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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  October 21, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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clouds are actually helping keep temperatures much warmer this morning. 53 degrees here at nbc 10. a few scattered isolated showers. you can see them moving through chester county right now into montgomery county. but other than that, it's just some very sprinkly activity scattered around. some showers to the south are starting to fizzle in cape may county and we'll be moving off shore first thing this morning. so, most of the rest of the morning is going to be dry. we are watching the temperatures, they're still falling at this point, but i don't expect them to drop much more. 50 degrees right now in northeast philadelphia at the airport. it's 49 in trenton and wilmington is 52 degrees. a cloudy start at the bus stop and temperatures in the 30s yesterday and 40s and low 50s. much milder start and during the day, we'll get some breaks of sunshine. so the temperatures into the low 60s at noontime and 68 degrees with sunshine peeking through the clouds at times at 4:00. watching for more showers today and neighborhood by neighborhood
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forecast when i come back. first, jillian mele is watching a difficult travel scene this morning. good morning, jillian? >> going on two hours and this traffic has not moved at all because of a fatal accident closing interstate 78 eastbound between exits 59 and 60. that's 145 and route 309. this is approaching the exit for route 145. the traffic that is just stuck behind this accident. it is a fatal accident and all lanes are blocked and you have to avoid that portion of 78. you can take route 22 if you want to avoid it this morning. heading to chester county, a live look at the route 30 bypass and eastbound right near route 113. the roads are wet and little bit slow moving on the 30 bypass. take your time. we're also following police activity. closing a portion of dekalb pike out near germantown pike and take swede road or new hope street if you need to get around that. tracy? 6:01 right now. following breaking news in montgomery county and sky force 10 is over east norriton and
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these are the dekalb apartments and julie mentioned this earlier. police and ems activity going on here. we're working to figure out exactly what is going on inside. katy zachary is on her way to the scene we'll get an update as soon as we can. we're staying on top of breaking news from south africa, olympic sprinter oscar pistorius has been sentenced to five years in prison for the killing of his girlfriend on valentine's day in 2013. pistorius showed little emotion as the sentence was read. he is currently in a holding cell after being free on bail. the pistorius legal team believes he will serve ten months in jail and then could be considered for house arrest. but the national prosecuting authority thinks he will serve more like 20 months. steenkamp's family is happy with the sentence and pleased it is over. a fire in franklin section forced several people out of their home. started just before 1:00 a.m. in
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a second floor apartment on granite street. investigators are trying to figure out how it started. now to the search for eric frein. another reported sighting of him, this time by the police. frein has been on the run for 39 days and counting, leaving hundreds of police and the fbi scouring the woods in monroe county. law enforcement official reported seeing frein near post office not far from friday's spotting at his former high school. schools in the pocono mountain district are open today, but students will remain indoors. frein is charged with killing one trooper when he ambushed their barracks. at the post office where frein was spotted this morning. right now headed to the state barracks and get a live report coming up at 6:30. 53 degrees outside. now to philadelphia school budget crisis. teachers won't be charged for their health care for now. the teachers union sought the
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ruling that came down yesterday after the school reform commission canceled its contract with the teachers on october 6th. then again yesterday a judge issued a temporary injunction. the src says the city can't afford to keep giving teachers free health benefits. >> the teachers should not be the funding source for the school district. it is not the teachers' responsibility to fund the system. >> we deserve to be a temporary hold and take all legal actions immediately. we will appeal this order. >> the next step is a hearing that is scheduled in harrisburg tomorrow morning. pennsylvania supreme court justice shamus mccaffrey has been suspended with his involvement in an e-mail scandal. he cannot perform any duties until the conduct board finishes its review. revealed mccaffrey sent or received 244 e-mails with sexually explicit content.
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he blasted a vindictive pattern of attacks against him. issued this statement to nbc 10 yesterday. "today's action against justice mccaffrey should surprise no one given chief justice relentless crusade to destroy his career and his reputation. we will continue our efforts to expose the intent to take down justice mccaffrey. we are confident he will be cleared of any wrongdoing and return to the bench soon." now to concerns over the ebola outbreak. doctors without borders is distributing thousands of medical kits in liberia. going to people who are taking care of family members infected with ebola and waiting to receive treatment. the home protection kits offer a stop gap solution to patients who have been turned away from overflowing clinics there. meantime, the u.s. military says it is moving personnel, humanitarian aid and medical supplies and portable hospitals to liberia as part of the response to help fight the
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outbreak. designed to provide support to contain ebola in west africa nations. that outbreak has killed nearly 4,500 people so far. more than half of the victims have been in liberia. you can stay informed about the developing ebola situation on oour website, and keeping close tabs on local preparations in the event that there is an outbreak here. plus, we separate fact from fiction. with information on how exactly the virus is spread. happening today, one of the speakers at the 30 under 30 summit is nobel peace prize winner malala yousufzai. awarded the 2014 liberty medal at the constitution center. given to a person of courage and conviction who thrives to secure the blessing of liberty around the globe. survived an attack by the taliban in 2012, as you know. a worldwide advocate for girls' right to education and also the
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youngest ever nobel peace prize winner. clouds are in the area and we're tracking a few scattered light showers this morning. really tapering off to sprinkles in much of the area, but a few raindrops around and they'll be back this afternoon. after a mild afternoon, temperatures reaching into the 60s today. tracking steadier rainfall for tonight. right now, we're much warmer this morning. 50s for reading and philadelphia and cape may. we've been watching the cape may camera for a few sprinkles, but it continues to be drawing on beach avenue, the showers are farther to the north and are really not very impressive. there you go, you can see getting a little raindrop or two and sprinkles are heading across delaware bay. and we're watching one isolated shower now in northern chester county and moving into montgomery county. this will not last. gloucester is getting a little bit of rain and just passing to the north of norriston.
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stand by for a sprinkle or two to start with and then breaks of sunshine and temperatures warm into the 60s this afternoon for allentown, quakertown and reading. 68 degrees for trenton with northeast philadelphia getting a late-day shower along with doylestown. at the shore, well, the temperatures will climb into the upper 6 os for dover, vineland partly sunny skies and 67 and near 70 degrees for cape may and atlantic city. inland, some late-day showers, but until they arrive, we'll be watching the temperatures into the upper 60s to near 70 degrees for wilmington. the seven-day forecast with a chillier rain on the way, when i come back. in addition to that traffic mess out there on i-78, just reading a tweet from jillian of an accident in county. >> let's find out exactly where that is, jillian. >> an eye on 78 right now. 78 has been shut down on the eastbound side for two hours at this point between exits 59 and 60. so, for a lot of drivers in the lehigh valley, you can see this
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line of traffic out here. they have not moved into ours. so, we have about a five-mile delay out there on interstate 78 and a really bad situation. it is a fatal accident. so, i want to make sure you do not get on 78. stick to route 22. that is going to be your best bet. you can see on 78, this is where the accident is located and basically jammed much of the length on 78 eastbound between cedar crest boulevard and the accident scene. so, this is 22. stick to that, that's your best bet to get around your accident. that is the main thing we continue to follow for you this morning. 95 southbound is jammed as you can see and down to girard and keep that in mind and we have a new accident, butler pike at stenten avenue. tracy? at 6:09. we continue to follow breaking news in montgomery county. live over east norriton. dekalb apartments and we have confirmed police and ems activity going on and working to figure out exactly, exactly what is going on. nbc 10 katy zachary just arrived
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that scene and working to update the situation and get a live report in just minutes. saying good-bye. sears is closing up shop at king of prussia mall. find out what is going in its place. turned out to be too controversial for that city. this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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at 6:13. an update on breaking news following for you out of montgomery county where a lot of activity going on right now in east norriton. katy zachary just arrived on scene. i know you just got there, but what can you tell us? >> in the last two seconds, tracy, i learned from an east norriton police officer that they have the suspect in custody and going to be walking him out of his apartment door to a
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police cruiser and take him away. this is what we know. ever since 11:00 last night police were here at the dekalb apartments right between colonel and germantown pike for reports of shots fired. they say up to a dozen shots were fired from a third floor apartment. when they got on scene, they identified an individual, a 37-year-old man, a resident of the apartments. they were concerned for people's safety who lived nearby. they evacuated several apartments. they have been out here since 11:00. that's almost seven hours making contact with the individual who fired the shots and in just the last few minutes, i'm told, that they were able to safely get him out of the apartment, safely for everyone else involved. i don't have any information on weapons at this time, we're hearing there were no injuries to anyone at the dekalb apartments or any of the surrounding officers who responded. a very large police presence as you just saw evidence of sky force ten.
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we'll try to get a different angle in the next few minutes and get new information and i'll be back with you shortly to give you an update. reporting live in east norriton, katy zachary. a kroerveal murl is no longer an attraction in downtown trenton after police expressed concern it sends the wrong message. it depicted michael brown who was shot and killed by police in august. city crews painted over it yesterday. the artist said he had wanted to start a conversation about racial profiling, but trenton police said it did not support police and relations. the accused white house fence jumper is due back in court and authorities say u.s. army veteran omar gonzalez was carrying a knife when he scaled the fence and got as far as the white house east room last month. the highly pub licized security breach led to a change at the security service. gonzalez has already pleaded not guilty. governor tom corbett will be
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in philadelphia today to sign the revictimization relief amendment. it was created after convicted cop killer mumia abu-jamal gave a commencement speech for his aul aulmata. he killed daniel faulkner back in 1981. penn state's board of trustees will hold a special meeting regarding the university's response to the jerry sandusky scandal. the trustees will take a new look at the free report named for former fbi director louis freeh who headed the investigation. the document included that then head coach joe paterno and other administrators concealed key facts about sandusky's sex abuse about children. sears says it's closing its stores at the king of prussia mall. they made a deal to take over its lower space at the plaza.
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it's leaving the upper level space to dick's sporting goods. sears has not said when that change over will happen. a treasure-trove of civil war artifacts is closing. after more than half a century, the soldiers national museum will close november 2nd. museum officials say they have seen a slow down in the number of visitors recently and it would cost too much money to compete with other civil war attractions in the area. three new amtrak stations are in the works in chester county. designers are now working on a new station that could open by 2018. also new plans for stations, new stations in downingtown and coatsville. these stations will also serve septa riders. these projects are part of pennsylvania's efforts to improve amtrak's keystone rail corridor from philly to harrisburg. speaking of travel, les get you updated to your ride to work. >> here's jillian mele with the latest. jill? >> still no movement as far as the traffic that has been stuck
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behind this accident since we first looked through these cameras at 4:10. 78 eastbound closed between and five miles of delay out there. stick to route 22 if you need to get around it. that is going to be your best bet. 76 eastbound at amontgomery drive, a disabled vehicle blocking the left lane. a tow that just got to the scene right now. so, you can see police are also out there working to get that towed. that should be cleared in the next few minutes. as you can see, they're pushing it over to the shoulder right now, of course, that is causing a slow down on 76. heading into new jersey, turnpike northbound past 195, exit 7a. a truck fire out there earlier. the right lane is blocked and just a few minutes ago i actually checked through this camera that was positioned in this area and two lanes are blocked in that area and clearing the one lane. the one lane blocked in that area because of that truck fire and it looks like it is extinguished but clearly see a lot of activity on the northbound side of the turnpike and dealing with a pretty heavy
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delay in that area. nothing heavy about the showers that we've seen move through the area, most of them have fallen apart. now just clouds over center city, this is a live view from the comcast center. 53 degrees. big improvement over yesterday. right now 11 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time and no wind and what wind will develop today will be on the light side. gustier winds will wait for tomorrow. 52 right now in wilmington, trenton has drop under to the upper 40s along with doylestown and wrightstown and langhorn and it's 50 in richboro and farther north and west, this is where we saw 20s yesterday morning turning 20 degrees warmer this morning at 48 degrees. so, the clouds are helping out to start with. the good news is we're seeing some breaks in the clouds just to our southwest so, we will see some sunshine before showers
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return this afternoon. you can see more showers farther to the north and west. so, this morning, few sprinkles ending and then partly to mostly cloudy skies with temperatures in the middle to upper 60s this afternoon. winds out of the, they'll be light out of the west at seven miles per hour. but gusty winds will be here tomorrow and a windy, wet and chillier day. wind will blow a few more showers into the area on thursday and then start drying out on friday. temperatures rebound nicely. look at the weekend. sunny skies saturday and sunday. mornings will be chilly in the 40s and upper 60s and then possibly 70 degrees monday. 20 minutes past 6:00 right now and continue to follow breaking news in montgomery county where sky force 10 is over the apartments in east norriton. a suspect taken into custody after shots were fired overnight and more than a dozen shots were fired and apartment husband to be evacuated.
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they had taken the man, the shooting suspect into custody. no one was hurt and katy zachary is live on the scene and we'll check with her in just a couple of minutes. the u.s. government is making an urgent plea to car owners, get defective airbags fixed and get them fixed now. the list that you need to see. and the woman made famous for her affair with president clinton is vowing to use her past to stop others from being hum humiliated to death. we will hear from monica lewins lewinsky.
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it's about 6:24 and 53 degrees out there. we're taking a live look at i-95. the bridge there with traffic volume building as you can expect that from the 6:00 hour. but mostly cloudy today and some showers. bill henley will be along with his first alert forecast in just a moment. former white house intern monica lewinsky makes a rare
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public appearance at the first ever forbes 30 under 30 summit in philadelphia. lewinsky at the center of president clinton's impeachment scandal was a keynote speaker at the event yesterday. he contemplated suicide after her reputation was destroyed via the internet long before social media took off. lewinsky also told the crowd, she's vowing to put purpose to her past to stop people from being humiliated to death. >> to mock at a soul in pain is a dreadful thing. >> the forbes 30 under 30 summit brings together entrepreneurs with the goal of changing the world. good morning at 6:25. 78 eastbound is still closed between exits 59 and 60. this is a live look at 78 eastbound at route 145. you can see drivers trying to exit about summit lawn exit. that's backed up and the highway itself is backed up for five miles stick to route 22 if you need to get around it. take you outside to a live look
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at cape may where pretty much everywhere this morning temperatures are warmer than what we saw this time yesterday, right, bill? >> yes. temperatures right on beach avenue in the low 60s right now. most of the area is in the 50s with some clouds and some showers in the area. there it is. 48 degrees right now in woodvine and mt. holly 48 degrees and 50 degrees in swedesboro. 6:26 and we continue to follow breaking news in montgomery county where a standoff has come to an end in the past half hour. live over the apartments in east norriton where police have taken a 37-year-old man into custody. he fired a dozen shots late last night and police had to evacuate the apartments. the suspect is in custody and katy zachary gathering new information on the scenep. we'll get an update from her in just minutes. i'm jesse gary live in monroe county, pennsylvania,
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where the search for accused killer eric frein begins and enters its 39th day. we'll talk about this and what they hope to find today. coming up after the break. and a fight on the streets of wilmington is caught on camera, but what is more disturbing about this video are the people involved. two very young children.
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at 6:30, we're following breaking news in montgomery county where a standoff has just come to an end. sky force 10 is live over the dekalb apartments where police have just taken a 37-year-old man, a resident, into custody. we're also following this bricking news. five years in prison. that is what oscar pistorius has
6:31 am
been sentenced to for the valentine's day killing of his girlfriend. expect a cloudy, october 21st. bill henley in just a second to tell you all about. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's get an update with meteorologist bill henley and his first alert forecast. bill? >> good morning, tracy. a few sprinkles in some spots and isolated shower in others. you can start to see some of the clouds that are already starting to break. it will be a mostly cloudy, we'll get some breaks of sunshine today, mainly right now we're getting a break from the rain with one exception right here in central mupt ontgomery moving into bucks county. light rainfall moving into harleysville and not much to it and it won't last long. the temperatures are warmer this morning. yesterday, we were around freezing for much of the area, but upper 40s and low 50s to start with today and breaks of sunshine and we will see the temperatures warm into the upper 50s at 9:00. 63 at lunchtime and 68 degrees
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before showers return later today. we'll go neighborhood by neighborhood when we return. jillian mele has traffic. good morning, jillian. >> the closure of interstate 78 eastbound side is still blocked off, about 2 1/2 hours at this point between exits 59 and 60, which is 309 and route 145. this is a live look approaching that closure point. that is the eastbound side. these vehicles have not move in two and a half hours. a really bad, bad backup. five miles at this point on 78 eastbound. this is where the backup begins 78 eastbound right at lehigh street and you can see ethe tail end of that delay and that continues for about five miles. you're going to want to avoid that area. you can take route 22, that is going to be your best bet if you need to get around it. the other problem following out there, that delay starting to build on a lot of the majors including 95 southbound and 76 in the normal spots and blue
6:33 am
route starting to get busy. live look near baltimore pike. just about 6:33 and breaking news just into our newsroom in the search for accused pennsylvania state trooper killer eric frein. jesse gary is live at state police barracks in monroe county with these new developments. jesse, what can you tell us? >> tracy, all schools in the pocono mountain school districts are going to be closed today. earlier we reported that schools will be open and increased state police presence on the campus and children will be kept inside. now, we've just got on the alert that all the schools will be closed today due to this ongoing search. now, we've moved outside because we're trying to get more information. trying to get it by phone and proving to be a challenge. i went inside and asked if there was any more information about the search that is going to resume shortly. i was told no, no more information and state police have not received any more tips about sightings except for the most recent one, which was last night. now, last night a police officer said he saw eric frein outside
6:34 am
the post office about a mile and a half from the barracks where we're standing. this comes just days after a sighting near the high school which is in the same area. eric frein wanted for an ambush attack that killed one pennsylvania state trooper and severely wounded a second outside their barracks in blooming grove. the survivalist, a sharp shooter, has been able to elude law enforcement since then and some say this search and his hiding could stretch into the winter. live in monroe county, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. news we're following in montgomery county where police just arrested a man that they say fired more than a dozen shots at an apartment complex. katy zachary is live on that scene, what can you tell us? >> tracy, take a look behind me. dozens of police officers, s.w.a.t team members and ambulances, as well as tactical units in this parking lot, which sits right across from the apartment complex where shots
6:35 am
were fired late last night as we zoom in to the front of the dekalb apartments right on, right near germantown park and dekalb pike. i can tell you around 11:00 last night police received a number of calls from this apartment complex saying that up to a dozen shots were fired from a third floor apartment. police responded. they have been out here for more than seven hours and just in the last ten minutes, they were able to break into that third floor apartment, make contact with the man believed to have fired his gun up to a dozen times. they took him out. we watched this. they took him out on a stretcher. we have that video that we're going to turn around for you in the next 20 minutes. but i can tell you, an officer told me that individual will be taken to a hospital just for precautionary measures. he has no injuries to him. then he will be taken to a mental health facility for an evaluation all before he's taken to the police department where he likely will be charged. we are going to stay on scene. this is still a developing scene while it is under control and they do have the suspect in
6:36 am
custody. i'll have another update for you in about 20 minutes. reporting live in east norriton, katy zachary. following breaking news out of south africa this morning. oscar pistorius has been taken to prison after he was sentenced to five years in prison for the killing of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. within the last half hour he was held from a holding cell at the courthouse. we have also learned that the international paralympic committee will not allow him to compete in 2016. he will serve ten months and considered for house arrest but the national prosecuting authority thinks he will serve 20 months. the steenkamp family says they're happy with the sentence. new from atlantic county locking for the gunman who shot two people around 1:0 this morning on broad street. the shooter opened fire and shot at least 30 rounds into the car. and happening today, philadelphia city council will
6:37 am
debate an amendment to the city's hate crimes law. this comes in the wake of an attack on a gay couple in center city last month. three people arrested for that crime. prosecutors say they beat the couple so badly, one of the men had to have his jaw wired shut. attorneys for the suspects say the couple provoked the attack. the revised hate crime bill would include additional penalties under certain terms and conditions. and one of the men accused in that carjacking crash that killed a philadelphia mother and her three children is expected in court today for a hearing. cornelius crawford is facing a number of charges including murder and sexual assault. keshia williams and her children were hit by an suv at allegheny and germantown back in july. police say crawford and another man, jonathan rosa, stole the suv at gunpoint, assaulted the woman they carjacked and then plow under to the family. rosa is expected to be in court next week. wilmington police are investigating a fight between two young children that was videotaped by adults.
6:38 am
the video was posted on facebook and is getting thousands of views. take a look. >> oh! >> you can see those two children who look no older than maybe 7 years old pommel each other. adults are watching. you can hear it and they're laughing and they're videotaping the brawl. we spoke to the woman who contacted police about this video. she's a special education teacher who was so disturbed by the video and the fact that it had 15,000 views at the time. >> i see that and i just, i'm immediately appalled and concerned. >> now, wilmington police say they are searching for one of the seen in the video and the man who posted it. a boil advisory in effect in one bucks county community and all because of a water main break. this happened sunday in north hampton township on bustletown pike near anthony drive. the main is being repaired and bacteria samples are being
6:39 am
analyzed. most people do have water. but the township says not to drink it right from the tap. for a full list of the streets affected, go to our website at 6:39. happening today several flu shot clinics in our area. shirley kitchen is offering free flu shots at her office. get the vaccine this morning at her office in north philly. in camden county at the jewish community center in cherry hill from 9:30 to 11:30. 39 minutes to go before sunrise this morning. and we will see some of that sunshine. the clouds are thinning out, you can see it in this view from the melon bank building in center city. 53 degrees, the wind is calm. temperatures much warmer than yesterday. thanks to those clouds that came in with a few showers and the showe showers passed just to the north of beach avenue and late-day showers inland areas are more
6:40 am
likely to see them, however. 52, however, in wilmington. northeast philadelphia at the airport is in 50 and in camden county, right at 50 degrees in camd camden. 50 degrees in cherry hill and glendora and the temperatures might come down another degree or two as we're approaching sunrise and the clouds are starting to thin out. you can see it, especially to our southwest. so, we will get some sunshine before the clouds take over and, once again, later today. and with that next round of clouds, we will see showers today, but steadier rainfall moves in for tomorrow with a chilly breeze blowing. 60s this afternoon. middle to upper 60s. occasional sprinkles to start with this morning. no fizzle. we'll see mostly cloudy skies and then get some late-day showers today. and then tonight, the steadier rain comes in overnight and into tomorrow. windy and wet and chilly wednesday. high of 58 degrees and the wind will still be blowing showers into the area thursday, but by
6:41 am
friday, we dry out. partly to mostly sunny skies later on friday and that clears the way for a nice, sunny weekend. and look at those temperatures. upper 60s, saturday and sunday. 70 monday. about a half hour ago jillian tweeted a problem on the i-76 on the schuylkill. >> watching that all morning and she has details. jillian? >> 78 has been our big issue and this camera is turning a little bit so penndot can get a grasp of what is going on because it has been closed between exits 59 and 60 and summit lawn and route 309. shut down since about 4:00 this morning and, really, we're not seeing any progress out there. as i mentioned, penndot is trying to move this around a little bit to see what is going on because this is a pretty busy interchange at this hour and 78 eastbound is still blocked off right at the summit lawn exit and we still have a delay of about five miles there. 622 if you need to get around
6:42 am
it. 76 westbound at city avenue and normal volume and no issues to deal with, but we do have two separate issues in montgomery county. police activity where katy zachary has been live and closed between germantown pike. and then we're following an accident on butler pike right at. a warning for millions of drivers this morning. a potentially deadly airbag problem.
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revealed through the work of its scholars and graduates. it has inspired strength and purpose. an enduring symbol of passion and excellence that is not static, but moves among us. a feeling...a shared experience, a reminder that we are connected for life. we are penn state, making our mark on the world.
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and a quarter of 7:00 this morning, we're following three breaking news stories. first, we have just learned in the past few minutes the pocono
6:46 am
mountien school district is closed today as they search for accused state police killer eric frein. the school district posted the closing on their website just about an hour ago. nbc 10 jesse gary is live at the scene this morning and gathering new information and a live report from him in about ten minutes. and we're also following breaking news in montgomery county where a standoff has been taking place there. a 37-year-old man, a resident of this apartment complex has been taken into custody after he fired more than a dozen shots late last night. police evacuated the apartments while they try to talk with the suspect. police sky force ten live over the scene in east norriton and katy zachary is gathering information on the scene and we'll check in with her in just a few minutes. also in south africa this morning, oscar pistorius is heading to jail after he was sentenced this morning and a judge handed down a five-year presidenten term for the shooting death of his girlfriend. the pistorius legal team
6:47 am
believes that he will serve ten months and then be considered for house arrest. the national prosecuting authority thinks he will serve 20 months. pistorius will not be allowed to compete in brazil in the 2016 paralympics. decide whether to uphold the suspension of football coaches whose players allegedly sexually abused their teammates in a hazing ritual. several players spoke to "new york time times" in a report yesterday and described how younger players were physically held down and beaten and sexually assaulted. but they refer to it as a bonding process. >> this split between people who think they saw a crime versus people who don't think they were a victim of a crime. >> seven varsity football players were arrested earlier this month as part of the investigation by the middlesex prosecutior office. all the accused players and
6:48 am
victims are juveniles. nbc 10 has new information on the future of sports betting in new jersey. the four major sports leagues and the ncaa have asked for injunction in federal court and if it is granted that would stop the state from allowing race tracks. the leagues claim that sports betting in new jersey would violate federal law, which restricts sports gambling to nevada and three other states. the owners of the taj mahal are fighting back against donald trump's bid to have his name removed from the struggling casino. trump entertainment resorts have removed his name from the trump plaza but refuses to do the same for the taj. the company which he is no longer affiliated with allowed the casinos to deterrierate and hurt the trump brand. two weeks to go before voters head to the polls for the mid-term elections. republicans are hoping a shakeup at the polls will give them
6:49 am
control of both houses of congress and that has big-name democrats like the obamas and the clintons hitting the campaign trail for fellow party goers to keep control of the senate. republicans only need six seats to take over averaging all the latest polls in the ten tightest senate races. republicans are tied or leading in all but two. happening today, the arizona woman convicted of murdering her ex-boyfriend and her legal team will begin fighting for her life. a new jury will hear opening arguments whether jodi arias should serve a life or death sentence for her conviction. found guilty in the gruesome killing of her ex-boyfriend. the jury that convicted her later became deadlocked on whether arias should be executed. police investigating the murders of seven women in indiana say the suspect has hinted at even more killings. and now police in texas are reviewing unsolved murders and missing persons reports to see if there is a connection to
6:50 am
darren vann. vann has been charged in the strangulation death of a 19-year-old whose body was found in a motel 6 in hammond, indiana. he confessed to killing her along with six others in abandoned homes and told authorities that he may have killed people dating back 20 years. so far police have identified four of the victims and they're working to notify family members. recall alert. cars made by honda, toyota, nissan, mazda, ford, chrysler and mitsubishi are on the list. being recalled for airbag problems. federal safety regulators say more than 4 million vehicles are affected and need to be fixed right away. recovers vehicles back to 2002. the problem is with inflaters that can rupture sending metal fragments flying out in a crash. safety advocates say at least four people have already died and dozens more injured. the defective part is made by
6:51 am
toyota, tokyo-based takata corporation. federal officials are warning those with recalled vehicles to contact their dealers immediately. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> saw a few isolated showers to start with and now look what's happening. the clouds are starting to break. this is a view from the melon bank building in center city. we'll get some sunshine, but the clouds won't clear out completely. clouds timed perfectly to keep temperatures warmer this morning. 53 degrees in philadelphia. here's the view from here at the nbc 10 studios. just a little bit of a breeze and clouds that are breaking. no sign of any showers here. but there are a few spots on the radar farther north and west and that's where temperatures, fortunately, are well above freezing this morning. 49 degrees in langhorn and it's 50 in richboro and doylestown has just dropped to 48 degrees and 50 now in quakertown. this time yesterday perkacy had
6:52 am
dropped into the 20s. there goes the showers, just some rain showers moving through upper bucks county right now. those will be heading out and then dry. for a period until later this afternoon we'll get some of these showers moving in. areas north and west most likely to see them. that's 7:00 this evening. future weather showing some spots on the radar and the showers will be approaching overnight from the south and steadier rainfall to start the day tomorrow. we could see heavier downpours, as well. the wind will be gusty tomorrow, as well. today, 60s. middle to upper 60s and we'll see breaks of sunshine and then a late-day shower today and a windy and wet wednesday. and the wind will continue to blow showers into the area. thirds, 59 thursday 59 degrees. sunshine, clouds, they're out of here for the weekend. 60s in the afternoon, closer to 70 degrees on sunday and monday afternoon we may hit 70. eight minutes before 7:00
6:53 am
right now, we had had a busy morning on the roads. >> that i-78 problem looks like it's still there and going on three hours now. jillian mele with more on that. jill? >> out on interstate 78 eastbound and this is what it is looking like at eastbound street. eastbound at a crawl all the way to route 145 because of a fatal accident that has been out there, as i mentioned, almost three hours at this point. avoid 78 completely because westbound you're going to see a gaper delay, stick to route 22 to get around it. normal volume out there on route 22 eastbound. live look near trooper and down towards route 33. follall if you're faktaking mas transit, everything is on or close to schedule. i'm jesse gary live in monroe county where school officials with the pocono school district have closed all schools today. breaking news and more on that
6:54 am
coming up right after the break. i'm katy zachary live in east norriton where police thought they had an active shooter on their hands. we were there as it all came to an end and as the suspect was carried out on a stretcher.
6:55 am
6:56 am
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two minutes before 7:00. we're staying on top of breaking news in the search for suspected pennsylvania trooper eric frein. jesse gary live in monroe county. jesse? >> pocono mountain school district has closed all of their schools this morning. i'm standing outside the state police barracks here. the school district made the announcement a short time ago and i called their offices and
6:58 am
got a recording saying due to an emergency situation but no further information on that. eric frein was sighted late last night at a post office not far from the high school. again, the school district closing all schools today and updates throughout the morning on nbc 10 and jesse gary, nbc 10 news. and i'm katy zacky live in east norriton where an hours' long police standoff has come to an end. reports of shots fired coming from the apartments right here. dozens of officers and s.w.a.t team members converged on this area. about a half hour ago. let's go to our video. the suspect behind this scare was carried outen eon a stretch and accused of firing up to a dozen rounds from his third floor apartment. he was not hurt nor was anyone in the apartment complex or the responding officers. still, police evacuated a number
6:59 am
of apartments to be safe. they spent hours overnight talking with the individual and then just a short time ago they were able to storm the apartment and get him out safely. behind me, busy dekalb pike has been reopened after hours being shut down for traffic. katy zachary, nbc 10 news. good morning. we still have a five-mile delay on 75 eastbound between lehigh street and we just got this information in from bucks county. police activity at the septa station. and, also as a result, we do have a delay of 15 minutes on that septa line. saw a few light showers moving through the area. it is dry in center city. right now just parts of bucks county. "today" show up next. >> you can always get updates on
7:00 am good morning. breaking news. oscar pistorius, sentenced to five years in prison for killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. the olympic sprinter immediately taken to a holding cell. but how long will he actually spend behind bars? shifting gears, the cdc out with brand new ebola guidelines this morning. in the wake of those two cases, involving dallas nurses. now health care workers must be covered head to toe, as federal officials hit the road to demonstrate the new protocol. honoring an icon. famed designer oscar de la renta has died, a man who put u.s. fashion on the map with styles worn and adored by stars, first ladies and royalty. we look back at his legacy. and hollywood heavyweight bradley cooper