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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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and then judge came back with his sentence. >> for the period of not less than 40 years. >> reporter: fillif -- philip chism will serve 40 years his brother broke down in tears on hearing it. the parents of the danvers high school math teacher asked for more. >> our lives will never-filled. >> reporter: this victim impact statement as i am j of a colleen ritzer and her siblings her mother brought the jar stuffed with happy memories she jotted down daily until she was killed. >> he is pure evil and evil can never be rehabilitated. >> you must impriss opt kill he for the rest of his life. >> reporter: col one's brother described the agony of knowing how she suffered as her own student and only 14 at the time raped and strangled and stabbed her. >> put this animal behind bars for the maximum possible sentence.
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opportunity to shat he another family's life. >> reporter: he watched without expression as friends described the loss the teacher seen in surveillance with colleen in the last moments alive. >> i miss her friendship i miss colleen. >> reporter: he will be 54 when he gets his first chance at freedom. cuffed and let out -- led out in front of col one's family in her favorite color pink. his mother leaving without a word. colleen's family in her favorite color prchg. his mother leaving without a word -- pink. his mother leaving without a word. his defense attorney said he should be let out sooner because there's no way to know if he could be rehabilitated. the judge says there's always the possibility of redemption. christina hager, wbz news back to you. >> thank you. it's an emotional day for philip chism mother she issued a statement saying word can't
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sorrow that these past 2 1/2 years have been. however, there is no one who is suffered more than the ritzer family. my utmost esteem prayers and humble respect is with them today as they turn their -- continue their generally to heal. after the sentencing the- - their journey to healing. >> after the sentencing there was more grief. >> reporter: colleen ritzer's he parents say they are devastated and betried because state law ensures that he is eligible for parole in this case after serving 40 years. now in 2013, the massachusetts supreme judicial court decided that minors juveniles cannot be sentenced to life without parole. i am sorry life in prison without the possibility of parole.
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sentenced them to a life of pain and i everrestable parole hearings that could last years. then a say they hope -- inevitable parole hearings that could last years. they say they hope the government does something toprevent the pain. >> this individual parole amounts to cruel unusual punishment for colleen's he loved ones. the notion of second chance shouldn't be applicable in this case. due to the intentional and thoroughly planned action of the individual colleen cannot be provided a second chance and neither should the individual who took her life. >> the journey to ensure justice has just begun because of the sjc restrictions our family will be forced to attend parole hearings beginning in 38 years. which is simply unimaginable to us. >> reporter: now once again philip chism was september ened to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 40 years and possibility of parole
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live in salem lee weesa mole. moller -- louisa moller wbz news knees facing charges for attacking a worker in 2014. stay with wz news for -- wbz news for king coverage and a closer look at the case for continuing coverage and for a closer look go to cbs a crash is causing major traffic. you can see parts of route 93 southbound near exit 4 are shut down. you can see the emergency vehicles there right in the middle of the road although it looks now like one lane of traffic is getting by. we know at least one person was hurt and if someone you know is coming from that area certainly expect that there will be some delays. also tonight, a big endorsement for donald trump today as chris christie threw his support behind his former rival. just days before super tuesday, and the announcement is hours after a debate free-for-all.
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autographed. >> donald i understand rules are hard for you and confusing. >> i have this book. >> the reality is-- >> so this screen grab shows theclosed captioning unintell gibel yelling. >> i endorse donald trum for the president of the united states. >> reporter: chris christie endorsed donald trump saying he is the only one who can defeat the democrats. >> who is the the best person to stop hillary clinton from ever getting insigh the white house again -- inside the white house again? this is the best person. >> reporter: ted cruise found out the endorsement and was stunned. >> this decision is going to be made by voters on super tuesday. >> what we are dealing with my friends is a conartist. >> reporter: marco rubio has been attacking trump since thursday night's debate by the businessman keeps firing back. >> once a joker always joker.
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>> reporter: the republicans have their sights set on super tuesday but the democratic candidates have to get through first. >> i am going to work as hard as i can. >> reporter: hillary is expected to eeesly win the palmetto state and is campaigning in georgia where early voting for tuesday has already begun. >> super tuesday the primary consequential. >> reporter: rival bernie sanders met with tribal leaders in minnesota before heading back to south carolina. by the way donald trump says it's too early to say whether he consider chris christie for a running mate. david. >> we wonder if that's his motive. ken thanks wbz political analyst jon keler is this and are you surprise -- jon keller is here and are you surprised. >> reporter: as christie explained he and his wife have been close friends with the trumps for a decade and after the other failure of the
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restores his political relevance but he he -- this restores his political relevance. but cruz and rubio are out claiming trump is a conman out to hijack the party and drive it off a cliff. now here comes the former head of the republican governor association a man touted four years ago as major rising starwithin the gop christie is the most important republican establishment figure to endorse trump and while i think the running mate slot might make for a little too many mom bast if -- bombast if trump win christie is a major party player and they don't underestimate the amountthey crave the spotlight. >> amazing. >> charlie bake eater governor here right -- baker the
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christie but is not a trump fan. >> reporter: baker and christie have been allies but baker really did minimum for christie in new hampshire and the governor made it clear his affinity for christie tonight he can tend to donald -- doesn't extend to donned trump. >> the next president of the united states needs to be someone with a proven track record of work well with others and being able to collaborate and cooperate and as i said biff don't think donald trump fits the mold. >> reporter: now also keep in mind baker has gone out of his with national republican politics for good reason. for most voters here, the national gop is about as popular as the new york yankees. and that's not very popular. >> i guess it's one of the ground rules of being a democratic state. >> reporter: play it low-key. >> thanks so much. massachusetts super tuesday state opening in 4 days. we will bring you complete
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tv38 and a cbs news special right here on wbz at 10 followed by the wbz news at 11. lisa. breaking news about the boston marathon bombing movie patriots day and a decision about whether the film crews will film in watertown. paula ebben is live with the answer. >> reporter: this coming in minutes ago watertown town managers say no go. it won't be filmed there. earlier this week, location scouts were out surveying laurel street which was the scene of the shootout with the tsarnaev brothers. resident were handed flyers asking for their permission to film there on the street. officials now say filming would not be in the best interest of watertown. so producers will look for another location. patriots day is being produced by hour sister company cbs films. live in the satellite center, paula ebben back to you. >> thanks for that. we have new details about the mass shooting in kansas that killed three people and injured 14 others. investigators say the shooter
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order two hours before he opened fire. manuel bojorquez is in kansas tonight. >> reporter: police in kansas say shooting suspect cedric ford was served with a protection from abuse order in the factoryer with worked 90 minutes before he opened fire. >> he didn't disfactory where he worked 9 0 minutes before he opened fire. >> he displaced he was upset getting the order. >> reporter: ford left work after getting the order. and first opened fire from the car hitting someone in a vehicle. he he then shot another driver -- he then shot another driver and stole their car before heading back to the plant. >> shooter excel industries. >> reporter: he shot one person in the parking lot and another 14 inside the building before an officer gunned him down. the unidentified officer is called a hero. >> he had to stop that threat.
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came out. >> reporter: relatives rushed about the shooting. >> oh my god. >> reporter: one couple was reunited as cameras were rolling. police say ford was armed with an assault rifle and an automatic handgun. investigators are trying to figure out how a suspect with a criminal record was able to get those weapons. manuel bojorquez cbs news. >> this is interesting story. a new bedford fishing mogul is busted. u.s. attorney says carlos ray fael -- rafael was cooking the books to get around federal fishing quotas and got caught when he met with undercover agents posing as mobsters who wanted to buy the business. he is held on bail tonight and his bookkeeper debra messer is out on bail. you can keep your american pie. >> local high school
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legend away from the school. >> a homeowner called for help after a driver hit her house. >> and a boy getting a second chance. family who adopted him and the 3d printer that saved his life. >> chilly on this friday night. cold overnight but it will not be stick around for long. -- sticking around for long. a warmer forecast when we come back. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol . when your type 2 diabetes numbers aren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. discover once-daily invokana
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a family opens their hearts to a little boy who needed surgery to survive. they adopted the boy from china boston could save his life. >> believe it or not the key was a 3d printed heart. paul burton has the story. >> all right here's patrick right here. can you say hi pat. >> hi. >> reporter: dr. jason hold his son with all the love he could give. he wasn't sure how long his hugs would lavalast. >> we bring him home and i can't guarantee he will live a day or year i said i have no idea with the heart defect. >> reporter: he and his wife adopted him from china in 2013 a brought him back home to alabama knowing he needed extensive heart surgery. >> he basically had one ventricle rather than 2 and
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pulmonary artery and pull mondayary valve. >> reporter: they flew him up to boston's children's hospital for surgery and to take part of a study using 3d printer technology. >> this is an example of a heart that's been printed with the 3d printer. >> reporter: 3d heart printing gives surgeons the upper hand to practice procedure before the operation. a form of surgery. >> i can actually get a view of the heart before ever having the child go to sleep. >> reporter: it provides parents and patients a clear understanding of what the surgery entails. >> dr. and his team did everything they could do to prepare themselves for the complex surgery and they now what was going to happen going in -- they knew what was going to happen going in where did you have heart surgery. >> right here. >> it's amazing to know he has a at least much healthier heart than he had prior. >> reporter: the doctor can't
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heart is full of life. >> blow a kiss. >> reporter: paul burton. >> we will blow him kisses. >> that's awesome. we are pretty excited about the weekend and it looks like a pretty good weekend weather wise. >> before we get to how gorgeous it is you have more wild weather through severe weather. >> a couple days after we have the severe weather ehaven't you see videos and security camera -- events you see videos and security this is from st. john the baptist parish the wind pulls over the door and suck the camera off the wall and through the door. goes to chaos. unbelievable. you can see inside a sheriffoffice and hopefully they took cover and damaging storms over the last couple days. things starting to quiet down. i've got good news for you on a friday. we are talking about daylight i want to talk about the sun because it was so beautiful today and sunset is at 5:30 after 6 sun sets that's just
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on march 13th and after 7 march 23rd and sun sets after 8 may 16th. daylight saving time is two weeks from this coming sunday. right now it's chilly though. 35 in boston and 27 in worcester and pitfield down to 21 degrees because of a winter chill for a short amount of time. colder. gusting to 30 at beverly and 29 in lawrence and so when you factor in the wind, feels like 15 at worcester and 19 in manchester and 17 in keene and so for many who have not used much of the woodpile so far this winter season, tonight is a good opportunity to do so. weather is quiet all across the northeast. we will have clear skies overnight. 10 to 18 for most suburbs. 19 in boston and wind chill values at times will dip into the single digits. as for air temps down to 12 in worcester. 11 in jaffrey hyannis 21 and nantucket 24. winter is here for a short amount of time many tomorrow afternoon we warm up with sunshine.
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almost all the area. some higher elevations in central massachusetts may max out in the upper 30s with sun and pretty easy day to take. this is the setup south westerly wind kick it tomorrow afternoon and we will get pretty gusty along the south coast cape and islands during the second half of the day. and a few snow showers we will move through northern new england but the front is going to come down and then it's going to stop. and it's not going to make more progress which means for us we get stronger southwest flow bringing in more mild air and the we can weak front passes on monday and ahead of it more warm temperatures and rain showers that's about it. so for your saturday the cold morning and we are in the low 40s during the afternoon breezy and very bright outside. and the evening is not too cold and it will be dhaly overnight lows -- chilly. overnight lows in the 20s. the north shore and a period of clouds in the morning in particular. brighter to the south but up around 55 degrees and spring
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skiing great satellite picture today clear skies over the northeast and you can see the line that moves from the greens into the berkshires there's a really good shot of upslope snow last night. if you are going skiing have the fresh stuff out there. 30 on saturday for a high and low 40s on sunday. and a chance for a few snow showers on saturday night. and then we look at the next developing storm system. this is significant winter storm to the midwest and great lakes but for us another pass to the west and another surge of warmer air and gusty winds and it looks like rain as we head into wednesday. so you look at your accu- weather seven-day. and pretty easy to take here at end of february. we have got 50s on sunday and monday. and tuesday. and wednesday maybe hitting 60 on wednesday. not totally done with the cold end of next week looks like colder air will return. maybe a chance of snow into next weekend but that's a ways off. >> no i am totally done with the cold. >> you giving it up.
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>> book your flight now. one of country music'sbiggest stars tears up talking about a member of the patriots. >> we will tell you what has garth brooks so emotional. >> coming up next, the new app billing itself as a line of defense at a time-- and a time save for people are food aler hies. dr. marshall will put itton. to a test. >> coming up at 6 a terrified mother's help. >> i don't know if they are here i am upstays. >> home with her two kids and hears a loud noise and footsteps. tonight the search for thesuspect that has the
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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certainly cruel encounter passengers cheering as a 7-year- old boy is removed from a flight. he was on a family trip with his mom and his dad who was battling terminal cancer. that little boy boarded the flight and broke out in hives. itching head to toe. his parents think he was having a reaction to a therapy dog that was on board. the problem delayed the flight. so when flight attendant escorted the family off the plane, the other passenger started clapping. crushing the little boy's spirits. >> it made me sad and that was really not nice to clap at a 7- year-old. >> that is putting it mildly.
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but actually says it stand by its decision to have its family remove from the plane. >> all you can say is wow. thank you. for people with food allergies nutritional labels can be land mines if you miss something you reaction. but reading the labels can be time consuming. but there's technology fail- safe if you will that saves time tonight dr. mallika marshall puts it to the test. knife. >> reporter: food is on kim wilson's mind her oldest son is allergic to dairy eggs and peanuts. >> terrifying thing when you are riding in the back of an ambulance with your child hooked up to machines making sure that you know they are breathing. >> reporter: consider the average grocery store has more than 42,000 items and becomes clear finding allergy safe foods is so time consuming. >> it takes me when i go to thegrocery store 2 to 3 times longer than the average person who walks to the store and
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>> reporter: in you this app ipiit to help those dealing withallergies. >> it speeds up the shopping process. >> reporter: it scanned the bar codes on crore cereal bocks okay for you rice chex was safe frosted flakes and oatmeal were not. you can go to the ingredients and it tells you in red what you shouldn't eat. in a case like that, the app suggest similar products that fit your criteria. although it has about 300,000 items in the data base, store brands like this syria -- cereal are left out. we don't have this product yet. another omission, nuts. they are expected to be added soon however. >> i am not sure i would be willing to trust it 100%. >> reporter: ingredient panels shouldn't be ignored. >> you want to read the label and first and scan as a second type of precaution or the other option is to scan first but
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>> reporter: the app is free and can be programmed for artificial dice and sweetners and which foods are combatable with medical conditions. dr. mallika marshal wbz news. into they get the nuts i will use it. >> you wonderied not the part of it. maybe it's the liability of how. >> because it's so dangerous. >> very dangerous for kids. >> owning a piece of music history. >> how you can get your hand on a beatle app. >> and a closer look at what caused a flooding in a new hampshire town a massive ice dam from a drone. >> as we head here this friday afternoon. >> suv hits this house in west bridgewater. the driver of the suv ejected and pinned under there we will have the story next. >> bill thanks as we head to break i want to give you a live look at 93 southbound in canton. i not good this iser. >>icsth d -- exit 4 where a
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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news starts right now.


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