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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 23, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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suspect wearing a baseball cap and with his hair slicked back. this is what he may look like. the second piece of new evidence that came out today, this surveillance video. minutes before the alleged rape, on the upper left-hand side, you can see him walk his bike into the camera. that's when the man immediately started following the woman. seconds later, he grabbed her and he forced her into her apartment where he physically and sexually assaulted her several times. police say they are interviewing the victim right now and trying to gather more clues about what happened on saturday morning. they're collecting evidence from the crime scene and looking into if they can get any finger prints as well as any dna evidence from the scene. live at special victims unit, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. crucial missteps and inexplicable delays.
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the attorney general says that's what kept jerry sandusky from being arrested and charged sooner for those crimes. kane released a new report on this case today. she revealed two victims who came forward after sandusky's indictment and told prosecutors they were assaulted in the fall of 2009. that's month after the state's investigation started. much of the report focused on whether tom corbett delayed the case on purpose because he was running for governor. this is an issue that kane touted as part of the reason she wanted to investigate in the first place. >> this report found no direct evidence, no e-mail, no confession, no statement from anybody indicating that they were told to slow this down because of politics. >> reporter: despite the findings, kane did not back off previous statements she's made in the past that suggested that tom corbett's campaign for governor influenced how he handled the sandusky investigation when he was attorney general.
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>> it doesn't matter what our personal opinion is. i rely upon the facts and the facts are that there was no direct evidence. but there are questions of inexcusable delays, why those delays took place, we don't know. >> reporter: in the report, we found a number of e-mails from the prosecutor assigned to the case who wanted to charge sandusky in 2010. she asked her supervisors, can someone tell me what the holdup is? charges against sandusky didn't happen until 2011. according to the report, prosecutors delayed in searching his home and they waited to have the grand jury issue subpoena s subpoenaeds. who should be held accountable? >> that's a good question. it appears as that the prosecutor from the beginning wanted -- as well as the agent and the troopers wanted to conduct a search warrant. it appears that the leadership
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of oag, who was making the decision, not the prosecutor, had a lack of urgency in taking sandusky off of the streets and made tactical airers that could have brought him off of the street sooner. >> reporter: do you mean tom corbett? >> the leadership consisted of the chief of the criminal unit at the time, the chief of the criminal division at the time, the first deputy at the time and the attorney general at the time. >> reporter: the governor put out a statement that says in part, the release of this report refutes each aspect of the case that the attorney general and others have questioned, has found no evidence of deliberate delay and under scores the importance and appropriateness of the methods used in the vest gand at subsequent conviction of a child predator. minutes after the ag released her report, sandusky's wife fired back. she says, the reason jerry was not arrested sooner was because there was no legitimate evidence against him and that was because
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he's innocent. had authorities searched their home sooner, they would have found exactly the what they eventually did, nothing. you can read the attorney general's report on the sandusky investigation. we have it on our website, there you can also read a complete time line of events leading up to his conviction. destination philadelphia for the man in charge of the national investigation into the v.a. healthcare scandal. sloan gibson just wrapped up a meeting with lawmakers and at the philadelphia department of veterans affairs. harry hairston is live. what you have learned? >> reporter: let me tell you, gibson says he extended an invitation to members of congress all throughout this area. however, most of those i did talk to say business on the hill kept them from coming down. a vet i talked to says, lawmakers and investigators talking to administrators at a meeting like this means nothing to them.
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they say the real answers come once you talk to the vets. this man spent more than 15 years in the air force. he's one of thousands of vets who depend on the v.a. medical center. sloan gibson toured the center today. >> have things gotten better at all since the investigations have gotten under way? >> no. they're continually getting worse. >> reporter: months ago the scandal broke revealing veterans died while waiting for pointments. he says he has problems getting medication. >> this past weekend, it took me almost three hours to get my medication after seeing the doctor. railroad he says he believes investigators need to do more than tour hospitals and meet with lawmakers. what should they be doing? >> reaching out to us, asking ugs what we need.
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>> reporter: administrators, including gibson, did not respond to our request for comment about today's meeting. congress map pat meehan, one of two congressmen who met with gibson, did comment. is there a point you could like to make if had you one specific thing to say. >> account ability at the system. not just at the highest level but people within the system responding to the needs, accurate information and making sure our veterans are the first priority. >> reporter: i should make note that congressman runyo flrunyon there today. the vets i talk to say, this is the deal. until you get more vets working within the system, the problem is going to continue. they say it takes a vet to understand what a vet needs.
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live, harry hairston, nbc 10 news. sky force 10 over a shooting involving a philadelphia police officer. here is the scene from the area near 18th and sheltonham. it happened around 1:30 this afternoon. an officer shot a suspect. we know the suspect is in stable condition at the hospital. the officer wasn't hurt. new video shows a group of suspects police say attacked and robbed a child in south philadelphia. police say three of the people in this video pushed a 13-year-old boy to the ground, punched and kicked him and stole his iphone. it happened on may 6th at a bus stop. if you recognize any of them, call philadelphia police. do you recognize this man? police say he stole a woman's credit card and used it at several locations. the woman's wallet was stolen from a restaurant in center city. he was caught using the card at
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the wawa and at the target. if you know who he is, you are asked to call police. philadelphia police say the man in this video is wanted for holding up two grocery stores. the camera gets a good look at his face as you see here as he pulled out a gun. the video was taken thursday inside the 56th street food market in west philly. the second incident happened friday at jim's meat market. no one was hurt in either incident. federal mediation is under way to help resolve the impasse between septa and two of its unions. mediators sat down with both sides today to try and hash out a deal to avoid a further strike. they have been at odds for years and went through a one-day work stoppage earlier this month after talks failed. the president ended that strike by signing an executive order to form a mediation board. we should get a report on the meetings next month. major construction project
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got under way on a busy stretch of road in our area. they broke ground on a project to widen a five-mile section of the northeast extension of the pennsylvania turnpike. the stretch between lansdale and mid county will expand. three new on and off ramps will also be constructed. >> currently, 65,000 vehicles traverse this area. the design year is 2030, it's projected to be over 100,000 cars per day. >> it's expected to be finished in 2016. the southern widening project should be ready by october. that work has been going on for almost three years. back to breaking news we have been following over the past hour. >> the scene of the corner store shooting. this woman turned the tables on
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the robber, didn't she? >> reporter: right. we understand a robber came in with a knife. she had a gun and shot him. we have just learned the 47-year-old suspect is dead. explain what happened from the beginning. >> it was just after 5:00 p.m. this suspect entered with a knife and announced a robbery. the store owner was acting as the cashier. she was in the store alone at the time. the 47-year-old suspect went behind the counter, took the register from the counter, threw is to the ground. when it opened up, he began pulling money from the register. after taking the money, he stood up, put the knife to the 46-year-old store owner's chest. at this time, she pull pd a weapon, a revolver and shot the suspect one time in his torso. he collapsed. he dropped his knife. he fell not ground. when police arrived, he was behind the counter unconscious on the ground. he still had a $100 bill in his left hand.
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police rushed him to a hospital where he was pronounced dead at 6:03 p.m. at this time, detectives are on investigation. homicide is coming. they are going to process the crime scene. >> reporter: thank you very much. we will be staying here gathering more information and bring it to you later. lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. next at 6:00 -- >> look out. get back. >> a dramatic close encounter with a great white shark caught on camera off the jersey shore. >> it was a lot larger than what we expected. >> i'm ted greenberg, why shark encounters like this could become more common. a more welcome addition. it's a place to stay. we'll take you there coming up. coming up in sports, the fliers bring back a former flier, all part of a busy day.
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see who is coming and goes and who is stibing around. that's in ten minutes.
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now to a story you saw first on new jersey fishermen have a close encounter down the shore. >> he could come up. get back.
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get back. you guys are nuts. >> i would be getting back. they were looking for sharks. they never expected a great white to take its teeth to their boat. that's the unforgettable experience for a group in the ocean this weekend. they caught it all on video. this group works with the federal government to track the creatures in the ocean. >> as ted greenberg tells us, experts believe more of them are now at sea. >> he's going to take our chum bag. >> reporter: it was a face to face encount we are a great white shark, one that brought some bite. >> he has our chum bag. he grabbed our chum bag. >> the only time it made us nervous was at the point where it did get ahold of the chum bag because it was directly attached to the boat. >> reporter: steve clark was 30 myles off the coast of cape may with four others when the shark swam up. >> get back. get back. >> reporter: at 16 feet long, it
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was half the size of their boat. >> we were worried it was going to harm the engine. it started to mouth it. it wasn't actually biting down. >> there does seem to be clear evidence that their numbers are increasing. >> reporter: this comes after the national ocean antic and atmospheric administration said there's been a resurge ens of great whites off the east coast. scientists say conservation effort and gray seals, which the sharks eat, are likely factors. is there more of a danger to people who go to the beach and go swimming? >> i would say not. you have a greater chance of being struck by lightning than being attacked and killed by a white shark. >> where the food is, that's where they're going to go. >> reporter: this man says those involved in this encounter are lucky it wasn't worse. >> it could come out of the water. great whites have been known to leap out of the water after their prey.
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>> reporter: experts say they are normally found between new jersey and massachusetts during the summer. they usually head south by december. in atlantic city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> you can watch more of the video of that encounter by going to our website, >> makes you want to go to the shore. a new place to stay. while it's named after a popular brew, you can not buy beer. the dogfish head inn is open. it doesn't have beer. the owner, who owns the brewery and the restaurant doesn't want to take cash away from friends who own other businesses. if you want a brew, you will have to bring or buy your own. another pretty nice weekend. not quite as spectacular as the previous four.
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officially did not rain at the airport. that's five weekends in a row without rain at the airport. today, beautiful day, comfortable. but the humidity is going to be increasing starting tomorrow night. then the thunderstorms will follow in the middle of the week. a beautiful evening out there. it's 81. the humidity, 38%. the wind is out of the south, southwest at ten. it will blow out to left field for the phillies coming up in less than an hour. 81 in philadelphia now. 79 in pottstown. some places got into the 80s today. not too high in the 80s. a few degrees warmer than yesterday. six degrees warmer under philadelphia than at this time yesterday. with the sunshine, the uv index is very high. it does not take long to get a sunburn and to get damage at this time of the year.
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the sun is as high in the sky and the rays are as direct as they ever are in this part of the world. you can see just a few clouds around. even those are going to be dissipating. we have showers back in ohio. that's going to take its good old time getting here. as you can see here, it goes through 8:00 a.m., nothing going on. maybe a couple sprinkles toward the poconos. that's the only threat of rain tomorrow. and then look at the sunshine late in the day. then the clouds start to increase by wednesday morning. and then here comes the rain. once that rain gets here, it's a slow-moving system, and there's a lot of the moisture. we have a wet period there. especially later wednesday and wednesday night, maybe into thursday. with a 71-degree ocean temperature and south wind, temperatures limited at the shore. nice tomorrow, i will tell you that.
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then the showers and thunderstorms come wednesday and perhaps into thursday. for the rest of the night, a beautiful evening, comfortable. 64 in philadelphia. 68 in northern and western suburbs. tomorrow, warming than today. we got to 83 today. 87 tomorrow. still not very humid. the humidity comes tomorrow night and into wednesday. that's when the showers and storms will develop, some of those could be on the heavy side and could linger into thursday. dryer air start torz come in. why the flyers traded a fan favorite away.
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i'm john clark. the flyers were busy. they traded hartnel in exchange forum berger and a fourth round pick next year. they announced they signed i shhe in to a contract extension. hartnel's contract is five years longer. june 23rd, it's been a busy day for the flyers. they traded carter and richards three years ago. now today, hartnel. he did have to waive his no-trade clause. it took him to come together. >> it's a hard one as a player. i think you get married to a franchise and you play somewhere and it's a hard thing. when it first got thrown at him,
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at first he was shocked. and then he realized that it would probably be best for him to move on and for us as well. >> the flyers made a major trade back in 1992 and got lindross. he was not voted into the hall of fame. but a player they gave up was. phillies, back home for eight games against the division rivals. first four against the marlins then the braves. phillys are five games back out of first place. they know this home stand is crucial to staying alive in the division. >> got them and the braves. i'd say we have to pick it up a little bit. they can feel our edge coming around the corner and feel us coming. >> the nba draft is thursday. the sixers worked out exem.
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barkley was here in studio today and he says embeed shouldn't be ruled out despite the broken ankle. >> if he was healthy, they're not going to win a championship. they need young talent. his rookie contract is not going to be unbearable. you give him $100 million and he can't play, then you are done. i would take him at three. then you have a big decision to make at ten. >> charles likes him. i'm john clark. back to you. for a look at what's coming up on nbc 10 news at 11:00. i hope justice comes. he didn't deserve what happened to him. >> new, a teenager's pa after his friend was murdered just steps from his home.
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good night for baseball. >> absolutely. >> perfect. >> thank you for watching.
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the news continues with "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. i will see you at 11:00. critical mission, with iraq on the brink and heavily armed militant forces on the move, john kerry arrives in bagdad to deliver a blunt warning from the white house. the roller coaster ride that kept millions of americans glued. how the game made history and what's next for the s. team. going to extremes, flash floods threatening the midwest with much of the kufrn tri in the grip of this latest and devastating drought. driving an auto pilot. tonight we're the first to try out brand new technology hitting the american roads sooner than we all think. whether we like it or not, "nightly news" begins now.


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