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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  June 23, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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that a cen or ouide b aquaum. phadelphia. ight breeze bngin.tid84%. during fll. atlaicity. allentow a end of 80sn temperatures cbriginnninto l a look, noo ig comeback hfi d moo ay moryou, . u kn cons new prnne. mednft aitv no ds to r as fgdis.ousee, ton 95 76, the boule76soill ats our undeastbooute 38r nix aside from t, y? a in the clend 'rccidents ina > today a r lepeanornegeneral the jry sdusky child x stlle kaleen ke sdi th ldzhrisgil politica implicio
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the rt wil r lar this mning around 0. it looks intoe an pace of thegaon after the fird in8 tte governor corbett was then the attorney genera itter the ag's involved nearly threeearsor charges filed a jerry sandusky, the former fensoorna for penn ste ftb using bo atrney gn nesuggesteth gnobe ma holitical mo slow dn station wis oic gotvo lengthy to the vpular firi famedool ach jo o.heime cbe wastytr in e next hhour,velop the sses. take a clos look whoeral shoea thisreview. reportli fm the digital operations nter, ky zach,
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c 10 news. raryon willn harrisbune attorney general releases this report 100 this morning and we'll conto finue tlow thisning ai nbc 10 ande at co fro t n 1 jery bureau, a 9-year-old girl is deh in burntounty. n mountoload in buington town. two other peo wer taken to hospital. one of them in critical ndition. police are investigating if one of cars ran a red li peoplephilphia's rittenhouse square neighborhood say they plang it s ter a woman area over the ekpolieeods thsuspect. u hows from behind the 26-year-old doctor as she's walking home from b early saorturday he puts his arm around her before he forces her into her apartment.ldyg the
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surveillance video andhete atomooho >> it's uet to have a cabus a lst goi home, because may all your wherewhal is not you, ci late a. olic a invgatinghe cint as a sexaun me va today aresidal diation board sits down with boths septa's ongoing stalemate with two of its unions. jesse gary is live in chestnut hill. what's the time linor what's going to begin day? >> toal have a month repoinback tthe president on july 14th. cyom from this board are nonbding. let's take a lk at our video. it isclear how muchroan goodwil. the contrac dispute took turn for the worst ne days ago. that's when the two unions walked off the job for the first time since 1983, citing a failure in negotiations.
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thousands of rers were left outservice for a day. at issu p increases or equal economic value offered to other unions but not the striking parties and four y raes. sess say tou wus their budget mntainyhe put their laeser out on the table. the first train from this station leaves in about 45 minutes. we'll try and get reaction from regular riders live in chestnut hill this morning, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. members of local 1776 were prepared to authorize a strike but then last night t voted to extend their old contr until august 30th. issues that need to beorke out here, health ca, and this morning, we're llowin developing story on the crisis in iraq. justn whi the last two hours, secr staoh landed in baghdad as his trip across the mddle east
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continues. this is kry arriving in jordan yesterday. right now he's meeting with iraqi leaders to push them to quickly form a government this as sunni terror groups continue their march across thecountry, kerry says isis has become a threat to all theouries in that region. what's happening in iraq is not eng the united states in terms of this c crisis. thtee unithed blood a ppornity to have rs to provide e their own governance andtheir ow urging all arab states to work together to stop the sunni terror group. >> former u.s. attorney general and pennsylvania governor dick thornburg is in the hospital. his wife tells "the pittsburgh tribune-review" that he suffered a minor stroke at their home over the weekend. he is expected to recover. thornburg led the state during the three mile island nuclear crisis and served as u.s. attorney general under presidents ronald reagan and ge w. bush.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> pretty nice start thi morng, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we will see lots of sunshine today. there are a few high clouds around right now. it will b a mainly sunny day y b in fact, warmer than yesterday's high of 83. the middle 80s ts afternoon and the humiditytays low today. it will be increasing and that could lead to sommidweek storms. heading out the door right now, you'll see 52 degrees in mount pocono, trenton with clouds overhead. 65 degrees. thin clouds. they'll be out of here during the day. wilmington, 63 degrees. this is a view from the lowe's hotel. you can make out some of the clouds there. a little view of the sky at this hour. the temperatures climbing. upper 70s for mount pocono, allentown, quakertown, reading, all in the low 80s. the forecast was looking good for doylestown, northeast philadelphia, mount holly. low humidity and 80s this afternoon. upper 70s along the coastline
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for rehoboth, 79 degrees. atlantic city 77. warmer for vineland and dover sunshine, 82 for westchester. 84 in philadelphia and glassboro, a high of 82 degrees today. and if you're making plans to watch the phillies take on the marlins this evening, it looks like it will be a great night for a ball game. partly cloudy and 79 degrees at 7:05. later in the game, the temperatures are clearing under mostly clear skies and coming down, 71 degrees. we'll show you how long that nice weather will last when i come back with the seven-day forecast. 5:08 right now. let's get you updated on the roads. >> jillian mele in the first alert traffic center. >> the major highways in the area, they're clear. the bridges also clear. we still have a downed pole blocking the right lane for drivers in new jersey, the eastbound side of route 38 near nixon drive. keep that in mind. this is a live look at the ben
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franklin bridge. traffic moving along just fine. i do want to point out, this right lane is blocked out there on the eastbound side of the bend as drivers make their way into new jersey. that's part of a long-term bridge rehab project that we have going on. it's not causing slowdowns. the rest of the bridges, normal construction for a lot of the highways, including pennsylvania turnpike, northeast extension for drivers in delaware this morning, 495 is still closed but it's a lot of the normal stuff we're seeing, not reporting anything out of the ordinary. the route 30 bypass is also quiet. that's a live look near route 322. quite a sight for fishermen done the jersey shore. it was a slow day until they spotted a great white swimming behind their boat. this felt more like a loss. what's next for the u.s. men's soccer team afr a tough game against
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5:11 am >> ah, yeah, th'rts. steve cl s us this video of a close encounter with a great white. they were fishing 30 mile off the coast of cape masaay theg comes just as a new studds the number of great whites are surging on east co waters after decades of decline, thanks to a er efrt.
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whil great whiteuer e up, theoncernother marine mma t illness bla for last massivn die-off on the jersey shore. tests had them tested positive for a virus. the stranding center are worried that the v affec other animals thiyear. a philadelphia man drown in a rip cnn -cuent in florida. he has b identifies as de-bryce dzem fm cameroon, africa.hi friend saysr help as he was swept away by the couldn't do anything because i'm not a strong swimmer. it wouldn't benefe t go outere e be iving. >> search crews combed the ocean, finally recovering h
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body. a dog belonging to a firefighter that disappeared during a backpacking tr h been found. herdman has been missing backpacking with friend he dog ran f. he chased off his pet barefoot, wearing only shorts. search crews have scoured 50,000 miles on foot and by horse back. >> sadly at some point you have to make a decision about what the odds are and what's the likelihood with all the resources that we might be successful. >> the dog was found in the parking lot where herdman parked his car and it said that the dog is exhausted and on iv fluids. a public ml semoriavice was held for a teenage boy killed in an oregon school shooting. family, friends and classmates filled the crco pay tbu to 14-year-old emio hoffma
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they remember him as aç p whoo crack jokes on the soccer field. he was in the locker room at reynolds high school east of portland when he was shot and thlled by a classmate on june the 15-year-old gunman la ll hielf. >> former new england patriot erez is bk i jail after a quick visit hospital. officials say they can't say what happened because of privacs hernandez isccusedf killing b i another mar h maachutt home. d cuon the u.s. team let a away in the final secon the th captainy,t portugal. he u.s. the lead. deep in stoppage time, portugal, unbelievly ties it up with a header there. just seconds away from the.s. winning instead, they have to settle for
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a draw. hundreds of soccer fans packed 15th and locust in center city for a watty outside fado's irish pub. ev was stunned by the last-minal just kind of dong the way it ended. it's good butt the same time, ae >> next up for the u.s., they will play germany on thursday. the match between the u.s. and portugal now in the history books after the refs stopped the match for the first ever water . this happened in the 40th minute. water break is allowed if the game is being played in extreme heat but it's not mandatory. of course you can read more about the world cup on ere's a gallery of photos there as well as a guide to the rest of the mpn. >> hard toat ball in. 5:16. let's get you ted on the roads. >>an me with first alert a is? >> i had it in in the back
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ground. everyone was updating in facebondtwitr. it was play by play out ther it was definitely a nail ats a rard avenue. we h a newternat in place ouhere ep that in min if you are ng out on . the lan hhifted little bit as you can see right now. it's not c delays out there. 95 is sti clear any delays. in perkiomentownship, i mentd th on id te trsday afternoon, penndot closed theraterford road men eek road because of ke and deteriorating conditions. this is the first full week you'll see a detr in place. plank road will be part of your detour. a downed pole in moores, e t is at route 38 near nixon drive. so far, we're not reporting any issu on mass transit. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather with meteorolo henley. >> pleasantrt the humidity is going b coming down during today. 84% tnow.64egrees with moving through philadelphia. live view of boat house row. very little ven the water, nhind t start with. this is a live view from pocono mountains. jim thorpe, light fog in th valleys but starting to see which is about te minutes away coming up this moing.ç 15 minutes actually. the days areetti shorter now. we pse the solstice. we'll see pf sshine. tomorrow we'll see another sunny one withwarmer, more coming in to play midweek, a posity l storms. you can see them lin u from wiscn through illinois into the deep south. the southern plains, parts of oklahoma, text text getting pounded with heavy weather right now. we'll see plenty of sunshine today. you'll need your sunglasses. bright sunshine, a few thin
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clouds will be clearing, 80s this afternoon. through the day today, the humidity stays low but it stas to increase tomorrow. temperature up to 85de y. n the muggineor tuesday night and wednesday, showers and thunderstorms are likely. high of 87 degrees on wednesday. then there's still a chance of a shower for thursday, friday and saturday. but drying out for sunday with partlyi skies. war . >>do you save for rainy day? g americans have no emergency funds. learnou should save and sock away, just in case. mom hi'r theeas, and c e wnommercial to tell you why.
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at 5:22 this monday morning, sun is just coming up on boat house row as we take a live look. it's going to be a brilliant day of sunshine. gorgeous day. if you're getting tickets to go to the phillies game, they begin an eight-day home stand against the marlins later on tonight. a nep shows more than a qer americansno emergency savings. that's according to bank rate which found adults ages 30 to 49 are the most likely to have no emergency savings. those ages 18 to 30 are likely to have five months worth of savings. that youngerup l hhelesuesth have them six months.nnor enough money stashed to last oil com claiming
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environmental damage caused by a gasoline additive. has an interim leader and the westchester spping center sells for more than $30 million. you may see a lot of ads on social media but are you buying those products? a new poll says a majity of user don't buy products. courtney reagan is here with the buss >>s disappointing informat for l those companie ss that a ve $co billi put adsacebk and t year. but it tornadoes out consumers . a new gallop poll says mistakenly assumed consumers would welcome them their online lives. rent changes to cebook's news feed havur adver ability to reach consumers. st displaying pos in a
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chronological order, theyho gs wanto see. i doubt many of us rank ads as want it see items. >> this summer, nbc 10 isd o grant challenge for local nonprofits. it's called 21st century solutions. there's a $50,000 grant that's available as well aswothh $25,0. we're looking for fresh ideas y forward. isw andogms for more formation, g e nbc1com. nowour nbc 10 first weather. >> getting ready for a nice day today. perfect day to off facebook and forget the tweets. just go out and enjoy bright sunshine. ou movingou t area rightnow. 64rees her at nbc 10. wh think a th, jillian? >> avome police activity
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in evesham township. route 73 at brendenwood drive. alternate is kresson road. coming up, i'll tell you why we're hearing about thisç repo two years after jerry sandusky was convicted and what local law professor has led the review. eaat's coming up after the
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this is nbc 10 news. a report is scheduled to rob released by the pennsylvania r workers neral's light onionr will head back to the negotiation table as both side try to hammer out a deal. here's ave look at center city this morning. weekend weather was great. looking forward, though, it looks like we're going to have a couple of days nice and then we'll getin.l find out about th of that. 64 degrees. morng and welcome t v sikahema let' s wit meteorologist henley. we're worried about just today, t, bi? the hrghhe a rig now. wlst. lafayette hote iny.clouds jerse
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to the deg mafteoon gh ahe shor. it fortlanc citye,lorandttstown 60. northeast phill i 61degrs. 64 at philadelphia ternional. temperatures climbing int a nice ding the day. losy ndhe 81 ees lunti nghborhood byei youhat expect w u e. first ia you traffic. >>ollowing an tnship. this is happening between evesham road closed between 73 and brendenwood drive. this is a live look at 73. way over there in the corner, you can see the police activity. that's what's blocking evesham road right now. the route 13 on-ramp at i-295, we're dealing with an accident on that ramp. it's not backing things up on either 6 the hiof the highways y
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could see lane clos. the drive times on the other majors, 76 east and westbound, that's about a 14-minute trip right now. for drirs thing to we h a new pattern in place near girard. watch for . your drive time, inutes both ways between woodhaven and the i searching for an d rbep a sunoco gas station iomery county. nb was there afficers cohoed for prints in
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