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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> i think he is really doing it. i am a thrill seeker, too, but i do not have millions of dollars, and like the whole world gasping when i go down a double black diamond. >> okay, all right, the top stories are all straight ahead. the news at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. and right now at 5:00 a.m., areas of slickness this morning. and when the rain is coming in this afternoon. >> and the weather is causing problems, a hotel evacuated after a pipe burst. why the risk is high today and whatting do to protect your home--and what you can do to protect your home. and a war of words on the campaign trail. from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good morning to you. thanks so much for waking up with us. it is 5:00 a.m.
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>> and i am catherine. it is tuesday, february 16th. give yourself some extra time today before you head out, you are going to have to scrape the car. it is just icy and the untreated roads, sidewalks, driveways, it is not great, danielle. yes, and at the same time, look at this, plymouth is 50- degrees right now. so north and west of town, we are running in the 20s right now. wooster, now at 37-degrees--at 27-degrees, they are at about 1000 feet in elevation, so that is the sign of the warm air that is just above the ground. and once the wind is coming in from the south, we will continue to rise through the morning hours. still pockets of freezing rain well across the interior. the rest of us, it is cloudy, nothing, but it is the snow that changed to freezing rain overnight that is causing that crusty snow out there on anything untreated. it is quite slick. so from here, between now and mid-morning, our temperatures are rising. it is taking a little bit of
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boston, until about 9:00 a.m., we will get a winter weather advisory, and then we jump into the 50s across the board through the afternoon. scattered rain showers turn to steadier downpours west to east in the late afternoon and evening. it is going to pour for the ride home. and there may be some thunder in there, and that is when we will have the strongest wind to come in, too. by 9:00 a.m., that is pushing offshore, just a lingering shower. and clearing comes in after that. more on the damaging wind threat later on today. and now just take the time on the roads. yes, some of you could have a slippery ride west and north of the city. a look at 93, a lot of people are reporting icy conditions to the north. so issues now on 93 southbound coming could be from andover. the roads from duction bury
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chris and cathy lynne lentini. thank you very much. people across the state, dealing with a threat of frozing pipes. several burst, causing major damage, including a mess at a hotel in newton. people had be evacuated there. >> yes, and now nicole has a closer look at the mess. >> reporter: from freezing to thawing. >> it is all over the city, not a part of the city has not been affected. >> reporter: weather woes a making a mess of the city, at a ccs, a nail salon, and a movie heater. >> we have had more than double the normal call volume and almost everything is weather related. >> reporter: the result is flood waters, it is exactly in newton. >> what happened here, we have had a big wanter leak. >> reporter: guests forced into the ballroom as four feet of water poured into the basement.
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when we would have to come back up. so most of us came down just as we are. >> reporter: blame it all on the weather. it is what many love to hate in new england, as they brace for more thawing today with 50- degree temperatures. >> and once the pipes start to thaw out, that is really when we see the problems. >> that was nicole jacobs reporting. so how can you make sure your pipes don't freeze this is well, you need run the watter to help melt the ice that may have formed. also, use a hire drier on the pipes. an open cabinet doors to get amer air in. and that recent bitter cold is causing problems along the coast as well, in revere, the city flood gates froze open. sending sea waters into the streets. and susie, they are looking far solution for this. >> reporter: chris, they are still looking for aislings, and
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and they have yet to find one, despite spending $2 million. and when you see what the people are dealing with, you will see why they say something needs to be done, soon. >> yes, it has frozen in there. >> reporter: the temperatures are warming up, but sherry is stuck in this weekend's deep freeze. her entire yard, trash, and her car are encased in ice. >> i had to breakthrough some of it to pull out. i had a really good friend come and plow and salt for me. >> reporter: all of the water came from the ocean. >> this is all salt water. >> reporter: a flood gate in revere has been broken for several years now. it is supposed to stop high tide from coming into the neighborhoods here. this weekend, the cold weather froze it open and let the ocean rush into homes. >> until it is repaired, it has
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it is closed now. i spoke with the dpw yesterday and it is closed. >> reporter: this city councilman is working to get it fixed. he says it will hold back the flood waters until spring, as homeowners await a much needed thaw. and there is a meeting to talk about that permanent solution at some point today. wbz this morning. thank you very much. that weather is also causing problems for firefighters, yesterday, crews were on the scene of a fire, but they struggled to put out the flames because the water kept freezing. and similar in newberry, there was no way to safe this house. you can see the flames shooting out of the windows, the cause of the fire now is under investigation. a funeral will be held this
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teacher killed in an accident on 93. kate lynn was driving to work on friday when an airborne manhole cover hit her car, killing her. a wake for the 35-year-old was held in winchester last night. over the weekend, the state looked at a stretch of 93 from summerville through boston. crews found no big issues. still, the mass d.o.t. says there was nothing there to letten public safety. they have not determined why the manhole cover broke free. right now, on your tuesday morning, opening statements expected to start today this a decades old cold case. court. the georgia man is accused of stabbing a woman in her home back in 1974. he was arrested in 2013 after crime. and now to campaign 2016
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cruz and trump is heating up. trump is accusing cruz of spreading false rumors that ben carson dropped out of the race. now, he is threaten ago lawsuit. >> we will bring a lawsuit if he does not straighten his act out. he is a lying guy, a really lying guy. some people misremember. this guy is--misrepresent, this guy, he is just a liar. >> you know, he gets rattled when his numbers start to go down. when we won iowa, boy, he lost it. >> trump says his lawsuit will focus on the fact that cruz was born in canada, and cannot be president. to the democrats now, bernie sanders is making his first campaign visit to mitigating circumstances. he met with families impacted by the water crisis in flint. he also attend add rally where he was endorsed that state's nurses association.
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several campaign stops in nevada. clinton told supporters that republicans are under mining the constitution if they refuse to confirm a supreme court nominee. republicans are threatening to block anyone that the president nominates. we are getting new details on the death of the supreme court justice. the county judge who decided no autopsy was needed says that his doctor told her he had a history of heart trouble and was considered too weak for surgery for a recent shoulder injuries. funeral arrangements have not been announced. today, pope francis is going to--pope francis is going to a region in mexico that is a hot spot for drugs and violence. tens of thousands are going to turn out to hear him speak. yesterday, he was in mexico's poorest state for mass. he also talked about daily struggles there.
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in music coming together at grammy's. an one local artist is celebrating a huge win. >> yes, huge. megan trainer won from and my mom and dad for always believing in me. i am a mess, i have to go cry. thank you to the grammy's, i love you so much. thank you. >> we will have much more coming up in about 20 minutes. well, there is a new push for answers about the sinking of a ship. >> y the steps that the coast guard is take--yes, the steps the coast guard is taking today. >> this is john keller, politics is not for the faint hearted. but is basing respect for humanity being lost in all of the finger pointing? my take is coming up on wbz this morning. >> well, it is a slippery start north and west of boston. but we are in the 40s later on
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it is windy, warm, and i am tracking areas of rain. downpours. we will look at it hour by hour together, coming up, when we come back. you' re unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure. (beep) hey... o.k. they' ll do. wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a
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well, whether you are afraid overhits or not--of heights or not, this next video may take your breath away.
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started to climb, un-at the timerred, up--un-at the timerred, to the top of the tower there in china. oh, wow. >> oh, i can not look. >> oh, look at that selfie. yes, and danielle bought chris a selfie stick, we had to use this thing, but it didn't come out that great. >> no, we are going to keep trying. >> and we are not going to do it at the top of the building. >> did they get in trouble when they came down? >> they probably did. >> i am assuming they did. oh, the morning commute this morning, it is a mess out there. the temperature at logan airport right now, 42-degrees. it is 50 in prelim ton.
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northward here. wooster, the wind is just coming in from the south, it is 29 in lawrence. and below the freezing mark north and west of boston. and now there is not a lot of action going on in terms of phrasing rain right now--of freezing rain right now. but we had snow and then freezing rain that fell last evening and night. so it is just a mess out there. and there will be some slick spots through mid to maybe mid- morning north and west of boston. that is where the winter advisory sup until 9:00 a.m. and there is more moisture go. look at the rain from virginia and north carolina right now, at the same time, there is a tornado watch right now in parts of florida. so a lot of moisture with the storm. 9 storm center going to the west of new england, and it is dragging in warm air rater on today.
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sitting in thesto--in the 20s. and then in the 40s for the mid- morning. so use the cause, watch the car they are mom tore, it is a good- -thermometer, it is a good tool this morning. through the afternoon, we jump into the 50s. 50s, a little bit of everything today. scattered showers and then rain from west to east during the late afternoon and evening. look at this rain, it is just going pour, areas of rain, downpours, and maybe a thunderstorm, so the evening commute is going to be impacted as well. by 7:30 p.m., the rain is pushing offshore, taking a little bit longer through the outer cape, around 9:00 p.m. and then a couple of leftover showers behind that main line. but that is when the heaviest rain is coming through, and also the strongest wind between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. speaking of the wind, a high wind warning is up for the
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we may have gusts at 50, 60 miles per hour and it is going to cause damage to result. it is a wind advisory when you get north and west of boston, all of the ton tan areas--all of the tan arrest. and here is the hour by hour forecast, so from early afternoon on, that is wind is ramping up, it is coming in from the south, southeast today, gusts over 40 at the coast, right on through the to the capes. and that is why i think the raincoat is maybe a better idea than the umbrella. and the temperatures are falling into the 30s tonight. so maybe a couple of icy boston. 30s to end the week, though, so it is cooler again, there is maybe a rain or snow shower heading into the weekend, us specially on saturday. the temperatures in the 40th. no big storms in the forecast
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and now our school video. look at the third graders. pamela had a great visit with you guys the other day. and i hope you have a wonderful school day. i hope the kids take it slow, the school bus drivers are really careful today. >> well, new hampshire is still in school this week. >> oh, that is right, massachusetts is out. >> yes, but new hampshire will be slick. and now a look at the maps here, 128 southbound at route 114, there is a car off the road to the ramp from route 114. and then another spin out in beverly, also on 128 southbound, this is just before 1a. we are told that the car is enough in the median. so we are already seeing spin outs. all right, thank you very much.
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right--5:18 a.m. right now. brazil is trying to tacking the zika virus. they are now trying to sped information about the illness. the virus is spedding through south and latin america. starting today, the coast gart is hosting a week of hearingen--guard is hosting a week of hearings on the sinking of a ship that sailed into hurricane joaquin last year. all 33 crew members on board died. the campaign trail is heating up as we get closer to the south carolina primary. >> yes, and this morning, john keller takes a closer look at whether is there any humanity left. >> reporter: good morning, my colleague, michael, has a great column up right now at by the story of sexual misconduct of peyton manning, men he was--when he
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he looks at the very to defend man--at the rush to defend manning. quote, some where in there, he writes, the humanity aspect has been lost. well, you could see the same about the presidential race. in democrats who less than eight years ago rallied behind a candidate pro-promised to--no promised to try--who promised to heel the division is now backing bernie sanders, the boast aggressive of class warfare in a presidential race since back in the 1970s. many republicans when he who spent last seven years trashing president obama are now backing donald trump. the e. coli pitmy of everything
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it is hart of human nature keep gait--to scapegoat and stereotype. but they do not want to let in that consume you, but instead place hope an empathy in the drivers seat. maybe the qualities, the humanity aspect will win out in the campaign. maybe sanders, trump, and other candidates will man manifest- -will manifest them. your feedback is welcome via e- mail or on twitter. coming up next, an interesting anniversary for the patriots head coach. >> how one very bad day for bill belichick helped create the patriots dine city that we know--dine city that we node-
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welcome back. celtics fans are hoping far great deal for the trade deadline. well, dads morning, everyone, you know--well, good morning, everyone, you know, it
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belichick. now the browns were backing the ravens. and the team owner thought that a new load head coach would go everyone for the well. bill belichick got to know robert craft. and the nba treaded line is almost here. thursday afterfan at 3--trade deadline is almost here, sunday night on sports final, it was said, no thank you. >> not even a bag of double nuts, pop rocks, i don't care what it is. i will not give you everything because i i think he is a very talented guy, but i am not sure, if he is your lead dog, he is not showing me what it takes to get to the next level.
5:25 am
and i said i can not get by the attitude. he seems to have a chip on his shoulder, and i think it is me first. >> oh, you have to lot matt--do love matt. guys, over to you. >> all right,. still to, the search continues for a missing man from harvard. his family is asking for help. >> plus, celebrating music's biggest night, we have all of the highlights from last night. >> and danielle is going to have a check of the forecast,
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right now at 5:30 a.m., big changes on the way from street and freezing rain this morning to 50s. as the temperatures rise, so can the concerns about pipes, what you can do to--so do the concerns about pipes. what you can do to protect your home. and the biggest names in music coming together for grammy's. who came out on top.
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in boston, this is wbz this morn ing. good morning, everyone. just about 5:30 a.m. right now. >> it is tuesday, february 16th. and we are talking about pretty much everything out there this morning, okay, temperatures from the 20s to the 50s right now. >> yes, it is everything but the kitchen sink. so a wind threat later on. yes, and a heavy rain threat and it is just a mess this morning. >> yes, areas that are not treated, it is slick out there. it is just a mess. so take it slow out there. the temperature right now, still at 4 3-0 can--at 32- degrees in the city of boston. launch, 29. and then--lawrence, 29. and norwood to plymouth, we are in the 40s and 50s. the warm front is just south of boston right now. and once the wind is out of the south, the warmer air is going to come northward here.
5:30 am
let up in intensity, it fell at a good clip. but there are pockets of fog, and as freezing drizzle until the mid-morning. --mid-morning. so hour by hour, keep a close eye on the car thermometer. anything untreated will be slick. 28 in manchester, so it will be take some time until we can get the milder air to come in. so be careful in the late morning. 50s by the afternoon. scattered rain showers turn to a steadier rain late in the day and it is going to pour. that rain comes in west to east between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. so the evening commute will be impacted. no slick spots, but readi tuesdayed--reduced visible. and now to the roads. yes, driving should be icy north and west of city, and now
5:31 am
to the north, a pair of spin outs on 128 southbound, one just before route 626789 the other is on the ramp--62. the oven other is on--other is on the ran for 114. and then just after route 146. checking in the south, we are not seeing spin outs out be there. but we do--out there. but we do have back ups. and slow downs on 128 southbound and route 3 northbound is slow. all right, thank you very much. 5:32 a.m. right now. checking the top stories ton tuesday morning, temperatures are--on this tuesday morning. temperatures are rising, and the pipes are thawing, and it is creating big problems. last night, a pipe burst in newton at the hotel. guests were evacuated and people should expect more pipe problems across the area today.
5:32 am
in revere will meet to talk about a fix for a flooding problem there. the city's flood gates froze open this weekend and that sent sea water into the streets and homes. a city councilman is working to get the flood gates repaired. it is now closed. the family of a missing harvard man is asking for help finding him. 22-year-old marr disappeared over the weekend, and has not been seen since. you can see him going out for a cigarette outside of the tavern. yesterday, his family put up fliers and boston, hoping someone will see his picture and remember seeing him. s. >> he was outside for ten minutes, i feel like he didn't have his coat on so, he was not planning on stayingout side. it was freezing out. >> --stayingout side, he was- -staying outside, it was freeze out. >> our family just grew up close together.
5:33 am
asked to call the police. former mayor ray flinn is back home recovering. he passed out while driving home last week and crashed into a neighbor's house. he was diagnosed with an irregular heart beat. he knows he is lucky and what happened could have been mush worse. >> think if i had passed out on the highway and not knowing where i was, and not able to control the car. so, that was kind of scary for me. so i still think about that all of the time. >> and finn is hoping to get back the his regular life, which includes coaching special needs kid it is baseball and soccer enter yes, wishing- -soccer. >> yes, wishing him all of the best. happen and now a look--and now a look at the grammy's. >> reporter: pop queen taylor swift opened the grammy awards and won the top prize, swift's
5:34 am
career grammy for album of the year. he urged young women to not let people get in their way. >> you just focus on the work, and you do not let the people side track you. >> reporter: uptown funk won record of the year. stevie wonder teased song of the year nominees before announcing ed sheeran's thinking outlout the winner: and best new artist megan trainer could not hold back tears. >> and my mom and dad for always believing in me. >> reporter: this year, there was a lot of emotions, with performances that paid tributes. others used the stage to make a statement. lamar sent a message about racism. the audience was brought to its feet by tributes to earth,
5:35 am
[ music ] >> reporter: and lady gaga brought the late david bowie's work to life. [ music ] >> reporter: cbs news, los angeles. >> it looks like so much fun. >> there are were a few first time winners last night well. >> yes, alabama shakes, justin bieber, chris stapleton the ton, and--stapleton, and more. still ahead, top oil officials from arnold the world meeting today. >> and tom brady loves to post cute pictures on facebook. but his latest picture has some going oh! skiing on a double black diamond trail? talk about an easy way to tear
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do you think tom should play it
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eric fisher on wbz news the biggest dog show in the country is under way, nearly 33rd down concession ants are hoping to--contestants are hoping to be named top dog. it sounded better in my fancy voice. >> y it did. dog--yes, it did. today, the sporting group, working group, and terriers are up. they are facing off tonight in the best in show computation. wow--competition. wow. and hershey is turning
5:39 am
>> plus, top i believe officials from around--i believe ail--oil officials from around the world are meeting today. >> reporter: good morning, oil prices are going up on word that opec members have agreed to cut oil production, or at least freeze it at january levels. an oversupply combined with less global demand has sent the prices much lower and sparked a big sell off. but at the gas pump, the prices are low. and wine is winning over mill lineages. americans drank 42% of all wine in the united states last year, it is particularly popular with women and young people are picking up more expensive bottles. and limited edition holiday offerings can bring in big
5:40 am
and now hershey has carrot cake hour see kisses a white chocolate base, all right, chris and cathy lynne lentini, thought--and catherine, thoughts on this? >> oh, chris is making a face. this is like not sounding good. >> carrot cake is probably my least favorite dessert. >> see, i love carrot cake. >> so she is going to go and buy them and put them in the candy bowl. >> reporter: all right, so one person is going to buy them. >> me. >> there you go. >> i love that she gets the chocolate story. thank you, jill. cake and chocolate, it is the best. coming up, we have a check of the traffic and weather together, an a look at the top stories today. >> plus, a crispy come back, the donut company is taking a shot at winning over customers here in new england. >> coming up, we will show you the damage that frozen pipes can leave behind. >> and checking in with weather
5:41 am
below freezing north and west of town, so is a where the biggest issues now, john says it is 28-degrees in hollis, new hampshire. two inches of snow, and then that a thick layer of ice-over everything. --and then a thick layer of ice over everything. we will look at when the temperatures rise.
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krispy kreme is going to try again to expand into new england. they have sign add deal to open four stores in new hampshire and three in maine. they launched a big expansion almost # 1-1 3 years abe- -almost 13 years ago but all of the stores failed. >> yes, i remember that. >> yes, and then they were gone. >> interesting. we will see what happens this w that. good donuts, when the red light is on, you get a free donut, that is all i remember. when the red light is on, they are making the donuts, you can go in and get a free donut. >> do you have to buy a dozen in. >> no, it really happens. >> never heard of it. >> well, i hit up the line many, many times. >> great, i have never heard of that. okay, it is the best rule. guys, i am tracking a warm front this morning, you can see
5:45 am
look at the blues, then we jump to green, the temperature difference is short, distance is huge this morning. we have 20, 30s, 40s, and 50s in massachusetts right now. 32 in boston. we jump to the 50s in taunton, and we are in the 40s on the cape right now. so obviously, north and west of boston is where the cold air is hanging on longer. so the winter weather vise is up until--advisory is up until 9:00 a.m. for the areas. there will be slick travel, it is quite slick because we had one to three inches of snow, and then the freezing rain is creating a crust onto top. so--on top. so it is dangerous in spots this morning: and now the freezing rain is mainly down, we have areas-over fog. until the south, there is know on the northwest side of the storm. and rain in the carolinas and virginia. all of the moisture is working in our direction today. well, take the time, but we will rise above that 32-degree
5:46 am
and west of boston. it is taking longest in new hampshire, manchester, even through the late morning. and it is all about the wind. from the south, that pulls in the mild air. scattered showers will be around through the course of the afternoon. but it is late in the day that west to east, the steadier downpours move in, we jump into the 507s, and then--into the 50s, and it is going to pour. 4:00 p.m. to 78:00 p.m., from west to east, reds, yellows in here, ponding of water on the roads. clogged storm drains, maybe some standing water on the rides home from work. the rain is pushing offshore between about 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. it is taking the longest on the cape and islands. and 9:30 p.m., a few showers and then partial clearing. the other issue is the wind today, a high wind warning from the coast-over maine back down into southeastern massachusetts. and the wind is going start to ramp up by early afternoon.
5:47 am
to 10:00 p.m. today, we may see gusts 50-60 miles per how south of the--per hour south of the south, southeast. it could cause damage. and we may see the gust at 40 miles per hour in the west. overnight tonight, we may be hitting freezing. so leftover water may create icy spots very early tomorrow morning. the sun is back out tomorrow, we are in the mid-40s, so not as warm as today, but we will still be breeze well. partly cloudy on thursday. friday in the mid-30s, and then in the 40s for the weekend. could be a couple of rain or snow showers on saturday. traffic and weather together, it is a mess out there. yes a lot of spin outs north and west of boston now, two now have cleared. but we still have one out to the west, crash on the massachusetts pike eastbound.
5:48 am
to the south, no crashes, but some slow downs, 2 1-1 28--128 southbound is heavy out there: and union street is slow. and we are just hearing about a disabled vehicle in stow ton, 24 northbound after route 139. we are told that the shoulder is blocked there. thank you, the cold weather is leading to floods and trouble in one local city. >> and a hotel is evacuated after a pipe burst. here are your top stories. >> reporter: good morning, live in newton, right outside of the crown plaza hotel. the power has been shut off here and guests have been sent to another hotel. this is when a pipe burst and guests were evacuated, as four people of water flood the the electrical room in the basement. cellular scenes through the city of boston yesterday-
5:49 am
of boston yesterday, where burst pipes caused businesses to close. another live look here, at 6:00 a.m., hear from fire officials explain what causes the frozen pipes to burst. wbz this morning. >> reporter: good morning, i am live in revere, where a broken flood gate is causing by problems for people who live near by. city leaders are going to meet and talk about this today. they are trying to find a solution. but take a look at this woman's backyard, over the weekend, a flood gate that is supposed to block high tide froze, allowing ocean watter to pass through the neighborhood, flood her yard, the basement, and froze cars to the ground and u and turned yards,--and turned yards, like hers, into a skating rink.
5:50 am
yesterday it has never been this bad. coming up at 6:00 a.m., you will hear from the home homeowners. was--homeowners. wbz this morning. and aaron hernandez has settled a lawsuit. bradley claimed that hernandez shot him in the eye in 2013. and now the matter has been settled. for the tenth week in a row, gas price here in massachusetts are down, aaa says a gap long of regular is inarch--a gallon of regular is now $0.04 less than last week. and now star wars fans, revoice, disney is--rejoice, the films is under way. and they are introducing new cast members. they started to shoot yesterday, but it is not coming out until december of 2017. it is 5:51 a.m.
5:51 am
time for the daily talker. tom brady is not shy about posting on facebook. >> but his latest picture on social media has some fans concerned about his safety. >> chris, playing with his kids in a pipe of leaves, kissing gisele, watching tv in slippers, they are not alarming the patriot fans. but when the franchise quarterback does income seemingly dangerous, that makes patriots nation nervous. here is his latest post, in front of signs that show double diamond black hill. he was doing daring hundred hill turning at the yellow stone club, set in montana, the caption, at least it is safer than cliff jumping. now that is a reference to the time last year that he was jumping off so a 50-foot clip.
5:52 am
watching. this time, they are saying like you are giving everything in new england a heart attack. what do you think of brady's off the field adventures? should he play it safer? lettings see the comments coming up here,--let's see the comments coming up here. all right, brian says that tom needs to be wrapped and put in a safe until training camp. but marine says that everyone wants to keep him in bubble wrap, relax, people, and let him have a life. you can comment on the website, twitter, or facebook. and we will have more comments at 6:00 a.m. i would like to put him in bubble wrap. >> put him in a safe, our viewers are the best. until to come, a local rat loath richardson rynn--local lottery winner is paying it
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it' s a taste so bold, yet so smooth, it could only be called, black silk, from folgers. a taste you could enjoy, one cup at a time.
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welcome back. a local lottery winner is helping out a man down on his luck. >> yes, she won $200 on a tinct, so instead of treating herself, she eyed that money to buy a homeless man a hotel room for three nights. >> and i want my children to
5:56 am
you need to treat everyone the same, everyone deserves respect. >> she is a single mother of three. so far, she has raised more than $2000 for the man. >> paying it forward. >> a nice thing to do. your top stories are coming up straight ahead.
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right now at 6:00 a.m., an icy start north and west of boston. but windy and warm later on. when the heaviest rain is gong to push through. as the temperatures warm up, pipes are bursting. campaign trail. and a golden night at grammy's, the winners, the tributes, and the big moments you saw right here on wbz. from the channel 4 studios morn ing. 6:00 a.m. right now, good morning to you.


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