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tv   NBC 10 News at 530a  NBC  June 14, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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right now on nbc 10 news today, septa's regional rails come to a halt as workers go on strike. why this will impact all comm e commuters, even if you don't ride the train. a live report is moments away. 4 morning the spca saves almost two dozen birds as they investigate a cockfighting ring. where the crime was committed. breaking some kind of a record for the fourth weekend in a row. we are enjoying beautiful weather. the comcast center. conditions will be breezy and mild today. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors.
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it's 5:30 on this saturday. meteorologist brittany shift is joining us this morning and track i tracking the weather. the a terrific combination for all of your plans. as you head out the door mild conditions but as we go into the afternoon plenty of sunshine. we are going to see a very nice weekend. here is a closer look outside at cape may. a great day to head down to the shore. 58 degrees in mt. pocono. 59 in philadelphia. 68 in atlantic city and 67 in dover. a closer look at today and what to expect, temperatures ranging between 79 and 81 degrees. a little bit cooler along the sho shore. a northwesterly wind, 5-12 miles per hour. breezy conditions in the aft afternoon. i'll have your father's day forecast coming up. this morning hundreds you of septa regional rail employees are on strike after the workers walked off the job just after midnight.
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nbc 10 is live at a regional rail yard and, jesse, what can you tell us about the mood of the work eers this morning? >> reporter: rosemary they are resolute about hanging in there for the strike. it just started but a lot of union solidarity as you can see behind me. they are lined up maybe about a half dozen to a dozen union members here at the train yard on roberts avenue. the overpass that goes over roberts avenue. the when i asked the strike captain gene hill how long they're going to stay outer ll said until we'r told we can avk at the video. se etives representatives told the authority they were on s effective 12:01 this morning. the regional rail system stretching 280 track miles is shut down for the first time since 1981. the issue that's created this is offers to other union employees and four years worth of raises. the two strikingons d not
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have a pension and seek e ecomic value. e 60,0 daily riders impacted by this one stoppage. >> even if you're able et into the city, there will be no re a lot of ople e able to park, thatld posy losehe jobs >> reporter: septa officials say they will try it to increase capacity on other modes of transportation during nonpeak hours. ve mre strike coming up throughout the morning and the pbityha somehow these traould get moving. i'll explain that as we get alo along. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. rosemary? >> thank you, jesse. you can count on nbc 10 to bring you updates during the septa strike. we have all the information that commuters need to know on our website, new from overnight, philadelphia police bust a cockfighting ring in the kensington section of the city.
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nbc 10 was at the house on e street where the spca tells us the homeowner was arrested early this morning. several other people escaped after a police tip led to a raid. the spca removed more than a dozen live roosters and several dead chickens from the home. coming up this morning at 6:00 you'll hear from the spca officer who helped uncover the illegal bird fighting operation. also new from overnight two men are in the hospital after a shooting in kensington. those shots were fired along the 3300 block of kensington avenue. a little bit more than three ur. one of the men was hit three times, twice in the chest. both of the are in seno psh ter.> ts morning a woman is under arrest in connection with philadelphia. police tell us the woman and a male accomplice robbed and shot someone at the sports center before making off with seven guns. police got a break in the case last night when they found the woman's car in west philadelphia.
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detectives told us it's the same car used in the gun heist in northeast philadelphia on thursday night. according to investigators surveillance video shows the couple robbing the man and taking his two hand guns judd of a firing range. police are still searching for the male suspect in this case. the woman has not yet been officially charged. be sure to stay with nbc 10 and tore updates on this story. this morning we have new video of two men wanted in a shooting in atlantic city. police hope that you'll recognize the two suspects you see in the upper left side of your screen. investigators say these men fired shots into a crowd of people on kentucky avenue last sunday night. one man was wounded. according to police two other men in the crowd fired back. austin tajideen and vaughn have been charged but are still wanted in this shooting. federal investigators are closer to finding out what caused the plane crash that killed local fill and throw fist katz and several others.
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a report from the ntsb focuses on the crew suggesting possible pilot error. according to the report it appears the crew did not perform a flight control check before takeoff. data from the may 31st crash in massachusetts indicates a possible problem with the plane's lock system that is designed to protect the aircraft from wind damage while parked. the ntsb tells us the plane reached 190 miles an hour but never got off the ground before crashing into a gully and bursting into flames. nbc news aviation expert tom koss it tell low says there's no evidence anything was wrong with the plane's engine. now to the i-495 bridge closure. weighing in on the situation in delaware. secretary anthony fox toured the site yesterday along with tell dell governor martell and other high-ranking officials. according to secretary fox, work is moving at an aggressive pace
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to get the bridge stabilized after it was shut down last week. still at earliest lanes wouldn't reopen until september. tox says the bridge closure is not just a state problem it's a national issue. >> it's unfortunate that sometimes an incident like this reminds us of what we have as a country. but hopefully as we get this work going and the bridge comes back up, the mettle of the american people will descend on washington. >> yesterday crews began drilling into the bedrock so they will be able to install new pilings and foundation. d del-dot won't confirm the sandcas totilt. advocates f riders inhave withdrawn a lawsuit parking authority that lawsuit claims that the pta atamicans wh by not access to riders in the advocates dropped the suit
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because the authority is adding new taxis that will be wheelchair accessible. the ppa hopes to have 45 in upte on the v.a. scan pennsylvania governor tom corbett is renewing cal for better health care for ameri ttens. ely o ry services goes beyond a certain t corbett visited veterans andcacys icwill qmsort pelvveteiayens who have e g potments at v.a.ils be able to get a voucher allowing them to p doctors amount theesville v.a. facil chest chester county scheduled 99% of its appointments in under 30 days. in philadelphia 94% of appointments were scheduled in less than a month. but right now there are more than 1,100 newlls in
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philadelphia'hospal, the longest wait time i pennsylvania. today pet lovers are th designated dog beach in ng of wildwood. k-9s and their owners are invited to a ribbon cutting o e b noon.wiwood city commission passed an ordinance last month allowing dogs ot there are just two rules to rememberbout the new beach. l pe mt t on a anowners m after them. next, a call for action in iraq as militants have now set their sights on baghdad. why tribal leaders are not telling followers to be armed and ready to fight. plus the soldier at the center of the controversial prisoner swap is back on u.s. soy. why he has not seen his family yet.
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i'm's allison. the development boom means two new high-rises are come to philadelphia. they'll both hug the schuylkill river and be close enough to walk to the 30th station. these new towers by visiting and fathering from afar. one local dad from 6,000 miles away. the read all about how his long-d long-distance parenting makes for a unique father's day celebration this time around. are you looking for something to do this weekend or anytime this summer? check out our worth the trip se on the home page of you can find out when and where to watch the world's best sandon family adventures chess to come take a look at those stories and more right now on
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almost 5:45 on this saturday morning, taking a live look outsideupper 7 and possibly eveo theow 80 in iraq a call to action, hundreds of young iraqi men are volunteering to defend their country from islamic militants. this after insisted that iraq needs to actits of owne determi deploy air strikes. the president has promised not to p boots on e grnd. iraq's most reverend shiite clerics o to form militias. fi i't 's everybody's responsibility. militants have seized large parts of the country and are threatening to move on baghdad. >> rin this ner of wa bowbedas ing he inot wi h mi. sergeantgdis rving medical treatm tas sterda army psychologtsayically
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it's up to the soldier usually when they decide when they want to reunite with the family.dahl bes rk regain foard wi h le after move being held in captivity by taliban forces for five years. he became the center of controversy after being freed in exchange foriv prine tanamobay. ppening right now, the polls op in afghanistan with votehoosin n en a run-off between two candidates who both promise to improve ties with the west and to confront na security was thtened ahead of the vote after the taliban warned people to stay away fm p. today's winner willceed president har harza whohas tm s. $1.5 million,t'ho much 14 people be won at an atlantic city cano. > to see such jud says the
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a nice start to the weekend. father's day looks great as well. maybe you'll head out to citizens bay park for the game today at 3:05 the plenty of sunshine. i'll let you know how warm in my forecast.
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> good morning. we are going to see a fantastic start to the weekend and really into the weekend as well so we have a nice three-day shift. father's day looks fantastic. plenty of sunshine for us. we'll be warmer tomorrow than what we're seeing today. as we head into next week, 90s are back in your seven-day forecast. a live look. skies at citizens bank park in philadelphia at 69 degrees. humidity is at 70%, wind speed out of the northwest at 8 miles per hour. clear visibility. so just a mild start for us. we are going to see our humidity dropping down so it will feel less humid.
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across our region for reading in the mid-60s, cloudy skies. a mix of sun and clouds in philadelphia, 69 degrees and for atlantic city 68. we are going to see temperatures cooler right along the shore but for the rest of our area we're seeing temperatures at 58 degrees. 63 in allentown. 65 in reading. 64 in phoenixville. a mild start in cherry hill at 66 degrees. 69 degrees in trenton. 68 in wood vine and temperatures in dover at mild air righ wa a crom the south and so that's going to linger as we head into the rest the weekend. temperatures are going to warm above average as we head into tomorrow. dalightly belo average. we're going to start to get rid of the clouds here. we see clouds clear as we head into the rest of the day. a few clouds throughout pennsylvania and along the shore. you are already noticing the clearing behind those clouds and so that will be the trend as we head into the rest of the morning.
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we are going to see plenty of sunshine. high pressure will rebuild over the ohio valley and so that's going to give us plenty of sunshine as we head into today, heading into tomorrow and even into monday. so here's a closer look at our future rain. you can see there is no rainfall. s sunny and nice for us. wind speeds out of the northwest 10 to 15 mil aho heading down the shore to our beaches we are going to see really nice, comfortable conditions. saturday our daytime high 80 degrees and 74. tomorrow we drop down with our wind speed sft iing. for saturday in the poconos temperatures a little bit cooler as well, 70 d then 74. your seven-day forecast, we stay at 81 degrees today. l to 84 for father's day. happy father's day to all the fathers out there and as we head into next week 89 degrees on monday. by tuesday back to the 90s.
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the hot t hot and humid. the gold nugget in atlantic city will not have to pay out a group of gamblers who racked up $1.5 million in winnings. the reason? e judge says those people realized the cards had not been shuffled in a gam mini baccarat and when the gamblers noticed the mistake they upped their bs to win more. according to the ruling, the unshuffled cards madehe game illegal. there are four more recalls to report from general motors this morning. gm isecal rng camaro's from 2010 through 2014 because tests gallon claims it posted are for six of its vehicles. general motors issued its 38th show that a driver's knee can recall of the year. bump the keyob and cut power. 38th. for another type of defective also recalled the 2004 to 2011 admission system. saab 93 convertible. toyota recalled 2 million vehicles for a second time over an air bag ib you. the 2012 chevy sonic compt. and a surprise move by tesla time to check in with cnbc's which is opening up its tyler mathison for business news technology patent to any and a lootoved automaker that wants to make markets this past week. long-range electric cars saying >> reporter: onore the move will had increase development of more and better
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electric vehicles, lead to more sales akrs the sector, and the dow and s&p 500 early in the week, but those record highs melted away. as escalating violiecal chaos ie actually strengthen tesla's share of the market. get all your business news price of crude to a new high for the year and raised worries on cnbc. about the possibility of u.s. you may have noticed that during you're newscast we're intervention in the region. a few big corporate mergers were reminding you about the grant announced this week. challenge for a local nonprofit a lot of mergers so far this called 21st century solutions. year. tyson foods apparently won the bidding war with rival pilgrims there's a $50,000 grant available as well as two $25,000 grants. pride for more than $8 billion. the we want to help good ideas merck paying nearly $4 million turn into great ones. if you have a nonprofit and you are looking for some grant that makes the hepatitis c action, just apply on our medication and website will pay $2.6 million to buy the the applications are being accepted until august 8. online reservation business he fla oho is making president obama took action its way to the 2014 special olympics usa games in new to help millions of college grads pay down student loan debt signing an executive order jersey. expanding a program that set the we'll tell you about a special ea.doff for athletes here in our cap at 10% of a borrower's salary towards pay iing off tho >> reporter: the pipeline predicament. neighbors see it's a project stafford loans. lots of auto industry news this week. cut their liv a comb >>tible, flammable ford had to lower the miles per haterials that will go boom and
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vers out. >> reporter: or is ia priceless asset th will bring bsergy to the area. >> looks like a od econo wonet from. >>orcal economy battles a big corporation, we he both sides. >>t' sundayowing "meet the press" only on nbc 10. hall: oh oh, here she comes, hall: she's a... oates: scary lady
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oates: she's an angry tiger hall: she's a mangobbler oates: eater hall & oates: she's a maneater ♪ oh oh, he she comes ♪ wch out boy, she'll chew you up ♪ ♪ oh oh, here she comes
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there will be a special sendoff this morning for the athletes and staff of special olympics team pennsylvania. here is a live look at the wells fargo center where hundreds of athletes and their coaches will be part of the sendoff ceremony. after that they'll leave the arena on buses with philadelphia police escort and head to mercer county, new jersey. just yesterday law enforcement officers were across the country joined special olympics athletes for the final leg of the are
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to torch run in mercer county. more than 3,500 athletes will be here for a week to compete. the flame of hope will be delivered to the prudential center for the opening ceremonies tomorrow afternoon. the games run through june 21. the type right now is 5:56. nbc 10 news today it continues in just a moment with a full hour of news. septa workers have officially walked off the be job. nbc 10's jesse gary is live with details. jesse? >> reporter: rosemary, the talking has stopped, the picket ing has started for the first time since 1983 septa's regional rail system shut down due to strike. the we'll talk about that coming up. and from the poconos to the shore what to expect as we head into this father's day weekend all coming up in my first alert sev seven-day forecast.
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right now on nbc 10 news today hundreds of septa railworkers are on strike shutting down 13 train lines. you can see them right there at the picket line. coming up in a live report the details on what this means for your commute.
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wee stormy weather things will turn around for the weekend. we see lingering clouds. we'll have plenty of sunshine today. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemarycoors. it is 6:00 on this saturday. meteorologist brittney shipp, we eeally inluck. the past couple of weekends have been book ended by stormy, rainy weeks but now plenty of sunshine and should be clear for the weekend. >> plenty of sunshine. this is the fourth weekend where it's been really nice. here is a closer look at boathouse row. breezy tennis as we head into thf e y. plenty of sunshine as you're out and about. temperatures at 57 degrees. we're at 62 in allentown.
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69 here in philadelphia. 66 in dover. you really can't go wrong no the matter where you choose to hang out today whether it'she poconos or down the shore.
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