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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  January 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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taking that victim to the hospital. we'll have a live update on the conditions of those officers and the victims. and it's not here yet but it's coming. sleet and snow. when it could hit your neighborhood. we'll get your nbc 10's first alert forecast. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. it is an nbc 10 first alert weather day because of this system that is moving in just in time for the afternoon rush. let's begin with nbc 10's first alert meteorologist bill henley. it's all dry right now, correct? the morning will stay dry through the morning commute. no problems for most of the morning. we will see some breaks in the clouds. later in the morning the clouds take over and this afternoon the first snowflakes will arrive. some areas in delaware and south jersey will start with some sleet. the wind is blowing in the city. the temperatures are below freezing. 28 degrees here at nbc 10. certainly cold enough for snow. we're tracking a clipper that will move in around midday with the first sleet and snow quickly changing to snow even to the south and east this evening we'll see accumulating snowfall. it will taper off by late this
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evening and clear out overnight tonight. right now, completely dry. nothing to show you on the radar in our area but it's not far away. it's moving through west virginia and into southwestern pennsylvania and making progress. and it will be on track for arriving here during the early afternoon hours. at noontime you can see it is dry for most of the area. though cloudy the snow is just to the west and it will move in during the afternoon. accumulating snowfall at 3:00 this afternoon along the i-95 corridor into philadelphia. meantime, some rain and some portions of sleet for areas of delaware and south jersey. and there you can see a mix of wintry stuff this afternoon. for the i-95 corridor at 5:00 will be all snow. and the snow will accumulate lightly by 5:00. we might have an inch on the ground, but then it keeps going. in fact, it will intensify during the evening hours. and that's when we may get the bulk of the snowfall. so a few icy spots in some areas this morning. these are leftover from the
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showers we had yesterday. that's the first thing. the clouds start to increase this morning, 31 degrees. then a chance for snow as we head into the noontime hour. a look at how much to expect when i'm back in ten. right now we'll check in with first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. good morning jillian. majors in new jersey are clear of any big accidents right now. the highways in delaware same situation. 495 at philadelphia pike. you're good to go there. as far as the majors around philadelphia 76 the blue route, 95 clear of any incidents but starting to slow down with normal volume at 6:00 a. sky force 10 almost at the scene of an accident in monroe township williamstown road we'll have that image coming up in the next few minutes. and we are following a serious accident out of north philadelphia. 25th street and west lehigh that's blocked. you can take 27th york or cambria street to get around that. two philadelphia officers were injured in an accident this morning as they were trying to rush a shooting victim to the hospital when this happened. nbc 10 broke the story at 4:00 a.m. on air and through the "nbc
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10 news" app. jesse gary is live in north philadelphia. jesse, that police cruiser was really banged up there. >> reporter: the force of the crash was so severe you can see the air bags were flooded. both the police cruiser and the white camaro are off to the right here. police are getting up from work walking by and asking us what happened. well police are rushing a shooting victim to the hospital to temple university hospital when they got into an accident. this was all started with a crime over on the 2400 block of hollywood street. we're taking a look at the video of that right now. the victim says someone shot him in the legs three times. that brought two officers to the 22nd district. they rushed over to find the victim, put him in the police cruiser and were rushing him to temple university hospital when they got into an accident. >> the 24-year-old man was shot in both legs. the reason the officers were driving with lights and sirens to get this individual to the hospital, he's in stable condition and is expected to survive his gunshot wounds as
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well as the auto accident which we don't believe he suffered any additional injuries. >> reporter: the accident happened at 25th and lehigh. the officers were traveling east. this dark-colored lexus headed north on 25th street did not yield and did not stop. it ran into the police cruiser. the police cruiser then ran into the camaro. police tell us that the drivers of both the lexus and the camaro 29 years old, neither one of those two men had driver's licenses. so they are unlicensed drivers. five people in total were taken to temple university although we have just learned the officer behind the wheel of the police cruiser, the most seriously injured with a laceration to his head and possible concussion. he'll be released from the hospital. they believe he won't be admitted. the officer was in the passenger seat with minor body aches and pains. and the two drivers of the lexus and camaros have body aches and pains. the most serious charges are driving without a license.
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the investigation continues into how and why they did not see the police cruiser coming down through the intersection. live in north philadelphia jesse gary "nbc 10 news." it is 6:05 and we are following breaking news. we are getting our first look at new police dash cam video of a deadly police shooting in bridgeton that happened late december. posted overnight and katy zk zachary is live in our digital operations center where she's following this with reaction. tell us more. >> reporter: we have been showing this video throughout the morning and it is dramatic. this deadly shooting happened very quickly. it took less than two minutes for officers to pull over the car in question and then to fire the deadly shots. here is some of that video. >> show me your hands! don't you [ bleep ] move! >> that is one of the bridgeton new jersey police officers screaming at 36-year-old jerame reid to show his hands and get out of the car. in the audio, you hear police saying there's a gun in the car, the officers tell the two men not to shoot and say, quote, if
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you reach for something, you will be dead. now, reid was told to get out of thor can, he does and seems to take a step toward the officer. then shots are fired. 36-year-old j,erame reid that you're looking at right now is killed. the local rights activists say it's time for local lawmakers to put into place a bill to hold police better accountable for their actions. the officers right now are on paid leave. neither one has been charged. now, coming up at 6:30 we will show you the unedited dash cam video. you can also see it right now by going to the nbc 10 app. reporting live in the digital operations center katy zachry "nbc 10 news." 6:06 now and breaking news out of france where the prosecute dor in paris has just announced some new information in the terror attacks there that occurred a couple weeks ago. of the 12 people arrested following the attacks, four are in temporary detention and charged with providing
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logistical support on the supermarket. new counter terrorism measures are also put in place, including putting police and military officers at mosques, synagogues and religious schools. and there's breaking news out of israel this morning where police are questioning a palestinian man about what they are calling a terror attack. they say he stabbed nine people on a bus in tell-aviv today. officers tracked him down and arrested him. the islamic militant group hamas did not claim responsibility but praised the attack. it is 6:07. a deadly crash overnight in the holmesburg section of philadelphia closed a street for a while. the driver lost control on milnor street and hit a concrete stairwell. three people were in the vehicle. a passenger was killed and another has broken bones. the driver has minor injuries. it is a waiting game right
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now. the cold is here. the wind is blowing in center city. that's a live view from center city. the winds will not be all that strong with this system above building levels where it's stronger to blow clouds into the area this morning. you'll see snow developing as we go into the afternoon. the clipper is to our west this morning. around midday we'll see the first snowflakes but it's going to be a snowy afternoon commute. and the accumulating snowfall continues to accumulate during the evening hours. in fact that is when we see more snow coming into the area then during the afternoon. right now, though it's dry, reading, 22 degrees. 29 in philadelphia. and trenton is 24 degrees. at the shore, starting off with rain. then sleet. then snow this evening. and the sthorhore will see pretty good accumulation with this one. you can see this moving into southwestern pennsylvania through west virginia. that's all on the way for our area this afternoon. now, in southwestern
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pennsylvania, it's a mix of snow and sleet. and that's what we're going to see when it arrives here during the morning hours. we'll watch the clouds move in with snow developing around noontime for areas to the west. then during the afternoon, the snow arrives with some sleet and rain mixed in. by 5:00 this evening be you can see the snow and the i-95 corridor. and then it's mainly snow heading into the evening hours. in fact, it will look a little more impressive during the early evening hours than this afternoon. so the forecast for the pocano mountains, not all that much. they will keep the snowmakers going. one inch for most of the area. for the lehigh valley for bucks and montgomery counties one to two inches. but a little farther to the south, we'll see two to three inches of snow for chester county and into new castle county in delaware. and central delaware portions of south jersey will see two to four inches. cumberland atlantic into ocean and burlington counties we'll see a little bit more snow with the additional moisture coming off the ocean. then farther south and east we're looking at one to three
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inches of snow. one way or the other, we have snow on the way. this morning it will be cloudy. sleet and snow arrives this afternoon. quickly changing to all snow. and no matter where you are, you can track the winter weather and get radar weather alerts on your phone or tablet by downloading the nbc10 first alert weather app that is free available on ten minutes past 6:00 jillian mele is following an accident in gloucester county. we launched skyforce 10 to see what we can see. >> we can see there's a car into a utility pole there, right? >> we had downed wires at one point. this is what crews are working with right now. this is williamstown road with the intersection going to be blocked off while crews try to get this accident out of there and get that repair work done. so in the meantime you can take clayton road at your alternate. watch out and leave yourself extra time as part of your commute this morning. this is 95 slowing down near cottman avenue. normal volume on 95.
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if you're traveling 76 we are starting to see yellow on the map, especially eastbound near the coshohocton curve. and we have a winner. wait we have two winners. but out your powerball ticket as you could be a new millionaire. and this bridge collapse in ohio is having effects in our area. how the transportation association is demanding changes in our area.
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if you reach across the car,
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you'll be dead. >> and we have breaking news here of a shooting posted on overnight. the officers involved are on paid leave and have not been charged. and here's our other breaking news story in philadelphia where two police officers were hurt while trying to rush a shooting victim to the hospital. investigators say a police cruiser had its lights and signs on near 25th and lehigh. that's when the cruiser was hit by a car. then it slammed into a second car. the officer and the shooting victim and the two unlicensed drivers are all in stable condition. 6:15 with this approaching snow we have this afternoon. a lot of parents want to know if schools will be letting out early today. letting students out early because of the weather coming. well, nbc 10 did speak with several area superintendents about their decision-making process. most of them tell us they do plan to close before conditions worsen. they say, of course their main priority is the safety of
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students and many plan to hold meetings and make a decision by late morning. count on us to let you know as soon as that happens. here's a way to immediately find out, sign up for nbc 10's school closings. our team at the nbc 10 digital center will let you know as soon as that happens. sign up for the alerts and we'll alert you via text or e-mail immediately. and community will gather at a church in pemberton tonight to hold a vigil for an infant set on fire by her mother. the mother hyphernkemberly dorvilier made a court appearance yesterday. she didn't enter a plea but plans to hire an attorney. she was arrested on friday after investigators say they found the baby on fire while the mother was holding a can of wd-40 and had a lighter in her pocket. 6:16 now. atlantic county has hired a consultant to tell them how to
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make up for lost revenue following casino closures in atlantic city. they are developing an action plan to address the economic trouble and then will look for untapped opportunities if such exist. officials with the firm say they will start by getting influx from the public through a series of interviews and community meetings. thomas jefferson memorial hospital is joining forces with south jersey's inspira network. they will build a $30 million facility in gloucester county with cancer treatment and radiation therapy along with other services. an ohio highway is back open this morning two days after a deadly bridge collapse there. a construction worker was killed when about 100 tons of concrete fell onto a cincinnati highway. the roadway was shut down as crews worked to remove all the debris from the road. the bridge was under demolition when it collapsed, but investigators are trying to find out exactly why it collapsed. now that situation in ohio could affect some of you in new
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jersey in terms of how you get around. it prompted new jersey's transportation chief to order an immediate safety review of every bridge in the state, every bridge deemed structurally deficient. transportation officials can't say how long it will take to inspect those nearly 600 structures. new jersey has a total of 6600 bridges that are inspected every two years. last time we checked we know we had at least one accident causing problems. we'll check the rest of the roads. >> jillian mele is following all of this. good morning, jillian. >> good morning. no accidents here with a little bit of volume building westbound as drivers head out to 76. but i'm following two accidents this morning, we have one in north philadelphia out here. jesse gary was here with a serious accident blocking west 25th and west lehigh. take 27th york or west cambria street around it. sky force 10 was live over the scene in monroe township williamstown road near tuckahoe road.
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this involves a vehicle into a pole. there are wires down at the scene, so we have a big response. clayton road is your alternate. and just as i was walking over here to leave my computer i heard the accident on 422 near route 29. i'm going back to the computer to get some details and will see you in the next couple of minutes. we'll watch clouds move in this morning, then expect snow to arrive this afternoon. right now it's a dry and clear view. no sign of fog that started off in some of the areas this morning. this is a live view from the adventure aquarium. those temperatures have been coming down now, 29 degrees at philadelphia international. and snow expected at the shore to likely start as some rain. and in between the rain and snow you might see some sleet. right now we are just seeing cold. 21 in doylestown. look atoms river at 23 degrees. and philadelphia and willow grove p 28 degrees.
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these temperatures are going to stay below freezing for most of the morning, but we'll see them come up a bit before the snow starts to fall. then when the snow starts to fall early this afternoon, that's when the temperatures will start to come down. right now the snow, sleet and rain is coming down in southwestern pennsylvania. this is a fast moving clipper that is going to be arriving in our area this afternoon. and it will continue to accumulate into the evening hours. by late this evening, this will be done. right now it's a waiting game. the future weather just updated at 8:00 this morning, 28 degrees. watch the temperatures climb to just above freezing at noontime. by noontime the snow is off to the north and west. and then will move into the area this afternoon. the first to see it are areas north and west. so standby for sleet and snow. a brief period of sleet and then snow with temperatures in the middle 30s today. the seven-day forecast a cold start tomorrow. 40 tomorrow afternoon. and then clouds will return
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later on friday leaving another chance of snow on saturday a high of 38 degrees. a sunny sunday and another chance of snow monday. well, you know it's bad enough being accused of robbing a store. it's even worse being accused of doing that with your baby in the car. >> right. that's even worse. and that's not the end of the story. you won't be believe the getaway car that was used. that story is next. and as we continue to track the fast-moving clipper, we have a reminder from police for people who park on philadelphia streets.
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this is a live picture of center city this morning. no snow yet. that's coming later this afternoon, but just a reminder if you live and work in the city, you cannot save a parking spot on a public street even if you shovel the snow out of the spot. philadelphia police just posted that reminder on facebook. how about this one?
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wilmington police arrested a woman after they say she brought her baby along for a robbery. and she used a taxi as a getaway car. amanda poletti took off in the taxi after holding up the wawa yesterday morning. the cab driver was unaware what she did inside the store. paletti left her 1-year-old daughter in the car with her roommate during the robbery. good morning, i'm jillian mele. the camera is making it tough to see, but we have an accident on the 422 side near the left side of the sk that. you can see the police lights out there. it is unclear how many vehicles are involved but we are sending skyforce 10 there. for now, it is creating some congestion at that scene. let's take you outside right now to the pocano mountains in camelback where everyone is going to see snow later today, but nothing yet. no nothing yet. nothing this morning. it's this afternoon that we'll
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see the snow arrive. for now it is in western pennsylvania. and it's heading to the east. right now it's just cold here at nbc 10. 28 degrees. the time is 6:26. and we're following this breaking news. newly-released video overnight to show what happened in the moments before a bridgeton police officer shot and killed a man. >> hey, jerame, if you reach for something, you're going to be dead. >> he said hey, jerame if you reach for something you're going to be dead. we'll play you the video so you can see what led up to that shooting. i'm jesse gary as police try to save a man's life after he was shot several times and then get into a crash. we'll tell you what happened coming up.
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if you reach for something, you're going to be [ bleep ] dead. i'm telling you. >> it's the video sparking new outrage this morning. dash cam video showing the police in a traffic stop and the man they shot and killed. and police rush to save a shooting victim but their cruiser collides with two other cars. we are live on the scene to show you how this happened. and we are tracking snow this morning on the nbc 10 first alert radar. that system is headed this way. we'll get you the latest on when the snow will arrive in your neighborhood. good morning welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. it's a first alert day. we just checked, no schools have made any decisions yet about closing early. if they do we'll post them on our website and our app for you. now we'll update you on the clipper of snow headed our way with bill henley. the clippers tend to have light snowfall and move quickly. that's what we'll see here with
6:31 am
the wet weather to arrive this afternoon. it is now in western pennsylvania. and this morning you can actually see some sky. there are breaks in the clouds with the clouds yet to take over. but that will happen this morning. and snow will develop this afternoon. that's why it's a first alert day. some of the thicker, heavier snow will hold off until later this afternoon and this evening. it's a fast-moving clipper. we will see sleet and snow to start with. and then it becomes all snow into the evening hours and ends later this evening. right now it's clear in our area. no sign of the wet weather in the immediate philadelphia area but you can see it's already arrived in western pennsylvania. and it's moving to the east. so your hour-by-hour forecast shows temperatures climbing just above freezing at noontime. by noontime that snow is off to the north and west. and it will move into the northern and western suburbs during the afternoon hours. i'll show you what this means for the commute when i come back in ten. right now we'll go to jillian mele. we are following an accident near route 29.
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it is tough to see in our camera, so this is what you can see. we have some congestion out there at the scene right at the interchange with route 29. we have skyforce 10 headed to the scene. when we get more detail we'll be sure to pass them along. for now it doesn't really appear to be impacting the drive times too much. eight to nine minutes between route 29 and 76. that's what is happening on route 422. in north philadelphia we still have an accident blocking 25th and west lehigh. you can take 27th york street or west cambria to get around that. and we are following an accident out of monroe township williamstown road is blocked near tuckahoe road. take clayton road at your alternate. thank you. 6:3 6:32 as we follow breaking news and get a first look at police dark cam video of a deadly police shooting in bridgeton in late december. katy zachry is live in our digital operations center and has been following the release of the video overnight and the reaction. katy, tell us more. well, we wanted to give you at home a feel for what happened in the minute leading up to the
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deadly shooting. here is the unedited video. >> you went right through that stop sign back there. >> where at? >> right on south pine street. >> reporter: that's 36-year-old jerame reid as the officer asks for his license and screams to his partner, there's a gun in the car. >> show me your hands! show me your [ bleep ] hands. don't [ bleep ] move! don't you [ bleep ] move! get him out of the car, rod. he's got a gun in the glove compartment. >> reporter: from the dark window, it is hard to tell what jerame does. >> show me your hands! don't you [ bleep ] move! don't you [ muted ] move! if you reach for something, you're going to be dead. i'm telling you, keep your [ bleep ] hands there. hey, jerame if you reach for
6:34 am
something, you're going to be dead. he's reaching he's reaching! show me your hands. no you're not, don't you move! >> and just a second later, jerame reid steps out of the car. he seems to take a step toward police and is shot several times by both officers. he died a short time later. you may have heard the officers call him by name, that's because he has a criminal history. most recently last summer he was jailed for drug possession and resisting arrest. the two officers involved are on paid leave. neither has been charged at this time. now, in just the last few minutes, i received this e-mail. it is from the bridgeton police department. they are making us all aware they routinely do not release dash cam video like this but they were legally made to do so in this case. and also earlier this morning, i talked to a local civil rights activist who says his organization later today will be calling for a special prosecutor to be assigned to this case because they fear that the cumberland county district attorney is too closely involved
6:35 am
with this case. reporting live in the digital operations center katy zachry "nbc 10 news." the other breaking story we have been following all morning is a three-car crash involving a philadelphia police cruiser that was rushing a shooting victim to the hospital when the crash occurred. but that accident is only part of the story. nbc so's jesse gary is live in north philadelphia with more. jesse? >> reporter: yeah chris, the aftermath of the accident is still here in the middle of west lehigh street. the first accident investigation division officer has just arrived to the scene. he's just behind that light pole there starting to take measurements. i don't know if you can see him, but he's behind the light pole starting to take measurements. i was told they just came here from the hospital where they were interviewing the officers involved in the crash. and now they will start to take measurements and process this scene before they can start to clear the scene of all of this debris that started around 3:00 this morning. police were called to the 2400 block of hollywood street for a shooting victim.
6:36 am
they picked that gentleman up he was shot three times in the leg, they scooped him up and were taking him to temple university hospital headed least on lehigh. this dark-colored lexus headed north on 25th runs into the police cruiser and knocks that police cruiser into yet another car causing this accident. >> if rescue is not on location and weapon don't see them coming anywhere near from several blocks away we scoop them right up and we rush the victim especially when they are shot multiple times, to the nearest hospital. >> reporter: that hospital was temple university hospital. it's important to note that police say the police cruiser did have lights and sirens on when they came down here and were hit by the lexus, which is right there on the sidewalk. the impact from that collision so violent that it deployed the air bags in both the police cruiser and the camaro which is the white-colored vehicle on the other side of that police
6:37 am
cruiser which is parked with its lights on. the officer inside injured, one had a possible concussion. i'm told he may be released within the next hour or so. the other officer, body aches and pains. the two drivers both in the lexus and the camaro 29 years old. neither one of them legally able to drive. they didn't have driver's licenses. that's part of the ongoing investigation. live in north philadelphia jesse gary "nbc 10 news." it is 6:37 with the weather approaching. we checked in with the department of transportation in delaware to see how they are getting ready. in delaware crews will not pretreat the roads with salt left on the roads from this weekend. in new jersey they will brine the roads that don't have salt from the weekend and will monitor the storm closely to see if they need to change their plans. and crews will get out into pennsylvania in new jersey later this morning to wait for the snow to start falling. now, this was the scene exactly one year ago today. remember that? a midday snowstorm paralyzed the area.
6:38 am
even drivers who left work early spent hours on the roads trying to get home. and the timing of today's storm is very similar, but will it be as bad here this time? >> let's hope not. let's go to first alert meteorologist bill henley. not getting hopefully as much snow as we did a year ago. >> that was a storm. it's coming in as a clipper. those deliver light snowfall and are fast movers. we'll see those during the day today. we'll see sunshine to start with. it is sleet and snow to arrive during the afternoon hours. and making for a snowy afternoon commute. but not a lot of snow. we may have an inch on the ground during the early commute. and the snow will continue to fall in the evening hours. accumulating snowfall will finally come to an end late this evening. heading out the door right now, we've got some scattered clouds 29 degrees. certainly cold enough for snow. but look at that this is a live look from the nbc 10 studios. just a few thin clouds with a bright sunny start to the day, but the clouds will be rushing
6:39 am
into the area. 20s right now. cold in doylestown. wrightstown, low 20s to start with. those numbers come up before the precipitation arrives. and the snow sleet and rain now in western and moving into central pennsylvania. it has a ways to go. i like what they are seeing in western pennsylvania. we will see that wintry mix to start with. it's not going to be all snow for the area. the hour-by-hour future weather is just updated, it will keep us cloudy this morning with the clouds increasing during the morning hours. snow at noontime for the west. we'll be moving into areas north and west to begin with. at 3:00 in the afternoon, look at the wintry mix in new castle county and delaware. it will becoming all snow at 4:00. light snow on the i-95 corridor. it will look more impressive during the evening hours. look at 8:00 this evening from the lehigh valley through philadelphia to the jersey coastline, accumulating snowfall. so during the day today, we'll start off with skies becoming cloudy. it's this afternoon that the sleet and snow will arrive
6:40 am
becoming all snow as we head into the evening hours. temperatures in the middle 30s early this afternoon. they will fall as the snow moves in and that will allow it to stick. we have the seven-day forecast plus exactly how much to expect when i'm back. bill thank you. the weather conditions here on your ride to work are just fine but we'll find out if there's anything else to know as you leave the house. >> jillian mele will give us a heads-up. good morning. >> we have an accident on 422. we can't see much in the camera right up in this area of 422 eastbound right near the exit for route 29. you can see all of that congestion eastbound, so it is helping to create a bigger delay than we're used to seeing at this point on 422. so we'll keep you updated there. also word of an accident on i-95 avenue here past packer avenue. watch for the slowdown there with state police just responding to that scene. in north philadelphia 25th and west lehigh that's still blocked as a result of a serious crash that happened overnight. you can take 27th street york street and cambria street to
6:41 am
avoid the area. finally, we are still following the accident out of monroe township. williamstown road is blocked near tuckahoe road. clayton road is your best bet to avoid that area. chris? hey, jerame, if you reach for something you're going to be dead. >> if you reach for something, you're going to be dead. and moments later he was. we are releases a traffic cam from a police cruiser showing how this video is drawing reaction from the bridgeton police department this morning.
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for something you're going to be dead. >> we are seeing dash cam from a deadly traffic stop on december 30th. this video was posted on overnight. the officers are on paid leave and have not been charged. and two unlicensed drivers could face charges after a crash involving a police cruiser. the police officers were on their way to the hospital with a shooting victim when they were hit near 25th and lehigh. the two officers are in stable condition this morning. and we are following a winter storm headed our way. a live look at the first alert radar is showing a system moving in expected to cause challenges for the afternoon commute. and if you're going to take septa, they just released a new winter storm plan for this year. they will notify customers by the:00 4:00 the previous day if they are going to put a saturday schedule in place. they will also pass out pam
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flemts explaining the plain tomorrow between 4:00 to 6:00 at several stations. find the information on our "nbc 10 news" app and track the winter weather as it moves into your neighborhood. get radar and weather alerts to your phone or tablet. just do it right now, that's a great idea take the opportunity to download the nbc 10 first alert weather that is free on 6:46. a camden county family filed a lawsuit just a year after their son was hit and killed by his school bus. the parents of 6-year-old edmond buck said they are suing the hillman bus company and the school officials from the waterford school district as they are asking for the toxicology report from the driver and monetary damages. but most of all they are looking for change. >> we want justice for him. >> we want to make changes. >> and we want to make the
6:47 am
changes so no family ever ever has to go through this. >> now nbc 10 reached out to hillman's bus company but they will not comment on pending litigation. and so far we have not heard back from the attorney for that bus company or the superintendent of schools there in waterford township. a grand jury has indicted the man who accused the atlantic city police of excessive force. in an incident in two2013 the officers were cleared in that case. the security footage involved the police dog there in june 2013. tuesday the grand jury charged david captalani with aggravated assault on an officer and resisting arrest. >> a delaware county boy is scheduled to get fit for the a new wheelchair today after his old one was stolen. the 4-year-old's mom left the wheelchair in the driveway of their home monday afternoon in delaware county. brook haven police later arrested a suspect who confessed
6:48 am
to swiping the chair and selling it for scrap metal. after the story aired, so many people came forward and the family got enough donations to pay for a replacement chair. and the team bonnie and collide is speaking out after taking place in a two-week crime spree with his young girlfriend. the two started their spree in the home state of kentucky. they are accused of stealing cars and guns in a number of states. and police caught up with them in panama beach, florida. hayes said his girlfriend was being abused at home and didn't want to go back to kentucky. >> she said i want to run. i'm like i can't let you go by yourself so i'm going to go with you. >> the two are now facing multiple charges and are expected to be back in kentucky later this week. a boston doctor has died after being shot inside a hospital there. authorities say it appears the two, michael davidson was
6:49 am
targeted. the shooter asked for the doctor by name and then turned the gun on himself. no word on a motive although the shooter's mother had been treated by the doctor previously. today a court in colorado will continue the jury selection process in the james holmes trial. he's the man charged in the aurora movie theater shooting three years ago that left a dozen people dead and dozens more wounded. the court summoned in all 7,000 jurors but only a handful appeared before the judge yesterday. and california lawmakers are proposing a right to die legislation after the highly publicized death of brittany maynor who moved to oregon to end her life. oregon is one of five states to allow people to do that. we have new information on what is being called deflate-gate. 11 of the 12 footballs used by the new england patriots used in
6:50 am
the sunday championship game were underinflated. according to the report the nfl investigation found that 11 footballs were not inflated up to league standards. some were well under standards. now this is an issue because underinflated footballs were supposed to give the offense an advantage, easier to catch and throw in touch weather conditions. the patriots beat the colts to go to the super bowl. the nfl is not commenting on the espn report and expects the investigation to be finished by the end of the week. nevertheless the patriots are in the super bowl and are playing for this the vince lom lombardi trophy that will be handed out to the champion. you can check that out on saturday if you happen to be in the phoenix area. the new england patriots and seattle seahawks face off in super bowl xlix on february 1st.
6:51 am
there's only one place to watch it here on nbc 10. the pregame festivities begin at noon. >> it's a long pregame but is fun to watch. >> the best pregames are long pregames. some people here are starting the new year with a windfall. >> two people took in about a million dollars a piece. let me get the numbers right. >> two winning tickets from the january 17th powerball were sold in our region. one at the giant food store in plymouth meetingment and the other on the double-o-seven convenience store. a million dollars is a million dollars. check your tickets as chris is doing right now. 15 16 23 27 36. did you have anything? >> what do i get for -- that's a coffee stain. >> let us know if you won.
6:52 am
i've got some snowfall for you, and that will be free this afternoon, but this morning we're starting off getting ready for sunshine to start with. the clouds will be increasing during the day. look for snow to develop this afternoon. certainly cold but the temperatures will climb ahead of the snow. as this morning will be dry. the clouds are just starting to push into the area. the wet weather is still to our west but it's a fast moving clipper. so this prarpgsecipitation will arrive this afternoon. the sunshine fades as snow sleet and rain move in. the future radar shows a cloudy morning. it's early this afternoon, that's 1:00 this afternoon. but the light snow is falling in lancaster and the allentown area. during the afternoon, the snow will be increasing. that's 4:00. it will be falling in the i-95 corridor. farther south and east some rain and some sleet as well. but those areas will get colder. as the snow starts to fall during the evening hours, the
6:53 am
snow is coming down in philadelphia and points north and west. but it could be tapering off to limit snowfall totals for portions of delaware and south jersey. by 11:00, the last snowflakes are moving across trenton and are out of here overnight tonight. a little bit of snow for the pocano mountains. one to two for the lehigh valley to burkes county. bucks and montgomery county two to three inches is the potential for portions of delaware and south jersey. and farther south and east two to four. but if it moves out ahead of schedule, i'll be bringing these numbers down. we'll be updating this map through the day. 6:53 and time to get a check of the traffic out there this morning. nothing, no snow is falling, so no problems yet. it's the afternoon commute that could be tricky. >> fingers crossed for this morning. jillian mele has you covered. >> skyforce 10 is on the accident of 422 eastbound near route 29. much of it you can see is contained to the shoulder in that area but it is creating a slowdown eastbound. so keep that in mind.
6:54 am
we'll take you to the maps right now with an accident on 95 southbound just past packer avenue. this line of red, we only have one lane blocked in the area but this is doing enough damage to the delay on 95. this is 95 southbound right at the walt whitman bridge. the delay is not too large, but depending how long the accident stays out there, we could see a delay increase. and i'm katy zachry. coming up i'll show you part of police dash cam video from a deadly police shooting in new jersey. hear for yourself what happened.
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6:58 am
police shooting in bridgeton, new jersey. >> show me your hands! don't you [ muted ] move! >> that's one of the officers screaming at 36-year-old jerame reed to get out of the vehicle. you can hear his voice after he spots a gun in the car. he say, quote, if you reach for anything, you will be dead. as reid gets out of the car, he appears to step toward police. both officers opened fire killing him. now the bridgeton police department tells us they do not normally release video of this kind, but they were legally forced to do so. reporting live in the digital operations center katy zachry "nbc 10 news." i'm jesse gary live in north philadelphia. philadelphia police cruiser broadsided here rushing to temple university to try to save the life of a shooting victim. the officers were coming down west lehigh street when a dark-colored lexus going north on 25th runs into the cruiser and then knocks them into a white camaro.
6:59 am
five people in total went to the hospital. all said to be in good condition. the shooting victim in stable condition. three gunshots to his legs. police are now searching for the shooter and investigating the crash. live in north philadelphia jesse gary "nbc 10 news." good morning, i'm jillian mele. watch for an accident on 95 southbound just past tucker avenue. and this just in, an accident on the atlantic city expressway westbound past the garden state parkway. clouds moving in this morning. look for sleet, snow and rain in delaware and south jersey. this will begin before snow takes the over. 35 degrees early this afternoon. the numbers dropping as the snow moves in. the snow moves out tonight, clouds and sunshine tomorrow high of 40 degrees. and a dry day on friday. but look at saturday 29 in the morning, 38 in the afternoon. there's a chance we'll see a wintry mix and a chance of some snow on saturday. then sunshine on sunday and another round of snow is possible monday. >> this afternoon you can count on the nbc 10 first alert
7:00 am
weather team to keep you posted as the snow starts falling. we'll be back with local news in a few minutes. >> and you can track the snow as it moves into your neighborhood. . good morning. taking credit. a confident president obama declares the crisis has passed. >> shutting down republicans after they mockingly applaud the coming end to his presidency. >> i have no more campaigns to run -- my only agenda -- [ applause ] >> i know because i won both of them. >> reaction to it all from vice president joe biden. deflate gate. 11 footballs used by the patriots in suspected's game were underinflated. the question was the team trying to cheat


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