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tv   WBTV News 3 at Noon  CBS  March 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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firsthand three years ago during the boston marathon bombing. he was standing near the finish line there. there are still several americans unaccounted for, but no reported deaths. on our hd tower cam, turning out to be a really nice afternoon so far. hardly a cloud in the sky. lots of sunshine, and we are warming up nicely as well. we have a look at the weather. >> we are definitely warming up after a low of 50 this morning. we are now up to 68 in charlotte. windy, warm afternoon. south mecklenburg county, carowinds cam, notice josling of the camera because winds are 24 miles per hour in charlotte. afternoon. across the area, 65 hickory, shelby, morganton. 66 albemarle. 67 monroe. nearly 70, wadesboro and rockingham. cooler in the mountains, 20's and 30's this morning, it is 61 boone.
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the south to southwest wind 15 25 miles per hour this afternoon. what i don't have in the there. we are down two and a half inches for the month. we have two opportunity the next several days. i will let you know about the timing of this rain coming up in the seven-day forecast in a couple minutes. >> sounds good. the special legislative session has begun in raleigh to over turn charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinance. house bill two went to the committee. among the sponsors, representative bishop of mecklenburg county. the last few minutes, public comments just ended where people had the opportunity to speak for or against the bill. the controversial element of the ordinance, it allows transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with.
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happening now, so stay with us. start later this evening at 5:00. police are investigating two possible burglaries at gun stores, one happene the other at a gun outlet and pawn shop north of uptown charlotte. we have been at both scenes all day with the latest. >> reporter: both of these attempted burglaries are very similar. this one on north tryon, the owner of the outlet told me behind his shop, someone in a jeep was trying to slam into the back door trying to get inside his shop. officers showed up on scene, they did find the chair -- cherokee. nothing was stolen. something similar happened on charlotte. i was there as well. this is video you are seeing from the hyatt gunshop. i talked to the owner.
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nothing was stolen. but a stolen vehicle went behind the shop and slammed into the back of the building. the problem was, they slammed into the back of the family dollar where they cut a gas line. the fire department had to come out to repair the line. they are still investigating both of these attempted morning. we are talking with cmpd to get more information on what they are doing to get closer to finding the aboutom that did this. >> anchor: thanks. just in, police have identified the man killed in a shooting in northwest charlotte. police found the man with a gunshot wound before 9:00 last night on west bridge drive. officers were responding to assault with a deadly weapon call. he was pronounced dead on scene. no word on any arrests. two charlotte immigrant teens detained have been granted stays
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congresswoman adams releasing a statement after ice confirmed the two were granted stays of removal for deportation. adams says she is relieved. she has been working with ice and local community organizations when she learned about it. a union county student is facing felony charges for starting week. deputies say 17-year-old kear, a student at sun valley high school, started fires in the rest room. school resource officers were called, graffiti with threatening messages wants he faces felony charges for burning personal property. a man makes it out of a fire with no injuries. it took 5 fire departments close to an hour to control the blaze this morning. the owner says he slept through the entire thing.
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determine what started the fire. another fire in northeast charlotte forcing a family of four out of their home. we have learned from charlotte fire this was accidental due to a crack in the mortar from the the day. this is the scene before 12:30 this morning. firefighters say they got the flames under control in 12 minutes. no one was injured. pageland police chief plans to retire in two weeks. town administrator confirmed chief brown submitted a letter on his plans to retire on april 6. brown has been in the spotlight after officers quit during his return to the department following leave. currently chesterfield sheriff is overseeing the police department. that will continue. the charlotte area system wants to hear from you about a proposal to raise the cost of taking public transportation.
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on the proposed changes today at the charlotte-mecklenburg government center at 5:30. saying it has to raise rates to offset $3 million shortfall projected next year. what price decided on, it will take effect july 1 this year. panthers linebacker making a stop at a local college, unc charlotte for the series on the heels of recovery last season. he had shoulder surgery last month. his sling is about to come off. coming up next, uber is looking to hire hackers, yeah, we will tell you why it is offering thousands of dollars for people who can hack their app. and big wins for the two front
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now the discussion turns to
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in brussels. >> anchor: uber has launched a program to pay hackers big for finding bugs in the coding. it offers hackers $10,000 for each critical problem they find. any significant issues found will be rewarded with $5,000. a lot of tech companies have similar programs but payout in the new offer are particularly high. samsung has one upped apple in the smart phone war. the new galaxy the best smart phones it has grand. they say it has excellent battery life and cameras even in low light. they are water proof up to 30 minutes in 5 feet of water.
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tower cam, hopefully you get a chance to head outdoors today. gorgeous afternoon so far. and nice breeze as well.
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seven-day forecast. >> breaking news, a concord police officer and school resource officer is accused of sexually assaulting a minor.
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multiple felony offenses. the victim now 18 says blackwell assaulted her when she was sip. the victim is known to him, police say allegations did not stem from his role as a police officer. he is in the detention center under a million dollar bond. deputies say there are no reports of other victims. the democrat and republican front runners continue their march to the nominations. hillary clinton and donald trump tuesday night. their challengers also picked up wins keeping they happen in the race. more from the white house. >> hillary clinton was happy to take selfies with supporters after a tuesday night rally in seattle. she told the crowd she was proud to have their support. >> i am also very proud to have won arizona tonight. >> reporter: picking up 51 delegates. bernie sanders had victories in two states and added more to his roster. he still trails in the count.
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win in arizona but came in third to ted cruz in utah, making it harder to gain the delegates before the convention in july. the elections were overshadowed by the terror attacks in brussels. the fight against terror will likely be a focal point in the race, especially after a proposal ted cruz made. he said we need to empower law enforcement to secure muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized. he defended the comment on cbs this morning. >> the first obligation of the president as commander-in chief should be to keep america safe. i will tell you this, i will apologize to nobody for how vigorous i will as president fighting radical terrorism, defeating auto isis. >> reporter: for once, donald trump agrees, but democrats disagree, calling it a dangerous plan.
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use a speech at stanford university today to investigate the issue of counter-terrorism in the united states. a beautiful sight expected in washington, d.c., today. the famous cherry blossoms are expected to reach peak, defined as the day in which 70% of the blossoms are opened. the national park service says they will be in the state up to 10 days, luckily just in time for this year's festival which runs through april 17. wow, beautiful sight in the video. >> i have seen it in person, it is something else. need a little help. >> disney world in the summer? >> kind of like that. you are not there alone. it is not a hidden secret. you are right, it is beautiful. pretty here as well. we have enjoyed our fair share of warm weather. our temperatures, most of this month we have been in the 70's and 80's.
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sunday, a little rain as well. uphill since, and we are going to be in 70's. i expect they will stick around or close to 70, above average. the average is 55, 56. short-term, the high pressure back to the west of us, we had the north flow earlier in the week with the cool weather. it is pushing east. on the back side of this, we are getting to the warmer weather. that will be sticking around several more days even with a couple fronts. lake norman cam, i will step out so you can see the picture. plenty of sunshine. we have a breeze. conditions in charlotte, 68, sunshine out there. there you go, 17 miles per hour sustained, gusts now 24 miles per hour, so it is a windy warm afternoon. with humidity low, only 24%, we
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for brushfires that may kick up because this is perfect fuel for hand. warm, breezy, and dry. in the 60's in the mountains after 20's and 30's this morning. upper 60's to closing in on 70 the rest of us east of the what you can expect this afternoon, mid and upper 60's mountains, plenty of sunshine, warmer as you head south. well into the 70, morganton, taylorsville. plenty of sunshine, from start to finish through late this afternoon am in the metro area, low 70's, perhaps hickory, upper 70's salisbury, mooresville, concord, 77 in monroe. wadesboro, looking good. south carolina, 70's as well. with lots of sunshine, again, that breeze. what about highs tomorrow? we have a system approaching, so i anticipate more cloud cover tomorrow. still very, very pleasant, well into the 70's again.
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broadcast, we are down almost three inches of rain for the month and year. very little this month. we need some rain. today, no rain. high pressure in command. quiet tonight. then we track this system late tomorrow afternoon. showers and storms through the ohio and tennessee valleys moves east, and it is on top of us, nighttime tomorrow and pushing east. maybe slow clearing things our. as high pressure builds in, we will see some sunshine good friday afternoon and a good chunk of saturday before another rain in the picture, that would be sunday afternoon, monday. our seven-day forecast, today, sunshine, 77, upper 40's to 50 tonight. tomorrow, late, late showers, more likely showers come in tomorrow night. so there's very low chance through the daylight, thursday and friday, it is in between, we dry out nicely. late friday, saturday. sunday, chances of rain ramp up into monday. temperatures not too bad. low 70's.
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>> thank you. we have a very special day, if you haven't realized it today, national puppy day. and we are celebrating our favorite furry friends. this was created to bring awareness the need to care for orphaned puppies. we are asking for your pictures, if you have a cute picture you can send us, on social media, hash tag, national puppy day. i am sure we are making some terrific slide show we want you to visit. make sure you do that online. the humane society is here. >> hey, national puppy day. >> be here wednesday. >> right. >> we have them here every wednesday for pet day. you brought an adorable dog. >> so cute. this is panda.
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the best temperament. she loves sitting around. on the ground, she runs around, active, loving. >> i saw her in the break room, very curious, and tail wagging. >> curious, loving, so sweet. >> you look good, girl. you can look in the camera. >> her fuzzy face. >> a little grooming. >> great says, outdoor. >> she is not going to get bigger. >> no. this is a great weight for here. a great lap dog or companion, we haven't had her with other dogs, but she has been with children and families. she weighs about 20 pounds. >> you are good. >> great sized dog, she really is. >> somebody wants to adopt panda
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>> call, go to the shelter, we are open from 11:00 to 5:00 7 days a week, except this sunday we are closed. >> we had lucy on last week, who already had people waiting as soon as you got back. >> driving back to the shirt. people ready to take her away. if you are interested in panda, come get her. >> call the shelter, go down there, see if she would be a good fit for your home. thank you.
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>> wbtv's editorial board recently met with charlotte chief of police putany. we asked him about his vision, on the morning of our meeting the chief dealing with the release of a video showing very well of his officers subduing a suspect in a hit-and-run accident am officers say the subject resisted arrest. one is seen landing blows to the suspect's back. the goal was to get him to release his arms so officers could cuff him. there were those who called actions excessive. they began investigation. from the outset, chief putany and the department were transparent about the event and the tactics getting the suspect
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he said use of force did not rise to a criminal law, but his department would see if there's policy violation. policing is tough business. most officers handle the job well. we have seen others who cross the line. however,, this incident turns out, we count on the chief to police his department as viciously as his officers do the criminals they pursue. in this case, we believe he did that. we hope his handling of this matter and others that will arrive will help build trust between officers on the street and citizens they vow to serve and protect. >> 77, popular number for wednesday, thursday, friday. we will get some rain, specifically thursday evening ending friday early in the day. another round potentially sunday into monday. i think sunrise on sunday, should be ok. >> yeah.
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look at the 7's. didn't do any work at the key board. >> check it out. a lot of people on i-77. >> can relate.
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>> granddaughter's in and out of here a lot. >> victor: yeah. there's a complaint? >> just saying. you. >> victor: what? are you taking notes perhaps for the edification of the district attorney that my granddaughter's the only consistent visitor? is that it? >> you expecting anyone else today? >> victor: one more person. >> lawyer? >> victor: that's right. he's working on my defense. trial starts tomorrow. >> phyllis: michael. if you want to back out of this, i'm not gonna like it. but i understand. >> michael: i'm not backing out. >> phyllis: i understand the risk you're taking. >> michael: i'm risking it willingly, phyllis. i will not allow victor to elude
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>> phyllis: thank you. what could go wrong? >> michael: well, summer's all her own. she's stubborn. >> michael: you say that like it's news. >> phyllis: could her testimony hurt us? >> michael: as long as she is victor's only advocate, probably not. >> phyllis: but you're not sure if the other newmans will be able to follow through. you think one of them might change their mind and side with victor? >> michael: it only takes one shaky newman to destroy our whole plan. >> nikki: hey. >> victoria: mom. hey. thank you for coming. >> nikki: well, of course. any time. but you sounded worried on the phone. >> victoria: no, i'm just busy. i wanted to get the family together for one last meeting before the trial. >> nikki: why? have you heard something? >> victoria: no, mom, it's just that... we need to be ready for tomorrow. dad needs to be held


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