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tv   Today  NBC  January 10, 2015 7:00am-8:31am EST

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good morning. city on edge. a massive manhunt under way for this woman who may have played a role in the hostage in the paris grocery store and the drama ending in a hail of bullets. p this morning, new information about the gunmen and the extremist ties and more possibility of more. lester is live in paris with the latest. . massive pileup. white whiteout conditions lead to a chain reaction of nearly 200 cars. a truck carrying thousands of fireworks and now more brutal
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weather. third times a charm? mitt romney reveals he may be up for another presidential run after all. and the winner is? as hollywood gears up for the biggest night of the year. the golden globes. there are concerns some of the winners may have accidentally been published online. we will tell you what happened today, saturday january 10th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with lester holt and erica hill. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to today on this saturday morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm peter alexander alongside sheinelle jones and dylan dreyer. the hostage drama may be over, but the people of france cannot rest yet because of the fear of more. >> and one suspect, a woman
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remains on the loose. hundreds of troops deployed to help the thousands of police and security forces on patrol. top government officials are calling for quote extreme vigilance. >> lester is live in paris for us with a look back at the drama. lester you were near the grocery store. what is the latest this morning? >> reporter: peter, i think anyone who has been in paris the last several days had to wake up with a certain amount of relief. the fact is speaking to people on the streets of paris, there is a sense of dread and people are frightened about what may come next. let me show you the papers. this one essentially says "horror until the end." this one says "resist." think about the toll since wednesday. 17 innocent lives taken. three terrorists killed and a region traumatized after one horrific day. it was terror in split screen.
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two hostage dramas 20 miles apart. a nightmare scenario for security forces. both ending in dramatic fashion. it started at 9:00 friday morning in an industrial area outside paris near charles de gaulle airport. the two suspects in the paris massacre hijacked a car and chased and exchanged gunfire. said and cherif kouachi stormed into a printing company and took a hostage and s.w.a.t. teams surrounded the place and helicopters flew overhead. children in nearby schools were sheltered inside and finally ushered out away from the danger zone. the drama unfolded under the path of de gaulle flight path. in paris itself more terror. hours before the jewish sabbath, a gunman holds a dozen people
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hostage in a grocery store. >> very very bad. >> reporter: president hollande called it a terrify anti-semitic act. amedy coulibaly was identified as the associate as the kouachi brothers. they say he killed a police woman in a paris suburb on thursday. as a precaution businesses in the traditionally jewish district are ordered closed. during the standoff coulibaly spoke by phone with a french journalist. we only coordinated at the start. when they started "charles hebdo," i started with police. as evening came the twin hostage simultaneously. outside paris, the brothers made
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a run for it in dammartin-en-goele. police opened fire and threw stun grenades. killing the man. the hostage was safe. in paris, police made their move on the supermarket. explosions and hail of gunfire. coulibaly cut down by s.w.a.t. teams. apparently as he rushes to the exit. 15 hostages are rescued, but sadly four others are dead. prosecutors believe that the four dead were killed by the terrorist, not in the hail of police gunfire. this is not over as we mentioned. a sense of trepidation and part of that is because of an outstanding suspect, an alleged accomplice of the man who took hostages in the grocery. we have nbc's bill neely with more on that story. >> reporter: good morning. more details emerging about the
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deadly end to the sieges. the man, coulibaly, was hit by 60 bullets as he ran from the supermarket. he told hostages he is not afraid to die. it is either death or 40 years in jail. the crisis is not the gunman may be dead but accomplice is not. she is still on the run. she is a terrorist on the loose. photographed here with her partner, the man authorities say killed four hostages in the paris supermarket. french police say hayat boumediene is armed and dangerous. she knew all three gunmen well. hundreds of their phone calls intercepted by anti-terrorist police. two of the men had been prisoner prisonersprisoner prisoners together. her partner released months ago. they were all well known extremists. once recruiting men to kill u.s. troops in iraq. were they on their own?
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are others ready to strike? >> the french will try to find out how far this network extends. we know for a fact these individuals have connections to al qaeda. >> al qaeda yemen. >> reporter: cherif kouachi said he was commissioned in yemen. his brother trained there for years ago. the supermarket killer said he was with isis and chosen a jewish target deliberately. this horror was the work of one cell. is this cell bigger? police and intelligence officers have a challenge ahead. french president francois holland called for unity. we tightened security he said so we won't face risk and threat. but the french jewish community is under imminent stress. an attack on the cabsabbath.
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this city is on edge. extra anti-terrorist police remain. france says its government is on high alert. tomorrow erica, a major challenge for france. a major security challenge. the leaders of a dozen countries, including the prime ministers of britain, france and italy will be in the square for a rally to support democratic values. >> reporter: people still leaving tributes in the square. erica. >> still coming to pay tributes to the place behind you, lester. we learned the sense of dread which is understandable. you talked about nerves frayed about the people you ran into. when this dread, is there a sense that people are starting to take back their lives and shops opening again and people
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going about their business or is it still a little too raw? >> reporter: i think people are trying to find their stride. in talking to folks, there is a sense of what's next? there must be another shoe that is about to drop. i talked about a horrific day, eric erica. i talked about watertown. the hunt for the boston marathon bombers. the sense of dread and sirens blaring all day. the report of someone in the subway and other hostage takings. we were in a middle of a situation and we looked out the car window and surrounded by police with guns pointing across the street. we didn't know what was going on. we're crouched behind vehicles. it turned out to be another false alarm with the overwhelming response. you will see that ratcheting down. it is still on edge here. very tense. >> understandably so. so many comparisons people have
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talked about watertown. lester thanks. we will check in with you later in the show. michael sheehan is an nbc terrorist analyst and is chair at the center at west point. good morning. >> good morning, erica. >> lester pointed out the sense in paris of could this happen again and what is coming next? this is the attack that seems to have been very much under the radar despite the men being well known. at some point, being under surveillance. how did they go from being well known to carry out such in many ways a surprising attack? >> erica, the french will have time to review that. they made mistakes clearly. they were well known to officials. they had deep ties to al qaeda. both brothers had connections to al qaeda. one convicted of recruiting people to iraq. another gone to yemen and training in the arabian
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peninsula. the girl was arrested for involve involvement in a plot with a 1995 bombing attack in paris. these three individuals were well known and slipped through the cracks. this attack was under the radar. the french will have some deep investigation and try to figure out what went wrong. >> the woman the manhunt underway for her currently. how dangerous is she? >> it is not clear. we have photos of her shooting with a crossbow and close with coulibaly. her boyfriend or associate. she is probably out there by her own right now not very dangerous. they will find her soon. the real issue is these guys had connections to a guy who is an aq recruiter in paris. this cell is going to have deeper connections with the french trying to unravel where the connections go to prevent any other cells from operating.
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>> that is a major concern in france. terrorism laws were passed last month. why is there seemingly a larger issue with this in france? >> the cause in europe contracted to the laws in the united states are weaker. regarding travel to assist groups and fund raising and recruiting. people get off with light sentences like kouachi. if he was convicted in the united states he would have gotten 10 to 20 years for conspireing to work with a group known to kill. >> michael sheehan, thank you for being with us. >> you are welcome. the bitterly cold weather here at home grimpping the country. dylan is here with the forecast. >> it will stay cold. that also means icy on the roads. take a look at the video we saw
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from this huge pileup in michigan. this is on i-94. nearly 200 vehicles were involved in the pipeup here. one caring crashing into another and one person killed and 22 injured in the pileup over the past couple days. these are the conditions we have been seeing. we also have extreme ice in parts of western and upstate new york. we have significant lake-effect snow. on the niagara river, chunks of ice. once you get the chunks of ice, you get ice jams. this is talawanda, new york. we will notice this over the next several days. it takes until next weekend before the pattern shifts and we lose the cold. we have windchill advisories from north dakota to western new york. lake-effect snow warnings where some areas near watertown have picked up three feet of snow. currently we have temperatures below zero. the feels-like temperature in
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marquette, michigan is 26 below. as we go into high temperatures today, we will be running about 10 to 25 degrees below average. as for the snow, we could see an additional 1 to 2 feet of snow especially near watertown, new york and buffalo. when you get the winds off the water, it is relentless. >> it is the beginning of january. dylan, thanks. turning to politics. a familiar face in the republican party could be shaking up the race for the white house. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker has more. >> reporter: we are talking about mitt romney. he has been saying he will not run again, but now his tone has changed. he told a group of donors he is considering it as of friday. after a bruises defeat in 2010
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former massachusetts governor mitt romney insisted he is not getting back into the game. >> i'm not running for president. not again. >> not running for president. i said that so many times. >> reporter: even his wife ann is adamant. now, romney may be changing his tune. telling a group of donors on friday he is considering a run in 2016. according to those in the room, romney said quote, people ask if i want to be president. yeah i want to be president. romney's renewed interest comes as jeb bush announced he is exploring a white house run. resigning from his board positions. >> together we can provide conservative principles. >> reporter: with a number of key republicans weighing potential bids romney could shake things up. >> romney would upend the field. you have jeb bush and chris christie in that establishment.
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adding romney would be a huge competition. >> reporter: romney reportedly said friday his wife ann is encouraging the idea. it would be his third presidential bid. he will have to make a move in the next 30 to 60 days. >> kristen welker thank you. this is familiar for you, peter alexander. >> my bags are packed. sheinelle jones is here following the rest of the news for us. including the potentially bad news for a man hailed as an american hero. >> nbc news confirmed prosecutors have recommended bringing felony charges against retired four star army general david petraeus. he is accused of leaking classified information to his one-time mistress while director of the cia in 2012. now to indonesia where a key piece of wreckage from airasia
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flight 8501 was just found. the plane's tail was hoisted from the java sea overnight using inflate able balloons. no word if the black boxes are inside the tail or detached from the planes when it went down killing all 162 people on board. awkward moments for bill cosby when hecklers interrupted the man. the comedian pleaded with the audience not to react. protesters out side was growing. george zimmerman was back in police custody on charges of aggravated assault with a weapon. he has been involved in a string of domestic violence since the shooting death of trayvon martin. the spacex company launched supplies to the international space station this morning. the revolutionary attempt to
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land the booster on a barge will not make the record books. minutes after it launched the falcon 9 rocket. the rocket made it to the barge but, came down too hard and broke apart. the company says close, but no cigar. now to what is called the shot of the year with just .3 of a second left. trevor booker gets the ball and tips the ball up and in. watch that again. back to the rim. tip it is like a volleyball and gets nothing but net. it wasn't enough to keep the jazz from a loss to oklahoma city. >> he felt good about that. >> the zoo is all clapping their flippers. that was a run of a century. dylan is here with another check of the forecast. >> it has to be worth extra points. i hope don't know anything about basketball. it will not happen.
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let's take a look satat the weather across the country. the cold across the eastern two third. we have an icy mix in texas. freezing rain down that way. it will turnover to rain especially across southeastern texas. it will be very slippery this morning. you may want to stay in early this morning and do errands later today. we have snow in the central rockies. west coast enjoying temperatures good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. frigid start to the day. temperatures in the 20s today. we're starting out in the teens though. windchills below zero. bitterly cold and breezy today. we're doing the rebound on sunday but feeling bet we're a little more cloud cover in place. 34 degrees by monday. icy mixture moving on to rain 34. cold on tuesday, temperatures around the freezing mark. staying in the 30s thursday, friday, and saturday. and that's your latest
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forecast. >> perhaps a little rain in hollywood. hollywood award season kicks off tomorrow not. 60% chance of showers there. >> leave the forecasting to me. >> one of the most star-studded nights of the year. the golden globes. what can we expect off and on the red carpet? nbc's joe fryer with more. >> reporter: the red carpet has been unfurled and it will be walked upon by hollywood as they walk into the ball room. >> it is like cramming the most famous people in the world in a small space. there is a chemistry that happens when you do that that is very exciting. >> reporter: the golden globes are the first major awards show of the season. it is a mix of movie stars and tv stars. >> and now your hosts for the evening. >> reporter: tina fey and amy poehler are hosting for the second time. >> gravity is nominated for best
7:21 am
film. the story of how george clooney would rather float away in space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age. >> reporter: clooney will be there sunday receiving the cecil award along with his wife. >> we could see amazing fairy tale looks. romantic. not overly glam. >> you are saying love is absolute? >> reporter: the front runner is "birdman." for drama? >> i think "boyhood" is the favorite. even at the golden globes an independent american movie is favorite. >> reporter: many prognosticator prognosticators feel another
7:22 am
movie. just ask this year's miss golden globe grier grammar. >> i can't do that. >> reporter: nerves big stars and open bar. all making the golden globes the season's most unpredictable award show. for "today," joe fryer, nbc news los angeles. also another question surrounding the anwardawards. did the golden globes actually reveal the winners? sheinelle is in the orange room with more. >> if you were on the web site and browsing last year's winners. you may have noticed titles on the list stirring up excitement. without further ado, the best picture for comedy or musical
7:23 am
"into the woods." then "selma." the hollywood foreign press association web press developer say it hasn't been spoiled. it is a technical error. "selma" and "into the woods" were picked by random. you know it caused a bit of buzz. >> i wonder if it caused an uptick in vegas. >> if they win? >> we will have to find out here tomorrow night at 8:00/7:00 central here on nbc. still to come who doesn't love a day of pampering and relaxation? sgr >> we know you love that peter. >> how young is too young to spark controversy? just after this, we are back on nbc.
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still to come on "today," a certain rossen report facing millions of kids that take the bus every good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's 7:26 on this saturday. the sun is coming up but not really going to help us out today. let's check on on the weather with meteorologist michelle grossman. >> we're off to a good start. it's going to be so cold all day long. temperatures in the teens. you mentioned the sunshine. looks pretty out there but it's not going to help to warm us up. temperatures around 17 in philadelphia. 3 in mount pocono. 9 in lancaster. factor in the winds, it feels like 3 in philadelphia. so for today, cold one. 22 degrees. lots of sunshine though. sunday more clouds cold 34. at least we tacked on 12 degrees. monday it could be a slow
7:27 am
commute. icy mixture, 34. by tuesday, windy at the freezing mark. wednesday, dry, 35. and watching the chance for rain and snow on thursday. you can get important weather information and updates on your smartphone or tablet with the nbc10 weather app. it's free. download it at new from over night. 22 people are getting help from the american red cross after a late night fire in lehigh county. the fire damaged four rowhomes. everybody made it out saufly. the red cross is now offering those residents warm clothing food, and shelter. ocean city high school science experiment is finally in space. the project is aboard the spacex dragon cargo ship that blasted off from cape canaveral at 5:00 this morning. the unmanned capsule packed with supplies will reach the international space station monday morning. seven seniors from ocean city high school put the project to the. i'm rosemary connors.
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i had no idea you could milk a cat. >> oh, yeah you can milk anything with nipples. >> i have nipples, greg could you milk me? >> with that good morning. >> i'm trying to see where this is going. >> work with us. >> give us a minute. we are back here on this saturday morning. january 10th 2015. here is sheinelle. as you saw in the clip dinner with the in laws can be awkward. dinner with strangers is worse. don't talk about nipples with dylan at the table. there is a trend in dining where you have dinner with a stranger in their home. >> strangers. >> it will work out better than that worked out in "meet the
7:31 am
parents." >> everything works out better. >> as long as they are not fockers. other drivers on the road are putting them at risk. this half hour an eye opening "rossen reports" that you don't want to miss. everyone loves a good spa day, but how young is too young? we begin with the murder trial under way for former nfl star aaron hernandez. it left many wondering how a star with a $40 million contract wound up at the center of not one, but two homicide investigations. nbc's ron mott has more. >> reporter: hidden from view for day one on the murder trial, all eyes on former star aaron hernandez for the next few weeks. once testimony starts the trial
7:32 am
will be televised. >> it should be an interesting trial. i'm sure there will be lots of drama. the downfall of a young handsome man. >> reporter: hernandez is charged with first-degree murder in the june 2013 killing of odin lloyd. a semi pro football player shot several times and body found a half mile from hernandez's home. he pleaded not guilty and could spend the rest of his life if convicted. if acquitted, hernandez is likely to remain behind bars as he is facing double murder charges in boston. in that crime, two men gunned down after one bumped into hernandez at a nightclub was the motive for lloyd's killing. hernandez was worried that lloyd was talking about the crime during the 2012 nfl season. hernandez got a nearly $40 million contract and scored five
7:33 am
touchdowns. hernandez has also pleaded not guilty in that case. >> after consultation with ownership ownership, we acted quickly. >> reporter: hernandez was fired by his team. contract guarantees voided. two trials ahead for many thought was destined for nfl glory. for "today," ron mott, nbc news. we have dylan with another check on the weather. >> it will not be all that widespread but it doesn't take much ice to make for slippery conditions on the roads. you can see the snow is approaching san angelo, texas. it is all rain in brownsville. we are looking at watches and advisories and warnings in blue. for of all places south central texas. we are looking at .10 of an inch of ice. it makes the roads and sidewalks
7:34 am
slippery. as we go into the next 24 hours, it spreads into northern missouri and northern arkansas and southern missouri where the ice accumulating as well. .10 of an inch of ice. as we go into sunday and monday it is on the move. we are looking at the northern edge to produce the ice in indianapolis. pittsburgh starts as snow and switches to ice. we could see ice in washington, d.c. 7:00 a.m. on monday morning, a bit of ice early on. it turns over to rain as it makes its way into the northeast. we could see snow in southern new england early in the afternoon on monday and monday good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. frigid start to the day. we're going to end it just as cold. temperatures in the 20s. starting out in the teens though. windchills below zero in many spots. literally cold and breezy today. 21 to 23. well below normal for this time of year.
7:35 am
cloud cover in place, 34 degrees by monday. icy mixture to start out with. move og on the rain 34. cold on tuesday. temperatures around the freezing mark. staying in the 30s thursday, friday, and saturday. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks. just ahead jeff rossen reports on dangers that children face go coughequence #5. the sleepless night. sorry. robitussin dm max nighttime's dual action liquid instantly soothes your throat and delivers fast, powerful cough relief.
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robitussin. don't suffer the coughequences.
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or you can make it easy and do the pop with tide pods. the first 3 in 1 laundry pack. it cleans, brightens, and removes stains in one step. tide pods one step to an amazing clean. this morning on "rossen reports" drivers putting kids at risk blowing past school buses they have their lights on. >> today, jeff rossen is here with the part one of school danger zone. jeff this is scary. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is timely with kids back in school after the holiday break. 23 million children ride the school bus every day. when it comes, the flashing red lights go on as the driver you
7:39 am
know to stop. kids are crossing right in front of you. so many are not paying attention or late for work and purposely blow right by. already this school year, kids have been hitting getting off and on the bus. now the push to catch the violators. we are on patrol with police. warning. the video here is disturbing. keep an eye on the boy crossing the street getting off the school bus. that car nearly hits him. never slowing down. this young boy is not as lucky. that car slamming into him as full speed as he walked off the bus and take a look. the stop sign is clearly out. so hard to watch. amazingly, he walks away unharmed. according to the bus industry association, it happens over 70,000 times a day. vehicles passing stopped buses. heart pounding surveillance videos catching car after car
7:40 am
blowing by school buses during stops. the flashing red lights on. stop signs out. the offenders ignoring it. >> somebody just hit a kid trying to get on the school bus. >> reporter: 11-year-old michael burgess knocked to the ground weeks ago. >> i remember seeing a car. i was so scared. i knew the car was going to hit me. >> reporter: michael spent days in the hospital in a body brace. >> i'm lucky i'm alive now. i thought i would die because the car was going really fast. >> reporter: it is not just cars. watch this semi truck. driving off road to pass the stopped school bus. this other semi? passes another stopped bus just before the kindergartner crosses the street. >> this is literally life and death. >> it is. >> reporter: the broward county sheriff's office inviting us along to scan for offenders.
7:41 am
right away we start following this school bus. okay the yellow lights on. it is about to make a stop. cars should be slowing down now. when the bus stops, we see the red lights are flashing. the stop sign is out. but keep watching. count with me. one, two, three, four five cars fly right by. so many violators, our deputy cannot get them all. >> the reason i stopped you today is because you passed a stopped school bus. >> did you see the bus? >> no i did not. >> do you have children? >> yes. >> how do you feel if your child was crossing the street expecting the cars to stop and a car flew by? >> i would feel bad. i taught my children to look both ways before crossing the street. >> shouldn't they expect to be safe? >> reporter: then deputies pulled over this car. the driver telling us she saw the bus too late. >> by the time i could do
7:42 am
anything, i said oh, my gosh. >> you realized what you had had done? >> will you pay attention? >> i always do but this time i did not. >> reporter: the drivers both slapped with a $210 ticket. >> you are talking about lives. children could get hit. >> this problem has gotten so bad, school districts are installing technology on school buses. they are activated when the bus stops and it tickets the driver. the tickets range from $100 up to $1,000. that aside, we are talking about the safety of kids here. >> jeff thank you very much. it is scary enough when an adult is crossing the street. imagine a 9-year-old. may not think. >> it is true. i'm amazed. we were talking during the
7:43 am
piece. the woman said i always stop. >> i think she wanted to apologize. >> the tickets might make a difference. coming up next looking for a new place to eat? how about a complete stranger's house? sheinelle will go door knocking this morning to find friends after these messag so it seemed like a good time to sell my car. well, we make it pretty easy. in fact, your appraisal should be ready, let's pull it up. now, how long do i have to decide on this offer? seven days, and we'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours. but if i decide to buy a convertible? the offer is exactly the same either way. nice! aaanndd... here it is! we'll take it! terrific. sell your car the fast and easy way, with no strings attached, at carmax. start here. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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you go out of your way to show how much you care. and that's exactly how we grow our avocados all year round. with love, from mexico. what if we pay money to eat with a complete stranger. some people are saying yes. now sheinelle is trying it out. >> in the spirit of the story, i asked two i did to the know what is your name? >> stephanie. >> marcella. >> i asked two people i met this morning, forget your friends. try the internet. social apps and web sites are connecting strangers in search of a unique culinary experience.
7:47 am
>> are you looking down my dress? >> no. >> why not? >> talk about an awkward dinner. why would anyone put themselves through that? turns out there is a trend in eating out where people are willingly spending the evening with strangers. i had to know why. have i ever dined with complete strangers? that would be a no. >> hi. >> hi come on in. >> our host for the night? susie. a banker turned chef getting ready to host ten people for a five-course meal in her manhattan apartment. >> i have little bites. you get to know each other before we sit down for dinner. the idea behind the dish is to give you a bit of fusion in terms of places that i traveled. i hope you enjoy it. >> reporter: she is a registered host. a web site connecting diners looking for home cooked meals
7:48 am
with hosts who love to cook and eat. >> the first time i hosted i was nervous. it is one thing that family and friends tell you that are you good at what you do but strangers, it is a different ball game. >> you ever wonder who is coming in your house? >> yeah of course. it is always a question. who is coming in. i think they have been good people. i have faith in humanity. >> reporter: the founder guy mitchell came up with the idea after having a meal with a stranger. he was on vacation in 2010 with family and he figured out the way to make the in-home dining experience accessible to everyone. >> at end of the day, the locals eat at home. i saw how magical this dinner was. i was convinced it would work. >> reporter: these are some sharing web sites that are
7:49 am
popping up across the country. >> i love that it is professional yet intimate. the chef also opens his or her home. enjoy wine and food. >> the next in the course is brown rice hooked with tumeric and cumin. right on top is zuchinni cutlets. finding out what links people with strangers and make new friends. >> that was so amazing. i'm a fan now of dining with strangers. >> reporter: well they are not strangers anymore. >> cheers! >> it was -- let me offer my strangers some scones. i made them this morning before the show. can i tell you guys it was worth it. would you consider it? >> i would. >> what about you? >> i would.
7:50 am
it looked fun. the food looked phenomenal. >> the food is amazing. people is a bus boy, but always loved to cook. you go in the homes. it is all vetted. they are giving you their best. it tastes if hephenomenal. >> stephanie and macella, take your jackets off. stay a while. >> you need to eat my scones. >> all right. good luck over there, ladies. still to come she is the star of the drama "chicago p.d." the lovely sophia bush is stopping by. >> she's here. >> we are going to talk to her, but first this is "today" on nbc.
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still to come on saturday on
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good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's just a few minutes before 8:00. let's get a check of your weekend weather with meteorologist michelle grossman. another m frigid one out there. >> it is frigid. temperatures are in the teens. it's going to be cold all day long. live look outside. also windy. you can see the flag blowing in the breeze. temperatures are 16 in philadelphia. just two in mount pocono. it feels like zero in philadelphia. it feels like 17 below zero in mount pocono. bundle up today. 22 degrees. rebound on sunday up to 34. more clouds. mostly cloudy. monday icy mix to start out with.
7:57 am
morning commute will be slower. sunshine returns on tuesday. high of 32. in the 30s wednesday, thursday and friday. if you are heading out this weekend be sure to take the nbc10 weather team along with you by downloading the nbc10 app. our meteorologists like michelle grossman will be working with our digital team to update you on the weather all weekend long. this morning the search continues for a missing mother from mouns laurel. the family now says that the woman's husband is nowhere to be found after police recently questioned him. erica crosby was last seen the evening of december 30th with her husband kyle crosby in cherry hill. nbc10 was outside of erica's apartment in mount laurel last night where loved ones poszed out fliers and prayed for her safe return smep posted a photo on facebook of her and kyle just before she vanished. that's going to do it for now. i'm rosemary connors. i'll see you in 25 minutes for another update and a full hour
7:58 am
of news at 8:30. have a good one.
7:59 am
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good morning. it is saturday january 10th 2015. here is a look at the top stories. a major manhunt is underway for the woman who may have played a role in the siege at the french grocery store. we are learning more about the gunmen and their ties. we have lester holt in paris with the latest. whiteout conditions lead to a chain-reaction incident with nearly 200 cars. adding to the disaster a truck carrying thousands of pounds of fireworks explodes. all of this as brutal weather heads through the country. and how young is too young? spas are known for relaxation but now controversy at targeting
8:01 am
children. good morning. welcome back to "today" on a saturday morning. nice to look at our friends on the plaza. we will head out to say hi in a bit. always great to have them with us. stop by anytime you are in town. i'm erica hill. >> i'm peter alexander alongside sheinelle jones and dylan dreyer. you see lester is in paris continuing to cover the aftermath of the terror attacks. that is where we begin this half hour with the manhunt underway for the alleged accomplice of the gunmen responsible for the terror attacks. she remains on the loose and hundreds of troops deployed to help the thousands of security forces already on patrol. as we mentioned, lester is live in paris with the very latest. >> reporter: peter, good morning. the three terrorists who traumatized the region for three days are dead but not before leaving 17 innocent lives ended.
8:02 am
what a horrific day yesterday. twin hostage takings, one 20 miles outside paris and the other at a kosher grocery store on the eastern edge of the city itself. both ending in explosions and gunfire. police are still looking for an accomplice hayat boumediene. an accomplice of amedy coulibaly. he is the man who took hostages at the grocery store. people here are very very on edge still. there is some sense of relief that this chapter is over but there is dread there may be more to come. president hollande said france is not done with the threats. whether he is referring to the climate in general or specific intelligence is not clear, but people feeling a sense of dread here. walking around we get that sense. even within the last hour there have been a couple more false alarms. reports of people with weapons. you hear the sirens race off after them. happy to hear they are false
8:03 am
alarms. people are jittery at every shadow out of what has happened here. tomorrow in this very square in fact as we speak, they are clearing the area of cars. there will be a massive march and rally of solidarity. they are inviting people of all faiths and backgrounds to come here and march in a moment of solidarity. one woman i talked to today in referring to the fear and all that she said that i am proud of my country right now. proud for the response and people are coming together on what could have been a divisive moment. at this point, police still continuing to maintain vigilance. this woman on the run is said to be armed and dangerous. back to you, peter. >> thank you, lester. another story we have been following in michigan. a deadly pileup with nearly 200
8:04 am
cars. frances rivera has more. >> this led to a pileup and massive explosion. many battle snowfall this morning and a massive pileup friday in michigan as drivers face near whiteout conditions. a scene out of a horror movie. a horrified bystander shooting video on his phone. as one vehicle after another slammed into each other. cars and more frightening huge tractor-trailers out of control. it happened amid icy conditions and blinding snow on interstate 94. drivers going too quickly. the man filming rushes to help. nearly 200 vehicles caught up in the chain-reaction vehicle. >> get out! >> reporter: one trucker killed and 22 other people injured by the time it was all over. adding to the danger one truck was carrying 40,000 pounds of
8:05 am
fireworks which exploded. another truck had dangerous acid on board forcing residents to evacuate. the interstate was closed overnight as crews try to assess the damage and clean up the carnage. the video is more scary. surprising that the death toll wasn't higher. just staggering when you see the cars. >> there is nothing you can do. you see them coming. the guy taping. you can't warn them. >> reminder to everybody. slow down. >> i have driven in whiteout conditions. there are times when people are driving past you and driving like maniacs. there are times we are all driving 20 miles an hour in a straight line. you follow the car in front of you. that is what keeps everybody safe. when people start speeding in conditions you cannot see. it is crazy. >> thank you. and speaking of weather conditions there is a severe cold which is gripping the eastern half of the country. >> ice in texas.
8:06 am
you know we are going to see some improvement today. it will take until next weekend before we see a pattern shift. we will stay cold in the meantime. we have windchill advisories in effect all through north dakota stretches through the great lakes and into western new york where we have lake-effect snow warnings. up to 3 feet of snow has fallen in parts of central and western new york. temperatures are brutally cold. you factor in the wind and it feels 15 below. new york feels like 2 degrees. right in washington, d.c. it feels near zero. we will top out in the teens and 20s. that is about 15 to 25 degrees below average for this time of year. let me show you this wind. a west wind that produces the lake-effect snow. right here buffalo and right up near watertown, new york. you can see it doesn't move. it sits and dumps snow at rates of 3 inches per hour. because of that we are looking at additional 1 to 2 feet of snow possible especially south of watertown. an area i was just in. we are going to see the chance of that snow through the night
8:07 am
tonight and we should finally start to see some improvements especially into sunday. finally that lake-effect will turn off. it is brutal. >> all right. dylan, thanks. let's get a check of the top stories with sheinelle. >> good morning. we start with this. nbc news has confirmed federal prosecutors recommend felony charges against four star army general david petraeus. he is accused of leaking classified information to his one-time mistress as director of the cia in 2012. a growing number of people have the measles after visiting disneyland in california. two of the people were reportedly fully vaccinated. a protest is planned in salt lake city today after a man wielding a shovel was shot by police officer.
8:08 am
the man slammed the police officer with the shovel before breaking the camera. the fatal shooting was not recorded. the police officer was hit with the shovel several times. a leading bishop turned her several in after a drunk driving incident. reverend heather cooke was charged friday with drunk driving after killing a bicyclist in baltimore. she was charged with drunk driving in 2010 before being the first female bishop in maryland. the sketch of the man released after police believe he setoff an explosion in colorado at the naacp office on tuesday. a $10,000 reward is offered. big news on a man making a groundbreaking climb in yosemite national park. the climber is relying on the physical strength and dexterity to make his way up. >> it makes my stomach turn to
8:09 am
watch. the strength. i would never make it. >> they sleep on the side of the rock. >> that is crazy. >> i can't do a rock climbing event at a local rec center. >> the best part is one of the climbers has a 2-year-old at home with a rock wall. >> we'll keep you updated. dylan has made her way outside for the rest of the country's forecast. >> i'm surrounded by a bunch of crazy people here. why are you out here? it is way too cold to be outside. we have this lovely lady here. >> these are my good friends laura and beth. my mom recently passed away. we have been friends for 20 years. they brought me here to cheer me up. great friends. >> your son's name is dylan? >> his name is dylan and my maiden name is dylan. i said have a daughter and name her dylan. >> it is freezing cold on the plaza. let's look at the weather on the eastern half of the country.
8:10 am
temperatures about 15 to 25 degrees below average. we have an icy mix of freezing rain and sleet down near texas. watch out for the slippery conditions this morning. tomorrow it will turn into mainly rain, especially along the gulf coast. the wintry mix into the midwest and ohio and indiana, that is where we could end up with that possibly producing about .10 of an inch of ice. keep t a good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. a frigid start to the day. temperatures in the 20s today. starting out in the teens though. windchills below zero in many spots. bitterly cold and breezy today. well below normal for this time of year. we're going to rebound on sunday. feeling better with more cloud cover in place. 34 degrees. by monday icy mixture to start out. 34. still cold on tuesday. temperatures around the freezing mark. staying in the 30s thursday, friday, and saturday. and that's your latest forecast.
8:11 am
guys you should really come out here. it's great. i promise. >> dylan, she is really funny. thanks dylan. we enjoy a little pampering and relaxation every once and a while. sounds the way to spend the day for a lot of people. now it turns out the spa industry is targeting some new customers. children. which, of course leads us to ask how young is too young for a spa day? here is nbc's janet shamlian. >> do your hair. your makeup. pedicure and manicure. >> reporter: this is no ordinary spa. it is sassy lola. it caters just to kids. >> what is the kids reaction? >> all the girls want to get their nails done. it is a treat. >> it is nice getting your nails done. i wanted to share it with my friends. >> reporter: on the menu? manis and pedis and facials and
8:12 am
fairy dust. it is definitely a trend. there are hundreds of kid spas like this one all over the country. why not? who doesn't want to look just like this? a growing industry. the spa association says 25% of the 20,000 spas now offer services for children. that's up 15% from four years ago. the new york times recently profiled the growing trend, but how young is too young for a spa day? >> i think the idea is a mixed message. if we are doing it all the time it is not going to help them. however, if we are doing it on big occasions, it could be something fun. >> reporter: allison treated her daughter to a spa day for her seventh birthday. some people say i'm not sure. >> i agree. they are young. they are absolutely young. it is a one-time thing.
8:13 am
not all the time. it is her seventh birthday. this is what she wanted. you need to create boundaries at some point, but enjoy it. why not? >> reporter: little girls day out as the pre-teen set gets a taste of becoming red carpet ready. for "today," janet shamlian nbc news, houston. >> talk about a topic that stirs up debate. >> is something wrong with chuck e. cheese? >> everybody is looking to raise the bar. >> for a birthday party? i agree. special occasions. >> all the time? i think i didn't get my first man iicure until college. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> we are sending it to dylan to the orange room with the plaza fan of the day. >> we have the group from south carolina with all your friends. >> still to come sophia bush stops by to talk about her hit tv show "chicago p.d." before fibromyalgia, i was active.
8:14 am
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8:17 am
sophia bush plays detective erin lindsay on "chicago p.d." she was ready to leave until a fellow officer was shot. take a look. >> first of the day. >> she was waiting for her here? >> there was no shooter. >> no shooter? who pulled the trigger? >> the buzzer was rigged to the trigger of the gun. presses the button. >> so her killer is what? some kind of brilliant tech whiz? >> don't give him too much credit. it will disappoint you when we catch him. >> sophia is with us this morning. good morning. i love your show. i have to tell you. >> i'm so excited. >> this is the big question hanging in the air, too, you are going? >> yeah. >> yeah? >> yeah. going.
8:18 am
>> not gone gone? >> that is what is interesting about the show. our show is a personal gritty window into the intelligence unit works and how that area of the police force works. now you will be seeing that unit and being able to compare them to the feds. >> which we hear a lot about in the news. you hear a lot about the story we are covering. how are the fbi and local authorities working together. it will be interesting to see that play out. >> absolutely. >> you have a lot of people on set. former police officers a lot of advisors. what is the crazy things you have learned from them? >> for me. it is hearing every day we go to work and our advisers show up and they talk about the shift the night before. they tell us what happened and who they caught and what went on. the drugs they confiscated. the caches of weapons they have found and taken off the street.
8:19 am
we don't hear about that. the general public rarely hears about what the police are doing day in and day out to protect the city. i just feel really lucky. we work with great guys. they really changed my viewpoint. >> you also on a really sort of level, i was on the set not too long ago. you all hang out. do you all live in a dorm? how does that work? >> it is a little bit like scattered dorm living. josh on "sirens" plays justin. so surreal he got these two shows in chicago. we have constantly got friends coming through. we really do feel lucky because "fire" set the pace and they have a close comradery. we showed up and they showed up. it is more the merrier. >> you are fun to follow on instagram.
8:20 am
you are a fun person to hang out with. you use it to promote causes. why is it important you use your celebrity for good? >> i'm talking about what really matters to me. someone is going to be inspired and those matter to them or they will find out what does matter to them. my mission for social justice only makes my job on "chicago p.d." feel more authentic to me. erin is very different, but we have the same core value. >> thanks for coming by. we appreciate it. we will be watching. >> thank you. >> sophia bush thank you. you can catch "chicago p.d." on wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m.
8:21 am
8:22 am
some hardy souls joining us on the plaza.
8:23 am
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>> it is frigid outside. temperatures in the opens. windchills at zero in philadelphia. we'll talk about the forecast
8:27 am
coming up. french authorities aren't the only ones urging people to be vigilant. we'll tell you about the warning for americans in the wake of the massacre. could pennsylvania's top law enforcement officer face criminal charges? today, council for kathleen kane will be in philadelphia to address allegations that she leaked secret information. george zimmerman is in trouble with the law again. why police have now arrested the man acquitted for the 2013 death of trayvon martin. those stories an much more coming up next on nbc10 today at 8:30.
8:28 am
8:29 am
. right now on "nbc10 news today" a blast of bitter cold weather. the wind only makes matters worse, especially down the shore. you can see the flags blowing probably for most of the day. later on this morning we'll hear from council for pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane who is fighting
8:30 am
calls for her impeachment. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's just before 8:30 on this saturday morning. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the frigid temperatures outside. michelle this kind of weather can really be dangerous if you're not careful. >> that's right. it doesn't take a long time to be outside for your soon to be exposed to have problems. take precautions. wear layers. wear the mittens, the hats the scarves. here's a live look. looking at blue skies. a pretty looking day but it is frigid. looking at temperatures in the teens mainly 16 right now in philadelphia. 17 in millville. to the knot and west 2 in mount pocono. nine degrees in lancaster. the winds will be a factor all day long. feels like 17 below zero in mount pocono. feels like zero in philadelphia. the windchills in atlantic city right around five and four in dover. a cold day. windchills are colder than that. as we go throughout the day, the temperature will not climb far. by


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