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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  June 16, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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there will be plenty of sunshine for all outdoor activities. no sign of showers today. this morning it's cool. we drive down into the 50s and 60s. 61 in northeast philly, 55 pore pottstown. millville is 56 degrees. trentons is dropped into the 50s as well. 58 degrees there. stand by for a sunny one today. that's a clear view of center city. bright sunshine, 68 at 7:00. by 9:00 we'll be in the low 70s. look at the warmup, between 9:00 and noon. the temperatures will still be climbing. we'll go neighborhood by neighborhood to show you what to expect today when i come back. jillian mele has your monday morning traffic. starting off in the lehigh valley where things are quiet up there. this is route 22 at airport road. traffic moving along just çfin. 78 is clear, so is the northeast extension. this is 76 out near route 202. 76 is still clear the entire length of way. we have two problems in
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montgomery county. we have an accident in norristown, trooper road at potshop road and conshohocken, a downed tree closing balligomingo road near front street. you can take swedeland road to get around that problem. investigators say a fight broke out, just after 1:00 this morning at marv love's 2 bar. the victim told police he was not part of the fight. he's in stable condition. the shooter took off. a fire just after 11:00 last night. no injuries were reported. septa's regional rail line is back on track after a short, brief strike. the suspended service this morning. katy zachry is live in the overbrook section of philadelphia. how are the rails running this morning? >> vai, look behind me, so far, so good.
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a septa spokesperson tells many he that 60,000 people, 60,000 people, use the regional rail system every day during the week. right now, no trains are here but everything is slated to run as normal. if trains were not running today, you can imagine what a nightmare it would be. so on saturday, president obama stepped in at the request of governor corbett and created a presidential advisory board, basically appointed three people to act as mediators. for the last four to five years they've been working without a contract, arguing with septa over wage increases and pension contributions. train operations did resume yesterday on sunday but there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes. we have it broken down for you. within seven to ten days of president obama's signing the executive order which he did on saturday, an advisory panel will be created. a public hearing will be announced where the unions and septa will lay out their arguments that will be during a public hearing and then members
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of the advisory panel will report their recommendations to the president by july 14th. basically what this means is there could be a resolution between septa and its unions at the earliest, 60 days from now. reporting live in the overbrook section of philadelphia, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. 5:03. we're learning more about an unexpected landing at philadelphia international airport. within the past half hour we heard from a spokesperson from lufthansa after the landing gear on one of their planes got stuck. viewer video shows the plane flying over chester county last night. the jet had to return to philadelphia. the plane was dumping fuel to reach proper landing weight. >> i wasn't really scared. i think there were people scared. once we landed there was clapping and cheering going on. >> all 269 passengers along with the crew are safe this morning. they'll be leaving again on a flight scheduled for 6:30.
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the trial resumes today for six philadelphia traffic court judges accused in a ticket fixing scheme. federal prosecutors say the former judges gave favorable treatment to people with political or social connections. but the former judges denied those allegations. three others who were also accused in the investigation have pleaded guilty. police shoot and wound\ed two armed men during a neighborhood block party in north philadelphia. itç happened last night on nor randolph street. authorities tell us an officer chased down three men, two of them were armed. during the melee, investigators say the officer shot both of them. they ran off but were caught a block away and were taken to the hospital. one of the men is in critical condition. patrick meehan will visit a montgomery county county facility flagged by the office of veterans affairs in the wake of the v.a. scandal.
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this comes after a recent nationwide audit that found long wait times for vets at pass ills across the country. from our delaware bureau, a construction workers union will begin a national bus tour at the i-495 bridge in wilmington to call for better infrastructure across the country. the group's goal is to highlight the problems with america's roads and bridges and show the need for a long-term fix. the i-495 bridge has been closed ince earlier this month after engineers said it was unsafe. after the stop in wilmington, the bus tour will head to philadelphia later. in trent today, environmental and consumer groups will make a push for zero emissions vehicle sales. they support a bill which would permit electric car manufacturers to sell vehicles directly to residents. right now, current motor vehicle commission regulations are preventing direct sales from electric carmaker tesla. tesla is fighting that decision in court. today, michael nutter and
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the philadelphia eagles will begin a free summer meals program for kids. children under the age of 18 will be able to get free meals at hundreds of locations throughout the city. the day's event will be held at one of those sites, the columbian north ymca and north broad. the goal, to ensure that no kid goes hungry while school is out. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. a sunny day is brewing, another nice one with humidity in check today. it will be a warmer afternoon and it's going to be turning hotter starting tomorrow. heat and humidity are on the way, especially later in the week. that will likely lead to some strong storms. for now, our skies are clear. 56 degrees in allentown. northeast philly in the low 60s and 60 degrees in atlantic city. we're getting a better view, some of the high clouds over the ocean this morning. the view from cape may, the lafayette hotel, upper 70s at the shore today. you can see where the high clouds are coming from, off to the northeast.
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to the west are other clouds that will be here late this evening. with these clouds come a chance of showers during the late evening hours. during the day, i think we'll stay nice and dry and get warmer, too. 3:00 we'll be in the upper 80s in the philadelphia area. see that line of showers developing to the west by late this evening, some of those clouds will be in play but the chance of showers or thunderstorms doesn't look all that likely tonight. during the day, it is likely that we'll see 80s this afternoon. mount pocono, 82 degrees. 87 for reading and right up to 86 in allentown, quakertown. upper 80s for northeast philadelphia, mount holly, doylestown, it's 86 degrees this afternoon. upper 70s for the jersey shore. atlantic city, cape may will be 78. 80 for rehoboth beach. inland, those temperatures go up. bright, sunny skies. 87 for westchester, chester and gla glassboro.ç
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we'll have the seven-day forecast when i come back. the potpourri of issues on the roads this morning. >> let's check with nbc 10 traffic reporter jillian mele. >> majors and bridges, they're clear. a downed tree in conshohocken, an accident in norristown and this is new in the last if you minutes, an accident in north wales. this accident is right at sumnytown pike and beaver street. norristown, trooper road and potshop road involving a vehicle on its side. in conshohocken, the downed tree is closing balligomingo road near front street. take swedeland road. that ill with be your alternate. heading out to chester county, a live, quiet look at the route 30 bypass. this right here, that's eastbound as drivers make their way past 322 and that's where we see the delay later in the morning. i'll keep you updated on all of the delays as they start to form. iraq continues to plunge
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deeper into violence and u.s. citizens are being warned to stay away. we are also see something of the most graphic images coming out of iraq as the death toll rises. we'll tell you about renewed pressure on the united states to get involved. also ahead, the call of wild. concerns over a missing child lead to the unexpected discovery of this parrot. [ michael strahan ] i'm michael strahan,
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this just in, new video from the scene of a deadly attack in kenya.
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this took place in a popular coastal town there. the information we're getting into the newsroom is that 48 people have been killed. police say militant gunmen targeted two hotels, a bank and a police station. kenya has experienced a wave of gun and explosive attacks there. new developments in iraq this morning, sunni militant capture the northern iraqi town of tel afar overnight. it came after they captured mosul. president obama is under pressure to use firepower against the militants. about 150 marines have been sent to help with embassy security. the embassy within baghdad's green zone has about 5,000 personnel, making it the largest diplomatic post in the world. also, three navy ships have been sent to persian gulf. the militants posted photos online yesterday, reportedly
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showing its fighters massacring dozens of captured iraqi soldiers. there are fears the grisly images will further tensions between the shiites in iraq. we have video of what appears to be a police officer in r rio de janeiro firinging a shot at demonstrators. some protesters through fireworks and molotov cocktails. police had to use pepper stray on the crowd. 'phoenix priest who was badly beaten in an attack that killed another clergyman is expected to make a full recovery the two priests were attacked wednesday night at a roman catholic church in downtown phoenix. police are searching for a suspect described as a white male between the ages of 40 and 49 years old. this morning, people across the country are remembering
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casey kasem following his death. he died yesterday at a hospital in washington. people laid flowers on his star along the hollywood walk of fame. he was the long-time host of "american top 40" and the voice of shaggy on scooby doo. his children from his first wife fought a bitter legal battle with his second wife over control of his care. he was 82 years old. the parking garage in virginia that gained fame after the watergate scandal 40 years ago will be demolished. it was voted to replace the building with residential and commercial towers. bob woodward met his secret source there called deep throat during the watergate investigation. demolition won't take place until 2017 at the earliest. kfc corporation is investigating an employee in jackson, mississippi, who asked a 3-year-old to leave a restaurant because her facial injuries were frightening other diners. victoria wilcher is recovering
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from a pitbull attack in april. kfc posted an apology on her facebook where the allegation is made. kfc is also giving $3,000 toward her medicalç bills. a case of hoarding turns deadly. the homeowner, 66 beverly mitchell died. police say the first floor was piled waist high with clutter and they didn't even realize at first that the floor had collapsed. mitchell's body was found while they were removing debris with a backhoe. the san antonio spurs are the nba champions. fans filled the streets last night after the spurs took down lebron james and the miami heat. it was a rematch of lastier's nba finals which the heat won. the spurs wrapped up this year's series in just five games. it's the team's fifth nba title. and there will be a parade and rally in los angeles to celebrate the kings stanley cup win. the parade will go through downtown los angeles to the
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staples center for a soldout rally there. the kings beat the new york rangers in double overtime. awesome game friday night after an intense series. a connecticut woman thought she was racing to rescue a lost child. the calls were coming from a parrot. she found raffley the parrot stuck 25 feet up in a tree thursday afternoon. he escaped from a nearby home. the woman called animal control and firefighters eventually brought the bird down. the parrot continued to talk nonstop until it was reunited with its owner. >> bad bird, bad bird. a new video from thailand, look at this, shows a brave man not backing down from a charging elephant. wow. take a look here. the man stands his ground, stops the huge animal by putting up his hand. that's all. this took place at a wildlife sanctuary in february. video recently posted online. >> and he just takes a picture. i'd be running. i don't understand that.
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here's jillian mele. >> good monday morning to you guys. starting off on 422. things are looking good. this is the eastbound side at trooper road. a few drivers out there, no delays with be no accidents on 422. your drive time, looking great seven minutes both ways. 202 is in the clear right now. we have an accident north wales, sumneytown pike. norristo norristown, trooper road near potshop road. majors are looking good. this is 42 at creek road. both directions you can see clear right now, area bridges. also in the clear. for drivers in delaware, 495 is still shut down in both directions between exits 2 and 3. 95 is your best alternate there. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 15 minutes away from sunrise. we'll see a lot of sunshine today. it will be a quick warmup. very little to no wind right
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now. look at the water in front of the boathouses this morning. boat house row will see plenty of sunshine as will philadelphia. 66 degrees. you can see some of the clouds over citizens bank park. sunshine will be bright. yesterday was in the low 80s. today upper 80s. and climbing as the week progresses. the seven-day forecast, i just updated it. i'llville it for you in a few seconds. 55 degrees in pottstown, doylestown is 55. 56 at philadelphia international. south harrison in gloucester county 56 degrees. upper 50s for bethel mill park, turnersville, clayton, 58 degrees. piny hollow at 58 as well. still falling. after sunrise we'll see the numbers come up. it will be a fast warmup. the future weather showing 83 degrees in philadelphia. allentown up toç 79 degrees an 80 in wilmington and climbing by late this afternoon. we'll see a lot of sunshine,
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upper 80s today. but we will fall short of the 90 degree mark and then clouds will be moving in this evening with just a slight chance of a shower. looks like most of the clouds are falling apart before they move our way. moving towards the shore, upper 70s to near 80 degrees for the jersey shore and the delaware beaches this afternoon with a southerly wind developing. that southerly wind in philadelphia, too. that's part of why temperatures will go warmer this afternoon. the trend continues for tomorrow. look at that 91 degrees. sunny and hot conditions. and then the humidity arrives for wednesday. 95 wednesday afternoon. possibility of strong storms on wednesday. and close to the 90 degree mark with a chance of more showers and thunderstorms on thursday. now it looks like the storms take a break friday. a nice one. high of 83 degrees. the humidity coming down a bit friday. the chance of storms will be back this weekend with highs in the low 80s. >> new trouble for target and once again it involved issues at
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the checkout aisle. on the cnbc business report, another security breach. as you'll hear, it left customers alarmed and annoyed. within week after the crash that injured tracey morgue enand ki -- tracey morgan and killed his friend comes a crackdown. what one lawmaker wants to have on board.
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check out this live picture of the delaware river, looking
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towards the camera in center city. nbc 10 meteorologist bill henley says we'll reach the upper 80s with summer-like weather straight ahead. on to today's headlines in the philadelphia business journal, a chester county company is making a big kick at the world cup in brazil. materials telled by agc chemicals in exton are being used at all 12 soccer convenient use. construction will begin in july on a 59-unit apartment complex in camden, called cooper village parms a apartments. the old sims building in berlin, pennsylvania, is becoming a lacrosse training facility. syms filed for bankruptcy in november of 2011. target customers across the country ran into some problems yesterday. jackie deangelis is here with that story in this morning's cnbc business news. tell us what happened, jackie.
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>> good morning, tracy. target saying a glitch in its checkout system is not related to any security issues. now, customers took to social media on sunday night to complain about delays and long lines at stores across the country after registers went down. customers in at least five states, including new york and california, tweeted that debit card payments were not working, forcing them to pay with cash. tarring eight poll hissing for the incident saying it was working with customers on sunday to try to resolve the issue. tracy, back to you. >> jackie deangelis with cnbc. thank you. 21st century solutions, there's a $50,000 grant available for you as well as two $25,000 grants. and we want to help your good ideas become great ones. politics are being accepted until august 8th. for more information, also to apply, go to our website, now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather. >> seven minutes away from sunrise this morning. our skies have a few high clouds in them but they're not going to last. already starting to see the glow of sunlight this morning. a live view of center city from the adventure aquarium. it will be a warmer day today and getting hot this week. jillian, how's the traffic looking. >> it looks pretty good out there. vine street expressway clear in both directions. the vine is clear the entire length of the way. for the most part, speeds in the mid-50s, 64 miles per hour is the average speed right now on the pennsylvania turnpike. i'm still following two accidents. i'll have details coming up in a few minutes. all eyes are on the sky in chester county. >> a low-flying lufthansa jetliner had everyone's attention. some people were pretty concerned. jesse gary is live at the airport to explain what happened. >> we have new information from the airline's corporate headquarters in germany and also a new view of some of the lazy
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circles in the sky, a lot of circles. we'll talk about that, coming up, vai. aç group of boy scouts probably deserve a badge in bravery. wait until you hear their har w harrowing ordeal which ended with this wild chopper ride. nbc 10 on air, onlynn and on your mobile device.
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this is nbc 10 news.
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a transatlantic flight circles above the pennsylvania suburbs. it was headed to germany, had to turn back, though. we'll explain the mechanical failure that led to an unexpected landing. and back on track, septa's regional rail lines are up and running ahead of the morning rush with the contract dispute that led to a brief strike is far from over. today will surely feel like summer. a live look at boat house row. we will warm into the upper 80s. it's getting warmer later this week. it's just about 5:30. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's start with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. is this the first heat wave of the season< >> it's going to be hot. heat wave be it's early for that. we'll be watching the temperatures. today warmer than yesterday's high of 82. we'll be in the upper 80s this afternoon. plenty of sunshine makes it into the 80s in the pocono mountains. that's a live view from lake
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wallenpaupack. temperatures still falling, 56 in millville, pottstown, 55 degrees. wilmington, philadelphia international is 66. it will be a warmer afternoon. very little wind but the wind picks up out of the southwest, pushing our temperatures into the 70s by 9:00, lower 80s by lunch time today. and yes, warmer weather is on the way. a look ahead when i come back. neighborhood by neighborhood. first, jillian mele has traffic. good morning. >> good morning, bill. we're not seeing delays out there on any of the majors just yet. this is a live look at 95 near girard avenue. things are pretty quiet there. an update on the accident in norristown, trooper road at potshop road. just got word that is cleared. you're good to go. but north wales, sumneytown pike near beaver street. and the roads in conshohocken, with the exception of balligomingo road,


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