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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  April 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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are cool. we're watching for rain. no steady rain in the area just yet. but look to the west. you can see a line of showers that is moving through west virginia, moving toward pennsylvania. we see a few of those showers during the day today. on and off showers but mostly it's just cloudy. the temperatures stuck in the 40s with easterly winds. we'll be up to 49 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. and then tomorrow a chance of strong storms and a big warm-up. your hour-by-hour forecast when i come back in ten. right now christine maddela in the first alert traffic center. >> happy thursday to you, bill. an update on that accident in bensalem, bucks county. here's a live picture now of the scene. this is mechanicsville road right at street road. and i just checked in with our photographer, matt providing this live picture for us. he said one side of mechanicsville road, the southbound side, is now getting by. so just the northbound side of mechanicsville road shut down at street road. if you want to avoid this altogether you can still take knights road as an alternate.
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a live look outside right thousand, this is the schuylkill expressway. and you can see here on the eastbound side some volume is picking up. we are seeing wet roads out there. be careful if you head out early this morning. and look at this. it's just a foggy view in the poconos. bill henley was talking about the limited visibility up in that area. so here's a live and foggy, wet look at interstate 95 on the southbound side at giraud starting to pick up. we are going to see that increase further into our morning commute. greenwood avenue and york road there is an accident to tell you about. the schuylkill expressway still looking pretty good overall. drive times, still getting a green light. that will take you about 13 minutes. few from overnight, a firefighter and a neighbor are hurt after a fire broke out at a home in delaware county around 2:45 this morning. this is 10th and engel streets in chester township. everyone got out safely but we are told that a firefighter has minor burns to the hand and a neighbor suffered smoke inhalation. and happening today, parishioners continue their
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fight to save a fishtown church that the archdiocese of philadelphia says is in danger of collapsing. nbc 10's matt delucia is live for us outside the church. matt, some folks that are hoping that the pope's visit in september might save the church. tell us more about that. >> reporter: that is right, vai. a big part of the fate of this church and this building here lies with the vatican, whether to tear it down or not. and community members along with parishioners have raised more than $500,000 to make repairs. yesterday members of the church met with city council president darrell clark. the archdiocese wants to demolish the church here on burke street because of structural and safety issues, saying it would cost more than $3 million to restore it and bring it up to code. now, some of the parishioners and the city council president believe that the upcoming visit by pope francis to philadelphia might be just the thing to save this church. >> probably couldn't happen at a better time.
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the simple reality is that you know, the pope coming to the city of philadelphia in a couple of months and having this debate at this particular time is probably something that we'd like to get some resolution before the pope gets here. and we're hoping the resolution is being able to save the church. >> if the archdiocese gives us that chance and walks away from the property and lets us rehab it and reuse it purposefully and either in a religious or nonreligious way, everybody wins. >> reporter: there is a meeting tonight among parishioners and supporters to decide what to do next. although right now, you can see out here live the scaffolding is in place. demolition preparations already under way. of course, we're going to follow what happens. for now live in fishtown matt delucia, nbc 10 news. a stolen baby and a stolen getaway car. this morning philadelphia police say gps technology helped them track down a teen who abducted her 1-year-old cousin.
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police say the teen went to her uncle's home in kensington yesterday afternoon, took the baby and then stole his car. nbc 10 got this video showing an officer holding the baby after the incident was over. the baby was not injured. now, police used the car's onstar gps to track the teen for three hours as she drove all around the city. >> this 14-year-old covered almost half the geographical distance of the city with this 1-year-old baby boy in the car. >> the teen picked up one of her friends during the ordeal. police say when officers closed in, the couple handed the baby off to the first person they saw, then forced their way into someone's home and tried to hide. as of last night, both teens were still being questioned by police. happening today, a man charged with killing someone at the dell music center in philadelphia will appear in court. an arraignment is scheduled today for eric jamison. he's charged with shooting a man to death, shooting that man in the stomach outside an anti-violence concert at the
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dell in august. police found the victim in the parking lot. and today a judge is expected to decide if this accused killer will go to trial. tam le faces a preliminary hearing on murder charges. he's accused of stabbing three men, dumping their bodies in the schuylkill river. one of those victims survived the attack last august. u.s. marshals arrested le at a motel in virginia. authorities say he and other members of a gang abducted and attacked those men for gambling away drug money. we are learning more about the man accused of shooting his father on the schuylkill expressway tuesday night. investigators say corbin's parents were taking him to a rehab facility. nbc 10 was in king of prussia yesterday where corbin appeared in court facing aggravated assault and firearms charges. corbin is being held on $500,000 cash bail. police say he was riding in the back seat of the family car, arguing with his father and mother. they say corbin shot his father who was driving. albert corbin is expected to survive. the mother was not hurt. philadelphia mayoral candidates have a busy schedule
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this week. yesterday they were at this youth violence summit in north philadelphia. philadelphia cease-fire and the philadelphia youth commission hosted the event. democratic candidates for philadelphia mayor are ready for another debate. tonight the six hopefuls will tackle questions at the community college of philadelphia in spring garden. it will be the third forum this week for the candidates. the primary election is may 19th. lights out. all power at the former revel casino in atlantic city will be cut off around noon today. acr energy partners says revel's new owner, glen straub, is already aware of the disconnect. attorneys for acr blame failed negotiations between the two parties. acr says it simply can't provide free power. meantime, that same developer, glen straub may be interested in the atlantic city race course as well. "the press of atlantic city" is reporting the racetrack is now for sale according to a hamilton township official. straub has expressed interest in that. the owner closed the track in
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january due to what he calls a decline in the horse racing industry. a vote to help stockton now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> if you hate wearing sunglasses today is your day. you won't need them at all. we've got clouds and drizzle and mist. in fact this is the view from the mellon bank building. you can make out. that's the antenna and some of the lights but that's about it. low clouds fog and mist and look at the cool. chilly in philadelphia in the upper 30s. currently 40 in wilmington. we have seen light rain and mist and drizzle. you see beach avenue is damp this morning. no steady rain in the area. the temperature, 40 degrees at northeast philadelphia airport. humidity is way up there. and the readings are running just a couple degrees behind yesterday at this time. so it's going to be another chilly one. and another day we'll keep an eye on the radar. nothing going on in our area just yet as far as steady rain. thunderstorms there to our south. but we're likely be moving in later tomorrow. warm air is going to surge into
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the region tomorrow. a huge difference. but today that warm air is going to stay just outside of our region. so a chilly rain at times. your hour-by-hour forecast showing at 8:00 this morning, light rain moving through newcastle county salem, cumberland county. much of south jersey will see that rain fizzle. by 10:00, keep an umbrella handy. we could see more light rain mist and drizzle dur theing the day. temperatures climb only into the upper 40s. not a big warm-up at all. easterly winds will ensure that they still chilly today. the weekend different story. showers and early saturday the wind will be blowing. look at the warm-up for saturday and sunday. we'll be well into the 60s. and the trend continues. the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. 6:08. time to get a check on your morning commute. looks like there's an accident in bensalem. >> christine maddela has an update. christine? >> we continue to update on you this because the scene is developing out there now.
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mechanicsville road is just closed southbound. crews -- or drivers, rather are getting by in that area. here's a live look right at street road. you can see there are still some emergency vehicles out there still responding to the scene. but a car hit a utility pole. that pole was down. crews were on scene. and they are clearing that debris out of the way. so hopefully mechanicsville road will reopen here in both directions shortly. we're going to keep you updated in that area. if you want to get around it you can take knights road. taking a live look i-95 right at state road things are starting to pick up right now. we are seeing that reflected in our drive times now. getting a yellow light on 95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. 17 minutes. on the schuylkill expressway things still looking good on the eastbound side from the blue route to the vine. a 14-minute right there. nine minutes if you're headed from route 29 to the schuylkill on route 422. tracy? 6:09. we've seen the cell phone video of a white south carolina police officer shooting an african-american man running away.
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>> and now there's another piece of video that could be released today. it shows what happened before the deadly shooting. at 6:15 we'll have a live report from north charleston with new information from the site of the investigation. and do you ever forget to take your medicine? there's an app for that. we'll show you how it works. and federal officials want you to wash your car, not for looks, but for preservation.
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38 degrees outside. breaking news we're following out of italy. italian media said one person is dead a second person injured following a shooting at a courtroom in milan. in the past few minutes, we have learned there was a metal detector at the courthouse. authorities don't know how the attacker got the weapon inside.
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the gunman is still on the loose right now. nbc news is working to find out more, and we'll bring you new information as soon as we get it. and this morning, a chester county school bus driver who left a 7-year-old alone on a bus for hours is out of a job. the school district says the driver picked up the 7-year-old on march 31st. the student was the only passenger on the bus. instead of taking the child to school, the driver parked the bus in the bus yard and left the kid alone for five hours. the school district and law enforcement are still investigating. and we have new information on the fight against crime in wilmington. delaware's attorney general is calling for the state to pay for foot patrols in wilmington's most dangerous neighborhoods. the plan would have the city eventually taking over that responsibility. current foot patrols have police working overtime. a pilot program at a philadelphia hospital is helping patients keep up with their medications. einstein health care network is sending patients home with a smartphone and an app that alerts them when it's time to take their meds.
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patients then scan their bottle to verify the correct dosage. the hospital gets feedback from the phone. so if a patient fails to take their medicine a pharmacist will then call them. and happening today, city officials along with penndot will help launch a new pedestrian safety campaign for the temple university community. the campaign called its road safety not rocket science. it will focus on pedestrian awareness and enforcement. u.s. safety regulators say you should wash the underside of your car. the national highway traffic safety administration says salt put on the roads this past winter can gather there. and if you don't wash it away the salt can rust pipes that carry brake fluid. the agency says that's what's caused rusted pipes on about 5 million chevys cadillacs and gmc trucks. speaking of cars and driving, let's check your ride to work. see how things are moving on the roads. >> there's christine maddela with all the details.
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>> it's been a busy morning. watch out for slick road conditions. this is that incident we've been watching in bensalem. mechanicsville road and street road, they are in the process of clearing this out of the way. you see traffic moving along quite nicely. that is the good news. i found out about this incident just a few minutes ago on the northeast extension. 476 on the northbound side. there is a tractor trailer blocking the right lane there approaching landsdale. so just be on the lookout. that is going to cause delays if you are headed in that direction. bensalem southbound lanes were blocked, now reopened. take a look at i-95 at state road. volume is starting to pick up at this hour. normal for this time of day. the wet weather could cause a little bit more of a delay. now 21 minutes. 95 southbound from woodhaven road, just changed to 23 minutes. from woodhaven to the vine street expressway on the southbound side. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clouds drizzle, mist and a
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chilly day today. take an umbrella just to be on the safe side and a warm coat too. with clouds overhead low clouds and light fog. not looking for much of a warm-up today. tomorrow we'll get a big warm-up. unfortunately that could lead to severe storms. we've issued a first alert for later tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. those storms could bring damaging wind, hail and heavy rain. right now, though it's just a rainy, misty, drizzly morning. that's what you can expect through the morning and into this afternoon. radar shows no steady rain in our area. but if you look to the west you can see the storm that is taking shape moving through the midwest. that's a possibility for us tomorrow afternoon. that first line of storms comes through to western pennsylvania this evening. but the next line that develops that's the one that could give us strong if not severe thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. not at 6:00 in the morning. you see clouds and some scattered light rain showers.
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the storms will take shape during the late afternoon hours. we can see some activity at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon into central pennsylvania. it's later in the afternoon, 4:00 and into the evening hours that we could see some strong storms develop. for today, though cloudy misty, drizzly. 40s this afternoon. winds will be up to 12 miles an hour. so it's going to feel like it's about 20 degrees below normal for this time of year. tomorrow, a big warm-up ahead of those storms. upper 70s, potentially near 80 degrees in the afternoon. then the storms come through in the evening and clears things out for the weekend. doesn't that look nice? a little windy on saturday. 64 degrees. up to 66 on sunday. and plenty of sunshine for monday. we're into the low 70s monday and tuesday. >> all right, bill thanks. 6:18 now. dash kl dashcam video could shed more light on the shooting of an african-american man in south carolina. a white police officer is charged with killing him.
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nbc's gabe gutierrez is live in north charleston with new details in the shooting. gabe, tell us what you know. >> reporter: tracy, good morning. yeah, that dashcam video could be released as early as today. meanwhile, we are hearing for the first time from the bystander who shot that dramatic video, santana speaking exclusively to nbc news. he says he was walking past that field when he noticed the struggle between walter scott and that police officer and decided to start recording. he says that the officer was in control of the situation. and based on what he saw, walter scott was trying to flee and get away from the officer and avoid that taser. now, he says that at one point he even feared retribution from the police department. he even considered deleting this video. but right now that officer, michael slager he is officially fired from the police department. we're also learning more about his personnel history. in 2013 he was involved in an incident, and there was a complaint filed against him involving excessive force with a
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taser involving a black man. however, he was exonerated during that incident. again, he is officially fired. his wife is eight months pregnant. and the city here has decided to pay her insurance because, quote, it would be the humane thing to do. but again, we are speaking exclusively to feidin santana later today all coming up on the "today" show. >> we'll see you at 7:00. looking for more victims. do you know this man or have you been to his house? police in chester county want to talk to you. an accused sexual predator who the chester county d.a. says went from possessing child porn to creating his own secret pornography to a sexual assault. and the fight for and against medical marijuana. goes to the pennsylvania statehouse.
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families associated with autism organizations in our area were invited to attend tonight's flyers game at home against the carolina hurricanes. they'll sit in special autism-friendly lounges. the flyers' coaches and staff will also wear puzzle piece ribbons in honor of autism awareness. and pennsylvania is working on what the regulations should be if the state legalizes medical marijuana. the state house health and judiciary committees held a hearing today. they talked about the importance of strict regulations needed in order to legalize medical marijuana. police say any medical marijuana law must contain strict controls so it doesn't enable recreational use of a drug. montgomery county district attorney furman says lawmakers must ensure the right people are prescribing, distributing and receiving any medical form of the drug. pennsylvania is the only state in our tri-state region where medical marijuana is not legal. users in new jersey must pay a
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$200 fee. delaware users must pay $125. at 6:25 things are starting to stack up. take a look at interstate 95 at castor avenue all backed up out there. and there's wet weather that could be adding to some of the volume. 30 minute your drive time from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. let's take another view at the giraud point bridge. you can see a little fog, maybe drizzle out there, bill. >> yeah light fog, a little light rain or drizzle at times. it's not going to be all day long. chilly temperatures those will be with us all day. just like yesterday. right now we're looking at the readings that are in the 30s and 40s. philadelphia international is down to 39. while it's 40 in wilmington. northeast philadelphia, the airport is 40. 38 now in roxboro. >> reporter: and i'm katy zachry live from center city.
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coming up i'll tell you how some philadelphia students are reacting to recent violence committed by their peers and what one organization says needs to happen before things get better. and a former south carolina police officer charged with killing an unarmed black man grew up in south jersey. we went back to the neighborhood to find out what people remember about his childhood.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> just about 6:30. and 38 degrees out there. take a look at this. we've got light fog out there this morning. here's a live look at the aramark flags. it is out there. it's kind of hard to see. and for the rest of the day, you can expect some drizzle. a change is coming to a south carolina police department. following the deadly shooting of
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an unarmed african-american man by a white police officer. this morning we have learned new information about the officer's history. and plus we've noticed the recent rash of high-profile crimes committed by teenagers. so this morning we're looking into what's being done to help kids before they turn to crime. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's find out about the weather today with bill. >> it is a misty, cloudile andy and chilly day. if you're looking for sunshine i think you'll be disappointed. that's a live view looking up ben franklin parkway towards city hall. you can see the low clouds and misty conditions that we're seeing this morning. those are going to be staying put for much of the day. watching for some showers, the only light showers that are nearby are moving through baltimore right now. steadier showers headed for western pennsylvania. a possibility later on, but i'm expecting that first line of showers to pretty much fizzle.
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and the temperatures not looking warm for this time of year. we should be in the 60s in the afternoon. but it's 40s through the day. thanks to easterly winds helping to keep things cool. and a chance that we'll see some strong storms tomorrow with a big warm-up, too. your hour-by-hour forecast when i come back in ten. right now christine maddela is in the first alert traffic center. christine? >> good morning to you, bill. things stacks up on i-95. take a look at all these headlights crawling along. and the wet weather and limited visibility from some of that light fog may be contributing to some of our delays. taking a look at drive times, already getting a red light on 95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. that's going to take you 36 minutes. 16 if you're headed eastbound on the schuylkill from the blue route to the vine. also slowing down on 422 in montgomery county. there is something to look out for on the northeast extension. it's a car fire approaching lansdale. right lane is blocked. watch out for more limited visibility as crews start to put
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out that fire. take a look at 295, the new jersey turnpike the 42 freeway, all clear right now. there are some pockets of volume, though. tracy? it's 6:32 right now. pulled from the headlines. youth crime and violence seems to be a growing problem. >> arrest two teenagers who they say robbed and raped a woman overnight. >> philadelphia police have two teenagers in custody, but they say a 15-year-old killer is still on the run. >> those are just two examples of seemingly adult crimes allegedly carried out by children. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in center city with what one philadelphia organization is trying to do to curb violence among teens. katy, tell us more about this. >> reporter: this group mentor students throughout philadelphia and they encourage nonviolence. we sat down with counselors a part of youth united for change in kensington. they teach students tools like speechwriting and nonviolent demonstrations to help the kids overcome potentially dangerous situations. they say the violence we've seen
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in recent weeks like two teens arrested in overbrook for killing a man walking his dog and then in port richmond two teens were accused of raping and robbing a woman. those are examples and it's proof that the community needs to do more like improving schools and city-run housing. students in that group also know they need to reach more people. >> they know they have more work to do. they need motivation to try and improve the school continue to improve their communities by coming to our meeting, by inviting more friends, by talking about the issues and how we can overcome these issues in our community. >> reporter: and because many of the students in youth united for change attend schools that are struggling to stay open or even failing. the counselors that you just saw, they also stressed the importance of education. reporting live in center city katy zachry, nbc 10 news. happening today, a judge will hold a detention hearing for the philadelphia woman accused of trying to join the terror group isis.
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kiana thomas is scheduled in court this afternoon. she was arrested last week on charges that she tried to aid terrorists. authorities say thomas was trying to travel to syria to join isis fighters. right now she's being held without bail. if convicted, she could face up to 15 years in prison. and this morning police in chester county say more victims could have ties to a deejay accused of sexually assaulting a woman. investigators say daniel was a frequent deejay at weddings and children's parties. prosecutors say the deejay used his job to prey on victims. according to a report, an aspiring model reports she was lured to his house. instead of a photo shoot, she says she was forced to have sex on camera. police searched his home and found hundreds of child porn images and up-skirt videos. happening today, law enforcement in south carolina is expected to release dashcam video they say will help show what happened before the deadly police shooting of an unarmed man. former officer michael slager is being held on murder charges.
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the north charleston police department fired him yesterday after cell phone video surfaced of him shooting walter scott as he ran away. slager fired eight shots. scott was unarmed. the man who took this video described what happened while he pointed the camera at the scene. >> when i got on the scene, i saw -- i saw them on the floor already. like i say, on the floor. he was maybe two seconds, i don't know if he felt the police tackle him and take him down. like i say, i didn't witness that. but the officer was on top of the -- of mr. scott, and like i say, he had control of the situation. >> well the cell phone video is prompting a change in the north charleston police force. the mayor yesterday ordered all officers to wear body cameras. and that move in south carolina could be having an effect in delaware. the naacp and other civil rights groups are renewing their call
6:36 am
for all police officers to be equipped with body cameras. public officials say they support the use of the cameras. once logistical and legal issues are worked out. the fired police officer at the center of the controversy in north charleston is actually originally from south jersey. and some neighbors who knew michael slager tell us he's not what they remember. the former police officer used to live in burlington county and people in mount laurel said they're trying to grasp that it's really slager shooting walter scott in the back as he ran away. >> i remember michael as a very nice boy. very nice. went to school here. knew my children. >> and helga's husband, larry shay, told nbc 10 that he just can't understand how someone from his neighborhood could do something like this. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clouds mist and fog. that's what we're going to see all day today.
6:37 am
these clouds are staying put. the wind light right now will be picking up, but it's an easterly wind. that's going to keep things chilly today. a big warm-up set for tomorrow. but right now we're at 38 in allentown. look at northeast philly and millville at 40. and this is a view from the pocono mountains. skytop lodge. you can see the fog that's there. the temperatures are hovering around the freezing mark in the poconos. so that fog could create some ice this morning. the rest of the area is too warm for that. you see some rain showers in baltimore. part of a system that produced big storms heavy thunderstorms that are moving through the norfolk area right now. and to the west that line of storms is being produced by warm air pushing into western pennsylvania. warm air will get here tomorrow. that will come with the possibility of some strong thunderstorms. for today, though chilly. cloudy misty, drizzly. easterly winds to 12. 40s this afternoon. the weekend, we're on track for the los of sunshine and dry weather for saturday and sunday.
6:38 am
a little bit breezy on saturday. the winds die down on sunday. the temperatures climb into the upper 60s. and that trend will continue into next week. but before we get to the weekend, strong storms are a possibility. i've issued a first alert. we'll go through it when i'm back in ten. >> 6:38. we've been monitoring an accident in bensalem throughout the morning. we'll also get a check on the rest of the roads. >> christine maddela is watching it all for you. christine? >> the good news is that accident cleared out of the way. it was mechanicsville road and street road but now crews have moved out of that scene right now. interstate 76 at montgomery drive starting to stack up on the eastbound side. the westbound side moving along quite nicely out there. this is the time of morning, though, where our normal trouble spots do start to stack up. and you can see that in our drive time especially slow interstate 95 southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. right now that's going to take you 39 minutes for that commute. 17 minutes if you're heading from the blue route to the vine on the schuylkill. also slowing down, 422 in
6:39 am
montgomery county approaching interstate 76. and expect some delays on the northeast extension approaching lansdale, blocking the right lane. we have a car fire out there. crews are on the scene. vai? thank you, christine. this morning we're hearing from a victim of the boston marathon bombing and what dzhokhar tsarnaev's attorneys will likely say to keep him from getting the death penalty. and what's that smell? that's the question some nj nmgew jersey transit riders have been asking. next we'll provide an answer.
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6:42. that live picture of the skyline says a lot. a rainy and drizzly day ahead. and be prepared for storms tomorrow. bill henley has issued a first alert. he'll have details of the timing comeing up. investigators are waiting
6:43 am
for toxicology results. meantime, we found a longer more clear video that shows officers arresting phillip white. this video was recorded by a witness appears to show an officer calling over a canine and punching white on the ground. critics say the officers used excessive force. but a lawyer for the police union disagrees, saying the man was combative and was resisting arrest, and he believes the toxicology report will show why the man was out of control. >> expect it to state that mr. white unfortunately ingested pcp along with cocaine and a mixture of other drugs which caused or contributed to a cardiopulmonary event causing his death, not the police officers. >> now, white's family has paid for an independent medical examination. nbc 10 will continue to check for results on that along with the official autopsy results as this investigation continues. we're also learning more about the case of the kidnapping of a philadelphia jewelry store worker. the mayor's office is now offering a $10,000 reward for
6:44 am
the arrest and conviction of those responsible for what happened over the weekend. then on tuesday, investigators released this surveillance video of a burgundy van they think was used in the abduction. and from our delaware bureau a kent county court has indicted a man for the murder of his wife even though police have not found her body. delaware state police say cortez hamilton killed his wife keisha, with a hammer in front of their two children. police issued an amber alert for keisha and her children on january 10th after they all disappeared. authorities arrested cortez the same day in indiana. they found him there with the children but there was no sign of keisha. at the time of her disappearance, neighbors told nbc 10 the couple had domestic problems. in what some call a freak accident, a northampton county school bus ifr droo wasdriver was killed by her own runaway car. police say bonnie novak was getting into her car tuesday night when it began to roll away in the parking lot. according to police novak put the volkswagen in neutral, then
6:45 am
ran after it trying to stop the car with her hands. it crushed her, pinning her body against another vehicle. >> after the vehicle was coasting through the lot, and the victim was trying to stop the vehicle on the front of the hood which then made her fall underneath. >> novak worked as a bus driver for the easton area school district for the past three years. to the jersey shore where it's still unclear why city council members in atlantic city scrapped a vote to help stockton university open a campus at the former showboat casino. their proposal would have designated the showboat as a redevelopment zone so that it would not have to be used as a casino. nearly two years after the boston marathon bombing, a verdict is reached. jurors found tsarnaev guilty. victims of the bombing reacted to that decision.
6:46 am
the jury found him guilty on all 30 counts yesterday. the panel deliberated just more than 11 hours before reaching the verdicts. some family members of the victims and survivors of the blast reacted. >> obviously, grateful for the outcome today. not a happy occasion, but it's something that we can put, you know, one more step behind us. >> now, during the penalty phase, tsarnaev's defense team will likely argue that he was pulled into the bombing plot by his older brother. it is 6:46. happening today, vice president joe biden will talk about the future of iraq during a speech at the national defense university in washington. he's also expected to discuss iraq's political and military progress and its ongoing fight against isis. president obama is waking up in jamaica this morning. from there he'll go to cuba where he's expected to meet with cuban leader raul castro about restoring diplomatic relations between the two countries. he will be the first president to visit cuba in nearly three decades. subway service is resuming in new york's greenwich village, but there may still be delays after a water main break halted some service last night. this is instagram video of the water flooding the 14th street station. last night.
6:47 am
about 500 passengers had to be removed from the trains that got stuck in this water. officials say utility crews may have hit a water pipe. officials with new jersey transit are working to clear the air. after several complaints about foul odors on its trains. let's head now to new york for a look at what's ahead on "today." >> we get a preview from matt lauer and savannah guthrie. good morning to both of you. >> tracy, vai, good to see you both. straight ahead, nearly 60 million people in today's storm zone after tornadoes ripped through the heartland overnight. dylan is in for al. she'll tell us what to expect. also an exclusive live interview with the man who recorded that deadly police shooting in south carolina. what did he see before he
6:48 am
started filming? those stories plus willie will talk to the mom just named as the nfl's first full-time female official. what she has to say to people who say hey, they hired you as a publicity stunt. >> look forward to that interview. and by the way, dr. oz will be here with seven keys to living a longer healthier life. just seven when we see you right here on "today." vai and tracy, back to you guys. >> we can remember seven. that's good. >> one of them is coffee, which is great. >> excellent. i'm with you. >> caffeine never hurt anybody. >> yeah. >> all right guys. see you in about 1 minutes. 12 minutes. >> all right. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. need some coffee on a morning like this. it's chilly outside. drizzly and misty. and we're looking at a drizzly day today. a lot like yesterday with clouds and temperatures stuck in the 40s. but a big warm-up will come tomorrow. unfortunately that heat will fuel strong storms late in the
6:49 am
day. strong enough that i've issued a first alert for tomorrow. the potential for severe weather tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow evening. severe storms could bring damaging wind hail and heavy rainfall. but you won't see them today. not going to see the sunshine either. this is a cloudy view from the nbc 10 studios. clouds from the city to the shore, cape may has seen light rain and drizzle overnight and plenty of clouds. no steady rain in the area this morning. that's to our south. and to our west this line is ahead of some very warm air, which is going to combine with storms farther to the west which will give us a chance of severe weather for later tomorrow. for your hour-by-hour forecast tomorrow morning, 8:00 tomorrow morning, look at the scattered light showers. we're back in the 40s to start with. but a quick warm-up tomorrow. by noontime 61 in philadelphia. and we could see temperatures pushing to near 80 degrees tomorrow afternoon. but that will fuel the storms late in the afternoon and the evening hours.
6:50 am
that's 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. so be on the lookout for strong storms tomorrow. today, you'll need to bundle up a little bit. it's going to be a chilly one all day. and light rain and drizzle and mist. by tomorrow we'll see some breaks of sunshine. we'll get that warm-up. near 80 in the afternoon. then storms late in the day. they will be clearing out for the weekend. doesn't that look nice? >> very nice. >> saturday and sunday. saturday 66. a little bit windy on saturday. lots of sunshine less windy sunday. and the warm-up continues into next week. we're looking at 70s for monday and tuesday. >> that's nice. just got to get through a couple of wet days. a wet ride to work for sure. let's check the roads. >> first alert traffic center and christine. >> hi there. a wet and slow commute. i-95, i was watching a disabled vehicle on the northbound side over here, but crews got that cleared out of the way in about the past five minutes or so. take a look at all this volume off the southbound side here at giraud. 95 southbound you can see in this area at frankfurt avenue,
6:51 am
slow in both directions. and also slowing down here on i-295 at the black horse pike on the southbound side there. the schuylkill expressway slowing down. this is eastbound. so you can expect some delays. the wet weather may be adding to some of those delays. and watch out for some of the slick spots as you head out in this -- for your morning commute. 42 minutes, your drive time. 95 from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. also slow on the schuylkill. that's going to take you 21 minutes. 18 minutes on 422 approaching 76. vai? >> thank you, christine. a montgomery county firefighter is recovering after falling from a ladder while responding to a fire this morning. nbc 10 was on the scene at this comcast cable facility along shoemaker road in pottstown. officials are telling us that crews arrived to find smoke inside that building. and that firefighter who fell was inspecting the roof of the building. a neighbor also suffered smoke inhalation. investigators are, whoing to determine what caused that fire.
6:52 am
catching kids before they make a life-altering choice. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in center city with what one organization is doing to steer teens away from a life of crime and violence. hi katy. >> reporter: hi, vai. you'll remember in the recent weeks, there have been a number of violent acts committed by teenagers. coming up i'll show you how one group is trying to stop that. >> reporter: i'm matt delucia live in fishtown. the fight continues to save this church. coming up after the break, we'll tell you what some people are willing to do to keep that from being torn down.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
i'm katy zachry live in center city philadelphia where one group that mentors students is trying to stop the violence
6:56 am
especially in cases where teenagers are being blamed. we sat down with counselors a part of youth united for change located in kensington. they teach tools like speechwriting and nonviolent demonstrations to help students all over philadelphia overcome potentially dangerous situations. they say the violence we've seen in recent weeks, you'll remember two teenagers were arrested in overbrook for killing a man walking his dog and then in port richmond, two teens have been accused of raping and robbing a woman walking home. they say those incidents are proof that the community needs to do more like improving the education system especially schools that are failing or struggling to stay open as well as city-run housing. that's the latest live in philadelphia katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> reporter: i'm matt delucia live in fishtown where the fight continues to save a church building that is in need of structural repair. the church here on burke street has been closed. and the archdiocese of philadelphia wants to tear it down because they say the aging
6:57 am
building has become unsafe. well supporters met with city council president darrell clark yesterday who is asking the archdiocese to hold off for an appeal. people who want the church to stay have raised more than $500,000 so far for repairs. tonight they'll meet again at a local rec center to decide the next step in their fight. they say they have not given up yet. live in fishtown this morning, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. at 6:57 interstate 95 is really slowing down. take a look at this live look on the southbound side. the northbound side is moving along nicely. look at 95 at castor avenue. all stacked up southbound. that's due to a lot of volume. some of this wet weather may not be helping either. take a look at 76. right at montgomery drive. montgomery avenue. you can see there more volume to speak of. and if you are heading out, take a look at these drive times. 42 minutes on 95 southbound from
6:58 am
woodhaven to the vine street expressway. that's going to take you 21 minutes. if you're headed out on 422 from route 29 to the schuylkill expressway 17 minutes is your drive there. there is that accident that we were watching on the 42 freeway is now clear. you can see six minutes from route 55 to the walt whitman bridge. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> it is a rainy, drizzly and foggy day. that's what we're starting with in the poconos. we've seen thick fog and with temperatures near freezing you could run into some ice this morning in the mountains. that's a live view from skytop lodge. meantime the view from center city looking up the parkway, it is drizzly. and a lot like yesterday. the chill in the air will stay with us all day long. and at times you'll need your umbrella. even at the shore, we've already seen light rain overnight. beach avenue a live view from the marquis to lafayette hotel.
6:59 am
only light rain in the region is moving through northeastern maryland. that's going to be moving into delaware this morning. stronger storms ahead for western pennsylvania. that's a possibility for us for tomorrow. but it will come with a big warm-up. i don't think anybody's complaining about that. 38 degrees right now in horsham. 39 in allentown. look at all the 30s north and west. doylestown, you're down to 36 degrees. while it's right at 40 degrees for newark middletown and dover and delaware. avalon at the shore is 40 degrees. but inland the temperatures are in the 30s. so a rainy, drizzly, chilly day today. 40s this afternoon. it's tomorrow that there could be some problems. i've issued a first alert weather day for strong storms later in the day. damaging wind, hail and heavy rain is a possibility. we'll be tracking that over the next 24 to 36 hours. and track it on our app as well so you can see when it moves into your neighborhood.
7:00 am
>> stay dry and slow down a little bit. the "today" show is up next. see you in 25 minutes. >> you can always get up-to-the-minute information with our nbc 10 app. good morning, outbreak. up to ten tornadoes touched down in the heartland, heavy rain damaging hail in a dozen states. nearly 60 million people facing yet another severe weather threat today. "today" exclusive, behind the lens. we'll talk live to the man that reported the moment that a south carolina police officer opened fire on walter scott. this morning, we are learning video from the officer's own car could be released as early as today. spying for skienttology. did the leader of the church hire a private detective to spy on his own


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