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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  January 20, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now, at 11:00 a.m. a mix of clouds and sun today. and not as windy as it was yesterday. right now we take a live look outside at center city philadelphia. like alls things will soon change. that's because a fast moving scholarship clipper bringing snow to our area. snow is a welcome sight for those skiers and ski resorts in the poconos. camelback mountain resort in the poconos. now to bill henley who has the forecast for us. hey, bill. >> hey, rein a. renee. a first alert day, it may affect the evening commute. it is a fast moving clipper and typical of the clippers light snow. developing in the afternoon,
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falling during the evening commute and by the time it pulls away during the late evening and early thursday morning hours, you have potential 1 to 2 inches of snow on the ground. right now, it is quiet. radar showing nothing in the immediate area. this afternoon, we're watching some showers moving through ohio valley. possibility for us of a few rain drops. for tomorrow doesn't look like much. we're watching this area of energy moving through north dakota and into south dakota. that's going to come together as snow for us during the day tomorrow. the future weather shows it will be falling wednesday evening and accumulating through the evening commute. and then tapering off later in the evening. snow from philadelphia north and west into new jersey and delaware, but farther to the south and east rain and there may be a little bit of sleet in between. we're not look at an icing event like we had this past weekend. temperatures today warming up in spite of the clouds. enough breaks of sunshine to
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boost our temperatures now in the low 40s in philadelphia wilmington is 41 degrees, with millville and atlantic city. chillier north and west in the mountains, 27 degrees. temperatures aren't going to warm up a whole lot more during the day today. later this afternoon, aof peaking in the lower 40s, we could see isolated shower from activity moving through the ohio valley now. a few scattered rain drops this afternoon, then quickly clearing out. so that's not the issue. tomorrow is. a look at how much we may be in for. neighborhood by neighborhood, when i come back later this half hour. >> thank you, bill. today there is a changing of the guard at the pennsylvania state capital. in the next hour democrat tom wolf will be sworn in as governor. let's look live from harrisburg where you see our new lieutenant governor who has just been sworn in, mike stack, who, of course was a state senator from pennsylvania, gave up that senate seat to now be our new lieutenant governor. and, of course soon tom wolf
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will be sworn in as the 47th governor of pennsylvania. now, according to a new poll wolf has the support of the people. 69% say they are confident in his leadership ability. meanwhile, 65% say they trust his problem solving skills and more than half think tom wolf will be able to work well with republican lawmakers. nbc 10's george spencer is live in harrisburg for today's ceremony. what is going on right now? >> reporter: renee, certainly a sense of expectation in the air here with couple of slight snowflakes. 13 hours of inaugural events and celebration -- so we have been listening to the sound checks coming from the main stage here as the early arrivers claim their seats outside of the capitol's east wing. small army of volunteers has been making final preparations here. they're really the support that makes an event of this scale possible. we're expecting a crowd of
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several thousand for the outdoor swearing in ceremony. tom wolf will face a $2.3 billion budget deficit and a republican legislative majority but we're expecting wolf's speech outside today to focus on unity and bipartisanship. among the earliest arrivers we found supporters of all ages. >> history in the making. we're seeing a new governor being inaugurated so education. i'll be attending college next year, so down the line jobs. i hope he creates lots of jobs. >> what do you expect for the next four years? >> next four years, i think he'll turn pennsylvania around. i really do. >> reporter: there is a lot of optimism obviously among the wolf supporters out here today. takes a lot of money to put on an inauguration day like this. we counted eight separate donors. unions lobbyists, corporations
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who had written $50,000 checks a piece and that is of course on top of a number of smaller donors. we're live this morning in harrisburg, george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, george. count on nbc 10 for complete coverage of today's inauguration. george will be back with another live report in about 30 minutes and jacqueline london will bring us live coverage starting on nbc 10 news today at 4:00. watch it live on or on your nbc 10 mobile app. governor elect wolf will take the oath of office at noon today. a gas leak forced 17 people from their homes in south philadelphia early this morning. this all happened along snyder avenue at around 3:00 in the morning. crews trying to determine the source of the leak but fire officials believe it began outside. six homes were affected here but no one was hurt. tractor trailer carrying frozen food flipped on to its side in gloucester county around
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11:00 last night on route 295. crews spent several hours turning it right side up. the driver suffered minor injuries, no word on what caused that accident. a scary night for shoppers at the willow grove park mall when three robbers stormed into a jewelry store, armed with sledge hammers. the owner did something the thieves didn't expect. police sent us these surveillance photos overnight from precision watches inside that mall. the thieves entered the store around 11:30 and used mini sledge hammers to smash the display cases and grab rolex watches. the store owner pulled out a gun and fired two shots into the ceiling which then sent a panicked crowd running from the mall. >> it sounded like gunshots. me and her just ran with the crowd out the door. >> police say the robbers ran outside, jumped into a waiting minivan later found abandoned
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near the mall. police say the minivan may have been stolen. they say one of the robbers cut himself on the broken glass of the display case which means there should be dna evidence. the woman accused of burning her newborn daughter to death could be in court as early as today. she's accused of dousing her newborn with an accelerant and then setting her on fire along the side of the road in pemberton on friday night. the baby died at the hospital. tomorrow night community members are holding a vigil at browns mill united methodist church in pemberton. she's charged with murder. the trial for don tolliveson continues today. he talked about his charity being in debt and his addiction to pain killers and alcohol. he's accused of selling more than $340,000 in bogus sports packages to benefit charities that didn't exist. jury deliberations under way in the racketeering trial of a
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long time philadelphia union boss. 73-year-old joseph dougherty is accused of ordering violence threats and extortion against contractors using non-union labor. he led the local iron workers union for several years beginning in 2008. nearly a dozen of his members already pleaded guilty. we're learning more this morning about where pope francis will visit during his trip to the u.s. for the world meeting of families. the pontiff's first stop is expected to be the nation's capital where he will likely visit congress and the white house. then he will head to new york city where he'll speak at the united nations. an archbishop helped planning the visit said the pope could visit a children's hospital or juvenile prison while here in philadelphia. his outdoor mass on the ben franklin parkway will be held on september 27th. and once we learned more about the pontiff's plans for his visit to our area you can be the first to know by downloading it all on the nbc 10 news app. happening now, governor jack
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martell is meeting at the port of wilmington to discuss trade issues. the port is a major entry point for shipments of fruit from the south american country. she is expected to visit the institute of music in philadelphia. that will happen later this afternoon. we have new information this morning about a stole wheelchair used by a 4-year-old boy in delaware county. brook haven police say someone stole nicholas' wheelchair yesterday afternoon. the boy suffers from epilepsy a neurodevelopmental disorder. his mother vicki tells nbc 10 the chair was last seen in her driveway on commerce avenue. police believe the suspect intends to scrap it for cash. the wheelchair is valued at $2200. >> if it shows up on our doorstep anonymously, that would be wonderful. just want it back. we just want it back. >> hopefully someone will see this and return it since we first brought you this story
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last night, 1e6r8 people contacted us about replacing the wheelchair for the family. we put information about how you can help on our website, and our nbc 10 news app. breaking news overseas isis releases this new video, threatening to kill two japanese hostages unless japan pays up. the vow from the island nation this morning. plus terror, tuition and taxes, some of the topics in president obama's state of the union address tonight. with the new republican majority in charge on capitol hill is the president wasting his breath with some of those proposals? rain drops this afternoon, snowflakes tomorrow means you can give your shovel a day off today. you'll need it later tomorrow. accumulating snow on the way. look at how much to expect neighborhood by neighborhood when we come back.
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breaking news out of florida, where crews are respond responding to a hotel fire. this is the holiday inn on lido beach in sarasota. this video just into our newsroom. fire sonis on the six. floor and guests have been evacuated. so far no one has been hurt. we're following more breaking news this morning. right now, isis militants are demanding $200 million or they say they will kill these two japanese hostages. the terror group released this
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video overnight, shows two handcuffed men in orange jump suits similar to the videos isis released in the past. the group has given a friday deadline to receive the cash. now, the japanese prime minister demanded the immediate release of the two hostages. he condemned the video and threat calling it an unforgivable act of terrorism. japanese officials have not said if that government will pay the ransom. and in france prosecutors will question four people in connection with the recent terror attacks in paris. officials say those suspects may have links to the militant gunman who opened fire on the charlie hebdo magazine and kosher market. they plan to arrest all four of those people today. meantime authorities in southern france arrested five chechens including one with a cache of explosives. they say it wasn't clear whether the men were planning a terror attack. prosecutors plan a news conference for later today. and france's president says
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new measures to fight terrorism will be announced tomorrow. officials say the goal is to keep better watch on suspected jihadists from their travel habits to online activity and connections they make in prison. the president also says france is now at war with terrorism. new york city mayor bill de blasio is in paris today, paying respects to the victims of the terror attacks. de blasio met with the mayor of paris to lay a wreath at the site of the kosher market where gunman killed four hostages. in germany, police and federal agents raided more than a dozen homes during an anti-terror operation. authorities say the raids targeted associates two of suspected members of an islamist terror cell taken into custody last week. officials believe those men may have sent money and equipment to syria, which is an isis stronghold. australia raised its terror threat level today from medium to high. federal authorities say it is the result of some information they gathered as well as the recent attacks in europe.
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last month, a gunman with ties to a radical islamist group took hostages in a sydney ca phi.fe. authorities killed gunmen. two hostages also died. the president has revealed a few key talking points which include the economic recovery making home ownership more affordable and raising taxes on the wealthiest americans, a new nbc news/wall street journal poll finds more americans are satisfied with the economy now than at any other time in the past decade. you can watch the state of the union live tonight at 9:00 right here on nbc 10 or on our nbc 10 app. jury selection begins today in the trial of the man accused in that deadly mass shooting at a colorado movie theater. suspect james holmes has just arrived in court. leanne gregg explains the jury pool is one of the largest ever.
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>> reporter: two and a half years after james holmes shot and killed 12 people and injured 70 others in a colorado movie theater, jury selection for his trial is set to begin this morning. the first of 9,000 perspective jurors one of the largest pools ever, will report to the arapahoe county justice center. if selected jurors must decide whether holmes was legally sane at the time of the attack. if they find he was, they'll decide if he should be executed. >> these jurors have to be death qualified. you have to be open to both a potential sentence of life in prison, or a sentence of execution. >> reporter: the process of seating 12 jurors and 12 alternates is expected to take until may or june. >> the first stage is weeding out those who have no chance of sitting on the jury. the second stage is bringing those jurors in for individual
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questioning over several months time. >> holmes pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. leanne gregg nbc 10 news. a worker was killed when a bridge under construction in cincinnati ohio collapsed. police say crews were taking down an old overpass when something went wrong. a construction worker was killed and semitruck driver injured. city officials are investigating what caused that collapse. two passenger planes at jfk airport in new york got an all clear after a bomb threat last night this is video from one of the flights heading from san francisco to new york and the other from new york to tel aviv. they both had the same flight number. authorities checked both planes but found nothing suspicious on either. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> cold start this morning, but the temperatures are climbing. they're about as far as they're geeing to go and this afternoon, we'll see more clouds possibly
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even a brief shower, light rain showers this afternoon. then tonight, it gets cold cold enough for snow and that's what we're likely tracking into the area tomorrow afternoon. farther south and east some areas may see rain much of the area will see accumulating snow during the day tomorrow. for now, though it is dry. allentown, 39 degrees. clouds, a few breaks of sunshine seeing some breaks of sun in northeast philadelphia. that's the warm spot right now. 43 degrees. atlantic city at the airports 41 with clouds that have moved in there. you see a good deal of sunshine making it through the clouds. view from here at the nbc 10 studios. flags blowing in a breeze nowhere near as strong as yesterday. these clouds they're on the increase. doesn't look very menacing right now. won't be menacing this afternoon. but likely we'll see rain showers in the philadelphia area. they'll steer clear of the pocono mountains, tomorrow the snow will reach into the mountains. look at that cold scene, that's a view of lake wallenpaupack.
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the temperatures off the morning lows, 40 degrees at philadelphia international. little warmer wilmington. pottstown, doylestown trenton all in the upper 30s. there are some spots that warmed to 40 degrees, coatesville, chester county 40 degrees now. phoenixville at 40 degrees. higher, but as clouds increase the sunshine will disappear and possibility we'll see a few rain drops this afternoon. when we went on the air 4:00 this morning, this was clear. no clouds across delaware and south jersey. we started with bright sunshine clearly the clouds are coming in. still a few breaks in the clouds. but behind these clouds what we're watching for this afternoon. you see the flurries that george spencer mentioned in harrisburg more impressive is the shower activity that is moving through the ohio valley. that's snowfall moving through ohio and western pennsylvania. it is moving into warmer air that is here so by the time it
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arrives this afternoon, there is just a chance we'll see some rain drops. not a huge threat for this afternoon. hour by hour forecast shows 4:00 this afternoon, temperatures will be above freezing and there you can see a few snow flakes farther north and west are possible, but most of the area might see a brief rain shower and then it is out of here during the evening hours. overnight tonight, the temperatures come back down below freezing to start with tomorrow morning. and tomorrow morning, the clouds will be increasing. i believe that tomorrow morning will be completely dry, but tomorrow afternoon that's when the first snowflakes will start moving in. first from the west and they will be around during the afternoon commute tomorrow evening. as far as accumulation it looks impressive on the future snow the snowfall totals aren't looking all that exciting. a clipper doesn't have a lot of moisture and it is a fast mover. limit snow totals to half an inch by 6:00 wednesday evening. by 9:00 in the evening, we could see an inch and a half on the ground in philadelphia possibly
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little bit more for some areas north and west but doesn't look like anybody will get a lot of snow out of what coming our way tomorrow. for today, a brief rain shower is possible but most of the afternoon is going to be dry with temperatures right into the low 40s. westerly winds 10 miles an hour today. chance of wet weather tomorrow and that's not the only one. the seven-day forecast in the next half hour. >> all right, thanks bill. still ahead, mansion mystery. new details on the massive four alarm fire that destroyed a water front mansion in annapolis, and has left six people unaccounted for. plus, atv riders and bikers swarm the streets in a protest on mlk day. the philadelphia connection to this in south florida.
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oh hard to believe, but it is that time of year again. time to start thinking about filing your taxes, starting today, the irs will accept paper and electronic 2014 tax returns. that's 11 days earlier than last year. as for refunds, the irs says most refunds will be delivered in 21 days if filed electronically. if you file a paper federal tax return, you'll have to wait a little longer. the average refund there is expected to be about $2800. and now talking business jcpenney is bringing back its big bookly 50 years after ditching
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it. it will feature items from the home goods department. the 120 page catalog will be sent to select customers in march. historic day in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. we're live as york businessman tom wolf is about to take the oath of office. find out how the future governor is spending the morning of his inauguration, and what's in store at the state capitol today. i'm matt delucia in camden where a project is under way now to tear down 600 abandoned homes and buildings. we'll give you another live look at what's going on coming up.
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clouds and sun today and it is chilly outside. but not as windy as it was yesterday. taking a live look now at philadelphia's boathouse row.
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and a pretty shot down the shore, but it is a cold morning there as well. taking a live look now at cape may. and snow is heading our way. and it is welcome news for people in the poconos as we take a live look right now at lake wallenpaupack, we're tracking a system bringing rain and snow to parts of the area. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with the forecast. bill? >> i got a request from a hardware store. this is not for them. this is not going to be a big storm, but it is going to give us light snow tomorrow afternoon when it will develop. it looks like it will be a snowy commute with one to two inch potential as this one moves in quickly in the afternoon, moves out just as fast tomorrow evening. so a fast moving clipper, but, today, we're just watching clouds and so far it is dry. a few flurries are possible to begin with early this afternoon. but rain showers later today from that area of wet weather.
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but this is our snowmaker tomorrow. really doesn't look like much but the future rain and snow shows how it is going to come together. and increase as it heads into our area early tomorrow afternoon. this is 2:00 in the afternoon. just arriving in the western suburbs. looks like it is going to be with us into the evening commute tomorrow. 7:00 in the evening. some light snowfall coming into the area farther to the south and east there is rain and in between narrow band of some sleet. mainly this is going to be a snowmaker for us. this is not going to be the only opportunity for wet weather. the seven-day forecast has a possibility of more of a wintry mix coming into the area as we head into the weekend. i got the seven-day forecast for you when i come back. >> thank you, bill. just about half an hour tom wolf will become the 47th governor of pennsylvania. today is inauguration day for the democrat. nbc 10's george spencer live in
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harrisburg for the ceremony. what is going on right now? >> reporter: renee, all morning we have been talking to philadelphia area residents who made the two hour trip out here to harrisburg eager for the fresh start that the governor collect has promised. tom wolf making the cover of today's capitol watch newspaper. and sitting up there on the stage in their red uniforms we watched the chester children's corps ous take their place, ready for their inaugural performance. dozens of volunteers have been working are for the past few hours, organizing the arrival of a crowd of thousands out here. insiders tell me once wolf takes the podium he will acknowledge the difficulties he'll face even from day one. many in the city of philadelphia believe that wolf will take on the issue of education funding, soon after he officially takes office. that is just one of the many issues and expectations coming up repeatedly in this crowd of
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supporters. >> i would say that he's going to be more visible as the democratic governor in the municipalities with the cities and help out a little bit more than what happened with the corbett administration. >> reporter: basically more present it sounds like? >> correct. >> education has to be done. because if we don't educate our kids we have to import from other countries, engineers, scientists, that's a crime. >> reporter: back out live as you can see, we are just about half an hour away from the swearing in here. today's schedule involves 13 full hours of inaugural celebrations. the new lieutenant governor has already been sworn in. as we said we're expecting wolf and his party to take the stage here right around noon for his swearing in ceremony. this afternoon. the new governor and his wife will be hosting people at the governor's mansion. and tonight beginning at 8:00 in hershey, p.a. the inaugural
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ball. and nbc 10 will be there for all of it. that is the very latest live this morning in harrisburg. i'm george spencer. nbc 10 news. >> thanks george. governor elect wolf started the day in his hometown of mount wolf in rural york county. pancake breakfast at the vfw hall before heading to harrisburg. count on nbc 10 for complete coverage of the inauguration. jacqueline london will bring us live coverage at 4:00. you can watch the inauguration ceremony live on or on your nbc 10 mobile app all beginning today at noon. today, president obama will deliver his state of the union address and in front of a republican controlled congress. as tracie potts explains the theme is expanding america's economic comeback, which means cutting taxes for some and raising them for others. >> our job now is to make sure
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that every american feels that they're part of our country's comeback. >> reporter: tonight in first lady's box, a cross section of those americans president obama is targeting, astrid muhammad had surgery on a brain tumor thanks to obamacare. >> i remember laying there and thinking wow, i'm really grateful and blessed i had insurance. >> reporter: carolyn reed a government loan helped her expand the family business. >> we had three stores and now we have seven stores. we have over 100 employees. and so things have worked out very well for us. >> reporter: tonight, president obama will urge congress to cut taxes for the middle class, and get rid of tax breaks that allow the wealthy to shield millions by giving money to their kids. >> even republicans acknowledge that that loophole ought to be closed. >> reporter: the president's tax plan isn't likely to go far in this congress. >> i think the president's plan to raise taxes is dead on arrival in this congress. it won't work it will cost its job.
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>> reporter: jobs and personal wealth still a big concern. our new poll finds americans are more optimistic about the economy, but just over one in four say their own financial situation is getting better. about the same amount almost a quarter, said the personal situation is worse. most people are in the middle. they haven't seen much of a change. tracie potts, nbc news washington. >> thank you tracie. camden on the mission to eliminate abandoned properties. today, phase one begins taking a live look now at the two neighborhoods at the center of this revitalization park. whitman park and cramer hill. matt delucia attended a news conference about this and what does it entail? >> reporter: well renee, camden's mayor says this is the start of one of the biggest demolition projects in city history. you're looking at the start of it behind me here on the 1500 block of louis street. and the folk ous iscus is on whitman
11:37 am
park. blighted buildings will be torn down homes left to crumble and become a haven for crime. and the mayor says these are the worst of the worst. >> this is the time our residents and our children will be able to begin to enjoy safe and vibrant neighborhoods and many of those efforts are being led by the men and women of the camden county metro department. it is our job as elected and community member and residents to rebuild our neighborhoods. >> great job. applause. i'll give it to them. but in the same token, what is going to go in those places? are they going to build something for our children. >> reporter: that was one of the folks who lives out here in this neighborhood. they say they're wondering what is next, what is the next step after they see these buildings torn down.
11:38 am
that demolition as you can see live right now, started within the past 30 minutes here on louis street. with the hope of beginning another change in the right direction for the city. quite a show out here in camden right now. live in camden matt delucia nbc 10 news. investigators are expected to return to maryland today to examine the remains of a multimillion dollar mansion that was destroyed by fire. right now, six people remain unaccounted for, following the massive fire in annapolis. firefighters have not been able to search the site because the home is not structurally sound. atf agents were also on the scene there. right now, officials say they do not suspect foul play. happening right now, the penalty phase of the bp oil spill trial is under way. bp faces more than $13 billion in potential fines under the clean water act. happening in the gulf of mexico back in 2010. today, defense lawyers will try to lessen the amount of fines while federal prosecutors are looking to add to the amount.
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right now, new information about a local connection to a deadly mall shooting in florida. according to the times of trenton, the pizzeria owner who died while trying to stop the gunman previously lived in new jersey. the newspaper identified him as 36-year-old leonardo coppola who worked as an executive chef for several restaurants in mercer county. police say coppola died while trying to protect a woman whose husband opened fire in the melbourne square mall. and we're following breaking news out of boston this morning. police say there has been a shooting at a hospital there. we understand it is brigham and women's hospital. here's what we know so far. one person has been shot here. one person is in police custody. massachusetts state police on the scene investigating. brigham and women's hospital is a teaching university attached to harvard medical school.
11:40 am
we'll continue to follow the story and bring you more information as soon as it comes in to nbc 10. also in florida, three people are under arrest after a group of motorcycle and atv riders took over the roads in miami during a high speed stunt. this morning we're learning about a local connection to all of this. police say hundreds of people flooding the streets during rush hour traffic yesterday. it all happened after a nearby martin luther king jr. day service parade. one rider said the group was observing the holiday. our sister station in miami reports a group from philadelphia was there also riding dirt bike and atv. we'll bring you more information on that story. an oregon man woke up this morning a little sore. that's because he went head to head with a loose bull. and he lost. morgan white had just stepped out of his home when he saw the 800 pound animal thinking his best option was to look big and scary, he flailed his arms. the bull did not flinch. in fact it charged and knocked
11:41 am
him to the ground. the bull was one of seven that escaped from a farm on sunday. a sheriff's deputy shot and then killed the animal. it has been called the worst in years. exactly how bad is this flu season? and if you haven't received the flu shot just yet, should you even bother? some important tips to keep you and your family healthy and the things you need to know to get through the harsh flu season. if you haven't enjoyed today's sunshine you're running out of time. clouds are moving in. a chance of a shower today and we have snow ahead for tomorrow. first alert weather day.
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love park in center city, philadelphia, is an iconic piece. katy zachry has the detail on the face-lift coming to this popular attraction. >> reporter: there is one more chance tonight for people to weigh in on how they would like to see love park changed. we're hearing they want to see more grass, more water and actually some benches for people to sit on. that iconic four letter sculpture pulls people into love park. beyond that people say there aren't many reasons to stay. >> be nice to have an area where people can come and enjoy their lunch and not kind of feel like it is a tourist spot so so much. >> reporter: that's what the city is trying to do. they hired a design team to overhaul love park.
11:45 am
they created urban spaces like these around the world. construction begins in 2016. until then the city will host several design meetings. >> what would you like to see here? >> i think if they had more trees. >> there are no picnic benches. if you eat, you have to eat off your lap. >> but they could do something different to give it a different, you know nice 24th century look. >> reporter: love park cities between dellworth plaza and the parkway, two areas recently improved. city leaders say now is the popular park's turn. >> make it attractive to tourists. >> reporter: today is a free meeting in philadelphia. it begins the design phase of the project. the project will be complete in 2017. reporting from center city katy zachry, nbc 10 news. we want to give you new information about the breaking news we told you about out of boston. reporters on the scene say it was a doctor who was shot at the
11:46 am
hospital here. this is all happening at the brigham and women's hospital one person in custody, massachusetts state police on the scene there investigating. we'll continue to follow this story and bring you more information as soon as it comes in to nbc 10. this year's flu season is proving to be a dangerous one with no signs of slowing down. the cdc reports widespread flu in every state and it is killing children at an alarming rate. so how can you keep you and your family healthy with so much sickness it seems everywhere you turn? cheryl is here and good to see you, but let's jump right into this. just how bad is it this season with the flu? >> this flu season has been more severe than most. not quite sure why that is. the flu is constantly changing. so we're always trying to be sure that we have the right vaccine for the right strain. so this year we found that most of the cases that we're seeing are influenza a and as you said it is widespread.
11:47 am
cdc is reporting 46 states across the u.s. that have larger than normal numbers of diagnosed cases of flu this year. >> you asked me i feel like we work together i had my flu shot and i did get my shot but is it too late if you haven't gotten out there to get the shot? >> it is never too late to get a flu shot. i've been working a lot in the clinics and have been encouraging people who think it is too late to get their flu shot. you can walk into cvs minute clinic, open serveven days a week and we have the pediatric vaccine as well. takes about two weeks to develop the immunity you need i would suggest if you haven't yet gotten the flu shot it is not too late. please come in. >> if you talk to anyone who had the flu, they will tell you it is better to get the shot and be protected because it really is rough. as a mom, i struggle sometimes with trying to determine a cold versus a flu. how do you tell the difference between the two? >> we have a lot of people coming in that aren't sure if
11:48 am
they have the cold or the flu. typically with a cold it is more insidious, it comes on slowly, low grade fever, sore throat achy headaches. you don't feel good for a few days. the difference is with the flu, it usually comes on very quickly. it hits you hard. high fevers body aches, sometimes nausea vomiting and really sick very, very quickly. but the key is don't try to self-diagnose. we can do rapid flu testing in our minute clinic. come in let us test you, a number of people think they have strep when it was actually the flu. >> so important to get in and find out. cheryl, like always thank you so much the minute clinics help a lot of people out there. thank you for coming in and reminding people if you haven't gotten your flu shot yet, it is not too late. thank you, cheryl. bill? renee, an eye on the skies for clouds and a chance of a shower today.
11:49 am
then it is accumulating snowfall tomorrow. the flags are blowing at top building levels at the surfaces much less wind but with the flags blowing, the wind is blowing, some clouds into the area and that may blow a shower into some spots this afternoon. 40 degrees, just looking at rain drops this afternoon. but it will be snow tomorrow and snow will extend into the pocono mountains tomorrow. the view from blue mountain skiers are out under mostly cloudy skies at this time. the temperatures have moved up in spite of the clouds that have been moving in. but they're not going to warm up much warmer than we are right now. to the west thicker, brighter white clouds those are the showers that will move in during the afternoon hours. snow in western pennsylvania, but it will be rain drops here. and just some scattered rain drops as this really weakens as it moves into our area this afternoon. while that's weakening this will be intensifying and that's the snow for tomorrow. here is how it will go. hour by hour tomorrow morning, 7:00, the temperatures cold
11:50 am
enough for snow but we'll just have clouds during the morning commute. 31 degrees in philadelphia at 7:00. some 20s around. but before the snow moves in the temperatures will be climbing. to the morning hours, cloudy skies. 35 degrees in philadelphia. north and west reading and lancaster, above freezing. but not far away is the snow. and as the snow moves in that will cause the temperatures to drop. so to begin with may not see a lost lot of accumulation. the grassy surfaces get accumulation first. that's 2:00 in the afternoon with lancaster, reading and into chester county getting light snowfall. then it develops during the afternoon for the i-95 corridor. 5:00 when people are heading home you can see snow falling in northern new castle county and wilmington up to delaware and burlington county in new jersey. then by early evening most of the area from philadelphia north and west and just to the east i-95 corridor will be getting snow. but further to the south and
11:51 am
east, the temperatures a bit warmer, atmosphere a bit warmer. mainly rain there to begin with. snow will be accumulating but just light accumulation. this is a light snowfall with temperatures by 9:00 down under the 30 degree mark in philadelphia. by 11:00, that rain that snow is out of here. the computer model showing during the afternoon hours, 4:00, minimal accumulation. by the time this one pulls away from us we could see an inch or an inch plus in philadelphia. possibly two or slightly more just off to the north and west. one way or the other, we will get some shovelable snow tomorrow. clouds increase today, a brief rain shower is possible. then it is dry tonight and it gets cold enough for snow for tomorrow. 36 degrees as the snow moves in. we saw the temperatures quickly drop. it is a first alert day for tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. then we get a break. it clears out for thursday.
11:52 am
friday is looking nice and sunny. both days up to 40 degrees. and then the chance of some wet weather is back. increasing clouds saturday by late saturday we could see a wintry mix ending as snow. afternoon high of 41 degrees, it gets cold saturday night and sunday morning. breezy on sunday. then a chance we'll see scattered showers later monday. thank you, bill. we're minutes away from the inauguration of pennsylvania's 47th governor. tom wolf. there you hear the band what would an inauguration be without a marching band. they have a lot of them going out there, keep the people warm. we saw a picture of governor elect tom wolf all the pomp and circumstance. it is cold sitting out there. if you've been out there for past inaugurations, but the excitement and the music certainly helps get you through it. okay. we'll have much more on the festivities.
11:53 am
we're already under way in harrisburg. we're right back.
11:54 am
11:55 am
coming up this afternoon, ellen is all new with jennifer lopez. she'll be talking about her new movie "the boy next door".
11:56 am
then it is nbc 10 news at 4:00 sex assault at a sleepover. what police are accusing this father of doing during a sleepover involving little girls at his home. that's all this afternoon at 4:00. we want to update you on our top story. a historic day in philadelphia. our pennsylvania rather. inauguration day in pennsylvania taking one more look at the state capital in harrisburg where they have just announced members of the state senate filing in, a lot of pomp and circumstance before we get to the swearing in of governor-elect tom wolf. we'll have much more coverage on this coming up today at 4:00. looks like it is cold out there. >> sounds like they're playing the groundhog music. >> probably are. >> maybe the same band. >> might be. >> if you're coming out today, you can expect do see snow tomorrow. a brief shower. mainly clouds and chilly conditions with temperatures in the 40s today. >> all right.
11:57 am
thank you, bill. for all of us here at nbc 10 thanks for watching. i'm renee chenault-fattah. for bill henley and all of us, see you back here today at 4:00. has helped thousands of people let go of all the hassle that comes with selling or trading in. we make selling your car truck or suv fast, safe and fair with three simple steps: one -- get your free online valuation. two -- drive to your local car-buying center. three -- walk out with a check in as little as thirty minutes. buying cars is all we do. all makes and models and no dealership pressure we'll even settle your loan or lease. so, don't wait. get your free online valuation now at
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>> will: look, what happened between us shouldn't have. and my personal life, it's-- >> paul: it's what? it's off limits? don't be a hypocrite, will. i mean, you use your personal life to get me to announce to the world that i'm gay. i mean, you talk like you're some kind of expert. but besides me you've only been with one guy. >> will: you say that like it's wrong, somehow. i fell in love with the first man i got involved with. it was right. for both of us. it still is. >> paul: well, if that's true-- if it was so right-- then why did things happen between us? >> will: like i say, they shouldn't have. >> paul: and you never say


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