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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 8, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. >> announcer: nbc breaking news. that breaking news comes to us out of paris, france this morning. a live picture on the scene. people are being interviewed officer two people including a police officer were just shot. this comes, one day, of course after that terror attack that killed 12 people at a french magazine. more breaking news back here at home. a fire has claimed the life of a man. we're live on the scene as firefighters search for the cause of that deadly fire. this comes on a morning of near record cold. it's an icy view of philadelphia. at the bottom of your screen it says 11 degrees, the sad news is, it does not feel that warm outside. the windchill is brutal.
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good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. another "first alert" weather day. school districts across the area are taking extra precaution to protect the kids against the cold this morning. so far, we have 28 schools opening late. you can see the complete list scrolling on the bottom of the screen also on our nbc10 news app. once again, we have team coverage on what you can expect as you step outside. and what you can do before you leave the house to save time and money. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley. bill, you told us this was coming with windchill make it feel like below zero outside. >> yeah it is not a lot of wind, but it's very cold. temperatures dropping in the single digits in much of the area. 11 degrees here. yes, that northwesterly wind has brought the temperatures down. much lower than what we've seen so far this year. pottstown, 6 degrees. allen town 6, 8 degrees in trenton. wilmington in single digits.
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10 in northeast philly. factor in the wind and look at the temperatures that are below zero for each location. even at the shore. it's 7:00 below right now at atlantic city. at the airport there, thanks to strong gusty winds. 6 below in trenton. and 20 below zero in mt. pocono. a very cold start. and the wind will be blowing through the day, we will see sunshine, but look at these number 7:00 8 degrees, 9:00 just 10. lover time we'll go through hour by hour neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten. right now we're checking with jillian mele watching a very cold morning. >> good morning. we're not reporting any accidents for drivers in new jersey and delaware. this is what it looks like at in delaware at 295. nothing to deal with as far as any big incidents go. and heading to 95 drive times
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between woodhaven and the vine about 12 to 13 minutes so if you're heading southbound into center city. that's where we see the delay later in the morning. for now, no delays to report on any of the highways chris. look at that. pico crews are dealing with power line problems this frigid morning. in north philadelphia, that's where we saw the arcing wires in germantown avenue. starting raining sparks on vehicles down below, peco tells us wind likely caused the problem. the good news no one lost electricity. and problems also probable for septa system but no problems at least until now. jesse gary live in media delaware county. jesse tell us about septa's cold weather crew. >> reporter: well they're the crew that keep their eyes almost on the skies looking above. you see the power lines overhead. that's what they're focusing on
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just minutes ago they were out at the moreland roads valley septa station here in media. their task is to clear the overhead power lines for ice. these are the ice that supply enough electricity to push a train. but extreme cold causes the metal to contract and possibly break. as i said the danger of ice hanging from bridges and trees. coming up in the next 30 minutes, i'm going to talk to you about that danger and what they're doing to clear the lines. we're live in media, delaware county this morning, jesse gary "nbc10 news." >> thanks jesse. here's what else we're watching atlantic city is under a code blue until tomorrow. that means anyone who doesn't have a place to stay should head to a shelter. you can see the people bundled up there, their faces covered as they try to fight those freezing, subfreezing temperatures there blocking out the wind. in delaware the designation cold purple is effect at least until tomorrow.
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the salvation army and other agencies are offering short-term shelter and hot food. you can use the new nbc app or logon to and keep that nbc news app handy for this entire stretch of dangerous cold weather. there you can get traffic alerts and any weather-related news at anytime. if you don't have it already you can download the app from the android or app store. 4:05. let's get to that breaking news out of paris. in the past 90 minutes, a gunman shot two people including a police officer in paris. this of course comes the day after the terror attack at a magazine office that left 12 people dead. nbc to's tracy davidson is following it live in the digital operations center tracy. >> chris, this story is developing minute by minute. we just got that live picture established from paris to show you. here's what we know. we know two people were hurt in
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that traffic including one police officer south of paris. we don't know right now if the shooting today is connected to the charlie hebdo massacre from yesterday. the french president called today a national day of mourning there. police say they made several arrests overnight. two suspects remain on the run. overnight, we learned one of them left an i.d. at the scene of the shooting. the third suspect, an 18-year-old turned themselves in yesterday. investigators say the three men stormed the offices of the satirical newspaper yesterday. killed a dozen people including eight journalist a maintenance work and a visitor. the newspaper had been repeatedly threatened for its
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characteric for the prophet muhammad. >> those who carry those these act, ultimately they'll be caught. we stand with france throughout this difficult time. >> this is outside of washington, d.c.'s museum of journalism. dozens gathered to read names of the victims. the paris incident prompted outrage from cartoonists working here in philadelphia. they say nothing will stop artists from publishing materials critical of government or objects. >> look at what they're drawing. nothing protects anyone from someone coming in with a machine gun and mowing them down. >> meantime flag throughout france are flying at half staff in the wake of the attack. we'll don't update you throughout air throughout the
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morning also online and on the nbc news app. people throughout the work are reacting to what they're drawing and their work. and they're publishing newspapers around the world. we'll show you some of them coming up at 5:00. also we'll continue to monitor the newest information we have on the latest shooting this morning. breaking news back here in philadelphia. a deadly fire in the ogdansk neighborhood. crews pulled a 70-year-old man from the house. he was taken to the medical center where he died. you can see live you see some crews moving about there with the flashlight. most of the fire was contained in the back of the house. the fire marshal is now on his way to the scene to look for the cause. also new from overnight, investigators are looking at the rowhouse fire on grove street
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around 11:00 last night. everyone made it out safely. medics did take the next door neighbor to the hospital for breathing in smoke. a man is in stable condition for being stabbed at this wendys in center city. it happened around 11:00 at chestnut. police say two people a man and a transgender woman got into a fight with the man and slashed him with the box cutter. no one has been arrested. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. plunging temperatures overnight, and the wind is blowing to make it feel like it is below zero this morning. it is the coldest morning of the season so far. temperatures approaching levels that we saw last january when we were in the single digits. bitter cold and a breeze that is blowing. it's to make for a cold blustery day. we will see sunshine but the windchills this morning, start issing below zero. and they will pop above zero this afternoon. but not by much. most of the day, the windchills
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will be 10 degrees or less. and we could see some frozen pipes in the area. when it gets this cold. we saw it last year last january. 8 degrees in reading. philadelphia is 11 degrees. and atlantic city at the airport is 9 degrees right now. factor in the wind and the numbers are even lower. the wind's not going to be as strong as it was yesterday but when it's this cold 0outside, you don't need much wind to make it feel colder. 12-mile-per-hour wind in the pocono mountains. 14-mile-per-hour winds in wildwood. 7 below zero for allentown. layer up this morning, going to be a cold one throughout the day. hour-by-hour windchill by 9:00 zero is what it will feel like in philadelphia and cape may. zero 11 below in the pocono mountains. by noon time 8 degrees is the
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whirl for lunchtime today. the temperatures actually climbing to near 20 degrees this afternoon. a very cold and windy day today. your hour-by-hour future weather to show you what's coming our way as we head into tomorrow. >> hopefully, a warmup. 11 minutes after 4:00 obviously if you're waiting on a bus later this morning or a train stop you definitely want to bundle up out there and minimize the time that you're exposed to the elements. nbc10's jillian mele is watching what is. happening in terms of the morning commute. >> you got that right. so far no accidents to report. for drivers in bucks county we have fire department activity in bensalem. right across the street at christine avenue. you can take route 14 as an alternate. your drive times average, 76 eastbound from pennsylvania turnpike to the vine will take you 20 minutes flight. very quiet both ways on 76. 95 stille quiet. the blue route from 95 to 76
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takes you about 15 minutes. the "first alert" team coverage continuing next with the impact that your extreme cold will have on your heating bill. there will be quite an impact. nbc10's katy zachry has that. >> reporter: yesterday we toured a home with an energy expert to find out simple ways that you can lower your home heating bill. coming up i'll have those tips for you. plus we have new videos of the reaction that bill cosby received as he walked into a show last night in canada. and what happened inside.
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>> i cold start this morning. 10 degrees in blue belle. but most of the rest of the area north and west, solidly in the
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single diflgtgits. 5 in quakertown and doylestown. the frigid temperatures mean that a lot of people are setting their thermostats higher than usual. but with that comfort, of course comes a price. nbc10's katy zachry is live for us in ardmore, montgomery county, with a few things you can do to lower your energy costs on these cold days. >> reporter: you're not kidding. on a morning like this when temperatures are hovering at 8:00 degrees. you see a chilly 8 degrees. people are looking at ways stay warm. we met up with energy expert heather fash heather farber. and tips like leaving your shades open to let the heat warm your home. >> there are simple things that
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people can do in their house that not only makes them be more energy efficient but more comfortable in their house as well. >> reporter: and that's really the key, every tip we share with you will help make your house warmer so you don't have to heat your house as much and your money won't pour out the window so to speak. we'll have another tip coming up four at 5:15 reporting live in are forward, katy zachry. you know keeping your car running in this extreme cold can be a challenge as well. aaa mid-atlantic said the thing that crops run is low tire pressure. a bigger issue, though is the battery, if it's weak in this kind of weather, it will probably not start four one morning. >> your battery is the absolute most important part because without a strong battery, that vehicle might not start. >> and no one wants that. now, if you use mass transit, septa is doing the maintenance for you like storing their
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subway cars in tunnels to keep them a little warmer. dozens of schools are opening late because of the extreme cold. the list of those schools is scrolling alongle the bottom of the screen. you can find them on the nbc10 news app as well. you can stay in the loop by signing up for school closing at our nbc10 mobile app and you can get alerts straight to your inbox or mobile device. new from overnight, comedian bill cosby thanked his fans after performing in canada last night. there were protesters outside but on the inside fans gave cosby a warm welcome. cosby released a statement saying quote, i would personally like to thank you for giving me an opportunity to lincoln laughter back in your lives. here is cosby arrived in canada. more than a dozen women said he sexually assaulted them decades ago.
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they sat down with gloria all said red red shared their story. and phylicia rashad who played his wife on the show is saying what you're seeing is a destruction of a legacy and i think it's orchestrated. she said someone is convinced that someone is trying to keep cosby off of tv. >> hag today, a philadelphia youth league football coach will go to trial for the alleged rape of two young brothers living with him. leon watson was charged with sexually assaulting those young boyce when he was 15 when they were 8 and 9, authorities say watson met the boys while coaching the football team. they tell us the family was homeless and they moved into watson's house in north philadelphia where the alleged rapes took place. today, a chester county priest is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on child porn charges. police arrested the reverend mark haines in october.
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investigators say they found images of naked underage girls on haynes instagram account. according to police he pretended to be a 14-year-old girl to get those photos. he served in st. siemnd and jude parish. today, city council will continue it's keeping the peace law. there's a public meeting tonight at 6:30 at lewis redding city council building in wilmington. well today is the final chance for parents to pick up their children's records from a closed chartert elementary school. walter palmer shut it down displays hundreds of schools. parents can pick up those records before 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. today. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. cold this morning of the season, and it's still getting
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colder. look at the wind blowing here at the nbc10 studios. not a lot of wind but temperatures feel below zero with a 12-mile-an-hour wind at philadelphia international. 3 below right now, 11 degrees is the temperature in the city. even colder in the pocono mountains with the snowmaking equipment. that's the view from camelback. 5 right now in doylestown trenton you're 8 degrees. nine some wilmington hatfield is 89 in voorhees and glendora. a bitter cold morning. it's going to be a sunny day. nice and dry. watch the radar screen. nothinging coming your way. sunshine will have limited effect. northwesterly effect keeping things cold. hour by hour showing afternoon temperatures in the low 20s. then as we head in the evening hours, some clouds come in. we'll stay in the low 20s late in the evening by tomorrow morning, this time we'll be in the upper 20s.
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big improvement on the way for tomorrow. for today, it stays cold. afternoon temperatures in the teens and 20s. gusts at 20 miles an hour. a bitter breeze blowing today with milder weather tomorrow it doesn't look like it's going to take a break into the weekend. we will get cold temperatures once again. a full seven-day forecast in the next half hour. >> do you hear that another reason to look forward to friday, jillian, as if we needed another one. milder is 28 degrees. >> that's really sad. good morning chris. the good news no serious accidents on the highways anywhere. this is a live look in the lehigh valley. route 22 quiet in both directions. 22 looks good so does 78. the northeast extension is free of any big incidents. some focus on the area bridges, for the most part all of them are clear, that includes the walt whitman, the betsy ross. and be aware, the tacony-palmyra bridge is scheduled for a ship
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to pass through, and when that happens, traffic will be stopped for a few minutes, chris. there's a new push to keep kids safer in the classroom. the steps delaware wants to take. plus the disneyland vacation that is sending some families to the hospital.
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4:24 happening later today, president obama will travel to arizona to talk about more help for homeowners. the president will be in phoenix to announce lower insurance premiums for government-backed mortgages. according to the white house, home bires and those who refinance under the federal housing administration will pay $900 a year less. today, the senate will move
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forward on that controversial keystone xl pipeline a bill that president obama said he will veto. the proposal to build an oil pipeline from canada through the u.s. to the gulf of mexico has been debated now for several years. the senate is expected to vote on the measure tomorrow. new this morning from our delaware bureau a push for school safety that could include bulletproof glass and intruder alarms. new measures from lawmakers would require all public school doors to be lockable from both sides. and also calls for major renovations to install bulletproof glass at all windows and doors and lawmakers introduced a similar bill last year but it never made it into law. new jersey governor chris christie is throwing his rules into the tougher rules for done dealers. some of the changes would require gun dealers to report stolen guns within 24 hours and
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to notify police if their security systems fail. also anyone on the terror watch list would not be issued a permit to buy a gun. this morning, we have some stunning new numbers from delaware that show the flu situation there is getting exponentially worse. state health officials say there were 370 confirmed flu cases in delaware during the final week of 2014. that's compared to 107 cases during the same week the year before. for the year delaware reported more than 1,000 cases of the flu. new this morning, health officials say a rare outbreak of measles can be traced to disney theme parks in southern california. officials say people who visited disneyland in anaheim and two other parks last month were likely exposed to measles there. health officials confirm nine cases with two of the patients being from utah. officials say all of the cases involve people who were not vaccinated for measles. >> announcer: now your nbc10
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"first alert" weather. a cold start this morning in the pocono mountains. it's 2 below zero. but with the wind blowing, it feels like 20 below. that's a live view from camelback. right now, 11 at 4:27 here at nbc10. "first alert" traffic reporter jillian mele is here. >> good morning, bill. the roads are dry and quiet. this is route 1, no accidents to report here the vine street is coming up. plus new fallout from the philadelphia school district cheating scandal.
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>> announcer: nbc10 breaking news. we have new information about the breaking news out of paris this morning.
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we have learned both victims of today's shooting are police officers. this happened one day after that terror attack that killed 12 people at a french newspaper. and we're following more breaking news back here at home where a fire overnight has claimed a man's life. we're live on the scene there as firefighters look for the cause. and this comes on a day with near record cold as you take a look outside. it feels like it's below zero in most places. it's 4:30. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. that windchill outside is no joke. we're help you to get prepared. it's a tough morning for kids who ride the bus. 28 schools are opening late to help protect the kids from the cold. >> you can see a complete list on the bottom of the screen and the nbc news app of the schools opening late because of that. now to bill henley. >> tracy, it's cold for the season, the temperatures have


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