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tv   Sunday Morning  CBS  January 3, 2016 9:00am-10:30am EST

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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> osgood: good morning happy new year. i'm charles osgood, this is "sunday morning." for many of is the new year means earnest making of resolutionss, to turn our lives around. or to succeed at that goal requires that we have to think
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our cover story this morning will be record by mo rocca. >> have you blown your new year's resolution already? we have a suggestion for you. try meditation. true or false meditation can help you lose weight? >> true. >> help lower blood pressure. >> absolutely true. >> helps you sleep better. >> true. >> ahead on "sunday morning" the power of a quiet mind. >> osgood: kate winslet is a-list actress with a long list of credits including hair and make up artist. this morning she'll be answering questions from our jim axelrod. >> it's not just her beauty that put kate winslet on the red carpet. it's also her capacity to transform. >> what happens when they found out for 24.59 there is nothing
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>> whether the topic is bullying, equal pay, or her appearance. >> today i do my own hair and make up because it's easier. >> later on "sunday morning," kate winslet -- >> like a farming program, isn't it? >> as you've never seen her before. >> this is why we talk about priorities in life. >> osgood: small japanese islands are in contention are the cat's meow with seth doane this morning we'll be going ashore on one of them. >> cat lovers they dreamed of a place like this. those with allergies, maybe not. been to three cat islands you've been to two cat islands. >> here, felines out number humans ten to one. come along to one of japan as cat islands.
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>> osgood: lily tomlin has been making people laugh for many years and if most recent movie she does just that and much, much more. lee cowan will have our sunday profile. >> one ringy dingy. >> just one line. lily tomlin can say so much. >> and that's the truthththththth. >> her latest role she finally gets top billing. beards. your face looks like an armpit. woman? >> but i'd like to have movies written for me. >> i finally achieved one. the timeless talents of lily tomlin, later on "sunday morning." >> osgood: martha teichner plums the mystery of the sinking of the laws takennian. anna werner tours some of
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steve hartman has new chapter in the tale of the ugly christmas tree. we remember singer naturally cole. first headlines for this first sunday morning of the new year, january 3, 2016. surging mississippi river and some of the tributaries are rushing downstream threatening to flood more cities this week. the st. louis area has sign the worst of it. but could be the next. flooding is blamed for at least 24 deaths. 'region as supreme leader is warning of divine revenge for yesterday's execution of outspoken shiite cleric in saudi arabia. in iran, angry protesters storm the saudi embassy in tehran. the cleric was among 47 people executed by the saudis on terrorism charges. the rancher the nevada man
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dispute with the federal government over grazing rights. now, some of his relatives have begun a protest of their own in oregon. yesterday they occupied a refuge. they say it's protest over ranching family that is facing jail for improperly setting fires on their property. now to today's weather. clear skies across much of the country, but a cold front from canada will give upper midwest and northeast a chill. some snow, too. rain in florida and along the west coast. for the week ahead much of the same, as old man winter settles in. ahead -- >> they give me eggs. >> osgood: actress kate winslet. but first, the search for self
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>> osgood: think about it. whether it's improving our day-to-day lives or surviving sudden calamity, there's no substitute for clear-headed mental discipline a. growing number of people they know how to find that. our cover story is reported by mo rocca. >> by the time we hit the
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heavily the plane spun around, twisted, we were thrown about. there was a great deal of chaos immediately inside the plane. smoke? >> the smoke was now coming up the aisle very quickly. thick, black jet fuel smoke. thick and noxious. and susan that said to me, i'll never make it. i'm choking already. >> allan lokos and his wife susannah were on vacation when their plane crash landed in the southeast asian nation of myanmar on christmas day 2012. allan managed to get his wife out of the plane, but when it was his turn to escape -- >> i caught my foot on something. and i was stuck there. so in a nutshell i was now standing in fire. >> even he was engulfed in flames lokos didn't panic. do you think that came from medication?
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so it's a frightening situation. but there was also a sense of calm with that. >> lokos, a practicing buddhist and experienced head take for made it out. but with burns covering 33% of his body, survival was a long shot. >> every doctor who saw me, they all said the same thing, you can't survive these injuries. >> but lokos did recover. and he says his ability to remain calm, cultivated from meditating seven times a day for 20 years, is a big part of why he survived a fiery plane crash. >> can you speculate on how things would have gone at that moment had you not been calm? >> i would be pretty certain that i would have died in the plane. the person right behind me did. >> it may seem like a stretch that years of medication, the
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made the difference between life and death in a devastating plane crash. but it's a proposition that's being taken more seriously than ever before. dr. john denninger is director of research at the benson-henry institute for mind body medicine in boston, massachusetts. >> i have no doubt that that kind of mental training would enable you to essentially put aside the stuff that your body is yelling "emergency" and enable you to attain certain calmness in the face that have. >> while these people might look like they're in passive state their brains are very much active. and medication, denninger says, has benefits way beyond staying calm. >> true or false, meditation can help you lose weight? >> true. >> it can help you lower blood pressure? >> absolutely true. >> medication helps with irritable boil syndrome. >> true. >> helps you sleep better.
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>> true. >> studies have shown that it may have effect on the cellular level, too, slowing the effects of aging and increasing neuroplasticity which is the ability of the brain to grow new brain cells and develop new connections. >> they thought that once you were an adult, neuroplasticity was gone. that has clearly been shown not to be the case. and one of the clear findings is that meditation has the ability to actually make certain brain regions thicker. and that means that there is a growth of brain cells. >> it's a long way from when meditation was seen as strictly alternative medicine. >> and in this country we're safely out of the woo-woo zone in terms of perception? >> not entirely out of the zone. we are in terms of what the science says. in terms of what people believe, there are plenty of people who
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meditation they pooh-pooh it. >> about 18 million americans medicaid. >> i'm meditating 37 years. >> using it for almost 40 years. >> includeing some very names. >> i started meditation on july 1st, 1973, on a sunny saturday morning at 11:00. >> one of them is director david lynch. you remember not just the date like. yesterday. and it was so beautiful. i've been meditating twice a day for over 41 years and never missed a meditation. >> it might come as a surprise to learn that lynch, the director of such dark movies as "blue velvet" and "mulholland drive" calls himself a,
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he practices transcendental meditation also known as tm. >> people see things like stress, traumatic stress, tension, anxiety, sorrow, depression, hate, anger and fear start to lift away. so it's like pure gold coming in from within and garbage going out. >> for lynch, and its adhere rents tm and repetition of personalized mantra, can can help free the mind from what he calls, the rubber clown suit of negativity. >> it's suffocating, it stinks, it's heavy and you start meditating with transcendental meditation from a legitimate teacher. >> in 2005 he began the david lynch foundation for consciousness based education
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one of its goals, to teach students, like the ones at this school in los angeles, how to meditate. >> you don't want to come to school. >> i don't. >> that's the way i felt. >> i take the meditation, it makes me want to come to school. >> did anybody here when you first heard about meditation weird? >> you both did? >> so did i? >> did you, too. >> i thought like when you crossed your legs and you hold your hands. >> twice a day for 15 minutes these students meditate. >> it just helps me get my day going. everything that's bad, like, go away. i just think of the positive things. >> makes me become like more, i don't know, like become more happy within myself. and like, i, like, become, i guess, more patient with others. >> when i'm in a better mood my
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i don't argue as much with my sister. when i get home after i meditate i'm just in a good mood. i feel better about the day. nothing bugs me. >> principal jennifer garcia says her school, like 43 others that have adopted the program have changed for the better. >> kids are calm. they're not taking stuff out on each other. they are really engaged in wanting to be helpful with each other. it's a different place. >> a sense ever ease to come through the body. >> allan lokos never expected to get back to this place. he resumed teaching his weekly new york city meditation group only four months after the plane crash that almost killed him and almost a full year before doctors expected him to be on his feet at all. >> if it happens to help save your life in a plane crash, that's terrific. let's hope that that's not how it happens. but i think most of us, if not all of us, who do this see
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took stock of the damage from weekend tornado, is that left 11 dead. monday saw an announcement by prosecutors in cleveland that they would not indict a white police officer in the shooting death of tamir rice. the black 12-year-old was playing with what turned out to be a toy gun. tuesday's headline was the arrest in mexico of ethan couch, the fugitive texas teen who claimed the so-called of a few ensaw defense. on wednesday bill cosby was charged in a pennsylvania court with aggravated in decent assault against a woman in 2004. thursday saw new year's eve fire at luxury hotel in dubai that created spectacular flames but remarkably few injuries. on friday, a gunman opened fire outside a bar in tel aviv killing two and wounding at least three others.
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and a skyline that attracts people by the boat load. >> if broadway hits the heights and hollywood tops the box office. >> if you go up about 15 stories, there's an outcropping, kind of a shoulder. >> it's considered the birth place of the modern skyscraper and the city has made architecture one of its main tourist attractions. >> it was completed in 1898 it was called the north american cold storage building. >> on any given day dozens of architecture tours wind through the city's waterways and streets. >> this is 1983. what i like about the building is every pane of glass the edge a little bit. >> the buildings are considered works of art and their designers treated like directors are in
9:22 am
>> this is going to look like bent glass. >> do architects get more respect in chicago than they do in other places? >> i think so. we don't have movie stars or the film industry. >> you got michael jordan. >> yeah, he's pretty famous, too. so athletes and architects. >> architectural giants like frank lloyd wright, mies van der rohe, jeanne gang has also made her mark. see that building, the one that looks like waves. that's her design aptly named aqua. >> when i'm looking in a taxi or someone points out our building, my building, taken aback. it's been draining into the collective memory of the city at this point.
9:23 am
>> but this incredible skyline was born out of tragedy the great chicago fire of 1871. the fire decimated the city's wooden structures, leaving an estimated 00 people dead. reconstruction soon followed. a process that would redefine both the city and the country. >> if you think about the history of new york it was a dutch settlement and chicago really is the beginning of american city planning. >> and this year marks another defining note in the city's rich architectural history, inaugural chicago architectural biennial. it's a combination of exhibit and think tank devoted entirely to architectural ideas. sarah herd sacks one of its directors. >> we have over 130 participants from 340 countries on six continents. we really wanted to create a global platform to talk about
9:24 am
architecture today. >> one topic on the table, affordable housing. >> this was built for how much money? >> $3500 u.s. >> this is bamboo? >> a thatched bamboo. it does have a steel frame. the idea that this house could be constructed within a day and that you would never need more than two people to hold any one piece of the building. >> which is incredible. >> yes. >> other exhibits challenge conventional design like this reinvented office space. what are we doing here? >> we climb in here. and no matter where you are in this construction you're never sitting. >> why is this something that's considered architecture? >> it's absolutely about redefining space. it's creating a new environment for work to replace the office familiar with.
9:25 am
exhibit is reimagined police station by jeanne gang, the design intended to help build trust between police and citizens. a topic on the minds of many in chicago. >> we divided the police station into two partsa secure area and more public zone, mental health services, for example. nutritionist, computer lab. those are things that we felt could reanimate the police station and make it more of place that people want to come to. >> the architecture biennial ends this week but will return to the fall of 2017 to maintain chicago's tradition of inventive architectural design. >> it is a kind of dignity that good architecture can bring to every day life. i think that the architects in this exhibition are really concerned with just that.
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>> we're going to tijuana for the weekend. >> osgood: with lily tomlin. but first, kate winslet on
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>> osgood: that's kate winslet along with leonardo. sailed to oscar nomination for her performance in that blockbuster. and oscar buzz again this year over her role in the movie "steve jobs." >> we have things to talk about. >> like what? >> as the fearless aide to steve jobs -- >> we're not go fog sell. >> joanna hoffman was a lot of things, high powered executive, marketing genius. >> what happens when they find out that for 24.95 there's nothing you can do with it. >> i don't care --
9:30 am
>> you're going to fix it now. >> the moral center of the movie "steve jobs." >> supposed to be the best part of you. when your father that's what's supposed to be the best part of you. >> however, one thing the real life joanna hoffmana no-nonsense polish-armenian immigrant would not be confused for is a glamorous movie star. >> why would they think of me? because joanna have man looks nothing like me. >> when kate winslet heard about this role she just had to have it. >> you wanted this badly. >> isn't that allowed? >> she took a selfie, this one, and sent it to the film's producer. >> i took one photo and i just sent it by e-mail to scott rudin. >> no message?
9:31 am
>> after six academy award nominations. >> he loved me as i loved him. >> an iconic star turn in "titanic." >> finally feel like standing in the middle of a crowded room screaming at the top of my lungs. >> and an oscar win for "the reader." >> wouldn't just let them escape, we couldn't. >> kate winslet could expect to get any part she wants. but getting joanna have man was one thing, playing her quite another. >> how hard that was accent? >> so, that accent, there are lots of accents i really can't do. i do useless scottish. my eye verb all over the map. but polish-armenian? >> you know, give a girl a
9:32 am
>> or you can contact me at my new job working anywhere i want. i called the real joanna, to hear her actually speak it is different the way that i ended up doing it in the film for the simple reason that her pitch is much higher than mine. so i remember speaking to her the first time, hello, joanna, hello, i'm so happy to see you. i thought, i got -- i can't do that for two hours. >> winslet has been relying on her acting instincts for 25 years starting on tv in a british show called "dark >> it is weird. >> she was a chunky 15-year-old and even being on tv did not insulate her from the slings and arrows of school yard bullies. >> as someone once said never listen to what people. >> i was teased for how i
9:33 am
>> that's what the bullying was? >> i was quite stocky. i was very much teased for that. >> now 40, one of her generation's brightest stars, the pain is still fuel. >> i know that those nasty bullies are still out there. and there i am with a big gold statue in my hand. that's a pretty great fist pumping moment. that's a lovely message to say to those bullies, you know, where are they? >> not just fist pumping moment. a little bit of a middle finger moment. >> let's not get aggressive. >> i'm radiant. >> even when you're the face of ran comb cosmetics, there's not enough make up to cover the scars of teenaged teasing. she speaks loudly and clearly about body image, often insisting that her image not be retouched. >> i am in an industry where i have to do interviews much like this one. we walk down red carpets, it's
9:34 am
but i think i feel very strongly that it's important to also say to young girls that we don't look like that all the time. >> by the way you sat down with us, you can hold that up there. >> the coffee? >> i sat down with you because today i did my own hair and make up, because it's easier frankly sometimes. and i came into this room i said, okay, i am the hair and make up team so someone tell me if i'm shiny. >> blunt as she is about gender and beauty, winslet seemed to struggle a few months ago after jennifer laurence shined a spotlight on the issue of pay equity for actors and actresses. the bbc. >> i don't like talking about money. it's vulgar, isn't it? i don't think that's very nice conversation to have publicly. >> that reaction caused a bit of a stir. so this notion of, i don't want to discuss any gap in pay,
9:35 am
>> yeah. let me explain. so, what i think is vulgar is to be talking publicly about actual earning of money. that is -- saying it now i'm slightly being sickened in my mouth. i'm british, we don't do that. jennifer did it brilliantly. what i object to is unfortunately the line of questioning that it almost gives journalists permission to open with, which i don't like. i fully had a journalist say, do you know if you got paid more or less than michael fassbender. i don't ever want to be asked that question. would it make you feel better if i am ever in a situation where i feel that there is something unfair happening that i always stand up for myself. would that make you feel better? >> i'm just wondering -- just try not to answer your question. >> i'm just wondering in theory
9:36 am
>> it's very difficult to answer that question because every situation is completely different. but if you have a man and a woman in a movie of equal experience, of equal role who are saying the same number of liness it wrong that the guy gets paid more than the girl? you bet your bottom dollar it's wrong. do you think ha female schoolteacher wants to listen to hollywood -- bunch of hollywood paid enough? >> winslet's pay grade allows though live quite comfortable with her third husband and three kids in a small town on the english coast. >> chickens are great. they give you eggs. >> hollywood a-lister perhaps. >> this one in here -- one finds one of great pleasures in a country hen house. >> you're in luck. look. this means that the little that is great. this is exciting.
9:37 am
>> winslet, happiness is unrunning to the store with no worries about dodging paparazzi. >> very fortunate we live in lovely community where we live. community. >> you can get a quart of milk not have to worry about anything. >> not any problem. i do the school run in my dressing gown, bath robe. pajamas. absolutely. >> at this point it seems kate winslet doesn't want to live a second more of her life than she has to worried about appearances. unless, of course, she's changing them herself to snag a role that just might put her in the running for her next oscar. >> osgood: ahoy.
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>> osgood: talk about the cat's meow our friend is professional cat. this is beautiful job of it, too, don't you think? when his working days are over may want to consider relacking
9:40 am
seth doane is about to visit. >> we were headed to an island labeled aoshima on the map but better known by nickname cat island. you can see the cats coming down to meet the boat here at we approach. here, cats out number humans more than ten to one. this tiny fishing village once had population of 800 people but the sardine fisheries depleted, jobs moved to cities and human residents left the island. now there are just 16 people here and more than 160 cats. it's an adjustment for visiting reporters. misato kamiok is not exactly the official historicallian but
9:41 am
years. >> how did this become an island of glass there used to be a lot of mice and not many cats, she remembered. some cats were let loose. others were abandoned. and the rest, as they say, is history. >> i suspect you've got your now? >> no price problem, she said. there's a sort of predictable rhythm on cat island. a neighborly dispute or two. some eating, some sleeping, some more eating. the big moment of the day is when the tourist boat shows up. it's 45 minutes of bliss for all involved. we asked school lunch lady hitomi goto why the japanese love cats so much. >> cats do as they please, but we cab do that, she said, referring to her regimented
9:42 am
cats go where they want and snooze when they feel like it. so leaving my work to see them is very relaxing. this was not cat -- >> we were shown pictures of other cat islands. >> you've been to three and you've been to two cat islands. there are about ten across the country. in japan, cats are featured on tv shows and of course this is the land where "hello kitty" was born. we'd heard about another must see stop for the cat-crazed in japan. we went to meet the cat station master. tama the second and red said or tama are credited with saving this rail station with a cat-like look in rural western. pan. ridership had shrunk and the train line was in the red until a railway boss, quote, looked into the eyes of a cat at a local concession stand and decided to make it the station
9:43 am
it's an honorary title. only work involved is looking cute and attracting tourists. but it's worked. back on cat island these felines have left their park on the jetty it's not beer cans but cans of tuna. scattered about, even the humans can be seen sneaking a catnap. we met ryuji hidaka on the ferry. he came along but connected with a fellow cat lover he told us this was paradise. said he'd like to return. >> not enough to see it once? >> no, it's not enough, he replied. i would like to live here. >> i smiled and tried to withhold judgment, this place is not everyone's definition of paradise. as the afternoon ferry pulled out, people waved to the cats.
9:44 am
one-sided goodbye. japan has a rabbit island, too. but we'll save that for another story. >> osgood: next. >> i think charlie brown has better tree than we do. >> osgood: a new chapter of the ugly christmas tree. john kasich's an impatient rascal. paces, pushes. but, unlike some, his state is now booming. unlike some, john kasich has proven he can do the job. brought back jobs from mexico and china. keep us safe, make us boom. because he's done it before. only an impatient rascal can
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sign up now at ( >> osgood: the christmas tree that famously won reprieve in the year before last lives on in matter of speaking. steve hartman has the story. >> we have returned to reading, pennsylvania, to investigate reports that the world's ugliest christmas tree has been somehow immortalized. you may remember back in 2014 this story -- sorry excuse of the confer was all the rage. i do mean rage. >> i think charlie brown has a better tree than we do.
9:47 am
bringing this tree here should get fired. >> the tree was so ugly the city decided to take it down before christmas. just so people wouldn't have to look at it any more. workers removed the lights and the pretzel of bethlehem or whatever it was. made arrangements to bring in a new spruced up spruce. >> a christmas tree is matter of sellz former city councilman told me this really was like that tree in the charlie brown story. although the lesson had obviously eluded him. story? christmas of being together. end? >> save it. embrace it. it's not about charlie brown or not charlie brown, it's about beautiful christmas tree for the city. >> they really were going to get rid of it. until the phones started ringing off the hook at city hall, public opinion changed and the mayor issued a stay of
9:48 am
>> we will keep this here. >> that was the end of the story. or so i thought. >> we kept it under wraps. >> luke schulz was on the crew that was supposed to mulch the tree after the holidays. but he didn't. >> i thought there's just no way that we could run this tree through a chipper after everything was said and done. we can't let that happen. >> so with the help some of local vo-tech students, luke turned that paltry pine into a piece of art. a bench as quirky as the city it came from. today it sits in city hall, reminder the beauty is in the eye of the beholder and ugly, nothing more than attitude. >> osgood: next, remembering
9:49 am
on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us. i'm hillary clinton and i
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>> osgood: at the age of of 65. she will lickly be best remembered for her 1991 album that noted her voice with that of her father, the great nat king cole who died in 1965. won a grammy that year and was one of the most memorable performances at the 1992 ceremony. it may nobody better way to remember natalie cole or her dad than to hear them together again. >> unforgettable in every way and forever more
9:51 am
that's why, darling, it's incredible that someone so unforgettable
9:52 am
unforgettable in every way and forever more that's how you'll stay that's why, darling, it's incredible that someone so unforgettable thinks that i am.
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>> it's "sunday morning" on cbs here again is charles osgood. >> osgood: that's lily tomlin one of those classic sketches that shows her gift for comedy. she isn't all sure she has that gift. lee cowan has that sunday profile. >> do you think you're naturally funny? >> kind of. not terribly funny. >> you don't think so? >> i think i'm somewhat funny. >> if you think you're only sorta funnily what do you think your real talent is? >> not much. >> that's a good question f. i'm not funny what is my talent. one ringy-dingy. speaking. >> maybe the reason lily tomlin talent. >> my name is edith anne.
9:56 am
>> so, baby brother has a little soft spot on his head. you must be very careful. so i took a ball point pen and made an x. >> for more half century probably made people laugh. >> just calm down. you think they're not going to fire me for this? >> she's made people think, too. >> one thing that i have no worry about is whether god exists. it has occurred to me that god has alzheimer's and has forgotten we exist. >> lily tomlin is a national treasure celebrated at the kennedy center back in 2014f. there's any doubt just ask president obama. whatever she whispered to him at the white house that afternoon gave him a case of the
9:57 am
>> what did you say to him that cracked him up so much, do you remember? >> you know, if i revealed it to you it could throw the election. >> she has so many awards. she can be forgiven if a few of them are a little worse from the wear. including her 1971 grammy for best comedy recording. >> they're not going to like that when they see this. it has to be soldered back on. three tonys, i don't know what those are for. >> her tony awards -- she's rockin', too. >> weren't in the best shape either. >> i'll fix these up. you'll see. last time i -- >> only thing missing is an oscar. >> for what? >> i'm pregnant.
9:58 am
performance in the dramedy "grandma" is getting some of the best reviews of her career. >> who is he, one nightstand? >> no. >> why didn't you use a condom. for humanity sake get a vasectomy. >> plays a grouchy lesbian poet an old car. >> i need $500. >> trying to come up with enough cash to pay for her granddaughter's abortion. is. >> grandma. >> see the hormones popping. home. in fact even wore her own clothes. that unwieldy '55 dodge. >> i got the like 40 years ago. >> well, that is her's, too. >> i just had to remember to press down hard on the brake. >> she's in love with the
9:59 am
grew up in the motor city. she was born mary jean tomlin. lily was her mother's name. her working class neighborhood on the west side of detroit became her comedic laboratory. >> the apartment house was like the street of my universe. i used to go visit from one apartment to the next. just mad about the people. just wanted to hang out with them. wanted to do what they were doing. they would say, don't you think you should go nome it would be night time like 9:30 or something i'd say, no, i told my mother i was coming home late tonight. that was my spiel. >> a keen sense of observation. take audrey hepburn. >> i read in a magazine that her eyes would move before her head would. likef she would be talking she'd go -- >> as good as her characters were they weren't the thing most comedy clubs were looking for.
10:00 am
>> but then came this. >> lily tomlin. >> very few people, i don't think, can sort of pinpoint when they became famous. but you can. i can. ernestine was the culprit. >> she's been mad about it ever since. >> an unpaid bill, i was wondering what you're going to dooby-do about it. >> the loveable yet nosy switch board operator made tomlin a household name. >> we may be the only phone company in town but we sock it to everybody. >> i thought she would be tough bronx operator. then as i worked on this stuff, improvised worked on material, i thought, my body just got tight like this. and everything, her face got tight and then she would snort. >> because your face is that way?
10:01 am
it all comes that way. >> that's the truthththth. >> then there was the particularly fining 5-year-old named edith ann. >> my voice. that's all i got. >> she tackled the serious, too. her touching portrayal of married gospel singer with two deaf children in nashville earned her an oscar nomination. >> tell me about that. >> her first film role ever. tomlin doesn't just play characters, she becomes them. in her acclaimed one woman show "the search for signs of intelligent life in the universe." >> i put my house keeps i looked wherever then i remembered i don't have a house. >> tomlin seamlessly floats
10:02 am
and wonderful odd balls. >> all my life i've wanted to be somebody. but i should have been more specific. >> i wanted to reflect the culture. they all had a voice. mostly do the humanity. >> her characters humanity, she says, comes from her long time creative partner and now wife. jane wagner, who has written most of ther that tomlin has been performing for decades. >> no. been a long time, too. it will be in march it will be 45 years. >> in 1975 tomlin says "time" magazine offered her the cover as long as she agreed to come out publicly. she refused not because she was hiding the fact she was gay, she didn't like the ultimatum. two years later she made the cover of time on her own terms.
10:03 am
queen of comedy. her longevity is a testament to her talent. >> can we get some -- she is costarring coproducing the netflix series "grace and frankie" with jane fonda. >> excuse me. are you in a coma? this is a place of business, right? >> jane and i wanted to do a project where we had a platform for older women, to talk about how discounted they are. >> that was something you talked about for awhile? >> oh, yeah. and dismissed. jane wrote a book about it, about women of a certain age. of a certain age, whatever that means. >> the first time they worked together since the '80s smash "9:00 to 5:00". >> i think there was something in that coffee. >> you're right. >> comedy about three secretaries who hatched plots both real and imagined to reek
10:04 am
>> why do you think? >> i'm so glad i did it. my god. it was probably the only big grosser movie i've ever been in. big grosser, you know? this is my granddaughter. >> "grandma" may not ab big grosser. 40 years after her first oscar nod lily tomlin is wondering if it just might happen again. either way, she says, she won't hers. we used up most of her gas anyway, so much so my producer we'd gone. >> tell him we're going to tijuana for the weekend. what a road trip that would be. although with all lily tomlin's. madgary friends you have to
10:05 am
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10:07 am
>> osgood: michael ian black with thoughts about new year's resolutions. >> now that the new year is upon us some of you might be feeling bad about already breaking the resolutions you made to yourselves only a couple of days ago. not me. because this year, instead of getting down on myself for making promises to myself i can't keep, i'm taking a new tack. my resolution for 2016 are all things that i'm already doing and will continue to do. for example, this year, i i resolve to continue having pizza for dinner every friday night. it's delicious, inexpensive and the kids never go, pizza again? instead they go, pizza again? plus, science has proven that pizza calories don't count because anything that tastes that good cannot make you fat. also, i resolve to continue not jogging.
10:08 am
other body parts as well. in fact, according to the american academy of physical medicine and rehabilitation, nearly 70% of all runners can expect to become injured. 70%. those mr. ebola numbers. running is to the body what automobile. i am going to continue not doing that. in 2016, i resolve to spend a little too much on presents for my wife and not enough on retirement. every year my wife and i tell each other we're not going to christmas. every year i end up buying her a bunch of stuff that she doesn't need but makes her happy. same with her birthday. and when they shut off our heat after we've retired because we can't afford to keep it on, at least we'll have plenty of fancy sweaters to wrap ourselves in. this year i resolve to continue complaining about the new york yankees. everybody likes to complain about the yankees, people who hate them and people like me who
10:09 am
complaining about sports teams is one of the things that binds us together as americans. the yankees are the only team i follow and i find complaining about the failures of other people keeps me from looking too closely at my own. psychologists call this avoidance, and it's a terrific way to feel better about yourself without having to do any, you know, work. so, yeah, improving yourself with resolutions is fine and everything. but knowing you are a flawed human being who eats a little too much pizza, doesn't exercise or save enough, but goes through the new year with a smile on your face, that's even better. >> osgood: coming up, mysteries of the deep. ple trip to the grocery store anything but simple. so finally, i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body
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10:12 am
this new year. it involves the sinking of the ocean line irrelevant laws taken i can't during the first world war. martha teichner takes us back. >> before air travel, the demr. tougher of a great liner was considered news. and the laws taken i can't was the greatest, the fastest, the most luxurious liner afloat on may 1, 1915, as she prepared to leave new york city for liverpool. a member of the just missed it club, people who booked on the titanic but cancelled at the last minute. and it was news that in the morning papers that day germany, at war with great britain, published a warning, that vessels flying the british flag or the flag of any of her allies much subject to attack as they
10:13 am
the british isles. >> made no mention of the lusitania. it was widely interpreted to be aimed at the ship. >> eric larson is the author of the "new york times" best seller "dead wake" about the lusitania. >> the prevailing news was that the lusitania was too big, too fast to ever be caught by a german submarine. and also there was this other idea no german commander would try to sink it in the first place because it was passenger liner. >> in sight of the irish coast, the lusitania was struck by a german torpedo. moments later there was a second explosion. she sank in just 18 minutes. 1198 of the nearly 2,000 people on the ship died.
10:14 am
>> there she is. just come up over the wreckage. >> the wreck is still down there in 200 feet of water. boat captain carroll o'donaghue feels its presence. >> remember the tragedy of it all, really. perfectly clear day. just like today. >> you see nothing. just water. >> all i could see was heads bobbing up and down. >> for 1949 documentary national geographic interviewed survivors of the lusitania. >> like half a circle of people moaning in the water. there was just a moan, constant moan it gradually got less and less. >> eoin mcgarry has dived in
10:15 am
when you're out here do you have feelings for what's -- what happened and what's down there? >> when i look up at the surface i can see bodies raining down. you could see what it was like. hear the screams. >> the torpedo hit just behind the bridge on the starboard side. the ship tilted so far, so fast only six life boats successfully made it into the water. naval vessels in the area were ordered not to go near the site for fear they would be torpedoed, too so small boats made their way from greens down now cold cobh, 31 miles away. some rescuers had to row the entire way. >> my grandfather raced down to the office, was immediately involved in the rescue operation, getting anybody who had a boat to go out. >> courtney murphy's
10:16 am
cunard manager in queens town took charge. >> he had to organize, to commandeer the rooms in the hotels where the survivors could be put up. >> in this family photo, the small boy in the front row was courtney murphy's father, who watched as the rescue boats returned. >> the bodies as they came in in the boats would have been in whatever clothes they had on them. and then they were covered in shrouds or sheets. >> your father remembered seeing -- >> seeing lines of bodies lain out here along the foot path. that indelible memory for him. >> there were 764 survivors. among the dead, alfred gwynne vanderbilt. today in cobh, there's a monument along the route the funeral procession took to the town cemetery. where the lusitania dead were
10:17 am
mourners as far as the eye could see paying their respects. the pictures then and now an eerie match up. was the sinking of the lusitania just bad luck or something more sinister? her captain, william thomas turner, believed she would have a british naval escort into port. none appeared. the british navy didn't tell captain turner that u-20, the submarine that sunk her was out there, something it knew, because germany's code books had been captured and then desewedded at a top secret facility called room 40. >> one plex nation is that room 40 was absolutely top secret and by god they were going to keep it that way. but another explanation, it would not hurt the british effort if the lusitania were sunk and americans were killed because it might draw america into the war.
10:18 am
room 40. head of the british navy then, he was on record hoping for an incident that would drag the united states into the war. >> there's no smoking memo, if you will. that says that churchill or the admirality deliberately put the lusitania in harm's way. there is, however, a body of evidence that if you look at it it is really damning. >> no one has ever been able to inspect the under side of the wreck, where the answer to the question, what caused the second explosion may lie. >> these two items were recovered -- >> the irish government has only allowed diver mcgarry to bring up artifacts from the lusitania that were lying on the sea floor or in the bridge area. >> it's a sonar beam that is
10:19 am
imagine the whole ship lying on her side. sadly because she's lying on the torpedo wound we can't see exactly. this is where all the carnage happened. where the torpedo strike and second explosion. >> mcgarry for one doesn't believe the accepted conclusion that the second explosion was caused by the rupture of the ship's main steam line. she was carrying small arms munitions, but were there other explosives aboard. >> i still think there was and she was carrying contraband. and something substantially caused that second explosion. and i do believe that there is somebody out there who does know. >> or not. the lusitania remains fooder for conspiracy theorists. >> the maritime grass see noll. there are so many mir lack
10:20 am
happened, that leaves room for people to say, that can't be it. it sank in 18 minutes, not possible, right? >> 100 years later as time takes it is toll, the truth only becomes more elusive. nothing is stronger on tough pain than advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day. when your cold is this bad...
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expressmax. theraflu expressmax combines... maximum strength medicines available without a prescription... fight your worst cold and flu symptoms... you can feel better fast and get back to the job at hand. new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel >> osgood: here is a look at the week ahead on our sunday morning calendar. in california on monday san bernadino county employees will gather to remember the 14 victims of last month's shootings. tuesday marks the 70th birthday of actress and director diane keaton who won an oscar for her role in the 1977 film "annie hall." wednesday is the night for the 42nd people's choice awards hosted by jane lynch, to be seen
10:22 am
thursday is the eve of elvis presley's 81st birthday and official kick off to a four-day celebration with events both in hollywood and at his graceland passion. friday is day one of the wizard worldcom i can con in new orleans. a three day celebration of pop culture and comic books. and on saturday folk singer and activist joan baez celebrates her 75th birthday. right now we to go john dickerson in washington for look what's ahead on "face the nation." good morning, john. >> dickerson: good morning, charles. we'll have our in ii view with donald trump we sat down with him on new year's day to talk about the campaign, about hillary clinton how he would provide differently as a president shawn he does as candidate. >> osgood: next week here on sunday morning. >> i'm going to do this until mo
10:23 am
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>> osgood: the start of the national park service centennial year, we leave you out in the cold, yellowstone national park. >> osgood: i'm charles osgood. please join us again next sunday morning, until then i'll see you on the radio. captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations captioned by media access group at wgbh
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