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tv   WBTV News 3 at 430AM  CBS  March 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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we'll have much more on this story and coming up in a live report. also following breaking news involving a structure fire in lincoln county. on bill lynch road, these are live pictures, the fire crews are on the scene there. the fire destroyed a wood-working and storage home in lincolnton. we're working to learn more details we'll update you on air and online at 4:31, chilly start to the morning but will warm up. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: warm up big time this afternoon. yesterday 69, better than that today. the trees, this is as one hour loop, they are swaying swiftly out there. we have a gusty breeze this morning helping to keep temperatures up, not all that cold. granted, 35 in boone, but 52 hickory, 50 shelby, chester, 50 monroe, 54 charlotte, 54 gastonia, a mild start to the
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will wind up in the upper 70s, but those winds will be something we have to deal with all day long. in fact there is an increased fire danger this afternoon with gusty warm winds and humidity. gusts are likely to be in the 20-25 mile range much of the day. whether the winds will won side and when rain chances pick up plus looking ahead to the holiday weekend in a couple minutes. >> john: we're working to learn the name of a man killed in a shooting in northwest charlotte. it happened before 9:00 last night on west ridge drive. alex giles has the latest on the >> reporter: cmpd officers had taped off a portion of the neighborhood behind me where the crime scene is, in the 4500 block of west bridge drive, a drive. officers were called out to respond to assault with a deadly weapon call. a man suffering from gunshot scene. there have been no suspects
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the victim has not been identified yet, either. when we get information, we'll update you online and on air on wbtv. alex giles, wbtv on your attacks there. we want to get over to kristen miranda, live in the alert center, following the very latest on the manhunt underwade for the bombers. >> kristen: couple big, bigs developments to tell you about as you're waking up this morning. first the brussels airport is still closed. the sit at this time returning city returning to normal. this picture, the three suspected attackers, the two men on the left here have now been identified this morning. they are being identified by belgian state broadcasters as khalid and brahim bakraoui. you can look at video we have for you this morning. this report this morning indicates these brothers were
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terrorism. reporters in brussels say khalid bakraoui rented an apartment in the operation that led authorities to the top paris attack suspect, salah abdeslam. this is the development, that third man in the photo, if you want to come back here, he has not been caught yet and i'm seeing some reports he has been identified, part of the story i'll be following throughout the morning right here from the alert center. back to you. >> john: wbtv is committed to bringing you continuing coverage of the terror attacks in brussels on air, our website and social media. we will update you as developments continue. a big day in raleigh as lawmakers hold a special session to take on charlotte's non-discrimination ordinance. wbtv obtained a draft it it will consider.
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what gender is listedded oned on a birth certificate. the bill would keep local governmentses from enacting pay standardses which means cities could not set their own minimum wage. local people worried about coal ash contamination are demanding duke clean up basins immediately. the classification for the allen steam station was loweredded from high risk to low to intermediate risk. wbtv's sarah blake morgan talked to people living in the area and got a response from duke energy. >> reporter: this duke energy plant continues to be the center of a lot of questions and controversy here in gaston county. the company continues to say the water is safe to drink, people hol live around here don't buy it.
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living beside a toxic dump? >> reporter: frustration. >> feels like they are grading their own homework. >> reporter: was the feeling of the night for the people in gaston county. >> i'm glad to keep my lights on, i am glad. but i can do without my lights. >> reporter: the north carolina department of environmental quality holding a meeting asking for input on the allen station. the state classified them as low to immediate intermediate risk. >> clean up and closure should occur as soon as possible. >> the state will consider the risk classification this summer but if it stays low to intermediate, duke on could wait until 2029 to close the basins here. >> each ash basin requires a specific closure option. >> many have been living off bottled water over a year. they believe their wells are contaminate and have caused a
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duke says the water is fine. >> my water was unsafe today, yesterday and a year ago. nothing has changed but the state's willingness to protect us. >> this is the 11th of 14th meetings like this scheduled around the state. there was a similar meeting like this tonight in rowan county. for now reporting in gaston county, sarah blake morgan, wbtv on your side. >> john: 200 people from the dukeville community gathered at caught bat collegeatthe catawba college. they heard from duke and several officials including the yadkin river keeper. an overnight fire in charlotte, happened around 12:30 on king george drive. that is off cold concord road. it took 23 firefighters 12 minutes to control the blaze. you can speak out about
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there is a meeting tonight. cats has to race rates to offset at $3 million shortfall projected for the next fiscal year. any price changes will tall will take effect july 1st. if you want to speak at the meeting you have to sign up up by 3:00 this afternoon. on your side with continuing coverage of the dead lid terror attacks in brussels. the parent of a young woman at the airport where the first
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4:38. >> john: 20 minutes before 5:00. >> two people from huntersville who saw the explosion in the brussels airport are safe this morning. anna schaeffer and tanner dorman were getting ready to fly back to the u.s. before the bombs exploded. alex giles talked to one of their parents. >> reporter: a spring break vacation these two huntersville friends will likely never forget. anna schaeffer and tanner dorman at the airport ready to leave brussels before the terror attacks happened 100 feet away. about. >> with this trip i didn't think too much about it. i thought she would be okay.
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but getting kind of old hat. but sometimes things sneak up on you. >> reporter: explosion snuck up on them. dozens killed, hundreds injured. two friends from huntersville unscathed. >> they were both okay, both scared. >> reporter: the father said it took time to realize what happened, later in the day, it hit him. >> i think that is when i started thinking about how close we came to losing her. >> reporter: the two are safe and sound, now planning a new way to get home, while this father hopes those responsible for the carnage are brought to justice. >> i'm angry about it, but i feel like we should be doing a little more than what we're doing right now trying to take out the people doing this. >> john: that was alex giles reporting. the father said the friends didn't feel comfortable staying in brussels they will head to germany before returning home. the attacks are raising concerns for parents of students from fort mill headed to europe,
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trip, that is coming up.
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>> john: 4:45, in one week the fort mill high school band will fly to france to play in honor of local world war ii veterans. the trip will come in the wake
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after the attacks in brussels. our coleen harry talked with students as they prepare for the trip. >> reporter: music is somber as the location where it will be played. >> memorable. >> american and british troops stormed normandy in a battle to free france. >> we want students to understand how the invasion on june 6th was a pivotal time in history. >> today the world is precarious. >> what happened is awful, our hearts go out to loved ones, i don't think it should cause a problem with the trip. >> you have to be aware of the concerns of others and company we're traveling with, they have agents all over the world,
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>> there isn't a safer time for uses to go. >> terrorism, isis, that has the world looking over collective shoulder. these students are heading to honor a generation who fought an enemy front and center. >> i think good to honor the people who sacrificed their lives and fought for our free many do. >> 28 men from fort mill died during world war ii, some bodies brought back home, others died at sea. some are still buried in normandy. that's where the students will perform to honor those killed until war. it just so happens they are traveling during the new war. >> there is always going to be a group of people that are filled with hate, that is how they get things done, violence and hate. you can slap any name, nazi, isis. >> coleen harry, wbtv on your side. >> john: 13 minutes before 5:00.
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from the honda hd tower cam, somewhat cool start to the morning but boy, will it warm up today. here is meteorologist al conklin. >> al: john, all depends where you are this morning. some spots are fairly cool, other places are warm. i'll get to that in a moment. first off i thought i would review temperatures, bottomed out sunday, overcast and cold, we had the rain sunday evening. then monday up to 58. yesterday, tack on another 10, 12 degrees, almost 70. well in the 70s today. so going to be a warm one. high pressure system now lost the cool punch, pushing off toward the east. on the return flow, that means southerly breeze. that southerly breeze will be a strong breeze as we go through the day i'll focus on that, that has an implication, that is our camera at university city area, being buffeted by strong winds we have out there early this morning. right now in charlotte, we have clear skies, it is fairly mild, temperature of 54 degrees, southwest winds 11 miles per hour sustained.
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miles per hour already this morning. those winds are only going to pick up going through the day. 55 in concord, 52 lincolnton. to be sure there are a couple cold pockets, 34 around boone, 49 in shelby, 44 in albermarle. by and large mostly in the lower 50s, fairly mild. by late march standards. with the jump start, get in the upper 70s this afternoon. not as cold this morning as it was yesterday morning when we had the freezing temperatures, we were 33 in charlotte for a low. i'm looking at temperatures in the 50s, 71 lunch time, late this afternoon, getting back up to 77 degrees. as far as winds go here is what's we're looking at. temperatures in the 70s, wind gusts up to 28, 29 miles per afternoon hours. this is lunch time and late this afternoon, still up in the 20 to 25 mile per hour range, with dry air in place, any little spark that gets going could fuel some
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we'll keep an eye on that situation as we go through the day. there is a danger for that because of the windy, warm, dry conditions. high pressure with us right now, low pressure slides in the midwest on thursday, coming eastward as we go through thursday night and friday morning. start early friday with showers and storms, then a bubble of high pressure will build in behind that will last in early sunday before we start to the see rain chances pick back up again. onlialonly a 20% chance of rain thursday and friday, 877 today, 51 tonight, 76 tomorrow, late thunderstorms, early showers and storms give way to mostly sunny skies friday, weekend mostly dry, end with rain sunday and showers and storms continue in monday. that is the forecast, see you at the top of the hour, john? >> john: a huge competition watched all over the world could
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whether we're learning about ad by to host the x games at charlotte motor speedway. wbtv always on your side in your community. ten minutes before 5:00. "speak out" is an expression of opinion from the editorial board of wbtv, and is presented by editorial board member, jess sessoms. >> wbtv's editorial board recently met with charlotte's chief of police, kerr putney. we asked him about his vision for cmpd. but on the morning of our meeting, the chief was also dealing with the release of a video showing several of his officers subduing a suspect in a hit and run accident. officers say the subject resisted arrest, and one officer is seen repeatedly landing blows to the suspect's back. the goal was to get the suspect to release his arms so officers could cuff him. as you might imagine, there were those who called the officer's actions excessive. cmpd immediately began an investigation. from the outset, chief
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were transparent about the events and the officer's tactics in getting a suspect to comply with arrest. putney says the use of force did not rise to a criminal level, but that his department would see if there had been any policy policing is a tough business, and most officers handle the job very well. but we have seen others who cross the line into police brutality. however this particular incident turns out, we count on the chief to police his department as vigorously as his officers do the criminals they pursue. in this case, we believe chief kerr putney did just that. we hope his handling of this matter, and others that will inevitably arise, will help build trust between officers on the street and the citizens they vow to serve and protect.
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4:54 am >> john: 4:55, all about the basketball. what do you get after pulling off the second biggest come back in franchise history. tke the brooklyn nets. the hornets coming off a win against one of the best teams in the nba, the spur, trying to stay focus, generate enough energy against one of the worst. jeremy lin picked up where he left off scoring 21 points. charlotte coming out with ten point first half lead thanks to a move by kemba walker scored 14.
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the hornets were able to survive survive, batum was passing and scoring 23 points, hornets win it 105-100 improve the record 41-30. tiled for fourth place in the east. atlanta a half game behind miami. hornets are looking good. charlotte motor speedway is being considered to host the x games. an extreme sport competition involves motocross, biking and skateboarding. charlotte was in the running a few years ago but lost to austin, texas. espn confirming to wbtv i am is in preliminary discussions with the speedway. other cities vying include portland, seattle and minneapolis. the event would bring big money to the area. last year gave austin more than $100 million boost. top flight european soccer clubs are headed to charlotte. last year england's chelsea and
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this july, germany and italy. first two games drew more than 60,000 fans. at the top of the hour, we're continuing to follow breaking news out of lincoln county, we're live as crews are battling a major fire, al? >> al: windy, warm conditions, but two bout alsos of rain. the timing of those in the seven chris? >> chris: we'll keep an eye on things as we roll in wednesday morning rush hour, kristen? >> kristen: chris, major developments in the attacks in brussels in belgium. all the latest details coming up from the alert center. wbtv news new taco bell poll finds americans want a dollar menu that actually costs a dollar. you don't say. taco bell's new $1 morning value menu. the only breakfast value menu where everything's a dollar. [sfx: bong] new taco bell poll finds americans want bacon with their breakfast versus no bacon.
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introducing taco bell's new $1 morning value menu. the only dollar breakfast lue menu... that brings home the bacon.
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wbtv on your side. wbtv news starts right now with breaking news. >> john: that breaking news, charlotte-mecklenburg police are investigating possible
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>> christine: one happened early this morning at hyatt gun shop off wilkinson boulevard, the other happened this morning at a gun store on north tryon. mark davenport is live in charlotte following all these developments, so mark, do we know for sure if anything was taken? >> reporter: christine, not yet, no, cmpd has not confirmed if anything was taken this morning. i talked to a few officers here at the gun outlet off north tryon before they left the scene, they couldn't tell me anything that happened here in the shop, but there were similar incidentses to what happened over at the hyatt gun shop earlier this morning as well. i was at both scenes, here now, i know the owner also are inside the gun outlet, they have not come out yet, i will speak to them when they come out of the shop to see if anything was stolen from inside the gun outlet. i went around back, i'll tell you why it is important. i looked to see if anything was stolen from the back or doors were broken into, there was only
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car parts but i didn't cedars see any doors, that were broken. when i went to the hyatt gunshot, this is on wilkinson boulevard, they told me a stolen car was rammed in the back of highest gun shop. right next to the family dollar, a car rammed in the back there, cut a gas line, that is why they called charlotte fire to the scene. they believe the car was also attempting to burglarize that place as well. that is the hyatt gunshot. two possible attempted burglaries this morning. we'll follow this. i have been seeing police stationed at a bunch of pawn shops and gun shops, one officer at probably each one of these pawnshops i've seen two or three on the way up here. they are staying out, making sure they are aware of what is happening this morning. we'll get you more details and figure out what is going on here in charlotte, reporting live, mark davenport, wbtv on your side. >> john: time now 5:01 here on wednesday morning, let's check in with charlotte's most experienced morning


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