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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 15, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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heard the same pop. any idea why someone would set the house on fire? >> reporter: while investigators haven't yet said how the fire was set, rico claimed he was told disturbing details. >> they say they found gasoline all around the house. it's a makeshift bomb around the landlord's car and then in the backyard, accelerators and all that. >> reporter: even at the front door, burn marks and evidence someone attempted a fire here. >> and the fireman said had i stayed asleep an extra five minutes, whatever it may be, everyone in the house would have died. >> reporter: neighbors shot this image and calls the mystery worrisome. >> hopefully the authorities will figure out what happened and get the person responsible. >> i'm just going to be a little more vigilant around the house. >> reporter: investigators have now posted this sign offering a $5,000 reward for information. they now need the public's help in their search for answers.
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reporting live from everett. i'm beth germano, wbz news. david? now to a developing story. a teenage er accused of raping and killing his math teacher will undergo a mental health evaluation. phillip chism's murder trial is on hold for at least 20 days while he's under observation at the worcester recovery hospital. everything is being put to a halt. prosecutors say chism killed colleen ritzer at danvers high school. mental condition. now at 5:00 -- >> it's god's house. he allows us to come in here, and he's the only one i'm going to obey. >> the court calls her a trespasser, but she and other parishioners are holding out hope even now that they can save their beloved church. for nearly 11 years, they have sat vigil inside, keeping the diocese from closing it. >> even though the courts just ruled against them, they are still not giving up that fight. bill shields is live in
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story. >> reporter: david, they have lost yet another round in court, but the parishioners here say they don't care. they are going to stay here. they are going to appeal to cardinal o'malley and appeal, if they have to, to the pope to keep their church viable. >> we have protected our that would destroy it. >> reporter: it has been almost 11 years, 11 years that the parishioners at st. francis in scituate have kept a vigil here 24/7. when the archdiocese began closing churches about 14 years ago, st. francis was one of many they chose to close. the parishioners, though, had other ideas. >> mercy is very close to the pope's heart. we, too, need to be merciful, and we ask cardinal sean o'malley to show us mercy right now. >> reporter: time and time again, the parishioners have been defeated in court. now they've been ordered to
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>> this is the last church standing in the reconfiguration crisis. that's very hard to say. we want to make sure that it does stand. >> reporter: nancy helped build st. francis in 1951. she's 28 now and not willing to leave. >> it is home. it's god's home, too. he's here. i know he's still here. it's god's house. he allows us to come in here, and he's the only one i'm gonna obey. >> reporter: i, for one, believe her. a spokesman for the archdiocese said today in part, "we asked the friends of st. francis to respect the court's decision and conclude the vigil." the friends of st. francis say not only are they not done in the courts of the state or of the united states, there's also the vatican.
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in scituate, i'm bill shields, wbz news. lisa some. >> thank you, bill. a student's in custody now from last month's threat at stonehill college. a note in the bathroom sparked an evacuation and massive search. benjamin debiase has been suspended and banned from campus. environmental police searching for a bear in newton say it was found dead on 128 this afternoon. it's unclear if it was hit by a car or died of some other cause. last friday, people spotted that bear in auburndale. david? tonight, governor charlie baker is taking a big step in the addiction crisis with a bold, controversial plan. christina hager spoke with one recovering addict who said this is a step in the right direction. >> reporter: this marine walks with a crutch because he fell three stories blown out of a window during a third tour in afghanistan. >> they feed you pain medicine, and a lot of it. >> reporter: as with so many
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turned into an opioid addiction. he was eventually able to wean himself off of it. >> i'd rather deal with the pain every day than have something control me and live my life for me. >> reporter: it's the epidemic behind governor charlie baker's latest proposed legislation aimed at fighting the addiction crisis that had taken more than 1200 lives in massachusetts in the last year. it calls for giving hospitals power to involuntarily commit patients for 72 hours, limiting 72-hour supply. baker says he's seen doctors and dentists overprescribe first-time patients. >> with 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 tabs of all kinds of opioids when a handful would do. this has got to stop. >> reporter: if you hadn't
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stopped yourself, do you think pain medication? >> absolutely. >> reporter: do you think doctors would still be giving it to you? >> oh, in a heartbeat for the rest of my life. >> reporter: the new plan also requires training on addiction for school coaches for medical providers they would have to have a mandatory five hours of training every couple of years and women committed for completement could be sent to a new secured unit instead of mci framingham. the governor says he's become law. david? >> that gentleman telling a powerful story. coming up, a closer look at the toll addiction can take on families. >> don't do drugs because you can end up like me. him brain damaged. how he hopes his story will lisa? every year, the big dig is dollars.
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over the past few years mass dot has pumped millions into the tip o'neal tunnel and the i- 95 connector. crews have already pumped out that much this year because of all of the snow. the cost is between $5 million and $7 million every year to fix those leaks. new tonight it is a sure sign that winter is on its way, expecting our first widespread weekend. today, we get our first look at what this winter might bring. all of us crossing our fingers that we won't see the same record-breaking snowfall as last year. eric misher has details. >> good evening. noaa came out with their waited chances. it will be drier, snowier, a little cooler. so this one is about precipitation. this is a wetter, stormier pattern across the southern tier of the united states. sometimes they can sneak up the
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a chance of above average precipitation. that doesn't always mean above average snowfall because it can be warm enough to offset some of that snow. in terms of temperature this is one i think i'd disagree with. i'm not sure that we'll end up with a very mild winter here. our full outlook comes out next month. we'll be talking about this. a classic el nino does bring warmer temperatures. i don't think it will be as cold as last winter. the coldest month ever recorded across the area and of course all of that record snow. i don't think we're seeing that, either. so it may be a little bit of good news for some people. a developing story this evening. thousands of u.s. troops will now stay in afghanistan. president obama says they have to be there to prevent future attacks. craig boswell is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: president obama says the security situation in afghanistan is fragile and more u.s. forces need to remain in the country. >> afghan forces are still not
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>> reporter: there are about 10,000 american troops there. the president initially planned to leave about 1,000. the revised plan will drop the troop level down to 5500 by december next year and they'll stay at least through the start of 2017. >> my approach is to assess the situation on the ground, figure out what's working, figure out what's not working, make adjustments where necessary. >> reporter: that will leave it up to the next president to reassess the situation. president obama says the mission is still counterterrorism and training of afghan forces. in a written statement, senator john mccain says he welcomes the change, but 5,500 troops will be for the train and advise mission or the counterterrorism but not both. >> multiple deployments have real impacts on mental healths, strains and families and individuals. our men and women are tough and brave and will get the job done. >> reporter: president obama
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stationed at key bases at a cost at about $15 billion. $5 billion more than previously estimated. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. this news may hit the millions receiving social security benefits very hard. the government saying there will be no cost of living increase next year. you can blame the decline in inflation, thanks in part, to low gas prices. this move z. does affect more than 65 million people, and it's only the third time that there's been no increase in the past 40 years. former u.s. house speaker dennis hastert plans to plead guilty in a federal hush money case. hastert is accused of trying to pay to cover up decades old misconduct. the republican's attorney says he hopes to have a written plea agreement by monday. today, the mbta put its emergency response to the test with an exercise that involved a train filling with smoke as it approached the foxboro commuter rail station. 80 volunteers came out to act as passengers. along with the mbta, there were
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including the foxboro police and fire and ambulance. it is a dire prognosisp. >> tonight, the kardashians are devastating news. >> school lunches can add to parents' full plates. >> and turning the table on tipping. a restaurant giant announces a game changer for the industry. how about this, no tips allowed. that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the
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the fbi and justice department are investigating fan duel and draftkings to see if they broke the law. the "wall street journal" is reporting agents from the boston office are talking to players about their experiences on those two sites. recently, a draft kings employee won $350,000 and the sites are facing several class action lawsuits. tonight, the kardashian family is rallying around lamar odom. >> he is in a coma after an apparent drug overdose at a las vegas brothel. players he played with in the nba are sending their prayers as well.
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remains unconscious there, the more difficult the recovery will be. friends and family are taking to social media to call for prayers. chloe kardashian's brother posted this, "praying nonstop for my brother." and odom's former nba teammates are speaking out as well. >> lamar odom is one of the greatest people i've ever known. that's the way i see him. i don't view him through the choices he's made. i view him as the person he really is. >> reporter: workers at the ranch say he took cocaine and multiple doses of herbal viagra. the hospital has not formally commented on his position but family friends are saying he remains largely responsive. how about this for a story? nasa saying there may be a hole in the sun.
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the dark regions in this image make up a cornual hole. that's where the magnetic field is open, sending material away from the sun and high-speed wind streams. the streams caused last week's geo magnetic storm that created incredible auroras, including this one near sugarloaf. it sounds like a big deal, you know? a hole in your pants that's bad, but a hole in the sun, that's a big deal. >> that's where we send the paper airplane. >> it's the way we see things. >> did you know about this? >> "hole in the sun? >> -- a hole in the sun? >> yeah. >> have you been keeping it from david so he wouldn't get worried? >> it's like a first scene in a movie with ben affleck and matt damon. >> it's a hole in the sun, let's fix it. >> i feel like it's no absence of its power out there. low dew points in the 30s.
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dry air and the wind out of the southwest at 13 as the cold front starts to approach from the west. here's a look at the current kemps. mainly in the 50s to 60 degrees. widen it out in the cooler air that keeps filtering its way in slowly. the air mass is moving in that direction. each day continues to cool off more. we had the clear skies today. this is the area that we're watching for tomorrow. we're looking at a cold front that will march through. it will bring increasing clouds late tonight and a chance for a spotty shower late tonight into tomorrow morning. heading out the door, i don't want to grab the umbrella because they will be spotty in nature and very brief. there could be a secondary round in the afternoon. a spew sprinkles, stray rain drops, otherwise, partly cloudy skies and more seasonal temperatures. that will bring in a little more of the cool air. temperatures will mainly bottom
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we'll be in the low 60s right on target for this time of year. 50s across the higher elevations of worcester county and out through southwestern new hampshire. so it's going to be a typical october day, the west wind hour. however, as we head into the to filter in. another cold front is it going to pass on saturday. that brings in the core of this air, which really is straight out of the arctic. so this was january. it would not feel comfortable out there, that's for sure. now that it's october it will feel like late autumn instead of mid-autumn. gusty breeze with a mix of sun and clouds. we're topping out in the mid- 50s. we're well down through the 30s on saturday night. a few clouds. some of the suburbs around metro west will be going down into the 20s on saturday night. on sunday, extra chill in the air. gusty wind and november feel. highs near 47 degrees and lower 40s into central massachusetts. i'm going to step away and you can just let this sink in for a second.
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>> here's your forecast for monday morning. you good now? i'm going to step back in. low to mid-20s for most of the area and 32 in boston. that's our coldest air since april. if boston does drop to 32 degrees it would be the coldest since 1979 and the last time we went below 32 was '88 on halloween morning. interestingly enough, it doesn't happen very often. just about once per decade over the last 30 years. here's the seven-day forecast. next week it will warm back up. so for a very cold monday, 70. david and lisa, just stopping by to say hello. >> i thought when you stepped wearing a sweater. some. next time. patriots gearing up for what could be the biggest game of the season at least emotionally. on the colds. steve, of course, the goal this
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week, protect brady. >> they have to protect tom brady at all costs. at all costs, they have to protect tom brady even when he walks into the stadium in indy. the fans don't like him, the players don't like him, and he's loving every minute of it. patriots were back on the practice field for a second straight day down in foxboro. today, the focus was on the offensive line. now that nate soldier is done for the year, marcus cannon filled in for solder. cannon was on the other side of the line at right tackle. who knows how it will all shake out but regardless, cannon and company will be ready. >> he's prepared for whatever, you know, wherever he wants to prepare it, that's where he practiced and where he plays. >> several of us have come together and step up. >> yeah, the great thing about
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gronk is that not only is he a great pats catcher and they'll need that to keep that going sunday in indy. protect tom at all costs. >> i think without solder, they may only win by 70. >> reporter: you think it will be that high, huh? >> we'll see. they are out for revenge. 7:00 on wbz. you'll get all of the behind the scenes stuff you can't find anywhere else. pats and colts play in prime time. after the game, turn to wbz for show. stress may be even more dangerous than doctors thought. be especially concerned. >> plus, a home run celebration to remember, although critics it. >> he would do anything to get high. >> i would pawn stuff from the house, and i even pawned all of my mother's jewelry and even my grandfather's wedding ring.
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>> reporter: until a drug overdose left him brain damaged. tonight, a closer look at the toll addiction can take on families and one man's mission
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a playoff baseball game has uncorked a discussion on diamond decorum.
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take a closer look at slugger batista helping launch the blue jays into the playoffs with the tie-breaking home run. many fans thought it was in bad form. as you get a closer look, you'll see what you are talking about. bad form that he flips his bat, showing off, classless, and bad for the kids who are watching. many others say he was just having fun. of course you can make your own call. chances are, if you have a kid who likes baseball, they'll soon be practicing their bat flip. lisa, dylan is probably home practicing it right now. >> hopefully not in front of a bin doe. if you want down time, look no further to chilling out. let's start by talking about stress during pregnancy because it can also affect the baby. >> and motor development. they found researchers in austria that looked at 3,000
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questionnaires at two points in the regular nancy. they looked at the babies years later and tested their motor development and did things like hand grip and how far they jumped. they found that those children who were born to the mothers who were the most stressed out during pregnancy had weaker motor development skills. we don't know that there's really a cause and effect here, but it means that we obviously need to really pay close attention to women's mental elth when they are pregnant. >> you are seeing it way down the line so you know kids are at the point where you can test it. >> yes. >> let's talk about stress at work. it does take a particular toll on women. >> that's right. so we've known for some time that work-related stress can cause people to be at higher risk for heart disease. these are people in china that wanted to look specifically at strokes. so they interviewed thousands of workers. they found that those who had high demand jobs with little control over their jobs so people like servers at restaurants and nursing aides,
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that these people were at 22% at higher risk of having stroke compared to people who were at low stress jobs. they found that women suffered even more, that they were at 33% higher risk. so women, obviously, seem to be really suffering the effects of stress, even more than men. we need to relax more, chill out more. >> use all of those stress relaxation techniques. >> you do that. you have that calming effect, doctor. >> i'm glad. that's my job. >> thank you, doctor. >> you're welcome. >> caved? no time to make your child's school lunch? just have it catered. smart lunches allows parents to select healthy meals that can be delivered to your child's private school by 11:30 in the morning. it costs between $6 and $7 each and promise to take things like food sensitivities and preferences into account. it has to be signed up with the company in order to use the service, but speaking of stress
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>> maybe they can deliver to us. that looks good. would changing the standard i'ds tests really make a difference -- standardized tests really make a difference? >> a frightening protest that played out in one nation's parliament. >> taxpayers like you subsidizing rent for people making six figures. the i-team investigates. >> plus, the lesson in the law for a local teach er accused of a -- teacher accused of a disteshing crime. that's amazing. it's amazing. this is amazing. that's amazing! real people are discovering surprising things at chevy. we're sold. it's so pretty. beautiful. it feels great. perfect. this is not what i would expect from a chevy at all. get more than you expect for less than you imagined.
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