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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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right now at noon wint storm watching is expanded to now. the very latest timeline and increase in the expected snow. >> the battle in new hampshire getting nasty. insults. new back and forth. >> and going after the young vote as democrats prepare for primary. >> and caught on camera, a violent robbery at a -- and a thief stops at nothing to get cash. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at noon starts right now. >> we start with a live look
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gray day and it almost feels like spring out there but winter he is about to make a big -- winter is about to make a big comeback. part of southern ic. >>land under a winter stormwatch i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. danielle niles joins us with the forecast. >> the moisture from the storm extends back to the gulf. so it's rain right now but as the colder air works in that's over. so the latest as of a few minutes ago is the winter storm watch has been expanded now to include boston and norfolk county and southern worcester itself. a.m. tomorrow. this will be upgraded to a warning by the time we get to later today. rest of the day today temperatures into the upper 40s this evening. a couple leftover showers and
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that will fill in as the steadier rain between 10p.m. and midnight tonight. rain right? temperatures still in the upper 30s to low 40s but colder air continues to work in by predawn tomorrow it's rain in southeastern massachusetts and snow back up in through southern new hampshire. at first, we are talking about roads being more wet than white when the snow comes down but as colder air spills in then the roads will get a little treacherous so snowfall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour possible at the height of this which comes during morning commute. by midday, a lot of the snow starting to wrap up in far eastern massachusetts that linger longest from the south shore back down to the cape and it is going to be a wet pasty consistency because it's not like we have arctic dry air that's going to be in place. so snowfall totals here we have a swath of 4 to 8 inches for lot of eastern massachusetts including the city of boston
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tapering off 2 to 4 along and outside 495 back up to concord and then coding to 2 the farther north you go. we are and anticipating a shut off. because of the rain taking longer to mix 2 to 4 to the mid and outer cape and a coating to nantucket. we will watch this area right in here including most of eastern massachusetts height of the storm wouldn't be surprised to see school days and cancellations tomorrow because of the snow that's coming down. so the wind won't be that gusty at the coastline the we will talk more about the wind and take you out through the next storm we will watch as well as we head into monday night and the tuesday time frame so details on that coming up in a few minutes back to you. >> thank you very much we will keep tabs on that. changes in the weather. now to the new hampshire primary. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are preparing for a big debate tonight. >> and this will be the final
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and the focus is on turning out the younger voters. and susie sometimeel is live with more. >> reporter: -- steimle is live with more. >> reporter: good afternoon. no doubt the debate generated a lot of buzz on the unh campus and students are trying to get tickets to sit-in side the debate hall. that being said, we are talking about college students and a lot of them are at the apathetic when it comes to politics. looks like we are having technical trouble but we did students. 9 tonight. between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. they are going after the young voters talking about free community college and trying to get the kids interested in registering to vote getting excitement about the primary
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we are hoping to show you a little bit of what we talked to them about and what hillary clinton and senator sanders has to say but for now back to you guys in the studio. >> thanks very much i appreciate it. we have been following breaking news this noon. a man's body pulled from the charles river state police are investigating this. they were on the scene near the morning. no other details are being released right nowch the middlesex county district in the investigation. developing right now, a brockton high school freshman hit by a pickup truck on the way to school. authorities tell us the girl is recovering from the accident on belmont street. hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries and the driver stopped at the scene. problems for the mbta computer-- commuter rail. engine smoked the train from providence to boston to stop in the middle of the route.
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caused the issue. the train ended up 20 minutes behind schedule. norfolk home goes up in flames and a neighbor says it started when the home owner tried to turn the lights on after a power outage. a elderly woman was hurt trying to get out of the house but is expected to be okay. and in lawrence the storm sparked another fire. crews say a tree limb fell on power lines and then onto a house setting off that fire. a similar issue in swampscott where this video shows a fallen tree burning outside of a home. the principal of arlington catholic high school is on leave accused of-appropriate conduct -- of inappropriate conduct with a student. archdiocese of boston says stephen biagioni while it is being investigated. they currently have no reason to believe it involved any allegations of sexual abuse.
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look at this methuen police say a armed man with a knife tried to steal a register at stop quick on harvehill stress but the clerk fought back -- street but the clerk fought back. when the would be thief tried to leave he realize the door was locked and smashed the door with the register and crawled out. he is a big guy about 35 years old and probably needs to be treated for cuts. back over to campaign 2016 heatingp ahead of the new hampshire primary with 5 days to go republicans now exchanging some heavy insults. >> this guy ted cruz ted cruz goes out and you talk about liars. >> it's no surprise that donald is throwing another temper tantrum or trumper tantrum. >> trump accusing cruz of voter fraud which trump claims led to the second place finish.
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is ready to appear. ted cruz is in port smith and -- sports myth -- ports -- port smith responding to the live with more. >> reporter: we are at portsmith toyota dealership where ted cruz brushed off the comments brushing off the comments by donald trump and he coined the phrase addressing trullp's claims this they use tactics for false information about carson he is brushing off his iowa victory. he said to the crowd what a great night that was. he said when someone in the audience asked him about trump right now. and he quoted trump as having said how stupid are the people of iowa. he said what will he say now
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stupid are the people of new hampshire. donald trump leads in the poils among republicans here and from here, ted cruz will take about a 45 minute drive to where he will sit in object a round table discussion about addiction and recovery and has story about his sift here died of a drug overdose and that should be interesting. and that is the latest. we are in portsmith christina hager now back to you. >> thank you. look at. this this is during a rally in hanover new hampshire. >> here's my pledge to you to get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world. please clap. bush finished with 3% of the vote in iowa. to the field of hopefuls continues to thin out.
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santorum suspend his campaign and endorsed marco rubio. tonight at 5 a candidate gets personal when it comes to addiction and at 11, an exclusive first look at what the wbzumass amherst poll says. how a woman concurred 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days. >> a big problem for the irs some people stuck waiting to file tax returns. >> happy birthday facebook how you and your friends will celebrate taking it from a
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now it's new hampshire's turn, see who we choose in this dangerous time. one man stands above. he's not flashy, not rude... he's steady, he's tested and proven. he's a president, strong and safe again. for america, jeb bush.
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take a look at this. a car flies off a california road landing right on top of a home. firefighters say the driver suffered a medical problem but is expected to be okay. neighbors say this is not the first time a car hit a house in the development. the homes are actually below street level. right now the irs is working to fix computer problems that shut down the electronic filing system. irs blames it on a hardware failure. the agency won't accept electronically filed tax returns until the problem is
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if you filed the irs says you action. right now a health emergency in four florida counties over the zika virus. 9 cop firmed cases of the mosquito born illness all the people traveled to affected areas and united states expanded a travel alert to 30 countries now including jamaica. and on the "healthwatch," a new push to cure type one diabetes. researchers are working to speed up development of the first stem cell treatment and the hope is that the treatment will end the need for insulin injection in blood sugar testing and that resolution about getting in shape this you sick. medical experts say gyms are a germs. the risks spikes in january and february because more people are hitting the gym after the holidays so don't quit just yet. make sure to wipe down equipment and wash your hands and try not to touch your face when you are working out. this afternoon, an home.
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parade pour for becca pizzi who won the world marathon challenge 7 marathons on 7 continent in 7 days winning each leg. fire truck processional and meet and greet. she is amazing and she can run. >> she can definitely run and really nice day for a parade >> yeah. >> a different story. talk about a 180. >> i know. >> record warmth near 60 at midnight and then temperatures happen? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> colder air is coming in tonight and coincides with the coastline. storm updates. widespread probably snowstorm here with treacherous morning commute as we head into the day tomorrow. time frame for the storm is 2 a.m. to 2 p.m. tomorrow wrapping up and the rain is going to advance in first and we will see a change over to wet snow as that colder
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to 8 inches for many areas in eastern massachusetts. consistency of the snow is heavy and wet so isolated outages are possible in some of key is isolated. how do we go from 54 to snow? 54 boston and nashua. colder air is to the north. breaks of sunshine coming out and the front that came through yesterday is creeping offshore additional moisture. look at that. goes back down to the gulf of mexico so this next wave as it the moisture with it. so here's the hour by hour. taking you through the evening couple scattered showers. cape and islands temperatures will gradually be cruising back into the 40s. through the evening commute, and through the first part of the overnight as well. midnight areas of rain filling in steadier as well. notice north and west of the of boston -- of boston temperatures fall into the 30s. at first the roads will be more
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snow comes down at a hard enough clip tomorrow morning, coinsiding with the morning commute, that is when conditions will deteriorate on the roads. so by 6 a.m. rain on the cape, but the rain snow line is going to snap back down to the cape as cold air works in by mid to late morning tomorrow. notice the sharp cut off from the north wet side near concord new hampshire and orange a. and deep blues are in here. snowfall rates tomorrow morningis at the height of the storm is 1 to 2 inches per hour in some spots. that's going to pile up. notice by noontime, interior is going to see breaks of sunshine. so it's quick hitting storm. by noontime it's wrapping up in boston and takes a little longer through early to mid afternoon from the south shore back down to the cape and it will be out of here for the evening. so expected snowfall totals on each end you notice on the book nd we are talking about lesser amounts and tapering things off
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get a delay in terms of changing over to snow. more like a coating to 2 on nantucket but near the canal southern plymouth county back into most of eastern massachusetts, a big swath of 4 to 8 inches and the amounts taper off north and west of that. more like 2 to 4 along and outside 495 and through manchester and nashua and 2 or less north of concord and it's going to be a sharp cut off. this means no change to the weekend forecast. filtered sunshine and melting low 40s for saturday. mid-40s on sunday and it will be brighter and get breezy late on sunday as well. and yes we turn our attention to the next storm for next week. so colder air is coming back in and big dip in the jet stream so we are watching the coastline for the late monday into tuesday time frame with a developing storm way too early for details but could be several inches of accumulation especially on the monday night daytime frame. it looks like it would be out of here by wednesday but of
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posted. live radar updates all morning later on today. >> thanks very much. we appreciate it. happy birthday facebook. 12 years ago today mark zuckerberg created the social network site in his harvard dorm room. >> so they call today friends day and to celebrate the site of your pictures. facebook is worth more than 145 billion dollars. not bad for being created in a dorm room. for the first time in a decade the price of a subway foot long sandwich is going up. it now cost $6ch the company says inflation forced the increase. >> no more $5 foot long. straight ahead and going behind the scenes of super bowl 50. >> why staying at home actually gets you closer to the game. >> here's what's hot on the
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going to the super bowl would be awesome for most fans but this weekend marks larry jacobson's 50th super bowl can you believe it. he is one of 3 people who have gone to every super bowl.
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treats him so well he he is aiming for 100 straight putting him at 129. >> they should roll out red carpet for him. so football is the biggest night of the year on sunday. >> we are going behind the scenes of super bowl 50 to fiend out what it -- find out what it takes to bring it to you at home and why being at home may be the best. jamie yucas reports. >> reporter: testing graphics is a small part of what the cbs get ready for the super bowl. >> when you walk in is what's impressive is the monitors. >> reporter: cbs sports executive vice president worked on close to 20 super bowls. >> we got all the bells and whistels known to mankind and sports broadcasting. >> reporter: there's 70 cameras capturing the sights and sounds including more than 30 that will be mounted around the stadium for a 360 view that's on top of a camera mounted to a
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tower at great america amusement park. >> this is super high tech. >> yeah super high tech. >> times you have to use a marker. >> right. >> reporter: there will be 16 of the pylon cameras that mark each corner of the end zone. the 13 production trailers on- site at levi stadium were brought in a month ago. while the set is still getting the finishing touches. this is for the host setting on super bowl sunday and they are the ones who have to embrace the technology. >> i hope it made me smarter than tv. >> this technology helps give him information that he can visually. >> reporter: beyond what they do on the broadcast, the man tateors have to connect with fans on social media. >> it's overwhelming for the old-timer. >> reporter: all to make sure they are super he coverage for the ten phs millions of fans tuning into super bowl 50. jamie yuccas cbs news. >> wbz is proud to be your super bowl station and we will
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california right up to the big game broncos and panthers sunday night 6:30 here on wbz. >> that's going to make you feel good we are stuck on couches but we will have the best seat in the couch. >> it comforts you. fire up snack foods. up next a illusive animal on camera.
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coming up today at 5, running to stay clean. david wade introduces you to a group of recovering addicts finding support by pounding the pavement. and finally at noon a big cat caught on camera. >> today we are getting a very close up look at the only known wild jaguar to live in the united states. this incredible video was captured in arizona about 25 miles outside tucson. jaguar is known as thought to be about 7 years old the boss. >> beautiful. >> isn't it. >> amazing. >> get the images of it. >> yeah. >> go pro? >> i don't know. >> impressive. >> hey so our weather is impressive. snow tomorrow during the morning commute and steadiest wraps up in the afternoon
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>> a lot of bundle up people out there tomorrow. >> a fun commute tomorrow morning in a way. >> join us for the next fuse
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