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tv   NBC 10 News at 10am  NBC  June 22, 2014 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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this morning police have released surveillance video in their search for a rapist. what investigators are saying about that investigation. it was a violent night across philadelphia. today police are busy tracking down leads after eight people were shot in separate incidents. and world cup count down in just hours. the u.s. will take center stage in brazil as the team tries to take down portugal and move on to the next round. right now a live look at skyline of philadelphia and center city. clouds hanging around. we'll tell you what to expect the rest of the day. good sunday morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm george spencer. it is 10:00 a.m. let's get a check of the weather with ted florendo. hard to beat yesterday.
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>> one thing we know is more sunshine than clouds. we started off with cloud this is morning. you can see the sun peeking through the clouds as we take a look at the art museum this morning. it has remained dry. i did see fog earlier starting to lift across the area. we're starting to warm up across the region. clouds were thickest this morning. now the latest image shows clouds thinning out across the area. doesn't mean they'll be all gone today. we're looking at high clouds also sunshine. temperatures rather mild. 72 allen town now. 71 trenton. we warm to 74 philadelphia, 75 atlantic city. wildwood 70s. here's what to expect today. we start off philadelphia 78 at noon. 83 our high today. we'll look at a mix of clouds and sun.
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best place to be will be the poconos where you'll be mostly sunny. your high 76 by the afternoon. we look at the background, good looking shot. should be mild tonight. looks like tomorrow even better. what can you expect for the beginning of your workweek? that's coming up in just a few minutes. new this morning, police have a big include that could help lead them to the man wanted in a rape and home invasion in rittenhouse square. police say this surveillance video shows the suspect as he approached a young doctor and forced her inside her apartment. that 26-year-old woman was on her way home from ladder 15 bar. that bar just a short walk from her apartment at 19th and spruce streets. matt delucia is live outside the special vick's unit in hunting park to tell us what happened after the man forced his way inside. >> reporter: detectives here are hoping video leads them to an
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arrest. as of now, some in this neighborhood where all this happened are keeping an eye out until this man is off the streets. >> unfortunately doesn't surprise me. >> reporter: neighbors are on edge this morning. now more than 24 hours after police tell us the woman in this video was forced into her apartment and raped. in the video you can see a man walk up behind the 26-year-old daughter. she was a few blocks from home when the man grabbed her by the neck, walked to her apartment where he forced her to open the door and go upstairs. once inside the man raped the victim, stole her phone and keys, then left. police say he came back a few minutes later to terrorize some more. >> i think the state of people now days is they just don't have any concern for each other, just human life and emotions. >> reporter: neighbors say they already keep a close eye on surroundings but more so now.
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the man rode a bike before the attack and locked it up on the street before going after the victim. >> even when you go out drinking you still try to be safe. text friends to let each other know you got home. >> reporter: police describe the man they're looking for as 25 to 30 years old. between 5'5" and 5'10", thin build and black hair. he was carrying a messenger bag at the time. police say if you know anything about this case to give them a call right away. live at special victim's unit. i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. new from overnight, red cross is helping 20 residents displaced after an apartment fire. no one was hurt. it took crews 45 minutes to get the fire under control. meanwhile it was a violent night in the city of philadelphia with at least eight shootings.
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in north philadelphia one teen was killed and another seriously hurt when someone fired shots at a barbecue. a 16-year-old was shot and killed, a 19-year-old is in critical condition. the window of a 24th district police suv was hit by the gunfire. no officer was hurt. 300 people were at the barbecue at the time of the shooting. a large group was gathered outside a north philadelphia bar when a man was shot and killed outside the galaxy lounge on west ontario street. investigators believe the shooting was triggered by confrontation from the crowd. two men are shot within ten minutes of each other. the first was shot while riding his bike on the 5500 block of american street. he's in critical condition. the second victim shot a block away is in stable condition. investigators are working to
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figure out if those two shootings are connected. a man shot in oxford circle is also in stable condition. nbc 10 was at that scene on north mckinley. the gunman took off on foot. finally a shooting in north philadelphia left a man in critical condition last night in front of the house on north 8th street. nbc 10 captured video of this scene including shattered glass from the bullets. police are now investigating. this morning philadelphia police have released a picture of the man wanted in the shooting and robberies. 27-year-old jeffrey chandler is the suspect. a woman working along side chandler has been arrested. that duo was caught on camera ronning a man june 11th.
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they made off with a number of guns from both robberies. police are also searching for a man wanted in a deadly stabbing in north philadelphia. the 37-year-old victim was stabbed once in the chest on the front porch of a home. the victim's identity has not been released. authorities are hoping this surveillance video may lead them to the armed robber who held up a philadelphia market thursday evening at the 56th street food market in west philadelphia. in this video you can see the man pull out a gun and demand money from the cashier. no one was hurt. the man took $200. we're working to get more information on an accident in gloucester county involving a police car and two other cars. it happened last night in monroe township. the officer is okay. one was hurt.
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as soon as we get information we'll bring it to you. this morning, 60 homes are without water in philadelphia after a 12 inch main ruptured. nbc 10 was on that scene last night. the route 11 trollies are detoured until the area gets fully cleaned up. happening right now, volunteers are hitting the streets of delaware in an effort to find the person who severely beat a pit bull and left the animal for dead. here's video of the zdog as he continues to beat the odds and recover. he was beaten with a brick after he was taken out of his owner's yard. he suffered skull fractures and lost eyesight. many are putting up flyers to find the attacker. there's a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest
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in that case. new this morning in the crisis in iraq, the iraqi government released video that reportedly shows the military bombing suspected militant hideouts of the group isis that took over mosul two weeks ago. iraq is sending troops to protect a strategic dam from sunni militants. those insur jengents claimed th new towns in the past few days. secretary of state john kerry is in egypt to meet with the president. he'll meet to warm up relations there. the meeting could give a plan for dealing with the crisis in iraq. this morning on "meet the press," moderator david gregory talks about iraq exclusive li with the israeli prime minister
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benjamin netanyahu and also rand paul. "meet the press" is at 10:30 on nbc 10. the widespread violence in iraq is causing pain at the gas pump for consumers at home. aaa reports gas prices have increased nine straight days. this morning the national average is $3.66. prices are continuing to -- expected to continue rising if instability in iraq continues. here's the break down across our region. aaa says drivers pay average of $3.77 in philadelphia. $3.66 in delaware, $3.53 in south jersey. by order of president obama, federal mediators tomorrow will begin handling the labor dispute between setpa and regional rail workers. those mediators will begin holding hearings to talk to both sides. the emergency board has until
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july 14th to report its recommendations up to president obama. the president's executive order last weekend prevented the regional rail workers from striking up to 240 days. also starting tomorrow, road work to tell you about on springdale road in cherry hill. the project includes repaving springdale. crews will do drainage and concrete work. be advised drivers should expect delays although springdale will be open. happening, the main event of the triathlon that's wrapping up. the annual event got underway this morning at 6:30. the course included a mile long swim in the river, 25 mile bike race, then add on the end of that six mile run along mlk drive. it benefits pediatric cancer
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research. there are traffic restrictions this morning along kelly drive and mlk drive. thousands hit the road after the fire fly music festival ends in kent county. that four day event started thursday in dover. it has attracted 80,000 music fans. it begins at noon and runs till 11:00 tonight. some final performances are the lumineers and jack johnson. syria's three year civil war rages on. air strikes captured in the war torn country next. plus preparing for portugal. u.s. men's soccer team is getting ready for the world cup battle today. we will break down the big match that everyone is talking about next.
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the israeli military says a civilian vehicle has exploded near the syrian boarder and at least one has been killed. it would mark the first time an irali has been killed by fighting from the syrian civil war. meanwhile, amateur video posted online appears to show more air strike across syria. this video posted on social media sites shows what appears to be a syrian government barrel bomb dropping. then you see a large explosion near damascus. other videos show more blasts near the capital city as well as clashes between the syrian forces and rebels. united nations estimates more than 150,000 have been killed this syria during the three year long civil war. and now to the latest in the crisis in ukraine. russian president vladimir putin says he is supporting ukraine's unilateral cease fire. he has pushed ukraine's president with talks to rebels
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to prevent that truce from collapsing. he has given a chance for rebels to leave the country. there's a week long cease fire in order. authorities have surrounded a soldier that killed five of his comrades. there are reports authorities are trying to persuade that soldier to surrender. he opened fire last night with a standard issue assault rifle. seven other soldiers were hurt. able bodied south korea men must serve two years in the military under a system aimed at countering aggression towards north korea. a soldier killed by friendly fire in afghanistan will be buried. the hearse driving through southern ohio yesterday carrying the soldier. he was killed along with four other soldiers by a bomb from an
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american air strike earlier this month. in italy, pope francis declares all mobsters are ex communicated from the catholic church. the pope denounced the mafia saying those that go down that path are evil and not in communion with god. he held an outdoor mass yesterday in the country's southern region. that area is where the largest crime resides. he promised to visit after the killing of a 3-year-old boy in an attack blamed on drug turf wars. it's this simple. if the u.s. world cup team beats portugal today they'll advance to the second tournament in brazil. they put themselves in that position beating ghana last wednesday. ghana had a draw with germany yesterday. u.s. has an advantage in today's match. portugal down five players because of injuries or suspension. >> this is not the moment you
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prove yourself. this is the moment you step up and play those guys and put them in place. >> well the u.s. soccer match with portugal is set for 6:00 tonight our time. you can bet world cup fever is alive and well in philadelphia. nbc 10 was along the ben franklin parkway yesterday where a large crowd turned out to watch a pair of soccer matches on a big screen tv. we even saw budding soccer stars who got in a few kicks. maybe in the world cup in a few years. the viewing party resumes today in the lehigh valley at the steel stacks complex in bethlehem. fans can enjoy a triple head r of soccer capped off by the u.s. portugal match on a big screen tv. food and beverages will be sold. experts say more sharks are circling this summer. next, the population spike and if there's anything to concern
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you. new video of the coast guard rescue in texas. how ten including kids were saved from the sinki ining boat 73 degrees outside now. not all clouds are gone yet. look at people enjoying the sunshine. i'll have a look at what to expect today. you'll need the umbrellas again next week. we'll show you when coming up.
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should be nice for the final day with the fire fly music festival in kent county. we'll start to see more sunshine as the day moves on here. already looking at a lot of sun breaks coming through the clouds. this is from the nbc 10 studios. the reason i'm showing you this, look at flag hardly moving, hardly wind out there now. in fact not expecting any big winds at all for the day today. unless you're down the shore.
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we'll get the sea breeze coming in. sun and clouds today. it will be warming up today too. it will be nice early week before we start to see the changes by midweek. nice, dry spot for the next couple of days here. humidity up at 64%. 68 pottstown. still feels comfortable outside. if we have numbers in the afternoon with thunderstorms nearby, it will be a little uncomfortable. things rather cool outside now. 74 philadelphia. chester springs 73 degrees along with kenneth square. bridgeton 77 degrees. further inland, lehigh valley 72 allen town, reading 72 along with pottstown. doylestown 71. avalon 73. cape may, wildwood 71 along with atlantic city. 78 vineland and clayton. 70 is the popular number now.
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by the afternoon, a lot of us in the 80s. radar, net work doing sweeps, not picking anything up. high pressure to the north in maine. that flow is giving us dry conditions now. most the shower activity down in del mar this hour. few areas of light showers moving the western part of the state. if this reaches us, it could give us a slight chance of sprinkles. that's about it. low 80s quaker town. reading 81. trenton high of 82. norris town 83, mount holly 83. northeast philly same story. down the shore low 70s atlantic city by the afternoon. cape may 74 along with rehoboth. vineland 81 degrees. our high in philadelphia for the day 83. puts us near average. not quite average but near for the time of year.
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chest chester 82. down the shore, things look good. sea breeze down the shore. temperatures low to mid 70s, partly sunny skies. your water temperature 71 degrees throughout much of the coastline there. ocean temperature warmest down towards the wildwood. here's how it looks the next seven days. tomorrow, great, back to sunshine. 84 degrees. not even very humid tomorrow. we start to see humidity go up by tuesday especially wednesday. that's when the chance of thunderstorms returns on wednesday. then a slight chance thursday as we head to the weekend. there are more great white sharks along the east coast. experts say there's no need to panic. a study finds the number of great whites has grown to 2,000. the number of shark appears to be on the rise but number of attacks does not.
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we have video of a coast guard rescue in texas. on friday, ten people including three children were saved from their sinking boat in the gulf of mexico. the rescue took place a mile oo offshore. they used a satellite phone to call for help. the coast guards located the boat and towed it safety to shore. today we'll tell you who you could see at the popular comic con event today before it leaves town.
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happening today, the final day for the 2014 wizard world philadelphia comic con. pop culture fans have been packing the pennsylvania convention center since last thursday. if you head there today you'll see actor christopher lloyd who you may remember from doc brown, the back to the future movies. that event runs from 11:00 to
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5:00 today. should be nice weather for anybody headed to center city. anything else? >> we're seeing clouds clear out. looking at sunshine. look at sunny skies up there in the poconos. temperatures for the day today. going to reach 83 degrees by the afternoon. partly sunny skies. looking good. >> can't argue with that. thanks ted. that is nbc 10 news today for this sunday. "meet the press" is next. from ted and all of us at nbc 10 we hope you have a great sunday.
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next on "meet the press," president obama's war on terror in the middle east. will anything short of american military action prevent the creation of an al qaeda-linked terror state stretching from iraq to syria? i'll be joined exclusively by benjamin netanyahu. plus my interview with rand paul of kentucky that's making big news. his surprising assessment of president obama's handling of iraq and a warning that benghazi could haunt a hillary clinton presidential run. and political mud slinging, the inside story on this week's big gop senate race that's made national headlines with the secret video shot in a nursing home and even sarah palinnd


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