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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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charlie baker came by to assess the damage. >> an extraordinary amount of damage for such a short hit. and i literally find it hard to believe that in one minute anything could do what this storm did. >> and this is a clear exactly. it split the spine tree. -- i'm told 550 people are without power and hope or the restored sometime soon. crews will be working for the next few days to clean up this mess. >> incredible damage in 10 minutes. don't forget to download the weather app. we have breaking news.
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were not pedestrians but were passengers on the bus. it appeared that two people were hit by the bus. but the two people were passengers that at about 2 a.m. fell out of an emergency window that they had opened because they thought it was hot on the bus. one of the passengers has died. also tonight. disturbing accusations against this man. a park ranger. and police say he was videotaping women in the bathroom. this happened at a popular pond in milton. the suspect faced a judge in quincy. >> reporter: raymond mackinnon has been a park ranger for eight years and a seasonal ranger for longer. he's facing charges of misconduct against his fellow coworkers. >> reporter: he faces multiple
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was a covert plan to capture images and videos of workers. police were tipped off by a female lifeguard who noticed what looked like a pen with a flashing light. >> after further investigation, the card was inserted into a state police computer and as a result the and certain videos. mostly life guards, going to the bathroom. >> they remain committed to assisting the state police as they continue their investigation. he was ordered to ventured any firearms. >> -- to surrender any firearms. [ indiscernible ] taken by the police. >> reporter: he posted $10,000
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the courthouse. >> and it was closed to the general public while the dcr and state place continue the investigation. it's believed that mackinnon acted alone. an elderly woman was hit lowell today. the truck driver was there to do work for the school and may have been directed to park in a different space. no charges have been filed. the cost of your commute is about to get better or worse. ryan kath has a closer look at what it means for your wallet.
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pass by october 28th. you'll no longer be able to pay cash, and the cost of the commute could be significant. tonight commuters are finding out how much they could pay to drive under the tolling structures along the pike. >> where do you usually get on? >> so you paper 70 you're paying 55 cents less per trip. [ laughter ] that sounds good to me. >> framingham to downtown boston would stay the same. west newton to downtown would be 70 cents more. >> one of the key messages that we want to get out to the public is get a transponder. without one, they'll send you a bill in the mail and that
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with easy pass, the trip is $1.70. >> they will need to cover the cost it takes us to administrator their program. drivers just hope the new season'ses con jess. hopefully, it makes it faster. >> the process of demolishing the reconstructing the roadways and they won't be wipized until a note. a worker was hurt while helping in the tornado cleanup. >> lee wee is a -- louisa moller is live with the details. >> reporter: from the amount of equipment and crews behind me, there are a significant number
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they, of course, are pros at this. but doing risky work. one of the hardest hit areas in concord. >> a tree corker who was private work was artily a tree ovarium. he was brought to clinic and crews are piecing together what happened. >> it was a tree worker working on private property hired by the homeowner, working to remove trees from storm damage. he was struck in the head to the best of my knowledge. he was transported to lahey clinic. we do not know the extent of the injuries. i heard from another neighbor that he also saw a worker who
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he shrugged it off and said it's just part of the job. incredibly risky work these crews are doing out here. one worker was injured and we're learning new information. >> of course, they are trying to get power back up quickly. and mistakes can happen. >> and eric fisher is rare for our area. >> it is. usually, you do not see tornadoes in the middle of the night. between midnight and five across the area. those are the most dangerous -- in the middle of the night -- we're all asleep and no one is paying attention to the weather. the crews are trying to chew up
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roads to the emergency crews who will be trying to get in the neighborhoods. and when we talk about the rarity of the event, here's a look at the statistics. how surprising it would be to happen in a place like concord in the middle of the night without a lot of warning. this is the first warning since 2015. and that was a long stretch for us. the longest stretch between tornado warnings. that nocturnal tornado, first time since 1970 which happened a little after 2 a.m. that's what we saw out there. in terms of a historical reference, here's the radar image. it was a spinup on the line. the classic new england tornado. and then it lifts to the north and east. and kudos to the national
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touched down in concord. and we had significant rainfall. and the question is do we have any more storms in the forecast? we'll take a look in just a little bit. see you again in a few minutes. up next, the picture that made a scene out of your worst night mayor. this skin a dog was trapped in a pipe and firefighters said there was nothing that could be done until morning. the race to rescue the stuck pup. patriots at the practice field. and where is tom brady? >> what coach belichick is
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feeling spooked out by
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after a large snake skin was found. someone saw a 10-foot snake in woos brook near a popular swimming area. it's believed to be a python if that makes you feel better. people are warned to be on the lookout. >> that doesn't make anyone feel better. throw in a gps device and happy ending. liam martin has the story. >> she's an 8-year-old english coonhound. >> and one lucky dog. >> she and her owner were in the woods last night. >> three or four nights a week training the down. >> it's all about the
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to happen. >> reporter: she beat out 684 other dogs i think, to be crowned champion. >> last night while she was hot in pursuit. >> she chased a raccoon into the pipe. >> it was a 12-inch plastic drainage pipe. >> and i saw her 60 to 80 feet that way. >> bell couldn't figure out how to back out. >> she couldn't turn around because of the diameter of pipe. >> police and fire said nothing could be done. >> i didn't sleep at all. i stared at the ceiling all night long. >> because she was wearing a gps collar, she could figure out where she was in the pipe. >> i dug ahead of her and knew if i was here that she would come out of it. >> i moved that pipe and she popped right up and was happy
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going. and it was a big relief on my part that she was out and safe and happy. >> glad to have you back. >> he has a construction background and says he fixed the piece after pipe. she's tired but no physical damage. obviously, very happy to be back home. >> great work by the owner. and he saved the firefighters from having to go back eric is out in concord tonight. this is the first overnight tornado since 1970. >> a long time there. and very lucky considering the amount of damage that we see. no one was seriously injured. the weather service did a good job of getting the warning out early. and we almost all have cell
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you up last night. it targets where the warning is located. and when that got out. hopefully, everyone got to shelter. the men, the women, the machines, all going to work, chewing up the trees and trying to get the roads clear so we can get people back in the neighborhoods and get the lights on. very significant damage and a miracle that we didn't see more homes house, a very historic location. trees down all around it but not on it. >> we do get tornadoes, it's not a rare event but not a common event. we have last night's tornado. and one in west-minutester.
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tornado, revere in 2014. and a half mile wide path before it lifted back up. it's a touch of fall tonight. cooler air is moving in. and we'll see the temperatures continue to drop back. by tomorrow morning, you're thinking back to school well -- still gusting at 20 overnight lows 45 to 52 degrees. 56 in the city. the wind will continue to subside. tomorrow morning prepare for the fall feel and after that we warm up nicely. a nice breeze out of the northwest. a partnership bay to continue the cleanup. >> how about 71 to 80 degrees. and the warmest water of the
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and that will continue for a couple more weeks. big sprawling area of low pressure is moving across the central and eastern u.s. very lit we're starting to look at the tropics. fiona is not a threat. we have td 7 which will likely become ga and invest -- may approach the southeast coast. as for td 7, newly designated as it gets a name over the next 24 hours, it will take a path over the open atlantic. and of course, we'll update you as it progresses. it's independenting to become a hurricane and possibly a
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-- the only chance for a shower or a storm is friday. and that's going to do it as far as rain or storms go. back here live in concord. crews are hard at work and they'll continue into the evening. the strange weather event -- awfully strange not seeing tom brady. >> steve burton is here with more. he'll be there when it counts. patriots find thlv tough spot. and players not in camp are taking over the head libraries. and friday night, the most important preseason game. a day after the news on deon lewis and sebastian ballmer, the pats are on the field getting ready. >> he's one of the my best friends, there are so many
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forward. >> i don't know the situation. but i just hope he can come back as soon as he possibly can. >> the nfl doesn't stop, the pats are in game mound. it's all about seeing them on film and watching a little bit more film, a little bit more time in the neat ya room. when night, it's got like the first time. >> there are conflicting worts. in talking to belichick, he didn't seem eager to have brady taking snaps. remember, wbz is the place to be for friday night's
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we'll get you started with patriots came day. and 5th quarter post game show. red sox open up a four game set in st. pete. they've won six of the last seven games. as for the division lead, it's a log jam. blue jays have a half game lead over the red sox. and the sox are of the orioles. on june 24th he strained his hamstring. he's been a a rehab assignment. he may have a tough time. the rookie continues to impress. the first major like run.
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and 18 games with the sox. >> just tries to put a good at bat together. >> thought i had a chance when i hit it. and when i saw j.d. stop running, i knew. >> so young, he looks like a kid but the kid is getting down. the cbs evening news is coming up next at 6:30. >> she's what is coming up. students return to school in miami as the zika zone grows. is there a better way to fight forest fires. how the lab expect could hold the answer. >> the most valuable thing in
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marky mark and brady's bunch. making an offer that some of
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some of the patriots took a preseason break for a night out. >> the team headed to the movies for a special screening of deepwater horizon. it stars mark wahlberg who was in the proud along with his mother and patriots owner robert kraft. and the movie hits theaters i saw the trailer. it looks pretty good. >> what do you think bell belichick's reaction was?
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gorgeous live look at the half shell tonight on a beautiful sunny evening after what was a wild night in concord. >> a picture perfect day. still a little bit of a breeze.
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concord. thanks so much for watching. >> and red sox tonight in tampa. see you tonight at 11:00. cbs >> dubois: back to school in the zika zone. lesson one: protection. >> i don't take them anywhere where we're going to be outside for an extended period of time. >> dubois: also tonight, campaign 2016. donald trump on immigration. >> no, i'm not flip-flopping. more hillary clinton e-mails. wildfires. firefighters battle them. scientists try to understand them. >> it doesn't even require flame to ignite? >> no. just hot air. >> dubois: and there are eight million stories in new york city. anthony mason found one in this bookstore. >> reporter: a lot of people must come into this shop and wonder why you're still here. >> every day. >> reporter: why are you still


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