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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  January 1, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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rom sleet to 60s. >> yeah. >> wild out there. for sheena all of us here at nbc 10, i'm jim rosenfield. the news continues now with nbc nightly news. on the broadcast tonight, desperate for answers. the first victim identified in that airasia crash is buried. but bad weather is keeping so many others from being recovered leaving their families in limbo. polar plunge. 2015 off to a frigid start all across the nation and not even the annual rose parade in sunny southern california can escape the chill. on the books everything from a minimum wage hike to a ban on selfies with tigers. a host of new laws some stranger than others in the new year. and out with the old. the promises we make and the habits we're hoping to break to start 2015 on the right foot. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york this
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is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening. and happy new year. i'm kate snow in for brian tonight. and for most of the families of those onboard airasia flight 8501 it's been another long day of waiting. of the 162 passengers and crew onboard that plane, only nine bodies have been recovered. the search area is huge extending some 5,200 square miles. and it's easy to see how difficult the conditions are when you look at the weather radar for that region. it's the rainy season in indonesia and wind and rain are making it very difficult for rescuers and investigators to do their jobs. the forecast for the next 24 hours doesn't look much better. we begin tonight once again with nbc's katy tur on the ground in surabaya katy. >> reporter: kate as you said weather just a big issue out here. but they did manage to recover bodies eight and nine. and now family members are saying they just don't expect that anybody survived.
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the start of 2015 in surabaya was marked by the arrival of coffins, each given a number and ceremonial tribute by honor guard, military air force and naval personnel. so far only nine of the 162 passengers onboard have been recovered. outside the crisis center family members waited for word among them josef, he showed us what could be the last photo taken of his son. this snapshot from inside the cabin with him and his three friends five minutes before takeoff. >> reporter: do you guys think that you're going to be able to handle this if you get the worst news? >> we have to handle it because we have to face the fact that he was on the airplane and the plane is crashed. >> reporter: day five was another surreal day, media mixed with volunteers as still-stunned relatives lingered. what will you remember most? bernard broke down as he told us about his daughter son-in-law
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and two grandchildren. my daughter was very afraid that her kids would die before her, he said. i'm happy the fear is gone because they have died together. portraits of the missing passengers continue to emerge. oscar documented his journey to becoming a flight attendant and more recently a father on social media. two weeks ago he wrote to his pregnant wife i love you so much till only death do us apart. on the water the weather was once again a hindrance. divers who hoped to deploy left waiting. searchers are focusing on a dark shadow about 100 feet below the water that they believe could be the bulk of the plane's fuselage. and within it most of the passengers. >> everybody expected that. so it's going to be -- but we never know. >> reporter: today in a dark polished casket topped with flowers, the body reunited with her family. she was the first passenger to
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be identified. the ceo of airasia indonesia personally overseeing the return of their loved one's remains. as her grieving relatives laid her to rest more families continue their vigil waiting for news. and once they find the bulk of that wreckage they say the priority will be the recovery of victims. and then the black boxes. and then the bulk of the wreckage. obviously though they do want to figure out what went wrong as fast as they can. kate back to you. >> katy tur in indonesia once again tonight. thank you. it is impossible to ignore the similarities between this air disaster and the disappearance of that other plane back in march, malaysia airlines flight 370. but while wreckage has been found in this most recent airline disaster no leads have panned out in the search for 370. as one of the biggest aviation mysteries in history stretches into the new year our report tonight from nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: nearly ten months since malaysia airlines flight 370 disappeared, and still not a
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trace of the 777 and the 239 people onboard. some 1,200 miles southwest of australia search teams have been mapping the ocean's floor in an area thought to be the plane's most likely resting place based on pings between the plane and a satellite before it went missing. but what makes flight 370 different from the air asia crash is the lack of any physical evidence. >> where's the floating debris? i've expected for months that we would find light objects, things like styrofoam cups or flotation cushions or other light particles from the airplane. >> reporter: not even a wing tip or a suitcase. it was march 8th when flight 50 left kuala lumpur on a red eye flight. >> all right, 132.6 -- >> reporter: but radar and satellite evidence suggests someone turned the plane around and disabled its transponders and then flew the plane far
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south to the end of its fuel reserves. captain zahari remains one of those at the top of the investigation. investigators believe somehow everyone onboard wassin kas in incapacitate incapacitated. >> we don't have proof it's crashed into the water at all. there's not been a trace, not a tiny tiny bit of evidence that it crashed in the water. >> reporter: search teams expect to finish scouring the ocean floor in the current priority search zone some time in may. at that point all of the countries involved will have to decide whether to keep searching and where. >> that's a big ocean. that indian ocean down there is really big and treacherous. it's really hard to cover all of that and try to find out where it is. >> reporter: it may be little consolation, but investigators still believe they're looking in the right ocean. tom costello nbc news washington.
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for so many of us around the country, 2015 came in like a bucket of cold water. most of the country is gripped in a deep freeze right now with nasty weather pounding the west and more of it on the way to many other parts of the nation. there's almost nowhere to hide from it. and that includes southern california. our report tonight from nbc's joe fryer. >> reporter: at the rose parade in pasadena the floats were covered in flowers while the people were covered in blankets. the temperature, 33 just one degree higher than the parade's record low. why many even brought their own fire pits. >> i was like okay i don't want to think about it. let me just have another log. >> reporter: despite the cold temperatures thousands of spectators showed up early, even camped out overnight so they could get the best seats possible along the parade routes. the mood is far different in du boise, wyoming. firefighters faced temps that were 25 degrees below zero.
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>> had problems with frozen nozzles. and as you can see around us we have a lot of ice. >> reporter: other parts of the west are recovering from a winter storm that dumped snow in unexpected places including southern arizona. and yesterday stranded more than 40 people on a ski lift in central california after winds blew a cable off its line. the system is moving east turning roads to ice in oklahoma and texas causing hundreds of accidents. to the north, blowing snow and slick roads caused a major pileup in ontario, canada. and more than a foot of lake effect snow in pennsylvania. the forecast calls for more trouble tomorrow night with freezing rain and thunderstorms in the south and mid-south. >> notice that on saturday and saturday night there will likely be a swath of significant snow lining up from northern kansas through missouri parts of iowa and even wisconsin. and notice in the northeast guys we may start with a wintry mix of sleet and/or freezing
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rain but on sunday it's probably going to go over to mostly rain. >> reporter: back in california a gradual warmup is in store hoping the weather can soon be roses. >> of course americans aren't going to let a little cold get in the way of a good party. the u.s. joined countries around the world in ringing in 2015 with all the customs and traditions that come with the new year. but not all of those celebrations came to a happy end. our report tonight from nbc's john yang. >> reporter: around the world the first day of the new year was marked with the usual celebrations and traditions. but in shanghai 2015 began on a somber note a makeshift memorial on the bund the city's iconic waterfront promenade. last night a huge crowd gathered for a midnight slightlight show and people became unruly. pushing and shoving quickly turned to a stampede.
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people keep falling on those behind him layer by layer, this man said. at least 36 people died and nearly 50 others injured. at the vatican, pope francis delivered his new year's wish no more war. peace is always possible he said and our prayers are at the root of that peace. more festive scenes along parades in london and philadelphia where a 115-year tradition continued with the mummers parade. from rome's river to the north sea in the netherlands and south boston's dorchester bay. >> we're probably go in and probably come back out and then -- >> scream a lot! >> reporter: thousands of bravehearts marked the day by plunging into frigid waters. in new york's times square the first chore of the new year cleaning up a ton and a half of confetti left behind after a
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crowd estimated at 1 million people watched the annual crystal ball drop. around the country other cities have embraced that tradition with a local flavor. in plymouth wisconsin, an 80-pound cheese wedge dropped at the stroke of midnight. sports played their usual new year's day role, the nhl winter classic played outdoors in a sunbathed washington baseball stadium. and college bowl games including the kickoff of the first-ever college football playoffs. around the world it may be hard to top manila's fireworks free-for-all. lighting up the sky for as far as the eye could see. one last big bang before getting down to business for 2015. john yang nbc news chicago. the new year will also bring fatter paychecks to 3 million workers throughout the country. new year's day means a minimum
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wage increase in 20 states. the smallest hike is in florida at 12 cents more an hour. the biggest increase south dakota, an extra $1.25 per hour. those are just a handful of the new laws that go into effect as of today. nbc's pete williams takes a look at what is now on the books. >> reporter: starting today in california and connecticut, any qualified state resident can get a driver's license, even immigrants here illegally. state officials say 1.5 million people could be eligible to apply. >> i have my passport my colombian passport. >> reporter: many have been planning ahead time and advocates say it makes sense. >> people are driving with licenses from their countries or other states with different rules and they are not properly trained in california driving safety. >> reporter: one catch, the new licenses will be marked to show they cannot be used as a federally approved id to board an airplane. under a new law in illinois employers must provide
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accommodations to their pregnant workers, such as more frequent rest and bathroom breaks help with lifting and modified work schedules. >> we shouldn't be putting women in the position of choosing between their work and a healthy pregnancy. most of these accommodations are no cost or low cost to employers. >> reporter: more states are limiting the use of drones with cameras attached. north carolina is the latest state to ban them for use by hunters or by animal rights activists to spy on hunters. similar laws are now in effect in alaska colorado montana and new mexico. and california now bans using them to capture images that could only be seen without a drone by trespassing. starting today in new hampshire, hikers, skiers and hunters can buy a $25 hike safe card. and then if they're injured or get lost and have to be rescued, they won't have to reimburse the state for its expenses which can run up to $50,000. and people on social security will see a slight boost in their
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checks in the new year a 1.7% cost of living adjustment. that means the average retiree gets about $22 more a month. pete williams nbc news washington. and one more new law we feel obliged to mention, in new york state it will be illegal starting in february to take a selfie with a tiger, seriously. more specifically the new law bans close contact between the public and tigers and lions and any of your big deadly cats. so that can put a dent in the tiger selfie craze, which pops up a lot on social media. and believe it or not on dating profiles. still ahead tonight, it is now over three months since 43 students disappeared in mexico. tonight, new questions about what the mexican government knew and when it knew it. also do you have a new year's resolution? and did you keep yours from last year?
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for more than three months now we've followed the terrible mystery of what happened to 43 college students who disappeared in mexico. the fbi is now helping analyze dna evidence at the request of the mexican government. but tonight there are troubling new questions about what the government in mexico city may have known when those young people vanished. our report tonight from nbc's gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: at times it is a country in chaos. last month more violent clashes between police and protesters in mexico after new allegations of corruption. >> nothing was an accident that
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night. >> reporter: anna belle is a reporter now working as a fellow at uc berkeley. she says she's uncovered thousands of pages of documents from the state investigation into the disappearance of 43 mexican college students in september. prosecutors alleged corrupt local officers had turned the students over to a drug gang following orders from the town's mayor, but hernandez believes federal authorities played a role. >> the government knew exactly what was happening. >> reporter: she claims these cell phone videos taken by some of the surviving students and the documents reveal that federal police were also at the scene that night and had been monitoring the students before the confrontation. based on your investigation, has the federal government been lying? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the mexican federal police referred all questions about the allegations to the attorney general's office which repeatedly declined to comment to nbc news. but the attorney general told cnn in espaniol he had not seen
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what she cites and did not know where it came from. in november we were in mexico city as protests shook the capital. the father of one of the missing students told us his son had recently enrolled at the teachers college in search of a better life. now, after these latest allegations, he and other relatives are demanding answers from mexico's president who will meet with president obama next week. as he finds himself in the middle of a growing crisis. gabe gutierrez, nbc news berkeley california. we're back in a moment with a man who got the shock of his life when he found out what was causing pain in his arm. see this? it shows the pressure points on my tired, achy feet. i had no clue i was putting this kind of stress on my feet. i have flat feet. i found this out at the free dr.scholl's foot mapping center. in less than two minutes i got my foot map and my custom number. i'm a 440. i'm a 210. 340. that number matched the dr.scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts with just the right support to help
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rebecca demartino took her first steps with her new prosthetic leg. ultimately the pain and mobility led to having her leg amputated in november. both her husband and young son were also wounded in that attack. it's hard to know what this illinois man needed more a doctor or a mechanic. a few weeks ago his arm started hurting, and surgery revealed this. that is a seven-inch turn signal lever that was lodged inside his arm. the kicker it's been there for 51 years. it happened during a bad car wreck in his ford thunderbird way back in 1963. the lever was embedded without him ever realizing it. and then his arm healed over the wound. it didn't start bothering him until recently. a family in washington state was worried they would never see their missing dog ever again, but then she turned up 2,400 miles away in pittsburgh of all places. apparently penny caught a ride across the country nearly two weeks ago. her family set up a facebook
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page called bring penny home for christmas. fortunately, penny was wearing a microchip. and after turning up in a pittsburgh vet's office she's now being reunited with her family. well today is the huge day for college football. and this is one sport where loyalties form early, very early in the case of ohio buckeyes. at one hospital in columbus home of ohio state university newborns are getting special blankets that read beat alabama, for tonight's matchup in the sugar bowl. in buckeye country it is apparently never too early to start rooting for the home team. when we come back one day down 364 left to go. how are you doing with your new year's resolution? >> my 2015 new year's resolution is -- what if one stalk of broccoli could protect you from cancer? what if one push up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease- pneumococcal pneumonia. one dose of the prevnar 13 ® vaccine can help protect you ... from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause
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the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection™ new year new start. and that means new resolutions. it's easy to talk a big game when you're filled with optimism and maybe a glass or two of champagne. but now that all the confetti has settled, it's time we actually live up to what we promised ourselves. so we went out and asked what is your resolution for 2015. >> my new year's resolution is to get back in shape. >> to workout every day and try to eat healthier. >> to drink more water. >> my new year's resolution is
6:58 pm
to run a marathon. >> i plan on canceling my gym membership to save money. >> my previous resolution was to drink more rum. >> i tried eating a raw egg every day, for protein, and that didn't happen. >> my goal last year was to go to the gym. didn't last too long. hopefully this year i'll get it going. >> we're getting engaged. >> in 2015 you guys are getting engaged? >> yeah. >> no. >> yes. >> absolutely not. >> we are. >> my new year's resolution is to get more me-time. >> be nicer to my sister. >> get a 4.0 average in school. >> be a more patient father to my four beautiful daughters. >> be more grateful for the things that i have and the things i will get in 2015. >> be happy more. and i plan to do that by smiling more often and looking on the bright side of things. >> i really don't have a resolution yet. i'm working on that one.
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>> for 2015 i'm doing the same thing i did last year cause 2014 was the best year of my life. woo! >> and that is our broadcast for this new year's day. i'm kate snow in for brian tonight. we hope to see you right back here again tomorrow. have a great night. the secrets to hollywood's greatest love stories revealed. john and kelly. sting and trudy. kurt and goldie. >> we have a good time. we fight. we do it all. >> now on "extra." ♪ ♪ extra, extra extra ♪ >> hollywood's happily ever
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after 23 years of marriage for john travolta and kelly preston. >> she likes to play the game of life. >> 40 years for jeff and susan bridges and 32 years of unwedded bliss for kurt and goldie. why they're saying this. >> easy now. we don't want to go overboard. >> don't go too fast. then goldie and melanie griffith in aspen. uncovering the stars cold and hot on vacation. mel gibson confidential. opening up to mario about his passion project to pay it forward, fatherhood and the holidays. >> you hang your balls on the tree. >> there grow. plus dishing on getting trippy with joaquin phoenix in "inherent vice." >> doing something with joaquin is like -- >> but what threw their co-star for a loop? >> i'm so sorry. i can't think straight. this is "extra" at universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. [ cheers and applause ] welcome to extra. i'm


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