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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  June 30, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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the coast of ocean city after a teenage swimmer vanished beneath the waves. an a live look at philadelphia city hall and the rest of the skyline. experts say highs in the 80s today with a heat wave building as the july fourth holiday nears. good morning, 5:30. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. we enjoyed a great weekend. things are starting out nicely for us on this monday morning. meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. >> am i one of the experts? >> of course. >> yes. >> okay, just asking. we'll see a warmer day, a beautiful weekend, lots of sunshine. the temperatures have been creeping up. and yes, you can see a few clouds that have rolled into philadelphia. the clouds are on the increase right now. we'll not see any showers from these clouds. they'll pass by dry. they'll be moving through this morning. the cloud cover did produce a few showers in the pocono mountains but not much there. stand by for a warmup. 68 degrees in philadelphia. trenton is 65.
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67 in wilmington. 70 degrees right now in reading. a southerly breeze helped boosting our temperatures in spite of the clouds this morning. 75 at 9:00, then it's into the 80s this afternoon. a heat wave on the way. details when i come back. first, katy zachry has your traffic. >> you caught me, bill, as i was fluffing my hair. yes. taking a live look, starting off in chester county, this is a quiet route 202. things are bound to getchnty. av you t e fallowfield township. strasburg road near doe run church road. there are downed wires as a result of a downed pole thauç happened during an earlier accident this morning. add a little extra time if you're heading in that area. also, in the rhawnhurst section, summerdale avenue closed between shelmire and glendale avenues. an alter mat eernate is cottma.
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route 22 look goods, as does 78. breaking news out of feltonville where a utility pole is on fire. this is a live picture. you can't see the flames. this is 2nd street and erierie. traffic lights in the area are out. police aring belowing off a block in everyone direction because of this fire. the fire department and peco responding to the fire. also, this breaking news out of philadelphia's homesburg neighborhood. we've been on scene where a s.w.a.t. team converged on a home as an armed man is refusing to come out of that home. nbc 10's jesse gary is there for us. you were showing this moments earlier. it looks like the s.w.a.t. team is trying to listen in to learn more about this man's current state. >> chris, new information at this hour. they are trying to make contact
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with 57-year-old albert diprimio. he moved in during the winter, in february, during that time frame. police are try to confirm that he is inside. they sent a s.w.a.t. officer down to confirm that he is inside. they say his car is missing. diprimio said apparently had an girlfriend inside, demanded sex, she escapes. she runs to a neighbor's house, leaves her purse inside. they are trying to make sure he is inside the house. he has a long criminal history, last arrested in 2010 for illegal possession of a firearm. the latest update right now,
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they are trying to contact 57-year-old albert diprimio, wanded for attempted rape using a firearm here in the homesburg section. more information about 30 minutes. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. this water main break in northeast philadelphia leaves some streets closed in that section of the city. the break is at summerdale, just behind northeast high school. workers have stopped the flow of water. summerdale is expected to be closed until a new crew can get there later this morning. we are told everyone in the area has water but they may have low pressure. right now, a coast guard helicopter is rejoining the search for a 14-year-old boy who was swept away yesterday in the waters off ocean city. that boy went missing just after 7:00 last night near the 9th street jetty. ocean city police say he was swimming with a group of friends when they were swept out to sea by a rip current. everyone got out except for the 14-year-old whose name has not
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been released at this point. a coast guard boat searched all night, found nothing. a helicopter and beach patrol were scheduled to rejoin that search just a few minutes ago aç 5:30. new video of an incident on a flight that landed at philly international this morning. here's what we know. officials say a passenger had to be removed after he was acting drunk and disorderly on the flight from denver to philadelphia. the plane landed around 1:15 this morning. officers removed the passenger. the viewer says the passenger got into an altercation with the flight attendant and had to ask several other guys to help her return the man to his seat. airport police say the man was taken into custody buts that not been officially charged. >> it is down to the wire for pennsylvania lawmakers. they're scrambling to get a budget passed by the end of this day. the new fiscal year begins midnight tonight. that's just a little over 18 hours away from now. lawmakers have to have the
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budget to the governor by midnight. the governor has threatened no the to sign it unless they pass pension and liquor legislation. we'll follow those developments today. new from overnight, a united airlines flight forced to make an emergency landing. you'll see in this picture an emergency evacuation slide deployed. that was in the previous picture we just had on screen. that problem happened in midair. also, this, the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat. and yet another twitter controversy. we'll tell you why one tweet to soccer fans has all lot of peop upset. if they're heat sensitive, they will notice a change today. the heat is on come tomorrow. we're seeing the sunrise this morning. that's a live view from the loews hotel. currently 67 here at nbc 10.
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breaking news. we can show you these pictures. in feltonville, that utility pole we showed you was burning brightly a few minutes ago, the gentleman in the bucket put that fire out. a peco crew on scene dealing with that. a utilitn burning for the better part of the last 20 minutes. the fire is extinguished. traffic was impacted. this was again in the area of erie boulevard, avenue? >> avenue. >> erie avenue according to nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry. there you go. 2nd street and arterial. there are outages at this time. we don't know exactly how many are affected. we'll get you more information as it becomes available. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley.
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>> a warmer day ahead. we already have clouds that are moving in this morning. clouds will increase the day goes. the t w im'll see them increasing into the us. clouds increasing this morning and then decrease with sunshine this afternoon. the heat is on, starting tomorrow, three-day heat wave is taking shape. we'll have temperatures well into the 90s and we'll feel like it's more than 100 degrees at times. and we're watching the potential formation of a first tropical storm of the season off the east coast of florida. may impact the east coast this week. 63 degrees with clouds over doylestown. mostly cloudy in northeast philadelphia and philadelphia international, 68 degrees there. cape may is 64 degrees. got some sunshine. in fact this is a nice view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. clouds will be thinning out and the temperatures will be climbing. we'll be watching for showers, showers to the north and to the west. we've seen with the clouds that are moving in this morning, a few sprinkles in the pocono
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mountains. but the rest of the area is dry right now and should remain dry. don't expect to see showe 80s to0s .83 we'll see sunshine this afternoon after clouds move through doylestown, northeast philadelphia and mount holly this morning. near 80 degrees for atlantic city, cape may and rehoboth. bright sunshine, more clouds this morning than this afternoon. 88 in philadelphia. 87 for chester and wilmington. the heat wave when i come back. >> bill, thanks. 5:41 as we again the workweek. let's check the roads for you. a shortened workweek for many people. people have to get through monday before theycannjoy frayght? t rlly do. this is the time of the morning we're seeing things pick up on our majors. taking a look at 476 right where nossues to report on this span of 76. we have an issue we brought to at t top of the news cast, in theç feltonville section of philadelphia at 2nd and erie
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avenue as chris said, traffic lights are out because of a utility pole that caught on fire. we have a camera that's live at the scene. traffic lights are out. be mineful if you're headed in that area. we also are folng water main break also in northeast phph rhawnhurst section of the city. summerdale closed between shelmire and glendale avenue. alternate is cottman. >> a trip to an amusement park took a frightening turn. we'll explain what went wrong. midair emergency, passengers aboard a united flight got quite a scare when the emergency evacuation slide inflated while the plane was in the air.
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5:45. new information on the breaking news we brought you in the feltonville neighborhood. this utility pole was on fire. we saw bright flames a few minutes ago. now the fire is out. this is at 2nd street and erie avenue in feltonville. we just found out traffic lights in the area are out. be aware of that. because of that, pless are blocking off a block in every direction. definitely a detour is in your future. the fire is out.
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peco has responded. we're still working on getting information on if anyone's power is affected because of that. because the pennsylvania state budget is up in the air, the philadelphia school reform commission is likely to vote on its budget without knowing how much money the district will get from the state. if state does not approve any more money, there could be hundreds more layoffs is and larger class sizes. from our delaware bureau, governor jack markell will sign a human trafficking bill today. it will create council to raise public awareness. camden county authorities help new surveillance video will help them track down a truck involved in a hit and run. the vehicle then took off. the victim is in stable
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condition. police say they are looking for an older dark colored ford pickup with a silver toolbox on the back. the truck should have damage to the front passenger side. >> happening right now, let's get you out to pretoria, south africa, where the oscar pistorius murder trial is in recess because the stenographer's machine is broken. it's been a trial plagued by delays. all morning now one of pistor s pistorius's doctors have been testifying. he says pistorius is unstable without his prosthetic legs. the olympic star even took off his legs for a demonstration in the courtroom. a panel of psychiatrists filed a report that said he does not suffer from mental disease or defects and he did know the difference between right and wrong when he shot reeva steenka steenkamp. the prosecutor says he killed
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steenkamp out of fnger after an d he thtuder. landitad y 10:30 local time last night. nobody was hurt. another plane was there to take the passengers on to their destination. militants who spent time in iraq and syria could pose a threat. they have passports and could pass into the u.s. easily with those. meantime in iraq, troops continue an operation to retake the city of tikrit. that's one of two major cities that have been taken over by insurgents earlier this month. yesterday, air strikes hitç militant positions for a second straight day. a u.s. marine corporal who was declared a deserter nearly
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ten years ago after allegedly faking his own kidnapping in iraq has turned himself in to military authorities. he turned up a month after disappearing, unharmed in beirut, lebanon. he was returned to camp lejuene in north carolina and was about to face the military equivalent of a grand jury hearing when he disappeared again. rescue crews in india are looking for survivors after two separate building collapses over the weekend. the death toll is at 27 now and it's believed dozens more are still trapped inside the rubble. 31 have been rescued from the wreckage so far. pope francis sled his first major public ceremony. the pontiff appeared tired but relaxed during mass at st. peters basilica. the vatican has not specified what led to cancellations, just saying that pope francis had a mild helpth problem.
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>> a cruise ship is cruising again after fire forced it to return to port for repairs. fire broke out inside the boiler room on the holland american westerdam. they made repairs and the ship was inspected and cleared to set sail again. it carries nearly 2,100 people and 800 crew members. in california, investigators are looking into what caused this ride at sea world to stall, stranding 50 riders for hours. officials say the sky tower had a power failure yesterday, leaving 46 visitors and two employees about 320 feet in the air, really getting to know each other up there. the power was finally restored about four hours later and the ride was lowered to the ground. no injuries were reported. take a look at this security camera video. it shows the impact of a tornado as it hits a town in wisconsin. you can see the debris flying outside a store friday afternoon. people inside the building said it was shaking. it was a category 1 tornado with
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wind speeds of 85 and 90 miles an hour. it's about nine minutes until 6:00. happening later today, dozens of police officers will graduate in cape may officials say the 78 officers have been in training since the beginning of may. this is video of last year's graduation ceremony. most of the officers graduating today will join communities throughout cape may county. also happening today, a well-traveled bridge in montgomery county re-opens to traffic. good news for drivers there. the greenwood avenue bridge that connects jenkintown to -- but that project took nine months longer than expected. after today's 10:00 a.m. ribbon cutting, 9,000 daily drivers are expected to use the new greenwood avenue bridge. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a beautiful, warm weekend.
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a warmer day today. that's in spite of some clouds that are moving through right now. this is a live view from the loews hotel. clouds have broken in the distance. these clouds are moving in. they'll be moving out, too. we'll see sunshine to warm temperatures up. right now, 68 in philadelphia. humidity is creeping back up. it's at 81%. won't be high but it will go higher over the next couple days. this will be the place to be. seelrstures near 80 deg i days. the temperatures soar and. it will be nice and warm at the beach, too. right now we're looking at clouds that are moving in. no serious cloud cover here. no showers expected with these clouds but there is a big coming. humidity and heat will be surging into the area over the next few days. we're watching the tropics. we may see the formation of the first tropical storm of the season, low pressure off the east coast of florida could very well become tropical storm arthur. then may impact the east coast
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this week. we'll be watching that one closely. right now we're watching clouds move through. they'll keep on going. we'll see sunshine, filtered sunshine this morning and bright sunshine this afternoon. temperatures warmer than over the weekend, in the middle to upper 80s. hot and humid tomorrow. steamy conditions andorms, too, for wednesday. those storms are even more likely thursday afternoon. then the fourth of july, there's still a chance of showers, especially early on. conditions will be improving and it won't be as hot either. 83 friday an a bought full weekend ahead. saturday and sunday we'll see plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the low to mid-80s. >> a lot of you are getting ready to start your monday morning trek. let's check the roads now. >> we check with katy zachry. >> we're seeing volume building on our majors. this is the route 30 bypass at route 113. seeeasingsing pic moe coud our ghea
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ctfphiladelphat 2nd an erie avenue, there was a utility pole on fire so traffic lights are out in that area. treat its is a four-way stop. alternates north front street or north 5th street will take you around. also, summerdale after closed at shelmire avenue. alternate is cottman avenue. new jersey turnpike, route 322, right lane blocked. what a new study shows about how well the former first lady, senator and secretary of state relates to the ordinary american. and more high drama, more drama on the field as well.
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it's what happened on twitter that has some soccer fans fuming.
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team usa getting ready for against belgium.
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it's the first game in the ockof s neeo play better than they did against germany. >> hopefully we don't play too tight, the moment and the enormity of situations puts pressure on players. it just depends how we handle it. we've been really loose. >> team usa faces belgium tomorrow afternoon at 4:00. >> royal dutch airlines in the netherlands is coming under fire after posting a tweet following a world cup match that some are calling racist. the netherlands pulled out a controversial last-minute win against mexico. afterwards, it posted a tweet that said adios amigos. mexico was up 1-0 on the netherlands when with just two minutes to play the dutch came through with two goals to complete the late comeback. they now move on when mexico goes home. this isn't theç first time an
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airline has caused a twitter controversy during the world cup. after the u.s. beat ghana, delta posted this picture, many said the image was inappropriate and also inaccurate. you're watching nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 breaking news. >> we'll get a live update from the scene. and crews are back out this morning. scouring the oceans off ocean city for a teenager who was swept away in the water. >> and it's going to be a sunny summer day. we'll get a closer look at your forecast hour by hour. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. yes, we enjoyed a wonderful weekend. meteorologist bill henley right now. it's warming up outside already.
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>> the temperatures will be warming up. a heat wave, a three-day heat wave is brewing. that's a live view of the clouds that are moving through, first thing this morning. they'll keep on going. we'll get a good deal of sunshine this afternoon. you'll feel the temperatures taking off. these clouds are moving in this morning with no showers. the showers fizzled overnight in the pocono


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