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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  June 24, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a double whammy. high humidity and storms. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield.
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we begin with storms headed our way. tomorrow. you can see what's coming from the west now. >> before that, the humidity. first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here with what we can expect in morning. >> yes, we can expect it to feel much more humid in the morning hours. locally, though, we are dry and most of the area should stay dry tomorrow morning, but the storms are not far away. they're just off to our west and to our southwest. as we go into tomorrow, the humidity and the storms will all be moving in. we start with the humidity in the morning, and we end with the storms as we go later in the day. so as you wake up tomorrow morning, the first thing you'll notice, more cloud cover. by 8:00 in the morning, mostly cloudy to overcast skies. temperature around 73 degrees. it will be a lot muggier than it was this morning. by 10:00 a.m., mid 70s. humid. and as we go toward noon, we could see a couple showers developing around 80 degrees. warmer and humid. and through the afternoon and evening hours, we're looking at showers and thunderstorms. coming up, i'll show you a close
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timing of that plus 90 degree temperatures in the seven day forecast straight ahead. also, get the weather any time with our nbc 10 weather app. download the app free on your smartphone or tablet. just go to tonight, the rittenhouse rape superintendent remains locked up without bail. we stopped by his house and his roommates are in disbelief. now police are looking into claims the suspect, 28-year-old milton garcia, exposed himself to a woman an hour before police say he raped a doctor. nbc 10's denise nakano joins us live from rittenhouse square. r >> reporter: jacqueline, the woman reported to police a man on a bicycle matching that same description exposed himself to her. this is on the radar of police as they try to make a connection and determination whether he could be linked to other assaults. police are looking into whether a 27-year-old woman is a possible second victim of a man charged with raping a young doctor in rittenhouse.
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an hour before the rape and five blocks away she came across a man on a bicycle matching the drin description of milton garcia who exposed himself. tonight i spoke to one of the suspect's roommates shocked to learn garcia was wanted for rape. >> translator: we don't know him as a criminal. we know him as a friend. he took all of my friends to question them. >> reporter: milton garcia's arrest came 72 hours after the saturday assault. police tracked the iphone to the south philadelphia neighborhood where he lives. >> it a took a lot of legwork, boots on the ground, a lot of talking and, you know, talking to neighbors and finding that location. >> reporter: detectives had the area under surveillance then got enough evidence to get a search warrant on the house on south 8th and moore streets. there they turned up the victim's home on the second floor. >> just knowing somebody like that lives right across the street, you know, is pretty scary. >> reporter: garcia was arrested
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at the restaurant where he worked and police found the victim's keys in his pocket. now the 28-year-old is locked up charged with rape, robbery, burglary, and kidnapping. garcia was arraigned earlier tonight and held without bail. a man close to him says he's a father, has two children and a wife in honduras. a spokesman for the u.s. immigrations and tus customs enforcement says he was removed in june of 2013 from the u.s. but has no criminal record in philadelphia. reporting live from rittenhouse, denise nakano, nbc 10 news. new information tonight on two gun range robberies in philadelphia. officers have arrested jeffrey chandler today in new jersey after a nearly two-week search. police say chandler and poteat held up a man on june 11th and the next day investigators believe they shot and robbed another man outside a different gun range in northeast philadelphia. police say they stole a number of guns in both incidents. officers arrested poteat last
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week. a developing situation in southwest philadelphia tonight. a 15-year-old was shot in the hand at 30th street and morris. a total of 11 shots were fired. happened about an hour ago. police searched the neighborhood looking for evidence. no arrests. tonight, a philadelphia police officer finds herself in trouble with the law. officer tamika gross turned herself in today on assault charges. she's accused of having her teenage children fight other students. nbc 10's george spencer joining us tonight from philadelphia police headquarters. and george, this investigation began more than two years ago? >> reporter: jim, we've learned tonight that there are internal affairs reports on gross dating back to at least 2012 when police brass first learned of one of her fights. since then, the district attorney says the pattern has only continued, putting her in the dual role of philly cop and street fighting mother. in this photo, 35-year-old tamika gross wears the signature blue shirt and tie of the philly
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pd. it's a uniform she might never wear again now that she's charged in a series of street fights involving her teenaged kids. in one, the district attorney says she drove her daughter to this oxford circle street where two of her daughter's rivals were walking and, "her daughter then began punching both girls in the face, while gross encouraged her daughter to fight." gloria gonzalez lives nearby. >> that's horrible. really is. it's horrible because we're supposed to teach our children, you know, not encourage them. >> reporter: but encourage them she did. time and again according to her boss during her eight years in the 16th district. >> it wasn't just an isolated incident. this is a pattern of conduct that obviously is very troubling. >> reporter: perhaps the most troubling of the fights happened here at lincoln high school where gross was allegedly captured on video punching a 14-year-old girl whom her daughter was fighting. in a separate street melee involving her son, the d.a. says
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a radio call reported there was a riot on the street and that an officer needed assistance. it was determined that the officer in need of assistance was gross. >> that kind of thuggish behavior simply cannot be tolerated. that's exactly what it was and she's paying the price. >> reporter: that price that gross now faces, a 30-day suspension with intent to dismiss from the pd and a host of criminal charges. those other charges include endangering the welfare of a child, four counts of corruption of minors, as well as two counts of assault. we did try to reach gross' family tonight for a comment, but their last listed telephone number had been disconnected. we're live tonight at police headquarters in center city, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. a bank robbery suspect decided to escape on a septa bus, but he didn't get far. the man held up the wells fargo on roosevelt boulevard atting a.
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he got away with $500 from the bank and jumped on the bus. police surrounded the bus, blocked all traffic and arrested that suspect. new at 11:00, a second bridge investigation is now reportedly linked to new jersey governor chris christie according to the "associated press." there are questions about how his administration paid for a billion-dollar repair of the pulaski skyway bridge that connects newark and jersey city. the investigation reportedly deals with whether the funding was misrepresented in bond documents by the port authority of new york and new jersey, and if possible, misrepresentations amount to securities law violations. all sides declined to comment tonight. christie's administration is already embroiled in a criminal probe over the lane closures at the george washington bridge. more problems tonight for neighbors in the southwest philadelphia community. a water main break over the weekend is still causing issues. and some tell us they now have no gas service either. nbc 10 in the 1700 block of south udal street tonight. on saturday, a 12 inch main
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broke sending thousands of gallons of water into the street. tonight, people who live here tell us some of that water got into their gas lines, too. we reached out to pgw. they say 700 homes have no gas service at this time. and about 45 of those homes have damage to their gas lines. samuel morrison says he and his neighbors need help. >> they're basically asking for help from the city, to help us through this disaster. this disaster is something bigger than what we anticipated. we got gas -- water in the gas lines and one through everyone's house. >> philadelphia water department tells us once pgw inspects the homes, they'll work with homeowners to fix the damages. tonight a national controversy confront eed at hom. a new policy prevents the name redskins from future publicat n publications. last week student editors of the neshaminy newspaper pbanned the
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mascot name calling it a racial slur. the school district shut it down. the school district subcommittee amended the policy to allow the term to be in the newspaper. editor in chief told us they have a responsibility as student journalists enadministrators shouldn't be allowed to edit what they choose to print. >> there's still so many issues that my editors and i will be bringing up at the meeting before they hopefully don't pass it, but if they do pass it, hope we can change some of it before it happens. >> students are divided over the school's nickname. the school board will officially review the policy and make a decision thursday night. a broken down armored car needed some backup help on i-95. members of the s.w.a.t. team guarded the vehicle while they transferred money to another vehicle. this process blocked two lanes on 95 at gerard avenue around 6:00 tonight and caused major backups for drivers. take a look at this man, a clear picture of a man philadelphia police tried to rob
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a credit union this morning in may fair. investigators say before noontime. he demanded money from a teller at the veriva community credit union on frankford avenue. police say he didn't get any money and took off. tonight, four dozen accused drug dealers are off the streets after a raid in berks county. the district attorney's office and state attorney general's office started the investigation last july. their focus was on dealers dealing heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and prescription drugs. this morning, police served the arrest warrants and also took guns, cars, drugs and $40,000 in cash. a pennsylvania pastor defrocked for supporting same-sex marriage is free to return to the pulpit tonight. today united methodist church appeals panel overturned the decision reinstating frank schaefer's pastoral credentials. he was suspended last year for officiating his son's same-sex wedding ceremony and then defrocked him because he didn't promise to never preside over
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the other one. the panel decided defrocking him was too harsh a penalty. he spoke about the church's reversal today if philadelphia. >> i will never be silenced again. i will always speak with and for my lgbt brothers and sisters in the church and beyond. >> schaefer could face another trial if he performs another same-sex marriage but he's considering moving to california where there would be no punishment. the number one online poker site goes all in to get licensed in jersey. >> new at 11:00, a lost dog and a series of break-ins in one local community. tonight how police say the two are tied together. plus, a cheating scandal at a new jersey high school. how police say a student managed to change lots of grades. and tomorrow we have a big increase in humidity and a big chance for thunderstorms as we go through the evening. coming up, i'll break down the timing for you and we'll see
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when we'll hit some 90 degree temperatures. that's next.
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tonight, police in allentown tell us alcohol played a role in this crash that sent an 80-year-old driver straight through a restaurant at dinnertime. car went inside the boston market around 7:00 tonight on south cedar crest boulevard. a woman inside the restaurant was hit. she went to the hospital to get checked out. police took the driver into custody for a blood test. a new jersey teenager is at the center of a grade changing scandal tonight. prosecutors say a sophomore changed grades and attendance records for as many as 24 students at orange high school in essex county. the 16-year-old apparently used a faculty member's password to get into the system. one student claims he charged a fee for his work. the sophomore was arrested last friday. several other students were discipli disciplined. you don't often hear a crime alert about a woman looking for a lost dog but that's the warning tonight in one delaware
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county community. police in ridley township say neighbors need to be wary of a woman claiming to search for her lost dog. investigators say she's linked to a rash of burglary attempts. in the momont park and woodland areas recently. she knocks on doors and if no one answers, she goes inside if it's unlocked and if someone answers, she uses the lost dog story. tonight, a plea from police. one of the hundreds of people at a barbecue must have seen something when someone fired shots and killed a 16-year-old boy early saturday. last night at 1 1:00 we told you about the murder of jameer, killed just steps from his home in north philadelphia. his mom told us he was a good student. police have no leads in the case, and need the public's help. >> what we need is the public's help. we know there was at least 200 people out there. we know that somebody saw the shooter. we need you to call the homicide unit. >> police were called to the scene for crowd control and the shots were fired, we're told most of the 300 people at the
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party were not from that neighborhood. delaware struggling casinos are going to have to wait until tomorrow to find out if they'll get help from the state. lawmakers say they'll vote tomorrow on a relief package to help the state's three casinos. state senators were supposed to vote tonight but they're still ironing out the details. casinos are hoping the state cuts the amount it takes from them each year. saying out of state competition is hurting them. if the state doesn't reduce its share of the revenue, casinos say they'll have trouble surviving. poker stars hopes the third time is the charm. the world's largest online poker site tried twice last year to get a license in new jersey. it was turned down because of legal problems involving company officials. now a canadian firm has stepped in to buy the site and is applying for a new jersey license. casino regulators hope to make a decision by the fall. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, it was a great day today, but tomorrow one thing you're really going to notice is
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the increase in humidity. so that starts overnight tonight. when you wake up tomorrow and even through the afternoon. a lot more humid than today. tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening, we have thunderstorms in the forecast. so that will be one thing that we'll be watching. just make sure you have your umbrella later in the day tomorrow, especially. also some 90 degree temperatures in the forecast. in the seven day. in some areas tomorrow could hit 90 degrees, too. philadelphia right now, humidity is going up. the temperature is still in the mid 70s. we still have that south wind. that's really still pulling in the moisture. locally, though, we are dry. we don't have the rain around right now. it won't be here until later in the day tomorrow. so the dry air will be sitting over us for a little while longer, but you see the storms aren't far behind. through parts of western pennsylvania, and this pretty much shows us we do have a lot of moisture right around the area and come tomorrow all this will start to close in and we'll see storms. a stronger south wind tomorrow so our temperatures will still be warm, but the humidity keeps
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on coming up. then those storms move in late in the day tomorrow. you can pretty much see the atmosphere is very unstable across much of the eastern half of the country. as we go overnight tonight, we do stay dry, but those clouds start to move in. so by tomorrow morning, one thing you'll notice, more clouds around. and also it will be kind of muggy when you wake up in the morning. i wouldn't be surprised if we had a few areas of sprinkles, but then through the afternoon, our rain chances increase. 7:00 p.m. we could have a line of thunderstorms. mostly north and west into the lehigh valley and the poconos. then it will try to move through later in the evening. so not everyone may see this, but either way, we are definitely throwing those thunderstorms in the forecast. then going into thursday, we will be a little drier than wednesday. but we still should have enough moisture around for at least a couple showers. so that is going to stay in the forecast, too. now, along the jersey shore and delaware beaches, tomorrow, showers and storms. temperatures mid 70s. thursday, upper 70s. answ friday, clouds around. temperatures in the mid 70s with
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an onshore wind. tonight, becoming more humid overnight. 70 for the low in philadelphia. 67 degrees areas north and west. tomorrow we'll see the humidity up even more than today. showers and storms mainly the later part of the day. so late afternoon/evening hours. mid 80s in some areas. could get around 9 0 degrees. mostly some areas in delaware could get near 90 tomorrow. then we see the late rain starting to move in. thursday, still a chance for at least a couple showers. upper 80s. then as we go into friday, we're going to be in about the mid 80s and parts of the area could see a few showers friday. saturday, we can't rule out a couple showers. so we'll just throw that in the forecast. but it's not going to be anything like a washout. we just could see a few at this point. low 80s saturday. sunday, mix of sun and clouds through the area. temperatures warmer near 9 0. starting off next week, we're going to be about 90 degrees again. tomorrow, umbrella. then we look ahead to the weekend. >> yeah, we've had a pretty good stretch of decent weekends for a while. >> we have. i don't think this one will be
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bad. we can't rule out a couple showers saturday. >> sheena, thank you. all right. john clark, a moment tonight at the phillies game. >> really nice moment. phillies fans showed class tonight with a longstanding ovation. we'll show you for what. marlon byrd and the phillies score some runs tonight against the marlin lys. that is next.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> hey, i'm john clark. phillies were shut out last night for the eighth time at home this season. the most in baseball. ryne sandberg said they need to score early runs. tonight that happened. first inning, phils put up a three spot. marlon byrd. 13th homer. two-run shot. one behind howard for the team
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lead. third amongst right fielders in baseball in homers and rbis. phillies score three runs ben revere scores on a wild pitch here. cody asche batting close to .4 00 since he came off the dl. knocks in two more runs. 11 rbis. phillies win. beat the marlins 7-4. three-game losing streak is over. nice moment tonight when tony guinn jr. went to the plate for the first time since his father died last week. phillies fans gave him a long standing ovation. tony really appreciates it, philly. >> needless to say, it was pretty awesome. it made the at-bat difficult. i had to try to fight back the emotion and tears and stuff like that, but, you know, that's -- i think that's why guys who play here, they love it here.
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>> it was a nice moment there. flyers did sign grady sizemore to a minor league deal. flyers getting ready for the draft this friday. hextall wants to build the team through the draft and doesn't feel the pressure to win right now. >> i don't feel pressure. i just, like every day i want to make this franchise better. and i want to build us into one of the top, you know, half a dozen teams in the league where they're talking about us every year as one of the top contenders. on to the world cup. striker josie altador will miss usa's match against germany with a hamstring injury. a biting controversy today. uruguay star luis suarez appears to bite a player on the shoulder no call was made. calini would show the refs the evidence and uruguay would score the game winner a minute later
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to advance and knock out italy. fifa is going to investigate. sorry for the bad pun here, but sink your teeth into this. suarez has a history of biting. last year he received a ten match ban in the premier league in england for biting an opponent there. in 2010, he also was suspended in a dutch league for biting. he's a serial biter. they've got to go something about this. i'm john clark. we are right back after this.
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♪ the philadelphia orchestra summer series kicked off tonight. the show featured music from pop hits to small classical numbers. and a gorgeous night for it, too. >> nice weather out there tonight. >> yes. fantastic tonight. but come tomorrow morning, you are going to feel some big changes in the form of humidity.
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you'll see more clouds. thunderstorms in the afternoon. and we stay pretty warm, too. >> we knew it was a matter of time before humidity would kick in. >> i know. >> i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. thanks for joining us tonight. "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon" is next. have a great night.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- louis ck. neil young and jack white. musical performance by neil young.


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