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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  January 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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oh [ bleep ]! >> a teenage girl punched on a trolley. we're learning about the city worker attacking her, including revelations about his criminal past. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. we'll get to that story in a moment. but first, the bitter blast hitting our area tonight. the wind is dying down but those temperatures are plunging. >> let's take a live look at boat house road tonight. some of you can expect temperatures in the single digits tomorrow morning. snow showers are also in the forecast. let's get the latest on that
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from meteorologist sheena parveen. >> yeah jacqueline and jim. temperatures right now below freezing tomorrow morning. even colder. we'll start with the areas in south jersey and delaware for the morning commute tomorrow. at the bus stop you want to bundle the kids up. temperatures from 16 to 20 degrees. it will be cold but dry start to your morning. around the philadelphia area around the i-95 corridor 15 to 18 degrees in the morning. the coldest spot that will be north and west especially if you live in the lehigh valley. temperatures we expect single digits anywhere from 5 to 9 degrees with some of the coldest spots, and we will be dry in the morning. then that changes as we go into the afternoon. we're tracking snow later in the day thursday. as we go through thursday afternoon, you see the snow to the west. that will be moving in thursday night. and colder air to start off your weekend, that's straight ahead. we're learning new details about the city worker charged with bunching a teenage girl on
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a philadelphia trolley. >> the suspect has a violent criminal past. nefertiti is live at police headquarters. nef, you also found out about the tip that led to an arrest? >> reporter: yeah the court documents show his co-worker helped police identify him. tonight we learned he works for the city and has a criminal history. records show he was found guilty for aggravated assault in 1995 and pled guilty to simple assault in 2007. seven days a wanted man and now damon oliver is behind bars after police say he turned himself in to east detectives. >> it's shocking. >> reporter: his next door neighbor didn't want us to show her face but she said she's stunned by the news because she said oliver seems like a nice and caring guy. >> he never seemed like that type. >> reporter: police say there's another side to the 40-year-old. they say he's the man seen on this cell phone video beating up
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a 17-year-old girl last week. the victim whom we spoke to shortly after the attack wound up with a broken nose and other injuries. tonight we're learning the suspect is a city employee who works at parks and recreation doing lawn work. we received a copy of the affidavit. his co-worker identified him as the man in the video. his co-worker actually picked him up a couple of blocks away from oliver entered the trolley. oliver said he needed a ride to work because he was forced to jump off the trolley after a group of high schoolers assaulted him. a day later the co-worker saw the video on youtube and recognized him immediately. now neighbors cannot believe a man who they say has a daughter the same age as the victim could be capable of doing something like this. >> it's hard to say, a coward. you're a coward. any man who touches girls is a
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coward. >> reporter: now, tonight oliver faces several charges, including simple assault and making terroristic threats. he's held tonight on a $25,000 bail. as for the victim her mom said she's still pretty shaken up about the entire ordeal. nbc 10 news. a former bucks county music teacher admits she had sex with a 14-year-old student. bridget pleaded guilty to charges of statutory sexual assault. the 31-year-old worked at central bucks high school south. she admitted to having sex with the boy in 2012 when she worked at lenape middle school. she'll be sentenced in april. a sex scandal is rocking the philadelphia fire department tonight. >> there are allegations of sexual encounters in firehouses all over the city. and dozens of firefighters and paramedics could be implicated. >> randy, city officials are
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staying tight lipped. >> reporter: the city is not saying very much about this. but the local firefighters union confirms an investigation is under way handled by the city's inspector general's office. meanwhile, a local paper is reporting that the investigation is focusing on sexual activity happening on the job at firehouses all across the city. the scandal began when a female paramedic filed some sort of complaint against another employee as that investigation wore on it turned up even more wrongdoing. according to the daily news soon after rumors surfaced that the paramedic had sexual encounters with numerous firefighters paramedics and supervisors in firehouses while on and off duty all around the city. the firefighters union confirms to nbc 10 that an investigation is under way, but couldn't go into specifics. the daily news is reporting that dozens of firefighters and emts, including some top brass, could be fired. the sex scandal now threatening
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to engs tinge wish careers. there's mounting evidence according to the paper the young paramedic has photos texts and videos implicating the men involved. the city has not formally addressed the situation yet. right now it is unclear exactly how many city staffers are involved in this scandal. live at fire department headquarters, randy gyllenhaal nbc 10 news. one of the victims of the lululemon collapse is thanking firefighters for rescuing her. she sent a big thanks to all of her rescuers. her and two friends are now out of the hospital after yesterday's accident. they shored up the wall of the neighboring building. water got into the wall it froze and thawed and loosened the bricks and the bricks collapsed onto the lululemon roof which collapsed into the store. president obama will be in philadelphia tomorrow at the democrats retreat. they're talking strategy while philadelphia is trying to win their vote to host the democratic national convention.
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the 188 democrats in the house are in philadelphia for their yearly winter meeting. they're looking at ways to create more jobs paychecks, and fix immigration. mayor michael nutter said having the house democrats here helps the city's bid to host the 2016 democratic convention. >> no better time to be here given that the world and the pope will be here later this year. we're in the hunt. >> there could be one snag, the philadelphia convention and visitors bureau tells nbc 10 there was another major convention planned the week of the dnc. that could lead to hotel room issues. philadelphia is vying against two other cities to host the democratic national convention. brooklyn new york and columbus, ohio. they're also in the running. the democrats could make their decision in early february. lowering the wage tax, city council heard arguments on a bill that would lower the tax to 2% over an 11-year period.
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it's currently at almost 4%. it would save taxpayers $100 million. council is expected to vote on it at a later date. from our trenton bureau tonight, it was expected to be a chance for new jersey's governor to beef up his foreign policy credentials ahead of a potential run for president. but tomorrow's planned meeting between chris christie and the president of israel has been canceled. christie's office said it's because the israeli's president schedule changed. test launching a drone from the coast guard center in cape may today. some people believe drones can improve communications during catastrophes like hurricane sandy. the flight comes amid concerns about safety and privacy over drones. earlier this week a man accidently crashed the small drone on the white house lawn, forcing a lockdown. leave your drone at home. >> the government doesn't want what happened to the white house
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to happen to the super bowl. so the university of phoenix stadium in arizona will be a no-drone zone during the big game. the faa put out this youtube commercial to let everyone know. the ban also applies to just about any other man-made aircraft. and we are counting down the days until super bowl sunday. you could say that chip kelly is responsible for some of the patriots' success. >> john clark is live in arizona. john, this is a story about making the most of a second chance. >> reporter: yeah. patriots running back blunt has a history with chip kelly in oregon. blunt was severely punished by chip in his time there, and now he has a chance to win a super bowl ring and he's doing it with a chip on his shoulder. le garrett blunt punched a boysy state player and got into it with their fans after chip kelly's first game as head coach at oregon. >> i'm going to stick by him.
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whether he makes it through this or not, i will always stick by him. >> reporter: chip at first suspended blunt for the season but gave him a second chance. he allowed blunt to finish out the last few games of his college career. >> he showed me that he has my back. you know and he's going to always have my back. and i appreciate that to the fullest. >> reporter: blunt said chip has stayed in touch. and encourages him. >> it means a lot. >> reporter: to put it bluntly, legarrett has had troubles. he switched teams five times in his five years in the nfl. he was kicked off the steelers in november was signed by the patriots, and he heard from chip then. >> he just told me to keep my head up and stay confident. >> reporter: legarrett believes chip will be a success with the eagles. >> can't say enough about how good he is. there's a lot of college coaches that come to the nfl and aren't
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successful. and he is. >> is he pretty much married to football? >> oh, yeah. that's his love. he has so much love for the game. >> reporter: is chip kelly married to football? legarrett blunt can get a ring this sunday. ask keith jones and i anything you want tomorrow. we'll take any questions you have about the super bowl. live in phoenix, arizona, i am john clark. there's a party here tonight. we're going to be here every day and night here for you. >> we have to wait until 1:30 tomorrow to ask you any questions, right? >> reporter: you can go right now if you want. >> we'll wait until 1:30 tomorrow. we'll join you on facebook. >> reporter: all right. you're trying to get rid of me. >> we don't want to know how warm it is there. nbc 10 yourx, your home for super bowl. watch this.
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a new jersey student caught on video body slamming a teacher inside the classroom. what pushed the student to lose control, and why the teachers union isn't happy how the district handled it. >> i thought it was profiling. >> plus two people shoveling when police said they needed centsed to pay up to keep working. then delaware drivers, listen up. the controversial rule one local dmv is leaving behind. plus temperatures still in a freefall. i'm tracking how soon the bitter cold will hit along with more chances for snow.
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♪ with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region you have the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless. a live look now at a raging fire in san francisco. firefighters are trying to get out the flames in the mission district. you can see a lot of smoke, and you can see firefighters there on the ground trying to do their best to make sure all of the flames are out at this apartment fire. to watch this breaking story and
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we'll bring you any developments as we get them. new cell phone video tonight of a high school freshman attacking a teacher inside a north jersey classroom. it happened last week in patterson. the student wanted to get his cell phone back from the teacher who confiscated it. at one point you can see the student take the teacher down to the floor. police arrested the teenager and charged him with assault. the teachers union said the teacher is still in pain and shouldn't be forced to go back to work. the man accused of ambushing two state troopers is set to be arraigned tomorrow. he's charged with killing one trooper and wounding another outside the blooming grove state police barracks in september. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. from our delaware bureau an arrest in wilmington's latest murder as the city takes steps to combat a violent start to the
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new year. they say he shot and killed donald clark on east 17th street yesterday afternoon. sky 4's 10 was over the scene. it was wilmington's sixth murder of the year. today wilmington's mayor appointed councilman michael brown as chair of a police citizen advisory group. that group will work to tackle violent crime by strengthening the relationship between the community and police. earlier this week the mayor unveiled a plan called operation disrupt. it calls for more reward money, curfews, more pedestrian stops and shifting officers to crime hot spots. pennsylvania governor tom wolf comes to northeast philadelphia tomorrow to follow through on one of his biggest campaign promises. governor wolf will head to benjamin rush state park to sign an executive order banning any new leases for hydraulic fracturing. also known as fracking. it's a method of drilling underground to extract natural gas. wolf's action will only apply to state parks and forests.
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take a look at this. $1.99 for gas in philadelphia. this is an oil station in winfield heights. the national average is $2.04 a gallon. in philadelphia they're paying an average of $2.26. south jersey drivers are shelling out $1.88. delaware drivers are paying $2.06. starting today, drivers allowed to smile in their pictures again. five years ago, the dmv banned smiling, because it interfered with facial recognition technology. well, now the department has new technology that can recognize smiling as well as neutral faces. lower marion police are investigating a woman's suggestion that two snow shovellers were racially profiled. she took this picture from inside her home yesterday. she said it shows two teenagers she hired to shovel snow sitting in the snow as police questioned
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them. both shovellers are african-americans. she said police told her father the two were stopped because they didn't have a permit. lower marion police stress no permit is needed they say the two were actually adults and were stopped because they were soliciting for business. but deborah isn't buying it. >> it just seems wrong to have them sitting there. they don't have weapons, they have shovels off to the side. >> we do want to make it very clear kids can go out and make after-school money or day off from school money. >> lower marion police tell us they're investigating the incident and would like to talk to deborah. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well it's going to get colder tonight, especially if you live areas north and west. cold by the morning. very cold if you live in the levi valley. you'll be waking up to single-digit temperatures. snow will be moving in tomorrow
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in the evening hours. it should be moving in closer to 7:00 p.m. of course we'll update you on the timing throughout the day tomorrow and let you know if it will be moving a little faster. colder air approaching, feeling below zero degrees for pretty much everybody saturday morning. so you want to remember that before you walk outside saturday. we still have a lot of cold air that is moving in. right now in philadelphia 29 degrees. but you see teens to our north. that will move in overnight. if you live north and west, that will be single digits. tomorrow morning, low temperature about 6 degrees for allentown. 9 degrees quakertown. 2 in mount pocono. trenton 14 degrees. 10 for doylestown. 15 degrees for the morning low in mount holly. closer to the shore, 20 cape may. 8 degrees possibly in vineland. wilmington you could be at 17 degrees. it's going to be cold.
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cold and dry as we go through the day tomorrow. for most of the day. but when we get to the afternoon hours we start to watch the snow approaching from the west. 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. just to our west then it starts to move in closer to 7:00 p.m. areas like burks county lehigh valley poconos, maybe new castle county in delaware we could see light snow moving in. this continues closer to 9:00 moving toward the philadelphia area. parts of new jersey. but i don't think everyone in new jersey could see the snow from this. 9:00 we're still seeing it around. overnight hours, pretty fast moving system. a couple inches out of this is expected. nothing major. this will be mostly light snowfall. the most we'll see is in the poconos, which is good for the skiers and snowboarders. your ski forecast into the weekend, at least you could have a couple of inches of fresh powder into saturday. minus 20 by sunday windchill. chance for snow around. saturday, certainly going to be a brutally cold day in the
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higher elevations. clear, bitter cold tonight. 16 for the low in philadelphia. 6 degrees in the suburbs. then we go into tomorrow. clouds increase. light snow later tomorrow night. mostly the evening and night hours. temperatures around 33 degrees. we go into friday then saturday, this is when the bitter cold sets in. and this is when temperatures will feel a lot colder as we go through the morning hours. there you see minus 5 to minus 20 degrees when you factor in the wind. fids night into saturday morning. so we want to give you a heads-up about this. it is going to be very cold as we start off your weekend. then we go into sunday. we are going to be tracking another chance for snow even as we go into monday. so certainly something for us to keep our eye on. that's going to be our next chance after the late snow tomorrow. >> all right. dangerously cold weather coming at us. >> yes, very cold. >> thank you, sheena. keeping our eye on the events leading up to the super bowl. >> the latest leading up to super sunday. and details the phyllis front
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office positioning. the sixers come up with one of their best efforts of the season tonight. highlights coming up.
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we're talking hoops. sixers guard and leading scorer has decided to have surgery to repair a partially torn acl in his knee. he will probably miss the rest of the season. sixers and pistons, williams hooks up with noel on the business end of the alley-oop. they'll be rising stars. the block. and then finishes on the other end with the two-handed land here. nice slam off the inbound.
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fourth quarter, noel returning the favor. finished a rebound shot with a triple-double. the sixers win, the fewest points they've allowed this season. >> i think they're 2 for 20 three-point performers. it was the result of some fantastic scrambles and aggressive closeouts. >> to hard ball now. david montgomery returning to the phillies in a new role as chairman. montgomery who had been president since 1997 has been on medical leave since august. pal gillis takes on the role full-time now. bill giles becomes chairman emeritus. montgomery said he's fine with the move. >> this is something that really fits me very well. it's an opportunity to stay in the game to come back with an opportunity to serve in the capacity where i can probably be most helpful. >> tom brady practiced today for
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the first time since arriving in arizona. he has an ankle injury but said that's not what's bothering him the most. >> if i could just get over this cold, i'll be doing a lot better. everyone in my house got sick. so i kind of brought it down here to phoenix. but i'll be all right. >> local hardwood templeton, in central florida. morgan had 15 points. this three helps out the owls. they hit six in the half, ten in the game. second half cummings had 14. a 86-52. drexel defeats northeastern. we'll be right back.
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another frigid night and morning. >> yeah. it's going to be cold as we go through the overnight hours tonight. actual temperatures last night, we were dealing with the windchill, tomorrow morning we'll be dealing with the actual lows 16 in north philadelphia.
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single digits. late snow moving in tomorrow evening, mostly on the light side. cold going into the weekend. very cold. >> brutal. thanks for joining us tonight. the "tonight show" starring jimmy fallon is next. we'll see you tomorrow. when you've got something to share, you need upload speed. and only verizon fios gives you upload speeds... fast as your download speeds. and the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. period. so join the millions who get the difference
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fios makes... ...and see how sweet it is. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- martin short gabrielle union, musical guest, mary j. blige


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