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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  January 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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. right now at 11:00 growing concern for a missing delaware mother. police cancelled an amber alert for her children but there is no sign of the mother. i'm denise nakano. we begin with breaking developments in a story we alerted you on the nbc 10 news app. keshia hamilton was last seen at her home. and now police are worried about her safety. randy gyllenhaal is at the scene. >> reporter: the alert worked. the children were just found safe. it appears their father may have taken them somewhere but their mother has mysteriously vanished
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from their delaware home. detectives and state police still on scene here working the case into the night. detectives search for clues inside the family's delaware home. this was the last place the mother and her two young children were seen. investigators worried they might be in imminent danger and blasted this amber alert across the region. >> police are look for two small children missing from their home. >> reporter: they disappeared overnight. within the last hour or so the children were found alive and safe in the company of their father cortes hamilton sr. but their mother is still missing and there is real concern for her safety. >> surprised this would happen. >> reporter: neighbors tell nbc 10 that the couple were recently fighting and police were called to the home for domestic disputes. >> she would text if you don't
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hear from me call the cops. she didn't show up for work so they called the cops. >> reporter: the search intensifies for their mother and asked the public to keep her picture in mind. >> keep an eye out and call the cops. >> for the children and the mother too. and i'm just hoping that everything works out all right. >> reporter: anybody who sees this mother or knows about the disappearance in this case is urged to call delaware state police. as for the father no word on whether they consider him a suspect. randy gyllenhaal nbc 10 news. the nbc 10 app was the first to alert you about the amber alert. don't miss any breaking stories or weather. download the app at a scare on the slopes tonight. a five-year-old fell from a 30-foot ski lift at spring mountain. there is no word on the boy's
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condition but it's a ski instructor says he was conscious and alert when emergency crews responded. the boy was flown to children's hospital of philadelphia. another bitterly cold night. here's a live look outside at boat house row. not a night to be walking near the water. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the weather. >> tonight several locations will drop into the single digits and stay in the teens for philadelphia. when you wake up tomorrow morning, closer to 6:00 a.m. temperatures 17 degrees. 19 in reading. and as we head into the afternoon it won't be as harsh as what we saw today. temperatures in the mid-20s today but by tomorrow 30 in philadelphia, 29 in allentown. 26 in the poconos by noon. and in the afternoon we'll get closer to 34 degrees.
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a little bit above freezing. 10 degrees better than today. we'll stay dry tonight and tomorrow. but the clouds increase ahead of a system that set us up for monday morning with a wintry mix and a first alert weather day. i'll go over the details in my forecast. he has been missing for four days and the children of a bucks county teacher are pleading for his safe return. a vigil will be held for the 40-year-old tomorrow. police said tully has not used his credit cards and his telephone has been turned off. he bailed out of his car near city avenue in winfield heights. and tonight his three young sons asked their dad to come home. >> we miss him. we love him and that he -- we want him to come home.
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>> he's a really caring guy who is really dedicated. he's got a big heart. an all-around good guy. >> tully is a teacher at the middle bucks institute of technology. smoke could be seen for miles in south philadelphia. officials at philadelphia energy solutions said that operational issues caused heavy flaring and heavy smoke. the situation started before 4:00 and was under control about 90 minutes later. no one was hurt. firefighters battle a house fire today. nbc 10 on west q avenue where the fire broke out in the home's basement around noon and was under control in a half hour. no one was hurt. a house fire shut down a south jersey road this morning. it started just after 10:00 a.m. prompting firefighters to shut
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it down between williamstown road and wiltons landing road for a few hours. there were no injuries here. fighting for her reputation the defender for pennsylvania's democratic attorney general claims republicans with political grudges are out to destroy her. this as published reports say a grand jury recommended criminal charges against her for leaking grand jury information to a newspaper. monique braxton has the story. >> reporter: while not confirming that a grand jury recommended criminal charges, kathleen kane's attorney spend one and a half hours defending her. if this goes to court there is only one outcome. >> she is not guilty. >> it is not possible in my opinion she is guilty of those
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charges. >> reporter: cane proclaimed she has done nothing illegal and called it a political attack on her attempt to clean up harrisburg and its political culture. we asked davis of the irony involving a second leak of the grand jury's ruling. >> has anyone heard from the special prosecutor about investigating leaks out of his own grand jury? >> reporter: cane's attorney says his client is a victim of railroad justice. now it's up to the prosecutor whether charges will be filed. >> i assume that party affiliation will not effect the motives. i've heard nothing but good things about her. >> reporter: despite calls cane resign and be impeached her attorney says she will stay on the job. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. security forces are on high alert in paris as the search goes on for a suspected
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accomplice in this week's deadly attacks. the 26-year-old might have information about the cell that her common law husband may have belonged to. police shot him dead in a hostage standoff at a grocery store in paris. authorities say he killed four of his captives. tonight around 3,000 people held a vigil outside that market to remember the victims. a huge rally is scheduled for tomorrow. hundreds of thousands of people including world leaders are expected to attend. there is concern in this country too. large crowds came out in several cities including in new york to vent frustrations and rally for the victims of the shooting at the french newspaper "charlie hebdo" and in yesterday's hostage standoff. next at 11:00, a new way to deliver justice in one local community. how this building will make going to court safer.
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a deadly day on the road for a family of five. coming up the connection to a delaware driver. can joe flacco win a third playoff game on the road in new england? and a tough time on the injury front. and he was forced out of today's game. details coming up next.
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a family of five is killed in this crash. police say a wilmington man was behind the wheel of a tractor trailer that collided with the family's car in maryland. three adults two children and an unborn child died. the truck driver was hurt. the cause of the crash is under investigation.
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former jersey shore bureau a crane tipped over causing serious injuries to the operator in lakewood. the operator suffered a broken leg and a head injury. it's not clear what caused the crane to overturn. courthouse changes. coming up the new safety features at a local justice center. i'm tracking a frigid night ahead and a dry sunday but a wintry mix expected on monday morning. what to expect is coming up on my first alert seven-day forecast.
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a show of support for police at independence mall today. more than 100 people braved the below freezing temperatures to attend the pro-blue rally. officials from around the region joined everyday citizens to show their appreciation for the sacrifice of police and members of law enforcement make every day. bucks county has a new modern justice center. officials dedicated the facility today. it is across from the current courthouse. the complex which cost $85 million to build will house 19 courtrooms. there are more than 300 cameras and a separate garage for prison transfers. students are taking part at a hack-a-thon at drexel university. it runs for 24 hours. now during this event, students team up to hack different
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hardware projects. these events are held around the country and each school competes to be ranked number one. as we head into tonight we're going to see a frigid night ahead with temperatures in the single digits for the suburbs and the teen first i-95 corridor. tomorrow won't be as cold as today. temperatures in the mid-30s. more clouds expected on sunday. a wintry mix on monday morning. for philadelphia 18 degrees, a few clouds. humidity at 54%. not dealing with the wind chill any more. the temperatures at 11 in the poconos. 11 in glassboro. it's very cold if you are going to be out late tonight. but we are seeing mainly clear
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conditions. in the next 24 hours we're going to keep an eye on this moisture coming our way. clouds increasing throughout the day on sunday. but by 2:00 a.m. on monday a brief wintry mix making its way into the i-95 corridor and lingering until at least 7:00 a.m. that will set us up for a messy commute. our temperatures are going to continue to warm throughout the morning and we could see a few locations with freezing temperatures at the surface and leading to freezing rain which means icy spots. be careful as you are heading to work on monday. we will see more clearing in the rest of the afternoon. but we have a first alert weather day for monday morning. we expect to see a messy morning commute. so we want everyone to be careful. allow extra time to get to work. maybe leave a little later to
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miss out on the wintry mix. we will get a break from the arctic air. temperatures today 25. that is below the average of 40 degrees. we'll start to see the temperatures recovering tomorrow. close to afternoon on monday at 39 degrees but we have to deal with the wintry mix on monday morning. tomorrow, 20 in allentown. as we head into the rest of the afternoon hours it will be warmer than what we've seen today but cold and below average, temperatures in the mid-30s today. the rest of tonight we'll drop down into the zijsingle digits in the suburbs. 13 degrees for philadelphia. and tomorrow cold and sunny. our temperatures range between 30 and 36. the seven-day forecast shows warmer temperatures but an icy mix on monday. we dry out for the rest of the workweek. but by thursday we see a chance
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of rain and snow with temperatures in the high 30s. good evening. two flyers were named to the all-star team. the fellas hosting boston today. steve mason goes down clutching his right knee. an mri did not show significant damage. mason will be out for a week. boston got two goals from david pasternack. the first two of his career. look at this. remember this flyers fan who became a youtube sensation. colton was the flyers guest for the game. he got to high five the players
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as they went on the ice. a busy day here to be sure. the flyers followed by the sixers hosting the pacers. in the fourth quarter, show time off the steel. wroten off the backboard to mcdaniels. wroten nine assists and 20 points. we have drama. covington drives and gets the circus shot to fall. sixers go ahead 91-90. and the game winner past roy hibbert. the sixers get the victory. david west comes up empty. you know it feels great. because in the beginning of the season we had a few of those especially at home. we gave it away. you know so for us to be at home and have a crowd like that and be able to come home with it feels great. the eagles will interview scott fitterer about their
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general managerer's job. the patriots hosting the ravens. brady to lafell for a td pass. new england lead for the first time all game. joe flacco knows how to win on the road in the playoffs. down and out. come back eight times and won on the road but not this time. college basketball now we start on the main line with number 8, villanova hosting depaul. hilliard with the steal and the slam. he led everyone with 21 points. two seconds to go in the half. the long pass and sets up the player who beats the buzzer. nova wins 81-64. that's sports. we'll be right back.
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where a fundraiser was held. the 13-year-old died after a battle with leukemia. the event honored the nurses who treated her and benefitted the families of bone marrow transplant patients. a final look at the forecast. we could be above freezing to end the weekend. >> we shouldn't be so excited about it but it's to be expected. 36 degrees tomorrow. clouds increasing and monday morning is the main concern with a brief wintry mix on the way and icy spots. temperatures eventually in the afternoon will reach 39 degrees and we dry out for the rest of the week. but monday morning we have an alert issued for that. >> that's nbc 10 news for now. i'm denise nakano. "snl" is next.
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>> next on "c-span," earlier today, president obama introduced ebola czar ron klain, who took questions on the latest developments in the ebola crisis. [ cheers and applause ]


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