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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  June 25, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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e'g andou the neth pck t itha thas no .ecve a etu. a ofai cnthrehese tlaa.10 philadelphia. 8:30 into allentown. we will be following that as we go right through the evening, hour by hour. now to sheena parveen to tell us what's in store for the rest of the night. >> so the storms glenn showed up mostly in parts of central pennsylvania, those are the ones that we'll start watching as we go into the evening. for the afternoon hours we just have isolated spreadout showers. main thunderstorm activity will start north and west of philadelphia. as we go into this evening, 7:00, 8:00 tonight, through the poconos, close to the lehigh valley, this is the yar where we
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expect to see heaviest rainfall, thunderstorm activity. then a couple hours later, this line should continue to hold together and then move into the philadelphia area. you see it from parts of new castle county to mercer county, along the i-95 corridor. we do expect heavy rain and we could see thunderstorm activity in this as well. now as we go past 11:00 p.m., it starts to break apart a lot as we go into south jersey and delaware. at this point, it looks like for delaware maybe only new castle county should see the heaviest of the rain. a majority of arizona ya around philadelphia and areas north and west, those will be the areas that have the best chance of seeing the heavy rain and the thunderstorms. coming up, i will track the storms for you. we will look at the timing and how all this will play as we go into your weekend. that's straight ahead. part of the storm system bringing rain to our area made a mess of things in western pennsylvania. emergency crews have been dealing with downed trees and
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power lines as well as the threat of flooding in that area. look at the damage here. this is in allegheny county. trees were uprooted and siding ripped off of the home. as storms move closer to your neighborhood, be among the first to know with the nbc 10 first alert weather app. track storms with real time radar on your smart phone or on your tablet. download the free app right now by going to sky force 10 live over breaking news. a person has been struck and killed by an amtrak train in sharon hill, pennsylvania. this is affecting the compute for accept tra riders. the newark-wilmington rail line is affected. count on nbc 10 to bring you updates on this story. nbc 10 is there minutes after a deadly shootout in delaware. a state trooper is hospitalized after being shot and wounded this morningn a n ttle with a suspect. the 26-year-old trooper was struck twice as he attempted to
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arrest a domestic violence suspect in magnolia. the officer returned fire and the suspect later died. >> the corporal, a 26-year-old, is a four-year veteran from troop 3. he was shot in the face and hand. he is alert and talking. he is expected to fully recover. a major relief for his boss. >> the trooper responded to an incident and is able to go home at the end of the day. that's our goal. >> the corporal's wife is by his side. a steady stream of troopers coming to see him in the hospital. live at 5:00, doug shimell. you have been learning about what happened in the hours before the deadly confrontation. tell us about what you learned. >> reporter: neighbors tell me there had been a succession of events that actually led up to the gunfight out here. the night before the shootout
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near these condos the two children of dennis hicks were at his house. >> they were hiding because her boyfriend had pulled a knife on her and threatened to kill her. so they had come down this way. they were hiding out here. >> reporter: early monday morning, state troopers were looking for the 29-year-old suspect's black honda after he allegedly tried to choke his girlfriend. when they found him, police say he opened fire on officers. >> my little brother heard gunshots outside. one went in the siding and went through his wall. >> reporter: neighbors say it was over in a few seconds. dennis hicks was in the street. a woman answered the door at his house but said little. >> no information. >> reporter: the neighbors tell us that while the two children were traumatized, they were not physically harmed. live in magnolia, delaware, i'm
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doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> count on nbc 10 news to continue to monitor the trooper's condition. we will bring you updates on him and the investigation on air and on our website, an attack caught on camera. philadelphia police say the man in this video followed a woman into her apartment building and then attacked and threatened her. happened sunday night. police say he stole the victim's jewelry and forced her to call a friend to bring money. after taking the money, he drove off with the woman but later let her go. philadelphia police are seeing if the man in custody for raining a doctor in her apartment is responsible for another sex crime in the city. nbc 10's christine maddela live at 5:00 in center city. tell us about this other investigation. >> reporter: i talked to svu investigators today. they are trying to figure out if the man they say raped that victim in the rittenhouse area is the same man responsible for
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exposing himself to a woman here at this intersection at 16th and pine an hour before that rape. today i reached out to the woman who reported that incident here at 16th and pine but didn't hear back. two different reports, both from saturday morning. 12:30 a.m. on 16th and pine, a woman reported seeing a man walk his bicycle past her exposing himself. police tell me the woman ran away and didn't call to report the incident until sunday after she saw news reports of the rittenhouse rape. the woman told police she thought it might be the same man. 16th and pine is five blocks away from the home on spruce street where milton garcia locked up his bike and forced the victim into her home. we spolt espotted a home with t security cameras but didn't see police cameras. >> we have cameras. you're not going to have cameras on every corner. we do it based on criminal activity. >> reporter: today i asked police how many cameras they
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have to monitor crime. police tell me the city of philadelphia owns and operates 222 cameras but also works with private residences and businesses to monitor those surveillance cameras as well. video technology as well as cell phone technology helped investigators solve and find that suspect that they say was involved in the rittenhouse rape. i talked to a tech expert to find out what your phone can do for you and help protect not only your phone but your own safety. that story at 6:00. live in center city, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. from our south jersey bureau. the shops will sit on 65 acres between the black horse pike and route 42. rumors swirled that burial grounds were found on site. officials say that's not true. the outlets are expected to create 800 jobs along with 250 temporary construction jobs.
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the outlets are said to open next summer. the woodbury country club has a new owner. it was bought for $3.2 million. it will be turned into a medical campus with rehabilitation facilities. they have agreed to preserve approximately 15 acres for a passive public park. the company plans to break ground in the fall. south, work to repair the i-495 bridge in wilmington is moving ahead. today, they released an update on the progress. 32 new concrete shafts need to be installed below ground. three are done now. three more by the end of the day. a dirt pile next to the bridge caused the structure to shift forcing it to close for the summer. southbound should be opened around labor day and the northbound side in september. new information on two gun range robberies in philadelphia.
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a second suspect has been charged are robbery, aggravated assault and related offenses. jeffrey chandler was arrested after nearly two weeks searching for him. police arrested poteat. authorities say they held up a man outside a gun range on june 11th. the next day, they believe they shot and robbed another man outside a different gun range. police say they stole a number of guns in both incidents. philadelphia police want you to look at this guy. detectives say he's wanted in the attempted robbery a community credit union yesterday. it happened right before noon. he flashed the teller a threatening note. didn't get money before then running out. fugitive under arrest in bucks county. they arrested 24-year-old lewis scott. he's wanted for delivery of controlled suss stances. he was wanted for other crimes
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in pennsylvania and new jersey. attacked on the beach. >> two women enjoying a day on the sand at a local resort punched by a guy who they told to get away. also tonight -- >> never had one right in front of my face on the boat. it was awesome. >> shark in the city. a man documents his close encounter with a great white in the waters of a major east coast city. plus this -- >> you think it went viral on the internet and it took off? >> beer in the buff. the nude beer festival in pennsylvania. it's happening this weekend. it's getting more exposure than anyone expected. and the adorable addition. look at this. a local zoo now home to two new critters. nbc 10 shows you their public debut.
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california attorney says this video showing his client smacking a student in a wheelchair doesn't tell the whole story. it happened last month. the attorney for former security guard says the student has a history of discipline problems. the boy has cerebral palsy. the security guard was fired. he pleaded not guilty.
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a new york city fisherman came home from his latest outing with a story he probably won't stop telling. he got a great white shark. he said he had a couple friends fishing. he hooked a baby 80-pound shark. he struggled for 15 minutes to get the shark up to the boat. >> it was humbling that it was in my opinion the baddest fish in the ocean and we saw it a mile away from where everybody swims. >> he said the baby shark was the second great white that he had seen that day. he tagged the animal and cut it loose as required by state law. that happened one day after another great white shark swam up to a boat at the jersey shore. he showed is up saturday 30 miles off the coast of cape may. they told us they have seen great whites before but never that close.
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>> can't get enough of that video. whether it comes to the flu vaccine, a squirt in the nose is better than a shot in the arm. a panel decided that flu mist, nasal spray is a bit better at preventing flu in children from two to eight. health officialless usually adopt the panel's recommendations. a pediatricians group says flu mifrt is more expensive and, doctor,s have already ordered their vaccines for fall. a hot and humid wednesday today with the threat of showers and storms. nbc 10 in bucks county where the young entrepreneurs were offering up cold ice tea to beat the heat today. today is the day you want to do it. we have showers and even storms moving into the area right now. some parts of the area still dealing with the heat and humidity. as we go through tonight, a line of thunderstorms moving through
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the area. some could be bringing locally heavy rainfall. we will watch these later tonight as well. it will be less humid as we go into friday. that's the good news today. very humid as we go into friday. it will feel dryer. we are looking at a dark sky here. we have storms in the distance. in philadelphia, still reporting just light rain. 82 here. the humidity up. most of the area is just looking at the cloud cover and the humidity. locally, we don't have a lot of storms around right now. most are off to our west. if we zoom in along the i-95 corridor in parts of lower bucks county, we have heavy rain moving into upper makefield. this is all going to continue to move into mercer county. it's moving up to the north and east. this will move into mercer county soon. this small one will be leaving the area. most of us dry. it is the rain and the storms to our west that we're watching. moving through central pennsylvania, this is the line of storms that we'll be watching
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as we go into this evening. the actual line itself should be near harrisburg by 6:30, allentown closer toxptte t doluu start eeisf srm ctheh eo cer s l e t trhieavy toughak f dawed from sfing, ostweekatesboos ouhehippe rrh.clouenshi a chaor .ors en d tpoil t ews utshld cilsoddly. hi. thlr >> ey tworepandasthjuoicual pano.h
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ur i o cc ous you ?lenu. t atay a e rth
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to the crisis in iraq. a suicide bomber blew himself up soum of baghdad killing 13 people and wounding 25. no one claims responsibility. the attack was similar to those from sunni militants. john kerry is warning mideast nations against taking new military action in iraq that might heighten already tense sectarian divisions. the u.s. is sending 300 military advisors to the area. the iraqi prime minister appears to stand by his commitment to build a new government that represents all populations. rival nations north and south korea marked the anniversary of the war between them that ended in a truce and left the nation's divided.
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in north korea, thousands of people took part in a massive rally. people marched while chanting anti-us words. it was broadcast live on tv. around 4,000 people attended a ceremony in seoul, among them soldiers who fought in the war and figures from the government of that time. 3 million soldiers and civilians died during the war. the conflict began in 1950 when communist north korean troops launched a surprise attack into south korea. it ended in 1963 with an arm tift. as both commemorate the war, north korean state tv broadcast video of soldiers firing at
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targets that look like american soldiers. the u.s. helped soj korea. back here at home, fun in the sun turns into a beating at the beach. >> the sry of two women who came under attack at a local resort town. also tonight -- >> we heard people in australia heard about this. >> sudds and skin. the beer bash where people are encourages to come thirsty and naked. >> never thought i would hear that come out of your mouth. the chris christie crime crack down. the republican governor travels to south jersey to lay out his plan to keep violent offenders from getting back on to the streets. acorporal with the delaware state police in the hospital after he was shot in the face. we will tell you how he ended up in a gunfight and what happen pd to the guy who shot him. give me one reason why i should believe
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you've really changed. huh? okay. uh, 2-hour service windows. give me another one. uh, our on time all the time guarantee. one more. night and weekend appointments. you guys have really changed. night and weekend baat ph ties now?ppointments. i guess my cousin. he's so pale. ♪ right now at 5:30, nbc 10 first alert weather activity. >> our live network shows the clouds. we are keeping an eye on the skies for signs of rain. in center city as well. live at 6th and market where for now at least things are dry.
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let's get the latest. >> sheena parveen is here to tell us where the storms are now and what we can expect. >> most of the storms we will watch for later tonight, they are just west of the area. they will move in, just not for a few hours. locally, everyone is feeling the humidity from the shore to the poconos. citizens bank park and in philadelphia a live view, center city skyline shows an overcast sky. they are thin clouds. we have the sun coming through. either way, it is a very humid day today. locally on radar, we have one thunderstorm in parts of lower bucks county. this is moving into mercer county. it's right along i-95. richboro on the edge of the heavy rain. this small thunderstorm will continue to move into mercer county and slowly make its way out of the area, mainly along the i-95 corridor.
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if we zoom out, you can see more thunderstorms. they are just off to our west moving through central pennsylvania, approaching harrisburg. this line actually has a lot of lightning in it and some very heavy rain. as we watch it move, it's moving from west to east. we will see this moving as we go into late tonight. one severe thunderstorm in this line, meaning high winds, heavy rain and a lot of lightning. this will be near the poconos between 7:00 and 8:00 tonight. the rest of us through parts of the area, mainly north and west, that's when we will see thunderstorms. i will track those and we will look at how long it will last. >> you can track the storms in re real time by going to the governor is talking tough or crime and violent offenders. >> it's about keeping them off the streets. you were there at town hall meeting. what's the plan to make the state safer?
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>> reporter: this is the governor's 120th -- he had more than 120 of these town hall meetings. he talks about reform. today he was talking about reforms to bail bond laws. he used an example from trenton, a shooting at a funeral that left three people injured. >> we want to make our streets safer. we want to keep ourselves safe from violent sociopaths. >> reporter: he used his time to talk tough on crime. >> keep them in jail pending trial. >> reporter: he wants to make it harder for repeat offenders to get bond. >> what happens when they get bail, the violent one snz they go back out, they commit more crimes. they intimidate witnesses. >> reporter: as of now, he says judges can only use flight risk to determine bail. legislation could hit the chamber floor this week and says if they were in place the shooting at a funeral in trenton may have never happened because the suspect was out on bail and
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granted bail after funeral chutichute i shooting only to be picked up again. >> he has been arrested for shooting people at a funeral. then when he's boiled, he steals a car and assaults police officers. >> reporter: the governor says he would sign this bill if it made it through the state legislature. just got a tweet from the gop legislature. it doesn't appear as though this will make it to the floor tomorrow. we will watch out for it. we will bring that to you. first it was a jersey jam. now the governor has polasky problems. they are under investigation over how it paid for a $1 billion repair project for a sky way. at issue, whether funds was misrepresented in bond documents. that could be a violation of federal securities laws. the manhattan d.a.'s office is
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investigating this. the governor's administration is the target of state and federal investigations over lane closures at the gw bridge last fall. they appear to have been ordered for political pay back. several officials have resigned and he fired a staffer revealed to have ordered the close urz in an e-mail. here are stories making headlines. a delaware state trooper is recovering after being shot in the line of duty. it happened just after 7:00 this morning in magnolia, kent county, where the officer tried to pull over a suspect. they. changed gunfire. the suspect was shot and killed. he's identified as 29-year-old dennis hicks. the trooper ras hit in the face and hand. he's going to be okay. philadelphia police are investigating whether a man accused of raining a woman in a rittenhouse apartment victimized a second woman. she reported that a man matching milton garcia's description exposed himself about an hour before the rape in the same area. she reported that after she
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heard about the rape investigation. 1,500 bags of heroin won't make it to it the streets. police in toms river seized 30 bricks of the drug while conducting surveillance on monday. a 36-year-old man who had the drugs was areftsed. he is behind bars tonight. since the beginning of the year, the toms river special enforcement team has confiscated 15,000 bags of heroin with a value of $150,000. the delaware governor signed into law the use of narcan. it is used to reverse heroin overdose. last year they reviered 500 people with narcan. it provides more of the drug through community-based programs. it allows access to friends and family members of heroin addicts. the search for suspects following a shooting outside a bar. it happened around 2:00 friday morning on the 6300 block of
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rising sun avenue. police say one of the suspects walked out with people and pointed a gun at the crowd. one person was shot in the leg. across the delaware river from our trenton bureau, police looking for suspects in two separate murders in the city. the first happened last night at 10:45. a man was shot to death. a woman was also shot in the leg and hand. she's in stable condition. then a second murder happened at 7:00 this morning. a man was shot and killed in an alleyway. police are hoping to get tips from the public on both homicides. police in delaware reporting an attack on two women. the two women were on the beach on sunday when they saw a group of young men taking cell phone videos of them. they told police when they asked them to stop, a fight erupted. one of the member struck them in the head and face. the women were treated at the hospital for concussions and an eye injury.
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a south jersey man found guilty of sexually assaulting three young girls in his care. a prosecutor and jury ended up convicting the man after a two-week trial. prosecutors say he molested each victim up to ten times. the girl rrz between the ajz of six and eight. he could get a 70-year prison testimony when he is sentenced in september. tonight a message to couch potatoes. >> your habit could be killing you. also tonight -- >> i would love to be able to be more independent. >> mind movement. a medical first as this paralyzed man uses his brain to do something that hasn't been done before. nbc 10 first alert weather monitoring the skies for storms. sheena is? the weather center analyzing the latest weather data. her stormy forecast just minutes away. still ahead on nbc 10 news at 6:00, does the keystone state make the grade when it comes to
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infrastructure? the alarming results of pennsylvania's report card.
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high technology produces a medical miracle. an ohio man has become the first paralyzed patient to move his hand through the power of his thoughts. he was paralyzed from the chest down in a diving accident. researchers have developed a system that allows the brain to bypass the spinal cord and send messages to the hand. it's neurobridge technology. >> the motor memory which dictates all the movements we do. and if you think hard enough, you can convert the parts into digital signals. >> i would love to be able to be more independent in doing things like brushing my teeth or
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opening a water bottle. >> he has a chip implanted in his brain that helps relay his thoughts of movement to his hand. get a warrant, that's what the supreme court says police have to do from now on before they can search your cell phone. right now if you are arrested officers pat you down and empty your pockets. they can take your cell phone. in today's ruling, the court said smart phones have so much information on them they are different than everything else we carry. so the court rules police cannot look through a cell phone. a smart phone's call records, contacts, anything else without getting a search warrant. they sided with broadcasting companies in a ruling. they said areo has to pay broadcasters what it takes their over the air tv signals and makes them available on smart phones and tablets. until now, they were taking the signals for free and charging
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customers a subscription fee. now we know why one quality of life factor is so critical in thriving communities in the suburbs. find out the key to success and why westchester is a good place to mimic. that story on our home page, breaking news right now to tell you. this is about general motors. telling its dealers to stop selling 2013, 2014 chevy cruz because of possible airbag defects. >> it comes after recalls. a big move for gm. we will continue to follow here at nbc 10. take a right turn here. a weekend festival in pennsylvania is the talk of the world. >> we have been talking about it. the beer will be flowing and the
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clothes will be coming off. news you shouldn't take sitting down. the impact sitting has on your health and how it could send you to an early grave. i'm tracking storms heading this way. i will have the timing for your neighborhood and the expected impact in my nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. big political names coming up in the trial of former traffic court judges. i will have that story coming up at 6:00.
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the city of it reeding is acknowledging the international campaign called meatless monday. the initiative encourages people to not eat meat on monday to improve their health and the health of the planet. they passed accommodations to support meatless monday. you may be doing something right this second that could double your risk for an early death. >> i think we're doing it. >> i think so, too. >> reporter: sometimes all we want to do after a long day parked at a desk at work is veg on the couch. spending our lives in front of the tv may end up cutting our lives short. >> people who watched more than three hours a day of television seem to have a higher risk of
5:43 pm
premature death. >> reporter: this doctor is a spokesperson for the american heart association which published reports that finds sedentary could lead to early death. >> it's associated with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and diabetes. rrlt those are the risk factors for heart disease. they found no link between early death and computer time. the issue with too much tv is that we tend to snack while watching shows. with technology to go through commercials, there's no need to move around. doctors recommend 150 mindz of moderate fictional active toy to keep our heart healthy. it sounds like a huge chunk of time in until you break it into manageable pieces. >> walk to the store. walk around the mall. take stairs instead of the elevator. >> reporter: the tv doesn't have
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to be dangerous as long as he with exercise our right to hit pause every once in a while. erica edwards nbc 10 news. after a hot and humid day, we are tracking thunderstorms for tonight. we did actually hit 90 today. i'm sure you felt it. along with the humidity, it made it feel hotter today. thunderstorms as we go into tonight and this evening. some could be bring locally heavy rainfall, gusty winds and quite a bit of lightning. we are watching a line that has a lot of lightning. less humid into friday. you will notice that. we could see a shower or two friday. i will show you the timing of that coming up. a live look outside. looking at the comcast center in philadelphia. we have overcast skies. the temperatures have dropped off since we did have some rain move through the philadelphia area. lehigh valley has not really seen the rain yet.
5:45 pm
we're still in the upper 80s. 82 in philadelphia. trenton seeing the rain currently. temperature there, mid 70s. south jersey and delaware were mostly in the mid to low 80s closer to the shore more line the mid 70s. locally, we don't have much going on around the area with the thunderstorm activity. the only thunderstorm we have in the area is moving through mercer county. this one is moving near penning ton. right along the i-95 corridor, this will move to the northeast. it will leave mercer county soon. aside from that, we are watching a line of thunderstorms just off to our west. it's right outside of the lehigh valley. it's nearing the poconos now. this line has a lot of lightning and heavy rain and a couple of these thunderstorms have become severe. the actual line itself as it continues moving from west to east should be neert allentown area around 8:00 tonight. we will watch this line progress
5:46 pm
into the area. there was one severe thunderstorm in this line. you see lightning here. it's heading towards the poconos, this particular one that i'm talking about. it should be in the poconos between 7:00 and 8:00. other than that, most of the area will see the rain later this evening. it will be starting through the lehigh valley. future weather, we see the line right along the middle of your scene. by 8:00 p.m., you see it moving into the lehigh valley, the poconos. we could see lightning as well. by 11:00 p.m., it's pushing towards philadelphia along the i-95 corridor. again, these are late thunderstorms. by midnight, it will move into south jersey and delaware. then it starts to break up into the early morning hours. your morning commute will be on dry side. showers around tonight. heavy thunderstorms at times. 72 for the low in philadelphia. tomorrow, we will be back near 90. clouds move over to late sunshine. another hot day. a chance of a shower mostly in the morning hours.
5:47 pm
we could see a couple then but in the afternoon a possibility, too. we have increasing sunshine tomorrow. on friday, less humid but there is a chance we could see a few showers. temperatures low 80s. on saturday, looks pretty good, low 80s. sunday, mid 80s. next week, back in the 90s. a man in china cap turz a landslide on his cell phone. 35,000 cubic feet of mud and stone came crashing down a hill blocking a highway. could take up to five days to clear the road. boats are being used on a nearby river to get people around the blockage. worldwide attention is focused on the keystone state. >> it's over a weekend event that promises something for beer lovers who aren't shy, shall we say. right? they will be stripping and sipping. oh boy. this weekend's beer in the buff festival. it's tonight, the behavior that's off limits for those planning to attend.
5:48 pm
police use cell phone technology to track down a rape suspect. i asked a tech expert how that works and how it can work for you. that's coming up at 6:00.
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bring on the puns for this next story.
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it is beer in the buff. a nudist resort is putting itself on the map and getting national exposure. >> that's right. the supery rest resort is hosting its annual nude beer festival. it is all about the beer and baring it all. >> reporter: the staff at sunny rest resort is used to exposure here in the poconos but not quite as much exposure as they have had recently. >> it went viral and took off from there and we're happen my with all the publicity. >> we have have had abc news, fox news come here. seth meyers talked about us on his show. >> reporter: national media outlets are buzzing about an in the buff beer fest. >> it's a huge festival with lots of people and a lot of fun. >> reporter: it will include a performance from hunter monroe.
5:52 pm
>> we heard people in australia heard about this. it's worldwide. we don't even know where all the people are going to be coming from. >> reporter: the owners say being nude gives people a sense of freedom. >> a lot of people think they have to have the perfect body. that's not the case. there is all shapes and sizes here. everyone is welcome. >> reporter: they emphasize, this is not meant to be sexual. >> if anyone is behaving inappropriately, we would tell this about it. generally it doesn't happen. we have security here. >> reporter: the staff tells us all are welcome to bare it all and have beer this weekend. >> i know we're going to get a ton of new people here. coming up next, storms are building tonight in parts of our yar. >> we could see damaging downpours over the next few hours. >> real downpours. the heaviest rain has caused flooding in sen stral pennsylvania. that line of showers is headed our way. count on the nbc 10 first alert
5:53 pm
team to track the timing hour by hour tonight to keep you prepared. crime fighting tools. police say it the victim's cell phone that put them on the trail of the rittenhouse rape suspect. nbc 10 takes you through the technology that helps catch criminals. a delaware state trooper shot in the face. the call he was responding to that sparked a car chase and gun battle.
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right now at 6:00, nbc 10 first alert weather tracking storms moving through our area. we have seen downpours in spots. the heaviest line of rain is yet to come. >> live look from citizens bank park in south philadelphia. rain could impact the game tonight. first pitch expected to be thrown out in an hour from now. >> live look at philadelphia international. we have been monitoring flight delays. they are approaching a half hour in philly but up to an hour in new york. our first alert team keeping you prepared with team coverage tonight. sheena parveen is tracking the heaviest downpours expected over the next few hours. >> let's begin with glenn who is tracking where the rain is right now. the heaviest rain in our area right now is in mercer county new jersey. that is pretty isolated as you
5:56 pm
can see there. we will zoom into it. it's past trenton and it's about to move out of mercer county. a lot of lightning with that thing. fortunately, it's moving fairly quickly up through hopewell and about to move out of the region. we have a different story back to the west where we have a line of storms that is pretty strong. and it has some very, very heavy rain with it. look at that. the rainfall, over 5.5 inches per hour. that was -- if it would stay put, it would produce that amount of rain. you figure even if it's just for 15 minutes, that's an
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