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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  June 10, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, drenching downpours lead to a second night of flash flooding across our area. this is the scene outside
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citizen's bank park earlier tonight. and look at this, highway waterlogged came up to the bumper of these cars. and in mid salem, heavy rain created small rivers in this shopping center parking lot. in philadelphia's sweet village, rivers of waterlogged pouring off buildings as the heaviest of the rain moved through. and now the rain is moving out but the fog will start moving in. this is a live look right now where it's clear right now but that will soon change as well. >> first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking the fog for us. >> this is the aftermath of the rain we're showing you in the video. in many places we have the fog rolling in, especially close tore the shore. atlantic seeing only a half mile visibility. for the rest of us it looks pretty good right now but through the overnight hours we'll see the fog increase
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through the overnight area. here's future visibility so you see the fog taking over through the overnight hours. by 7:00 in the morning we'll be seeing areas of locally dense fog, that's surgeonly possible, and then it will clear out in the afternoon. but the clouds will still be around. temperatures upper 60s. it will be humid through the day too. 9:00 in the morning, and 70 degrees. could be still dealing with the patchy cloud. 11:00 a.m., temperatures in the mid 70s and a chance for showers tomorrow before we end out the week. we'll talk more about that coming up. in the past ten minute we're confirmed that charges are expected for a mother who brought heroin to school. 20 of the child's classmates were rushed to the hospital out of fear they may have been exposed to the drug. we're live tonight in west
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philadelphia where we've been tracking the developments. george, right now all of the children have been checked out and sent home with their families. >> reporter: yeah, every one of the children was checked out by doctors and then interview by detectives. it all comes as charges are now pending against that young girl's mother after a full night of questioning here at southwest detectives and a search of the home where she is raising four children. late this evening nbc 10 was there as investigators carried fresh evidence from the home of a first grade girl who carried 11 bags of heroin to john berry elementary today and showed it off to her classmates. among those classmates, this seven-year-old who we found leaving the hospital with her mom tonight. >> to know that a seven-year-old can bring heroin into a school is just crazy. >> reporter: philadelphia police agr agree. all even pg they interviewed the
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girl's mother and boyfriend, all trying to find the source of the small baggies of white powder. >> one of the packages clearly looked like it was bitten. >> reporter: the lieutenant said only the girl who brought the pacts may have ingested it by biting the bag. >> the teacher recognized the item right away, took control of it and notified another teacher. >> reporter: the class of 20 was bussed to children's hospital of philadelphia where each was checked and release. but for their parents, tonight the region's heroin epidemic couldn't be more real or more frightening. >> the child should have never been expoed to anything like that. i don't know why a first grader would be able to bring heroin to school. >> i think unfortunately i have to teach her about drugs at seven years old. >> reporter: too early? >> way too early.
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>> reporter: investigators did find drugs in that family's house. as for the seven-year-old girl, she has been cleared medically by doctors but she and her siblings are expected to be cared for by the department of human services. the conditions inside their home for filthy. we're live tonight at southwest detectives i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. bail is set at $5 million for a prison escape e charged with trying to killing kill a police officer. we were there when the handcuffed matthew miller was let out. he escaped from a work release program in doylestown and when confronted by a cop in west salem, police say miller tried to stab the officer and got away in his police car. he was arrested down the street. we're live in new salem tonight with new details on the suspect. >> reporter: police say he's been uncooperative, not speaking
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with investigators and at times being combative. police say this is his worst crime yet. do you regret what you did? freedom was short lid for accused attempted cop killer matthew miller led out in handcuffs and taken to prison. he goes from facing misdemeanor charge to fell anies. here's a close look of a man who walked away from a work program. when the police stopped him in the area of bristol pike, miller lunged at the officer with a knife puncturing his bullet proof vest. the officer was not hurt. >> i think he's extremely lucky. i think the vest played a pivotal role in that. >> reporter: he stole the officer's police vehicle, left
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the suv on fair hills street and took off running for two niles until he was found in northeast philadelphia. miller is being held at the bucks county prison. the officer, a former philadelphia police officer and six-year veteran of the ben salem police force is said to be in good spirits and set to return to work soon. nbc 10 news. tonight, a major upset in the political world. house majority leader eric cantor lost in the virginia republican primary tonight. he lost to david pratt, a college economics professor. and it wasn't even close. he won by 10 percentage points. cantor is the second most powerful member of the house of representatives and seen as a possible successor to house speaker john boehner. cantor spoke to his supporters
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tonight. >> i know there's a lot of long faces here tonight. it's disappointing, sure. but i believe in this country, i believe there's opportunity around the next corner for all of us. >> cantors support of a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrant nay have been one of t the reasons. it looks like trenton has elected a new mayor. unofficial results show eric jackson defeated paul perez with 56% of the vote. jackson, the city's former public works director was greeted with applause tonight. former mayor tony mack was removed following a fed roll corruption conviction. a man in dead of a home invasion and robbery right in broad daylight tonight.
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witnesses say four men were sitting on the front steps of a home here and that's when three others, one of them armed, chased the vam into the house and shot him in the living room. the robbers got away with cell phone and cash. neighbors say violence is on the increase here. >> it's crazy, getting out of hand, and we do need more police out here. >> the 25-year-old shooting victim died at the hospital. he has not yet been identified. new video tonight of a man wanted in connection to a vending machine explosion in may fair. we first brought you this story last friday. philadelphia police are looking for the man in this surveillance video. investigators say it shows him putting a homemade bomb in the vending machine. the machine exploded a few minutes later, right there. if you have any information, call philadelphia police. the red cross is helping a family tonight after their home collapsed. this is a picture of the house
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on north thend street. no word tonight on what caused the collapse. this just in, lewis costas son will not go forward with plans to buy the inquirer. the turmoil after the last ten days has led him to abandon the plan of interstate's general media. that leaves the philanthropist as the sole buyer. a labor dispute between septa and its regional rail works may be heading to a strike this weekend. union leaders may call for that strike that would stop the rail service beginning saturday morning p union leaders say the raises are unacceptable because they haven't been negotiated. engineers have been working out
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a contract for several years now. count on us to follow the story until both sides agree to a contract. it could be months before the i-94 bridge in delaware reopens. today we learned that they're opening to reopen the southbound lanes of the bridge by labor day and the northbound lanes a few weeks later. at a news conference today we asked why it took so long for officials to shut down the tilting bridge. a local business owner called 911 to report the problem back in april. the state's transportation secretary told us he needed to look into the response to that call. right now dell d.o.t. has a $20 million repair plan in place to fix the bridge. why one south jersey town just canceled 4th of july fun. pictures of the teenager bitten by a shark in delaware, why officials say this is the culprit. >> we're watching the formation of fog through the overnight
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hours, plus more rain in the forecast before the week is over. i'll show you the timing of it next.
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police are now identified the teenager killed in a shooting today at an oregon high school. he was a 14-year-old, a freshman apt reynolds high school in troutville. the first report of gun shots came shortly after 8:00 this morning. a teen gunman shot and killed him in the boy's locker room. he also shot and wounded the physical ed teacher. the gunman was found dead in a bathroom. police believe he killed himself. his name hasn't been released. in afghanistan, an investigation is under way. it's the deadliest case of friendly fire. the troops were mistakenly killed by u.s. air strike yesterday. they were checking security
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ahead of this weekend's presidential runoff elections. the american's called for combat air cover and a b 1 bomber responded quickly firing one bomb. but instead of the enemy, it struck the friendly forces, killing the american soldiers. a philadelphia couple busted for having sex in the ocean in the middle of the afternoon. it happened sunday after 46th street beach. this photo shows the officers directing the pair out of the waterlogged. they arrested them on lewdness charges. that was after a crowd of onlookers formed near them. an officer witnessed the couple in the act. new at 11:00, called off. cherry hill announced today it is canceling its annual fourth of july fire works display this year citing safety concerns and the decision isn't sitting well with the residents.
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we're live in cherry hill tonight with an explanation this evening. >> reporter: you know, officials say this is about safety and nothing else. they tell us that the space that they usually use behind us just isn't big enough to house the thousands of people that come here ooh each year. we talked to residents and they say they're not just surprised but they're disappointed. it's an annual tradition has hand spanned more than two decades. but earlier today cherry hill township it's can ling the fire works because of safety concerns. >> i don't agree wit well. >> and the decision isn't setting well with the residents. >> i have a seven-year-old son who looks forward to stuff like that every year. >> business owners are also upset. >> 4th of july, we have a lot of skmers come in that day. >> jack patel who manages a
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7-eleven relies on this event to make money and now he's worried. >> we're going to get hurt. it's going to affect the business. >> reporter: the field can no longer hold the large crowd and no other venue can safely house the event. >> we're disappointed but at the end of the day i think we all were in agreement that we have a responsibility if your top public safety official is staying this isn't something you should do. >> reporter: they're also telling us that the money used for the sponsored event will be dedicated to other events. >> why don't they take tight a bigger place? >> reporter: they're saying they don't have a bigger venue nnchts all of theory hill there is not a bigger venue? >> reporter: you're not buying it? >> no. no. >> reporter: in the meantime, the township has extended many of its summer programs and they've added a cherry hill restaurant week. that is the latest from cherry
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hill tonight. >> a delaware teenager is recovering tonight after an encounter with a shark. >> the 16-year-old says he was bitten while swimming yesterday in sussex county. biologists checked out the bite and determined it was likely caused by a sand bar shark. they're common in the area but are rarely aggressive. swimmers were kept on shore all morning. they found nothing and the beach was reopened. well, after rainy day for some of us, not everybody, but for those of us who did see the rain, it was heavy at times. now we're seeing the development of fog. we have fog forms now be a lot of the low level moisture outside. also we have rain that's going to stick around in the forecast as we end out the week. and before the week is over, before your father's day weekend gets here, we have more
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thunderstorms moving into the forecast too. and a majority of those should come as we go into friday. right now in philadelphia, take a look at the visibility now, seven miles. so normally ten. that's on a clear night. clearly it is dropping. now we have the clouds lowering, the fog is forming. the radar, though, is dry. we're not looking at the heavy rain that we had earlier today. but by the end of the week we'll start to see that come back into the forecast. so if we zoom out here, you can see off to our west and southwest we have a lot of shower activity, a lot of clouds around. so we're still looking at this pretty unstable air mass and it's still moving in our direction so we're not out of the woods yet. we have a knfew more days of hey rain. atlantic city only a quarter mile visibility, that continue to drop. you can see the fog is pretty much starting to make its way inland and we'll continue to see it into the morning hours too.
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future weather shows the clouds around, the fog will be here in the morning. 9:00 in the morning, some low clouds, patchy fog and i wouldn't be surprised if there were a few sprinkles around. through the afternoon the clouds hold on. the best chance of storms should be west of philadelphia tomorrow. and then into thursday, the rainy pattern stays around again. we're not going to break out of it. it will be warm and hurmd with the afternoon thunderstorms again. now on friday we have more clouds and more humidity. now as far as the jersey shore and the delaware beaches, tomorrow we'll see clouds and fog, temperatures in the 60s with an onshore wind. as we end out the week, still the thunderstorms in the forecast mostly in the afternoon hours. for tonight, though, showers and storms are pretty much clearing for the most part but the fog is developing. 69 for the low in philadelphia. then tomorrow we'll see the fog and clouds around with the afternoon showers for some of
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us. then on thursday, the thunderstorms back into the forecast, mid 80s. then going into the weekend we clear out nicely, sunny skies, temperatures in the 80s, lower humidity just in time for father's day. >> which new eagle has become one of the new vocal leaders in workouts? and the phillies chasing milestones tonight. we'll show you how they did coming up next.
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i'm john clark. philly's pitcher turning thing around tonight. only had one win in his last six starts but he pitched really well tonight against the padres. having fun in the rain before the came. they had lost eight of nine. in the fourth, chase uttley ties it up, chase with four rbis over husband his last four games. 4-1 fills. jimmy rollins rolling towards history. he's just four hits away from sbraeking mike schmitz franchise record. the second fast ers to 300
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career saves. phillies win it 5-2. phillies win. that's amazing. mall come says chip kelly has the eagles working harder than any team in the nfl. mall come was a captain on the saints' defense. he's already a vocal leader on the birds d. >> his ability because he's plaids fult. positions in this league, been a corner, a safety. rob ryan runs a sophisticated defense in new orleans. and i think his ability to transition from that to ours, i think there's some similarities in term of what we're doing. he's been really good. he's become the vocal leader on the back end for us. >> espn reports that the sixers have talked to the cavaliers about trading. they want andrew wigans but they don't want to give up two of
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their first round picks. sixers ceo scott o'neal says it will be 120,000 square feet. >> we need a place that's 24/7 operations that's ours, that's more than one court that we share with some med students. this is a whole other level. this will be the biggest and best training facility ever built in the u.s. >> remember, he said the best. remember that. we're right back. hi, are we still on for tomorrow? tomorrow. quick look at the weather. nice day, beautiful tomorrow. tomorrow is full of promise. we can come back tomorrrow. and we promise to keep it that way. driven to preserve the environment, csx moves a ton of freight nearly 450 miles on one gallon of fuel. what a day. can't wait til tomorrow.
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here's a live look out at center city from the adventure aquarium. a little different than what he showed you at the top of the hour. you can see the low clouds. they're singing down and the fog is continuing to develop over the area. we'll see it continue to drop. more showers and storms on
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thursday and friday before a beautiful week zblend fog and a morning commute, never a good combination. >> no. stays warm though. >> it does not cool down. that's a good thing. >> i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosen field. thanks for joining us tonight. "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon is next.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jim carrey & jeff daniels. taylor schilling. musical guest, ed sheeran.


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