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tv   NBC 10 News at 530a  NBC  August 30, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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xñxñxñxñxñ8ñxñ0ñ0ñ0ñxñxñ8ñ8ñ0ñxñ stphaoeuplt right now on nbc "10 nbc news today," thousands flock to the city for the made in america festival. the sunny and comfortable weather will continue today as many are getting their three-day weekend started. here is a live look at the center city skyline. the pleasant conditions, i hate to tell you, they are not going to last forever. i am rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday. let's check the holiday weekend weather for meteorologist, tedd florendo. what a great summer we have had. >> yeah, temperatures in the 90s
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only twice for august. can you previous it? that's going to change real quick. not the case for the day today. rosemary, we have pleasant conditions at least for one more day. we have high clouds out there but still not too bad this morning. and right now we have high, thin clouds and we are remaining dry to the western part of the state, and it's cool this morning. that's the big story for allentown. only 55 for millville, and 62 for atlantic city. we will warm up for the day today. here is the forecast. partly sunny today. 83, our high. the big changes in the forecast for tomorrow. >> thank you, tedd. later today, tens of thousands of people will be gathered here along the been franklin parkway for the made in america festival. a little dark right now but the sun will be up and the lights
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are on. matt delucia is live right there at the gate. matt, people are talking about this big event in our backyard. >> reporter: yeah, it's still dark out here and nobody is around with the exception of a little police personnel. later today the organizer'sestmation is 80,000 people will be here. workers put the final pieces together, and there are four separate staeupls for this concert. the event will happen simultaneously. people around here, and people from around the world are stopping by for this event. it's the third year for the festival. by now they ironed out all the wrinkles, and new food and
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beverage options are here. among the performers, kanye, and kings of leon. >> it's a great way to bring people into philadelphia and a wonderful way to get people excited on a holiday weekend, and it brings a lot of people into the city. neighborhood wise it can get a little frustrating, but everybody goes in, as far as i know, and stays in. >> reporter: the gates open at noon and the first performance starts at 1:15. this event has a lot of people excited, but it has some people feeling trapped. i will have more on that coming up at 6:00. is your complete resource guide to this weekend's made in america concert whether it's a rundown of performers are traffic detours. let's head down the shore
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now. atlantic city, for many people it won't be a party as thousands are losing their jobs. show boat is closing tomorrow. on monday the revel shuts down. and then trump plaza. for those visiting, they tell us the mood is anything but festive. and one lady is among 5,000 people will be laid off. >> i will miss by friend, and my supervisor. >> people out of work. >> the union will open a special resource center on wednesday at the convention center, and it's
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a partnership with the state and other agencies to receive additional services. we have an entire section of our website dedicated to the casino prices in the city. meanwhile, in cape may county, short businesses will end on a high note. merchants expected to top $5 million in retail spending and they had 100% occupancy from the beginning of july to august in their hotels and they say the weather played a big part in the booming business and it's a record-setting season in delaware. local businesses there say it seems more people skipped their routines. the tax-free shopping doesn't
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hurt either. police are investigating an armed robbery at a 24 hour rite aid store in kenwood. police tell us the robber did get away with cash, but nobody inside the store was hurt. we have information about the health of tracy morgan following the accident that left him earlier in june. morgan's attorney said the actor is having a tough time recovering. he says morgan uses a wheelchair and it could be months before he will be able to walk on his own. morgan broke his leg, nose and several ribs when a tractor trailer rear-ended his limo bus on the turnpike. the trial will resume next week for the woman accused of kidnapping a 5-year-old girl from her school. prosecutors say that 21-year-old
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put on a burka and took the girl out of her school last year. a talking bird gave them a break in the case. the victim said she heard a loud bird, and they got a tip that a bird lived on the same block. the trial will resume on tuesday. this morning police are asking for your help as they hunt down thieves that took items from the vfw post. it happened on the 5200 block of ray street. one of the members tells us he discovered the building had been ransacked. the thieves crawled through a window and stole rifles and grenade launchers and mortar
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launchers. it's not the first time it has been targeted. >> you could take my life, if necessary, you know, i will defend this country, and this is how you repay them? it's not right. >> police tell us they were able to lift fingerprints from the scene and this morning they ask if you know anything about this theft to give them a call. now to some news from our south jersey borough. the owner of the store reached a settlement to shut down the store until a new owner would take over. the present owner of the store would refuse to serve
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african-american customers and would lock the door and not allow them to come in while serving white people. the school district said 17 central office workers will be laid off and it's part of a plan to eliminate a total of 81 positions, but many of the positions are already vacant. the district faces an $81 million budget gap and has warned of more layoffs until lawmakers approve a cigarette tax. a statement says this is yet another example of how harrisburg's failure to provide sustainable public education funding continues to take a toll on our school district. next, the search continues for the suspects accused of shooting a local man that was about to deposit $70,000.
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the new video police released hoping you can help track down the suspects. there is no doubt that isis is targeting the west.
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taking a live look outside this morning at lincoln financial field. we have a spider out there awake this morning with us. it's about 5:42. right now temperatures in the low 60s. they are going to warm up today, but it's going to be pleasant weather yet again. we have changes in store in the forecast so stick around and meteorologist, tedd florendo, will have details. this morning new details about a shooting and robbery outside a grocery store in philadelphia. investigators are still looking for the two men driving this white dodge caravan.
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police tell us they shot a man and robbed him outside of the market in east philly around 6:00. the businessman was about to make a $70,000 deposit inside the bank in the store. the suspects waited for their victim for over an hour. they shot the man in the arm when police say they tried to fight back. the victim was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. next month a judge will decide if a teenager that went on a stabbing rampage if he is going to be in a mental institution. the teen is charged with stabbing 20 students and a security guard at his high school back on april 9th. his lawyer is trying to get the
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case moved to juvenile court. and then attorneys wanting to delay the trial of tsarnaev. they claim that prosecutors have been slow to produce the ed in the discovery process. the trial is scheduled to start in september. czar tphao and then an increasing threat in syria, and they have no intelligence about a specific attack in the west, but they point out isis has struck in europe before and british extremist could use passports that would allow easy travel.
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>> he does have a duty to defend against america. >> killing a journalist is not protecting yourself. >> it's the foreign policy of obama. >> it's the man that put that knife in his neck. >> david cameron said the west cannot appease isis extremist ideology but must confront it. and the united states is not raising the terror threat level here. a new kind of delivery. the largest fireman internet company working with drones. and another gorgeous sunrise
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we're going to start off our labor day weekend real nice. comfortable temperatures for the day today. not too bad for the humidity, too. and then the humidity will go up, and so will the heat, and, yes, the storms will return. so today another dry day holiday. we will get thunderstorms, the heat back again in the forecast. not today, but tomorrow, yes, and certainly the early part of the week we have a possible heat wave for the start of your week. cape may looks good right now, and 62 degrees for philadelphia. we have patchy clouds. winds remain calm and humidity at 86%. not much of a change for 24 hours ago, but it's a cool morning for the lehigh valley. 59 for reading and 57 for pottstown. 62 for philadelphia, like we
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mentioned, and millville and atlantic city in the 50s at this hour, and stone harbor, i think you are in the 50s to 60s this morning. dover at 63 agrees. cool this morning, and will be warm today. hotter for tomorrow. humidity, not so bad. it's up a little bit this morning but still comfortable outside. the due point is around 61 degrees. it will jump to the 70s for tomorrow. so it will feel more humid tomorrow along with the thunderstorms. dry across the delaware valley and a few clouds here. dry from here and all over the western state. the rain at this hour, a lot of it in the up of michigan here, and showers in illinois will be headed towards us, just not for today. we will start to see that possibly after the 2:00 p.m. hour for tomorrow, and the best chance for the evening storms in the forecast. it's not going to be completely
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clear today or overnight, too. the forecast for the day, 83 degrees. we will call it a mix of sun and clouds today. warm but comfortable for the day and dry. overnight, dry but clouds. 61 degrees expected. tomorrow, 84. we have a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon and a better chance in the evening. it will be more humid for tomorrow. 84 degrees will be the high with partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies at times. and in the poconos, 72. a great beach day, although we could have breezes that would give us winds from 10 to 20. and steamy for sunday and monday. that's our best chance, unfortunately, over the weekend, where we will get the storms and
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showers. if we stay in the 90s for tomorrow and monday, three days in a row, that will be the third heat wave of the summer. the heat starts to give in a little before the end of the week and we will be in the upper 80s, and then we are back to sunshine and less humid conditions by wednesday. >> i will take it, because it's feeling like fall. >> the leaves, did you see them? >> yeah. google is testing drone deliveries. the company provided water bottles and water treats and candy bars being successfully delivered. so far only small packages like the candy bars have been attempted. the test were done in australia because of the restrictions in the u.s. right now the faa restricts the use of drones. and then cutting the ribbon in october in wilmington.
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only nbc 10 was invited for a sneak peek. nbc 10 and some lucky kids got to test out the new discovery zone area in the atrium yesterday. it includes a highly interactive video wall powered by the xbox connect system, and patients could be brought to the wall to get their bodies moving. it will have 144 patient rooms. >> hospitals were cold and forbided places, and now with families at the center of the design process thinking about how families and kids feel comfortable and it's centered around the family. >> when the hospital opens it will hold a community day so everybody can check out the facility and give the discovery zone wall a try. the phillies were in new york last night hoping to take a
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according to a csn, eagles released five players so far, including running back henry josey and kenny. josey was second in the league with 225 rushing yards in the season. and theúñ surprising move, afte thursday's game he said he felt healthy. the birds have to release him when he is healthy. the phillies could climb out of last place for the first time in over two months with a win over the mets last night. two on and two out in the seventh. pops up. seems like an easy play, but he just flat out drops it. two runs come around and mets go
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on to win it. college football, villanova trying to upset syracuse, but a field goal missed. 27-26 in double overtime. don't forget, tonight is high school blitz. nbc 10's matt delucia is live with a preview of the made in america concert. >> reporter: some of the early, early workers are starting to show up here in center city. in just a few hours, tens of thousands will be in the very spot. some have been looking forward to this day, while others have
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not. i will have both sides coming up right after the break. a perfect night for made in america, too, as we are dry and cool tonight. but the humidity will be returning. if you are headed for the poconos, it should be a nice day for that. i will have a complete look at your forecast when we come back.
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right now on nbc "10 nbc news today," we are hours away from the start of one of philadelphia's biggest outdoor concerts, the made in america festival. we have everything you need to know from detours to the lineup. here is a live look at the ben franklin bridge. today the sun will be shining but the rest of the holiday weekend, it's going to be a different story. i am rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. i think i will let meteorologist, tedd florendo, be the barrier of some bad news in the forecast. but before


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