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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  May 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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sky, we're looking up you hear boom. >> tonight new details about the victims. >> he was his high school valedictorian. >> the man behind the controls and the technology that could have saved lives. >> and you're looking live right now at the crash scene in port richmond. we learned crews have removed three of the damaged railcars from the tracks. good evening, and welcome to a special edition of nbc10 news at 11:00. >> and i'm jacqueline london live in port richmond, the scene of the deadly amtrak train derailment. we're learning more about the train engineer identified as brandon. he's worked for amtrak since april 2009. and philadelphia police confirmed he has handed over his cell phone and provided a blood sample. investigators say he was traveling at 106 miles per hour.
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police expect to talk to him more in the future. as of right now, no one has been named a suspect in the investigation. >> and jacqueline is joined by a team of reporters tonight covering this story from every angle. we begin with the question why the train was speeding in the first place. nbc10's george spencer live at the scene. you learned there are several possible explanations? >> yeah jim, experts tell me that these engineers really know their routes almost as well as you or i know our own drive way. more than 24 hours later, you can see in our live pictures that the investigative scene is still active and right now, experts are focusing their attention on the engineers experience his condition and whether distraction could have played a role. >> trains come past this way or go this way? >> retired railroad signal foreman knows this stretch of tracks. for 45 years, he's lived across from it a long straightaway
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just before the curve, where the amtrak train derailed. with engineer brandon bostian at the controls investigators say. most trains passion cautiously preparing for that turn. you're used to seeing them already slow down here? >> oh, yeah they're either slowed down or coming to a slowdown to get into that curve. >> late today, federal investigators confirmed last night's train was traveling at 106 miles an hour as it entered the 50 mile an hour curve and crashed. surveillance video obtained by nbc10 shows the train speeding by and then three distinct flashes of light. he pulled an emergency brake seconds before likely meaning he was conscious and not suffering a medical problem. so far he hasn't explained the train's excessive speed. >> have we talked to the engineer? the answer to that is no but we plan to the person that's gone
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to a very traumatic event. >> the review may focus on three issues. the engineers experience how many times did he run this route, how well did he know that curve. second his condition, was he fatigued or ill last night? and third, might he have been distracted while at the engine's controls? the so-called black boxes now being reviewed may answer that meanwhile, the ntsb will be here for a week. collecting what they call the perishable evidence that will fill in the gaps. the railcars are being removed from this site. they will be reviewed mechanically and structurally to see if those issues may have played any roll in either the excessive speed or the derailment itself. we're live tonight at the scene in port richmond george spencer, nbc10 news. >> we want to give you a closer look at where this happened the train was heading north into frankford junction from sky force 10 you can see the curve
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in the track. that's where the speed limit drops from 80 to 50. it's also where the train ran off the tracks. some insight about some of the terms we're using, officials clarified today a conductor is responsible for overseeing the trains operations. he had surgery today. the engineer is the person who drives the train. the engineer is from queens new york. he was a conductor before he became an engineer. he got a job with amtrak right out of college. we're learning about the seven people that lost their lives in the derailment. family members have identified four of them. a midshipman a software architect, ceo and businessman. tim furlong is live tonight in center city where other families are waiting for word on their missing loved ones tim? >> imagine that jim, the waiting and wondering has got to be torture. some of those families are waiting it out here on some level if you're still waiting, maybe it means there's a glimmer
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of hope that your loved one is still out there. the family that had been searching desperately for rachel jacobs confirmed she's officially among those killed in the crash, the ceo and mother of a toddler killed when the train derailed. >> it was wonderful. it was absolutely wonderful. >> susan knows how the jacobs family feels, she lost her son just in the wreck. the second year academy midshipman was on the train going home to new york. >> everyone looked up to my son, there's no other way i can say it. >> jim gaines was on his way home from meetings in d.c. the 48-year-old father of two was killed as was wells fargo executive. >> it was pretty obvious there was something wrong going into the curve. >> david hayes is the director of philadelphia -- he was injured when the train started rolling and crushing into the ground. he wasn't hurt as badly as the award winning chef at 3rd and market in philly. tonight, eli kulp is still at the hospital.
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>> please help me find my dad. >> then there are the missing. he dropped his son off at lacrosse and got on the train in baltimore tuesday night. he's taking to social media hoping someone knows where he is. >> the family of rachel jacobson saying this is an unthinkable tragedy, they say rachel was a wonderful mom, daughter, sister and wife who is devoted to her community and social justice, they can't imagine life without her. live from center city tim furlong, nbc10 news. >> the derailment injured more than 200 passengers some are spending a second night in the hospital. dan corcoran is live at temple university hospital. you found family members visiting their loved ones? >> that's right, that last attack eight people still staying here listed in critical
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condition, that's a total of 22 people involved in last night's crash that are still receiving care here tonight. some of those patients are already talking to their lawyers. >> nearly two dozen people injured in last night's train crash are still here being treated at temple university hospital, including this man's sister. >> she had broken ribs. she has fractures. she's unable to eat. >> ken didn't tell us his last name he told us his sister was traveling from d.c. home to new york riding in the second car at the time of impact. >> she's in a lot of pain. >> she also you is starned a laceration to her head and a punctured lung he says. relieved that his sister was okay, but angry about a crash he believes could have been prevented. >> none of the money is being spent on infrastructure and not enough money is being spent to take care of the passengers who are on the trains. >> several of those passengers remain in critical condition
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even now, also going inside the hospital attorney robert montezue to meet with what he calls prospective clients. >> the people who lost their loved ones. that's a terrible thing for them to ponder as they deal with their loss. >> a little more than 24 hours after this incident and people here are already looking to what's ahead. >> they are taking very good care of her, and they'll be more procedures to look at tomorrow. >> and that attorney tells us that he was actually asked to come here by some of the patients and their loved ones. he predicts that some of them are already considering taking some kind of legal action. reporting live at university hospital at temple dan corcoran nbc10 news. it was just over 24 hours ago, when we first saw the images of the mangled mess on the tracks. we want to show you what that
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image looks like right now. 24 hours ago, we did not know the extent exactly how many casualties there would be, we knew this was a tragedy, with a long road to recovery physically and emotionally, and the emotional toll is not just for those directly impacted but also for residents in this area who say what they heard and saw will forever be etched in their memory memories. >> all of a sudden we heard this deafening bang. and down there, the whole sky lit up. i bet you, five miles up in the air. i never saw such a flash in my life. >> there's a whole. i kicked it and it went through, i have to help somebody. after getting all the brush, and coming up over the top of the hill, it looked like beirut. it looked like a war zone. i don't know what happened man, i just know it was horrible.
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>> it sounded like a transformer exploding. a double crack, and i heard from other people there were flames shooting very high in the sky, but i never saw that. >> did you run outside? >> we looked outside. and it was just darkness at that point. 15 minutes later, police and fire trucks are showing up we know something very bad's happened. >> and that gentleman is a mechanic whose shop here is right in the epicenter of all of this activity. activity that he says has paralyzed his business and made this entire neighborhood numb. having a far reaching effect on everyone involved. we'll have much more on this train derailment here in port richmond coming up in a few minutes. as the investigation continues. jim back to you. >> back to sky force 10 and the live look at the wreckage. this derailment is having a ripple effect up and down the
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east coast passengers have found themselves stranded because of the major service disruptions. some of them are still at 30th street station. that's where denise nakano is joining us live. denise? >> i spoke to a mother and daughter who are spending the night at 30th street station because of this derailment they are among thousands who are impacted. >> a mom and daughter scramble to find a way out of new york their original plan of taking amtrak down the northeast corridor met a detour caused by the deadly derailment. >> they said we can lay down and make our beds right here. >> they will spend the night at 30th street station and leave first thing in the morning. candace and her mom were fortunate to have a shorter gla, getting to family in harrisburg from new york had not been easy. >> we got here something was really long. they had to reroute another bus to come and accommodate the people that were traveling from new york.
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>> amtrak warned there will be no service between philadelphia and new york until further notice. greyhound, new jersey transit and mega bus will honor amtrak tickets. >> i think the impact is going to be much greater than they expect. >> michael spina rides septa's trenton line which is shut down. septa is revamping regional rail routes starting tomorrow morning, adding more trains providing shuttles to the frankford transportation center. >> we won't stop traveling, but, you know it was just a very misfortunate thing that happened. >> you'll start seeing the septa changes, tomorrow morning at 5:30 including septa ambassadors who will be on hand to help out riders these changes are expected to be in effect for a week. reporting live outside 30th street station, denise nakano nbc10 news. >> a long day it will be for those people.
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count on nbc10 for continuing coverage of the deadly derailment, you can visit for detailed information on the amtrak and septa complainings. more breaking news from montgomery county the pennsylvania turnpike is closed in upper dublin because of this overturned tractor-trailer. this is near the mid county interchange, you can see from sky force 10 that the cab of the truck is on one side of the turnpike, and the trailer is on the other. the trucks driver went to the hospital amazingly, he's expected to be okay. back now to a live picture from sky force 10 we're gathering new information about the deadly train derailment in port richmond the technology designed to prevent an accident like this, and why it was missing in this case.
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here's what's new in the deadly derailment of the amtrak train in philadelphia. the engineer has handed over his cell phone and given police a blood sample. authorities say they still have not accounted for all 243 people who were on board the train. the number stands at 7 enwe have the names of four of those 7. we are still waiting for confirmation on the identities of the other three. with that, let's go back out to jacqueline. >> the ntsb will remain on the scene for at least a week combing through the wreckage they say their mission is not only to learn what happened but why it happened to try to prevent it from ever happening again, keith jones is joining me live, there's been a lot of discussion about the infrastructure, and the aging of those tracks today. >> we learned that a new safety
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system could have saved the train here the infrastructure was not installed on the tracks behind us we ask legislationers why. >> utter devastation. >> i have never ever seen anything like this in my life. >> i spoke with governor tom wolf after he tored the wreckage, this all could have been prevented by a sophisticated system of sensors on the rails inside the engine called called ptc. if a train is too fast the computer warns the crew if the crew doesn't slow the train, the computer activates the brakes. >> this is the type of incident ptc is designed to prevent. we have seen this before and we will continue to see it again until ptc is installed. >> all u.s. railroads required by law to install ptc by the end of the year, while the tracks in the northeast corridor have been
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updated, crews haven't gotten to this curve yet. >> are you going to work to change that? >> well i think you know i'm working very hard on railroad safety in general, and we need to think about how we can prevent accidents in general. >> other lawmakers i spoke with want to know why the train was traveling at 106 miles an hour. >> we'll have a well informed ability to make a judgment. at this point it's too soon for me to speculate on what caused the accident. >> senator toomey told me he's taken that train many many times before he's going to work with the federal government to make sure accidents like these don't happen again. >> this will be a long investigation. he's not putting a time line on its examination. we'll have another update for you tomorrow. >> this is not the first deadly derailment to happen at the frankford junction. right now, you can learn more
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about a similar accident that happened during world war ii. >> other news tonight. an nbc10 exclusive polling philadelphia. your first independent look inside the race for mayor. nbc10 teamed up with the inquirer and daily news and to bring you the only independent poll of voters. take a look when 600 democratic voters were asked who they would vote for today, jim kenny came out as the front-runner and it was not close. kenny has 42%. lynn abraham and anthony williams have 15%. harry hair ston breaks down the numbers. >> i'm very surprised the margin is that large between the presumed front-runners and front-runners based on this poll. >> ken trujillo says the poll also suggests it's a new day of sorts in philadelphia politics. >> the one thing that this poll tells me more than anything else is that the whole narrative that
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this is a -- the philadelphia votes on the base of race is -- i think out the door. >> trujillo tells us it appears people are voting on common interests not race. >> it's likely you're going to have the white candidate get one of the white candidates get more african-american votes than any other african-american candidate. it's likely they're going to have more latino votes -- >> he's leading the way with more black votes and lynn abraham with hispanic votes. >> what do you do if you are trying to catch up? >> we're less than a week away and all the money that's going to be spent on television is going to be spent on television. the only thing left for a williams or abraham campaign is the ground game. they would have to have an extraordinary ground effort to make up the ground. >> i think it's important to make up this kind of ground. >> kenny gets high marks with 70% of those polled in the city's northwest, northeast and
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center city. abraham scores low with 33%, and williams fares low in center city with only 28%. >> you did notice it was cooler outside today, but it was dry. now, tomorrow morning, it's going to be cooler than it was this morning, you may need a light jacket tomorrow morning, the rest of the week stays dry, however, going into the weekend we are tracking some showers in the forecast future weather keeps us dry as we go into tomorrow cooler start to your day, temperatures will be mainly in the 40s when you wake up afternoon sunny and dry, friday however, more clouds move in we still expect to be dry, now overnight friday into saturday morning, we could see some showers move through, this was 5:00 in the morning saturday. so far, it looks like a good portion of saturday could be rain-free, we'll see those clouds around. temperatures will start to warm up quite a bit.
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for tonight it will be cooler as you wake up tomorrow morning. 40 for the low in allentown and quakertown quakertown. upper 40s philadelphia area closer to the shore, mid-40s, 47 for the morning low in dover. afternoon highs right around 70 degrees, it will be sunny with low humidity. friday, low 70s across the week we warm up mid to upper 80s, we're looking for a chance for at least some showers. >> we'll be right back with continuing coverage on the deadly derailment including a tribute to the victims tonight.
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the phillies are offering their condolences to the victims of the deadly amtrak train derailment. it held a moment of silence
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before tonight's game against the pirates at citizens bank park. an exterminator convicted of killing a local pediatrician. jason smith was convicted of murder in the first degree today. he was immediately sentenced to life in prison without parole. he strangled the doctor and tied her up with equestrian gear and set her on fire. she worked at the children's hospital of philadelphia. the murder happened in january of 2013 after prosecutors say he questioned the exterminator's work. police coerced him into confessing on jailhouse tapes he joked with his girlfriend about the trial's strategy. it was 30 years ago today that the move bombing left a west philadelphia neighborhood in ruins, police were trying to end the stand-off when they dropped a bomb on a house occupied by members of the group called move. nbc10 photographer pete kane was rolling as the bombing happened. the resulting fire killed six adults, five children and burned
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down an entire neighborhood. we'll be right back.
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here's the latest in the deadly derailment of the amtrak train in philadelphia. philadelphia police confirming tonight he's handed over his cell phone and provided a blood sample. investigators say his train reached speeds of 106 miles per hour. sky force 10 has been overhead tonight as crews damaged three of the railcars from the tracks. authorities have not accounted for all 243 people who were on board. the number of dead stands at 7. we'll have the latest on nbc10 news today starting at 4:00 a.m. sheena, it's going to be a cool morning? >> it's going to be cooler tomorrow morning it's going to be the type of morning where you may need a light jacket where you stepout side. temperatures in the 40s, the upper 40s around philadelphia. low 40s areas north and west.
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in the afternoon, it's going to feel like spring. 71 degrees, our average high 73. it's going to be sunny, as we go into the weekend we'll be tracking any showers. temperatures warm into the 80s. >> for jacqueline sheena and all of us here, thank you for watching. good night.
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