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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 6, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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unprovoked premeditated assault. >> anthony flores's lawyer calls a take down of the 36-year-old new jersey man by a security officer at harrah's casino. >> it is like gang beatings. that's what it is. >> in a difficult lawsuit, he claims the officer purchased, kicked, kneed, stomp and pummelled him with unnecessary force. he said it left him with a concussion, bruised ribs and four fractured teeth. >> the last thing he remembered is being punched in the face. >> this video appears to show him, then a harrah's regular bleeding from the eye. the attack came after an employee asked him to leave the floor where he was gamling for being loud.
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he was going to his hotel room when the officers confronted him. >> he feared he was about to be finished off. >> in an e-mail, they thanked us for the opportunity and said they have no comment. he is the seventh person we reported on. suing harrah's for similar allegations involving security officers. >> it is out of control and we see it time and time again. these people are untrained and unsca unskilled and they are not true security. >> the executive director at the institute of gaming and tourism said incidents like these are rare. >> you think about the fact that there over 25 million people who visit the casinos and hundreds of security guards that are going to be issued.
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>> he is seeking monetary damages for injuries and his attorney expects the case to go to trial next year. live in atlantic city, nbc 10 news. >> earlier this year, we told you about two other lawsuits. we will show you video on the left. an incident we reported with two cabdrivers who accused harrah's security guards of assault. on the right, we showed you in march, a casino dealer said security guards attacked him for no reason. since january, seven people have sued for similar incidents. two big announcements from philadelphia mayor michael nutter. >> involving the democratic national convention and the other about the city's professional basketball team. >> harry hairston live at center city. >> what have you learned in the last hour? >> as far as the democratic
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national convention, this is the place to have it. this is where it needs to be. there is a lot of risk here that will play perfectly for having the convention right here. the bid has gone out. >> the city of philadelphia filed an injunction with governor rendell and the committee and filed a bid to seek the host of the 2016 democratic national committee in philadelphia. we have committed a very competitive sealed bid in accordance with the dnc process. >> that's tens of millions of dollars for philadelphia and the area as well. the decision could be made as early as november. on to the other big issues. talking about the 76ers and
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wanting to move the practices he didn't know a lot about that and here's what we know. officially the scene has filed an application for a site along the waterfront. the economic development authority will vote on and set up for a possible facility on the waterfront at an upcoming location. we will let you know when they have more information about it. no matter where they are, they must play for at least the next ten years if not longer. live in center city, nbc news. back to you. i don't know that i consider
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myself a hero. i think there a lot of heroes in the world. we were doing our job. >> only on nbc 10, the engineer who discovered the tilting bridge over the casino river talked about why he raised a red flag. jack markell called him a hero for alerting officials. all new, delaware bureau reporter tim furlong spoke with the man who said he was doing his job. he could have been responsible for saving thousands of lives, right? >> absolutely. if you look at the scene, it has been an active construction site. they are trying to get the big dirt pile out of there. we have heard about them passing by and he looked and saw the problems only on nbc 10. some are calling him a hero. >> i'm an engineer through and through.
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>> by the bridge, this associate engineer said the pilings looked crooked and he showed me how the pilings didn't lineup right. >> the piling was out of plumb. >> it took inspectors four days to get out for a look and you know what happened. they shut the bridge down because it's tilting eastward. the motion that happened in less than a year and a half. he was not working for dell dot. he was a delaware guy who noticed a potential delaware problem. >> thank goodness for the engineer who noticed the problem. >> they remind him that the observation caused lots of traffic issues. >> i don't know that i consider myself a hero. there a lot of heroes in the world and i got a lot of thank you e-mails and i appreciate that. i feel like that's part of what we do. we are engineers and we need to say something about it. >> on the speed on the response,
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a local guy said he called dell dot about the bridge troubles on april 15th. they called 911 and said they will work on it. they will try to determine what happened in that scenario. >> the bridge will be closed for construction and that will last until 5:00 a.m. monday morning as part a long-term project. head in as well with the i-495 bridge. the weather doesn't get much better than this. here's a live look with lots of people heading to the shore. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. >> what can we expect before going out tonight. >> it's going to be a beautiful evening. the entire area showed you the shore and the other area, we
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have beautiful temperatures out there as well. the wind is comfortable and will stay that wi through the evening. it will be chillier overnight from the suburbs with the clear skies and the light winds. showers and storms on the way back. we will see that and the seven-day in a few minutes. three students arrested on gun charges and that led police to the support. it happened at william penn high school. a classmate reported a picture on wednesday. they were posing with a gun in what looked to be the school bathroom. a search of the backpacks revealed a pistol, ammunition
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and a pellet gun. >> it kind of worries me that that was brought to school and they say what if it happens again. >> surntly a no tolerance policy. >> absolutely. we do not tolerate any weapons of any kind being brought into the school. i say these kids will face the strongest action that we can bring. >> that will make it more secure and considering more safety measures. >> now to decision 2014 where the race for governor picks up steam and one of the largest labor unions. wolf appeared outside the city hall with the employees international union. that he was on a number of
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issues. across the state, governor tom corbett got a show of support from chris christie. two attending fund-raisers for the governor's association. christie is chairman of the organization. the latest poll shows tom wolf 20 points ahead of corbett. corbett has 33% and wolf 53%. . >> >> the invasion was the beginning of the end. he was 20 years old when he joined the military and shaped out. he served three officials as a medic on the frontline. 70 years later he still visibly remembers the soldiers during enemy fire. >> you were in the middle of the
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fighting, but you didn't fight. sometimes it was difficult to give. you had enemy activity all-around you. >> they served for 30 thirst years in the military. >> stay with us for more on d-day. more on nightly news starting at 6:30. an nbc news special journey to normandy on coci tv. >> contractor quits. it's more than three months since the deadly explosion damaged several homes. why the company hired to rebuild them is pulling the plug on the job. >> a live look at eighth and market. lots of people heading out on this beautiful friday night into the weekend and a better start for the weekend.
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glen? >> a picture perfect weather no matter where you are. the rain returns by the start of next week. i will keep you prepared in the first alert seven-day forecast.
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it's been three months since
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the deadly explosion in ewing township. the cell phone video shows a mom frantically running away on theidate neighborhood was rocked by the blast. it damaged or destroyed 130 homes. you can see what they used to look like and on the right how they looked with all the rubble after the blast. one 62-year-old woman working at home was killed. >> the mayor said the princeton company hired to complete the damage will not be finishing the work. we learned the association was concerned projects were moving too slowly and the company was too slow to handle such a massive job. it was hospitaled before 1 p.m. a lawsuit was filed on behalf of the woman who was killed. her family is suing spe and g and the contractor, claiming
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negligence. >> a mixed income apartment that bills itself to revitalization of trenton. today was the opening of crush crossing. it consists of 204 units. the $51 million livestock community is between federal, state, and local efforts. they hope it breeds new light into the city. >> whether you are heading out of town or staying home. >> jen hurricane schwartz is making a lot of people happy with this forecast. >> this is the 30 week in a row we have been able to do this. not just predict it a couple of days in advance, but about a week. we will see what will be happening next week. it will be a different story. a lot of sunshine during the day tomorrow. the storms will be returning and
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once they do, that pattern will hang around for a bit and the make it part of the rain. getting ready to take place across the area. 86 degrees. the wind is 12 miles an hour. it's pretty comfortable and humidity is low. the temperature will be going down. 89 was the high on tuesday. then it's 77 for the high up to about 84 tomorrow. the humidity is not going up. just the temperature. it's going to be relatively k078 fortable. we are in the mid 70s. we have been in the mid 70s right at the beaches. new jersey shore is much cooler. that's going to change over the
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weekend. that's going to be a factor in what happened this weekend. the dry conditions not only in our area, but quite a while all the way back west of chicago and south of atlanta. going a long way to find showers. that is why we are so confident it will be a nice weekend. the water is 65 degrees. we get the sea breeze. to overcome the sea breeze, we will have a limit to about the mid 70s. a beautiful sunny die and sunday, sea breeze all day. it's just as powerful. poconos on saturday and cloud cover on sunday. as we go for the rest of the night, 61 for the low in philadelphia. tomorrow a lot of sunshine and low humidity and light winds and temperatures in the low 80s and
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warmer on sunday. the rain mainly holds off until monday. some of that could be on the heavy side. good storms and the left over showers into tuesday. could get a bit of a break before another system comes in with more showers and storms. >> i'm john clark. we will show you the exact location of where the sixers planned to build the new facility and why the phillies should win tonight. that's next.
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. i'm john clark and together
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we build. the sixers will build a new practice facility on the camden waterfront. they hope to have it open in two years. they filed for an application today. the new jersey eda will vote tuesday to allow a state-of-the-art 1,000 square foot facility. good times at the phillies that call them on the mound. they won against the reds in his career. he had his best success including the playoffs. they call 9-0 with an e.r.a. of 1.49 against them. they will have to face them with a best e.r.a. in baseball. they have the third worst record in baseball. he is frustrated. >> i know we are better than that. the next thing is to have that
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come around the corner. and get it going the other way. the veteran hitter, we need to do it at the lineup. >> they are right here at 7:00. comcast has pregame live and post-game live after. last night miami couldn't stand the heat in san antonio. the air conditioning didn't work. it was over 90 degrees for game one. he is cramping in the fourth quarter and had to come out of the games. they made fun of lebron and said he is angry his body failed him. >> i never played in the nba games as far as the heat. not an excuse, but it was extreme continues. i looked at the stands and i have seen every last waving fan. i said this is something
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different. >> lebron had 2 1/2 bags of ids, but he will be ready. the air conditioning has been fixed. much quicker than my air conditioning company fixes mine. >> california chrome is going to do it, right? i know john said yes. the pocano 400 officially kicks off and race fans are buzzing. they are open for business. nearly 80,000 are here and many fans are camping out at this raceway. they are lined with souvenirs and get ready for the peek performance. >> they come over and play the go carts and have fun. the first ever halftime party. >> there is a nice forecast inside. that's what race fans want to hear. two years ago lightning killed a
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spectator and injured others. >> now for a look at what's new tonight. a new tool to fight the growing heroin epidemic. tonight, the change happening right now that is bringing near victims back to life after an overdose. as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores. visit presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery.
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male announcer: coand join oure wtraveling celebrational as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores. visit presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery. . nice beat there. the top in their class and they were on top of the world as well they should be. procession down broad street for philadelphia's 2014 graduating class. the school superintendent was there to celebrate the momentous occasion. >> another moment us forecast for a weekend. we are in mid 80s and the humidity is low. they will be comfortable and the storms don't return until monday. next week it's a different story. >> it's during the week.
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. we like it nice on the weekend. thanks for watching. i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> i'm jim rosenfield. the news continues with nightly news live from normandy. . on our broadcast tonight, the solute to the warriors who stormed the beaches here in normandy. the men who liberated the nation and changed the course of history. tonight, the emotional return for many one more time. our nbc news exclusive, our conversation with president obama on the prisoner swap, his reaction to edward snowden and what he told us shortly before a surprise meeting with vladimir putin. moment of crisis. a terrifying scene. a heavily armed gunman opens fire. the shootout, bullets at a courthouse outside atlanta. run for history, excitement building at belmont after all these years. are we about to witness a triple crown? "nightly news" from normandy begi


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