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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 11, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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right now on nbc 10 news first alert weather radar is tracking a wintry mix that could cause a messy monday morning commute. this comes as there's already snow on the ground in parts of our area including here in bluebell montgomery county. and taking a live look at i-76 near the vine street expressway traffic is moving smoothly now. but it could be a different story come tomorrow morning. good evening, i'm denise nakano. the weather team issued a first alert about the winter weather on friday and tonight we have team coverage. we begin with meteorologist brittney shipp. what do we need to know about the first alert? >> we'll start with the timing. the first alert day is going to go into effect at 1:00 a.m. on
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monday. it's going to last until 10:00 on monday. this is because we expect to see a messy monday morning commute with a brief wintry mix expected. also freezing rain, then switching to rainfall as temperatures get warmer. that is going to lead to icy roads and pavement. whether you're walking or driving, you want to be careful throughout monday morning. want to make sure everyone stays safe. we've seen the clouds increase throughout today. as we head into tonight after midnight we'll start to see more moisture pushing in. and it's going to start you off as rain, closer to the poconos. then a brief wintry mix, then freezing rain. as far as tonight, by 6:00 p.m., we're going to stay dry. 34 degrees, cold and clouds. by 8:00 p.m., 32. by 11:00 p.m. we shouldn't see rain or snow or wintry mix yet. i'll go over the timing on that moisture moving in in my first alert seven-day forecast. denise? >> thanks. now we continue our coverage with nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal who spoke to penn.about howdot.
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>> reporter: we've checked in with the dedicated road crews. they expect this to be a significant inconvenience, especially on highways and thoroughfares during the rush hour tomorrow morning. penndot telling nbc 10 they're planning to put more than 180 trucks in the area beginning at the midnight. the focus, of course on salting the highways and major arteries to avoid any of that ice build-up. the fear is that the rain hitting these already-cold surfaces quickly turn into ice. and penndot says depending on the conditions come morning time, they may bring in private contractors if the situation gets worse. >> at this point based on the freezing precipitation expected to strike just before during the morning resource, we'll have the state crews ready to plow. >> reporter: further north in parts of the poconos and lehigh valley penndot tells me they're planning for snow and ice. that will eventually turn over to rain by the heart of rush
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hour. they say the best advice is of course leave early or just wait a little bit for the rush hour to calm down. wait for the rain to become more steady before you head into work. live nbc 10 news. we also reached out to the new jersey did. transportation. they say -- new jersey department of transportation. they say they're not doing anything today because there's salties are dee left over but will start beginning once the wintery mix begins. del-dot is starting with brine and will start salting earl tomorrow morning. for weather alerts, download the nbc nbc10 app. and count on the the morning team for the latest. they'll be tracking the conditions throughout the night and bring you weather and traffic updates tomorrow beginning at 4:00 a.m. nbc 10 following a developing story in the brewery town section of philadelphia. police there are investigating a deadly shooting on hollywood
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street. officers telling us the victim was 21 years old and shot in the head. police have made no arrests. it's already been a deadly 24 hours in philadelphia. overnight a woman discovered the bodies of three men including her boyfriend in the city's holmesburg section. as nbc 10 reports police are still searching for whoever pulled the trigger. uncalled for. >> reporter: gary anderson lives a few feet from the home where three men were shot dead. their bodies discovered by a woman checking in on her boyfriend. >> my wife woke me up and said there's fire trucks here. >> reporter: police say it was just before 11:30 last night that girlfriend walked to the back door. it was unlocked. there on the the kitchen floor, one man was shot in the head. then in the living room, she found two more men dead on a couch. one of them was her boyfriend. >> a sad tragedy, you know at the end of the day. real sad. >> reporter: many of the neighbors outside this morning
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didn't hear any gunfire. but on the front of the home is a warning -- trespassers will be shot and survivors will be shot again. >> when you play with a gun, you die with a gun. he constant traffic. constant people. always fighting arguing. >> reporter: the victims are in their 30s. police came by to remove a car that was parked across the street. as people here wonder what really happened. >> have a school here. there's another school right there. and then another school on the end of this corner. so it's just -- to hear someone's executed. not one but three body -- it's really scary, man. real scary. >> reporter: homicide investigators have been interviewing people out here last night. now this crime has become the talk of the neighborhood. in holmesburg, nbc 10 news. new information surrounding an amber alert in delaware. the father of the two children will face charges. the kids have been found safe but their mother, keishaa headlight, remains missing this
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-- keisha headlight, remains missing this hour. the father is awaiting extradition to delaware where authorities will charge him with assault and endangering the welfare of a child. today firefighters recovered the body of a worker killed when a silo collapsed in bucks county. 48-year-old tony gaberile was trapped under the site in bristol township around midnight thursday. he was working alone at the time. happening now, the family of a bucks county teacher missing for five days is holding a candlelight vigil. they're gathered at a baseball field to pay for christopher tully's safe return. his parents were driving him to get help for depression tuesday when he bailed out of their car near city avenue in winfield heights. police say his credit cards have not been used and his cell phone is turned off. now to the latest from paris. today millions gathered in the
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streets for what france now calls the largest demonstration in its history. [ chanting ] >> officials estimate 3.7 million people took part in the rally for unity against terrorism. leader from more than 40 nations also marched through paris, and similar rallies took place around the world. today's demonstrations are in response to the terrorist attacks in france that killed 17 people. and today one of the men responsible for the attacks appeared in a new video. amedy coulibaly made the video before he died at the grocery store. the video was posted on several militant websites. in it coulibaly pledges allegiance to isis and explains you how the group plotted their attacks. in light of the attacks in france and similar ones in canada and australia, the white house will hold a conference next month on fighting violent
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extremism. the summit will focus on how countries can prevent extremists from radicalizing and recruiting citizens to carry out violent attacks. back at home fire burned through a building at a south jersey apartment complex. it started just before 1:00 this afternoon at the ferry station apartments on the 1800 block of east davis street in camden. the flames were contained to just one building. no one was hurt. investigators are still searching for the cause. and smoke poured from a car wash in delaware county after a fire broke out inside. it all happened at the bridge auto spa on east baltimore pike in clifton heights. crews had the fire under control in about a half-hour, and no one was hurt. still ahead on nbc 10 news ski lift fall. a child falls nearly three stories from a ski lift. now we're uncovering how this could have happened. plus, the return of a local grocery store. the new perks customers can look
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defeated] okay. [ male announcer ] avoid monthly maintenance fees at td bank with a minimum checking balance of just $100. td bank. america's most convenient bank. authorities say a young boy who fell from a ski lift in montgomery county last night was riding alone. this photo of sent to us by an nbc 10 viewer. in it you see emergency crews tending to the 5-year-old at spring mountain. investigators say the child slipped out of his seat on the beginner's ski lift and fell nearly three stories. the boy was flown to the children's hospital of philadelphia. his condition has not yet been released. that viewer sent this photo through the all new nbc10 news app. you can share breaking news photos and videos with the team easily through the news app. to download it go to to a warning for drivers who use i-95 in northeast philadelphia near the cottman
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interchange. starting tonight, there will be lane closures on the northbound side between levick and bleigh so crews can install danage pipes. closures will be -- drainage pipes. closures will be in effect from :p.m. to 5:00 in the morning. next it's a night of glitz and glamor. a look at the who's expected to come away with the big prizes at the tonight's golden globe awards. and we have a first alert weather day for tomorrow. it's going to be a messy monday morning commute. i'll go over all the details on what to expect coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪
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the countdown is on until the 72nd annual golden globe awards. this evening the foreign press association will honor the biggest names in film and television. " "birdman" is expected to take home the top comedy award along with its star michael keaton.
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in the drama category "boyhood" is the front-runner. tina fey and acme poller will host for the -- and amy poehler will host for the third year in a row. catch the coverage at 7:00 p.m. the awards kick off at 8:00, all here on nbc 10. aftera the golden globes tonight, an nbc 10 investigation into missing persons cases. across the delaware valley, they're adding up. >> it's a silent disaster. many people have not an idea of the people missing. >> the nbc 10 investigators uncover how many cases are unsolve unsolved and who is working to find those who disappear. that's tonight after the golden globes here on nbc 10. five towns in montgomery and bucks county have new grocery stores tonight. today weiss markets opened and
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are me toly renovated -- and are newly renovated and include beer cafes. they serve nonprofits in each area. good evening heading into tomorrow morning, as you're heading back to work we have a first alert weather day. that will last throughout your monday morning. a wintry mix is expected. a brief mix. will be short-lived. we are looking at the possibility of an icy commute. for philadelphia now, 37 degrees. a few clouds have moved in. clouds ton increase. that will be the same into tonight. a windchill so it feels like 31 with the wind speeds out of the south at eight miles per hour. throughout the rest of the region, 28 degrees in the poconos. 34 in allentown. 34 degrees in pottstown. 35 in wilmington. temperatures in millvale 34. stone harbor, 37. 31 in dover. the latest here on our first alert weather day, going to stay in effect until will 1:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. at least.
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that's when the winter weather advisory is in effect, as well. we are going to be concerned about a messy commute, potentially dangerous, icy spots. a brief wintry mix, freezing rain expected. as we continue to warm up we'll see mainly rainfall. in the in-between time where temperatures at the surface are at freezing we expect to see freezing rain. so icy roads, even icy spots on the sidewalk. you do want to be careful as you head to work tomorrow morning. our satellite/radar shot shows clouds have increased throughout today. here's a better look at the system that is going to move closer to us as we head into our overnight hours pushing into your monday morning. that's when the main concern will be. the future weather shows we're staying dry. by 1:00 a.m.a, the-- a.m.a, the wintry mix is mainly going to be confined to the lehigh valley. around 8:00 a.m., some of the models showing along the i-95
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corridor that we could see a bit of a wintry mix. and our temperatures are going to be just below freezing for philadelphia atta :a.m. won't be until 9:00 10:00, that we start to see above freezing temperatures. here's where the main concern will be for philadelphia and the lehigh valley with freezing rain. then our temperatures continue to warm, all of this switches over to mainly rainfall. so our concern goes down a bit. our future temperatures, wake-up temperatures show by :a.m. tomorrow we're going to be right below freezing here for philadelphia. 31 degrees. same for allentown. any moisture that falls, even if if t falls as rain could -- even if it falls as rain, could freeze on the surface. the forecast shows temperatures of 37 degrees tomorrow as we head into the afternoon. the main concern is in the morning. by tuesday, 33 windy, cold. a chance of rain and snow. 33 on wednesday. 38 on thursday. and by next weekend, we're dry. coming up in sports, it's
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the story that keeps on giving. chris christie fires another shot across the bow at eagles fans. and is this a catch or not a catch? aftera getting a favorable call last week, this one bites the boys.
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good evening. danny pommells with again. new jersey governor chris christie continues to fire shots across the bow at eagles fans even as he watches his cowboys play in green bay. whether asked about the hospitality at lambeau, christie telling the people here are great. this isn't like going to philly. that to come on. aaron rogers big question mark for the pack.
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playing with a slight calf tear. romo to williams, puts the move on and goes 38 yards to the end zone. cowboys up 14-10. demarco murray nothing but green grass in front of him. stripped by peppers. packers scoop it up. get they get the field goal. romo hit as he throws. down for a bit. and gets up limping as the referee checks on him. so dallas turns to demarco murray. down inside the one, cowboys had the touchdown but lead 121-13. romo gimpy after the hand -- 21-13. romo gimpy after the handoff. packers respond. airing it out to adams. reels it in, and whoa, what a move there. 4 yards. catch him if you can like a gingerbread man. packers down 21-20. fourth quarter, rogers' calf looking fine. then another rogers richard
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rogers, for the touch. look at the this catch by dez bryant. ridiculous when they needed it the most. if you look at the it again, the ball moves as it hits the ground. incomplete pass. turnover on downs. packers win 2-21 -- 26-21. jerry jones' team may be on the road. the house that jerry built is hosting college football's national championship game tomorrow as oregon takes on ohio state. eagles' fans will have their eyes on marcusk mariotta. and ohio state's head coach urban meyer talks about his relationship with the eagles. >> i talk to chip all the time. you know he used to go on the nike trip with me. we would separate ourselves for a couple days. and i'm always trying to learn. then the year off, i went out and spent time. then i spent the bowl game. coach kelly asked me to speak to his team one time. you know, we've shared a lot of
5:24 pm
ideas ideas. i want to say chip came to visit us at utah and florida. that's been going a long time. >> staying with the eagles, a source confirmed that kelly has completed an interview to be the eagles' g.m. and kelly's man. pollin is currently the jaguars' director of pro personnel. also chip starred in some interesting tv commercials recently. released this week -- >> hey, guys, chip kelly here. hey, it's eagles coach, chip kelly -- >> get lost. >> it's fourth and one -- >> stop of the exact players he wants as part of his front office team. pretty interesting no doubt. howie roseman got a nice raid raise and new title. chip kelly gets a shot at a counterpart.
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we're watching conditions. a first alert weather day to start the workweek? >> that's right. tomorrow from 1:to00 to 10:00 a.m., moisture and temperature below freezing. a brief wintry mix and freezing rain. that's going to be over your monday morning commute. we want to make sure everyone is careful, take their time getting to work eventually. it's going to switch over to mainly rainfall as temperatures warm up. calling for a high tomorrow of 37 degrees. another cold week on tap for us. even once we get through monday. >> okay. get through monday and have a safe commute. then looks like we're -- getting to the 40s? not bad. >> that's right, by next weekend. >> that's nbc 10 news. for all of us i'm denise nakano. we'll see you back after the golden globes. for news and weather updates, head to
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[music playing] -it's award season once again, and "talk stoop" is ready. let's get started. [music playing] hey. i'm cat greenleaf. welcome to the "talk stoop" awards show special. you might notice my gold lame jumpsuit. that's right, it's in honor of tonight's airing of the golden globes. for this show, we've pulled together some past and present nominees and winners as well as a couple experts to help us navigate this whole crazy hollywood scene. we begin with mrs. brooke shields. she is twice nominated for a golden globe and in fact, twice on "talk stoop." i'm so happy you're back. -thank you. -i'm so happy to see you. -i'm happy to be on this stoop. -we don't often invite people back because what else might they have to talk about, but you my friend, i can just say-- -never shut up. -no, but-- but really, may i say that


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