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tv   Today  NBC  January 14, 2015 7:00am-11:01am EST

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see the snow end. and you can get updated information on our nbc 10 app. have a great day. thank you for watching. good morning. sold out. charlie hebdo releases its first issue one week after the massacre at paris offices. million copies snap up within hours while in a new video al qaeda warps of more terror to come. breaking overnight, astronauts forced to evacuate a part of the international space station after an ammonia leak. >> toddler carjacked. a man steals a car with a 3-year-old in the back seat. his mother calls 911 in a panic. >> what if he throws my baby out? >> this morning, how that little boy helped police finally find him. and we are getting a puppy. the newest member of our family
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is about to be revealed. we can't wait to meet him and tell you why he is a puppy with a purpose today. wednesday, january 14th 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today." with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning and welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. >> we have a new member of our team to tell you about. he is hairy and has bad breath and has a purpose behind him. >> it's an interesting story. let's start with our top story, a defiant charlie hebdo releases its first issue since the terror attack on the paris offices with a cartoon of the prophet mohamed on the cover. bill neely is in paris. what can you tell us? >> good morning.
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almost a week ago at exactly this time a dozen people lay dead in or around the offices of a magazine terrorist had tried to kill it off. today charlie hebdo is back on the street seemingly stronger than ever. all of paris seems to want to buy it. it's a satyrical magazine that used to sell 50,000 copies a week. today the first of three million copies hit the streets, making it for this week not only the world's most famous newspaper, but one of the best selling. on the cover that nbc news is not showing, a cartoon of a tearful prophet mohamed. it sold out quickly. >> i tried to buy charlie hebdo, but no charlie. >> they disappeared very rapidly. >> this was the scene outside the magazine exactly a week ago. new video shows the kouachi
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brothers reloading after killing most of the victims. they confront them and reverse at speed. one brother firing on the move. within seconds they would kill a policeman at point blank range. he was buried yesterday, a muslim policeman's distraught relatives comforted by the french president after a massacre now claimed by al qaeda in yemen in a new video they said they ordered the men to avenge insults against the prophet mohamed. in the french karlament, lawmakers sang their national anthem and passed new laws to combat islamists. joining is a dutch muslim mayor who had a message. >> translator: if you don't like western freedoms or cartoonists, pack your bag and get out. >> troops remain on high alerts
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on the streets too. three million copies of a provocative magazine. >> the massacre was a week ago, but the grieving goes on. one cartoonist being laid to rest this morning. three million copies printed, another two million ordered in numerous languages. the cartoonists say this is a triumph for free speech. matt? >> live in paris, bill thank you very much. >> more this morning about a strange story closer to home with an ohio man indicted for threatening to kill john boehner. pete williams has the latest on this. pete? >> good morning. u.s. capital police said the man was a bartender at a country club and talked about poisoning or shooting the speaker for being responsible for the ebola epidemic. the man tended bar at weatherington country club in cincinnati where speaker john boehner was a member.
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the man, michael r hoit of cincinnati said boehner got him fired for his job because he told please he was jesus christ and boehner was the devil and also responsible for the ebola outbreak. hoit said after he was fired he heard voices on his car radio telling him speaker boehner was evil. he had a hand gun at home which they confiscated and his mother was worried about him and took an assault rifle from the house. they say he e-mailed the speaker's wife debbie but if he really wanted to hurt him, he could have poisoned his wine many times. >> they would like to get him off the streets and under medication and a doctor's care to get past these thoughts and ideas of hurting someone. >> in mid-december a judge ordered him to undergo a 45-day psychiatric examination at a prison facility in
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massachusetts. no response from the lawyer appointed to represent him. if the government proceeds to trial, he faces a maximum of 10 years. boehner's office is only that he is grateful to the authorities for efforts. >> from washington thank you. >> the iowa caucus is about a year ago, but the race for the white house is seemingly heating up. on the republican side there reports that new jersey's governor chris christie is preparing to set up an action committee. he is far from alone. national correspondent peter alexander in washington. good morning. >> good morning to you. here we go again. sources close to chris christie said nothing is set in stone, but he seems interested and during his speech he sure sounded like he would rather give a state of the union than a state of the state. that escalated quickly. almost overnight the republican field is filling up. >> the nation is set boy
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anxiety. >> during his state of the state address tuesday, he seemed to be targeting a wider audience than those in new jersey. >> we need a new jersey renewal and american renewal. >> the protester that heckled christie last fall. >> sit down and shut up! >> this time no confrontation. the field is shaping up to be crowd and unpredictable with mitt romney back on board after two losing campaigns. an adviser said i would be surprised if he didn't run. he is in san diego next week. that could put him on a course with jeb bush. >> it would be a messy race. more about whose turn is it romney or bush rather than who is more conservative. >> it's a very open process. may the best person win. >> kentucky senator rand paul
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said the party needs to move beyond romney. >> it's time for fresh blood. >> wisconsin governor scott walker and ted cruz and former arkansas governor mike huckabee wooing conservative with god, guns greats and gravy skewing the parenting skills for allowing their daughter to listen to beyonce. neither responded to huckabee's comments and as for mitt romney announcing his renewed interest, he will have quite the stage. he is speaking on board a retired aircraft carrier. >> natalie is here with an engineer on the international space station. >> breaking news and big story. the american side has been evacuated because of a cooling system leak and com costello is
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on the phone with details. how serious is it? >> potentially very serious. if it is not contained and dealt with immediately, potentially down the road you could evacuate the space station. this occurred on the american side of the station. the astronauts have moved over to the russian side. everybody is safe. the americans and the control said everybody is safe. they started at about 3:44 eastern time and they are trying to determine where the leak is coming from and why and how to deal with it. everybody on the space station is safe as nasa tries to figure out how to make sure everyone remains safe. >> following breaking new are for us. >> a big discovery overnight in the search for wreckage of air asia flight 8501. the fuselage has been located. they posted pictures taken boy a
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space robot and said the words participated on the side of the wreckage confirmed it is the plane. the air asia flight crashed from indonesia to singapore with 162 people on board. utah police call it a good call. a 3-year-old boy was able to help police locate him after his mother's car was stolen while he was still sitting inside the car. a daily routine turned into a nightmare for a utah mother after a thief stole her car with her 3-year-old son still inside. elizabeth said she was dropping her brother off at daycare when she went back outside. her car, unlocked and running, was being driven away with her son strapped in the back seat. >> my baby is in the back. what if he throws my baby out. >> police responding to her 911 call learned she left her cell phone in the car. mark smith dialled her number. >> we called to get somebody.
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>> the 3-year-old answered the call. >> he knows my password. >> after the thief abandoned the car, they instructed the child to honk horn until someone found him. >> did you honk the horn? she is thankful that her son is cell phone-savvy. >> i'm glad we found him fast. >> the suspect most likely took off when the child answered the phone. they are still looking for the suspect. facebook is planning to start posting amber alerts. the social media giant is teaming up with missing and exploited children so when a child is abducted people in the area will see the amber alert on their news feed. they will contain a photo and a link to the poster that they can share with friends. >> a teenager is called a hero for helping to save the life of
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a police officer who went into cardiac arrest. jamaal was being charged with criminal mischief and burglary when the officer fell to the ground in the fort lauderdale florida jail. he got up to see what was wrong and started kick the security fence and yelling for help. they were able to restart his heart. he and the officers will be honored at a commission meeting next week. >> good for him. doing the right thing. >> thank you. >> hello, mr. roker. it's chilly outside. >> we have freezing rain along the mid-atlantic states as far as cape may, new jersey. check out what's going on on i-40. chapel hill. we had accidents and two cars that we know of flipping over. accidents being reported throughout the area as we watch these icy conditions unfold or starting to see the snow also to the north. let's show you what's happening. the low pressure offshore. it's bringing in colder air at
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the surface. we are watching this cold air come in and as it does it's keeping temperatures at or below freezing. moisture off the atlantic and that is creating this icing condition. freezing rain from huntsville to charlotte and winter weather into southern new jersey. watching mostly for ice and upwards of a quarter of an inch. that probably won't bring down power lines, but will make for messy roads. freezing fog in idaho and figure in central california and light snow through the great lakes. sunshine and chilly and breezy. wind chills in the single we need a bigger car.
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hi, how's it going? whatever you're looking for, start by test-driving nearly every make and model all in one place. carmax. start here. good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold one today with clouds over philadelphia. snow light and east in delaware and south jersey. temperatures are struggling to get below freezing this afternoon. a cold one but not as cold as it has been. warmer on sunday ahead of late showers and turning windy and colder early next week. have a great day. . >> that's your latest weather. >> a police officer in montana has been cleared of wrong-doing in the deadly shooting of an unarmed man. in a newly released footage, you
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can see the incident and the officer's response. some may find this disturbing. >> it looks like a routine traffic stop. >> why are you moving your hands around so much. you are making me nervous, man. >> that officer, grant morrison grabs his weapon. >> i will shoot you! >> just seconds later. three shots are fired. >> hands up! hands up! >> one of the four men in the car, richard ramirez who was not armed later died. >> he put himself at risk and need not have done so and had to act. in doing so someone was needlessly killed. >> the dash cam capturing officer morrison minutes after he pulled the trigger. this was the-year veteran's
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second deadly shooting in as many years. in 2013 he killed another man after he reached for what was later found to be a bb gun. >> i'm going to shoot you! get your hands up! >> it was justifiable homicide. >> the officer faces no criminal charges. >> the public got a very thorough presentation of evidence. that was the objective and seven citizens made a decision at that. >> the ramirez family said they are shocked by the verdict and are planning to bring a civil suit. as of this morning, officer morrison remains on the police force. for "today," nbc news los angeles. >> in other news a question is it happening at your child's school? the common core standards taking hold across the country. more school administrators said they don't have enough time in the day. that is leading to a growing number of them putting an end to
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recess. kerry sanders is in orlando. good morning. >> good morning, matt. common core set standards for kids to prove they reached those standards, they have to take exams. teachers say to teach kids to pass the tests, they need more time in the classroom and they had to cut recess. kids often joke it's their favorite time of day. recess. recess is no joke in orlando. now when the school bell rings, the 23 elementary schools are off to another class. principals have done away with recess. >> they have begun machines that produce data. >> standardized tests known as common core exams determine a teacher's pay and sometimes even their jobs. instead of 20 minutes on the play ground teachers are using the extra time to teach to the
7:18 am
test. >> because so much of the money is tied to the scores and their grades everybody is pressured. >> there usually two sides to every center. not so with these tests. >> in a standing room only meeting, parents protested. more and more districts are eliminating or considering cutting recess. many experts believe recess actually enhances learning and using the unstructured play time robs kids of the ability to learn social skills. >> at the end of the day, who cares if you have straight as and you get a scholarship to har vert if you are socially inept. >> we will come to a place in florida where we have to admit we don't have enough minutes to the day to get everything done we would like to see accomplished for our children. >> that would be of course the
7:19 am
simplest of answers of course. make the school day longer and work recess back in. administrators say that of course means it's going to cost more money and administrators here as well as most across the country. it's money we don't have. >> kerry sanders, thank you very much. we all have opinions. i have three kids 13, 11 and 8. they need recess to learn better. >> it's not a luxury i don't think. >> i wonder what the viewers think. >> recess was my best class. we will talk about this. i don't know how much of a discussion it is but people wanted to weigh in on the website. here's the question we posted. should elementary schools have recess. yes or no? want to see the results? 99% say of course the kids need recess. who is the 1% that said no. >> those of us who got beat up in recess. >> faith rights social skills. >> you hear me? >> calling steven out.
7:20 am
figuring out how to play games or imagine is just as important. i'm a school bus driver and it makes me mad when a school takes recess away. they need an outlet for the energy. >> yes and as a teacher i need the fresh air too. keep your thoughts coming. >> studies talk about the importance of play in terms of development. >> social interaction. >> carson thank you very much. >> a remarkable rescue after a cruise ship passenger fell overboard. the boat sailing away. wait until you hear who saved the man. >> remember the young woman faced with cancer who moved to oregon and decided to end her own life. brittany maynard's story sparked a national conversation. her husband is speaking out. meredith vieira shares her emotional interview. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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. >> coming up glitter as a tool for revenge?
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get your first prescription free at good morning. i'm tracy davidson. a chilly way to start the day. let's get an update from brittney shipp. we are taking a good look at cape may with a good dusting on the ground there. and as we head into the rest of today, we'll see mostly sunny skies for philadelphia and points north. here's where the snow is. and in central and southern parts of delaware along the shoreline, we are seeing moderate snow coming down right along the shore there closest to cape may. again, heading into the rest of today, we are going to see temperatures well below average. 22 degrees in philadelphia. so bundle up as you head out the
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door. jillian mele is watching the roadways. jillian? >> this is what it is looking like in delaware on route 1 right outside of rehoboth beach. it is very snowy out there. slow down heading to north route 1 at the toll blaz zaplaza. we are seeing snow build up along the side streets, not really in the intersection but it is on the highway. this is the garden state parkway north of sea isle with the snow falling. slow down and take your time. thank you. now to a developing story, investigators are looking for the cause of a house fire in delaware county to kill an elderly woman. they were on the scene in west providence road with family members identifying the victims as 76-year-old marilyn cramer. another update in 25 minutes. i'm tracy davidson.
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is that your voice, matt? >> i don't know what happened there. >> it's 7:30 here on this wednesday morning, january 14th 2015. a day that will live in infamy. one of these adorable puppies is about to call studio 1a home and about to become a guide dog. >> this dog is going to live here for 16 months. this is long-term. >> remember the family. >> let's take a look at what's making headlines on this wednesday morning. astronauts on the american side of the international space station have been evacuated after an ammonia leak. they are working to deal with
7:31 am
the situation. >> a branch of qaeda claimed responsibility for the terror attack on the paris offices of charlie hebdo. the first edition since the massacre was released three million copies sold out within a few hours. >> lawyers for boston bombing suspect are asking a judge to suspend jury selection for at least a month. last week's attacks in france could lead to extraordinary flj that case in boston. >> an emotional interview with the husband of brittany maynard who decided to end her life after battling terminal cancer. here husband is speaking out about the choice and what he does to honor his wife. meredith vieira is here to share the conversation. >> we are marking 63 years of "today" this morning. carson you have a trivia question? >> i have a few. here's the first one.
7:32 am
happy birthday. who was the first sitting president interviewed on "today." keep the guesses coming. we will see how you do guys. >> all right, thanks. let's begin with a remarkable rescue at sea after a man fell overboard from a cruise ship. here's janet. >> it was like a movie scene. a man falls from a massive crude ship little more than a speck in the waters. then the seemingly impossible. another ship sails by. a young girl hears screaming and spot the man and called the crew. >> it was very rough and high winds and seas. it was hard to spot the man in the water. he would disappear behind the waves. >> davis was on the disney magic and knew the announcement meant man overboard. he took this video at 6:30 in the morning. he said the crew lowered a life boat into the water, but the weather worked against them.
7:33 am
>> i heard he was on the starboard side and man overboard. >> the 22-year-old fell from the oasis of the seas. we are grateful for the other ship's assistance royal caribbean said. they haven't released the man's name but he is okay. david kern said it was pure luck. a ship in the right place and persons alert at just the right time. >> it was surreal. didn't expect to see that on my cruise. >> nbc news. >> lucky man. >> everybody was banking on that. >> we are telling you this morning about the lasting impact of an infamous call in an nfl game when a replacement referee made a controversial call. he is opening up about how it changed his life and not for the better. joe has that story this morning. good morning. >> good morning. that game took place nearly 2 1/2 years ago and many feel
7:34 am
the controversial conclusion helped bring an end to the lock out. fans players and coaches moved on. not lance easily. he is spoking out about his battle with severe depression. some called it the fail mary and others the inaccurate perception. the call during the seahawks and packers game in 2012 where even the officials were fill ins in the labor dispute seemed confused. in the end his ruling stuck, touchdown seahawks. >> never in a million years did i think my name would be out there like that and it would blow up like it did. >> the players and the coaches blasted the call and president obama said the game's out come was terrible. the revs were mocked on late night tv including snl. >> you wanted the best and getting replacement revs.
7:35 am
>> e-mails and stuff i had to turn over to law enforcement to run every to make sure we were safe. >> he seemed confident on today. >> did you make the right call? >> yes. >> a year ago his life began to unravel. >> we couldn't speak in public and department want to go places. >> lized with paranoia he said he was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. a sports psychology who did not treat him said it can happen to anyone. >> it was a tidal wave that came and it kept hitting him over and over. every time he tried to stand up he was knocked down. that's how you get ptsd. >> he struggled with depression and this was especially bad. he is on medical league from his bank job and separated from his wife. >> what i have in my family they didn't deserve any of this. my son, my wife.
7:36 am
those are people that are just innocent bystanders. >> by sharing his story, he hopes others suffers from depression know they are not alone. >> you can beat yourself up for the decisions you made in your and that's not going to do any good. you do the best that you can. >> once the recipient of threats, she now overwhelmed with positive out pouring of support from those who heart his story this week. he is no longer refereeing, but still a football fan and plans to watch sunday's game between the packers and the seahawks. >> i'm glad he is getting messages of support now. that's hard to go through. >> i remember feeling sorry for him and having no idea what he would go through in the months and years to follow. let's get a check on the weather. >> cool video. this is the bay bridge yesterday. look at this fog. there is a time lapse and it looks like it's floating there like from "star wars."
7:37 am
i love this. this is very neat. there will be fog out there and for the most part we are talking about the frigid start in the midwest. chicago 3, peoria 2. cleveland is 0. 20 below and new york city at 18. it will get up to the low 30s here and mid- to upper 20s out west. the good news is there is warmer weather krming. a big area of high pressure in sun valley. 36. medford is 55 and making its way east by thursday. 35 in minneapolis. 14 degrees above normal. 45 in kansas city and on friday makes its way up into fargo with a high of 3 good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold one today. clouds over in philadelphia. snow light south and east in delaware and south jersey. temperatures are struggling to get to freezing this afternoon.
7:38 am
another cold one tomorrow. not as cold in the morning. 25 degrees but still cold with a high of 38 on thursday. lots of sunshine. afternoon temperatures in the 30s friday and saturday. warmer on sunday ahead of late showers. then turning windy and colder early next week. have a great day. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you. coming up here's a startling sight. a hippopotamus launches out of the water at a passing boat. >> something you don't see every day. next up brittany maynard's husband opens up about her very public decision to end her life. next. ♪♪ expected wait time: 55 minutes. your call is important to us. thank you for your patience. waiter! vo: in the nation, we know how it feels when you aren't treated like a priority.
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7:43 am
own life. meredith good to see you. >> good to see you too. brittany maynard ended her on november 1st. i spent time with her husband, dan, and his brother in hopes that it will give a voice to other patients. brittany maynard was a newlywed when she found out she had brain cancer. >> i was told i had to five years, maybe ten. it would be a miracle. >> there was more devastating news. >> i went from having a few years to six months. the cancer was going to kill me and the way it was going to kill me was terrible. >> brittany moved to oregon one of only five states that authorizes aid in dying which means she could end her life when she was ready. >> the idea of falling peacefully asleep surrounded by loved ones is a huge sense of relief. >> brittany asked a group called
7:44 am
compassion and choices to share her story. >> she wanted an advocate so other people would not have to leave their home state. every video that brittany posted had an enormous impact on the public. she was able to connect with people in a personal way. >> brittany died two months ago, peacefully as she imagined. in her bedroom surrounded by family. in this first television interview, her husband, dan, said she is still with him every day. >> i have her driver's license, which most people don't take a very good dmv photo, but hers was in my view stunning. i carry it with me and at times i open my wallet i see her smiling face. >> he wanted to set the record straight. >> there were questions, why didn't she try chemo or radiation. weren't the treatments available? >> yes, chemo and radiation were available to her. but, would it have added to her
7:45 am
life? we were being told maybe another month or two. she decided she wanted to live the six months. >> she pent her last months hiking, traveling, all the things she loved most and making her own choices. >> she applied for it and was granted the prescription for aid in dying medicine. i picked it up and man. >> you picked it up. >> she was in the farmalaska doing the things she set her mind to do. >> she was in a hike getting in the things she wants to do and you are at a drugstore picking up the medicine that will take her life. >> the pharmacist explained as soon as she saw what it was for, there was this look that i imagine anybody would have like
7:46 am
oh wait a minute. that's what this is. yes. >> brittany's husband said his wife knew exactly what she was doing. she didn't want to suffer and towards the end, she was rapidly deteriorating with frequent seizures and headaches and pain. >> her symptoms were a constant reminder that she was sick. >> you said that when she passed it was clear that she was no longer in pain. >> it truly was the most peaceful experience that you could ever hope for when you talk about a person's passing. >> if i were sick the way she was i would want to die in my sleep. she planned everything out. she wanted specific people in that room for her which she called it a room of love. >> the suffering and the torment and everything she had gone through, that was finally
7:47 am
lifted. >> and later this month, brittany's home state of california will be reviewing legislation to legalize aid in dying, but dan admits it's an uphill battle because of religious and political groups that oppose it. >> not seeing enormous momentum? >> some momentum for sure and they made it their mission to carry out her legacy. >> some people had the question from the moment she took this medication until the moment she died, how long was it? >> about minutes before she fell asleep and they said it looked like all pain had been removed. it was about another half hour. the videos we saw prior to her death that had 12 million hits on you tube those were made months earlier. by the time we saw the brittany that looked really good she was much sicker. >> she deteriorated. >> thanks for the interview. you can see more of the
7:48 am
interview including the details of brittany's last day on the meredith vieira show today. check your local listings. go over to carson. >> coming up we mark a major milestone around the show. we are 63 years old and it's our birthday. another trivia question for you. what was the first contest on [ kevin ] this is connolly cameron, zach, and clementine. we have a serious hairball issue. we clean it up, turn around and there it is again. it's scary. little bit in my eye. [ michelle ] underneath the kitchen table underneath my work desk we've got enough to knit a sweater. [ doorbell rings ] zach, what is that? the swiffer sweeper. the swiffer dusters. it's some sort of magic cloth that sucks in all the dog hair. it's quick and easy. pretty amazing that it picked it all up. i would totally take on another dog. [ kevin ] really? ♪ ♪
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7:51 am
courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars. >> as we told you, it's a special day. our puppy arrives and that's exciting and it's the "today" show's birthday. 63 years old. carson? >> you look good for 63 guys. congratulations. 63 years ago today dave introduced what he called a new kind of television. it was a two-hour program down the fwlok where we are today. we have trivia. who was the first sitting president to be interviewed?
7:52 am
the answer is that's right. president kennedy in 1961 at the beginning of his presidency and about the first "today" show concert in the plaza. the answer is 1995 earth, wind and fire performed september. j fred mugs was the furry friend and we have a new furry friend today. we have a new family member here on "today." guys? >> cool stuff, carson. thank you very much. >> we will say hello to introducing preferred rewards from bank of america the new banking rewards program that rewards our customers, every day. you'll get things like rewards bonuses on credit cards.... extra interest on a savings account... preferred pricing on merrill edge online trades and more... across your banking and investing get used to getting more. that's the power of more rewarding connections that's preferred rewards from bank of america.
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7:56 am
nbc 10 has a crew on the way to breaking news as police are investigating a crash that started with a chase. here's what we know an accident involving several vehicles at 13th and lincoln streets and prospect park. the car took off and chased the driver to cherry street where he was arrested. we'll continue to monitor that situation to keep you posted online as well. now to your first alert forecast from brittney shipp. >> take your time getting to work. take a live look at pictures from cape may. that's a good coating on the roads continuing into the next few hours with more snow coming down. there's the radar shot. i just want to show you where the snow is moving right now. it is mainly moving into the northeast. we are just seeing this within the last hour snow moving into
7:57 am
pittsburgh and winslow. next up would be burlington county. it is very cold throughout the entire area. feels-like temperatures in philadelphia, only 11 degrees. so make sure you layer up before you head out the door. depending on where you are, snow on the roads, we'll get an update on that with jillian mele. >> this is route 47 in dennis township with snow falling out there. definitely sticking to the sides of the road but we are getting some of the building on the roads across the area. this is a live look at summer's point. watch the on and off-ramps. into route 1 and rehoboth that's completely snow covered. and this is a live look up north closer to dover along route 13. police have a man in custody and are looking for another after an overnight chase in ben salem. officers tried to stop the car with a big-screen tv sticking out. the driver ended up crashing in the ditch. two men ran out but police caught up with one of them. more news in 25 minutes.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
. >> it's 8:00 and we have a puppy with a purpose. we can't wait for you to meet the newest member of our family. we need your help in giving our little guy a name. reaching her resolution. helping a viewer jump-start her weight loss goal with extra motivation from the "today" team. plus two of the brightest stars in hollywood fresh off her best actress win. julian moore and siena miller will be here live as well. january 14th 2015.n moore and siena miller
8:01 am
will be here live as well. january 14th, 2015.e moore and siena miller will be here live as well. january 14th, 2015. >> i'm from madison wisconsin and i waited to come to the "today" show. >> i want to say to all my friends in manhattan. >> good morning, maryland. >> we brought toys for the puppy. >> we are back at 8:00 on a wednesday morning and we have a chilly 23 degrees in new york city. good morning to say thank you all for being here. you guys are very brave. >> we have these young ladies who brought a present for our puppy. >> how great is that. what's your name? >> sydney. >> will you help us name the dog? >> okay. >> thank you very much. >> the big story around here the puppy with a purpose will live around the studio during the day for more than a year all
8:02 am
for a good cause to train this little guy to be a guide dog. >> we have rolled out the red carpet for him. it might be smarter to roll out the red newspaper, but we will see what happens. >> red carpet in the four fire hydrants. >> natalie has a check of the top stories. >> good morning once again. a problem on the american side of the international space station forced the crew to take emergency precaution this is morning. tom costello covers nasa in washington with the latest. tom, good morning. >> nasa said everyone on board the station is safe and out of an abundance of caution, all members have moved to the russian side of the space station. this all started at about 3:44 eastern when an alarm went off on the american side. mission control saw an increase in water pressure and then in cabin pressure that could be indicative of an ammonia leak something very serious. all crew members donned
8:03 am
emergency masks and moved to the russian side where there no indications of toxins. they removed the masks and nasa stresses it could have been a false alarm. no confirmation of real leaks. the astronauts are with mission control in houston and moscow working the problem. natalie? >> tom costello in washington for us. thank you. al qaeda claimed responsibility for the massacre last week at the french magazine charlie hebdo. in the video posted online the group's branch said they ordered the attack because the satyrical weekly insulted the prophet, mohamed. new surveillance shows the gunman after the shooting opening fire on police and escaping. today the new issue of the weekly magazine told out three million copies and two million more have been ordered. an ohio bartender is charged with threatening to murder john
8:04 am
boehner. he served boehner at an ohio country club in which boehner is a member. he said boehner was mean to him and got him fired from the job. he spoke about poisoning boehner's wine or trying to shoot him. he blamed boehner for the ebola outbreak. he was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. changes against hope solo have been dropped. the 33-year-old had been charged with a familiar after a fight that involved her half sister and a teen nephew. solo was actually the victim and her accusers had changed their stories. a conviction or guilty plea could have kept her out of the world cup tournament. >> who knew hippos could be hostile. a tourist on a boat in zambia was shooting video of a swimming hippo, but he decided to defend his territory and surge and surfaced a few feet from the
8:05 am
boat before crashing back down into the water. scary sight. 8:05 right now and let's get a check on the weather from al. >> a real life hungry hungry hippos. i love that game. hope for lawyers. serving veterans? >> we serve wounded service members and families who have fallen. >> thank you for doing that. thank you for being here. let's show you what we have going on. wet weather off the mid-atlantic and also frozen presip. we are watching that and look for sunshine in the specific northwest. temperatures on the cool side. there is the freezing line. that cold air is right into the northeast. the great lakes. the good news is temperatures will mot rate. freezing fog in central idaho and fog in florida and the wind chills continue
8:06 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold one today. clouds over philadelphia snow light south and east and delaware and south jersey. temperatures struggling to get to freezing this afternoon. another cold one tomorrow. not as cold in the morning, 25 degrees, but still cold. a high of 38 on thursday. lots of sunshine afternoon temperatures in the 30s friday and saturday. warmer on sunday ahead of late showers and then turning windy and colder early next week. have a great day. >> and that's you're latest weather. >> up next we are puppy crazy. meet the black lab who takes a bus to the dog park by himself. >> it's time to introduce to you our brand-new dog. that's happening soon. first over to matt. >> julian moore has two dogs. we will give you another dog to celebrate this morning. >> yea!
8:07 am
>> we will talk to her about her my advice for healthy looking radiant skin. a good night's sleep... and aveeno®. [ female announcer ] only aveeno® positively radiant has an active naturals® total soy formula. it helps reduce the look of brown spots in just four weeks. aveeno®.
8:08 am
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8:10 am
find brands like nutribullet and fitbit to keep you on pace! let adidas fila and nike help you gear up to make your move! find your yes kohl's . >> we are back. it's 8:10. >> we will introduce you to our puppy. meet eclipse. this is a black lab mastiff mix who is a local celebrity in seattle. you ask why. she rides the bus you will by herself. sometimes it comes before her owner has finished his
8:11 am
cigarette. she wants to go to the park and she jumps on without him. he catches up with her at the dog park. the passengers are totally on board. >> it knows the dog mark stop? apparently they love that. a spokesperson said they are okay with the idea well. it knows when to stop. >> that's great. >> i want my dog to walk herself too. >> that might be my favorite story of the year. what is one thing that kids love and adults not so much. i was going to say glitter. when someone sends you something -- glitter gets all over the house and in the carpet and it's messy and you have to vacuum. get this. there is a website that said it will mail an envelope of dplitglitter
8:12 am
to your enemies. for $8 it will send the unlucky person an anonymous non-threatening glitter bomb. >> do you think how long it takes to get glitter off of your clothing? there is no vacuum clean they're can suction up that glitter. >> glitter is bad, but the people that send you the invitations with the plastic confetti. >> i gave you that for your birthday. a man who comes home with glitter, they can think the wrong thing. does your heard go out to this guy? he was ejected from -- he was ejected when he puts his stick sideways. insult to injury.
8:13 am
he pretends nothing happened. >> it was glitter. just a bad day. >> you know what's going to be trending today? our puppy. >> he is coming here and will come for the next year while he trains to be a guide dog. >> part of the partnership for the guiding eyes for the blind. before we meet him, we want to show you where he came from. for guiding eyes dogs begins at the canine development center in patterson, new york north of our manhattan studio. puppies are bred to possess the health and temperament needed for guide dog work providing invaluable protection, assistance and companionship to those blind or visually impaired. >> it gives me the ability to
8:14 am
move forward and experience new horizons of opportunity. >> something the ceo knows well. >> the family and for kids to go to cool in the morning. gus is by my size. >> basic training begins early on for socialization. puppy testing determines who are the stand outs in the litter best suited for guiding. our own new friend among this class of promising pups. >> here's your puppy. >> puppies are paired with mostly volunteer raisers who open their homes to teach basic obedience, exposing them to all that throws their way. >> it's a good time to lay a foundation. >> saxon easton our new partner has been down this road before. >> this will be my third time bringing a puppy home. it's awesome. it's so fulfilling when you see them move forward through the
8:15 am
program and graduate. we are going home. >> after roughly 16 months in a home puppies return to guiding eyes main campus for guide dog training. >> these are the basic commands we teach. heel sit, stay. >> no day is complete without time to play. >> we graduate around 150 students each year with guiding eyes dogs. we have 100 active graduates around the country. >> the cost is roughly 50,000 per dog is covered by the generosity of donors and with any luck today's puppy will be tomorrow's guiding eyes. >> we have the gang all here. we think this is going to get competitive for the affection of this dog? a little? >> we ready to meet our little friend? let me get at the end of the carpet? >> is that bacon in your pocket?
8:16 am
>> let me say come here, puppy puppy! come here! come here, puppy, puppy. i'm the with the treats! hi! oh my gosh. >> here! >> there you go. >> i put his treats in my pocket all morning for that? >> you have to have better treats. >> this is our friend here. let's bring in saxon eastman who will be the raiser of this dog. talk to me about your experience on this. >> so this is a really great experience for guiding eyes and for the puppy. this is going to be an awesome socialization experience for him. that's what we are looking for, to put him on the right track to being a guide dog. >> the dog will go home with you. >> that is true.
8:17 am
he will live with me. we live in northern westchester next door to the guiding eyes training school and he will live with me when he's not on set and we will work on skills and have a normal home life. >> we are training the dog, but you need to train us. are there things we should and shouldn't do. >> seeing as he is going to be a guide dog, we don't want him jumping on people because the person who he might go to is not going to be able to see him necessarily so he wouldn't want him to hurt him or her. we don't want them to eat anything off the floor. if you are blind or visually impaired you may not be able to see what i that are eating. >> i have trouble with that. >> it takes a lot of practice i lot of rewarding them for not picking things up off the ground. >> can he go on the couch? >> no he cannot. you want to cuddle him on the
8:18 am
couch. he can't go on furniture. as a guide dog they don't get on furniture because he will be out in public and you couldn't want them to get up on something they shouldn't be on. >> with all the people here what kind of experience will this be for him as a guide dog? >> it's a great socialization experience as puppy raisers. we are responsible for socializing the puppy. everything the world has to offer. when they become guide dogs they can go in confidently and know that these are things. >> he just walked into the camera. >> this is your third time raising a puppy. what does it mean when you handoff that pup tow that person who is going to be with them? >> it's so amazing. it's an awesome feel think. the first puppy i raised is a working guide dog. when they graduated as a team he said to me boulder is not just a dog. he's a part of me. that resonated with me. >> where is he going to be at
8:19 am
night? >> he sleeps in my bedroom in his crate where he is and cozy and warm and very happy in there. he loves his crate. >> a couple of times he is referred to as puppy. we will have the audience pick the name. it has to start with a w. waldo, wrangler wes, and william. if you would like to vote for the name head to "today".com and we will reveal the winning name tomorrow morning. >> let's see what he answers to. >> we are off and running. we are thrilled to have one of the names with us. we are happy to have you as well. >> thank you so much. we are excited to be here at guiding eyes. >> i think i can do one better.
8:20 am
almost better than a little puppy, julianne moore, golden globe winning actor in our studio. as you know she just won a an award and plays a woman in the prime of her life diagnosed with alzheimer's disease. here's a clip from the movie. >> i was running on campus a while ago and i can't remember appointments words. >> honey, we all have memory lapses. that's a sign of getting older. >> why won't you take me seriously? i know what i'm feeling. i know what it feels like. it feels my brain is dying and everything i worked for my entire is going. >> good morning to you and congratulations on your award. i was there the other night. if i were researching the role of julianne what were you feeling in that moment? if we could feel your dialogue. >> it was hot in there that
8:21 am
night. you could tell we were overly hot. i felt fine and it went on for so long i got anxious. i was relieved and happy. very, very happy. >> it was a beautiful speech. a lot of oscar buzz about you. we agreed it would be cool to be nominated. >> it would be great. i would love it. you superstitious about that. the announcement is determine. will you wake up and listen? >> i'm very superstitious about everything but i will be on a plane to l.a. maybe i will buy the internet just in case. >> it's worth it for this one time. it's a heart breaking role because you see a woman diagnosed with alzheimer's at the age of 50. we watch her deterioration. it sounds like you plunged yourself into this world in terms of research. >> it wasn't something that i had familiarity with.
8:22 am
i was lucky. i said to the filmmakers i don't want to represent something i had not seen. i spent 8 lot of time talking to people with the national alzheimer's association and people diagnosed recently and asked them how they felt and what could they explain to me and i went to a long-term care facility and worked at mt. sinai and had them administer cognitive tests. >> you talked to people who were suffering with the illness and that's interesting and likeable about it. it shows that these are still real people. still alice. it's as though it's defiant. >> it's not like you are obliterated by the disease. they are still there and people are living with it. how do you live with it and keep yourself going and your
8:23 am
relationships going. >> did it have you feeling reflective. it's heart wrenching that a person watches their world slip away. >> so much. we tried to make the movie not with a sense of loss and diminishment but appreciation of what we have and what we value and who we love. our directors, one has als. it was challenging for him to be there every day, but there were a couple there and when he was diagnosed, i said what do you want to do they wanted to make movies. what we do and who we are, that's valuable. >> huh quite a few big moments. i want to talk about the early days. julianne in the 80s. you were a soap star. >> i was in a soap opera. i don't know if i was a star. >> i think you were.
8:24 am
you won a daytime emmy. me about the early days of being an actress. >> oh, my gosh. i was telling my friend elaine and said do you remember the cafe that was here. a lot of my friends waited tables here and i didn't apply for a job because i thought i would get over-welled with the people. that's what i would see. i don't know. i feel like it was -- i can't believe it. i can't believe i have been doing it for this long and i came to new york saying i want to be an actress. >> you were kind of a goodie goodie and the other actors would go out to the bars. >> i'm still a goodie goodie. still am. i like to be prepared. it makes for boring television. >> you are the mother of teens. 12 and 17. any advice on raising teens? >> enjoy it and appreciate it. it's fantastic. that's the thing that people don't tell you.
8:25 am
it gets better and better and it's exciting to watch them grow up. i adore them. >> congratulations on the win and by the way, maria shriver was an executive producer. it opens on friday in new york and nationwide in february. look for it. >> coming up another acclaimed actress, siena miller is here. the star on brought way. last time you dropped something. remind me to pick that up. first your local news.
8:26 am
good morning, i'm renee she not here's a lye look at cape may where you can see a decent amount of snowfall covering the roadways and we're still seeing snow coming down. a closer look at the radar shows the snow has moved into the southern parts of burlington county. here's the entire system. all points south of the i-95 corridor expected to see light snow today but clearing as we head into the afternoon. it's going to be a very cold day. temperatures range between 27 and 34 degrees. >> for some it is a snowy commute so let's get a check on
8:27 am
traffic from jillian mele. >> you have that exactly right. route 1 right near collins street and you can see the roads are definitely pretty slippery out there so slow down and take your time. we're not reporting any serious accidents along route 1 and also not reporting any major problems on the highways in new jersey especially at the shore. this is lower township route 9. notice the intersection itself is just looking wet but along the sides of the streets, that's where you need to watch out. we want to update you quickly on breaking news out of delaware county. police arrested a driver following a crash that led to a chase. we just got these photos and police chased a car that took off from an accident scene in prospect park. it crashed into some parked cars and then a house. that's where officers made the arrest. stay with us. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. back to the "today" show.
8:28 am
8:29 am
99 cents. that's all it takes to get a refreshing deal at dunkin' donuts. just because it's cold out doesn't mean you can't enjoy any sized iced tea or iced coffee.
8:30 am
just 99 cents all month long. america runs on dunkin'. 8:30 on this wednesday morning. what is the date? i cannot remember the date. the 14th of january, 2015. i remembered the year. there is our little guy. look at that face. >> we hope you will help us name our new puppy who is starting to get used to his surroundings. saxon his owner will take him home at night and he spends his days with us. we are excited. >> check out the possible names
8:31 am
and cast your vote. >> we will have the oscar nominations for us and we will talk to an actress who will be getting a lot of oscar buzz. this is american sniper's siena miller. we will catch up with her. be honest. >> it's like a trash bag. jill is on a mission to help us get organized. from the look of things i think she is down to business. is that my purse? no. not quite. that's not my purse. >> $20 or less. >> we have a super easy one-pot meal. >> the big morning rolls on. the "today" show is 63 years old and we got a puppy. history will be made. everyone hold hands. matt lauer will cohost the fourth hour. >> i need all your support, please. >> you will be drinking wine too? >> yes, yes he is.
8:32 am
>> i am not prepared. what's the big deal? >> all right. let's get a check of the weather. >> chilly here but that will be changing over the next 24 hours. icy conditions along the mid-atlantic states. the pacific northwest, freezing fog, not a freezing frog. temperatures chilly there and wet and windy weather into the pacific northwest. more showers along the coast. sunshine in new england and temperatures are warmer. the clipper coming across the great good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold one today. clouds over philadelphia. snow light south and east in delaware and south jersey. temperatures struggling to get to freezing this afternoon. another cold one tomorrow. not as cold in the morning, 25 degrees. but still cold. the high of 38 on thursday. lots of sunshine afternoon temperatures in the 30s friday
8:33 am
and saturday. warmer on sunday ahead of late showers and then turning windy and colder early next week. have a great day. >> a lot of nice folks here. it took you 29 years to get on "today." what took you so long? >> i was waiting for the chance to see you. >> what's your name? >> jennifer. >> was it worth the wait? >> absolutely worth the wait. >> don't ask a question you don't know the answer to. thank you. >> welcome. >> let's head back to savannah. # >> we are almost halfway through the month and we are helping a guest reach her goals from our team. take a look. >> my name is judy and i'm 43 years old and my new year's goal
8:34 am
is to lose weight by eating better and exercising more. my habits are inconsistent and exercise is nonexistent. i don't want to wear the gym clothes i have in public. as you can see, they don't match, they are very old, and some of them have holes in them. so help me "today" show. >> hey! >> how are you? >> good. how are you? >> so bubbly. hi. >> you excited? >> oh, yes. >> we understand you have questions. between the three of us you have tons of answers. it will go a long way. start "today"! so here we are stopped at the gym section. there tons of things that you
8:35 am
can do at home. nothing is better than a jump rope. you can take it anywhere and it's inexpensive and you can get a ton of cardio work outs with a plain jump rope. any kind of strength training move you want to the do you can do with a simple resistance band. now it is time to makeover the sweats that you have been working out in. i think you should wear black flair pants because it stream lines your body. you look great. how do you feel? >> it feels good. >> it does? >> yeah. >> if i would ask you to explain to me your eating issues or pitfalls? >> dinner is my own full meal and i snack a lot on candy. >> i want you eating breakfast, lunch and dinner if you keep your blood sugar steady, you won't have the intense sugar cravings. i want to you flip the plate. you are going to use the dinner
8:36 am
plate for a salad. you use the salad plate for your dinner. a crock pot. a slow cooker will change your life. now you have all your gear. we have written the tips for you. we want you to get started. are you excited? >> absolutely. >> it's all yours. >> awesome. judy is here with us. judy along with katie who we pulled this morning. natalie of course and jill martin. you will whip our bags into shape. it is a beauty bag makeover. are you ready? savannah you are first. you have so much stuff. >> i do. >> step one, everybody dump it on to the tray. >> this is embarrassing. >> these are real. >> oh, my god. >> you got a lot going on in there. >> i do. >> now we are going to start to
8:37 am
sort and keep your make up and jewelry on the tray. everything else we are going take off. >> chargers make up and jewelry stay on the tray. everything else we are going put in this number right here. meet the purse spection. it's $22 from qvc. all you have to do is take -- these stay. >> i'm trying to change it. >> all you have to do is take it and put it here and you put everything in here. you see mine is all done. i'm not going to show off. >> make up too? >> no make up. the make up chargers and jewelry stay. you put your brush, pens one or two. you put your sunglasses and you have a beeper. you put those in here. this will be the base of your tote. take a few seconds to fill it up. >> keys? are. >> the keys go in here. everything but make up jewelry and chargers go in here.
8:38 am
savannah will need two. >> i warned you. after you are done with that part we will take the tote and put this at the bottom. whatever you have done now, we will work on this all night. take the purse. this is your new tote. >> i fountain ex-boyfriend in my purse. >> is he single? put the purse spection in your new tote. natalie it goes in the new tote. >> the totes are cute. do we get to keep them? >> of course. this is judy bloom who we met. not the author but she shares the same dentist coincidentally. you took me off point. you said your problem was the make up bag? how long have you had the foundation and everything? >> a long time. >> three to six months. anything with a wand mascara,
8:39 am
lip gloss, that goes. we will check all your stuff in. then a powder or concealer or any eye shadow can last up to a year. you said you had everything up to three years. look at your beauty bar and pick from the five things. a mascara, a lip gloss, a bronzer, a blurb and eye shadow. they go. >> i love it. >> let me tell you about the make up bags. that should double as a clutch. if you are going from day to night, you can take it out and use it. these are the essentials. >> we only pick? >> one of each. >> how many brushes? >> one or two, depending. i prefer one. >> okay. >> put this in your tote. moving on. jewelry. you have a jewelry situation here. this is $44. i will show you the finished one. all your jewelry fits in here.
8:40 am
everything. you can take something out. savannah is working on hers. you can take something out and put at this time in. >> all right. >> that goes in the jewelry? >> that goes in yours. >> perfect. >> last chargers. who has a charger situation some and head phones? so this is the cord ito. it's a made up word but a cord holder. >> sounds like something i ordered at the mexican restaurant. >> in here you put all your cords and it wraps up neatly. there you have a complete beauty bag. >> i love this. >> a complete tote. what do you think? can you keep this makeover? >> probably not. i can try. >> judy, have you kept with the makeover? >> i have. i started exercising yesterday. i used the equipment and it was great. >> yea! >> katie, how are you doing?
8:41 am
good? >> yeah. organizing here. >> we will be here for another few days. you can find more of jill's start on our website. she will be back on the fourth hour to tackle a difficult task. organizing jenna bush haeger's bathroom. the great dinner idea for under $20 and next siena miller on her new movie and return to broadway.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:43 and we have sienna miller playing the wife of chris kyle a woman who worries about the effects of war on her husband and family. >> i'm here. your family is here. your children have no father. >> i love to serve my country. >> you don't know when to quit. you did your part. we sacrificed enough.
8:44 am
you let somebody else go. >> someone else go? >> yeah. you find a way. you have to. okay i need you to be human again. >> sienna welcome. >> thank you. >> i saw this movo a plane. i was expecting a pure war movie. what this is is partly a war movie, but it's a family story. >> it is. it absolutely is. that was kind of the most interesting thing about playing this part was realizing that really when people are away at war in an act of combat people at home are making enormous sacrifices. i had never answered that before. >> in the case of chris kyle and the woman you play this is not one deployment these are four different deployments and the impact over a long period of time is enormous. >> coupleatively it's stress for
8:45 am
the environment. i think it's impossible to do the things that chris was doing and not come back change and altered and very hard to be raising children not knowing if your children will survive every single day. a can't imagine doing that. >> chris kyle was mored in the early stages of development so bradley cooper never met him, but you did have the advantage of meeting tea and getting to know her very well. what kind of questions did you ask? >> it was daunting because when we first had a conversation her husband was murdered a year before. the things i had to ask would be prying and the things you have to investigate. it was daunting the idea of bringing that up but she was so open and loving and we talked about meeting and each scene was specific to moments that happened. >> shes a nice story where she was showing you photos or video of chris and said wow, you really loved him.
8:46 am
it touched her that you would see that in those images. >> it was very clear. it was very emotional and lovely. >> it's a busy time for you. american sniper is am can be out and you are starting today rehearsing for the role of broadway in cabaret. >> yes, i am you said you areturified. >> if i wasn't i would be worried. it's singing and dancing on way. >> what are is your history of singing and dancing? are. >> care yolky and vodka. i never signed on less than mildly intoxicated. the original play is based on the issue and the real woman was supposed to be rough around the edges and not the lies. >> she is not supposed to be the best singer and dancer in the
8:47 am
story. she is supposed to be not great and that's the truth. i'm doing that. >> you start with five hours today and you debut when? >> the 17th of february. >> you have a month of preparation? >> yes. oh my god. >> come see me. i will take you out after. >> as you prepare to leave, i want to say congratulations. >> thank you, matt. >> on not slipping with your tongue. >> we dropped a little f bomb the last time. >> it wasn't that little. >> sienna miller congratulations and good luck in cabaret. >> thank you very much. >> american sniper opens on friday. up next on meals and deals. great creation for under $20 from a top chef. first on a wednesday morning, this is on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
>> today's meals and dills for under $20. >> an affordable healthy all in one meal. >> good morning. >> talk about my favorite show. top chef. >> it's a great season. we are in boston and people are having a good time. they like the thanksgiving episode. they had to cook like they would have cooked in the 1600s. >> you were here a while ago and you say you like giving people this information. >> i do. it helps people and i always want that information. i trade it. we are going to make a recipe today that's hearty and comforting. it's lentils with vegetables. i'm adding chicken sausage. but if you wanted to make it vegetarian, it's easy. >> you like lentils. i'm scared of them.
8:51 am
>> they are easier than beans because you don't have to soak them. i am using brown lentils, about a cup with about a half teaspoon of salt and a bay leaf. you cook it on medium for 25 to 30 minutes. you want them firm but not mushy. save the cooking liquid. while that is cooking, you heat oil up and add cumin seeds to this. this should sizzle in a minute. let me turn it up. and then to the cumin seeds, you adonion, bell pepper carrots, minced ginger and garlic. this is inexpensive. it works like 18.96. >> that's like $4 a serving. >> $4.75 a serving. it cooks down for five to seven minutes. depending on how hot the stove runs. can you stir this for me. >> sure. >> while she is stirring that up i would like you to
8:52 am
dissolve -- this is the cooking water that we saved. about four inches of water and dissolve a table toon and if it's warm it will dissolve faster. >> you said you are using chicken kaunj. >> you can use any sausage you want. i like the chicken sausage with apple because it gives it a little sweetness. >> just gently pour that in your pan. this is with the vegetables that savannah is stirring after about seven minutes. you are adding that cooking liquid. you can add that before the cooking liquid so that the sausage has a little char on it. it doesn't matter. if you are using fully cooked sausage, it will take five minutes. if you are using uncooked it will take about seven. that's pretty much all it is.
8:53 am
you want to let that cook a little bit more. >> do you serve it over rice? >> you serve it over rice. i will put fresh cilantro and lemon juice. >> does it have to have a mediterranean feel to it? >> this has cumin so probably more indian but yes. let me give you some. you can try that. then let me give you another portion. i want you to try this and see how delicious and easy it is. >> it's really good. >> we make a big pot and do a fried egg on top with left over lentils. >> high protein and low in fat. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> top chef tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central. we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> here's a puppy whose name starts with w. help to name this little guy. >> the choice is wes, wrangler wald or or william. go to and cast your vote. >> he looks sleepy. >> all the puppies in the litter start with a w. a lot of people wonder why it has to start with a w. >> coming up on the fourth hour we have tom arnold and george lopez. >> you are hosting the fourth hour with hoda. >> she came to help us out and i
8:56 am
will return the favor this morning and i'm just a piece of play dough. i will let them mold me. >> i like that. >> thanks so much. see you for the next 16 months. >> a check of your local news and good morning everyone i'm renee chenault-fattah. well we saw some snow and a wintry mix down the shore early this morning. nbc 10 in wildwood. this is just after 7:00 a.m. where you see the snow had accumulated on streets and sidewalks. let's find out what's ahead in the first alert forecast with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> well we still see a chance of snow over the next few hours.
8:57 am
let's take a look at rehoboth beach and you can see most of the roadways covered with snow. here's a closer look at our radar that shows where the snow is. moving through parts of millville, also near atlantic city and into cape may. we're slowly starting to see in parts of our area the snow flipping over to sleet. more rainfall in south bethany and another band of snow from millville stretching into may's landing, port republic and atlantic city. the rest of the day temperatures will stay very cold and we are going to see light snow at least through noon. we have new video to show you from breaking news out of delaware county this morning. that's where police arrested a driver following a crash that led to a chase. this video just into nbc 10 within the last 20 minutes where you see the pursuit ended. police chased a car that took off from an accident scene in prospect park. the car later crashed into some parked cars and then a house. that's where officers made the arrest. also this morning, police in bucks county have one man in
8:58 am
custody and are looking for another after a chase and crash in bensalem. after 2:00 a.m. officers tried to stop a car that had a big screen tv sticking out of the vehicle. police crashed the car. police caught up with one of them. we'll have the latest news and weather. now back to the "today" show. i'm renee chenault-fattah. have a great day.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> from nbc nows this is today's take. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to today on wednesday morning, january 14th 2015. it is cold out there and those are three hearty souls. >> we are actually in the mid 20s right now. with the wind chill. >> do we love them enough to ask them to come in? three people. can we get those nice wonderful people? okay. come on inside. come on. we love you.
9:01 am
>> they move on the case. >> take us on the case. >> they will host the rest of the show. we will start you off this morning with -- it's getting too close for comfort. a whale watching trip off the coast of maui. wow! >> that's slap happy. >> slapping that water. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's a mom and a baby. that is close. >> looks like they are in an inflatable too. that's a little close. >> yes. >> my goodness. this is incredible. sometimes we see that whale video. i have never seen anything like this. this is zambia. a hippo comes up behind them. watch the moment he surfaces. oh, my gosh. >> people are killed by these
9:02 am
things. >> killed by hippos in africa than any other animal. they are very, very aggressive and territorial. that was truly life-threatening. >> we have another example of this if we can roll that video. it's scary. >> oh, my gosh. >> hungry hungry hippos! >> it just happens. >> that was my favorite game. >> still a great game. >> it's still available. it's low tech. no batteries. wham. >> i love it when it kid said i win! >> you get the travel size too. >> there is a travel size? amazon. >> here's a really incredible story. a through-year-old utah boy helped police locate him after his mother's car was stolen while he was sitting inside. elizabeth left her son aaden in
9:03 am
the car while she was dropping her baby brother off at daycare. she saw that somebody had left driving her car away with little aaden inside. she left her cell phone thankfully in the car. police officers had the idea to call the cell phone. they called the number and aaden actually picked up the phone and answers the call. apparently the thief abandoned the car and they instructed aaden to continue to honk the horn until somebody could rescue him and they found aaden in the car. thank god. that's when you are thankful that the 3-year-old is tech savvy. nowadays they know and mom said the child knows the pass code for her phone. i think mine at the age of 2 or 3 were taking my ipad and navigating. >> it's funny that you think about we have all been probably guilty of running in and the kids are in the car.
9:04 am
it's just going to be a moment. it's a cautionary tale. >> that's a nightmare. when i get in, i get in first. i have this vision of george going in. >> the strategies of you getting in first. >> then you go. i might get paranoid. >> i had that happen not with my kid but i put a bag in a cab and said i am going to close the door and the cab took off. he figured he got the grocery shopping for me. >> we had our safety expert over the holidays talking about when you load in your christmas bags and you put your child in and so many people hesitate whether to put the kid in first, but that's amazing. happy ending thank god. it's wednesday. you know what that means? thank you, natalie. someone watches the show.
9:05 am
>> play along. >> this one is interesting. recess. my favorite class when i was in school. but is it necessary? >> yes. >> is it? >> yes. >> 20 elementary schools in orlando decided to cancel recess. their thinking behind this the 20 minutes of recess could be used for teaching with the common core which is controversial. we talked a lot about it. but these teachers, the principal believes that 20 minutes is useful for studying. they don't oppose princess, but it wouldn't be wise to cut instructional time as new standards are being rolled out. i think about our day. we study and do a lot of research and how many times do you need to walk away and shake it off and get a cup of coffee. the kids are needing to decompress a while. >> they need that break and need to be exposed to air and oxygen. >> they would do better on these
9:06 am
tests if they had recess. >> they have the attention. >> it's preparing. the idea that these children are being denied this is going to be counterproductive. >> i'm conflicted in that these are the teacher who is deal with the kids and they have the best interest of the children. it is a legitimate debate. >> for you poll teachers, i bet they want the kids to have recess. >> they are the teacher who is made the decision in orlando. >> one said they favor having recess as well. >> the teachers need the break too although someone has to watch the kids on the playground. we wanted to ask you, would you ban recess and 99% support recess. 1% said it can go away. the new study suggests that moving lunchtime after recess will make kids eat more fruit and vegetables.
9:07 am
>> you see recess and physical education. cut time or resources. they always squeeze things like that. you talk about a well-balanced individual when i went to college that was the number one thing. they wanted to see people well-balanced. if you were focused on sports or english, they didn't want that. you want well-balanced. >> think about the things you learn on the playground. huh to survive. how to deal with different personalities. >> the recess thing, what is so great. >> come on. you were probably the king of the recess. >> no, no no. >> huh battles? >> battles that were one-sided. i wouldn't call it bullied. i would call it being singled out for talents that other people hadn't recognized. >> being eccentric. >> when you show up with that
9:08 am
outfit in third great. >> the weird kid. steven roach. the funny thing is i ended up years later his daughter and my daughter, courtney and his daughter were in the same piano class and said remember me? i said -- don't hit me! a very nice man. >> not a nice boy, but a nice man. >> yes. we have a puppy! we have a puppy! a yellow lab. here we go. oh, my gosh. >> getting sleepier and sleepier. >> he is taking his nap. >> this is raiser, saxon from guiding eyes for the blind. he is ready to nap out. >> he's tired. he had a -- >> not to wake a sleeping baby. >> a sleeping puppy is a good
9:09 am
puppy. they need lots of rest. >> for people who were not watching the last hour, a break down of what with all we will be doing over the next 16 months. >> as a puppy raiser, we teach basic skills and socialization and house manners. we will be teaching him about learning thou sit and lay down and learning how to be polite in the house and in public. socializing him to everything the world has to offer him so when he comes across it again further on in his career, he will be able to say this is familiar to me. i can handle this. >> there is a lot of chaos around studio 1a. is that good for his socialization in. >> it can be. it definitely -- we want everything to be positive so he can move forward with confidence. it can be tiring for him as you can see. he is ready for his nap now. >> we want folks to name him. all the dogs that were in his
9:10 am
litter have to begin with w. go to wrangler waldo wes, and william. >> and by the way #today puppy is trending on twitter. i just saw it on the orange room wall. can you throw that up. >> how long before he will be ready for his true job which is beyond making us all happy? >> it will be a long time. he will be with me from 14 to 18 months and here and living with me on the show. then he will go into formal training which can generally last around six months. he will be around 2 when he is ready to be placed. >> a beautiful dog. >> how rewarding that is because you have done this times over. >> it's very rewarding. >> we love little willie. >> okay. >> how about wrangler. >> it can be confusing?
9:11 am
>> anybody seen will he? >> here, willie. >> and then we have to give you treats. >> willie! hold on. who's a good willie. let's do wrangler. who's a good willie? that's not going to fly. >> you did that. very good. by the way, we brought these nice people in. four people who were left standing there. how are you? where are you from? >> oregon. >> houston. >> oklahoma. >> and look, the puppy is trending. we are behind baby rapper. come o. what is that about? baby rappers. it's not like you wrap babies up. it's babi good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley.
9:12 am
a cold one today. clouds over philadelphia snow light south and east in delaware and south jersey. temperatures struggling to get to freezing this afternoon. another cold one tomorrow. not at cold in the morning, 25 degrees. still cold. a high of 38 on thursday. lots of sunshine afternoon temperatures in the 30s friday and saturday. warmer on sunday ahead of late showers and then turning windy and colder early next week. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. still i got my rattle and i don't want to paddle. anyway. >> no future in rap for you. he has done everything from stand up comedy and a ton of movies including true lies. and also started sons of anarchy. this man with can do it all. tom arnold. >> how are you? >> good to see you.
9:13 am
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9:16 am
now, that's progressive. . >> actor, writer producer, comedian, tom arnold. you have been a prestige yous pea body. >> and true lies. >> an original yahoo series called sin city saints. and the host of my big red neck family following the clamp family's crazy antics in the deep south. tom arnold. how are you? >> the second season you stayed with this family longer than that. >> i have been with a big red neck wetting about nine years ago. they never have been out of louisiana and they went to the hamptons for the summer. there was real -- you know.
9:17 am
we will see them at home and see what they do. and it's comedy and craziness. >> look at me there. >> by the way, look at you. 100 pounds down. you kept it off. you look spectacular. >> i haven't weighed since the holidays, about you it's good. >> i ballooned up when my wife got pregnant. she's a super healthy eater and all of a sudden she was like you want french toast at 3:00 in the morning. yeah! once i had my baby it's my first child. you can't be super old and super fat. you have to pick one. >> you haven't weighed yourself since the holidays some. >> i went to maui and ate a lot of gluten free waffles every day. i'm not bad. >> gluten free is not calorie free. >> really? oh my gosh. >> i learned that the hard way.
9:18 am
>> i can tell. >> we were discussing different theorys on weighing in every day. >> i think it's good to do once a week. >> do you go twice a day? what's the secret. how did you lose 100 pounds? >> i don't eat sugar and the gluten. i'm not allergic, but i need a parameter and there is a loaf of brd. i love bread. i have to pace myself and i do a lot of cardio. when you lose it, you have to firm it up a little bit. working on that. it's disgusting. >> do you a lot of cardio. we did the challenge and went out with bear. i said bear i can't be the worst of the bunch. who do i need to focus on? >> it was frightening. i thought it would be fake because it was a show and it was on. i told the producer my biggest
9:19 am
fear is heights. i thought i was going to fall. i survived. it was good. i am glad i did it. i got to watch my wife watch it with my son and think i'm amazing. having a kid, the kid loves you. nobody else is. he is like 100%. he's back. >> they that diminishes as they get older. >> i am going to diminish. it's fun and i started off doing 32 years ago and travel around the country. getting interactive with folks and it's great. >> we have to get this in. awkward bathroom encounter with the super bowl. >> a couple of years ago and it's the best. >> i was doing a show and they were like we were there.
9:20 am
and they are very nice people and i love them and we went in the restroom to look at myself to see how disgusting i was. i pulled out my phone to check my twitter feed and it said omg, tom arnold does not wash his hands in the bathroom. there was like 12 guys and i said i don't know which of you guys did it, first of all that's disgusting and i didn't not do anything. i am washing my hands in front of you guys. please retweet. you can murder someone but if you don't wash your hands and i have been married times. i'm super clean. if i have gas i leave the house. i'm not cavalier about my grossness. i'm on eggshells. i didn't want people thinking i'm gross. super clean. he was funny. >> tam >> tom arnold, thanks
9:21 am
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9:24 am
passenger on another ship who called for help. they lowered a life boat in the water and pulled the man to safety. the passenger is okay. facebook launched an effort to help find missing children and teamed up with the national center for missing and exploited children and posting amber alerts on news feeds. they will get the alerts with a photo of the missing child. a new study suggests asthma may lead to a higher risk of sleep apnea. they studied adults and found people with asthma were about 40% more likely to develop sleep apnea. the risk was greater with those who had asthma for a long time. it has been linked to serious health problems and a higher risk of death. hundreds of people are enjoying free furniture thanks to ohio state. a chain promised buyers that the purchases would be free if the
9:25 am
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9:26 am
(singing) snack time and lunch. gogurt because lunch needs some fun. good morning, i'm renee chenault-fattah. let's get the first alert forecast from chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well it's cold throughout the area but only snowing in a very small portion and a portion that rarely gets it. this is live at cape may. you can see the snow on the ground but snow is not falling anymore because the atmosphere is warming up and now we're getting a wintry mix of a combination of sleet, freezing rain and then eventually rain. you can see that on the wider radar. that precipitation is not moving northward. it is not spreading toward the philadelphia i-95 corridor and the area of snow as you can see, doesn't even really go up
9:27 am
to dover anymore. we're getting some rain right at the rehoboth beach area. you can see the beaches in delaware now in the rain. of course the temperatures are critical with this particular storm and you can see that we are going to be getting that storm itself moving well offshore and so the chances of any precipitation spreading to philly are pretty small. we have new video into nbc 10 out of ocean county. this is a toms river school bus that caught fire earlier this morning. there were no kids onboard. police say the driver smelled something burning. the driver and aide got off the bus safely before the fire started. fire crews quickly arrived and put it out. fire investigators are looking for the cause of a house fire in delaware county that killed an elderly woman. investigators say it appears the 76-year-old woman was trying to run out the front door and collapsed. relatives identify her at marilyn kramer. three other residents eskamdcaped.
9:28 am
now back to the "today" show.
9:29 am
9:30 am
welcome back to today on a wednesday morning 2015. i'm willie along with al, natalie and tamron. it is cold outside. we have a birthday 63 years of the "today" show. we are not the only one. america's funniest home videos is 25 years old. they sent us over a few of their most popular videos. >> including some of you. >> here it is. the slats. >> who is coming to see you all tonight? >> the easter bunny! >> yep. oh, my gosh!
9:31 am
>> here it comes. you know this is great. >> oh! grant paand thegrandpa and the pi nata. i love that. the quadruplets. >> i thought it would be the dad pitching to the kids. >> i thought it's all about placement. wear a cup. >> you don't want to be right behind it. >> who thought that easter bunny would go over well. >> bob saget was the original and they have a segment called head, groin, or gut. the person has to guess where
9:32 am
the other person is going to get hit. head, groin, or gut. >> i like that. >> we will start that on this show. it's going to be great. that's it. you never know. oh, boy. let's take a look and show what you we have going on. lots of sunshine and the midwest, awfully chilly. a lot of fog out west. freezing fog in idaho. central california as well. wet weather continues in the southeast. temperatures moderate northeast of new england and even in the midwest. a big storm moving into the pacific good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold one today. clouds over philadelphia snow light south and east in delaware and south jersey. temperatures struggling to get to freezing this afternoon. another cold one tomorrow. not as cold in the morning. 25 degrees, but still cold.
9:33 am
a high of 38 on thursday. lots of sunshine afternoon temperatures in the 30s friday and saturday. warmer on sunday ahead of late showers, then turning windy and colder early next week. have a great day. . >> that are is your latest weather. >> george lopez is a writer and producer who rose to fame after years of sold out stand up shows and his com me on full disbla george lopez show of st. george and host of the late night show. >> now he is taking a more dramatic turn in spare parts of humor. the great george lopez. great to see you. >> shats shins or smile. >> you have to be careful saying those words. >> really. >> you will be a different kind
9:34 am
of video. congratulations on the movie. you are producing, what is the stimulating part of through new challenge is! >> this is about four kids who entered a robotics competition and they decided to enter the colleges because it's not as bad as losing to high schools. it cost under $800 and they beat mit and stanford and cornell. it is a powerful movie that tells you that dreams do come true and they don't have color. anyone can dream and the american dream is still alive and it deals with issues of immigration but it is everything that we are dealing with today especially trying to keep children connected and in school. everybody will like it. marissa to may is in it and myself. very dramatic. >> and a true story. this is obviously not the role that people are used toy soog george lopez in.
9:35 am
you are really good in this film. is this a conscious pivot towards more serious stuff? >> i thought this time it would be good to show another side. robin williams was a friend of mine and academy award winner and jamie fox as well and michael keaton. i heard my whole life, act right. my grandmother might have been teaching me from an early age. i have been seeing the dog. that's her. stop chewing that. what are you doing? get off the couch. go to sleep. it does think that when i think about myself, i think about engineering these high school latino kids. i was trying to make kool aid ice cubes and not spill water from the sink to the refridge 8or and burp the alphabet. we looked in the sun. we had nothing to do. what do you want to do now? let's look at the sun. you have juice from your cornea falling down. how many people follow the
9:36 am
popsicle stick and say i'm winning. kids out there, dream. stop chasing the popsicle stick and the rain in your mouth. get out there. >> speaking of dreams, are you thinking about running for mayor of los angeles? >> i am. the time has come. i can win with just fixing potholes. so politics, there is a lot going on in politics. i would love to end me career as mayor of los angeles. you serious? >> i'm serious. in years from now. >> why not now? >> i have to make churos to get votes so it will take years to finish the churros that we will need. one churo, one vote. one man, one raindrop. one man will open the garage door without it falling on you. politics is a great place for
9:37 am
comedy as well. >> will you come back here and announce your official candidacy on today's tape? >> absolutely. still looking for a first lady. >> that's a different show. >> we will pitch that too. we have it all. >> can the bachelorette? >> that's a different show. >> go on a date with a baby seat in the back. keep it down. i'm getting lucky up here. >> up next, why that soup and half sandwich you think is healthy may not i did it.... i did it too... they took nature's bounty hair skin and nails it's a vitamin supplement that nourishes from the inside... with biotin for beautiful hair and strong nails. and vitamin c and e for vibrant skin. give it a month, if your hair, skin and nails don't look and feel more beautiful we'll give you your money back. i did it...and i feel beautiful. take the nature's bounty hair, skin
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9:42 am
loaded with them. diet and health editor is madeline bern strom. let's start with the salt guidelines. we were told to cut back so what is optimal? >> we look at the average recommendation 2300 milligrams. what is that exactly. that's about a large bowl of canned soup and a turkey sandwich. that's one meal. that's why people have to pay attention. if you are at risk, a group that has high blood pressure over age 50 and african-americans and diabetes that has to be less. around 1500 milligrams. you have to read labels, but the best rule is eat fresh, real food. >> foods you should choose and what are key words you should look for when it comes to avoiding salt? >> most of us are buying packaged and processed things. look at reduced or low sodium and that's something we think
9:43 am
will have low flavor, but you can add different powers or any other seasoning that is not salt-based like garlic powder instead of garlic salt. >> like mrs. did sheash. >> 10% of the salt we use is from the shaker. you can use it shareparingly. you can use that and add. >> we have pink malayan salt. >> foods to avoid? >> we know a lot of these things. canned and processed things and deli meats. the hidden sources are soy sauce or ketchup. a couple of tablespoons of soy sauce is your salt for the day. >> we need fat in our diet. >> from grains to heart
9:44 am
headlight andhealth and everything. it's the type of fat that you have. liquid or solid. heart healthy. look for the liquid and skip the solid. stick with all the liquid fats. then you will be in good shape. you can get it from food or nuts or avocado or olives itself. >> the fats to avoid the heavy cream and the butter. the coconut oil. everything thinks this is healthy. >> everyone thinks it is oil, but it is saturated. when you melt it is liquid. it has that health food halo. skip the solids. >> on to carbs. everybody's favorite. >> we need them for energy. there good and bad. >> you have to look at them as smart carbs. many people are surprised to see that fruits and vegetables are the main source. look for at least five servings daily. when you think about the carbs,
9:45 am
think about fiber. fruits and vegetables or starches. we love the kinds of things that are in fruits or anything whole grain. you can look at alternates. people love pasta and the amounts count. fiber helps to fill you. you can look at chick pea s that will give you protein as well. >> and quinoa. >> and whole grains are always the key to look for. >> al and i have been going to town on this area. >> these are called carbs, about you they are carriers for added sugars and also a lot of added fat. use them as a treat. you don't want to lose them but make smart choices. >> madeline, thank you. >> this is a treat. >> the nutter butters. for more on the salts, fats to choose. the huge surprise from taylor
9:46 am
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9:50 am
for the most important parts of you. . let's start off with a question that remains unanswered this very moment. is beyonce pregnant or not. i feel guilty because i think we are all up in her business, but they out th put out a photo with a sand dune for a belly. that's what some people say they see on the sweater yesterday that sparked speculation. how do you notice the belly? the 33-year-old singer shows her smiling and walking to a basketball game in tight black jeans. so what do you think? >> i think so too. add to the destiny's child and michelle williams stating there
9:51 am
is no truth to the baby rumors. people should be able to say on their own time. you never know what's going behind the scene. >> it was five pounds of sand. >> if you did put on two pounds she's pregnant. >> she could be jennifer beale in the last one. >> she knows how to do it. more proof that taylor swift loves her fans. rebecca posted a fun video of taylor to the tune from the song from friends. the pop star caught the video and the next thing you know rebecca got a swift box filled with gifts. one was 1,989 $ to pay off her student loan. check out the reaction. >> rebecca now you have $1,989 closer to paying the student loans.
9:52 am
>> is that the sweetest thing? >> that's great. >> you wonder about the amount. 1989 is the name of the album and her painting and a necklace was the tag was mine, now yours. love you, taylor swift. the voice just got engaged to her manager. she has been his manager for the past years and is eight years older. he posted this cute selfie with grace and told billboard magazine. she helped me through the hardest times of my life and my career. we will see what he said regarding the announcement. we will move up to the next story. >> if you marry your manager, do you have to pay? >> i think for the label. >> this proves dreams comes true. chris hemsworth had a losing hand during a game of water war.
9:53 am
there is not much more to say except for this. >> one, two, three. >> still, he was here and we keep hearing the nicest things about him. why did we do that to him on the show? >> were you going to take a water gun to him? >> back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> this is going to be so good. do not adjust your television. this is going to happen.
9:56 am
good morning, i'm renee chenault-fattah. let's get the first alert forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. snow along the shore, half an inch in cape may county as we take a live look at our camera in cape may. you can see the coating of snow there, but the snow is not still coming down. it's starting to taper off. here's a closer look at a radar shot that shows we're starting to see a little bit more rain even sleet mixing in and also snow tapering off in cape may
9:57 am
stretching into atlantic city. still snow coming down just to the south of milford, but again we are going to continue to see more sleet and rain mixing in and also our temperatures are going to stay well below average today ranging between 27 and 34 degrees. thanks. police in delaware county have a driver under arrest following a crash that led to a chase and then another crash. nbc 10 in collindale this morning where the pursuit ended. police chased a car that took off from an accident scene. it crashed into parked cars and then a house. that's where officers made the arrest. they also recovered a gun there. crews are working right now to fix a water main break in upper dublin montgomery county. we first showed you this scene around 6:15 where the break as you see here iced up roadways. water company officials now say crews should complete these repairs by early to mid-afternoon. you'll want to be careful in that area. and we will have another update in just about 25 minutes. in the meanwhile you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 news and weather
9:58 am
app. now back to the "today" show. i'm renee chenault-fattah. have a great day. we'll see you back here in 25 minutes. tr or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
9:59 am
10:00 am
"today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it is wednesdy everybody, something has happened. something has happened today, kathie lee is enjoying some vacation time off. i have a very special guest co-host, this happened, today. >> i don't know why everybody thinks this is so funny and outrageous. >> you have never first of all, the only time you've ever been on our show is when when you walk by during the show to go to your car and you yell are you seriously on the air? that's really the only time.
10:01 am
>> i don't like the whole narrative that i finally said yes to sit next to you on the fourth hour, i have never been asked. >> is that true? >> i would do this every day. i really would. but now that i have it i hold a grudge and i'm not going to do that. >> a lot of people were wondering -- >> this is embarrassing. >> facebook guesses were brian westminster, regis philbin, jimmy fallon, ricky, and now it's just the guy who's here for the first two hours. down. >> matt lauer guest, you three were right. >> well, you get it right after you march the card board cutout of me in the background four or five times. >> they guessed it was you early on. every wednesday on this program, cheers and welcome. >> i'm going with beer. >> you are. why is that? >> long day. we all do, we're shooting a
10:02 am
promo until 4:00. >> that's the super bowl. that'll be fun. here with the words of wisdom. >> memorize them or read them? >> i read them. i don't memorize anything on the show. if there are no dogs in heaven, then when i die, i want to go where they went. >> i like that. >> isn't that sweet? >> rogers did that quote. it got me thinking because of the cute puppy we have on the show. >> to be named later, with a name coming. i love the idea. i don't want people to look at the puppy and say they're trying to overwhelm us with cuteness it's a puppy with a purpose. this is eventually going to be a guide dog, we're going to spend 16 months to help train the dog which leads to the question, is there no one more qualified? >> someone was asking where the dog was right now, and no one could find the dog. we were wondering, we were like yeah, start looking today. >> there's a trainer, saxton
10:03 am
eastman. >> wait. >> first of all, words of wisdom, don't put this joker on here. i was told, i was told matthew mcconaughey was here not matt lauer, by the way, urine sample here. you really, when you go for it, you go for it. that is cloudy. >> do you have nothing to do? >> very little to do. very little to do. >> the first hour now you're back. >> it's on, it's off it's on right now. >> she was supposed to start her show on the button. she was supposed to start on the button at 10:00, and she agreed to wait until 10:05. >> yes, i did. actually, maybe a little bit longer. >> on vacation this year we share birthdays. >> we do. >> on vacation, i think about her, i texted her on her birthday, i'll give the flavor of it. i said, hey sweetie just thinking of you have a happy
10:04 am
birthday. >> and what did she say? >> i said same to you, you -- >> one of the most vile expressions i have ever seen in texting, and my 13-year-old son happened to see it. >> he did not. >> he needs the education. >> the second word of that text, i won't say what the first year, but the second word was sack. that's clean, and easy. >> exactly. of course. >> what's wrong with you? seriously. my kids see that. >> why are they going through your phone? >> i was holding it. >> well meredith, this is unbelievable. >> run downhill. we were going fine. >> and the whole thing about the dog not for a little bit, please. >> you think it's just for, what, ratings? >> i think it's a lot to do with ratings. >> we love dogs. >> did you smell that dog's breath? >> horrific.
10:05 am
>> i know what you did, great. >> i want to show you a picture of my dog blake. this is how my dog sleeps. look at his eyes, you can't see. anyway, his eyes are open. >> how do you know he's asleep? >> because he's the way he's breathing, i walked around him. they're shifting and he sleeps with his eyes open. >> he doesn't trust you. anybody who sleeps in your apartment sleeps with one eye open. what's she doing now? my vet we called him, we were worried. he said it's normal a lot sleep with their eyes open. >> never heard of it. >> jasper does it? >> no. >> what's your dog's name? >> jules. >> jules, not like family jewels. >> exactly. >> anyway, so it's not unusual. >> doesn't it hurt the eyes? don't they dry out? >> they need to put in drops.
10:06 am
if your dog is rubbing his eyes constantly with his paws maybe his eyes are open. >> does your dog pass gas? >> occasionally. occasionally. >> mine does. >> at least we blame the dog. all right. i want to play talk you -- >> stay. >> okay. >> we are having so much fun. my daughter rides horses, my wife rides horses. the other day i looked and a horse is supposed to be in the sfal been i look closely, and the horse put this video up, is lying down sleeping which is unusual. but listen listen one more time. the horse snores. that's the best. and sometimes he'll take those shavings and cover his entire head and snore. >> so you think your dog is good. >> and once they go down they go down for good. >> this one lies down. sleep apnea of sorts. now you can go. >> that's it. i'm going to drop this off at
10:07 am
the lab. >> cheers. >> meredith we love you, thank you. >> matt, good job, so far. >> all right. >> we're going to play a game called which mat. which mat is it. >> this wasn't on the notes. >> i know. matt has a distinctive look, we decided could you name that matt. just show the eye brows and up because you're distinctive from the eye brows and up. >> which do you mean which matt? like which matt is that? everybody now. damon. is it? >> very good. >> matt damon. next matt please. which matt is that? >> matthew mcconaughey. i like this one. >> easy. >> matt -- >> he was on the show, matt leblanc from friends. >> nice. >> and i know who that is. he's married to sarah jessica parker. matthew broderick.
10:08 am
any other matt's? >> that's me, with hair. yes. that is. that is 2000, something like that. >> i remember the day that you were going, you were going to shave it all off. i remember, i happened to be news reading that day on the show. and you looked like that one day, and the next day you came in, and it was buzzed of. >> katie was the host and she was sitting at the desk, she looked and said, seriously. >> i know. >> and i got so many weird texts, not texts, e-mails. just people thought i was sick or i -- it's the best thing i ever done. i don't own a brush. i towel dry it's great. >> i like that. >> i need a pound of gel and a hammer, and i'm good. all right. here's a question. what movies make men cry? there are some sports one what's your number one? >> the two movies i have absolutely bawled at.
10:09 am
>> okay. >> one time i was watching a dvd of the notebook and al roker was across the aisle from me, and all the sudden he looked over, and i had tears streaming down -- it just killed me. >> what was it about it? >> i don't know. . just caught me by surprise and i was just crying. and the other one i think a lot of guys have is "field of dreams." >> yes. >> dad, do you want to have a catch. >> beautiful. >> oh my god. how about you? >> well, i love "beaches." i don't know if that's on the list. that's one of my favorites. and i also like one of the guy moves, "rudy." >> that's a good sports movie. >> "terms of endearment." >> yeah, for people who haven't seen it rent it, it's fantastic. you can watch it with your kids too. >> they say only 4% people have never cried during a movie. >> that means 96% of us sob way.
10:10 am
>> do you cry at books? >> sometimes. four words in a row, and i think i think to myself, that's incredible writing, but it's weird to be reading a book like that. >> privacy of your home and not on a plane with al roker. >> all right. coming up, imagine your computer, everything you have on it is being held ransom by hackers. >> this is a story, i actually saw in the new york times a couple weeks ago, we did the story on ransom, there are twists and turns. >> okay. >> in this story that are amazing. it'll surprise a lot of people. it happens more than a million times and it can happen foe you. we'll tell you thousand protect yourself. >> i like that. i like what you're doing and latte or au lait? cozy or cool? exactly the way you want it ... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. save $300 on the final close-out of the c3 queen mattress set. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60.
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i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good around ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ [ female announcer ] fiber one. introducing dance-all-you-want bladder leak protection. new always discreet underwear for sensitive bladders from always, the experts in femine protection new always discreet underwear absorbs heavy bladder leaks faster than the leading brand, so you can feel comfortably dry. plus always discreet has a discreet fit that hugs your curves. you barely feel it. new always discreet underwear. now bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. because, hey, pee happens. picture this get to your home log on and a note reveals that all of your files have been locked. and to get access to them you will have to pay hundreds of
10:14 am
dollars. >> and the clock is ticking. it's a virus hackers are using called ransom ware, it's familiar to women especially this one because it happened to her mother. she wrote about it in the new york times. >> your mom goes on and something strange popped up. >> literally, all her files were locked, couldn't access anything, and there was a ransom note that was written in all different colored fonts and different size letters sort of, and it said that she had one week to pay $500 in order to unlock her files, if she did not pay in one week, it was rigged $1,000. and if she didn't pay it then, they delete her personal decryption codes. >> how do you pay it? >> bitcoin. >> freezes your brain when you
10:15 am
hear the word, right? >> my mom didn't know either. it's a cyber currency. and it's not very easy to get fast. especially in you don't live right in a major city. so that's where i came in she needed a help because there's a place in brooklyn that has a bitcoin atm. >> are you sure that she would get her files back? >> at the time, no, and i kind of told her, don't do this. there's no guarantee. these are criminals, you know. but in truth, when i talked to cyber security experts they said you know all the cases we've heard of they have gotten their files back. >> did you think of going to the police? is there anything they can do or is it out of their hands? >> people do go to the police, fbi, there's been police departments, one in tennessee and one in massachusetts that have paid these ransom ware ransoms themselves because they've been hacked files have been captured, and there's nothing you can do. this is being called the age of computer viruss. >> the fascinating thing here is
10:16 am
your mom decides to pay the ransom, she tries to do the right thing, because of the value issue and timing issue they locked her files permanently anyway. they said you did not get it to us on time, and then, she did something extraordinary. >> they raised it to $1,000. she was looking at a $1500 tab, and she wrote them a note through this message interface that the ransom note provides access to. and she just explained what happened. it was the week of thanksgiving, the banks were closed. >> tried to do this and that. >> i had all the issues, there's a snowstorm in massachusetts, and incredibly, a couple hours later, he key arrived. >> do they have any idea who's doing this? >> the digital cookie crumb trail usually tracks back to russia former soviet countries where they have a lot of highly educated programmers, who have very stroke math and science
10:17 am
backgrounds. >> just to end, the reason they did unlock her files, after the sob story is because they need to portray themselves as criminals with a conscious. >> right. >> because otherwise if they don't nobody else will ever pay the ransom. >> there's no business model. they need to prove themselves in some way, trust worthy. they're trust worthy criminals. >> that's amazing. thank you so much. don't go anywhere we're going to help you with an expert to protect yourself from hackers. >> and all the ways to back up your files. if you haven't done it, you need to do it.
10:18 am
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with prescription tamiflu. tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. call your doctor right away. don't lose another moment to the flu. when there's flu, tamiflu. all right. before the break, how her mom's
10:21 am
computer was hacked and how her personal files were lost and held for ransom. >> what can you do to keep it from happening to you? christina warren is the senior text analyst, she's about to show you. nice to see you. do we know why her mom was targeted, was it just random? >> probably opened an attachment or installed that a program that con tine takened a nasty virus. >> what should she have done? >> first thing is not open attachment or download programs from sources you don't know about. if it looks funny, don't install it. the second thing is to have some antivirus or antimalware on your computer. >> is that a given? usually you feel like it's in there. >> it is now. microsoft has them, it's available for free windows defender and you can download something for windows 7, microsecurity essentials. you have to download it, but it is free. >> what freaks people out when the ransom ware takes over,
10:22 am
they're going to lose everything, records, their photos. >> everything. >> the reason is because they haven't backed it up. >> yes. >> that's the next step. exactly. the first thing is to have a, you know, antivirus and make sure you're updating your computer, web browser, but the next big thing is make backups of your computer. >> how? >> there are a couple things, the easiest way is to get an external hard drive like this. get it at the store, about $100 plug it in, and you can back up all your files that way. once a week once a month, but there are also a bunch of online services that'll do it for you too. what's nice about this, it's about $5 a month, but it'll back everything up for you. you can go to places like crash plan, it's about $5 a month, and these services basically will download a program and back everything up to the cloud. what's great about this, say your computer was stolen or there was a fire you've got a koim in the cloud that you can then restore to a new device.
10:23 am
>> solved the problem. >> she would have been okay. >> okay. so, when you talk the browser, what do you want update your browser? most the of the time it updates automatically, if you're using an older version, internal explorer can get viruss and having these, you know, different security problems. if you lose like firefox or google chrome browser if you're using an older version that's a good idea. >> she was telling us this is not new. this has been around for since the late 1980s, does the technology for the hackers continue to stay one step ahead of what we can buy? >> that's the bad part. the technology is not new what is new though is they are using these encryption technology is nothing to do but paying. the only way you can get in is
10:24 am
if you have the key unfortunately the bad guys have the key. >> is this something that's unusual? we were like oh my gosh, or is this happening more often than we know? >> more than we know. its been happening for about six or seven years a lot more frequently. mostly they go after people like the mom. people are whont tech-savvy, who aren't doing backup, who are thinking about protecting their data. those people are most vulnerable. >> thank you so much. it is a big big football weekend, and we're kicking off the next hour with the game of who knew. you're going to love this. >> first, triya question. which two teams played in last year's super bowl and who performed at halftime show? >> i might remember part of that. we'll have the answer in a snap. matt's getting ready to head across the street. >> you have to put a coat on. it's not easy what you do. never going to take a peek inside jenna bush haguer's bathroom. we've got that after
10:25 am
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10:27 am
taper off. here is a live look at cape may now. we picked up about half an inch of snow this morning. and as we continue to go through the rest of your late morning hours, we will see the snow tapering off. it is starting to mix into a little bit more rain and sleet, so if you're closer to louis, snowfall. along that seeing rain now. georgetown, more of a tichl. current temperature throughout the area only 24 degrees in philadelphia. 29 in woodbine. 35 degrees in avalon. 28 in dover. and as we head into the rest of today, temperatures will stay cold between 27 and 34 degrees. >> thank you, britney. fire investigators looking for the cause of a house fire in delaware county that killed an elderly woman. investigators say it appears the woman was trying to run out the front door and just collapsed. relatives identify her as 76-year-old marilyn cramer tleechlt. three other elderly residents escaped out a side door. investigators want to know what caused this school bus to catch fire earlier this morning. no kids on board. police say the driver was an old
10:28 am
freehold river and toms river and smelled something burning. the driver and aid got off the bus safely. fire crews quickly arrived and put out the flames. septa wants to know what you have to say about next year's budget and plan for future growth. they will hold a pair of public meetings in center city. the first starts at noon. the second at 5:00 tonight. we'll have a full hour of news coming up in 30 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 news app. now back to the "today" show. i'm renee chenault-fattah.
10:29 am
10:30 am
♪ oh yes, we are back with more wine day wednesday, ready to play the whisky trivia game. with only four nfl teams left, we're about to get you ready for the championship with fun football facts. matt lauer went across the street, yes. he's -- >> traveled. >> he did. he's going to be at the nbc experience store. $100 to get the questions right. they're getting a kathie lee cd, and who doesn't want that? >> and a hat. >> and a hat? all right. here to help me out, carolyn manno from nbc sports. >> before the break which played in the super bowl and who performed at halftime. >> we know the seahawks and the broncos. we were in sochi watching it at
10:31 am
like 4:00 in the morning. red hot chili peppers, then katy pantherly it year. >> -- perry this year. >> i can't wait. >> what's your name? >> big football fan? >> i am. >> here's your question nick, in the 1993 film "rudy," young man aspires to play at -- >> notre dame. >> are you sure? >> i am. >> congratulations $100 gift card. way to go. >> notre dame it is. >> didn't need choices. that's must of know trivia if you're a football fan. true story, based on his life around his life, and something you may not know, the real rudy was actually in the movie, he's in the stands at the very end. cameo. >> yeah. >> all right matt over to you. >> what's your name? >> jennifer. >> how are you? >> great. >> are you good at football trivia? >> i hope so, i'm from oklahoma.
10:32 am
>> want to switch to movie? >> yes. >> which former nfl quarterback starts himself alongside jim car carey? >> d, dan moreno -- >> yes. >> ridiculous. you don't want to hear the others? john elway and doug williams? >> were you whispering in her ear? you're right, congratulations, $100 gift card. >> more money. wow. this is a smart group. >> they are crushing it today. everybody knows dan moreno and that really launched his career, fantastic movie. >> great one, matt, to you. >> i think this is a hard question, i'll be honest. what's your name? >> lauren. >> lauren, here's a tough one. which of the following teams does not have a chance to play in super bowl xlix? is it the indianapolis colts, new england patriots, or the dallas cowboys. >> oh my god, the cowboys.
10:33 am
>> eagles. >> right? >> she is right baby. >> yeah. >> absolutely. >> 100 bucks, yeah. >> i love the sports fans across the street. cowboys got knocked out, colts and patriots seahawks and packers are going to play. >> anyone you're rooting for in particular? >> i'm just rooting for good game. >> matt to you. >> this one combines football trivia and movie tlif ya what's your name? >> logan. >> logan, nice to see you. big football fan? >> sure. >> you sound convincing, logan. >> cuba gooding junior won an oscar for his role as a wide receiver for the arizona cardinals in is this movie. multiple choice or blurt it out? >> multiple choice. >> we've gone spanish here. "any given sunday," "all the right moves," or "jerry maguire." >> b, "jerry maguire." >> yes. >> they are rocking it. what al great movie.
10:34 am
show me the money. >> for a sports fan, some of the best movies of all time. show me the money there's rod kidwell. won an academy award really good, funny movie. >> his speech was amazeing. >> we have time for one more. >> mary, nice to see you. of the nfl's 32 teams, mary, which of the following have never made it to the super bowl? the philadelphia eagles, the minnesota has had a tough road. if you're a lions fan, and the
10:35 am
three other teams browns, jags, texans, they as well haven't there's always next season. >> have a great time at the super bowl. >> thank you. all right. matt will come back, the fun doesn't stop here. in a little while, we're going o head to head in our game. before that, we have a big reveal, jill morton transformed jenna haguer's bathroom and trust me, it neede saving and smiling... that's how i start the year... with tons of stuff on rollback clearance and more at walmart. ... and that really puts a smile on
10:36 am
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10:40 am
everyone please take a close look. and here's the after. they removed some paper, that was stacked neatly. >> i'm compulsive, that's why. >> seriously, a legitimate type a. >> a little type a? when she came in with a camera i got nervous. >> you did. >> wipe your feet. this week, jenna bush haguer volunteered, she asked for help organizing the mess in her bathroom. she had a mess in the bathroom. one that she shares with her daughter that's inappropriate. and jenna's here with co-author of the weekend jill martin. nice to see you. >> how bad it was? >> a lot of new moms i let a couple things go in my life. i also was expecting somebody that likes control, my mother. she likes everything clean. i didn't tell her about this because i hope she's not watching. >> you know she is. >> mila moved in she has a lot of product. >> right.
10:41 am
>> cleanliness or clutter wise? >> clutter wise. and this was what i really, thanked jill for. >> this is interesting. jill, you found, this was all the extra leftover stuff in her -- >> well a lot of people find it interesting, you do share and a lot of women do with the baby and gets his own bathroom. >> so this was everything we took out of the bathroom, like we did with the closet. but we found some things, and random things. these are examples of things to get rid of. contacts, she's like i don't wear contacts. it's like it. >> they were mine, i got lasik, but i couldn't get rid of them. >> exactly. >> this we found randomly, it was a drawer liner that her mother gave her. >> 1993. so we used it later on. okay. >> bathful really? >> yeah. >> acquired stuff. >> a lot of things were expired from 2010 which i was disgusted by. lotions medicine. >> this is the big one.
10:42 am
let's go to before stuff. this is what jenna's bathroom looked like beforehand, before you went and dug in there. >> please close your eyes. >> not that bad. >> close up your sink. >> thank you. >> that's before what did you do? >> look at the after. what'd you do? >> this is the after, and the thing is, you can have sort of disorganization but you have to have it in a bin. so you don't actually see it. this is great, these beautiful boxes from the container store. it adds a pop of color, then add canned ms you don't have to fill up every shelf because you have it, so they share. i took a picture of mila, and this is all the baby stuff. she has more products. >> and this is good. everybody has a home. >> did you already have this thing in your bathroom? >> it was filled in. we rent our apartment, we had no choice and it's small new york city bathrooms you have to use every space. >> how long does it look like that? >> it still does.
10:43 am
i've moved a couple things like face products e day out. >> we're going to moezy on through the shower. . >> okay, this is h and m home. $10. fixed the shower curtain and it'll brighten up. the rug is from ikea. this is great. people are coming over, you want to spruce it up. >> i loved that. >> i'm afraid it'll get dirty with the baby -- >> anteon your wall. >> yeah. >> all right. >> can i point out a problem right now? >> i know what you're going to say. >> your medicine cabinet is above your toilet, if you drop something, it goes in the toilet. >> matt one i live in a small place. this is my only wall to hang things. >> how often have you fished things out of the toilet? >> dirty toothbrush here or there. >> he's going to go plunge in right now. >> it's the only wall. this actually is a larger space than my thing.
10:44 am
i know -- >> well the great thing, you can add a floor these are mason jars and just this great mirror, everythings on the sfring bed bath and beyond. >> last before and after. you i goes, it looks awesome. >> great job. >> great job as usual. >> thank you, jill. please send us messy foes tophotos. #starttoday jill may pay you a visit. >> who knows more about tv host trivia. >> this will be fun. >> are you cheating? >> no, i'm not. you know what kathie lee started that lie, not if you have enrolled in a medicare part d plan where walmart is a preferred pharmacy you could be saving up to 80% on your copays over other pharmacies. if you transfer your prescription to a walmart pharmacy, your copays could be as low as a dollar. so you can enjoy the things that really matter. transfer your prescriptions to a walmart pharmacy to start saving today.
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10:49 am
deciding between buying food and health care is no longer a problem. healthy pa offers name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, call or apply online today. the time has come for a little friendly competition, matt is a tv veteran host. so we thought it'd be fun to play a little game we're calling put the head on the
10:50 am
host. >> that could be a career-ending game. and rumors are running rampant here that you have cheated already on this. >> no. it's not true. >> here to lead us in the "fun" is entertainment writer tim sacks. >> who are we doing? >> putting heads on hosts. i'll tell you a trivia question. the foirs put the right head on the host wins. the loser gets kathie lee's cd. >> again? >> again. wave lot handing out. >> there's a lot of them. >> you're over here. all right. ready? >> i got to size up. >> look at him planning. >> okay. >> current late night host was ben and jerry's ice cream flavor, late night snack. >> hoda you're too slow. >> no, it's not -- no, it's jimmy fallon, you're right. you got it the, matt. >> if this were a fight, they'd stop it. >> you might meet jimmy again.
10:51 am
you never know. >> there's no doubling up. there's no doubling up. all right. this late night host dog pound, woof, woof, woof. >> bam. bam. >> bam. >> good job, it was hall, yes. little slow. this host was nominated for the best supporting actress for the color purple. >> hoda. >> famously in the color purple. >> it was not tyra banks. >> hoda -- >> remember her expression. >> some movement. >> the reasonable hold on, i might need that. no. here's the thing, i heard host, and then i thought tyra. i'm ready. what is score? >> 2-1. >> really? >> this talk show host game show host hosted more episodes than any other woman. >> done. >> done.
10:52 am
>> yes, meredith, who wants to be a millionaire. >> wrote me an obscene birthday text. >> it's tied 2-2. >> this game show host was known for coining making whoopie. >> oh, i don't know. >> yes, hoda. >> darn. >> yes. >> he hosted the newlywed game in 1966. yes, good work. >> this is so easy. >> hoda knows about making whoopie. with more than 17,000 hours this host holds the world record for the most -- >> bam. >> hours on television. >> regis. >> wow. >> hoda's got a set up. >> i'm going to sit down for the next one. >> all right. ready? this former today show host wrote the brand new kid. >> the brand new kid? >> yes. >> you're killing me. >> you have to be faster than that. >> brand new kid? >> yes, it's a great book.
10:53 am
>> all right. time for the tie breaker. >> okay. all right. this game show host made news when he shaved off his iconic mustache. >> mustache? >> did he do that? >> lauer got it. >> hoda. >> i am so sorry. >> you're too slow. >> what do i win? >> you win respect and she wins, and she wins kathie lee's cd. are you familiar with this artist? kathie lee gifford? >> i've heard it over and over. we have a lot coming up. if you haven't heard the news, there is a new edition to the "today" show family. >> you're about to meet our puppy and you get to name him. first this is "today" on nbc. >> just like old times. trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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10:56 am
okay. he has by far the cutest member of the "today" show family. >> no. >> right here. we're talking about our lab from studio 1a.
10:57 am
this will be his home for the next 16 months. >> so great, we teamed up with a guiding dog company. this is our pups full-time raiser. >> this isn't the first time you've done this, right? >> no, this is the third time actually. >> what's it like for you? >> it's so exciting, it's just an awesome experience. very fulfilling. it's amazing to watch them go on to do what they were meant to do. and to see them guiding someone. it's really an awesome experience. >> he's going to be with us for 16 months going home with you in the evenings. and we're trying to think of a name for this little guy, right? >> four options, waldo, wes, william, or wrangler. you can go to vote today, we'll announce the name tomorrow. this dog will change the life of someone with a visual impairment. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> and i want to thank matt for a wonderful hour. >> thank you it was fun. >> thank you so much.
10:58 am
he'll be back tomorrow. carson will be back tomorrow, he'll be my co-host. gr
10:59 am
11:00 am
we begin with breaking news. the military raises a security level at the new castle county national guard base as they investigate what they call suspicious activity. here's what happened. military sources tell nbc 10 delaware bureau's tim furlong that four or five different people drove up to the base and asked for directions. now, in one case a soldier tried to follow up the person drove away. the base instituted i.d. checks a locked gate policy and searches of all base deliveries. at the request of the military delaware state police increasing patrols at military facilities across the state. now tim furlong is still digging into what happened here. he'll bring you new information as soon as he gets it.


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