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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  June 17, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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thunderstorms will come our way tomorrow. jillian mele is watching traffic this morning to show you what to expect when you head out the door. good morning, jillian. >> good morning, bill. we're dealing with an accident in morristown, right at routeç8 and mt. laurel road. this is what 76 is looking like near the conshohocken curve. we're seeing building volume out there. no major slow spots to report just yet. volume building on the blue route, this is a look near route 1. drive times, 17, 18 mondays in both directions on the blue route between 95 and 76. for drivers in delaware this morning, two things, number one, 495 is shut down between exits 2 and 3. take 95 to get around that. the other problem we're dealing with is a fire out of wilmington right now, at the intersection of bird street and maryland avenue. we have that completely blocked off. you can take lower elm street or if you'd typically head out on maryland avenue, take van buren
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street or harrison street. vai? >> that's the very spot, jillian we're following. breaking news in wilmington, delaware, house fire and collapse takes the loov of one person. this morning, the search is on for survivors. the fire started around 10:30 on bird street near maryland avenue. nbc 10's jesse gary is live on the scene. he spoke to the fire chief. jesse, what new information do you have? >> reporter: six homes along maryland avenue and bird street are without electric service. that service has been turned off so that crews can do the delicate work you see behind me in that mountain of debris. let's take a look from skyforce 10. crews are using robotic cameras to search beneath the rubble for other victims. this is new video we're showing you, shot during the daylight hours. officials say at this point they do not consider this is a suspicious fire. right any they do not believe anyone else is trapped underneath all that rubble but they want to make sure.
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additionally, the body of the lone fatality, a man, is trapped underneath two stories of debris. officials say this will be several hours before they are able to remove the remains and allow the fire marshall and the police to search for a cause. >> debris fell from the second floor to the first floor and some of the that debris got pushed into the basement. we're trying to get a deeper look inside the building. >> you have to dig out before you can get to the bottom. >> that's correct, we have to dig it out. >> flames started at 10:30 last night. two women suffered severe burns. one is at crozer medical center, the second is being transferred there right now. one firefighter has been taken to get checked out. you can see they have an operator inside that front end
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loader, using the heavy moving equipment to move some of the debris so they can remove the remains of the man that was killed in this. another update in 30 minutes. live in wilmington, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. defense officials say nearly 200 u.s. troops are in iraq as a militant group is getting closer to taking control of both sides of the iraq/syria border. the forces moved into the country over the weekend to provide security for u.s. personnel at the american embassy in baghdad. 100 other soldiers could be sent to a nearby country and just stand by, held until needed. the president says they are equipped for combat and will stay in iraq until they are no longer needed. >> happening today, the president will be in pennsylvania, scheduled to talk about the economy at tech shop in pittsburgh, a workshop and prototype çstudio. he will speak at the democratic national committee's lgbt gala tonight in new york city. the man being questioned by philadelphia police in connection with a shooting after a 13-year-old boy has been
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released. the boy was shot twice yesterday in this car on 20th near morris street in south philadelphia after an argument over his stolen bike. an undercover detective witnessed the shooting and followed the gunman and another person to a home that's on mountain street. this turned into a barricade situation that then lasted for hours. >> i saw the cop going up in there, breaking the glass. i said, oh, lord, please, if they find somebody, please let them get them out right now. >> nbc 10 was there as the police took the home owner in for questioning. again, i repeat, he's been released. police are look for one, probably two people involved in the shooting. the boy who was shot is listed in stable condition. >> investigators are trying to determine the motive for a south jersey mother's murder. the suspect, her son. 44-year-old herbert rolette is charged with killing his 71-year-old mother in their pemberton township home monday night. he called police on sunday night
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to report his mother was murdered inside their home. maryann rolette was found get on the living room floor. no one else was home at the time. happening today, students will graduate from delaware valley charter high school in university city exactly five months after a shooting at their school. it was january 17th, two students were wounded by gunfire in the school'sgym.e udent shth hit a 17-year-old male student in the shoulder. police say the incident began within a graduate named dante walker took a gun to school to sell it to 17-year-old rasheem rochwell. as a guest, walker was exempt from security screening which is how the gun got into the school. both face numerous charges. cooper university hospital will announce a new program to make sure veterans in our area don't have the same delays as scene in a v.a. scandal. katy zachry is live with details
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of the program. this is good news for veterans. >> it is, vai. the biggest thing that sets this apart, veterans coming to cooper looking for primary care, they will be seen the same day. this is is big, considering the wait time and experience at v.a. hospitals in our area. let's take a look at some of the areas dealing with the wait times. a veteran seeking primary care has to wait an average for 43 days to be seen. it's 25 days in new jersey. for mental health appointments it's longer. it's nearly seven weeks for specialty care. there's been a renewed focus on veterans medical air after the v.a. hospital scandal surfaced earlier. from that we know up to 40 veterans died while possibly waiting for care. recently 100 v.a. hospitals were flagged for further review after an audit, including some hospitals in new jersey and pennsylvania. doctors at cooper have created this program where veterans would not have to wait for primary care. they would be seen the same day. more details will be announced at a press conference scheduled
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later today at 2:00. it is important to note this program will not go into effect until congress passes a bill that allows veterans to receive medical care at civilian health care establishments and that could come later this week. reporting live in camden, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley.ç sunshine is on the way. a few clouds came through overnight with a few showers, now that they're clearing the area, we're in for a really warm day, hot day in farm, heating up into the 90s for the first time this season. with the heat will come the humidity. on the rise today but going even higher tomorrow. and the combination of heat and humidity will likely fuel strong storms, a chance of severe weather in the area later tomorrow. for today, we're starting off with sunshine in allentown. 66 degrees, low 70s for northeast philadelphia and atlantic city and sun is making an appearance. the clouds are thinning out.
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live view of beach avenue. e co they shore,utiful day along temperatures in the 70s this afternoon. we saw a few showers to start with in philadelphia. things are quickly drawing out. the showers are pushing offshore right now. the clouds are going the same direction. we clear out, get plenty of sunshine today and temperatures take off into the 90s this afternoon. if you're looking for relief, find some in the pocono mountains, 86 degrees there. 89 for quakertown. allentown and reading will make it into the low 90s. 90s for northeast philadelphia, norristown and mount holly. there is the refreshing breeze coming off the ocean for cape may. 77 degrees. 74 in atlantic city this afternoon. 82 degrees for rehoboth. inland, there are the 90s again. westchest westchester, chester, glassboro, philadelphia, all into the 90s today and turning hotter tomorrow. the seven-day forecast will show you how long this high heat will last. that's when i come back. >> i live in south jersey.
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i know pretty well the thoroughfare can get congested, even on a good day. >> let's check the headlines with first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. >> volume starting to build on 5. we have fire activity we've been telling you about all morning long in wilmington near bird and maryland right at that intersection. we have an accident in moorestown that vai was talking about. details about that in just a second. this is 95, southbound at cottman. that's the volume i was talking about. it's at a crawl right now. normal delays starting to form on the majors. 202 out in chester county, still looking quiet. route 38 at mount laurel road is the accident we're talking about. you can expect to see lane restrictions out there in that area. keep that in mind if you are heading out the door. we have fire activity in wilmington, 495 is still closed. we're not reporting any other big accidents for drivers in delaware. mass transit, everything is on or close to schedule.
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6:10 right now. we're following breaking news, this is just in, out of southwest philadelphia. this is the scene of a deadly accident. we're live. this is the 6500 block of woodland avenue. police say that a man in his 70s was crossing the street here. he tripped over something, he fell, a car came along and hit him. the man later died at the hospital. officers say the driver of car that hit him, did stop, did stay at the scene. no charges are expected. if you're in trouble, this is the guy you want to live nearby. this off-duty police dispatcher take on the role of superman and saves two people before firefighters could even get to the scene. we're following a developing story in nebraska. twin tornadoes hit a small town simultaneously. two people are dead and now this morning, the digging continues for others who might be buried in the rubble.
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search efforts continue in wilmington after a house caught fire and collapsed. one man was killed, two women hurt. here's a live picture from skyforce 10 flying this morning. crews still on the scene removing the heavy debris. electricity because of this fire. it's been turned off so crews can go through the debris, making sure no od.s the fire chief says he does not believe the fire is suspicious. jesse gary is on scene. he'll be with us with updates or you can always get updates on their town partially destroyed by a pair of deadly tornadoes, those tornadoes
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blamed for killing two people including a 5-year-old child. at least 19 others were hurt. nbc 10's rosemary connors is live in the digital operations center, tracking the newest developments. bring us up to speed. >> tracy, authorities evacuated pilger, nebraska overnight. they are expected to allow the residentses to return around 8:15 to assess damage and gather valuables. this is what residents are returning to. just take a look at this damage. emergency officials say more than half of the town is destroyed. by the way, pilger is a town of about 350 people. the stanton county sheriff's office confirmed one of the people killed is a 5-year-old child. we've already learned about a second victim who died overnight. we're waiting to find out both of their identities. we want to show you this unbelievable video of the two twisters. according to the national weather service they touched down within a mile of each other yesterday. it's estimated that one of the tornadoes may have been on the ground for over an hour. one resident, larry nelson took
6:16 am
cover in his neighbor's basement. >> we seen it coming. we watched. it was moving awful slow. we went down to the basement and it took about 2 1/2 minutes, it was over. >> when mr. nelson walked out of his neighbor's house once everything had cleared, he found his home leveled. he says that he doubts he will rebuild. in the mann time, the town of pilger, nebraska, remans under a state of emergency. reporting live from the digital operation center, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. today governor chris christie will expand a program that lous police officers to carry a drug that can quickly reverse heroin overdoses. christie will announce police in every county will be trained to administer narcan. it can reverse an overdose that would likely otherwise be thand h
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6:16 right now. an off i had duty police dispatcher in middlesex county is being hailed as a hero. seven people were in the home when it caught fire yesterday morning. five people got out on their own. two people were trapped in the basement. eric saw the column of smoke coming from the house. he broke a when dough. he saw people lying face down on the basement floor. it was filled with smoke. he woke them up, lifted the couple out to safety. >> he had them out before the first engine arrived. >> he saved their lives? >> absolutely. >> right time, right place, i'm happy i was there to help somebody out. >> the dispatcher and two people he rescued only suffered minor cuts and scrapes from climbing through the windows. >> we do love our heroes. let's check out the volume starting to build on some of the roads. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jillian mele has that.
6:18 am
>> 76, pockets of volume, this is a live look near belmont avenue. the drive times looking pretty good, aboutç 14, 15 minutes in both directions on 76 between the blue route and the vine. 422, both oaks and route 202, a seven-minute trip right there. 17, 18 minutes both ways between 95 and 76. heading into new jersey, we still have an accident, route 38 at mt. laurel road. you can see the volume starting to pick up on the northbound side as drivers approach the bridges. area bridges are in the clear. so far, we're not reporting slowdowns on mass transit. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> showers came through overnight now. they are out of the picture for the rest of the day. the few clouds that are over philadelphia are starting to thin out. 73 degrees. look at the humidity. that's going to be higher today along with the temperature. this is a view of boat house
6:19 am
row. we're in the 70s right now. 90s for the boat houses this afternoon. look at this amazing view from jim thorpe in the pocono mountains. clearing out overhead. we can see clouds in the valley and light fog in the area. it will be sunshine for the mountains, heading to the mountains you'll find 80s this afternoon. inland it's 90s. no chance of showers for today. those are out of the picture for the rest of the day. the clouds have broken. tomorrow, though, it's a different story. look at the severe weather area. this is part of what produced the tornadoes as it moved through nebraska. it's still rolling with heavy weather from iowa into illinois. that line of storms is making some steady progress. this is the system that may bring us severe weather later tomorrow. for today it will be a quick warmup, into the 90s, past the 90 degree mark. low 90s this afternoon. and even hotter and more humid tomorrow. high of 95 degrees. late day storms could turn severe. storms still in the area on
6:20 am
thursday and then we get a break from the wet weather. and the temperatures come down to 85 degrees on friday. friday lacks like a winner. but this weekend, the streak ok. ftusuiful weekend, 80s w >> we continue to follow breaking news out of wilmington. at 6:20, skyforce 10 is live over a building fire and collapse. we'll go back live to the scene, nbc 10's jesse gary is there for an update. and chaos caught on camera. take a look. we will tell you what triggered this stampede. it got dozens of atlantic city high school students suspended for the final week of classes.
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6:23 this tuesday morning in june. we're taking a live look at citizens bank park. the phillies are not there. we didn't see the game because
6:24 am
it was late. as bill henley excitedly reported to me this morning, they scored five runs in the 13th inning to win 6-1. dozens of students in atlantic county are suspended for the rest of the school year after a chaos was caught on camera. take a look. officials at atlantic city high school say it started friday with kids throwing water bottles and milk cartons at each other. school district administrators told us they had not watched the video that was uploaded to youtube until ted greenberg showed it to them yesterday. >> i will say that it -- although it looks like chaos, it looks terrible, it is not as bad as it looks or it sounds. >> officials insist security officers kept the incident under control the entire time. good morning. 6:24 right now. if you're heading out on 95,
6:25 am
this is what it's looking like southbound at the betsy ross bridge. the volume continues to build. 22 minutes is your drive time, 95 southbound from wood haven to the vine, the vine slow westbound approaching 76. and the boulevard as you can see is slowing down as drivers make their way southbound on the boulevard as they approach 76. let's take you outsideç right w to a live look at center city philadelphia. no matter where you are going this morning, one thing you need to keep in mine, consider using that air conditioning. bill, it's going to get hot, hot, hot today, isn't it? >> it will be a hot one. we're headed for the 90s for the first time this season we're getting a warmer start this morning. clouds over philadelphia are clearing out, clearing the way for sunshine and 90s this afternoon. out the door right now, the readings in the 60s and 70s. 66 in pottstown and allentown. trenton in 67. 73 in philadelphia and wilmington and northeast philadelphia is as low as it's going at 71 degrees. >> we're following breaking news of a deadly building fire and
6:26 am
collapse in wilmington, delaware. this is a live look at the scene from skyforce 10, nbc 10's jesse gary is live on the ground where crews have been going through the rubble all morning long. jesse? >> reporter: the into inthat bill mentioned is aiding efforts to comb through the large amount of debris and rubble on the ground to make sure there are no other victims and to recover the remains of the one man killed in this fire and building collapse. the los angeles mayor may have gotten a little too fired up about the kings stanley cup win. he dropped a bomb on television. no one was expecting it and it won't soon be forgotten.
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talk to farmers and you could save hundreds on your auto insurance. call 1-800-910-2222 today. nbc 10 breaking news. we are following breaking news for you this morning. here's a live picture from the scene as we continue to gather
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more information about a deadly house fire and collapse, this is wilmington. hot and sunny, that's what we can expect weatherwise today in the delaware valley. and find out just how hot it's going to get this morning. and good morning, everyone. welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. at 6:30, it's 73 degrees outside. let's find out more about the heat with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. bill? >> we're seeing sunshine after clouds moved through overnight with a few scattered showers. aw them in philadelphia and south jersey. the rest of the area was dry. it's getting sunny in cape may. you'll see bright sunshine at the shore. if you're looking for relief from the heat, it will be the shore. low 70s, upper 70s this afternoon. inland we move from the 60s and 70s into the 90s. right now it's 73 degrees in philadelphia. mount holly, pottstown, allentown, read, all in the 60s to start with. you can see sunshine already on the boat houses. sunshine will be brighter at
6:31 am
9:00. a few clouds thinning out and sunny skies, 86 degrees at lunch time. then it's into the 90s, a hot one today and turning even hotter tomorrow. when we come back, neighborhood by neighborhood forecast so you know exactly who will make it into the 90s and where you can find relief. first, jillian mele has your traffic. >> if you're traveling 95 in delaware, we're seeing volume building 95 right near 495. you can see it right there. 495 is closed between exits 2 and 3 in chester county, route 30 bypass. we have volume on the eastbound side, right near route 113. elsewhere, 422 is slow in the normal spots, same thing on 76. speeds average about 30 miles per hour on 74. 95 southbound, 20 miles per hour is what we're seeing as drivers make their way from cottman to gira girard.
6:32 am
we had an accident in morr morristown, route 38 at mt. laurel road. that accident has been cleared. good news for drivers out there. the 42 freeway has heavy volume on the northbound side passing creek road and the area bridges are in the clear right now. tracy? >> nbc 10 has been following breaking news out of new castle county. search and rescue crews are searching for survivors following a deadly fire and building collapse in wilmington. on bird street near maryland avenue. jesse gary is standing by live. tell us how the efforts are going. it's a huge effort to free the trapped body of that man under all of the rubble. tell us more. >> i just checked in with the fire chief who said it will be xefrl more hours before they can actually remove enough of that debris and rubble to actually remove the remains. let's take a look from skyforce s 10. they brought in heavy, earth-moving equipment to move
6:33 am
that debris. they are using robotic cameras to search beneath the debris. the search for the cause can begin. the attorney general's office, fire marshall, police all investigating. i'm told it's not considered a suspicious fire, at least not at this point. they believe there was an explosion which led to the collapse of the two-story home. he tried to rescue the male victim what w.h.o. was trapped inside. >> he kept asking repeatedly for help. i tried to grab his hand. the way the wall was in the way, i couldn't fully get to him. i kept trying to get him to crawl closer to me and the flame got so hot i had to get out of the house. >> those flames started at 10:30 last night in a single family home at 100 bird street. flames so intense, he could not
6:34 am
reach the victim and pull him to safety. two other women suffered severe burns. they are both being treated at crozer medical center. fire crews have removed some of the equipment on maryland avenue, trying to allow the free flow of traffic. they have re-opened that to try and help out with the morning commute. we'll have an update before the end of the broadcast. live in wilmington this morning. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. 6:34, we're also following breaking news in southwest philadelphia. a deadly accident there. the 6500 block of woodland avenue. police say a man in his 70s was crossing the street here when he tripped over something, he fell, a car came along and hit him. that man later died at the hospital. officers say the driver of the car that hit him did stay at the scene, no charges are expected. new from overnight, a passenger is in critical condition after the cab they were riding in collided with an ambulance in philadelphia. nbc 10 at the intersection of
6:35 am
vine and 8th street in center city. this accident happened about 2:30. witnesses say the cab may have run a red light before smashing into the ambulance. both drivers suffered minor injuries. the the cause of the crash is still under investigation. actor and comedian tracy morgan has been upgraded from critical to fair condition. the former "30 rock" and "saturday night live" star was seriously hurt in a crash on the new jersey turnpike more than a week ago. the truck slammed into his limo bus, killing a fellow comedian and seriously injury is two others. police say the driver had not slept for more than 24 hours. happening today, superintendent william hite, school reform commission chairman bill green will meet this afternoon. the school needs millions more than the $120 million they are
6:36 am
already getting. the bus is the only way for this neighborhood center to take kids back and forth.without it, programs for inner city children may not get off the ground this summer. the center is trying to raise $100,000. they're hoping for a generous donor. it's summer adventure camp program begins june 30th. the clock is ticking to raise the money. it's a dire emergency. we not only pick the children up and drop them off, we take them to the pinelands twice a week so they can swim and visit nature. >> i want us to get a new bus. >> they run a day-care center and they feed the home also year round. if you'd like more information, go to >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clearing out quickly after a few scattered showers first thing this morning. that's it for the showers. now the heat is on.
6:37 am
we'll be heating into the 90s this afternoon. with that heat, the humidity starting to rise. you'll feel the difference today but more so tomorrow. that may fuel severe storms in the area later tomorrow. right now, 65, sunshine for doylestown. 73 degrees. south philadelphia it's dried up. there were a few showers that moved through first thing this morning when we went on the air at 4:00. those showers are completely offshore and the clouds are moving that same direction. so sunshine will be nice and bright today. and you will feel the heat this afternoon. 80s for the pocono mountains. bright sunshine for doylestown, northeast philadelphia and mt. holly. you'll see sunshine at the shore and the delaware beaches. temperatures will be cooler for cape may, 77 degrees. it is 90 degrees, 93 this afternoon for philadelphia, 91
6:38 am
in wilmington and westchester. and yes, these numbers go even higher tomorrow. i'll show you when we will finally get relief from the heat. >> 6:38. if you're getting ready to head out the door, we'll check the roads for you. >> here's jillian mele in the first alert traffic center. >> especially roads like 95, the blue road 76, 422, mass transit is on time. everything is on or close to schedule. we're not reporting big slowdowns when it comes to things like septa, patco. you're good to go on route 38 as well. this is 76, the westbound side at city avenue. traffic is still moving but in the next 15 to 20 minutes is when things start to slow down, especially at this location. your drive times reading about 20 minutes both ways on 76 between the blue route and the vine. the blue route northbound starting to see pockets of
6:39 am
volume building out near route 1 for drivers on 422. that's the eastbound side at oaks. it's slow moving as drivers pass oaks and make your way down to 323. as i mentioned, mass transit clear and the bridge are clear. vai? >> we continue to follow breaking news in delaware this morning. a building collapse and fire takes the life of one person. we'll go back out to the scene with nbc 10's jesse gary for an update. andç how about this, hoop dreams. this 9-year-old is getting a lot of attention for her basketball skills. that's right. a little girl. she's also playing on the high school varsity team. she's only in fourth grade. what?
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6:43. nbc 10 continues to stay on top of breaking news in newç castl county, skyforce 10 is flying and live over the scene. crews are still trying to get through the rubble that's left behind after this house in wilmington caught fire and collapsed. here's a live picture from the ground from our camera there. one man was killed. they are trying to get to his body beneath the rubble. two women were hurt. the fire chief says it will be several more hours before they can remove the victim's body. the fire does not appear to be suspicious. jesse gary is live on scene. he'll have an update in a few minutes. get updates throughout the morning at now to iraq. this morning, the u.s. seems closer to action in that country. there's still no official word on exactly what's planned. the president is said to be considering air strikes after sending nearly 200 soldiers to baghdad over the weekend. those units are ready to fight if they have to.
6:44 am
their mission is protect the embassy and get our people out of baghdad. president obama informed congress he may send 100 more soldiers. >> you have people murdering, assassinating in these mass massacres. you have to stop that. you can't just let them run whole hog over the country. >> there are a lot of options and officials say the president is considering special forces that are equipped to fight. the white house is putting together a plan for congress that would use money saved from the war in afghanistan for this new conflict in iraq. mann time, as violence escalates in iraq, many americans are evacuating as quickly as possible. greg bonofilio is a native in iraq. s athis new wave of violence swept in, his company evacuated their workers. >> you can't teach people that don't want to learn. >> greg is now in dubai, his
6:45 am
parents expect his company will fly him back to the u.s. since they're not expecting it to be safe enough for them to return to iraq anytime soon. the supreme court rule against straw purchasers of guns. in a 5-4 decision, the justices declared buyers must report when they are purchasing firearms for other people. they did acknowledge that congress left loopholes that made way for straw purchases and gun control laws passed in the 1960s and 1990s. the supreme court will hear the case of an allentown man convicted of making threats on facebook. prosecutors said anthony illonis used threatening language about his estranged wife and fbi agent investigating him in 2010. his lawyer argues he was clearly venting and never intended to carry out the actions. the justices will have to judge if online forms of writing should be the same as other forms of speech.
6:46 am
the department of the interior is dividing $100 million among 11 east coast states to protect communities at risk. new jersey has the largest amount of approved project at 13. delaware and pennsylvania getting some money as well. the projects approved for new jersey include the restoration of beaches and other areas, including hoboken. new york has 11 projects in the works. right now, evacuated residents of a devastated nebraska town are waiting to be let back into their neighborhoods. their town was partially destroyed yesterday by a pair of deadly tornadoes. this is what the residents will be returning to. emergency officials say more is destroyed. the county sheriff's office confirmed that one of the people killed is a 5-year-old child. we also learned about a secretary victim who died overnight. we're learning to find out more
6:47 am
about both of their identities. the national weather service said two twisters touched down within roughly a mile of each other. it's estimated one of the tornadoes may have been on the ground for more than an hour. authorities evacuated pilger overnight. they're expected to let residents back at 8:15 this morning to survey the damage and gather any valuables they can. we are joined now by vince for a look at images posted on social media. >> let's take a look at this photo. this is one of the twisters taken by a storm chaser, shawn stover. this is west of pilger. as we move further into the town, look at the devastation that comes right after. those skies are still completely black and looks lining other twitterers are forming.
6:48 am
this is a 90-foot tree you see uprooted, completely ripped from the ground and scattered around it are just the remnants of this town, what was once there before. incredible images there. we have more on and our mobile apps right now. emission key problems triggered another general motors recall. more than 3 million cars this time. gm says ignition switches can turn off if the cars are jolted, for example, by hitting a pothole. this can shut off the car's engine and disable the power steering. the university of miami hoops program is recruiting a 9-year-old girl. that's right. she's 9. but jaden newman isn't a normal basketball player. she plays on her school's varsity high school basketball team and she's still in fourth grade. check her out. she averages 14 points and 7 assists a game. this little girl is legitimate.
6:49 am
some say her crossover is as good as allen iverson's. she's received a recruiting packet from the university of miami and completed her first recruiting trip. eric garcetti, the mayor of los angeles, that's who it is, he used colorful language during the l.a. kings stanley cup parade. take a look. >> the two rules in politics, they say never, ever be pictured with a drink in her hand and never swear but this is a big [ bleep ] day. >> that's right, mayor garcetti dropped a bad word in front of thousands on live television. they were posted uncensored on youtube and, of course, other video sites. your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> showers overnight, those have cleared the area. we'll watch the temperatures climb. in fact, a quick warmup.
6:50 am
73 right now in philadelphia, 81 for humidity. 7 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. we have sunshine. this is the view from the nbc 10 studios. mounar cinheon a fast warmup all around. m en fast-moving showers out of here. now completely offshore. that's it for today. no showers today but tomorrow is a different story. the severe weather that rolled through nebraska is still having an impact in michigan, illinois and into iowa. and this is on the move tomorrow afternoon. we'll likely see storms in our area and severe weather is going to threaten our area later tomorrow. you can see very heavy storms in southeastern wisconsin, milwaukee area getting stormy weather too start with. today, we will be dry but hot. and a bit more humid than yesterday. we'll be in the 90s this afternoon. warmer tomorrow. 95, steamier, too.
6:51 am
watch out for storms in the afternoon and into the evening. that's a possibility on thursday. then we get a break. nice weather ahead for friday. sunshine, 85 degrees humidity will be coming down, too on friday. our streak of beautiful weekends may come to an end. saturday and sunday, showers and thunderstorms are possible. 83 degrees both days. the threat of storms will continue into monday. volume starting to build especially on 95 south and 42 north. >> let's get an update with jillian mele. >> you have that exactly right. we have a disabled tractor-trailer, 95 northbound right near the blue route. one lane blocked in that area. delaware, route 40, lane restrictions in that area. you'll notice we have a slowdown
6:52 am
that we're used to seeing on the vine. when it comes to drive times, 95 southbound from wood haven to the mine, a 23-point trip right now, 22 minutes on 76 westbound. from the vine out to the blue route and 4 freeway is usually heavy on the northbound side at this house. you're looking at a trip that will take you 18 minutes in the expressway to the waltan bridge. you are looking live at skyforce 10 over wilmington, delaware, the scene of a fire and building collapsed that claimed the life of one man. we have ground shots from the recovery effort going on behind me. we'll have that for you right after the break. i'm katy zachry live in camden. what doctors at one local hospital are doing ton wait time for veterans needing medical care.
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6:56 this morning. nbc 10 staying on top of breaking news in new castle county where crews have been searching for debris for hours. this fire started around 10:30 on the 100 block of birch street near maryland avenue. anyplace's jesse gary is live on the scene. you have new information and also new video? >> they have begun the recovery of the body. you can see where they have the red tarp up. that's where they're trying to remove the body. this is video from a second particular. you can see how much damage
6:57 am
there is toed collapsed area and they are trying to remove the body of the sole victim, his body buried under two floors of rubble. two women injured. they suffered severe burns at crozer-chester medical center. this is a view from skyforce 10. destruction. we'll have more coverage on nbc 10 and jesse gary, nbc 10 news. today, cooper university hospital will announce a new program designed to shorten health care wait times for veterans in our area. katy zachry is live with details on how they plan to make veteran care a priority. tell us more, katy. >> after talking to veterans following the v.a. hospital scanneding earlier, they had their own personal stories of extremely long wait times to see doctors, in philadelphia, the
6:58 am
area of philadelphia, the average wait time for a veteran is 43 days to see a primary care physician at a v.a. hospital. here, they are intduing a program that will have veterans see a doctor on the same day they come to the hospital. cooper medical center is not a v.a. hospital. this program is predicated on the fact that congress will pass a bill that allows veterans to be seen by civilian health care providers. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. good morning. as we approach 7 club, p:00, pe moving the camera. the left lane blocked here, it involves a vehicle and a tractor-trailer up ahead just a short time ago. one lane is blocked. you can expect to see delays building on 95 northbound. that's right near the blue route. elsewhere near girard, seeing
6:59 am
speeds around 16 miles per hour. speeds in the mid-30s on 76. that's the eastbound side near belmont avenue. 32 miles per hour is what we're seeing right now on 422. finally for drivers in delaware this morning, we have an accident in bear. this is happen on route 40 near mckee boulevard. first nbc 10 first alert weather. >> things are clearing out in a hurry. bright sunshine and the temperatures, well, they're going to be climbing. this is the view from skyforce 10 this morning. up and flying around. 70 already in allentown. the temperature on the rise for reading and lancaster and 73 degrees in millville. sunshine, yes, nice and bright sunshine. here they come. the 90s this afternoon. >> all right. >> jillian says get your air conditioning ready. "today" show is up next. we'll see you for local updates in about 25 minutes.
7:00 am
>> you can always get the local news and weather at thanks for watching. have a great day. good morning. double devastation. >> it's ripping up a whole town. >> extremely rare twin tornadoes cut a deadly path of destruction through nebraska. more than half of one town gone and 40 million facing the threat of more violent weather today. into iraq. the white house sendi a new wave of american forces to secure the u.s. embassy in baghdad as the president calls a late night meeting with his national security team to weigh options. more recalls. general motors adds another 3 million cars to the recall list pushing this year's total to 20 million. so what's the problem this time? and spectacular start. >> what about that!


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