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tv   WBTV News 3 at 430PM  CBS  March 22, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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so we have to work with the muslim authorities and political authorities to fight against this radicalization. >> today he talked about the importance of not letting fear get in the way of a daily routine and talked about people in france wanting to secure borders and that may not be the best idea. why he said that is coming up tonight at 6:00. michael clark wbtv on your side. >> see you then thank you. >> the terrorist attacks in brussels come days before the peek of spring travel. airport officials at charlotte douglas international airport say they are expecting to be busier than normal. wbtv's brody o'connell is on your side with information to help you stay safe and travel smart. >> charlotte douglas international airport is a busy airport and saw 45 million travelers last year alone. now with the busy spring season upon us coupled with the terrorist attacks in brussels, airport officials say security
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before offering tips to help travelers navigate another hectic travel season leaders with charlotte douglas international airport took the time to address this morning's terrorist attacks overseas. >> we offer our deepest condolences to the victims and the families of the victims who have to deal with this tragedy. >> officials expect spring travel to kick into high gear thursday. more passengers means longer lines. while it appears there's no immediate threat here in charlotte, cmpd says it's working closely with the f.b.i. to make sure they are on top of potential threats. >> every week we have a security meeting here at the airport that involves all of the federal and state and local agencies just to compare notes and make sure that we have all our dots checked and people where we need to be. >> travelers will notice security in place also there are things going on behind the scenes that people do not see. also, people are encouraged to speak up if something does not seem right.
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see something say something campaign for a longtime here at the airport. if you are out here and see anything unusual report it to law enforcement or security. >> given the current climate officials are encouraging flyers to get to the airport two hours early. in charlotte, brody o'connell wbtv on your side. >> and stay with wbtv at 5:00 p.m. for continuing coverage of the terrorist attacks on brussels. >> first at 4:00, a deal to buy a cellphone turned into a shooting investigation at a north carolina mcdonald's. four people have been arrested after several were injured in fayetteville. officers say one of the individuals pulled out a gun and started firing shots. an employee recalls the kai otic scene. >> i heard two loud pops and my coworkers were running and talking about the shooting. >> an elderly woman was knocked to the ground when the suspects
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>> north carolina's environmental agency will host a meeting on the proposed risk classifications for coal ash ponds at allen steam station in gaston county. that meeting is 6:00 p.m. at gaston college's dallas campus auditorium. officials want to hear what the neighbors think about listing the ponds as low risk sites. the towfn mooresville rejected a plan to bring costco to the area. the commissioners voted against the plan 5-1. it means costco cannot build the store off i-77 at exit 35. it would have been the main anchor store in a complex that would include academy sports and outdoors. >> beautiful warm weather is back and tomorrow it is going to get even warmer. >> meteorologist leigh brock joins us live in the first alert weather center. beautiful day.
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come in sunday and now we are feeling the warmer temperatures. at least average today. and really warm heading into tomorrow. here is your camera nissan camera. beautiful blue skies as far as the eye can see this afternoon. this is where we should be feeling nice. gorgeous conditions outside. slight breeze. you might notice the breeze from 5-15-miles-per-hour. and check out the numbers. in charlotte 66 . and right around the city, harrisburg 65 . 69 at the arboretum. 69 at tega cay and 69 at mountain island lake. and uniform numbers. 62 in hickory. and 64 in concorde, 66 in lancaster and 66 in rock hill also. cooler in boone 59 . let's talk about the days getting longer and longer. and it's nice because we have more sunshine and we will have
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the sunrise 7:24 and the sun goes down at 7:38. and here are your temperatures. we will be going from the mid-60s back to the mid-50s by 10:30. here is where our sun goes down. from the 60s back to the 50s after that sun goes down. and we'll talk about how warm it gets and howl it stays that way and the easter weekend forecast is coming up. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. and as we check in a couple of secondary roads with problems at wendover and forest drive. and another at sharon road and sharon lane. providence road is the better alternate route. i will show you why. we do show a little bit of volume on providence road somebody and a problem by the park road shopping center. selwin avenue may be an option. around the area quite a bit of volume and problem starting to
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starting to backup now. this dot camera shows problems around i-77 southbound at the john belk freeway and i-77 northbound and southbound a lot of volume by tyvola road but no accidents on i-77 to report. back to you. >> thank you. first at 4:00, luke kuechly is expected to take a step towards his recovery. he is expected to get his left arm out of that sling. the linebacker had shoulder surgery last month to repair a torn labrum. an injury that he dealt with throughout the playoffs. >> there are degrees of tough innocence this world. >> and he is up there. >> and playing football with a torn labrum. i cannot imagine the pain that might bring. >> you have heard the advice to keep your passwords away from
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>> how to make your >> we are warned you before to come up with a creative password and not to use the same one for every account. >> now a cyber expert wants you
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it's important to have passwords that cop tan upper and lower case letters and numbers. you need to mix it up to throw off hackers and names and cities. not a good idea, either. >> typically computer trying to guess it they will use dictionaries of pet names and human names and city names and they can try many, many guesses. >> they recommend downloading a safe password manager that way you do not have to remember a new one for every single account that is the challenging part with so many things that require a password. >> it can be challenging. >> and to change them. >> and not have a go to that i change up a little bit? but then how do i remember the gmail account and everything like that. >> and the bad guys can get into one they will get into everything that is scary. >> yeah. if it does not appear that there is any shortage of
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>> and now another one got approved.
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>> i'm maureen o'boyle. we are 15 minutes away from your
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a father accused of kill his six-month-old baby girl represents himself in court today and he testified in his own defense. hear his response as he is hammered with questions on the stand. plus terror in brussels we are on your side with the latest details on the deadly attacks. plus, details on two huntersville men just feet away from the explosions inside that airport in brussels. those stories are ahead at 5:00. right now wbtv news first at 4:00 continues. >> thank you. back to the alert center with alex giles. you are working on this developing story out of china grove today? >> yes, this information in from david whisenant in the field telling us the yarns plant is closing. that announced today they will permanently close on may 9th, 123 will be without jobs. they filed a notice with the state on march 10th. and notified the department of
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the mayor of china grove tells us that a community task force is being put together to help out the families and employees that will be affected by this now that they are without jobs. that information yarns closing, back to you. >> thank you. >> we have top consumer headlines. charlotte city council voted to approve more than 300 new apartments along the light-rail line north of uptown. the complex will be at the parkwood station set to open in 2017. these are renderings filed as part of the rezones request. >> starbucks wants to donate all of the leftover food from the 7,000 u.s. locations. the company will aim to contribute 100% of all food leftover to feeding america which runs a network of food banks. the c.e.o. says the idea came from braries tas.
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meals. five mile meals. >> that get 5 million meals. >> that gets tricky with fresh foods but if they can get it to those in need. >> that is good to hear. hopefully others will follow suit. >> no question. the world's largest cruise company carnival is going to cuba. passengers will be expected to spend eight hours a day involved in a cultural experience it will be from miami and cost $1800 per person. i guess they must have the plans setup for you. put you on a plane and can do your eight hours cultural experience. >> that sounds like -- >> not labor. >> but i don't know. i need more details. for $1800 a pop, i want freedom to move around -- sowntds restricted maybe i will wait it out.
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>> yes. >> let's talk traffic and check in with tonya rivens once again. >> your first alert traffic is sponsored by people's bank. as we check westinghouse boulevard an accident by downs road. nations ford road is a great alternate route and we are seeing the volume build on 485 as we look from rea road back towards south boulevard starting with the congestion and dropping in looks like an accident over here at providence road and 485. not a good look for this time of day for commuters. talking about this time of volume, look at the volume on the northbound side by arrowood road. back to you. >> all right thaup. >> and no fun stuck in traffic but a beautiful day once you get home. not a cloud in the sky. >> even if you are stuck in traffic you can roll down the windows. >> put music on. >> and it will get warmer. here is meteorologist with a check of your forecast.
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if you are not stuck in traffic open the sunroof and enjoy the day. here is what it looks like we will beautiful blue skies from the-d towercam. overall you cannot complain it is warmer than it has been. 66 . your average high 65 . we are right there in the sweet spot. low dew point 25 dew point that makes 21% on the humidity dryer than it has been. wind at 11-miles-per-hour you can feel that. but all it's doing is pulling in warmer temperatures and we see the effects. 66 is your current temperature in charlotte. 68 in wadesboro and a temperature of 67 in morganton and 66 in lancaster. as far as the satellite-radar image there's absolutely nothing out there. this is the high pressure system for you. this is when you have the clear skies, the dry conditions and warmer temperatures coming in. that is what we are looking at.
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steering clear of the freezing mark the official low temperature was 33 . many of the outlying areas did drop below freezing. tomorrow morning we'll start out in the 40s. 8:00 a.m. 47 is the temperature. 66 your midday temperature. your afternoon high that will be close to 76 and all of us are going to be right there in the same boat. your afternoon highs tomorrow everyone back in the mid-70s. plus we have the sunshine back again just a light breeze and not a half bad day. next couple of days on the pollen index and that is running high. and you have all the nice weather there has to be a trade-off and that is in the form of pollen. and we stay above average just about everyday your high being 65 . and eric thomas has all the details in the forecast at 5:00 p.m. >> all right thank you. it is day 45 of team no sugar this time we are going
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it is never too late to join the movement and change your life. ask susan who told me today she is 35 days in and down 19 pounds and satisfied with what i am eating and i am feeling healthier. kudos to you. join the movement and change your life. >> love the success stories. we have a warning for parents. you may have seen videos like these of teens like these on youtube now a south carolina child after doing an on-line challenge. >> first a shout-out to our facebook fan of the day. carol huffman we are looking at you. hit the like button for your chance to get a shout-out here on first at 4:00. we are back right after this.
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on wbtv news is sponsored by... first at 4:00, the family of an 11-year-old from south carolina says the child died after doing a popular on-line challenge. >> it's known as the pass out challenge and you can find videos of kids and teens choking themselves to the point of passing out. the teenager died at the hospital and he showed no signs of depression or destructive behavior he was a prankster and liked to play these games.
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quote if i could rewind time i would go back and monitor heavily his use of social media and youtube and the internet and said we have been given a platform to help others realize the dangers of playing with fire. >> a popular social media trend that started in china is getting backlash from around the world called the a4 waste challenge. women are posting photos with a piece of printer paper to show off their paper thin stomachs. and the waste width they are hoping to achieve. gosh it is just maddening to see these stories. >> both of them. for that matter. good lesson to all pay attention to what our kids are doing on-line. paper thin? that is dangerous? >> yes, wildly unattainable. >> coming up two charlotte high school students are in the hospital after police say one
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we are live and on your side with reaction from neighbors who say they have had enough. >> and we have continuing team coverage of the aftermath in brussels the latest on the terrorist attacks and the status of two friends from huntersville feet away from one of the explosions that went off.
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keep it here. >> right now, a charlotte high school student robbed at gun point. tonight his 15-year-old classmate is facing charges. we are live with new information from police. >> more than 30 people killed and hundreds of others hurt after a brutal terrorist attack inside an airport in brussels. >> the thoughts and prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium. and we stand in solidarity with them. >> tonight we are learning more about the suspect and what officials here in charlotte are doing to prepare should an attack with mass casualties happen here. several americans were hurt in the explosions that rocked the airport and a train station in brussels. nice to have you with us i'm maureen o'boyle. >> scary images. i'm jamie boll in for paul cameron. islamic state terrorists are claiming responsibility for the attacks.
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authorities arrested the prime suspect in the paris terrorist attacks in a brussels neighborhood. brigida mack is live here in studio with the latest. >> belgium's prime minister called for three days of national mourning following the coordinated attacks at the brussels airport and one of the capital's train stations. the deadly bombings killed 36 and injured more than 200 others including several americans. two survivors one clutching a baby picked themselves up from the floor moments after an explosion tore through the terminal one of two powerful blasts at the brussels airport that blew out windows and caused a ceiling to cave in. travelers ran for safety. >> panicking and two people with covered really covered with blood. >> an airport security camera captured this photo of three men that are behind the attacks.
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in black blew themselves up and issued a wanted notice for the third suspect the man in white wearing a hat. >> another deadly explosion rocked a busy subway station an hour later. some passengers evacuated through dark tunnels. belgium authorities say there is the strong possibility of another terrorist attack and people in brussels are allowed to walk around again and the subway system is slowly reopening. speaking in cuba, president obama condemned the attacks. >> we must be together, regardless of nationality, auras or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. >> the attacks come days after authorities arrested salah abdeslam a key suspect in last fall's paris terrorist attacks. >> the one thing that is shocking to me in the wake of the paris attacks another sophisticated attack coordinated attack under the noses of european authoritys.


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