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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  June 11, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>>re g y, on yto tllgoodmornc m you'an.. s clo nd thunderstorms. as far as the fog isoncerned you c see in s south conditions aing philadelphia, a livew k butthey w foush un lohe ofr ng mtre m0 woh heavy downpours. in the lancaster county. western lancaster county and the first raindrops moving into chester county. quite a bit of lightning with the storm system that is on the move. and will be an issue during the morning hours. and even into the noon time hour. east nottingham getting a few raindrops. the breeze is picking up. clouds are overhead and we have light fog at nbc 10. a little bit of everything but
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sunshine this morning. showers and 72 at 9:00, and muggy with still a possibility of showers at lunch time today. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back. first, jillian mele has traffic. >> good morning to you, bill. two different cameras, this is a look at the vine street expressway, westbound starting to get slow. heading out to 76, you'll notice the camera is close to the ground. then we have cameras high up and you can see those low clouds setting in. that's the kind of conditions that bill's talking about. drivers make their way from fox street down to 76. our biggest problem of the morning is this accident we're following in hamilton township. route 50 is closed in both directions, at south county boulevard. it's a serious crash. we have video just in. we have one of our producers editing that for you right now. so as soon as we get that i'll bring it to you. >> 6:02.
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breaking news out of west kensington where a man barricaded himself in a home. police and s.w.a.t. members on the scene. the man has two guns and shots have been fired. monique has been getting an update from the scene. what do we know? >> since we last spoke with you i can tell that you the chief of homeland security for philadelphia has arrived on the scene. take a look what folks in west kensington are waking up to. dozens of police officers here at masher and huntington. firefighters and paramedics are here. let's look at oor0eohig ear-d allegedly pistol whipped a 28-year-old male. they were told that the gunman fired shots into the air. he allowed a female cousin and five children to leave the home according to police. that female tells police there are two guns in the house.
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when investigators arrived the gunman refused to cup out. we also learned a 73-year-old man is inside. it's not known if he is a hostage but we're told he is either the grandfather or great grandfather of the gunman. s.w.a.t. team members are a block from where i'm standing talking to the gunman. a negotiator is on the scene speaking to him trying to convince the gunman to surrender without incident and of course without injury. the head of homeland security has arrived. he's working with negotiators. we're going to stay here, monitor the situation and have more coming up at que braxton, "nbc 10 news." w flo r a ritind the cstund ut ide ledootiav. . heroi yesterschoaricey thildree
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you need to get around it. >> the sound of gun fire erupts again at a u.s. school. this is troutdale oregon. they are searching for ikuomtooa ale-opo
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fingn bl mois t ano 'lgentes. th tra ypeenasd a ndfttobasaidtiad dos se t oln the u is bg gran >> uff say f saiarworkit a t uutions cur am t k tre o idence010,00sav y'st ty a.ov rote tock spe ihat edghth isonv thct nsd r-old t d a thospob rf
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ed. waed pl of ay ad.wero lor tpo l man h >>00 d bta tsrarscoadtr we w. ders m f ng w on n t ve u a it'6:18 unioeaay tseunaccenegoleseensri ntia se otnsus aident tt'ou cles youache lut te ,rg ilu cot lit scang cleanup that needs to be done. asan the is a lot of if you need to get around this take south cologne or elmwood. we don't know the conditions of the drivers so if we get that we'll pass it along. avoid route 50. an accident on the boulevard southbound as drivers make their way to 76 you can see two lanes blocked there. one lane is getting by that's causing a delay on the boulevard we have delays on 95 speeds averaging in the 20s, blue route
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okay, pennsylvania turnpike okay. on 76 eastbound fast conshohocken curve we're starting to see our first volume out there on 76. another muggy morning. some areas of fog and showers and thunderstorms. they are moving toward philadelphia right now in lancaster county. clouds, a little mist in philadelphia. humidity 87%. fog is light along the coastline, the jersey shore seeing two-mile visibility. look to the north. visibility is a little bit lower now at philadelphia international and staying put at a quarter mile in the pocono mountains. this is a view across the delaware. you can see across the delaware so it's not dense fog but low clouds and some light fog obscuring some of the buildings. look what is moving into the area. a line of heavy showers and thunderstorms, this line moving to the east produced rainfall
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rates of close to three inches per hour this morning. starting to settle down but there are some spots of heavy rainfall in lancaster, moving toward paradise. light rain falling there. and south kmchester county gettg raindrops. this is moving through northeast maryland and moving into delaware. get used to it. today, tomorrow, friday. it's a large storm system that's going to keep weather here until we get to the weekend. showers, thunderstorms, high temperatures in the upper 70s for most areas today. we see a break or two of sunshine, it may go warmer than that but not much. the phillies meet the padres, likely get the game in during the evening but there is a chance of scattered showers. by later in the evening, 69 degrees. still a possibility of showers and thunderstorms.
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the storms more likely tomorrow and into friday. both days up to 85 degrees. then it clears out friday night setting the stage for a beautiful weekend. plenty of sunshine, low humidity saturday and sunday. temperatures in the 80s. >> 6:21. it's going to be a while until the i-495 bridge reopens. how long it's going to take to fix the bridge. too much time on the road. the deadly accident severely hurt tracy morgan fuels the debate over tired truck drivers. don't forget nbc 10's grant challenge for nonprofits, it's free money for charities. $50,000 grant available as well as two $25,000 grants. we want to help good ideas turn into great ones. applications accepted until august 8. for information go to
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geend drebuot re a. ipa
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year tion took shuge c11 aprheer aal prler inila t ipilli me me at is e t laned. motow tionbout that. a hamilton accident coming up. >> it's muggy. >> that's led to fog and some showers and thunderstorms already this morning. we're tracking them. not at the shore, just light fog for cape may, a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. the radar view shows the heavy storms that are moving through lancaster county and moving to the east. rainfall is pushing into chester county and it is to the north also in western berks county this morning. heading once again toward reading.
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>> back to the breaking news out of west kensington neighborhood in philadelphia. we have police s.w.a.t. team, hostage negotiator on scene there, this is after an armed man barricaded himself in a home on masher street. >> they have not been able to reach him by phone but again, a negotiator is on scene. monique braxton is on scene. we'll get an update. there are developments in minutes. [ joel ] i'm billy joel, and new york is my home.
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we're following that breaking news out of we old.hood rm wasd in a home. we'll have a live report in a moment. >> we have new information on this story, this mother and her boyfriend just in the last couple hours have been charged
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after her first-grader was found with several bags of heroin at school. >> we are tracking storms again this morning as you look at a foggy view of center city. some of the storms are heavy. get ready for a muggy day. we'll tell you when you may need the umbrella. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's find out more with meteorologist bill henley and his forecast. >> good morning. a muggy one with clouds overhead, some areas of fog and yes, another round of showers and thunderstorms. lancaster county has them. the light rain has moved into chester and berks county. the heaviest rainfall by far is moving through northern lancaster county heading to the east. it's akron, upper lee seeing downpours that the time and heading to the east so it won't be long before it moves into berks county, chester county and montgomery county. showers, possibly thunderstorms will be around at lunch time and
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then this afternoon possibly some breaks of sunshine to warm us into the upper 70s. there's warmer, muggier air ahead as we head to the weekend too. the hour by hour forecast when i come back. jillian mele is tracking traffic problems. >> big problems out of new jersey. good morning to you. hamilton township route 50 shut in both directions at south county boulevard because of a serious accident. this is the video into our newsroom. you can see it involves two trucks, one is overturned. a lot of activity. a large fuel spill. route sfeft going to be shut for some time as you can see. that is a really serious accident. around that take south cologne or elmwood road. we'll stay on top of that for you. in new jersey volume starting to build on the 42 northbound. drivers head off to the bridges. bridges are clear. this is 76 at belmont avenue. pockets of volume but no major slowdowns on 76. 95 southbound is heavy as
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drivers make their way from cottman to girard. mass transit we're not reporting serious problems. >> we continue to follow breaking news out of west kensington. we have been on the scene about an hour and a half. a police stand-off with an armed man ended. we're told that the man is in police custody. monique braxton is live at the scene with an update. what can you tell us? >> reporter: moments ago i spoke to the chief of homeland security, he told us that they sent a robot inside the house where the gunman was holed up with the 72-year-old grandfather. at that point the gunman surrendered. let me show you what's going on. about a dozen members of the s.w.a.t. team, several dozen officers, also who just pulled out of here firefighters as well as paramedics should there have been an incident they were ready standing by to move in. police tell us that about 3:00 this morning a 20-year-old man allegedly pistol whipped a
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28-year-old man. investigators say they were told the gunman fired sphots in the air. he allowed five children to leave the house. the female cousin told police there were two guns in the home. when investigators arrived the gunman refused to come out. police found the 73-year-old grandfather inside sleeping. at one point for about three hours no one was answering cell phones or ground line phones according to homeland security chief. but they do say now the hostage situation is over. it has ended successfully without incident, without injuries. you can see residents here are coming out, speaking to police, finding out what has gone on while they were sleeping. again the hostage situation is over. you can see members of the s.w.a.t. team are pulling out in an armored car. it's over for now. the gunman is being interviewed.
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detectives will soon arrive after they obtain a search warrant to go in the house. monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." >> 6:3 fight. new information about the case involving the first-grader who brought heroin to school. in the last couple hours the girl's mother and live-in boyfriend have been charged. katy is live where the two have bin questioned for hours. bring us up to speed. >> reporter: that couple is still here at southwest detectives, this arrest is so new i'm told that the paperwork is in the process of being filed so we don't know the names of the couple yet. as soon as we do know it we'll bring to the you. let's go to video. this is video of the mom as shea year-o showed off a dozen packets of heroin. two were open, one had been bitten open and police believe the little girl had it in her mouth. medics arrived, 20 kids were taken to the hospital. all were medically cleared.
6:27 am
some parents tell us they are not sending their children back to the school. >> to know a 7-year-old can bring heroin in the school is just crazy. like i would have never thought a 7-year-old would even have something like that in their possession. >> reporter: as i said the arrest paperwork in this case is being filed but a source close to the case tells us the charges include endangering children and recklessly endangering others. katy zachrysh "nbc 10 news." >> something else we're following the truck driver charged in the crash that injured tracy morgan has a court hearing later this morning. kevin roper is scheduled to be arraigned. the truck driver is charged with one count of death by automobile and four counts of assault by auto. police say he may have dosed off moments before the accident. this was the scene early saturday morning along the jersey turnpike. roper's tractor-trailer plowed into the back of the limo bus
6:28 am
carrying morgan. james "jimmy mack" mcnair was killed. morgan is in critical condition following surgery. the former star of nbc's "saturday night live" and "30 rock" is expected to stay in the hospital for several weeks. >> a police officer accused of stalking his ex-fiancee has a preliminary hearing today charged with stalking and harassing his former fiancee. he has been placed on leave from the department. >> voters elected a new mayor of trenton. eric jackson defeated paul perez. jackson last night was greeting supporters arriving at campaign headquarters. the former public works director will be sworn in as mayor next month taking the reenss from george michelle. tony mack was found guilty on corruption charges and sentenced
6:29 am
to nearly five years in prison. >> a cloudy start a muggy start and some areas a bit foggy and again we're tracking showers and thunderstorms this morning. the mugginess, that's across the board. there are some spots of fog at the shore and inland too. and showers and thunderstorms this morning, still a possibility of more wet weather this afternoon and this evening. cloudy skies for doylestown, philadelphia, misty conditions, 71 and 68 now at cape may. you can see clearly across the delaware look at the low clouds. the clouds will stay with us through the morning. this is what we're watching. the clouds deliver into berks county, lancaster county and portions of chester county. heavy rainfall. the lightning is starting to dissipate. that's good. the rainfall isn't as heavy as it was earlier but umbrellas are now going up in east nottingham
6:30 am
and newark, delaware as well as these showers move into the area. so if you're moving out the door, future weather suggests you keep an umbrella nearby. 66 at 10:00, showers for allentown and reading, light scattered showers into delaware and south jersey. by lunch time 71 degrees, still cloudy but we'll get breaks of sunshine later this afternoon. that's 4:00 and that will push the temperatures into the upper 70s. showers to the west, a possibility of some of that activity moving in during the evening hours. if you're moving out the door, grab an umbrella. occasional showers into the noon time hour for northeast philadelphia, doylestown and norristown and plenty of clouds along the coast with highs in the 70s. upper 70s with a chance of showers for the i-95 corridor. a good chance we'll get dry
6:31 am
weather. the seven-day forecast when i come back. >> you can expect major delay. you use route 50. >> we've been showing you that accident. jillian mele has an update. >> reminder it's out there, hamilton township, route 50 closed at south county boulevard. take south cologne or elmwood road if you need to get around that. it's a serious accident. getting heavy at route 322 you can see it's at a trawl. and we do have heavy spots, 95 southbound you see the line of red as drivers make their way. slow moving on the boulevard because of an accident. 76 heavy in both directions and city avenue. even on 422 eastbound that is slow moving as drivers make their way to route 23. a lot of heavy volume. for drivers in new jersey, trouble spot seems to be here at the 42 freeway and route 55 as far as the turnpike and 295 go not seeing too many serious
6:32 am
issues there. >> happening today from court side to a courtroom, the estranged wife of donald sterling wants a judge to give her an emergency court order and a $2 billion deal hinges on the outcome. >> it's about returning the country to constitutional principles. >> it's about the tea party pulling off a major primary upset in virginia. house majority leader eric cantor is out. david brat is in. [ male announcer ] ortho crime files.
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now to decision 2014. it's one of the biggest political shockers of recent times. house majority leader eric cantor lost his primary election to a tea party candidate.
6:36 am
he is the first house majority leader to be beaten in a primary. he lost to professor david brat. the campaign hinged on immigration laws. cantor supported relaxing them. brat took a harder line against doing that. >> look forward to continuing to fight with all of you for the things that we believe in. >> this is a miracle from god. it's not about dave brat winning tonight. it's about returning the country to constitutional principles. >> democrats say cantor's defeat shows the fight for house control is far from over since republican party is moving further to the right. texas republican ted cruz is no longer a canadian citizen. the senator gave up citizenship in his birth country and received confirmation yesterday. he promised to last year. the possible presidential candidate's mother is american making him eligible for the white house. >> 6:46. happening today defense secretary chuck hagel will
6:37 am
testify before the house committee looking into the prisoner swap involving sergeant bowe bergdahl. bergdahl was released in afghanistan and in exchange for five taliban prisoners held at guantanamo bay. the house committee is investigating the swap. they want to know why congress wasn't notified by the white house 30 days ahead required by law. also questioning whether bergdahl was a deserter and if the u.s. gave up too much for his freedom. also happening the national transportation safety board is going to release documents related to a bridge collapse investigation in washington state. that bridge collapsed last year when a truck hit two support pillars. several vehicles fell into the river. there were no serious injuries. the documents released will not contaited r w n the investigation is done. >> the countries involved in the search for the malaysian jet that vanished are trying to
6:38 am
figure out how to share the cost. malaysia, australia and china are most actively involved. a new phase of the search is expected to begin in august and that could take more than eight months. >> happening today, the lawyer for donald sterling's wife is going to court trying to win her the right to sell the l.a. clippers. shelly sterling broker add deal to sell the team that she could owns. donald vowed not to sell and is suing the nba for $1 billion. the league banned him for life after he made racist comments to a woman that were recorded and publicized. >> a look for what's ahead on the "today" show. >> good morning to matt lauer and savannah guthrie. good to see you both this morning. >> hi, chris and tracy. good morning. coming up, the shocking primary upset of the house majority leader eric cantor. what this means to the republican party's future.
6:39 am
>> the o.j. simpson case, why key evidence was never presented at trial, plus exclusive live and exclusive interview with ron goldman's family and simpson's famous house guest kato kalen. >> a look at the modern dad. willie puts my husband through the paces of daddy boot camp. >> and jim carrey, the dumb and dumber sequel invade my office. i have a surprise for them as we get started on a wednesday morning here on "today." chris and tracy, back to you. >> you got to wear one of those suits. i'm jealous. >> i had so it why not wear it. >> we'll see you at 7:00. thanks. >> take care. he might need a wet suit at times. we're tracking wet weather in the area. clouds in philadelphia look at the humidity, 84%.
6:40 am
the clouds are overhead. we've seen misting in center city but steadier rain is to the west and as far as fog is concerned it's starting to ease. saw light fog, this is from here at the nbc 10 studios. not much wind but look what is moving in. showers with heavy rainfall, we're producing quite a bit of lightning. but the rain is still coming out of the clouds and now spreading into chester and newark is getting light rain. the heavy rain is inching to the northwest of reading this morning, passing by wayne, showers this morning, still a possibility this afternoon. and over the next couple days all of this wet weather is yet to move through the area. later this morning look at this line of showers moving through maryland. that's going to be impacting delaware, central and southern delaware later this morning. so keep an eye on the sky. showers and thunderstorms. temperatures will only climb into the upper 70s this afternoon for most locations, a
6:41 am
little more sunshine, a break or two, then we'll see temperatures go higher. for the phillies a chance of showers, 75 at 7:05. late in the evening 69 degrees but a possibility of showers. and the threat of storms increases for tomorrow into friday. by friday evening that will set the stage for a nice weekend saturday and sunday. temperatures in the 80s and low humidity. a nice one on monday up to 85. then storms are back tuesday. >> traffic is getting heavy. >> let's get an update from jillian mele. >> that's right. a lot of everybody heavy volume and we still have this accident shutting down route 5018 hamilton township. we have video from earlier this morning, it involves two strucks overturned so it's a head on
6:42 am
clegs at route 50. we have a large fuel spill. take colone or elmwood. we had a disabled vehicle blocking a lane southbound. looks like that has cleared but take a look this is 95 near the betsy ross bridge heavy, drim time is 32 minutes southbound down to the vine and downed tree at the intersection of arden road and golf road. >> ten packs of heroin. that's what a first-grader brought to her school yesterday. some of those were open. katy zachry is live with what's happening today at the school and with the girl's mother. >> i have new information about that philadelphia mother who was arrested after her daughter took packets of heroin to school. we'll have more coming up.
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we continue to follow breaking news in west kensington. we're learning more details about a police standoff with an armed gunman that ended in the last half hour. monique braxton has been following the story. she has an update. >> reporter: tracy t barricade situation ended about 6:45, about a block from where i'm standing. police tell us no one was injured. they also say that when the s.w.a.t. robot arrived the gunman surrendered. let's look at our video. before 3:00 this morning a 20-year-old man allegedly pistol whipped a 28-year-old man. the gunman fired shots into the air. he did allow a female cousin and five children to leave.
6:47 am
a grandfather was still inside sleeping. the chief of homeland security say detectives will be arriving as soon as they obtain a search warrant. monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." >> we also have new information about the first-grader who brought aaron to school yesterday. that girl's mother and live-in boyfriend are now facing charges. katy zachry is live where the two have been detained. >> that couple was still here behind me. they were charged around 2:30 this morning. here is video of the mother being taken from jon barry elementary school yesterday to southwest detectives for questioning. police say her daughter showed off nearly a dozen packets of parn. the girl and 20 classmates were taken to the hospital. the school is back open but some parents tell us they are so shaken they are not sending their kids back. katy zachry, "nbc 10 news."
6:48 am
>> today there are new questions for the remaining investor in a bid to buy two newspapers because the son of lewis katz will not go forward with his father's investment. jesse gary is live at the newspaper offices in center city with more. tell us what's happening. >> on a day when the sale was to be fiblize it more questions and a sole investor remaining. last night the son lewis katz, drew announced he is pulling out of the $80 million deal his father brokered with gerry lenfest. >> gmorning. we approach 7:00 we still have this accident in hamilton township. route 50 closed at south county boulevard. take south cologne or elmwood.
6:49 am
76 at city avenue, crawling along, eastbound heavy in the normal spots, montgomery drive and down near south street. 76 heavy in the normalsps, 422 heavy on 19 miles per hour. that's the average and 11 miles per hour is what we're seeing on 95 southbound. heavy from cottman to girard. in new jersey a really heavy spot is the 42 freeway northbound. you can see that line of yellow. route 55 also has the normal volume. >> don't forget your rain gore. umbrellas are going up as rain is coming down in berks county, reading seeing heavier showers. the showers moved into chester county now portions of delaware as well. new castle and kent counties to the north of dover seeing heavier shower activity part of a line that is going to move through this morn and the early afternoon hours. moving nowhere, the fog that
6:50 am
just got quicker, zero visibility. light fog in much of the area. the fog disappears, the chance of showers stays with us this aefrn and at noon time. fewer showers this afternoon. we'll get some breaks of sunshine. that's when temperatures pop in the upper 70s. >> nice for the weekend. >> weekend's looking spectacular. saturday and sunday sunshine and the humidity low. >> perfect. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you in about 25 minutes. >> you can get the latest news and weather at good morning. stunning upset. the second most powerful person in the house, majority leader eric cantor, ousted, beaten by a little-known tea party backed candidate in virginia's republican primary. >> this is a miracle from god that justhappened. >> an historic defeat, sending
6:51 am
sho shockwaves through washington and the nation. not again. yet another deadly school shooting, the 74th since sandy hook. one student killed, a teacher wounded. the president lashing out in frustration. developed ls oflenc country on earth that would put up with this.
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