enjoyable and exciting. teaching should be dynamic and keet tif. we are missing so much of that because of these tests. we posted the letter on our website if you would luke to read it go to >> a bridge is closed in both directions because of a sink hole. it's not clear how long the repair wills take. i'm rose mary connors. back to the "today" show. i'll see you in 25 minutes for another update. you can get the latest news and
9:28 am
weather with the nbc 10 app. have a good one.
9:29 am
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. a new study reveals living at high altitudes may be a risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome. researchers from university of california found the rate of sids was twice as high among babies living at an altitude higher. it's important to know the sids rate is still very low, just 0.8 deaths per 1,000 births. the updates you post on facebook may reveal more than you realize about your personality. british researchers found that people who post about their diets, exercise routines and achievements tend to be narcissists who are seeking attention and validation. those who post about their love lives might have low
9:31 am
self-esteem. they're trying to convince themselves and others that things are going well. and conscientious people rarely post on facebook but when they do it's about their children. wine lovers today is national wine day. it's an unofficial holiday that celebrates the fruit of the vine. some wine bars and wine shops will offer discounts on their wines to celebrate the big day. of course hoda and kathie lee probably don't need another reason to pour a glass. me either. an opening for "tomorrowland," it took in an estimated $32 million for the first three days of the holiday weekend. that number is expected to climb to about $41 million after today. but experted predicted it would take in "$50 million. a roar could be heard echoing through washington, d.c. sunday. the rolling thunder ride to freedom brought thousands of motorcyclists to the district of columbia. the annual ride honored military veterans and soldiers missing in action. with flags proudly waving
9:32 am
supporters lined the streets to cheer riders on. all right. let's toss it over to dylan now. a perfect part of the important holiday weekend. >> we have perfect weather moving in especially for the eastern seaboard where that is basically the best weather across the country. we're looking at 80s even a couple of spotty thunderstorms. but it's really southern texas where we're looking at our strongest storms today. the threat of an isolated storm is there. but it's the addition of any more rain leading to flash flooding later on today. tomorrow we will start to see that push further into the east. we will see more in the midwest and tennessee valley. slight risks through parts of texas tomorrow but those will not be as widespread. by tuesday we'll get a good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. your memorial day forecast is looking sunny and warm. mostly sunny skies.
9:33 am
and a bit breezy, too. the winds will be picking up this afternoon along with the temperature . 84 to 87. winds of 20 miles an hour with higher gusts. tomorrow it's the temperature that will go higher. you will notice the humidity is a bit higher, too. a breezy day. 90 degrees for tuesday. again an wednesday. a chance of storms for wednesday, thursday, friday and through the weekend. have a great day. >> and that's your latest forecast. guys? thank you. many of you may be watching us because you're on vacation now as the weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. >> it's also the time of the year when most luggage gets lost. and although most bags get claimed, there are some that never get reunited with their owners. >> janet shamlian is here with where they end up and surprising items inside. this is a hidden gem in alabama. >> there are several times i'm aching to go back. you are never going to believe what people take on an airplane and then forget to take off. it's all tucked away in rural alabama including the thousands of ipads and cell phones left in
9:34 am
those seatback pockets. want a deal? this is the place. >> reporter: a fiberglass mold of a shark. an old accordion, and various tribal necklaces. can you believe it was all left on a plane? welcome to the last stop for lost luggage. clothing jewelry, and the electronics. brand new ipads, digital cameras, and every model of cell phone. >> it's always interesting to see what they have here. >> reporter: all of it once belonged to someone who became permanently separated from their luggage. >> it's huge honestly. i didn't think there would be this much lost. >> reporter: the unclaimed baggage center in alabama buys bags from the airlines as well as train and bus companies. then it all ends up for sale here at the deepest of discounts. where do you live? >> nashville, tennessee. >> reporter: how often do you come here? >> once a month. >> reporter: there are wedding dresses and wedding rings. 6,000 new items a day. when they say they sell just
9:35 am
about everything that could be found in a lost bag, they mean it. with many items brand new, some shoppers don't have room for everything they've scooped up. in which case even the luggage itself is for sale. and our team didn't have to buy any luggage, but i'm going to say that we came back with our suitcases a little bit fuller. my producer came home with a new ipad. >> that's awesome. >> and at a bargain price. >> looks like the baggage carousel is brings us lost luggage as well. here to help us go through it ambassador for the laos luggage unit. >> good morning. >> we have things to slide down. >> i'm nervous. let's do it. so what are these? >> these bags have come through unclaimed baggage center. we do a daily experience where we go through bags. make sure there's nothing harmful, embarrassing and dangerous. >> so we can open them up and see what's going on. >> this is what you do at the center. >> this is what we do every day.
9:36 am
we have people who go through the bags every day. all of those good things. >> okay. wait. i think this is you here. >> what do we have in here? >> a map. new york tour guide. >> i think i got one of these yesterday. >> what do you do with the stuff? you wash it? >> we do. they've been sitting in a suitcase at least 90 days. we make sure they're laundered. we make sure they're good enough to sell. what we don't sell we donate to a large number of organizations. >> deodorant. >> used deodorant, we'll trash that one. >> boxers. >> this is good stuff. >> do people ever come to unclaimed baggage for things they lost on planes? >> they do come in and look for those things. it's harder than a needle in a hay stack to find something like that. >> i had all my jewelry and
9:37 am
everything in one. now i know never to check your jewelry ever. >> speaking of jewelry, we've got some great pieces down here. >> who left a suit of armor in their luggage? >> we've had several suits of armor come through the store. you know these are one of these navy diving helmets. >> we don't question. >> that's way overweight. >> and learn not to pack jewelry. >> this bracelet right here alone is about a $40 thourkss40$40,000 bracelet. we sell at half the appraisal. this is at $21,000. >> hey, willie. >> if you've never been there, it's a gem. thank you so much. thanks for the story. coming up next if you can't hit the beach today, we're bringing the beach to you. we're throwing a party on the plaza with food
9:38 am
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now in your area. ♪ caress presents a fine fragrance breakthrough. ♪ the world's first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. new caress love forever. for an unforgettable fragrance up to 12 hours.
9:42 am
a gorgeous day down in southern new jersey on the shores of cape may. and many of you may be heading to the beach today. that's what we're going to do after work. willie's driving. >> i'm flying back to l.a. but i'll be there in spirit. >> but since we're here working we thought it would be fun to throw our own beach bash right here on the plaza. >> and we've got some fun things to get your party started for under 50 bucks. who do you have with you? >> this is my son. he's helping me out. >> hi buddy. >> he's got a little beach look from pottery barn kids. all under $50. it's the hat and the diaper cover and the tunic. >> so cute. >> the little whales on there. >> such a sense of fashion.
9:43 am
>> i've got on sandals today. this a look from macrame is in. a little koecoachella look. it really hides so it's good for the beach. and she's got a swim suit under there for under $50 from and he's got a look from denim and supply. we're going for a floral -- men can wear floral. believe it or not. and so they're ready for the beach. >> looking good. what do you have next for us? >> sorry. playing with my man over here. super busy. this is picnic stuff. >> this is a collapsible beach -- >> should we get him? >> yeah. let's get him. >> come here buddy. >> the best birth control ever. >> here's momma. >> hi. >> oh buddy. >> so this is a collapsible
9:44 am
beach basket from wayfair. you take everything out and it collapses down to something like that so you can easily store it. >> better than the cooler. cool. what about these? >> this is always a concern when you go out. where do you put your cell phone, your keys this is such a cool thing. it's called the -- what's it called? anyway -- >> the wonderful thing. >> vacation vault. >> exactly. what you do is put it on your picnic table and you put a combination on there. you can save anything you want save. >> or under the blanket and your cell phone gets scratched by the sand. this is a better idea. and this is a blanket from l.l. bean. it's made out of parachute material. you put it in the corner so it stays down. see how small it packs down to. >> let's go to cheryl over here.
9:45 am
>> try it again. >> come on, you love me. [ crying ] >> it's not you. >> he wants you to dance. >> see. it works. >> it works. i wish he had a little card. ten out of ten. these are some games for the beach. this is under $30 from i love these from pottery barn. they're beach balls with a surprise inside of them. a shark here butterfly, sea horse. i think it's cute. and then willie we got these for george and lucy. these are great. you can put the seashells in there and all the sand comes out. you take the shells home and not the sand. >> wonderful. >> and i heard you've never played horseshoes. >> i haven't but i want to learn. >> this is a version of horseshoes. it's called rollers. on memorial day it was invented
9:46 am
by an active duty service member so it's really a cool thing. basically you roll it or throw it as close as possible. >> give it a shot. >> in stilettos. >> you got it. >> not bad. not bad. here give it a shot. >> so just get it to -- >> as close as possible. >> yes. nicely done. >> okay. >> so wrangler is actually use ing a pet bed from front under $35. and he's got his booties on. you've got to worry about that when there's hot sand. and these bowls are perfect for traveling. they collapse. put water and food in there. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> and thank you. >> you can hang out with aunt
9:47 am
cheryl all day. >> coming up next before you throw those on the grill today, check out the finger licking recipe from sunny anderson. >> yummy. >> after this. headache? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, let's-rock-this-concert- like-it's-1999 kind of mom. back pain? motrin helps you be the side-planking
9:48 am
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9:51 am
. hi. back now on this memorial day with some recipes you may want to try out when you fire up the grill this afternoon. willie's the grill master around here. >> i am. only second to sunny anderson. she's one of the hosts of "the kitchen" on the food new york and also author of "sunny's kitchen." also an air force veteran. so we're thanking you as well many others. >> all about our fallen soldiers today. so let me show you how to make my easiest blazed spare ribs. the glaze is simple really quick. in the beginning got the spare rib, little bit of salt little bit of pepper. >> what about the ribs? what kind you getting here? >> these are actual spare ribs. these are pork. you can do beef as well. this is going to go right onto the grill. >> cheryl is learning to cook. >> i am learning how to get in the kitchen more often. i'm a great eater. >> it's important. it's all about the slow and low.
9:52 am
i've got this at 250 or 225 degrees. right in here, these are pans i filled with water. that's important because it's going to create a moist environment so all of this can be fall off the bone tender juicy. that's grilling at 225 on low. i've got a glaze that's very simple. it's just some chicken stock or beef stock or vegetable stock, a little bit of jam goes in. >> a little bit of jam? >> that's a lot. >> for sweetness. >> what kind of jam is that? >> you can use any jam. any jam. >> your favorite jam. >> raspberry, peach, appry cat. and then a thai chili garlic sauce and thyme. here we are at the end. >> that looks delicious. these are all kitchen staples. you can easily get these going today for you at your barbecue. >> how long were they on the grill? >> it's going to take a couple of hours because it's slow and
9:53 am
low. 225 is what you're going for. a lot of times people will do it overnight like smoke the ribs. and then just a roasted potato and romaine salad. >> how do you clean them off? >> the dishwasher. >> sunny thank you. always good to see you out here. recipes are on up next find out your pick for the song of the summer. but first this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
yeah. kind of what we thought, guys. the song you picked as song of the summer "bad blood" by taylor swift. thanks cheryl burke for hanging out with us today. cheryl burke, ladies and gentlemen.
9:56 am
nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. i'm rosemary conners. it's 9:56 on this memorial day. let's get a check of the forecast from meteorologist bill henley. sunny skies out there bill. >> really cooperating with all the parades and the memorial day services. it's a perfect day today. lots of snipe, andunshine, and the wind is blowing the flags making for a nice spectacle. and the temperatures well they're climbing. 74 degrees in wilmington.
9:57 am
it's already 76 degrees in trenton. atlantic city is up to 76 and now 78 degrees in northeast philadelphia at the airport. and still climbing we're heading for lots of sunshine breezy conditions with high temperatures in the 80s. this morning philadelphia police are looking for the suspect wanted in a deadly shooting overnight. detectives tell us somebody shot a man several times at 17th and luzern streets. medics rushed the man to a hospital but he died a shourd time later. philadelphia police are looking for a person who shot a man in the leg in the parkwood neighborhood. it happened late last night on woodhaven road. the man should be okay. there's no word on a motive and, again, no arrest. i'm rosemary connors. i'll have another update in 25 minutes. you can get the latest news and weather, all of the events happening today for memorial day, on our website,, or through the nbc 10 app. we'll send it back to the "today" show. have a good one and happy memorial day.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
reba is here today. > from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockafeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. what day is it? >> it's memorial day. >> yes. >> how feste. seems early this year doesn't it? >> it does. it always seems like it was the 31st. >> yeah. >> the 31st. may 25th many of you off from work and school getting ready to go to the beach or a barbecue. remember something before we do this holiday a day to remember every single person who gave their life in our country's service. >> yeah. >> yes. and it's also the unofficial start to summer so we're going to have fun and all of that. >> yes. with all the barbecues and fun
10:01 am
everything is having we should remember. >> remember what it's all about. that's what the memorial part means. >> yep. >> we're going to kick off the best in entertainment for the next in a few months. someone who knows the best movies, tv shows, our friend kim sacks. >> stackable. >> and we love him. >> he hasn't shaved. >> it's a man thing. >> then hoda and i will have a nice bite with the host of the tv show elon hall. each have to whip up a dish in under two minutes. >> that's not good. >> you've heard the fur is going to fly, every one of those ingredients will be flying somewhere. >> they give us six ingredients or something like that. >> we have to use. >> and come up with a dish. it doesn't bode well. >> not at all. >> we don't cook too much. >> if you are traveling it's been predicted 25% more people will be traveling over memorial day weekend so this is one of those things you have to leave time to get where you're going to get heading home give yourself time.
10:02 am
>> no road rage, please. we're all americans. >> we found a quiz on budfeed that got hoda's attention. >> which talk show host would be your best drinking buddy. >> you're mine hoda. >> this is a picture that came on their website. but we wondered what we would -- >> there we are. >> so here is a question. we want you to take the quiz along with us. it asks, where are you drinking? we both said -- >> there were choices. >> we said patio. both of us. >> what were the three choices? >> i don't remember. >> yeah. >> oh, whatever. >> we were asked to pick our favorite drink. hoda said vodka and you said -- >> my stuff. >> white wine. >> wine. >> chardonnay. >> they asked us to pick our favorite karaoke song among some they picked. i picked, of course, "shoot" by salt n pep pa. >> i wouldn't know if i heard it. >> you only had certain choices. none would be my go-to.
10:03 am
>> "landslide" by fleetwood mac. >> who do you drink or drunk dial? >> you said oprah. >> you said justin timberlake. >> talking about the movie we made, old times, when he was on my -- n'sync on my christmas special. lots to catch up on. >> i have nothing to talk to oprah about because i've never met her but i would want to ask her things like what's it like being oprah? >> what drunk food do you get? >> i said a burger. >> i said pasta. >> sloppy. >> yeah. >> and pick a drunk tweet to send. >> we both said double trouble. >> with lots of es. >> your sober driver? >> you said matt lauer. >> i said regis. >> all right. so now, this is the verdict. >> the result. >> of who we should drink with. the results are -- i should be drinking with? ellen degeneres. >> she wasn't on the list. >> no but that's --
10:04 am
>> you would have fun. >> okay. >> it says you'll be laughing all night, blah-blah-blah. >> kathie lee should be drinking with? >> kathie lee. >> and me. both of us. >> oh, my gosh. >> what did it say, the two of us. >> you would be drinking with us. >> i like that. >> what just happened? >> come to my house this weekend, hoda. >> i guess ellen likes salt n pep pa more than you do. >> how does that go? >> i can't remember. ♪ >> i don't remember them. maybe our control room will call it up. >> probably. >> but it's doubtful. >> there are some corporate phrases they say need to be banned in the work place. >> fast company, they picked out those things they say all the time in the corporate world that are just gook and a pain. here's something. see if this sounds like your boss. >> for the next quarter we need to be really disruptive. also make sure that we are leveraging all of our knowledge assets. we're going to blue sky ideas but also parking lot some ideas.
10:05 am
david's request is a pdf for the rfd. let's circle back whatever comes first. >> that's why i did not go into the corporate world. >> okay. >> didn't make any sense. business insider came up with words we should stop using. >> t it up. >> take it to the next level. >> let's circle back. >> that i don't like. sinner in sghiz we use that a lot around here. >> sinner in guise. >> we don't do it but we talk about it a lot. >> think outside the box. >> out of pocket. >> move the needle. >> run it up the flagpole. >> what i can't stand. >> what. >> at the end of the day. >> at the end of the day. >> that wasn't even on the list but at the end of the day, people, we're all going to -- it's a new way to say the same thing. >> if you're in the corporate world there are certain things that hold you back. >> yeah. >> all right. >> this is true in life in general. don't you think? >> yep. >> the number one thing that holds people back from being successful is attitude. >> yep. it's the thing that makes people successful and a bad attitude keeps you from success. >> most people are hiring it's
10:06 am
not a search for talent but attitude. i guess you would assume that most people who come in for the interview have the skillset or education or whatever it is you're looking for and after that you're picking someone who is positive upbeat et cetera. >> you might be one of the most positive people i've met. >> really? >> absolutely. no matter what's going on in your life unless somebody picks on a friend of yours. >> yes. >> or family. >> other than that you are like a pit bull. >> i know. >> who's -- and some sweet ones but you know what i'm saying. that other kind. >> speaking of dogs dry dog -- i remember this. does your dog love or hate bath time. >> your dogs love it? >> not all of them. bambino doesn't love it but louie will lay in the sink three hours if you let him. loves it. loves swashing around like in the womb. >> so happy. >> bambino looks and gets cold and doesn't like it. >> australian photographer shot pictures of dogs before and during bath time. you can tell by their faces
10:07 am
whether they loved or hate it. here's some of them. okay. he -- i don't know if he loved it or not. that's very strange. >> yeah. >> a brown and white pup. see. >> hates. i think hates. >> yeah. >> hoda that's your hair. >> hey. that's pre-keratin. you can't tell. that doesn't look wet because it has short hair. >> yeah. >> those are cute. send us some pictures of your dogs, your wet dogs. want to hear what the song sounds like? >> yeah. >> wait. hold up. here we go. your video will play after the ad. >> oh. >> okay. netflix. hold on. it's worth it. don't worry. >> oh, my gosh. >> don't worry. ♪ >> i love "mad men". ♪ i want to shoop shoop shoop ♪
10:08 am
♪ let me bring you back to the subject ♪ >> i would like everybody to know there is a book out there causing a controversy but that's a good thing in a republic like america, right? >> yes. >> friend of mine is kirsten powers written a book called "the silencing" all about -- she chronicles how she believes that freedom of speech freedom of faith, freedom of -- a lot of our constitutional rights are being challenged, more than challenged, fought and silenced in our world today. she's got incredible research to back up her claims. she's being beaten up a ton in the press for it. and i would highly recommend you read this book whether you are a liberal or a independent or conservative you're an atheist or whatever you are. >> whatever you are. >> if you're an american you should care about our rights. >> okay. >> and she's fantastic. >> excellent. >> really smart. >> look forward. >> going to give it to you. >> thank you. i haven't heard of it but now i have because of you. >> don't forget our favorite things are just ahead. >> and are your neighbors being
10:09 am
anything but neighborly. >> i love mr. manners. >> great questions to handle from the annoying situations. >> we will write some thank you notes as we go. >> from movie to tv shows and concert tours, your entertainment covered with tim stackable. >> a movie coming up this summer. >> of course she does. >> we will write a thank you note to jimmy fallon right after this. and ladders... awwwwwww!!!!! they have all those warnings on them. might as well say, "you're going to die, jeff". you hired someone to clean the gutters? not just someone. someone from angie's list. but we're not members. we don't have to be to use their new snapfix feature. angie's list helped me find a highly rated service provider to do the work at a fair price. come see what the new angie's list can do for you. did you know only 1% of supplements have earned the usp mark... an independent certification for quality and purity? i recommend nature made because they've earned the most of any brand. nature made.
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10:12 am
with walmart's low prices every day...'s not just about having more savings. it's about having more fun. great get-togethers start with low prices you can trust every day. . all right. blue skies, warm weather, evening breezes will probably make you want to spend a lot of
10:13 am
time outside this summer. >> for those days when it's too hot and sticky we have movies, tv shows and books to check out from the comfort of your air conditioned room courtesy of "entertainment weekly" senior writer. >> we love limb. >> tim stack. >> >> we call stackable. >> oh. >> we're liking the little -- >> i'm masculine. >> looks good on you. >> lumber sexual if you will. >> lumber -- >> let's start with movies "jurassic world". >> is a huge new movie. obviously the fourth sequel to jts rur rassic park," stars chris pratt, takes place 22 years after the original but about the park is open happening, it's a big hit. >> love him. >> he's adorable. >> and then basically decide to create a hybrid called indomi nance rex and breaks free. >> of course he does. it would be no movie otherwise. >> great movie. chris pratt our cover this week. i spent a good deal of time with
10:14 am
him. >> you lucky thing. got to see russell a little person then cgi'ed into a tyra tack tall. >> a huge hit. chris pratt is a star now. skem love him. he's wonderful. >> "magic mike". >> "maj mick mike xxl." is the sequel to "magic mike" three years later. >> okay. >> hello. >> this is channing tatum doing pony, which was the number he did in the first one. basically set three years later and mike is no longer a stripper. he is kind of a resurfaced parts kind of company. >> let himself go. >> let himself go. real fatty. >> he basically decides to go on a road trip. >> joe mag nel lo. >> is back as big -- >> what's going on there? >> having his way with a pepsi. >> that is hot. >> scene where he meets andie mcdowell and they have quite a moment? >> what? she gets to be with him?
10:15 am
>> yes. >> why not? >> jada pinkett too. >> gets to be with her. >> true. >> you know what i'm talking about. >> it is really fun. i've seen it. >> you will enjoy. >> a movie i've heard about and especially heard a lot about the lead actress, the gallos. >> yes. >> a film coming out on july 10th called "the gallows" and stars a newcomer woman named cassidy gifford. this is the trailer which is disturbing. it's also matt cassidy a few weeks ago and doesn't look like her. she looks terrified in this trailer. >> she is. >> she also tells me she does her own stunts. >> she does her own stunts in everything she's been doing. >> it's a horror about the school, they put on this play. >> look look. >> oh. >> i know. she put on -- >> sending me stills without saying gee, mom, might want to put your coffee down. i was going oh, my gosh. mom, called acting. >> it's about a play a -- kids
10:16 am
put on a play 20 years after someone died doing it and then they sort of -- people start dying again. >> that really happened in lincoln, nebraska. >> yeah. >> that looks great. >> jason blum a master of making the micro budget movies that make a million dollars. >> he's going to be opposite "the mignons" for the little kids. the mignons going to kick the crud out of cassy. >> we're going home with "the gallows". >> i haven't seen it yet. >> let's move to tv "orange is the new black" hot. >> we all love "orange is the new black" back for a third season on netflix. this season is more about faith, the creator wanted to explore faith within the system within life within about love. and laura's character is back full time in this season. and mary stein bernlger has joined the cast. >> mary stein burjer.
10:17 am
>> is she an inmate? >> i believe she's an inmate. "orange is the new black" is secretive about what's going on. i think the show it's so good. if people haven't seen it. it's phenomenal. >> "true detective" another hot show. >> hbo bringing back "true detective" which has an all-star cast. colin farrell, vince vaughn nothing is really known about this season. it's about cops and criminals obviously, but they've just released these moody teasers. >> i've seen the ads. >> really graphic. >> everyone scowls. it's about scowling i think. >> net flikts has another show called "wet hot american summer" -- >> it's about rehoboth. "wet hot american summer". >> this is about -- >> for you, baby. trail blaze for you. >> cast the originale. >> this is netflix. they've made a sequel cult
10:18 am
movie from 2001. this is amazing comedy. it's amazing comedy with like -- >> david hyde pierce all come back. >> looks fun. >> bradley cooper and kristen wiig, about a camp in the '80s. >> oh, my gosh. >> hysterical. >> highly anticipated. >> watch a couple concerts. taylor swift on a world tour. >> is doing everything now. taylor swift on the 1989 world tour. >> does she ever take a day off? >> she does not. >> shania twain hasn't been on tour in ages. had this vegas residency. >> her hair. >> love her. >> and you said new kids on the block, nelly and tlc and your book "stephen king is back with "finders keepers". >> and this book comes out what's it called? >> you can preorder it. it's coming out in four years. >> wow. that's very exciting. >> "where you belong" check it
10:19 am
out. >> we love you stackable. you're the best. we like the scruffy look. >> do you hate going to the doctor because of what you might hear? >> we will help you get over your fears. >> a great trip to give away to one of our viewers. >> our fan of the week they need to know the answer to the question. you will find it if it's you. >> favorite things coming up, right? >> yes. ♪
10:20 am
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10:23 am
for somebody out there because it's time to surprise our fan of the week. >> drum roll please. >> while we spin the globe and today it's landed in egan minnesota. >> that's where our fan chelsea watches us. >> hi, chelsea. >> on care channel 11. now with us on skype, right? >> hi girl how are you? >> hi, sweetheart. [ inaudible ]. >> oh, my god. we're pumped to. we will tell everyone why chelsea was chosen. >> right. >> two weeks ago chelsea graduated from the university of nebraska. >> good for you. >> with a degree in broadcast journalism and tells usshe's an aspiring producer and over the past four years of college she never missed our show. >> and she actually graduated? >> i know. look at her drinking and not studying. >> good for her. we hear you and your sorrity sister taylor love to impersonate us. >> which are you? >> i'm the blonde. >> she's me. >> >> all right. let's put your fan dom to the
10:24 am
test. you will have 15 seconds and one guess. if you saw every show this should be a sinch. ready? >> here we go. true or false, kathie lee and i recently played root beer pong on the show with musicians darius rucker and anna kendrick. >> true. >> true. you're right. >> good for you. you're going on a fabulous trip. you and a guest, maybe taylor if she's lucky, headed to seattle, washington, beautiful city for four days and three nights at the famous edgewater hotel. >> not only will you dine at the hotel's restaurant you'll be treated to two seattle city passes which gives you access to the most popular attractions, round trip airfare. >> i think that's -- if i'm not mistake that's the hotel where the beatles stayed. a famous place. it's awesome. you will have a ball. >> thank you. >> all righty. >> thank you so muchp. >> god bless. >> how to get over your fear of going to the doctor. >> yes. i'm afraid of that. after your local news. >> me too. headache? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, let's-rock-this-concert-
10:25 am
like-it's-1999 kind of mom. back pain? motrin helps you be the side-planking keeping-up-with- your-girlfriend- even-though-you'll-feel-it- later kind of woman you are. body pain? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, i-can-totally-do-this- all-in-one-trip kind of woman. when pain tries to stop you, there's motrin. motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. make it happen with new motrin liquid gels. if you can't imagine quitting turkey, cold turkey. then you're what butterball calls a turketarian and their delicious every day selections are sure to satisfy.
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the taste of light and fit greek non fat yogurt gives you the power to help make temptation shrink away! light and fit greek. with irresistible flavors like strawberry cheesecake never have 80 calories tasted so satisfying! light and fit greek. taste the power of satisfaction. ♪ dannon ♪ >> thank you. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. i'm rosemary conners. it's 10:26 on this memorial day. really couldn't ask for better weather. let's check in with meteorologist bill henley. >> sure looking good outside.
10:27 am
this is cape may. plenty of sunshine. the wind will be getting stronger. it's already up to 12 miles an hour in cape may. that's a live view from the marquise de lafayette hotel. that's going to be a busy beach today as the temperatures climb. 76 in atlantic city at the airport. 77 right now in wrightstown and 78 in northeast philadelphia. right along the coast, a little bit cooler in cape may harbor at 65 degrees while it's 70 in north wildwood and 75 at sea isle city. new from overnight this memorial day is off to a violent start in philadelphia. police are searching for a killer after a deadly shooting. detectives found a man shot in the head near a basketball court at 41st and aspen streets. the man died at the hospital. police have no suspects at this time. today we honor the men and women who gave their all so we can have it all, and there are plenty of events in the area to observe memorial day.
10:28 am
philadelphia's korean war memorial will host a ceremony at 11:00. at penn's landing a former p.o.w. will speak at a rededication ceremony at the vietnam war memorial. later, a ceremony will be held at the washington square tomb of the unknown soldier. that's it for now. i'm rosemary conners. we'll have a full hour of news at 11:00. you can always get the latest news and weather on the nbc 10 app. now back to the "today" show. have a good one. see you in half an hour.
10:29 am
10:30 am
it is memorial day monday. if you can't remember the last time you went to the doctor because you hate going, this is for you. >> we're about to help you get over your fear of needles, blood and all those cold metal instruments with the help of three doctors, ophthalmologist, ob-gyn and dentist. >> no gast tro interallist. >> dr. ann neggen a general opts mall gist for rye eye associates in new york. >> how are you. >> >> i'm great. how are you? >> people have a general fear of going to the doctor. >> in general people are afraid your doctor will tell you something bad, right? no one wants to hear that. it's counterintuitive but we'll say we won't go. we don't want to hear. so many diseases can be prevented, treated, even -- >> in the early stages. >> right.
10:31 am
with early -- right, early treatment. >> the eye thing would be scary but people in our own staff members. >> they've given birth. >> and still get creeps. >> people get worked up. one of the things people are terrified about are the eye drops, right. when you go to your eye doctor they will put a couple of set of drops in set of drops to numb your eye, and they're going to put a set in to die late your eyes. >> it doesn't hurt. >> burns a little bit for the die lating. >> a little. >> if you tell the patient here's what i'm going to do, does it make it less scary. >> some of my patients will ask me, talk to me, tell me what you're doing before each step. i have other patients who say, i don't want to know get it over with as quick as possible. a great tool to calm you down is breathing. one of the biggest mistakes my patients make is hold their breath. i'm like you're going to pass out. >> and they do. >> people get scared when they put their chin in that thing. >> yeah. >> why? >> i don't know. claustrophobic. >> i'm afraid i'm going to get a
10:32 am
zit. you clean it. >> we clean it. the technicians clean it with alcohol in between. if you're not sure ask. >> you to give up control to put your head in there. we need to focus as eye doctors. we can't see if you're pulling back. it's scary but you have to prepare yourself into thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we will move on to our next doctor who is -- >> dr. susnim ob-gyn here she comes. ready. >> we're ready. >> you don't have to put your legs up yet, ladies. >> we're ready for you. >> first we're going to talk about -- >> couldn't wait to do that. >> nobody likes to the ob. >> nobody likes the ob. >> i love my ob. >> as a woman i understand because i've been to the ob too. i want to talk about needles. any doctor's office you go to whether your ob-gyn, or your primary care doctor you might need blood drawn, a shot vaccine. tips i have one let your doctor know you're afraid. >> yes. >> we do this all the time but
10:33 am
forget you might be afraid. let us know you're afraid we will do special things to make you more comfortable. >> like what? >> lay down. >> your blood circulation recuperates, less likely to faint. everybody carries their smartphone and your ear phones. play your favorite song mix, that distraction by the time your song gets to its chorus your blood will be drawn, shot done band-aid. >> i did that with the song i used to love from nelly i hate the song now because it reminds me of being in pain. >> it happens. >> pick a song you don't love but like. >> exactly. >> any kathie lee cd will do. >> don't look. >> don't look. looking is really a recipe for fainting. >> nobody likes blood to be drawn up. >> the exam nobody wants that. >> the exam dreaded, nobody in this world likes the speculum exam. >> the pap smear. >> part of it. >> the pap smear is part of the speculum exam. here's tips of making it easier
10:34 am
for you. one, so quick. honestly even the longest exam won't take more than about a minute. remember -- >> speculum exam. >> we have lots of different sizes speculums. small, plastic speculums. >> okay. all right. >> we don't have to worry about the hard cold metal and lubrication. >> thank you so much doctor. >> anyways, we appreciate it, our dentist is here. >> there he is. >> hey. >> the den tis. >> hello? what's happening? >> a lot of it the noise of the machines. >> very little need to be anxious, scared pain. >> what if you sneeze and -- >> i bet -- i have very steady hands. >> what are some tips for people in the dental chair? >> first of all, we do know that most people associate dentist dentiststry with the pain from older debtal experiences. like baggage they've brought with them. things have come so far like any other field. technology makes things easier
10:35 am
the materials better. the number one tip i have for reducing pain, and i mean having zero pain in the business is just having enough time to get numb and if you can just suggest -- >> that takes a needle to begin with to get numb. >> it takes a needle but we have -- if you do it in baby steps and the cream. >> the numbing cream. >> little baby steps, you will feel nothing like zero. >> okay. >> maybe a good tip to suggest to the dental office if they can set aside 15 minutes of prenumbing time. >> right. >> to kind of let it kick in. >> hate that we have to run. >> if you were the dentist it would be easy. >> yeah. thank all of our docs. >> come on out. >> if your child is afraid to go to the doctor, there's a really cute little book someone sent me called "i'm going to the doctor". >> we will tell you how to get it later. >> not going under the knife but we're going to be in the kitchen with a knife. >> that's right. we have to do that. >> yeah. >> if your neighbor is nothing like mr. rogers you want to hear what mr. manners has to say about that. right after this.
10:36 am
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10:40 am
summer is unofficially under way which means you will probably be seeing more of your neighbors. >> we decided to get advice for handling the awkward situations that can pop up from time to time from the founder of what manners thomas farley. there you are over there in the other yard. >> hello. >> hello, mr. manners. >> our first question for you, thomas, from kimberly in cedar rapids my husband and i take
10:41 am
great pride in keeping our lawn and landscaping mowed five times and our neighbor hasn't mowed once. i've written her several years asking her to treat the creeping charlie from her yard to mine. how do we get the neighbor to mow her yard every now and then? >> better a creeping charlie than a creepy charlie for starters, right? you don't want the creepy neighbor. >> right. >> everybody will have his or her own standard when it comes to lawn height. if it's excessive it can be a health hazard. i would check with the town, for example, no higher than 12 inches for the grass. other places no mar than 8. if the town says nothing let the town deal with it. the town gets to be the bad guy. >> they will know you called though, aren't they? >> they know the neighbor who did it. town inspectors that come by. >> she has history here. >> let the town play the part because otherwise it's going to cause future conflict. >> i highly recommend you do plant arbore viti and don't look at her yard. >> a little ledge.
10:42 am
>> our next question from elizabeth, two neighbors that allow their dogs to use our front lawn to do the business. we asked both neighbors to clean up the mess and we have small children. kids at play keep poop away. this has been going on for years and we are ready to start slinging the poop. help. >> don't start slinging. i wouldn't condone that. i like that sign. that's adorable. they've tried to do the right thing. they're using humor to defuse a bad situation. unfortunately it's not using. they need to step it up. one last conversation with them and say this is a health hazard dangerous for our children if you can't take care of it we need to approach the town. >> okay. >> good. >> so nice about it all. >> jackie from new york next. i have neighbors that are an older couple and they are only here every other month. their son who is in his 30s are staying at their apartment while his is being renovated, constantly smoking something that emits a strong odor. >> sounds like weed. >> marijuana. >> and the small is wafting out of the apartment into the
10:43 am
hallway. what do you do? >> i would approach the son first and say, you're probably not aware of this but the ventilation in this building is very bad. >> like that. >> do it that way. if he doesn't take the hint i would go to the parents and if the parents don't want to do anything speaks to the management. >> okay. >> speaks to the management. >> not against the law anymore in many places. going to call the cops not any more. quality of life down the toilet. >> the knives are coming out. we're going to sharpen our skills with mystery ingredients coming up after this. >> oh, my gosh. sfx: clink, clink, clink... cow: when i moved in with katy's family we became instant bffs. then i helped my girl get hitched. three years ago in spin class, katy's starin' at this studmuffin, so i did a little cyber-snoopin' and... the dude had way too many selfies on instagram... uh oh! but he passed my inspection... and the rest is history! to katy and ryan! vo: make us part of your family. look for nutritious dairy brands with the real california seals. cow: now about those selfies...
10:44 am
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grandma, this is the kids' table. and i'm young at heart. and look how big you've gotten. but you're just trying to manipulate me so you can eat my kraft mac and cheese. see, you're wise beyond your years. now get over there. move it. i love you. right. gooey creamy delicious kraft macaroni & cheese, you know you love it.
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10:48 am
all right. the stakes for bragging rights have never been higher and hoda and i are ready. >> we're about to compete in our own knife fight. >> esquire network's after hours cooking competition where the chefs have one hour to make two dishes. >> and they're naked. >> no different show. >> we will only have two minutes to whip up something delicious for the host of the show ilan
10:49 am
hall. >> how is it going? >> this is a great concept. gets hyper on your show. >> very hyper. everybody is drinking. >> okay. >> it's after hours after the restaurants close. >> okay. >> i think that we've got that covered. >> what's the rules for us? >> there are no rules. all you have to do is make at least a dish today for me. >> okay. >> using as many of these ingredients as you can. we got fiddle head ferns, yellow watermelon shrimp beef ginger, eggs. >> a beautiful grain. and you guys just let it rip. >> are you ready? >> at the end i'm going to judge it. >> start the timer. >> ilan. >> ready? >> tell us when you're ready. >> i'm ready. in five -- >> oh, my gosh. that was rude. >> three, two, one. let's go. >> oh, my gosh. ♪ >> you better get your pans hotter than that. >> mine is hot. >> how hot does it need to be?
10:50 am
>> as hot as possible. shrimp in. good good good. don't tell her what i'm doing. >> you can see each other, right next to each other. >> i'm not paying attention to her. >> i do my own thing. >> get this on. >> i don't -- >> how long do you guys normally cook? >> never. >> what is this i'm cutting? >> what is this? >> rhubarb. >> of course it is. >> of course it is. do you know what ubash tastes like -- rhubarb tastes like? >> i do not. >> radishes watermelon. sauteed watermelon. >> people do that. >> a dish i must say. >> people do it ilan. >> don't overcook the shrimp. >> kathie lee is doing amarants. using the grain. >> is there soy sauce? >> i think soy sauce right here? >> where? >> taste it first and make sure. >> it's fine. >> i like mine. >> what is going on but i like it no. >> i always love an egg.
10:51 am
>> how much time? >> not giving us a time. >> oh, my goodness. >> 40 seconds. >> 40 seconds left. >> is to that to plate it too? >> everything. >> everything. >> all right. >> you're not going to warm it up? >> no, you can't. >> i don't like cold grains. >> don't pressure me. >> kathie lee is looking good over here. >> no, she's not. >> don't forget to put salt in it. salt and pepper. >> i'm going to do soy sauce. >> how much time? count it down. >> we're going to have a ten second count. all right. >> okay. >> nine eight, seven. >> i'm sorry. >> six, five four three, two, one, let's go. >> gasp. >> okay. >> i don't want to eat mine. >> let's look at the dishes. >> you got to taste them. >> i will taste them.
10:52 am
>> a little at a time. get in there. >> first i'm going to go with hoda's very gently cooked shrimp. >> wait. you didn't have the shrimp. >> hold on. it's actually really -- >> how is that? >> it's actually kind of perfectly good. like perfect translucent. actually great. that's tasty. >> see how i cooked the fruit. >> it's surprisingly interesting and good. there's enough salt. it's good. and the soy sauce did it. >> with salt anything is good. >> your eggs look really good. they're runny but let's see. shrimp looks a little raw. >> down to ten seconds to taste it. >> what's the verdict? >> i have an answer. >> where did he go? >> the winner of today's knife fight is -- drum roll, please. ♪ >> it's coming.
10:53 am
>> hoda. >> it's hoda. >> what? >> hoda you did it. >> cooked pineapple. wins the day. >> you have a knife that says you almost won. everybody, round of applause for hoda. >> it was really delicious. >> may 26th. >> i'm not eating that. absolutely not. stick around for our favorite things. but first this is "today" on nbc. >> bend over. >> bend over? >> it's good. >> it is.
10:54 am
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we want to share our favorite things. mine the new candy by hershey's dark chocolate and caramel. can you stand it? >> sold in stores like cvs. mine is called "i'm going to the doctor?" for kids that are afraid by terri case. all right. and i don't know how to get it but look on-line. >> bye. >> chad michael murphy tomorrow. >> bye-bye.
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nbc 10 news starts now. on this memorial day, the nation is remembering fallen service men and women. here is a live picture from arlington national cemetery in virginia where, as you can see, president barack obama, or you will see in just a moment, he's going to be laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. in philadelphia this morning there was also a wreath-laying ceremony and memorial service at most holy redeemer cemetery. it was a prelude to the city's longest running parade in the bridesburg neighborhood. many will spend the holiday at the beach. from our live camera in cape may, you can see plenty of people are enjoying the warm


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